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									                            THE JOURNAL
Volume 2, Issue 1                                                 tri-school CLC            November – December 2010

National Entrepreneurship Day                                          CLC activity nights @ GES
The CLC promotes entrepreneurship at the Gaspe Poly

                                                                                 Graduating class of 2020!

                                                                The Gaspe-Perce Community Learning Center in
                                                                partnership with the Gaspe Circus School and Quebec en forme
                                                                presenst Friday fun-night, an evening of fun and games with lots of
Local entrepreneur Brad McDonald                                exercise and healthy activities for the body and the mind. The circus
speaks with students in Secondary                               school team (November 19th activity) together with animators from
                                                                the CLC, volunteers and parents stretch it out before the games
4/5 at the Gaspe Poly.                                          begin. Below…tag…who‟s it?
Brad McDonald is the owner of Francoeur-McDonald, a
project management and marketing firm opened in 2006. He
has served as a municipal councilor for the City of Gaspe.
Brad was educated at Vanier College in Montreal, the Royal
Military College of Canada and at the Royal Military
College in Saint Jean sur Richelieu. During his career he has
worked as an officer of the Canadian Forces, Nurse, teacher,
personal development planner and political aide. As a project
manager and as a volunteer board member on several
organizations, he has worked to promote and improve the
quality of life for the English speaking community of this
region. Brad is a graduate of both Gaspe elementary school
and the Gaspe Polyvalent.

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1       National Entrepreneurship Day
2       Photo Contest at Gaspe Elementary
4                                                                                                             continued on age 3
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     Students from the Gaspe Poly play GoVenture, a software

     game designed to stimulate a scenario of starting your own

Students concentrate, working alone or with a partner to
decide the best strategy to use to advance their company.
Students work with their teacher Shane Foley in their
Entrepreneurship class.

Video conferencing with VCN-VJ Bloomer (aka Ben
Loomer with the CLC Project Resource Team) and
Riverdale High School in Montreal. Discussion on
entrepreneurship between students of the two high schools.

                                                                   Friday’s for fun (CLC circus school activity nights)
                                                                   continued on December 3rd. The next activity is scheduled
                                                                   for January 21st. Look for some variations in the New
                                                                   Year, just to keep it interesting.

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                                                     Gaspe Elementary had a photo contest. Invited judge for the
                                                     the contest was local photographer, Jacques Gratton.
                                                     The theme for the contest was „my pet‟. Animal pictures
                                                     in colour or black and white. Congratulations to everyone
                                                     who participated.


The community learning centre in partnership
with the Gaspe Circus school and Quebec en
Forme presents:

 CLC activity nights! Circus initiation!

When? Starting October 15th (Friday night) from
7:00 – 9:00pm. (See calendar for other dates).

Where? In the gym at the Gaspe Elementary

Who? All students, their parents, grandparents
and families.

What? Circus activities for the young and young
at heart. Wear your gym clothes and running
shoes. Learn how to juggle, jump on a trampoline,
dance, acrobatics, make pyramids, manipulate the
„diablo‟ and much more!

Why? We would like to provide a safe place for
people to move around and have some fun!!!

How much? It‟s free! (Voluntary contributions
accepted)                  continued on page 4



September 17th ……………Open house, CLC activity room
September 18th ………… Fun-Fair
October 15th   ………… Circus night, activity room
November 19th ………… Circus night, activity room
December 3rd ………… Circus night, activity room
January 21st   ………… Circus night, activity room
February 11th …………… Circus night, activity room
February 25th …………… Circus night, activity room
March 11th …………… Circus night, activity room
March 18th …………… Circus night, activity room                     Video conferencing in November and December. The VCN
April 8th    ……………….Volunteer appreciation night                 appears to be back up and running after some technical
May 6th    …………………Circus night, activity room
                                                                 difficulties. We hope to have this system operational and
May 20th …………………Circus night, activity room
June 3rd ………………… Spring Fun-Fair                                 available in the New Year. Above: video conferencing with
                                                                 Paule Langevin, CLC director and several CLC sites.

Friday night CLC activities:

       we need teenagers and adults to help supervise the
        younger children
       we need financial help if we are to provide juice
        and healthy snacks for these activities
       we need your input and support for these
        community based activities

We are preparing a „wish-list‟ of things we would like to
have. For example, if we had exercise equipment in
reasonable condition, we might be able to set up a workout
room for those who are inclined… How about a keyboard
and a set of drums to start up a student band? Computer
night? A story telling evening or afternoon? The sky‟s the
limit when the community works together!                         Around the table for the first time: Vision Gaspe-Perce
                                                                 Now, CAMI, CASA, CEDEC and the Gaspe-Perce
                                                                 Community Learning Centre discuss Youth initiatives –
  The Community Learning Centre sustainability fund has
  been established to raise money for programs and               chaired by Brad McDonald. Below: Finishing up a partners
  activities. Watch for opportunities on how you can help        meeting with Quebec en forme in the CLC VCN room.
  with this initiative. All funds collected are channeled back
  into the community.

Odds and ends

Things going on in our school community:

    CHSSN/CLC Project Resource Team grant applications for all three schools.

           o    Swimming lessons for Belle Anse students
           o    Wellness program for students at Gaspe Elementary
           o    Passport activities and prizes for Gaspe Poly students

      GPS choir sings for seniors.
      Turkey supper and bake sale fund raisers huge success at GES
      BAS Cineplex: movie and gym nights
      School websites established for all three schools
      Stand up against bullying…bullying awareness week at GES: Nov. 14-20
      BAS invites students and their families for a Christmas dinner at the “Education Adult, Gaspe Polyvalent”.
      Quebec en forme CLC activity nights with the Gaspe Circus School: funding established for the next 3 years
      Video conference: Francoeur-McDonald, CEDEC, CASA, CAMI and the CLC at the Gaspe Poly on
       December 8th
      Gaspe Elementary School Christmas concert scheduled for December 15th postponed due to flooding,
       rescheduled for December 20th
      Belle Anse School Christmas concert on December 13th
      Ms. Karen Briand presents live theater at GES: The Christmas Lamb and The X-mas Files
      GPS & GES joint purchase of Public Address (PA) sound system complete with microphones for school
       activities, music, guest speakers etc…
      Grades 4/5/6 (GES & BAS) plus students from GPS have a movie day thanks to our CLC partnership with the
       Cinema Baker. Students watched the newly released film „Harry Potter – 7 part 1‟

Vision: “our CLC is a partnership of 3 schools that opens its doors during the day, beyond school
hours and often on weekends, and works with partners; local businesses, service providers, health and
community organizations, to offer activities in the school that are geared to students, parents and
community members. The purpose is to promote student success, lifelong learning and community

Mission: “our CLC promotes the well being of the English speaking community of Gaspe-Perce through a focus
on life-long learning and active cooperation with our francophone and aboriginal neighbors.”

Our belief is: “that while we consider our action plan, the first question we ask ourselves: will this activity help
our students/community achieve greater success and well-being in their lives? If yes, then we all benefit.”

CLC Strength: Three principals joining forces with our partners to offer services in each of their schools…
Caring and committed community partners… Parents and teachers getting on board… Improving

Christmas dinner with Belle Anse School staff, students and their families. Special guests; Tracy and Bob Wolfe,
unexpected guests: Ms. Lily Sun (school board librarian consultant) and Mr. Don, CLC coordinator and Gaspe Poly

Contact information:   Don Barclay, coordinator Telephone: (418)-368-2903
                       Beryl Boyle GES Principal – (418) 368-2259    ~         Jennifer Roy GPS Principal- (418) 368-6532
                                                   Howard Miller BAS Principal – (418) 645-2236

                                       Gaspé /Percé Community Learning Centre
                                                    Tri-school CLC
                               Gaspé Elementary/ Gaspé Polyvalent/ Belle Anse Elementary

                                                  THE CLC JOURNAL 6

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