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Price Schedule - Government of Western Australia


									                                                     CUA 14610 Price Schedule
                                                 Maximum hourly prices are inclusive of GST
                                                                Category 1: Provision of Advice         Category 2: Assistance with Process
                     Contractor Name                        Consultant Level 1   Consultant Level 2    Consultant Level 1   Consultant Level 2
                                                                (>10 years           (≤10 years            (>10 years           (≤10 years
                                                               experience)          experience)           experience)          experience)
Applied Innovation Centre                                         $176.00                                    $176.00
Australia Wide Investigations                                     $165.00              $140.00               $165.00             $140.00
Behaviour Matters                                                 $154.00              $110.00               $154.00             $110.00
Burgess Australia                                                 $132.00                                    $132.00
Chancellors Investigative Services                                $115.00                                    $115.00
CXC Consulting                                                    $176.00                                    $176.00
Emergency Support Network                                         $253.00                                    $253.00
Ernst and Young                                                   $392.00              $224.00               $392.00             $224.00
Gold Security Group                                               $187.00              $187.00               $187.00             $187.00
Ian Flack Consultancy                                             $175.00                                    $175.00
INVision Investigations Consulting and Training Solutions         $235.00              $190.00               $235.00             $190.00
Joyce Archibald                                                   $150.00                                    $150.00
Maureen Smith and Associates                                                           $143.00                                   $143.00
Verifact                                                         $165.00               $121.00              $165.00              $121.00
Zambotti Consulting                                              $198.00                                    $198.00

                     Price Range Key                            Refer to the "Additional Pricing &
lower end of range for category: below $160                    Discounts" worksheet below for a
                                                                                                             Last Updated: 25 July 2011
middle of range for category: $160 - $200                     description of further charges and/or
higher end of range for category: above $200                price reductions applied by Contractors.
                                                                       CUA 14610 Price Schedule
                                                                             Prices are inclusive of GST

              Contractor Name                                     Additional Charges                                                                   Discounts

                                     Option 1. Air travel costs, plus accommodation and meals to be met by client
                                     for travel outside of the metropolitan area.
Applied Innovation Centre            Option 2. Vehicle travel at the public service rate per kilometre plus         5% discount for engagements longer than three months (excess 390 hours).
                                     accommodation and meals to be met by client for travel outside the
                                     metropolitan area.
                                     Travel Time: $100.00 per hour
                                     Kilometre Rate: $0.93
Australia Wide Investigations        Administration Rate: $66.00 per hour
                                     Travel Costs (Accommodation, Airfares, Taxi Fares etc): At cost
                                     Meal Allowance for assignments outside the metropolitan area: $66.00 per day
                                     Time taken to travel outside of the metropolitan area is to be charged at
Behaviour Matters                    $60.00 per hour. Travel costs and expenses are to be met by the client at
                                     current Government rates.
                                                                                                                    7.5% discount for repeat business. I.e. Where a customer refers 5 investigations
Chancellors Investigative Services   Travel and Motor Vehicle Allowances as per the Public Service Award 1992.      or more per annum based of the date of contract. This discount will also be
                                                                                                                    applied to the first 4 investigations of that year.
                                     Option 1. Air travel costs, plus accommodation and meals to be met by client
                                     for travel outside of the metropolitan area.
CXC Consulting                       Option 2. Vehicle travel at the public service rate per kilometre plus         5% discount for engagements longer than three months (excess 390 hours).
                                     accommodation and meals to be met by client for travel outside the
                                     metropolitan area.
                                     Disbursements: All travel expenses (accomodation, room hire, car/taxi hire, air
                                     fares) printing and binding costs will be at cost plus 10% administration fee if
                                     performed by the Emergency Support Network Pty Ltd.
                                     Travel time: Travel time is not charged when within 25km of the City
                                     metropolitan area. Travel > 25km of the Metropolitan area will be charged from
                                     base to base at 50% of the hourly rate.                                          Discounts may be offered for repeat business and longer term engagements at
Emergency Support Network
                                     Cancellation Fees: The Emergency Support Network reserves te right to            the discretion of the Emergency Support Network Pty Ltd.
                                     charge a cancellation fee of up to 2 hours for cancellations as per the notice
                                     time frames:
                                     - 0-1 working day notice - 100%
                                     - 1-2 working day notice - 50%
                                     - 2-5 working dat notice - 25%

                                     TRAVEL: The costs associated with intrastate and interstate travel for airfares,
                                     taxis, car hire, accommodation, meals and incidentals will be charged at
                                     standard APS non-SES allowance rates, or the actual cost, whichever is the
                                     lesser. We will not undertake any regional travel without your prior approval.
                                     TECHNOLOGY CONSUMABLES: We will seek to recover any costs we incur First hour free per investigation.
Ernst and Young
                                     in relation to computer forensics as part of an investigation that requires
                                     storage of data on external media, such as hard disks and mass storage
                                     devices. The actual costs of these media cannot be determined at this stage;
                                     however we will advise you prior to acquiring such devices and will not incur
                                     costs without your prior approval.
                                         Attendance at future briefings, pre-trial conferences and court appearances
                                         (per person): $187.00 per hour
                                         Transcribing services: $33.00 per hour
Gold Security Group
                                         Kilomatreage: $1.65 per kilometre
                                         Database searches, flights, accommodation, meals vehicle hire, equipment
                                         hire and unanticipated services: At cost (with prior approval of client).
                                         Travel costs in accord with allowances/rates for members of the WA
Ian Flack Consultancy
                                         Government Senior Executive Service. No other additional costs.
                                         Travel time will be charged at the full hourly rate. If travel to a required location
                                         is greater than four (4) hours by road from the Perth metropolitan area, then
                                         travel will be via aircraft. The client will reimburse INVision for the cost of
                                         economy airfares.
                                         For assignments which require travel outside of the Perth metro area, travel          For full-time, long term engagements over a period of one month or greater, a
INVision Investigations Consulting and
                                         allowance rates will be charged, at a minimum, in accordance with                     10% discount will apply to the total price. Other discounts may be negotiated.
Training Solutions
                                         Government Officers Salaries, Allowance and Conditions Award 1989,
                                         Schedule J - Travelling , Transfer and Relieving Allowance, as updated from
                                         time to time.
                                         Additional fees such as vehicle hire, transcription or translation services,
                                         courier services etc, will be charged back to the client at cost.
                                         Travel time outside of Perth charged at $40.00 per hour plus mileage
                                         allowance. Other expenses such as air travel accommodation, etc. charged at
Joyce Archibald
                                         cost to client.Long STD phone calls or to mobile phones charged at cost to
Maureen Smith and Associates                                                                                                   $132.00 per hour for repeat business.
                                         Travel rate: As per investigation hourly rate.
                                         Kilometre rate: $0.99 per km
                                         Administration: $66.00 per hour
                                         Transcription: $55.00 per hour
                                         Photographs: $3.30 per print
                                         Video Cassettes: $27.50 per Hi 8 tape, $33.00 per Digital Video Tape
                                         Electronic reproduction of video/VHS: $27.50 per tape
                                         Compact Disc: $11.00 per disc
                                         GPS Tracking Report: $60.50 per file/operative
Verifact                                 Postage and handling: Small - $3.30 per item, Medium - $13.20 per item,
                                         Large -$21.01 per item
                                         Colour photocopies: $1.65 per page
                                         Black and White Photocopies: $0.44 per page
                                         Faxes Sent: $1.10 per page
                                         Telephone: Local = $0.55 per call, Mobile = $2.20 per call, STD = $3.30 per
                                         call, Overseas = At cost
                                         Travel: Accommodation (applicable if absent from base for over 10 hour
                                         period) at cost. Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and airfares as per the Government

                                         Travel related costs outside the metropolitan area, production of hardcopy
Zambotti Consulting
                                         reports if more than one report required, hire of venue if required for meetings/
                                         workshops and not provided by client, costs for teleconferencing if required.

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