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Minutes of the June 2011 Board Meeting

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					                       Knolls Estates Homeowners Association
                       Unapproved Minutes for 06/21/11 Board Meeting

In Attendance: Joe Keady, Russ Mock, Monica Duran, Sharon Anderson and Doyle Hall and
Harold Sheeran. Jane Fullerton was excused.

1. Call to Order and Reading of Minutes: The regular monthly meeting of the Board of
Directors was called to order at 6:30 p.m. The minutes of the 5/17/11 Board Meeting were
approved as read.

2. Reports of Officers, Administrator and Committees
    Treasurer’s Report: Monica Duran reported for Jane Fullerton and reviewed the Cash
      Flow Statement for May, 2011. The beginning balance was $162,453.17, and the ending
      balance was $166,368.56. Doyle Hall requested an explanation from the Treasurer on the
      Lot/Common Area Maintenance Expenses. As Jane Fullerton was not at this meeting,
      she will be asked to provide an explanation at the July Meeting.

      Administrator’s Report: Monica Duran reported that Knife River, per a roadwork bid
       completed in fall of 2010, reassessed the roads and has submitted a proposal for repairing
       six fault areas and the water/sewer valve areas in Phase I. The proposal is for $4,950.00.
       The budget allowed for $3,700 for the six fault area repairs and $4,400 for the sewer and
       water valve repairs or a total of $9,200.

       Motion: Monica Duran made a motion to accept the Knife River bid of $4,950.00 for
       road repairs. Motion passed unanimously. Monica Duran will follow up with Knife
       River to get the repairs scheduled and neighbors notified of possibly inconveniences.

       A letter has been submitted to the Attorneys for Alaska Sutherland regarding the unpaid
       taxes on the lots received in the 2009 settlement. The agreement does stipulate that lots
       were to be transferred with taxes current. Grass cutting is underway and owners have
       until July 25th to complete the cutting. Two owners have contacted the Administrator and
       requested additional time, which was granted. An inspection will be done at the end of
       June on the cutting. Since the grass is growing quickly this year, lot owners were warned
       that an additional cutting may be required.

       A request has been submitted to the Newsletter Editor for a replacement of street signs
       for Chi Chi Lane. The City of Sutherlin is responsible for this street sign, as well as the
       one missing for Slazenger Court. Though attempts have been made to get the City to
       replace these signs, no progress has been made.

       Motion: Monica Duran made a motion to use PUD funds to replace missing street signs
       for Chi Chi Lane and Slazenger Court with a total of $350.00 being allowed for the
       replacement of these signs. Motion passed unanimously. Monica Duran will follow up
       with our sign company and get the work completed.
       Jane Fullerton and Monica Duran did meet May 30th and reorganized the materials in the
       PUD filing cabinet. The old filing cabinet and secretary’s desk will both be “for sale” at
       the upcoming garage sale.

       Motion: Monica Duran made a motion to accept a bid of $50.00 for a buyer who wants
       to acquire the old Association printer and to place the filing cabinet and secretary’s desk
       in the garage sale. Motion passed unanimously.

      Service Committee: Joe Keady reported that two gift baskets for new residents were
       delivered. The Knolls Estates Garage Sale is scheduled for June 24 and 25 (Friday and
       Saturday), from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Signs will be placed throughout Sutherlin, and
       ads will be placed in the paper.

       Sharon Anderson volunteered to contact local nurseries to see if a standard gift basket
       could be purchased from them at a reasonable rate. We do have donated bottles of wine
       that can be included in the baskets.

      Design Committee: Joe Keady reported for Carly Bratton. The rock wall that will be
       built along Scardi Blvd. will be completed in July. Stripping along Scardi Blvd. has been
       suggested. Scardi Blvd. is the responsibility of the City of Sutherlin, but the Board
       requested that Monica Duran obtain a bid for stripping of this street.

      Judicial Council: No Report

      Newsletter Editor: Paul Anderson has contacted local wineries and will be starting a
       Winery of the Month Program on our website. One bottle of wine will be given to a
       resident monthly, but residents will need to visit the web site to find out if they have won.
       Paul also obtained 3 golf rounds for the gift baskets. Paul Anderson continues to get
       complaints from residents that should be submitted to Board members.

3. Unfinished Business: Property Management Contract and Reserve Study still on hold.

4. New Business:
    Update on Rewriting CC&Rs: The Board discussed if additional Board meetings to
      review the CC&Rs were required and the need to push this project forward so that it can
      be completed by the end of the year.

       Motion: Russ Mock made a motion to send the CC&R rewrites to the Attorney and to
       forego additional review meetings. Motion passed unanimously. Monica Duran will
       contact the Attorney and forward necessary materials.

   -   Suggested Meeting of Board and Committee Members: No meeting scheduled due to
       busy summer schedules.
   -   Security System: No report
   -   Annual Insurance Update : Rich Boehm has handled this issue. Our Insurance
       Company’s Head Office is reviewing our coverage and will send us a report.

5. Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 7:35 p.m.

                                       Executive Session

1. The Board received a notice that Lot 97 has gone into foreclosure.

2. A phone vote was taken on 6/6/11 which was needed to allow Lot 14 to close. The vote was
reconfirmed during the Executive Session.

Motion: Monica Duran made a motion to agree in writing to not collect the $1,063.90 owed on
Lot 14 by the Heards from any new owners of the property. Motion passed unanimously.

3. A complaint has been filed regarding weeds in the backyard of a residence in Phase 2 and
lack of yard maintenance on a home in Phase 2 and Phase 3. Monica Duran has contacted one of
the owners, but will do an inspection in July and will officially notify all owners of issues of

4. Adjournment: Executive Session adjourned at 7:41 p.m.

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