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 Career Advisor: Steven Greenlaw, Monroe 108B, 540-654-1483, email:

                                              GENERAL DESCRIPTION

      The discipline of economics is as broad as it is exciting. Far from being simply the study of business, economics is a
 method of analyzing human behavior in environments characterized by scarcity. Inflation, unemployment, the energy
 crisis, environmental problems, poverty, discrimination, economic growth and development, marriage and childbearing,
 and the proper role of government in society are only a sample of the issues with which economists grapple.

     Most economics graduates do not become professional economists. But an economics degree qualifies one for work
 in nearly all areas of business and public service. For example, UMW graduates have found positions in economic and
 business consulting, banking and finance, as well as a variety of federal and state government agencies. In addition, the
 analytical background acquired from studying economics provides excellent preparation for graduate school, law or other
 professional programs such as the Master of Business Administration, and UMW graduates have pursued each of these

     Employment opportunities can be enhanced by taking additional courses in statistics, mathematics, computer science,
 and accounting. Graduate study is usually necessary for college teaching and research.

    The job titles and hiring institutions which follow are meant to give you an idea of the careers available to economics
 majors, however many other possibilities also exist. You are encouraged to explore all career paths that interest you.

                                                POTENTIAL JOB TITLES

         Actuary                                                  Import-export agent
         Administrative officer (federal, state, county,          Industrial economist
              municipal)                                          Insurance agent/broker
         Advertising manager                                      Intelligence specialist
         Auditor                                                  Labor relations supervisor
         Business forecaster                                      Lawyer
         Buyer                                                    Market research analyst
         Chamber of Com. analyst                                  Personnel manager
         Commodities analyst/trader                               Public relations
         Computer programmer                                      Public survey interviewer
         Consumer affairs director                                Real estate agent/broker
         Credit and collection manager                            Reserve officer
         Customs officer                                          Sales manager
         Data communications supv & technician                    Securities trader (financial)
         Demographer                                              Statistician
         Economist (financial, industrial, labor, price,          Stockbroker
tax)                                                              Systems analyst teacher
         Economic research assistant efficiency expert            Technical writer
         Employment research & planning director                  Trust officer, bank
         Financial planner                                        Treasury management specialist
         Financial/investment analyst                             Wage/salary administrator
         Government administrator

          University of Mary Washington * The Office of Career Services * 654-1022 * Email:      08/09
                              REPRESENTATIVE HIRING INSTITUTIONS
     Advertising agencies and departments                     Insurance companies
     Banks and investment firms                               Labor unions
     Business corporations and industries                     Magazines, newspapers and periodicals
     Chamber of Commerce                                      Management consulting firms
     Civic and taxpayers associations                         Market research departments and firms
     Colleges, schools, and educational institutions          Personnel departments
     Employment agencies                                      Public relations firms
     Government agencies                                      Trade associations

                       Applicable information available in the Career Resource Center

     BU-040      Vault Guide to Advertising
     BU-070      Vault Career Guide to Accounting
     BU-080      Vault Guide to Top 50 Finance Employers
     BU-088      Career Opportunities in Banking, Finance & Insurance
     BU-135      Vault Guide to Real Estate
     BU-145      Careers for Financial Mavens & Other Money Movers
     CON-065     Making a Living While Making a Difference
     GO-027      Vault Guide to Capitol Hill Careers
     GO-036      Guide to America’s Federal Jobs
     GO-047      Federal Jobs: The Ultimate Guide
     IC-107      International Job Finder
     IC-109      How to Get a Job in Europe
     JS-110      Knock Em Dead, 2008: The Ultimate Job Search Guide
     MS-027      Vault College Career Guide
     MS-028      The WetFeet Insider Guide to Industries and Careers for Undergrads
     MS-042      The Big Book of Jobs


     l)   American Economic Association                           Washington, DC 20036
          2014 Broadway, Suite 305                      
          Nashville, TN 37203
          615-322-2595                                        4) American Academy of Actuaries, 1100 17th
                                 St. NW., 7th Floor, Washington, DC 20036.
     2) Econometric Society
        Claire Sashi, General Manager                         5) VEDA (Virginia Economic Developers
        Department of Economics                                  Assocation)
        New York University                                      1340 North Great Neck Road, #1272-128
        19 West Forth Street, 6th Floor                          Virginia Beach, VA 23454
        New York, NY 10012                                       Phone: 757-412-2664 Fax: 757-412- 4637                               Email:
     3) National Association for Business
        1233 20th St., NW, Suite 505

      University of Mary Washington * The Office of Career Services * 654-1022 * Email:   08/09

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