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					                                                                        THE PROFESSIONAL BAR
                                                                             AND RESTAURANT
                                                                         Be an Awesome
                                                                                                Bartender flair
                                                                                         professional Waiter
                                                                                    great Coffee Maker
                                                                                     NATIONAL CERTIFICATE IN HOSPITALITY (Operations Supervision)    level   4
AUCKLAND SCHOOL & HEAD OFFICE : Ground Floor, 144-148 Hobson St, Auckland Central PO Box 147-076, Ponsonby, Auckland, Tel 0800 22 78 36, Fax 09 920 3935
          WELLINGTON SCHOOL : Level 2, 104 - 108 Dixon St, Wellington PO Box 27-271, Marion Square, Wellington, Tel 0800 22 78 36, Fax 04 915 7091

                                                                      about us
                                                                      We are New Zealand’s most popular, recognised and established
                                                                      Bartending and Restaurant School. We have trained thousands of
                                                                      people just like you who are now working in bars and restaurants around
                                                                      the world. When you attend The Professional Bar and Restaurant
                                                                      School you know that you are receiving the most up to date skills and
                                                                      training in New Zealand with the best tutors and resources.

                                                                      from cocktails to coffee,
                                                                      flair to wine
                                                                      Our course covers everything you need to make you the total hospitality
                                                                      professional. Gain nationally recognised N.Z.Q.A. qualifications in the
                                                                      following key subjects:

                                                                               Bartending                                 Coffee Making
                                                                               Cocktail Mixing                            & Barista Service
                                                                               Flair Bartending                           Liquor Licensing Laws
                                                                               & Bottle Spinning                          Host Responsibility
                                                                               Wine Service                               Customer Service Skills
                                                                               Restaurant & Food Service

                                      student loans and allowances available

                                           phone 0800 22 78 36 (0800 BARTENDER)
                                                                                Or text: BAR 3255
  awesome field trips
  During your course you will have the opportunity to take
  part in field trips to some of the top bars, restaurants, cafés,
  wineries and breweries in New Zealand. Get to see for
  yourself all the behind the scenes action that it takes to
  make a hospitality business an industry success.

                                                                           great jobs for
                                                                           our students
                                                                           Once you graduate we can help you find a job.
                                                                           Because our students are of the highest quality they are
                                                                           in great demand by employers. We are constantly being
  hands on work                                                            approached by top bars and restaurants who are wanting

  experience                                                               to employ our graduates.

  As part of your course you will have the opportunity to gain             We also have full time staff members whose focus is to
  practical work experience in real bars and restaurants, and              assist our students in finding employment.
  even better, you will be paid for it. So when you study at
                                                                           From Auckland to Queenstown, Sydney to London you
  The Professional Bar School you are not only embarking
                                                                           will find our graduates working in some of the best bars
  on a great new career path, we can also assist you with
                                                                           cafés and restaurants around. If you’re serious about
  paid employment!
                                                                           getting a great job in hospitality then The Professional Bar
                                                                           & Restaurant School is where it begins.

                                                                           no experience
                                                                           That’s right, we will train you right from scratch and by the
                                                                           time you graduate we guarantee that you will be the total
                                                                           hospitality professional!

student loans and course related costs
Many of our students choose to pay for their course with a             Also you will be able to apply for a student allowance to cover
student loan. (To qualify you must be New Zealand Citizen or           your living costs while you study. Our friendly staff are happy
Resident). During your course you may be eligible for course           to help you with your student loan, course related costs and
related costs, this can cover the cost of things like: Travel costs,   student allowance application and paperwork.
Uniforms, Text Books, Laptop computer and much more!
course highlights
  Learn all your skills in a licensed bar &
  restaurant environment
  Practical hands on training
  Use real commercial equipment
  Tutors are top bartenders and
  waiters themselves
  Gain work experience while you train
  Comprehensive course manual supplied
  Great employment opportunities upon completion
  Bar, wine, coffee and restaurant skills covered in the
  one course

practical, hands on
& fun!
Hospitality is an exciting fun industry and so is our course.
You will learn by doing, making new friends and having a
great time along the way.


VENUS FAIFAILOA 19 years old
I had no idea that learning could be this much fun! Two months ago
I was sitting at home and doing nothing, but I did know that I wanted
a good job that would give me a bright future. I had a friend who
did the PBRS course and they really loved it, so I enrolled on the
PBRS Level 4 hospitality course. In the time that I have been here
I have learnt so much, the tutors are really cool and I have made
heaps of new friends. I am really excited that I now have some
direction in my life. I love this course, studying at the PBRS is the
best thing I’ve ever done!

                                       student loans and allowances available

                                             phone 0800 22 78 36 (0800 BARTENDER)
                                                                        Or text: BAR 3255
                                                                  learn from the best
                                                                  Our tutors are the best in New Zealand!
                                                                  Meet Lisandro Walfisch.
                                                                  He is the 2008 New Zealand Bartender of the year, and ranked
                                                                  number eight in the world. But most importantly he is also The
                                                                  Professional Bar School’s head bartending tutor! When you
                                                                  study at The Professional Bar School you are going to be learning
                                                                  from some of the best hospitality professionals in the world. All
                                                                  of our tutors have the commitment, knowledge and passion to
                                                                  make you the total hospitality professional.

course duration: 40                                               sounds great! how do
weeks full time study.                                            I enrol?
COURSE FEES: There are several fee options depending on           Enrolling is easy - just phone our friendly staff to arrange an
whether you are a New Zealand Citizen/Resident or International   interview to discuss your course options. We can assist you with
Student and these will be discussed at your interview.            all the paper work.
                                                                  When you come in please bring your IRD number, bank account
course location                                                   details and birth certificate or passport. Places are limited, to avoid
Your course takes place at our awesome fully licenced             disappointment we recommend that you enrol as soon as possible.
hospitality schools in either Auckland or Wellington:

AUCKLAND SCHOOL                                                   WELLINGTON SCHOOL
144-148 Hobson St,                                                Level 2, 104-108 Dixon St,
Auckland Central.                                                 Te Aro, Wellington.
Centrally located with easy access to bus and train routes.
2 minutes walk from Sky City and close to the motorway.           Centrally located with easy access to bus and train routes.



                                      student loans and allowances available

                                           phone 0800 22 78 36 (0800 BARTENDER)
                                                                  Or text: BAR 3255

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