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					               Android Mobile Application Development

Android as a technology:

Android is based on the Linux operating system. Soon after its launch, it caught up with
other smartphone technologies available in the market. The popularity of the Android has
spread far and wide. It provides the support of Java language for Android mobile
application development.

One of the most salient feature of Android is the flexibility of developing Android-based
application on multiple platforms be it – Windows, Linux or Mac OS X. The Android
mobile developer thus, develops third party apps using this open source technology.

Android penetrating the mobile market:

The smartphone market is growing at a constant rate and with it the demand for different
apps has also burgeoned. Big names like – Motorola, HTC and Samsung have
incorporated Android in their smartphones owing to its popularity. This provides huge
scopes of Android app development for these platforms.

Our Android programmer takes ample advantages of this technology
for developing custom Android applications :

      It is open source
      Provides extensive libraries for:
      2D and 3D graphics
      Image, audio and video files
      Contains features like Video camera, Touchscreen, GPS, accelerometer and
      Has the SQLite Database

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