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					                                              APC NEWSLETTER
                                               SMALL BUSINESSES, AND EXCELLENT SCHOOLS.

                                            P.O. Box 852, Arnold, Maryland 21012-0852
Vol. 5 No. 2                                                                                                       February 2004
                                           The next meeting of APC will be held on
                                                        March 3, 2004
                        7:30 PM in Room 204,YWCA Building, 1517 Ritchie Highway, Arnold, MD

                                                                       Fligsten will serve as APC's president for 2004, and
         Minutes of the APC Annual Meeting                             Sage Mumma will be treasurer. Sage has agreed to
                  February 4, 2004                                     act as secretary until a director can be found to take
                                                                       that position. The vice-president position is also
   CALL TO ORDER AND ADMINISTRATION                                    vacant, and the BOD hopes it will be filled shortly.
   Ann Fligsten called the meeting to order at 7:34 PM.
                                                                       Audit Committee – No report. The committee has not
   SPECIAL PRESENTATION                                                yet met.
            Recycling in Anne Arundel County
   Tracie Reynolds, Recycling Program Manager, and                     Secretary's Report:
   Carol Taylor, Recycling Project Specialist, AA County               The minutes of the January 2004 meeting were
   Department of Pubic Works (DPW), presented a                        accepted as corrected. The corrections were as
   comprehensive and enlightening overview of the                      follows: Page 1, changing Vol. 5 No.10 to Vol.5 No. 1
   current state of recycling in Anne Arundel County.                  and changing the first mention of the next APC
   The Millersville Landfill is projected to be "full" by              meeting to read February 4, 2004.
   2060. All AA County's collected recyclable materials
                                                                       Treasurer's Report:
   are shipped out of state for separation and disposal.
                                                                       Sage Mumma filed the following treasurer's report:
   At the present time, the amount of income received by
                                                                       The balance, as of 1/22/04, when Arnie Dordick
   the county does not cover all the costs of curbside
                                                                       transferred the account to Sage, was $370.73
   pick-up, but the DPW and the county feel that is more
                                                                       checking account and $666.21 the savings account,
   important to ask that county residents recycle rather
                                                                       for a total of $1036.94.
   than use up needed space at the landfill.
                                                                       As of January 31, 2004, the balance in the Savings
   The two main things that the public is asked to do in               account was $666.21 and $560.73 in the Checking
   order to facilitate help keep the county's one landfill             account, for a total balance in both accounts of
   from being overburdened are:                                        $1226.94. Income for this period was $110 from dues
    SEPARATE - separate paper from cans, bottles                      and a donation of $80. The report was filed for audit.
       and jars. Use a one recycling bin for paper and
       another for cans/bottles/jars or use paper bags or              STANDING AND SPECIAL COMMITTEE REPORTS
       cardboard boxes to separate these items. This is
       one of the biggest problems in recycling. If bins               Environment/Beautification Committee
       are not being used, we were asked that we not                    Pam Mayberry will work with Gail Smith,
       use plastic bags for recyclable items. Things tied                Community and Constituent Services, AA County,
       up in plastic bags are discarded and are sent to                  to determine the extent of tree cutting in the median
       the landfill. Recycling in bins other than those                  of Ritchie Highway and along Rte. 450. Going
       provided by the county is acceptable.                             toward the Academy Bridge.
    RECYCLE – know what can and cannot be                              APC will look into Unity Gardens as a possible APC
       recycled and do as much as you can to have only                   project to spruce up the Ritchie Highway median
       non-recyclable items in your trash bins.                          strip.

   Questions about the types of items that may and may                 Delegates to Community Organizations
   not be recycled were discussed.           For more
                                                                       MRA Report - Diane Scherer, reporting
   information, including how to contact AA County
   Department of Pubic Works and a calendar for
                                                                        The MRA dive workshop will be held on February
   recycling electronics and hazardous waste, please                         th
                                                                           7 .
   see page 3.
                                                                        USNA mids will be trained to participate in the
   OFFICERS' REPORTS                                                     oyster monitoring/reef ball project scheduled for this
   President's Report                                                    spring.
                                                                        The "State of the Magothy" Forum will be held in
   APC Executive Committee for 2004 - Ann Fligsten
                                                                         room 101 of the Florestano Building, AACC, on
   reported that the APC Board of Directors (BOD) had                                th
                                                                         February 18 at 7 PM.
   met. Courtney Moen has resigned as a director, so
                                                                        MRA is monitoring the filter sox pilot project at
   the BOD will replace him as soon as possible. Ann
                                                                         Kinder Park. Water quality monitoring will be
                                                                         completed this spring to determine the
  effectiveness of the filter sox in filtering sediment      variance and a special exception on land near the
  and nutrient run-off.                                      Campus Green community.
 MRA is also monitoring the proposed expansion of          The next APC meeting will be on Wednesday,
  the Broadneck Sewage Treatment Plant near                  March 3, 2004 at 7:30 PM in room 204 of the
  Sandy Point State Park. A public hearing was held          YWCA, 1517 Ritchie Highway, in Arnold.
  on January 14, and a decision by the MD                   February 11 is the last date to register to vote in
  Department of the Environment is pending.                  the March 2 Maryland primary.
 The developers of the Riverdale site, on which 5          Gail Smith announced the following:
  townhouses with only one communal septic system           1. There will be a course on Community and
  were proposed to be built, were not granted the                Condo Association Management offered at
  requested septic waiver.                                       AACC. The course is CMD 349, and it will meet
 Funding was approved to apply for 501(C)(3) status             on Saturdays from 9 -11 AM at the AACC
  for MRA.                                                       campus at Arundel Mills. There will be four (4)
                                                                 sessions, beginning on March 13 and ending on
Broadneck Federation Ed Parker                                   April 10. There will be no class held on March
 Traffic issues relating to Broadneck Place, a                  27. For more information, call 410.777.2325.
  proposed senior residence near the College               2. On Wednesday, April 14 ,from 2 – 7 PM, there
  Parkway and old Cape St. Claire Road was                     will be a Stewardship Open House at the
  discussed.                                                   Heritage Office Complex on Riva Road.
                                                               Education and informational exhibits by
UNFINISHED BUSINESS                                            government,      businesses,      non-profit  and
 County Executive Janet Owens has shown no                    environmental groups will be featured.         For
  support for the sale of the Park and Ride lot at             further information call 410.222.7441 or
  Jones Station Road and Rte. 2. No decision has               410.222.7502.
  been made on this issue at the state or county           3. Speakers are available to discuss the AA County
  level.                                                       Budget issues. Contact Gail at 410.222.1242.
  Both APC and GSPC oppose the proposed sale of            4. Snow removal information can be accessed at
  part of this land.                                  or by
 TransAAACT will meet on 2/9/04. The group may                calling 410.222.7940. The website is interactive;
  write a letter to Ms. Owens concerning the possible          complaints about snow removal problems can be
  sale of the Park and Ride lot mentioned above.               easily entered and dent to DPW.
 Jiffy Lube – no activity.       APC opposes this         5. No demolition permits or permit requests have
  construction and continues to monitor this case.             been given for work related to the David Taylor
 Smith Farm – Gail Smith reported that construction           complex. Plans are being formed and it is
  at this site, now called the Broadneck Park                  projected that an Advisory Committee will be
  expansion, is scheduled to start in the spring.              appointed in the near future.
  There are four (4) phases for this work, and the
  project is expected to be completed by late '04 or       ADJOURNMENT
  early '05. Dirt removed from the site will be taken to
  the Nike site to fill in the bunkers there. Some         The meeting was adjourned at 9:17 PM.
  Federal money will be used for the demolition and
  cleanup of the Nike site. A Board of Public Works        Respectfully submitted,
  hearing on the Smith Farm will be held on February
  11, 2004

NEW BUSINESS                                               Sage Mumma, Recording Secretary, pro tem
 APC has been asked to join the Magothy River
  Land Trust. The APC BOD will discuss this at its
  next meeting and report back to the membership.
 Ryan Johnson, delegate from Foxmoor, asked
  about creating a directory of APC members to be
  distributed to members only for their exclusive use.
  The BOD will look into this and report back to the

 CPHA will hold a Citizens for the Region Day on
  Wednesday February 18 from 9 AM – 2 PM in the               WHAT IS OK AND IS NOT OK TO RECYCLE
  Senate Reception Room, Miller Senate Office                            AT CURBSIDE?
  Building, 11 Bladen St., Annapolis. Pre-registration
  is required. For more information, contact the                     YES                           NO
  CPHA Regoinal Director, Dan Pontious at                  ° Clear, brown, green glass        ° No other glass,
  410.539.1369, ext. 226, or e-mail him at                 beverage or food containers        or ceramic items.                                                                      No drinking
 AA Co DPW Public Utility hearing, Thursday                                                  glasses, dishes,
              th                                                                              light bulbs
  February 19 in the County Council chambers at 11
  AM. The issue to be discussed is the request for a
° All plastic bottles that           ° No wide-              ◊ Appliances
have necks that are                  mouthed plasitc         ◊ Used motor oil and anti-freeze
narrower than the base.              tub- like contain-      ◊ Leaves, grass clippings, brush and branches (these
                                     ers such as               may be put for curbside pick-up as well bag leaves
                                     yogurt or butter          and clippings – mark bag with a masking tape X).
                                     tubs. No deli,
                                     bakery or salad         Check the "What To Recycle and Where" pages of
                                     bar types of con-        your telephone directory for more information.
                                     tainers. No motor
                                     oil bottles, bubble     Remember that many companies provide information
                                     wrap, packing           on how to recycle their products. Some local and
                                     "peanuts" No            national groups and organizations have recycling
                                     plastic grocery         programs for items like old cell phones. When in
                                     bags, newspaper         doubt, ask before you put it in the trash bin!
                                     sleeves, etc.

° All newspapers catalogs,           ° No waxy-type          There are special days in 2004 for recycling
junk mail, , magazines,              paper or con            hazardous waste and electronics, such as
books (both paperback                -tainers, such as       computers, radios, etc.
and hardback), cardboard,            milk cartons, no
cereal boxes with liner              paper towels/             DATE                         LOCATION
removed, glossy inserts,             tissues, foil - lined    03-20-04          Glen Burnie Convenience Center
shredded paper, outdated             paper                                         100 Dover Rd, Glen Burnie
phone books                                                   04-20-04            Sudley Convenience Center
                                                                                 5400 Nutwell Sudley Rd, Deale
° All steel, bimetal, tin cans       ° No aluminum           05-08-04 **         Millersville Landfill & Resource
wire coat hangers, beverage          foil, baking dishes                                Recovery Facility
cans,                                                                           389 Burns Crossing Rd, Severn
                                                              06-19-04          Glen Burnie Convenience Center
                                     ° No Styrofoam,                               100 Dover Rd, Glen Burnie
                                     disposable               07-17-04            Sudley Convenience Center
                                     diapers, bottle                             5400 Nutwell Sudley Rd, Deale
                                     tops and caps.           08-21-04           Millersville Landfill & Resource
                                     No latex paint.                                    Recovery Facility
                                                                                389 Burns Crossing Rd, Severn
° alkaline batteries                 ° No non-alkaline        09-18-04            Sudley Convenience Center
                                     batteries. These                            5400 Nutwell Sudley Rd, Deale
                                     are considered           10-16-04           Millersville Landfill & Resource
                                     hazardous waste,                                   Recovery Facility
                                     as is oil-based                            389 Burns Crossing Rd, Severn
                                                             ** E-cycling Day – Electronics will be accepted

                                                             Call 410-222-7951 or visit the DPW website:
                                                    if you have questions or
                                                             comments about hazardous waste or electronics
                                                             recycling, or if you want to find out how to get a new
                                                             or replacement recycling bin.


◊ Tires (up to 4 /day)
◊ Scrap metal like aluminum siding, bicycles, file

                                                                      Arnold Preservation Council, Inc. February 4, 2004

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