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					India's neighbouring
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   Capital – Beijing
   Religion – Buddhism
   Official language – Chinese
   Famous personality – Jackie Chan
   Government - Democratic
    Currency – Yuan
   National sport – Table Tennis
    Interesting facts about China
 It has the vast mountainous regions – high
and low in the east.
 They don’t have a stable animal as symbol they do
  have Chinese Dragon, Crane or Giant Panda as national
 It is one of the oldest country and has the oldest
  written language.
 The largest city of China is Shanghai having the
  population more than 1,26,65,000.
 It has the Great Wall of China with the length 6700 in
        Photos related to China
  Photos of Great Wall of China , map of China &
Jackie Chan.

                   The Great Wall of China :-

Jackie Chan           Map of China
             Sri – Lanka
 Capital - Colombo
 Religion - Buddhism
 Official language - Sri Lankese
 Famous personality – Jaya Surya
 Government – Democratic
 Currency – Rupee
 National sport – Volley Ball
    Interesting facts about Sri – Lanka
•   It is famous for its Ceylon tea.
•   It is very close to the equator because of
    which the climate is mostly hot .
•   It is an island that lies in the Indian Ocean.
•   Tourism is one of the main industries in Sri
    – Lanka. Major tourist attractions are
    focused around the island’s famous
    beaches located in the southern and
    eastern parts of the country .
Photos related to Sri – Lanka
   Photos of Jaya Surya and map of Sri – Lanka.
   Capital – Thimphu
   Religion – Buddhism
   Official language – Dzonka
   Famous personality – Jigme Khesar
   Government – It has a king and a
    Parliament too who’s members are chosen
    by the people.
   Currency – Ngultram
   National sport – Archery
Interesting facts about
 Tourism is an important
 industry of Bhutan.
 Bhutan is equally divided into
 sons and daughters.
 Dragon is considered as their
 symbol of good luck.
  Bhutanese are engaged in
 agriculture .
       Photos related to Bhutan
   Photos of Jigme Khesar, map of Bhutan
    and culture of Bhutan .
 Capital – Dacca
 Religion – Islam
 Official language – Bengali
 Famous personality – Ashafful
 Government – Democratic
 Currency – Takka
 National sport – Kabaddi
Interesting facts about Bangladesh

   The tropic of Cancer passes through it .
   Bangladesh gained it’s independence in
    the year 1971.
   Most part of the country are just 12
    metres above the sea level
   Natural calamities example floods and
    cyclones occurs every year.
   Garment industry of Bangladesh is very
     Photos related to Bangladesh
   Photos of Ashafful, map of Bangladesh and
Capital – Yangon
Religion – Buddhism
Official language – Burmese
Famous personality – Aung San Suu Ki
Government – Democratic
Currency – Kyat
National sport - Thaing and Chinlon
Interesting facts about Myanmar
 The older name of Myanmar was
 It is one of they poorest country in
  the Southern Asia.
 Many areas have heavy rainfall.

 Myanmar lies between the Tropic of
  Cancer and the Equator .
 The Dense forest cover 49% of the
 Photos related to Myanmar
Photos of Aung San Suu Ki, map of
 Capital  – Kathmandu
 Religion – Hinduism and Buddhism
 Official language – Nepali
 Famous personality – Tenzing
 Government – Democratic
 Currency – Nepalese Rupee
 National sport – Dandi Biyo
     Interesting facts about Nepal
■   Nepal is the land of Mount Everest.
■   People of Nepal are generally engaged in
    agriculture .
■   Tourism is an important industry of Nepal.
■   It is the only country with the triangular
■   A Nepalese meal include Dal and Rice .
       Photos related to Nepal
• Photos of Tenzing Norgay and map of Nepal.
 Capital – Islamabad
 Religion – Muslim
 Official language – Urdu
 Famous personality – Benazir Bhutto
 Government – Democratic
 Currency – Rupee
 National sport – Hockey and Cricket
Interesting facts about Pakistan
Karachi and Lahore are the two
important cities of Pakistan .
Salwar – Kameez is their dress code .
Remains of several cities belonging to
Indus Valley Civilization have been
discovered in Pakistan .
  Pakistan have a middle Eastern
culture .
Photos related to Pakistan

• Photos of Benazir Bhutto , map of Pakistan
Flags of the neighbouring
countries of India
   China    Sri – Lanka
• Bhutan   Bangladesh
 Myanmar              Nepal

           Pakistan

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