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									Number 7 March 2008
                                            Baltimore Hebrew Congregation
24 Adar I – 24 Adar II 5768
 Rabbi Rex D. Perlmeter
 Cantor Judith K. Rowland
 Rabbi Elissa M. Sachs-Kohen
 Rabbi-Educator Paul Sidlofsky
 Cantor Ann Sacks
 Rabbi Emeritus Murray Saltzman

    A Fond Farewell to

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Mishkan T’Filah Prayer Books
The Mishkan T’filah prayer books are now
available for $50 at the Temple Office.
Consider purchasing books for special
occasions, “in honor of,” “in memory of,”
                                                                         From The Clergy
or for your own use during worship.

             Welcome                                                     A Little Bit of Blessing . . .
           New Members!                                                  touched my soul
      We welcome the following
     Congregants who have joined                                         I really don’t feel ready to write this column of farewell,
                                                                         even though this Bulletin has to leave for the printer
         BHC since January:
    Jie-hong and Charles Morrison                                            So I won’t. Instead, I will take on another task I’ve put off for too long—that of
            Cindy Richard                                                telling you about my teachers, Rabbi Sidney H. Brooks, of blessed memory, and
                                                                         his wife Jane; and Cantor Manfred F. and Ilse Kuttner, both of blessed memory.
             Jack Richard
                                                                         Cantor Kuttner was my first true connection to Judaism. My family’s level of
   Tammy Showalter & Jason Carter                                        involvement in our Temple was pretty significant in terms of leadership (my
   Drs. Svetlana & Jacob Tendler                                         father), Sisterhood (my mother) and Youth Group (both of my older brothers.)
                                                                         But I, the youngest, was the one who took a stronger interest in the learning
                                                                         and worship activities of synagogue life. And it was largely thanks to the Cantor.
             Save the Date                                               Cantor Kuttner was the Hebrew School. He also ran the Sunday School, but he
                                                                         taught every weekday Hebrew class and tutored every Bar and Bat Mitzvah at
               Passover Seder                                            Temple Israel in Omaha. And he told stories—wonderful stories. And he had a
            Sunday, April 20 • 6 PM                                      twinkle in his eye. And that twinkle had outlasted the Shoah, of which both he
             Reservations Required.                                      and his wife were survivors. He loved music of all kind and encouraged that love
              Members and Family:                                        in me. And when he died, six months after I became Bar Mitzvah, Ilse picked
                   Adults • $45                                          up the thread of my education in opera and symphony and filled my soul with
          Children 13 and under • $27
                                                                         companionship in song, even as hers was breaking in loss and loneliness. For
                                                                         too long I have neglected to acknowledge their sacred teaching. I thank God for
                   Adults • $55
                                                                         it and for them today.
          Children 13 and under • $30
                                                                             Rabbi and Mrs. Brooks were more a part of my brothers’ and parents’
   Deadline for reservations: Friday, April 11.
                                                                         lives through their various levels of involvement. But then came 10th grade
    Mail check made payable to BHC, attn:
                                                                         Confirmation Class, taught exclusively by Rabbi Brooks. It was 1973, and our
    Francie Gill, 7401 Park Heights Avenue,
              Baltimore, MD 21208                                        teacher had been a rabbi since the late ‘40s. Needless to say, the changes in
   or return form in the Mid-Month Mailing.                              youth and their attitudes toward religion and authority provided him with a new
                                                                         challenge. But he was up to the task. Oh, there were moments of frustration.
                                                                         But most of the time, when my classmates and I would give him a hard time,
             Simcha                                                      he’d give it right back—with a ready and dry wit, occasional sternness and ever-
                                                                         present compassion. And through Jane, a beautiful home was provided which

         TREE of LIFE                                                    was always open to the children of the Congregation. It was in that home that I
                                                                         first studied text in a small post-Confirmation group with my rabbi, and learned
                                                                         to call him counselor and friend. I bless his memory to this day, and Rachel and I
                                                                         have memorialized that memory in Nathaniel’s Hebrew name. Jane, thank God,
                                                                         is still living near her daughter in New England and when occasionally we speak,
                                                                         floods of good memories and teaching flood my heart.
   For those interested in inscribing a leaf
   for any simcha, contact Sally Palmbaum,                                   These were my first great teachers. They changed my life. I thank God for
            410-764-1587, ext. 225.                                      their teachings today. On the night of my farewell to this Congregation which
                                                                         has given so much to me and my beloved family, I will have the privilege of
                                                                         sharing with you other mentors and colleagues from my career. I know you will
      It’s Easy Being Green!                                             enjoy them. But if in any way I have brought a little bit of blessing into the lives
    Keep the tires on your car adequately                                of some of you reading these words, please know that it is in large part because
       inflated. Check them monthly.                                     I am a vessel trying to transmit some of the holiness with which these, my first
       Save 250 lbs. of carbon dioxide
                                                                         teachers, touched my soul. Thank you for giving me that sacred opportunity.
             and $840 per year!

           Green Team Task Force                                                                                                 –Rabbi Rex D. Perlmeter
Baltimore Hebrew Congregation Bulletin • Number 7 • 24 Adar I – 24 Adar I1 5768 • March 2008
                                                               A Letter to the Congregation
                                                               I am happy to announce that Rabbi Andrew Busch is officially
                                                               our new Senior Rabbi effective July 1, 2008. His contract with
                                                               BHC is signed and everyone involved is extremely satisfied.
                                                               Our thanks to our congregant and attorney Carl S. Silverman
                                                               for representing BHC and helping to expedite the process with
                                                                  As chair of the Rabbinic Search Committee, I am thrilled with
                                                               our selection and am truly confident that Rabbi Busch will be a
                                                               fabulous leader as we energetically engage our current members,
                                                               our future members and our community. This is a wonderful
                                                               time in the history of BHC, and as we sadly bid farewell to Rabbi
                                                               Perlmeter and Cantor Rowland, the foundation that they have
                                                               developed and the strength of our enthusiastic Congregation
                                                               has created a wonderful environment for our new rabbi.
                                                                  We are fortunate to have Rabbi Busch as our Senior Rabbi,
                                                               and many thanks to the Search Committee and all of the
                                                               Congregants who helped facilitate such a successful rabbinic
                                                               search. Let’s keep the momentum going as we reach out to Rabbi
                For reservations to the dinner and             Busch, his wife, Rabbi Debbie Pine, and his children, Johanna,
                    to make a donation to the                  Ben and Ethan—we welcome them to our Congregation and
          Rabbi Rex D. Perlmeter Lifelong Learning Fund,
                                                               their new home.
                    call 410-764-1587, ext. 403.
                                                               A Warm Welcome to Rabbi Andrew Busch
                                                               Rabbi Andrew Busch is currently the senior rabbi at New Orleans’
Create a Lasting Gift for Rabbi Perlmeter                      Touro Synagogue, the sixth oldest Reform congregation in the
BHC is coordinating a scrapbook of                             United States. He spent the last three years at Touro, succeeding
memories for Rabbi Perlmeter’s Fare-                           Rabbi David Goldstein, a former BHC spiritual leader. Within
well Service and Dinner on Friday,                             two months of his arrival in New Orleans, Hurricane Katrina hit
March 28. Be sure to pick up your                              and Rabbi Busch spent the following months ministering to his
scrapbook page at the Temple Office                             scattered congregation.
and return your completed page by                                 Rabbi Busch is a native of New Brunswick, NJ. He graduated
March 17. A $1 donation is requested
                                                               cum laude from Brandeis University in 1987 and from Hebrew
for each page and we ask a limit of
                                                               Union College in 1994. He served as the assistant rabbi, and
one page per family. Your memories
                                                               then as the associate rabbi, at Rodef Shalom in Pittsburgh
will help make a lasting gift for Rabbi Perlmeter.
                                                               before becoming the rabbi at Beth David in Philadelphia where
                                                               he served prior to becoming senior rabbi at Touro.
     48th Annual Interfaith Institute                          Adult B’nai Mitzvah, Shabbat Shelanu
   Monday, March 10 • 9:30 AM – 2:15 PM                        Worship, Saturday, March 29, 10 AM
       9:30 AM • Registration and Refreshments
   10 AM • Keynote Address and Panel Responses
         NOON • Lunch and Discussion Sessions
                       1 PM • Responses
    Keynote speaker and panel respond to questions and
    comments generated during the lunchtime sessions.

        Please extend an invitation to friends!
          $10 per person registration, includes lunch.
      For more information call 410-764-1587, ext. 270.        Back row (left to right): Cantor Rowland, Cantor Sacks, Marc Plisko,
                                                               Jane Marion, Claudia Cameron, Maria Lambros Kannen, Rabbi
       Carol J. Caplan, Chair • Alice Dolle Trosch, Co-Chair
                                                               Sachs-Kohen, Rabbi Perlmeter, Front row: Suzanne Strutt, Amy
            Lynda S. Weinstein, Sisterhood President
                                                               Juskowitz Sponseller, Michele Short, Sylvia Beser, Gina Barr
           Karan Engerman, Vice President-in-Charge
                                                               (not pictured Lee Smothers)                                                          3
                                                                Baltimore Hebrew Congregation Bulletin Number 7 24 Adar I – 24 Adar I1 5768 March 2008
                                                                                                    •          •                          •
                Lighting the Way                                        Inclusion and Accessibility                    In-Reach and Out-Reach
    Last year, BHC Sisterhood participated                           In partnership with the Jewish Community       The purpose of our Family Concerns
    in the Light Among the Nations Climate                           Center/Associated, Philip and Susan            Committee is to create a warm, caring
    Change Campaign. We started at the                               Abraham, Hon. Michel and Lu Pierson,           atmosphere in the Congregation and
    Holiday Boutique, 2006, with How Many                            and the Family Concerns Inclusion and          reach out to Congregants in a supportive
    Jews Does it Take to Change a Light Bulb?                        Accessibility sub-committee is sponsoring      and helpful manner. It is through this
    encouraging individuals to switch from                           an exciting new program that reaches out       philosophy of congregational in-reach
    incandescent bulbs to energy efficient and                       to those in the Jewish community with          that a powerful and positive message
    cost effective compact fluorescent lights                        cognitive disabilities. BHC will host the      can be sent to the entire congregational
    (CFLs). Nationally, the campaign has been                        program, which consists of bringing people     family. The Synagogue is your spiritual
    an incredible success. To date, over 70,000                      who live at home or in group homes to BHC      home and the Congregation is your
    CFLs have been purchased, reducing our                           for dinner, a Friday evening Shabbat service   support community.
    carbon dioxide emissions by over 25,000                          and Oneg Shabbat. Members of the Family           Sharing Shabbat takes place the first
    tons and saving over $4,000,000 dollars                          Concerns Inclusion and Accessibility sub-      Saturday of each month. On Saturday,
    in electricity bills. As a Congregation, we                      committee will offer assistance. Be sure       March 1 BHC Congregants will lead Shabbat
    truly are doing our part! To purchase bulbs,                     to extend a warm welcome to our visitors       afternoon worship at three assisted living
    contact the Sisterhood Office, ext. 270.                         when they join our sacred community for        facilities: Spring House, Atrium and Sun
                                                                     the first time on Friday, April 11!            Rise. We thank all who take part in this
           Use Compact Fluorescent Bulbs                                 We are grateful for the generous gift      special program, especially our coordinator
      Replace 3 frequently used light bulbs with
                                                                     from the Abraham and Pierson families          Maria Kannen and regular participants
     compact fluorescent bulbs. Save 300 lbs. of
                                                                     which makes this program possible. Philip      Sid Bravmann, Stuart Cohen and Mildred
          carbon dioxide and $60 per year.
                                                                     and Susan Abraham are giving this in           Sheff.
         Interfaith Comedy Show
            Green Team Task Force                                    memory of Susan’s parents, Abraham and            One project coming up is a visit with
                                                                     Bessie Umansky. Michel and Lu Pierson’s        our Congregants living at North Oaks to
                   Comedy Show                                       gift is in memory of his sister, Marcia        celebrate Purim and bid farewell to Rabbi
    Join us Saturday, March 1, 7:30 PM, for an
                                                                     Pierson.                                       Perlmeter. This gathering will take place
    Interfaith Comedy Show, “A Muslim, a Jew
                                                                                                                    Monday, March 17, 2 PM.
    and a Christian Walk onto a Stage . . .” with
    comedians Azhar Usman, Rabbi Bob Alper                                                                               Tu B’Shevat Highlights
    and Nazareth. Admission is $20/general
    and $10/student—children 11 and older are
                                                                                                                           The New Year for Trees
                                                                                                                    It’s customary to eat fruits on this festive day.
    welcome. Proceeds benefit Chesapeake
    Habitat for Humanity Interfaith Build. For
    more information, tickets or to donate to
    Interfaith Build call 410-366-1250 or visit
                        PEP Rally!                                                    Social Action
    Join PEP for breakfast on Sunday, March                             On Sunday, March 9, students in
    2, 9:15 AM, followed by Study at 9:45 AM.                        Religious School will make Purim cards to
    PEP is a BHC adult education class, open to                      bring holiday joy to people in the Jewish
    all adults who want to have fun, learn and                       community with cognitive disabilities.
    make new friends. Contact Ruth Spivak,                              Yasher Koach and thanks to Andy Wayne
    410-666-1891, or spivakcpa@verizon.net—or                        and Daniel Kannen, who sponsored a
    just show up on March 2.                                         Guitar Hero Tournament in January for
             Bereavement Group                                       the Youth Group. The tournament raised
    Jewish Family Services presents a                                over $100 for Family Concerns inclusion
    Bereavement Group, “When You’ve Lost                             and accessibility projects.
    a Loved One,” at BHC on six consecutive                             Limited quantities of the large print
    Mondays, 7–8:30 PM, beginning March                              copies of the new Mishkan T’filah are now
    3. The group will be facilitated by Wendy                        available. Ask an usher if you would like
    Garson, Clinical Social Worker. Cost is                          to use one during services. They are also
    $180/person or $270/couple. Limited                              available for purchase; contact Francie
    scholarships are available by calling 410-                       Gill in the Temple Office, ext. 226.
    764-1587, ext. 402. To register, call Jewish

4   Family Services, 410-466-9200.
    Baltimore Hebrew Congregation Bulletin • Number 7 • 24 Adar I – 24 Adar I1 5768 • March 2008
                           Blurring the Division Between East and West: Indo-Judaic Relations
Article and photos submitted by Ben Piven. Ben (BHC Bar Mitzvah ’96, Confirmand ’99) is currently a U.S. Fulbright Scholar living in India and doing research on
the cultural geography of the caste system in Mumbai (Bombay). After completing his 9-month study, Ben will attend the Columbia University Graduate School of
Journalism starting in Fall 2008.
As a Jewish-American researcher in this exhilarating country of stark contrasts, India strikes me as vivid, voluminous, and variegated. While
the primary focus of my research project is on Dalits (formerly Untouchable castes) in Mumbai, I have also had the opportunity to explore
various Jewish themes during my time in India.
Global Context of Warming Relations
In recent years, there has been a tremendous warming of relations between Jews/Israel and Indians/India, with the U.S. providing a conduit.
The increased linkages have taken on business, tourist, military, and geopolitical dimensions. Relations are more intimate than ever. The
end of the Cold War meant a significant shift in alliances, especially with regards to the
rise of Islam. Moreover, the Indian economy liberalized, and the Indian government has
been moving ever closer to the U.S. on the global stage. Along with increased cross-cultural
understanding, many Indians view America as a land of incredible opportunity, while
Americans often see India as curiously exotic. There is also a very profound Israeli obsession
with India, and Israeli tourists, especially post-military service, are ever-present on the
subcontinent. One further similarity is that the Hebrew and Hindi languages have borrowed
extensively from both English and Arabic.
                                                       Jewish Connection with India
                                                 The various Semitic/Middle Eastern
                                                 influences on Indian culture include Mughal
                                                 Islamic influence in North India and Syrian
                                                 Christian heritage in South India. Moreover,     Ben Piven, center, with a family during the
                                                 there is increasing historical knowledge of         Diwali celebration (Festival of Lights)
                                                 the five Indian groups practicing Judaism in
                                                 various ways and whose Jewish descent ranges from literal to far-fetched. In chronological
                                                 order of emergence, they are: Cochin Jews (Kerala), Bene Israel (Maharashtra), Baghdadi Jews
                                                 (Mumbai, Kolkata), Bnei Menashe (Manipur, Mizoram), and Bene Ephraim (Andhra Pradesh).
                                                 I have been fortunate enough to encounter the former three communities, whose Jewish
                                                 origins are indubitable – while the latter two communities have emerged more recently.
                                                 Nonetheless, many Bnei Menashe have migrated to Israel. The Telugu-speaking Bene
                                                 Ephraim are notable because they are members of an Untouchable caste (Madigas) who have
                                                 promoted liberation from low-caste Hinduism through Judaism and migration to Israel.
The Star of David, Diwali mandala sand painting      Moreover, there is ongoing Jewish religious interest in Hindu rituals, yoga practice, and
                                                Buddhist meditation. An additional cultural link is the Star of David and the related Sri
Yantra, which are omnipresent symbols in India. Speculative theories about ancestral linkages involve various Semitic-sounding place-
names in India that are attributed to Hebraic rather than Arabic roots and particular Indian castes/communities (Yadavs, Kashmiris)
for whom distant Jewish origin is claimed, generally through some version of the 10 Lost Tribes of Israel hypothesis. Another common
theme for Indo-Judaic researchers is Abraham’s purported a-Brahmanism, which attributes the etymology of his name to his being an
“a-Brahm.” Such folks argue that monotheistic Abraham emerged from the ancient Vedic tradition of Northwest India and migrated
westward towards Canaan because he rejected the precepts of Brahmanism. Even if this
theory is far-fetched, the distinction between so-called Dharmic and Abrahamic faiths is
not always so clear-cut.
Jews & Brahmins
There have also been conspiratorial comparisons drawn between the “Jews of India”
(contemporary Brahmins) and actual Jews, which concentrate both on political alliances
and on demographic minority status. Though Brahmin-baiting and anti-Semitism both have
varied avatars, Brahmins are viewed as similar in their attainment of economic resources
and political influence, both in India and abroad. Yet, reactionary sentiment towards Jews
is comparatively very rare in India, due to the lack of Hindu proselytizing and the long
tradition of Indian religious tolerance.
Kohens & Brahmins
One additional area of interest lies in the priestly caste, which exists in both Hinduism and
Judaism. Despite significant difference between Kohens and Brahmins, certain parallels
abound. Although there are more vestiges of Brahminical privilege extant in contemporary
Hinduism, some features of Kohen status still serve to differentiate the priests of the ancient
Hebrew temple. Judaic society was never caste-stratified by lineage in the same way as
Hindu society, but the priestly caste of yesteryear retains special distinction in both cultural
spheres. In conclusion, the numerous connections between Abrahamic and Dharmic                                    The Star of David—an “Om Star” on a temple
cultures blur the divisions between East and West.                                                                                 in Kerala                                      5
                                                                                   Baltimore Hebrew Congregation Bulletin • Number 7 • 24 Adar I – 24 Adar I1 5768 • March 2008
Sunday, April 6 • 10 AM
                        Save the Dates • All Welcome!

                                                                          Friday, April 11
                                                                                                                  Prime Timers

  Health Day 2008                                                         Special Shabbat
      Sponsored by Family Concerns,
                                                                          with participation from
        Brotherhood and Sisterhood
                                                                                               4th Grade
          Friday, May 2                                                                        Etz Chaim
         Annual Meeting                                                                         Students
           and Dinner
                                                                   Dinner, 6 PM • Worship, 7 PM

          Friday, June 13                                            Join us for a Special Shabbat Evening!
                                                                    Students from our 4th Grade Etz Chaim
        Cantor Rowland’s                                             program will participate in leading the       In January Jerome Beser and Jack Spangler
                                                                                                                  talked about their book The Rising Sun Sets:
                                                                               family-friendly service.
         Farewell Service                                                   An Oneg Shabbat will follow.
                                                                                                                  A Complete Story of the Bombing of Nagasaki.
                                                                                                                  Two of their books, as well as Jacob Beser’s
    5:30 PM • Wine & Cheese Reception                              Celebrate Shabbat with your BHC Family
                                                                                                                   book Hiroshima & Nagasaki Revisited, were
         6:15 PM • Shabbat Worship                                    and support our Etz Chaim students.           donated to the Julius and Doris Myerberg
     7:30 PM • Congregational Dinner                                                Details to follow.                      Library by Prime Timers.

BHNews RS School Ruach
Brotherhood Religious
      Shabbat Worship                                              For more information
                                                                  on any of our upcoming
    honoring Brotherhood
                                                                      programs contact
      Friday, March 21                                                 Shauna Leavey,
             Worship • 6:15 PM                                    410-764-2197, ext. 290                            Want to help your
             Dinner • 7:30 PM                                      or sleavey@bhcong.org                          children make lifelong
       Reservations required for dinner                                                                             Jewish memories?
        Brotherhood Members, $15                                              8th Grade                              Send them to Jewish overnight
    Guests, $15 • Children under 10, Free
                                                                          Quad Temple Retreat                          camp they will thank you
 Specify menu choice: meat, fish, vegetarian                                                                             for the rest of their lives
       Mail check made payable to BHC                                       Survivor: Israel
          Brotherhood to Art Kalisch,
                                                                     Friday – Saturday, March 7 – 8
   8906 Griffin Way, Baltimore, MD 21208 or
 sign up online at www.bhcbrotherhood.org.                                                                               Apply now for a $1,000 incentive for
                                                                                                                      first-time overnight campers ages 8-16.
   Call 410-484-6681 for more information.                        • No 8th Grade Religious School •
       Brotherhood Breakfast                                              Sunday, March 9                                  Application deadline:
        Sunday, April 13 • 10 AM                                                                                             March 21, 2008
                                                                                                                                        contact Shauna Leavey
                                                                                                                    For an application contact Shauna Leavey
          Rabbi Rachel Hertzman and                                                        Religious School          For an application
                                                                                                                  410-764-2197, ext. 290, or sleavey@bhcong.org
                                                                                                                      410-764-2917 x290 sleavey@bhcong.org
             Sister Sharon Burns
         “How to Deal with Holocaust
                                                                                            Spring Break                For a list of eligible camps, log onto
            Denying and Denyers”                                                               Sunday – Sunday,
            ALL breakfasts are FREE!                                                            March 23 – 30,
             Online Store                                            Re-Opening Monday, March 31
6    www.bhcbrotherhood.org/store.html
Baltimore Hebrew Congregation Bulletin • Number 7 • 24 Adar I – 24 Adar I1 5768 • March 2008
Day School Doings
Renaming is in the Air
Andy Wayne’s “Youth and Young Adult News” February’s column was entitled “A Rose by Any Other Name...”
What a great lead into our “Day School Doings” news this month! For that matter, “Day School Doings”—especially
its first two words—isn’t a bad lead in! For, this spring, renaming is in the air. Or, perhaps, I should say, “name
adjusting.” We are hoping, per Andy and Will (Shakespeare!), we’ll smell even sweeter!
    First, the school. Tuesday evening, January 29, the BHCDS Board of Trustees voted unanimously to reorder the school’s name,
from Baltimore Hebrew Congregation Day School to The Day School at Baltimore Hebrew. Not a major change, but significant. As
Board Chair Aimée Adashek shared in a mid-January letter to Day School parents as the Board requested feedback,
           “Since we opened in 1991, the name of our school has too often provided us with challenges. Repeatedly we’re
           told that it is:
               Confusing – Parents often think we’re BHC’s Religious School or that they have to belong to BHC to enroll.
               A barrier to student recruitment – Our name is the first message potential families receive. Many unaffiliated
               and interfaith families are reluctant to consider a congregational school.
               Misunderstood – A consultant recently identified us publicly using ‘Congressional’ as our middle name!
               An impediment to fund-raising – Members of other Reform congregations often feel disinclined to support
               a school seemingly ‘owned’ by BHC.
               Unwieldy – The name is lengthy and awkward, and, when abbreviated, people ask, “What on earth is
           And now, the Board of Trustees and administration have realized we have the opportunity to adjust it. This winter,
           our Admissions Office will launch a new marketing initiative, starting with our almost completed ‘viewbook.’
           We’re becoming more professional, more mature. Our name needs to reflect that.”
    Parents, with a few expressing alternative ideas, either with greater or lesser indication of the importance of our partnership
with BHC, overwhelmingly expressed support for more clarity and the identity strength of the new name.
    So, while implementation will be evolutionary, not revolutionary (no new dress code shirts immediately, logo to emerge over
time, etc.), The Day School at Baltimore Hebrew is, this winter, wearing its new identity with enthusiasm.
    And, as PreSchool Director Sharon Edlow writes below, our youngest division is also into name transition. Not, in their case,
“new.” Rather, excitingly “old.” And very sweet!                                                      Denny Grubbs, Head of School

The Legacy of One Great Lady
One new name. Why not two?! The (until-this-summer) “PreSchool”
of “Baltimore Hebrew Congregation Day School” will soon be the
“E.B. Hirsh Early Childhood Center” of “The Day School at Baltimore
Hebrew.” And everyone connected to our division (faculty, parents, children) are
thrilled that the conviction and perseverance of this great lady will be forever linked
to the institution she was determined to help establish.
   It was E.B. Hirsh who, more than a quarter century ago, convinced the Temple of
the importance of educating young children—and then proceeded to make it happen.
Our new name seems rose-right.                                                                                     Just Helping Out
   Daily, within the “to-be” E.B. Hirsh Early Childhood Center, we strive to honor                         photos submitted by Ashley Jenkins
our founder’s determined spirit and developmental values. We know that children
learn best through play, exploring and experimenting with the world around them,
employing all of their senses. We are committed to fostering a learning environment
where children always know that they are respected members of the community and
valued as individuals. We are certain that’s how children should begin their early
childhood learning. And we are unequivocally proud to be part of providing children
with the legacy of E.B. Hirsh.
                                                   Sharon Edlow, PreSchool Director

Save the Date—August 29 for the “E.B. Hirsh Early Childhood Center” Dedication!
                                                                     Baltimore Hebrew Congregation Bulletin • Number 7 • 24 Adar I – 24 Adar I1 5768 • March 2008
    YN Youth & Young Adult News
    “. . . Starting to Improve the World”
                                                                                                                           • What’s Happening •

    As we are 3⁄4 of the way through the program year, I’d like to take
    the opportunity to brag a little bit. I won’t be writing about my tie                                                       Sunday, March 9 • 12:30 PM
    collection or adventures in foreign countries. Instead, I want to                                                                Ice Skating • $8
    brag about something much more important—the amazing tikkun olam happening in                                                              Northwest Family
    the youth and young adult communities at BHC.                                                                                            Sports Center Ice Rink
       I’ll start with JYGE, our junior youth group for 5th-7th grades. This January, a                                                      5731 Cottonworth Ave
    large group of kids attended our Guitar Hero tournament, conceived by one of the                                                          Baltimore, MD 21209
    JYGEites, Daniel Kannen. All proceeds from the competition went to BHC Family                                                            RSVP to Andy Wayne
    Concerns Disabilities funds. In February, JYGE made over 300 peanut butter and jelly
    sandwiches for the Manna House shelter—this sandwich-making race only took thirty
    minutes! Lastly, several Bar/Bat Mitzvah-age kids are participating in this year’s SPARK
                                                                                                                                       Chai Life
                                                                                                                           Young Adult Community ages 23-35
    program, which pairs Jewish kids with Jewish elderly. We run the program through
    Weinberg Park every year, and this year is sure to be another success.                                                  Tuesday, March 11 • 5:30 – 6:30 PM
       BHeCTY, our senior youth group for BHC high schoolers, is also doing great things.                                               Java Jews
    Last fall, the BHeCTY Board ran Religious School for an evening, teaching their peers                                       Location to be determined
    in the high school program about drugs and violence. Also, at the Winter Shul-in
    (overnight), BHeCTY collected hundreds of cans for the hungry and made sandwiches                                             Thursday, March 20
    as well. BHeCTY will continue similar efforts this spring. Most impressively, Delegate                                  Downtown Young Adult Purim Party
    Dana Stein has invited BHeCTY to sign on to state legislation that will introduce solid                                        Details to follow.
    anti-bullying efforts into Maryland schools.
                                                                                                                                 Friday, March 21 • 6 – 9 PM
       Finally, we have our new young adult division, Chai Life, for 23-35 year olds. Though
                                                                                                                                     Downtown Shabbat
    in its fledgling year, Chai Life has already included several mitzvah opportunities
                                                                                                                            111 West Lee Street, Baltimore 21201
    ranging from serving in a food line at a shelter, to helping at a Habitat for Humanity
    event, to attending a benefit concert for breast cancer research.
       All in all, we are doing some really important work here in the youth and young                                      For more information contact Andy
    adult division as we aim to be proactive rather than reactive. After all, as Anne Frank                                  Wayne, 410-764-1587, ext. 246 or
    said, “How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to                                            awayne@bhcong.org
    improve the world.”
                                                                                                             Andy Wayne
                                                                                                   Director of Youth and
                                                                                                   Young Adult Programs    Emily Rosenfield and Dylan Hazlett duel it
                                                                                                                           out in the championship of the JYGE Guitar
                                                                                                                             Hero Fundraiser. Money raised went to
                                                                                                                           Family Concerns Disabilities programming.

                   Chai Lifers schmooze at a recent Downtown Shabbat.
    Baltimore Hebrew Congregation Bulletin • Number 7 • 24 Adar I – 24 Adar I1 5768 • March 2008
Sisterhood in Session
Nominating Committee                               Book, Bijoux & Bag Sale                                         Save the Dates
The Sisterhood Nominating Committee            Sisterhood’s Annual Book, Bijoux and Bag Sale
                                                                                                        To RSVP or for more information on any
has nominated the following to Offices          is Sunday, March 16 at BHC’s Purim Carnival.
                                                                                                        Sisterhood program call 410-764-1587,
                                                  Drop off books, CDs, DVDs, jewelry, and
and positions on the Board:                                                                            ext. 270 or e-mail missmagothy@aol.com.
                                                        pocketbooks (good condition)
                 Officers                                  to the Sisterhood Office.                          Sunday, March 2 • 11:30 AM
Karan Engerman • President, 2008-2010          Volunteers needed. Contact Lynda Weinstein,                       Uniongram Luncheon
   Phyllis Troy, filling unexpired term             410-484-3576, or missmagothy@aol.com                  $18 Sisterhood members, $23 guests
       Vice President, 2008-2009                                                                              with Werner Neuburger, author,
            Helene Waranch
                                                     Super Thursdays                                           Dark Clouds Don’t Stay Forever
       Vice President, 2008-2009                                                                       Tuesday, March 4 • Book Club, 7:30 PM
                                                       • 10 AM Classes •                                            Dinner, 6:30 PM
             Suzanne Crone
        Vice President, 2008-2010                           Rabbi Hertzman                              Presidential Courage: Brave Leaders and
  Linda Litofsky • Recording Secretary,          Israel: Historical and Present Realities              How They Changed America, 1789-–1989
                2008-2010                                 March 6, 20 and 27                                   by Michael R. Beschloss
                                                                                                             Facilitator: Helene Waranch
  Jill Woltman • Treasurer, 2008-2010                  • 11 AM Classes •
 JoAnne Zarling, filling unexpired term                                                                         Friday, March 7 • 6:15 PM
  Corresponding Secretary, 2008-2009
                                                          Cantor Rowland                                Shabbat Worship honoring Sisterhood
        Marcia Gampel • Auditor
                                                         Legends of the Jews                            Rabbi Rachel Hertzman, guest speaker
                                                         March 6, 20 and 27                              Followed by a Congregational Dinner
       Board Members, 2008-2011
                                                                                                                    Dinner: Adults $25
      Estelle Bass, Wendie Beser,                      • NOON Lunch •                                            children under 12, $12.50
    Ann Fishkin, Beverly Goldstein,                                                                    Mail check made payable to BHC Sisterhood,
                                                      • 1 PM Programs •                                7401 Park Heights Avenue, Baltimore, 21208.
   Evelyn Gorman, Ayme Lederman,
 Jody Lederman, Ellen Levi, Baila Noel,               March 6 • Jimmy Galdieri
                                                                                                          Saturday, March 8 • Havdalah • 7 PM
               Amy Peck                              BHC’s Music Director •TBA
                                                                                                                 with Rabbi Perlmeter
   Outgoing Officers, serving one year              March 20 • Dr. Elliot Wiseman                             Wine Tasting • 7:30 PM • $18
   Marian Millhauser, Sandra Raskin,                Preventative Health Medicine                             with a speaker from Dugan’s
                                                                                                           Wine and Liquor Store, Pikesville
           Ellen Sapinkopf                        March 27 • Closing Study Lunch                                 The Classic Catering People
Bridge Begins Again                                                    Linda Losey
                                                                                                                For more information contact
                                                                                                                Marsha Kalisch, 410-484-6681
Intermediate and Advanced Beginners                                    Amazon.com
Bridge begins on Tuesday, April 15. For                             Best-Selling Author                        Thursday, March 13 • 6:30 PM
more information contact Carol Kaufmann,                            The Great God Hunt                          Cooking Demo and Dinner
410-433-3235 or ck914@aol.com.                                                                                 The Classic Catering People
                                                  Award-winning Speaker, Long Rider                            Cost is $12. RSVP by March 7 to
New (York) Merchandise                                 and BHC’s Bulletin Editor                              Karan Engerman, 410-664-8244 or
                                                    “From Adversity to Adventure”                                 karansander@comcast.net
Linda Paige, Judaica Shop Chair, just
returned from New York with great gift-           The Great God Hunt is available in the                   Monday, March 17 • NOON • $15
giving and personal items, including:                     Judaica Shop for $10.                            Lunch and Learn • Mr. Chan’s
                                                                                                        Cantor Sacks, Her Conversion to Judaism
seder plates, Menorahs, wedding gifts and                  Federation
so much more! Stop by the Judaica Shop                                                                          Wednesday, April 2 • 5 PM
                                                         Spring Program
for all your gift-giving needs.                                                                                Pikesville Chico’s Fundraiser
                                                          Thursday, March 13
Volunteers Needed                                           9:45 AM – NOON
                                                                                                                 Tuesday, April 15 • 6:30 PM
The Judaica Shop is in need of volunteers on                                                                          Women’s Seder
                                                         Har Sinai Congregation                         with Rabbi Sachs-Kohen and Cantor Sacks
Monday and Friday mornings. To volunteer
                                                    Jill Greenberg, Guest Speaker                           RSVP by April 10 to Louise Kemper,
e-mail Linda Paige, bbbpaige@gmail.com.
                                                    Founding Executive Director,                               louisekemper@hotmail.com
            od                       !
                                                                                                                Sunday, April 27 • NOON
                                                  Maryland Women’s Heritage Center
  Sist ues                                                                                                 Special Circle of Service Luncheon
                                                            and Museum
      D                 CH                        RSVP: Arlene M. Burman, 410-833-0972                        honoring Rabbi Rachel Hertzman                      9
                                                                        Baltimore Hebrew Congregation Bulletin • Number 7 • 24 Adar I – 24 Adar I1 5768 • March 2008
 Hoffberger Gallery
 Pat Campbell, Solo and in Collaboration
 Lately, on Sunday mornings, the warehouse studio of the
 abstract painter, Pat Campbell, is transformed into activity. Over
 the last year it has become a place where a handful of Baltimore                                Pat Campbell,
 painters regularly meet, paint, discuss art, and collaborate in                                  Solo and in
 their artwork. The shared sessions arose out of an idea—that                                    Collaboration
 painting as a serious endeavor could be taken to a higher level
 through collaboration.                                                                          Reception
    Sharing many ideas about materials, meaning, technique, and                                   Sunday,
 forming a new school of thought about how and why to paint                                     March 2, 2 PM.
 emerges weekly in the Campbell Studio. The paintings presented                                  Show runs
 in this exhibit represent both the solo work that has come out of                                through
 the early morning sessions, as well as the collaborative work that                              March 24.
 has the hands of a number of different painters on it.

                                                                                                Julia Rosenstock       Sigmund G. Frank        Rita G. Wagner

     Offerings                                                                                  Milton Rosenstock
                                                                                                Ralph J. Sapero
                                                                                                Sarah Schiffer
                                                                                                                       Sidney R. Galler
                                                                                                                       Milton Gluck
                                                                                                                       Gertrude Goff
                                                                                                                                               Mary Weinberg
                                                                                                                                               March 21-22
                                                                                                                                               Lena Macks Abrams
                                                                                                Irving Morris          Simon Greenebaum
                                                                                                                                               Robert Arzt

                           In Memoriam                                                              Schlenoff
                                                                                                Bessie Seidenman
                                                                                                Dorothy Seidman
                                                                                                                       Harry Gruber
                                                                                                                       Nettye Lesser Halpert
                                                                                                                       Janet Diekmann Harris
                                                                                                                                               Harry Brass
                                                                                                                                               Harold Ray Breslau
                                                                                                                                               Eva Brown
             We record with sorrow the passing of                                               Sophie Siegel
                                                                                                Aaron J. Simon
                                                                                                                       Emanuel Hettleman
                                                                                                                       Meyer Kadden
                                                                                                                                               Mazie F. Burgunder
                                                                                                                                               Charles M. Cahn
                                                                                                Harry Skolnik          Zerlina N. Katz
     Margaret Elliott Alonzo           Johanna Gelles              Dr. Sam Loube                                                               Sylvan Caplan
                                                                                                Helen Strull           Nathan H. Kaufman
                                                                                                                                               Harry N. Cohen
     Mona Arzt                         Daniel Goldman              Maurice Meyer                William Louis          Sarah Kohen
                                                                                                                                               Mary Cohen
     Ralph Brandon                     Elmer Goldner               Lew Meyers                       Swogell            Jacob Levi
                                                                                                                                               Nathan L. Cohen
     Henry H. Brown                    Sylvia Klein                Vivian Richardson            Harold Moses           Emanuel Levinson
                                                                                                                                               Jules Dresner
     Harry Philip Caplan               Zinaida Kuchina             Fannie Seidman                   Waxman             Raymond Lichter
                                                                                                                                               Adolph Sylvan
     Dr. Herbert Copeland              Dr. Edward F.               Reuben Shiling               Stanley M. Waxman      Etta O. Loewner
     Rhona Dorf                           Lewison                  Anna Weinberg                Dr. Myer A. Weinberg   Louis Frank
                                                                                                                                               Abraham Ben Jacob
                                                                                                Betty C. Weinstein         Loewner, Sr.
     Lucille Friedman                                              Irene White                                                                    Fasher
                                                                                                Louis Welfeld          Etta Juhn Mehlinger
                                                                                                                                               Samson Edward
                                                                                                Sybilla Wolf           Martha Meyer
              May their memories be for blessing.                                               Bessie A. Wolff        Lillian Naden
                                                                                                                                               Jacob Fisher
                                                                                                Alvin S. Wolpoff       Jay Reisenstein
                                                                                                                                               Blanche A. Fleischer

               Perpetual Memorials                                                              Helen Marx Zander
                                                                                                March 14-15
                                                                                                                       Milton Newman
                                                                                                                       Lester B. Ott
                                                                                                                                               David Fox
                                                                                                                                               Jacob Fox
                                                                                                Sigmund M. Adler                               Louis N. Frank
 March 7-8                      Esther M. Fenigsohn               Samuel Kahn                   Katie Benjamin
                                                                                                                       Rebecca M.
                                                                                                                                               Samuel Frank
 Goldie Fishman                 Elias Jacob Filtzer               Meyer Kushnick                                           Ottenheimer
                                                                                                Rose Cheslock                                  Sarah Frank
     Alper                      Herman Fishbein                   Helen Schwartzman                                    Rhea K. Pass
                                                                                                    Berman                                     Harry Gaffen
 Max Samuel Ansell              Louis N. Frank                        LaPides                                          Sophia Lewyt Rose
                                                                                                Joseph B. Bloch                                Celia F. Glazer
 Nettie Behrend                 John D. Gaffen                    Belle Skolnik Lerner                                 Alfred Rosenthal
                                                                                                Samuel Blum                                    Ray Goldman
 Stanley Behrend                Joel Gebhart                      Bernard Levin                                        Lynne Sachs
                                                                                                Jennie H. Brill                                Dr. Alan F.
 Minnie Blumberg                Mary Cluster Goldstein            Sol A. Levy                                          Mollie Sandler
                                                                                                Harris N. Brodie                                  Guttmacher
 Estelle F. Brown               Peggy Goldstein                   George Lichter                                       Cecelia Sauber
                                                                                                Louis A. Carliner                              Mary B. Hecht
 Edward L. Caplan               Hermyne S. Goldstock              Leonard Liepman                                      Albert L. Schlecter
                                                                                                Jacob Carp                                     Saul C. Herman
 William Howard                 Harry Gordon                      Mary Frank Loewner                                   Jacob Schwartzman
                                                                                                Sarah Carp                                     Jane W. Herstein
     Chapin                     Norton Gould                      Joel Mendels                                         Lillian Shapiro
                                                                                                Margaret S. Cohen                              Edith Muskatt
 Dr. Marvin Cohen               Anna L. Greenberg                 Adele G. Metzel                                      Lillian Sherman
                                                                                                Rebecca Cohen                                     Hoffman
 Ruth Zelda Cohen               Irving H. Gutharz                 Abraham Morris                                       Jean Shevitz
                                                                                                Sylvan G. Cohen                                Helen Huchberger
 Birdie W. Cohn                 Fannie Haas                       Mack Richard Moss                                    Dorothy Rebecca
                                                                                                Edward Eliason                                 Frank Katz
 Myra A. Copeland               Elizabeth D.                      Leopold Oettinger                                        Shpritz
                                                                                                Mollie Feingold                                Sylvan Kaufman
 Samuel G. Cornblatt                Hamburger                     Ella Ottenheimer                                     Aaron David Singer
                                                                                                Harry Feldenheimer                             Harry Kessler
 Edna M. DeBoskey               Abraham Harman                    Lewis M. Ottenheimer                                 Birdie Solomon
                                                                                                Martin Feldman                                 Hilda Kirsch
 Rebecca Ellis                  Stanley H. Hartman                Sarah Annenberg                                      Meyer L. Straus
                                                                                                Joseph Felsen                                  Naomi Hendler
 Lillian Epstein                Maurice Herman                        Press                                            Leonard Tossman
                                                                                                Julius S. Fenigsohn                               Legum
                                Jacob Himmelrich                  Jesse A. Rose                                        Harry A. Veditz
                                                                                                Seymour Fensterwald                            Jacob Lewenberg
10                              Morris Kadish                     Isaac Rosenstein                                                             Muriel E. Loeser
 Baltimore Hebrew Congregation Bulletin • Number 7 • 24 Adar I – 24 Adar I1 5768 • March 2008
Abraham B.              Vivion Engel             Lillian C. Sugerman      Joseph L. Carmel               Jacob Katz                       Bessie J. Paymer
    Lowenstein              Robinson             Dr. Frank V. Sutland     Barry Leslie Carp              Louis Katz                       Louis Paymer
Rudolph May             Irma E. Rosenberg        Michael Todd             Louis Cohen                    Berney B.                        Solomon Morris
L. Joseph Meyer         Samuel H.                Beverly Totz             Mosella Eichengreen                Katzenberg                      Rosenberg
Florence                    Rosenstock           Albert R. Weinstock      Hilton Feinsod                 Elizabeth Kaufman                Sody Salabes
    Hamburger           Irving Rubin             Moses Wiesenfeld         Mae L. Fischler                Fay Kaufman                      Solomon Salabes
    Morris              Silvia Joan Rubin        Lena (Chevia) Zetlin     Ruth N. Frank                  Fannie Klaw                      Joel David Schlecter
Morton Nusbaum          Frank Schwartz                                    Mary Wolk Fried                Bertha Kleineibst                Mary Sharogrodsky
Harry D.                Sara Seidel
                                                 March 28-29              Ramon F. Getzov                Abraham Kornspun                 Bailey Michael Sher
                                                 Leroy S. Applefeld                                      Anna R. Levy
    Oppenheimer         Dr. Susan Lynn                                    Aaron H. Goldman                                                Esther Siegel
                                                 Herman Barchenko                                        Nathan Litofsky
Bruce Alan                  Shackman                                      Lilian Lyon Goldman                                             Rosa Silverman
                                                 Herman L. Baron                                         Dr. Irving I. Mahler
    Ottenheimer         Saul H. Shapiro                                   Morton A. Goldstein                                             Helen Sinsheimer
                                                 Gerald L. Behrend                                       Leon H. Mayer
Norma H. Paul           Sophie Shapiro                                    Anne Gordon                                                     Louise Straus
                                                 Louis David Berman                                      Cecil J. Medwedeff
Louis Pinerman          Florence Solomon                                  Rose Greenberg                                                  Margaret Sussman
                                                 Aaron G. Bloom                                          Abraham P. Miller
Harry Reicher           Marie T. Spear                                    Herbert Gutman                                                  Norma S. Weinberg
                                                 Fred Brooksaler                                         Dr. Norman L.
Clara Rice              Leonard Steinberg                                 Gertrude F. Hanline                                             Belle Salonic Weisman
                                                 Harry Brown                                                 Miller
Henry Robinson          Isaac Strauss                                     Sylvia Rosen Jacobs                                             Ida F. White
                                                 Fannie Burt                                             Martin B. Morrison
                                                                          Benjamin L. Katz                                                Sarah M. Wiesenfeld

L’Dor tov’Dor
From Generation Generation
Special Birthdays                                Births                                                   The honor bestowed upon Sylvan O. Feit, by
Marc Appel, Natalie Langrock, Shauna             Emerson Reese Lenet, daughter of Emanda                     his wife Helene Feit
  Leavey, Adam Lippe, Marci Messick,                & Steven Lenet, granddaughter of Ava &                The dedication of a plaque in honor of BHC
  Craig Schwartz, Sharon Benzil, Dr. Shari          Dr. Marc Lenet, great-granddaughter of                   Archivist Sylvan O. Feit, by Douglas &
  Sopher, Paula Levine, Adam Sevel, Leonard         Elaine & Dr. Jerome Lenet and Shirley &                  Hilda Perl Goodwin
                                                                                                          Jimmy Galdieri for his participation in the
  Weinberg II, Dr. Jeffrey Kremen, Alan Platt,      Samuel Weisberg
                                                                                                             successful joint service between BHC and
  Dr. David Berliner, Sol Goldstein,             Aliyah Rose Orman, daughter of Willette
                                                                                                             First Mt. Olive Freewill Baptist Church in
  Dr. Leslie Glickman, Dr. Alan Greenwald,          & Michael Orman, granddaughter of
                                                                                                             celebration of Martin Luther King, Jr., by
  Rona Snyder, Robert Weinblatt, Anne               Bobbie & Alan Orman                                      Douglas & Hilda Perl Goodwin
  Hooper, Ilene Cohen, Roslyn Klein,             Elexi Morgan Schwartz, daughter                          Bunny Gilman upon her retirement, by Sylvia
  Amanda Zinn, Beth Pozanek, David                  of Heather & Adam Schwartz,                              Beser • Douglas & Hilda Perl Goodwin
  Shulman, Joan Katz, Ina Rifkin, Robert            granddaughter of Rheta &                              The special birthday of Bette Hankin, by
  Frank, Ella Gilkis, Dr. Larry Snyder, Janet       Barry I. Schloss                                         Floraine Applefeld
  Winegarden, Dr. Paul Talalay                                                                            Allan T. Hirsh, III for teaching cooking to
                                                 We gratefully acknowledge the
                                                                                                             Etz Chaim, by Shauna Leavey and Rabbi
Special Anniversaries                             following offerings:                                       Sidlofsky
55th      Annette & Wilfred Romanoff
                                                 For the speedy recovery of                               The special birthday of Ross Jandorf, by his
50th      Elaine & Norman Wigutow
                                                 Ada Bloom, by Lois Schapiro & Martin Bloom                  wife, children, grandchildren and great-
45th      Linda & John Haas                                                                                  grandchild • Babs Chessler • Loraine Lobe
                                                     • Susan & Norman Lorch • Shirley & Irving
40th      Elaine & William Layden                                                                            • Joyce & Mose Ottenheimer, 2nd • Mae &
                                                     Simon • JoAnne & Eugene Zarling
30th      Anita & Jerome Rosenbloom                                                                          Louis Sinsheimer
                                                 Sallie Cushner, by Susan Mandel • Joyce &
          Sharon & Randy Thomas                                                                           Dr. Clementine Kaufman for her review of
                                                     Mose Ottenheimer, 2nd
25th      Madelyn & Dr. Michael Bender           David Desser, by Diane & Sidney Bravmann                    Einstein: His Life and Universe, by Sisterhood
          Drs. Joanna & Harry Brandt             Joseph Edell, by Phyllis & Fred W. Frank                 Gerri Kobren for her many years of service as
          Drs. Lauren Schnaper &                 Albert Gorman, by the Gutin-Creech Family                   Chair of the Judaica Shop, by Sisterhood
             James Carlton                       Margit Hess, by Edith Goldschmitt & family               Harriet & Jay Kramer upon the birth of their
          Lori & Lawrence Frank                  Nancy Muskin, by Polina & Mark Lebed                        granddaughter Lauren Alexis Sherven, by
          Joan & Marvin Kahn                     Sally Palmbaum, by Aimée Adashek • Carol                    Ellen & Dr. Dennis Uhlfelder
          Marla & Randy Schaper                      J. Caplan • Lee Egerton • Lisa S. & Allan T.         The special birthday of Shirley Marks, by her
          Nancy & Dr. Howard Steiner                 Hirsh, III • Polina & Mark Lebed • Phyllis              family Gale, Max, Mollie & Eli Weisenfeld
20th      Janice & Terry Martin                      G. & Richard M. Lederman & family •                  Bobbie & Alan Orman upon the birth of their
                                                     Betty & Irwin Meyers • Marian & Richard                 granddaughter Aliyah Rose Orman, by
          Susan & William Spivey
                                                     Millhauser • Bobbi & Aron Perlman •                     Aimée & Dr. Steven Adashek • Lisa S. &
          Beth & David Swirnow
                                                     Lois & Mark Rosenfield • Sisterhood •                   Allan T. Hirsh, III • Barbi & Louis Hyman •
          Sherrie & Daniel Zlotowitz                                                                         Polina & Mark Lebed
10th      Jeanne & Gregory Robin                     Betty Spear • James & Alice Dolle Trosch •
                                                     Lynda & Jerry Weinstein • Susan, Harvey &            The special birthday of Dr. Edward Perl, by J.S.
 5th      Ilene & Michael Federman                                                                           Edwards • Bonnie & Robert Garonzik
                                                     Diana Zeiger
          Laura & Andrew Hahn                                                                             Rabbi Perlmeter for his help with the
                                                 Irving Simon, by Ada & Sigmund Bloom •
B’nai Mitzvah                                        Karan Engerman • Betty & Edwin Fink •                   preparation of Julia Leff becoming a Bat
March 1                                              Jeanne & Harry Macks • James & Alice                    Mitzvah, by Julia Leff & family
Emily Elizabeth Rosenfield, daughter                 Dolle Trosch                                         Rabbi Perlmeter for his leadership and
                                                 Jerry Weinstein, by Lynda Weinstein                         success of the BHC and First Mt. Olive
  of Victoria & Stuart Rosenfield,
                                                                                                             Freewill Baptist Church joint service in
  granddaughter of Lois & Mark Rosenfield        In honor of                                                 celebration of Martin Luther King, Jr., by
March 8                                          The special birthday of Mona Arzt, by Rhoda
                                                                                                             Gloria & Robert Speert
Kim Doshanen Scott, Jr., son of Elaine & Kim        H. Shulman
                                                                                                          The 50th anniversary of Mr. & Mrs. Buddy
   Scott, grandson of Marcia Rosenblatt          The special birthday of Beverly Baskin, by Jan
                                                                                                             Puder, by Phyllis & Fred W. Frank
                                                    & Stan Perlmeter
March 15
                                                 Susan & Dr. Joel Brenner upon the birth of
Hannah Benzion, daughter of Sue Takemoto
                                                    their grandson Max Aren Rose, by Ellen &
  & Dr. Gary Benzion                                Dr. Dennis Uhlfelder                                                                                          11
                                                                            Baltimore Hebrew Congregation Bulletin • Number 7 • 24 Adar I – 24 Adar I1 5768 • March 2008
 Mr. & Mrs. Leonard Rose upon their grandson                      Ruth Engel, by Sonia & Marvin Blumberg          Henry Rosenberg, by Henry A. Rosenberg, Jr.
    Aaron Rose becoming a Bar Mitzvah, by                             & family                                    Jennie Rosenberg, by Henry A. Rosenberg, Jr.
    Phyllis & Fred W. Frank • Marcia Sherman                      Julius Fensterwald, by Belle Fensterwald &      Sara Rowland, by Cantor Judith K. & Michael
 Cantor Rowland for her leadership and                                family                                         Rowland
    success of the BHC and First Mt. Olive                        Bert Finkelstein, by Elaine Finkelstein &       Fannie Seidman, by Lucy & Charles
    Freewill Baptist Church joint service in                          family                                         Samorodin
    celebration of Martin Luther King, Jr., by                    Mae L. Fischler, by Loraine Lobe                Miriam R. Selznick, by Dr. Jeffrey Selznick
    Douglas & Hilda Perl Goodwin                                  Lucille Friedman, by PreSchool                  Bruce Shackman, by Amy Shackman
 Rabbi Sachs-Kohen for an enjoyable Lunch                         Bernard Gann, by his wife Elly Gann &           Reuben Shiling, by Aimée & Dr. Steven
    and Learn, by Sisterhood                                          children                                       Adashek • Douglas & Hilda Perl Goodwin
 Cantor Sacks for her help with the                               Dora Gitomer, by her children &                    • Lisa S. & Allan T. Hirsh, III • Ellen &
    preparation of Julia Leff becoming a Bat                          grandchildren                                  Alvin Levi • Lois & Mark Rosenfield •
    Mitzvah, by Julia Leff & family                               Daniel Goldman, by Carla & Alex                    Betty Spear • James & Alice Dolle Trosch
 Rheta & Barry I. Schloss upon the birth                              Katzenberg III & family • Lisa S. & Allan   George Stern, by the George Stern and Sara
    of their granddaughter Elexi Morgan                               T. Hirsh, III • Lois & Mark Rosenfield         Stern Foundation
    Schwartz, by Carol J. Caplan • Lisa S. &                      Elaine Goldman, by Carol J. Caplan              Joan S. Stern, by Stanley A. Stern
    Allan T. Hirsh, III & family                                  Sidney Gordon, by Eddie Jacobs, Jr.             Mary Sussman, by Leonard S. Sussman
 The special birthday of Martin Segall, by                        Milton Haas, by Linda & John Haas               A. Victor Taylor, by Sue & Jerry Taylor
    Baila Noel                                                    Fannie Horowitz, by Anne H. Meyers              Samuel Tralins, by David M. Tralins
 The special birthday of Mildred K. Sheff, by                     Dr. Jack Horowitz, by Anne H. Meyers            Anna Weinblatt, by her daughter Beatrice
    Floraine Applefeld • Carol J. Caplan &                        Bertha Jandorf, by Linda J. & Michael              Aronovitch, children, grandchildren, &
    family                                                            J. Rosenberg • Sue & Jerry Taylor,             great-grandchildren
 The 30th wedding anniversary of Mr. & Mrs.                           grandchildren & great-grandchild            Irene White, by Floraine Applefeld • Gloria
    Max Shevitz, by Dee Silberman                                 Benjamin Kahn, by Linda Zuskin                     & Robert Speert
 Ruth F. & Dr. Harris Silverstone upon the                        Joan Kahn, by Andrea Kessler Jahnke             Harry Winn, by Edith Mondell
    birth of their grandson Jacob V. Miller, by                   Alexander S. Katzenberg, Jr., by Carla          Richard J. Zander, Jr., by Simone Z. Brunn
    James & Alice Dolle Trosch                                        G. & Alex S. Katzenberg III • Morton        In commemoration of the birthday
 Shirley & Irving Simon upon their                                    Katzenberg
                                                                                                                     anniversary of
    granddaughter Heather Knipschild                              Helen L. Kaufman, by her daughter Ruth
                                                                                                                  Adolph David Cohn, by The Family of
    becoming a Bat Mitzvah, by Carol J. Caplan                        Keyser Lipsetts & grandchildren
                                                                                                                     Adolph D. Cohn
 The birthday of Anne Veditz, by Naomi & Dr.                      Paul Keller, by Betty Spear
                                                                                                                  Solomon S. Macks, by his children,
    Philip Benzil • Louise & Richard F. Kemper                    Sylvia Klein, by Ada & Sigmund Bloom •
                                                                                                                     grandchildren & great-grandchildren
    • Oscar Schabb                                                    Carol J. Caplan • Judy & Jerry Caplan
                                                                                                                  Shirley Massing, by Marcia & Ries Daniel
 Helene Waranch upon her installation as                              • Ilene & Marc Cohen • Jacqueline &
                                                                                                                  Joseph Seidman, by Carole Seidman & family
    chair of the North American Council of                            Walter Cohen & Jay • Sharon & Dr.
                                                                                                                  Mose I. Speert, by Gloria & Robert Speert
    the World Union of Progressive Judaism,                           Donald Edlow • Lee Egerton • Julie Eliaz
    by Sisterhood • Lynda & Jerry Weinstein                           • Karan Engerman • Edith Goldschmitt        Acknowledgments
 The 35th wedding anniversary of Lynda &                              & family • Ava, Neil, Elissa & Jay Gross
                                                                                                                  Appreciation is expressed for messages
    Jerry Weinstein, by Carol J. Caplan                               • Lisa S. & Allan T. Hirsh, III • Louise
 The special birthday of Jay Weiss, by Shirley &                      & Richard F. Kemper • Susan & David           of good wishes and Books of
    Irving Simon                                                      Kerbel • Gene & Leonard Klein • Polina        Uniongrams received by
 In memory of                                                         & Mark Lebed • Phyllis G. & Richard         Robert Berenhaus on his special birthday
 Lena Macks Abrams, by her family                                     M. Lederman & family • Judy & Jerry         Bette Hankin on her special birthday
 Margaret Elliott Alonzo, by PreSchool                                Macks & family • Betty & Irwin Meyers       Harriett Kessler in memory of her sister, Joan
 Barbara Ann Amernick, by Davida &                                    • Shirley Neulander • Pearl Okon &             Kahn
    David Oken                                                        family • Marlyn & Dr. Boris O’Mansky        Dr. Edward Perl on his special birthday
 Herbert Arzt, by Rhoda H. Shulman                                    • Amy Peck • PreSchool • Lois & Mark        Mildred K. Sheff on her special birthday
 Faye Bayarsky, by Lori, David &                                      Rosenfield • Pami & Harvey Schevitz &
                                                                                                                  Carol & David Shulman on the recovery of
    Elliott Teichman                                                  Hal • Carol & David Shulman • Irene &
                                                                                                                     Miriam Shulman
 JoAnne Finifter Beplat, by Sylvia Finifter                           George Siegel • Barbara & Dr. Arnold
                                                                                                                  Morton Wasserkrug on his special birthday
    Krause                                                            Sindler • Marjorie Strasburger • James
                                                                      & Alice Dolle Trosch • David Tucker         Lynda & Jerry Weinstein on their 35th
 Anna S. Biron, by Naomi B. Cohen                                                                                    anniversary
 Ralph Brandon, by Aimée & Dr. Steven                                 • Anne Veditz • Martha & Stanley
    Adashek                                                           Weiman • Lynda & Jerry Weinstein •
 Fred Brooksaler, by Doris Cowl                                       JoAnne & Eugene Zarling
 Henry H. Brown, by Lee N. Sachs                                  Morton Kramer, by Gail & Bruce Mogol
                                                                  Martin Lev, by Arlene & Harry Fox & family
                                                                                                                      Perpetual Memorials
 Harry Philip Caplan, by Sylvan Cornblatt
 Harold Caro, by Jan & Stan Perlmeter                                 • Elaine & Ross Jandorf
                                                                                                                     BHC makes it possible to establish a
 Ethel Carton, by Adrianne & Robert                               Leib Lichter, by Rosalie Lichter & family
    Weinblatt                                                     Sarah Macks, by her family                         Perpetual Memorial for everlasting
 Charles I. Cohen, by Anne Veditz & family                        Dr. Arthur Mandy, by Drs. Sara & Frank             remembrance. A page in the special
 Harry Cohen, by his daughter Rosalie                                 Kern
                                                                  J. Carl Marder, by Fannie Marder                   leather-bound books located in
    Lichter & family
 Birdie W. Cohn, by the Family of                                 Zelda Meltzer, by Jan & Stan Perlmeter             our Sanctuary may be dedicated
    Adolph D. Cohn                                                Maurice Meyer, by Becky & Larry Gutin &            as a memorial for your loved ones.
 Dr. Herbert Copeland, by Amy Shackman •                              family
                                                                  Lew Meyers, by Allene Gutin                        Yahrzeit notification will be sent
    Helen & Dr. Nathan Stofberg
 Doris Davison, by Carol Kaufmann                                 Irene Mindell, by Lee N. Sachs                     annually and your loved one’s name
 Sophie Dopkin, by Carolyn & Dr. James                            James Nathanson, by Jamie Miller
                                                                  Frances N. Perlmeter, by Jan & Stan
                                                                                                                     will be listed in the Temple Bulletin
 Rhona Dorf, by Joyce & Mose Ottenheimer,                             Perlmeter                                      and the Shabbat Supplement. For
    2nd • Lee N. Sachs • Pami & Harvey                            Edward Raskin, by Sandra Raskin & family •         information,      contact   Francie
    Schevitz                                                          Harriet Raskin
                                                                  Max Ricklen, by Annette & Wilfred                  Gill, 410-764-1587, ext. 226, or
 Howard H. Engel, by Sonia & Marvin
    Blumberg & family                                                 Romanoff                                       fgill@bhcong.org.

 Baltimore Hebrew Congregation Bulletin • Number 7 • 24 Adar I – 24 Adar I1 5768 • March 2008

 Baltimore Hebrew Congregation Bulletin • Number 7 • 24 Adar I – 24 Adar I1 5768 • March 2008

Baltimore Hebrew Congregation Bulletin • Number 7 • 24 Adar I – 24 Adar I1 5768 • March 2008
 March 2008
Saturday, March 1
     9 AM    Torah Talk
                                                     9:15 AM
                                                     9:30 AM
                                                                Religious School (except 8th grade)
                                                                                                      Thursday, March 20 • Erev Purim
                                                                                                          10 AM   Sisterhood Study
    10 AM    Shabbat Shelanu                            11 AM   Religious School Parent Forum             11 AM   Sisterhood Program
 10:30 AM    Shabbat Worship with Bat Mitzvah       11:15 AM    B’nai Mitzvah Q & A                       NOON    Sisterhood Lunch
 11:30 AM    Sisterhood/Brotherhood Kiddush         12:30 PM    JYGE Ice Skating                           1 PM   Sisterhood Program
     5 PM    4th Grade Havdalah                    Monday, March 10 • Day School & PreSchool          Friday, March 21 • Purim
  7:30 PM    Interfaith Comedy Show                          Closed                                       10 AM   Day School Megillah Reading
                                                        9 AM    Sisterhood Interfaith Institute            6 PM   Downtown Shabbat
Sunday, March 2                                      4:30 PM    Religious School Har Sinai High         6:15 PM   Shabbat Worship honoring
                                                                School                                            Brotherhood
     9 AM    First Mt. Olive Freewill Baptist
             Church                                     6 PM    Religious School High School            7:30 PM   Congregational Shabbat Dinner
  9:15 AM    PEP                                     6:30 PM    Consecration Dinner                               (Reservations Required)
  9:30 AM    Religious School                           7 PM    Overeaters Anonymous                    7:30 PM   Oneg Shabbat
  9:45 AM    Religious School Parent Forum              7 PM    Bereavement Group                     Saturday, March 22
  9:45 AM    Parents’ Association Board              7:30 PM    Brotherhood Board
                                                                                                           9 AM   Torah Talk
 11:30 AM    Religious School T’filah                7:30 PM    Consecration of Confirmands
                                                                                                           9 AM   Tot Shabbat
 11:30 AM    Sisterhood Uniongram Luncheon         Tuesday, March 11
                                                                                                        9:30 AM   Tot Shabbat Kiddush
     2 PM    Hoffberger Gallery Reception            9:45 AM    Sisterhood Bridge
                                                                                                          10 AM   Shabbat Shelanu
Monday, March 3                                      4:15 PM    Religious School
                                                                                                       11:40 AM   Adult B’nai Mitzvah Class
    10 AM    Sisterhood Board                        5:30 PM    Java Jews
                                                                                                           7 PM   Adult Purim Celebration
  4:30 PM    Religious School Har Sinai High            7 PM    Alcoholics Anonymous & Al-Anon
             School                                     7 PM    Overeaters Anonymous                  Sunday, March 23 • Religious School Closed
     6 PM    Religious School High School               7 PM    Food Addicts in Recovery                   9 AM   First Mt. Olive Freewill Baptist
     7 PM    Bereavement Group                          7 PM    Kol Rinnah                                        Church
     7 PM    Overeaters Anonymous                       8 PM    Augustine Group                       Monday, March 24 • Religious School Closed
  7:30 PM    Board of Electors                     Thursday, March 13                                      7 PM   Overeaters Anonymous
Tuesday, March 4                                        6 PM    Sisterhood Program                         7 PM   Bereavement Group
  9:45 AM    Sisterhood Bridge                       7:30 PM    Ikkarim Class                              7 PM   Green Team
  4:15 PM    Religious School                      Friday, March 14                                   Tuesday, March 25 • Religious School Closed
  5:30 PM    Day School Dinner                          7 PM    Shabbat Worship                            7 PM   Alcoholics Anonymous & Al-Anon
  6:15 PM    Sisterhood Book Club                       8 PM    Oneg Shabbat                               7 PM   Overeaters Anonymous
     7 PM    Alcoholics Anonymous & Al-Anon        Saturday, March 15                                      7 PM   Food Addicts in Recovery
     7 PM    Overeaters Anonymous                       9 AM    Torah Talk                                 7 PM   Kol Rinnah
     7 PM    Food Addicts in Recovery                  10 AM    Shabbat Shelanu                            8 PM   Augustine Group
     7 PM    Kol Rinnah                             11:40 AM    Adult B’nai Mitzvah Class             Thursday, March 27
     8 PM    Augustine Group                         1:30 PM    Shabbat Worship with Bat Mitzvah          10 AM   Sisterhood Study
Thursday, March 6                                                                                         11 AM   Sisterhood Program
  9:30 AM    Ikkarim Class                         Sunday, March 16                                       NOON    Sisterhood Study Lunch
    10 AM    Sisterhood Study                           9 AM    First Mt. Olive Freewill Baptist           1 PM   Sisterhood Program
     11 AM   Sisterhood Program                                 Church                                Friday, March 28
    NOON     Sisterhood Lunch                        9:30 AM    Religious School                        5:30 PM   Wine and Cheese Reception
      1 PM   Sisterhood Program                         11 AM   Costume Parade                          6:15 PM   Shabbat Worship honoring
  7:30 PM    Family Concerns                        11:15 AM    Megillah Reading                                  Rabbi Perlmeter
Friday, March 7 • 8th Grade Retreat                 11:30 AM    Purim Carnival                          7:30 PM   Congregational Shabbat Dinner
     6 PM    PJ Shabbat Dinner                         NOON     Sisterhood Book, Bijoux & Bag Sale                (Reservations required, see page 3)
  6:15 PM    Shabbat Worship honoring              Monday, March 17                                   Saturday, March 29
             Sisterhood                                 2 PM    North Oaks Event                           9 AM   Torah Talk
  6:30 PM    PJ Shabbat                              4:30 PM    Religious School Har Sinai High           10 AM   Shabbat Shelanu with Adult B’nai
     7 PM    PJ Oneg Shabbat                                    School                                            Mitzvah
  7:30 PM    Oneg Shabbat                               6 PM    Religious School High School           11:30 AM   Congregational Kiddush
  7:30 PM    Congregational Shabbat Dinner              7 PM    Bereavement Group
             (Reservations required, see page 9)        7 PM    Overeaters Anonymous                  Sunday, March 30 • Religious School Closed
Saturday, March 8 • 8th Grade Retreat                   7 PM    Day School Board                           9 AM   First Mt. Olive Freewill Baptist
     9 AM    Torah Talk                            Tuesday, March 18                                              Church
    10 AM    Shabbat Shelanu                         9:45 AM    Sisterhood Bridge                       9:45 AM   Leadership Group
 10:30 AM    Shabbat Worship with Bar Mitzvah        4:15 PM    Religious School                      Monday, March 31
     7 PM    Sisterhood Havdalah                        7 PM    Alcoholics Anonymous & Al-Anon          4:30 PM   Religious School Har Sinai High
  7:30 PM    Sisterhood Wine Tasting                                                                              School
                                                        7 PM    Overeaters Anonymous
                                                                                                        5:50 PM   Confirmation Class Rehearsal
                                                        7 PM    Food Addicts in Recovery
Sunday, March 9                                                                                            6 PM   Religious School High School
                                                        7 PM    Kol Rinnah
     9 AM    First Mt. Olive Freewill Baptist                                                              7 PM   Bereavement Group
                                                        8 PM    Augustine Group
             Church                                                                                        7 PM   Overeaters Anonymous
                                                                                                             Postage paid at Baltimore, Maryland

              Officers     Staff
   Dr. Louis A. Shpritz    Jo Ann Windman
              President    Executive Director
    Dr. Edward L. Perl     Shauna Leavey
    1st Vice President     Religious School Principal
           Gary Aiken      Dennis Grubbs
        Vice President     Head of Day School
            Joel Simon     Sharon Edlow
        Vice President     PreSchool Director
      Martha Weiman        David K. Weis
        Vice President     Controller
      Norman J. Lorch      Andy Wayne
             Treasurer     Director of Youth and
          Debra Sober        Young Adult Programs
   Assistant Treasurer     Victor V. Davis
          Ralph Brunn      Facility Manager
              Secretary    Jimmy Galdieri
     Allan T. Hirsh, III   Music Director
                                                              The Baltimore Hebrew Congregation Bulletin, (USPS No. 040-840) is published monthly by
Immediate Past President   Linda Losey
                                                           Baltimore Hebrew Congregation, 7401 Park Heights Avenue, Baltimore, Maryland 21208-5490,
                           Bulletin Editor                 phone 410-764-1587,fax 410-764-7948, e-mail postmaster@bhcong.org. Periodical Postage paid
                                                            at Balt. MD POSTMASTER: Send address changes to Baltimore Hebrew Congregation Bulletin,
                                                                            7401 Park Heights Avenue, Baltimore, Maryland 21208-5490

             Saturday, March 1                                     Friday, March 14                                   Friday, March 28
           Vayakhel, Exodus 35:1-38:20                           7 PM • Shabbat Worship                             6:15 PM • Shabbat Worship
                 9 AM • Torah Talk                      Rabbis Perlmeter & Sachs-Kohen will speak.             Farewell Service for Rabbi Perlmeter
             10 AM • Shabbat Shelanu                                Birthday Blessings                        with Rabbis Perlmeter & Sachs-Kohen,
         10:30 AM • Shabbat Worship                                                                                 Rabbi-Educator Sidlofsky &
                                                                Saturday, March 15                                   Cantors Rowland & Sacks
                  Bat Mitzvah
                                                             Vayikra/Zachor, Leviticus 1:1-5:26                   Kol Rinnah, Kol Ruach and
         Emily Elizabeth Rosenfield
    daughter of Victoria & Stuart Rosenfield                         9 AM • Torah Talk                      Contemporary Ensemble will participate.
                                                                 10 AM • Shabbat Shelanu
               Friday, March 7                                                                                      Saturday, March 29
                                                                1:30 PM • Shabbat Worship
                                                                                                                    Shemini, Leviticus 9:1-11:47
          6:15 PM • Shabbat Worship                                    Bat Mitzvah
        Honoring and led by Sisterhood                                                                                   9 AM • Torah Talk
                                                                     Hannah Benzion
          Rabbi Hertzman will speak.                          daughter of Susan Takemoto &                            10 AM • Shabbat Shelanu
               Kol Rinnah will sing.                                 Dr. Gary Benzion                                   Adult B’nai Mitzvah
                                                                                                                              Gina Barr
               6:30 PM • PJ Shabbat                          Friday, March 21 • Purim
                                                                                                                             Sylvia Beser
                                                                 10 AM • Megillah Reading
             Saturday, March 8                                                                                           Claudia Cameron
                                                               6:15 PM • Shabbat Worship                                   Maria Kannen
     Pekude/Shekalim, Exodus 38:21-40:38
                                                            Honoring and led by Brotherhood                                 Jane Marion
                 9 AM • Torah Talk
                                                               Rabbi Perlmeter will speak.                                  Marc Plisko
             10 AM • Shabbat Shelanu
                                                                                                                           Michele Short
           10:30 AM • Shabbat Worship                           Saturday, March 22                                         Lee Smothers
                   Bar Mitzvah                                    Tzav, Leviticus 6:1-8:36
                                                                                                                          Amy Sponseller
             Kim Doshanen Scott, Jr.                                 9 AM • Torah Talk                                     Suzanne Strutt
            son of Elaine & Kim Scott                               9 AM • Tot Shabbat
            Monday, March 10                                     10 AM • Shabbat Shelanu
    7:30 PM • Consecration of Confirmands
     10TH Grade Religious School Students
Purim Events
      Sunday, March 16                                     Saturday, March 22 • 7 PM
                                                                  ADULTS ONLY PURIM SHPIEL

     All Welcome!

                                                            Who Dun It?
     11 AM • Costume Parade

 11:15 AM • Megillah Reading

              Best Costume Prizes
                                                           Mystery Megillah
          11:30 AM - 1:30 PM
                                                                                         Book of   Esther!
 CARNIVAL EXTRAVAGANZA!                                                   e” spin on the
                                                           “Sam Spad
FUN! FUN! FUN!                                                Dancing & Dessert
             Games Galore!!
    Face Painting • Magician • Juggler                        • BYOB & Dessert to Share •
          Book, Bijoux & Bag Sale
                                                                      DJ • Prizes
Prizes • Lunch in the Megillah Restaurant
                                                                  Best Costume • Best Dessert
      Tickets at the Door:                                  Best Themed Costume & Themed Dessert
   3/$1.50 • 10/$5 • 20/$10                                           and so much more!
  Sponsored by BHC Brotherhood, Sisterhood, Parents’                      Volunteers Needed
Association, Religious School, Day School and PreSchool.
                                                                           RSVP by March 15
Day School Megillah Reading                                               Sharon Benzil
 Friday, March 21 • 10 AM                                     sbbenzil@hotmail.com or 410-356-0203

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