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					Are you looking for:
•	   An	investment	based	on	real	estate	in	Alberta	and	B.C.
•	   Consistent	returns
•	   The	choice	of	monthly	income	or	compound	growth
•	   An	RRSP	eligible	investment
Look	no	further.	Consider:
Gateway	Mortgage	Investment	Corp.
Our	Mission	is	to	deliver	superior	returns	to	our	investors	
from	a	broad	portfolio	of	mortgage-backed	investments

Contact	us:
E-mail:                                      Gateway Mortgage
                                                                  Investment Corp.
Telephone:	780.328.6489
Or	Toll	Free:	1.866.932.9073
                                                               PROSPERITY WITH SECURITY
You	are	looking	for	steady	returns,	consistent	value,	superior	     Gateway	is	an	eligible	investment	for	any	tax	deferred	plan.		
yield	and	solid	security.	Look	no	further.	                         This	includes	TFSAs,	RRIFs,	RESPs,	deferred	profit	sharing	
Gateway	Mortgage	Investment	Corp.	invests	in	mortgages	             plans	and	pension	plans.
over	property	in	Alberta,	consistently	one	of	the	brightest	        Income	is	distributed	on	a	monthly	basis.		Some	investors	are	
markets	in	North	America.		With	a	pro-business	government,	         happiest	when	they	receive	a	monthly	payment	and	Gateway	
the	lowest	tax	rates	in	Canada,	and	a	historically	undervalued,	    does	just	that.		Most	investors,	especially	RRSP	holders,	
stable	real	estate	market,	Alberta	provides	an	unmatched	           simply	re-invest	their	income	to	buy	more	shares	in	the	
level	of	consistency	and	security.		Add	to	this	a	‘can	do’	         company	and	enjoy	the	benefits	of	compound	growth.
attitude	that	attracts	world	class	events	and	opportunities,	       Gateway	generates	safe,	secure,	superior	returns	to	our	
sports	attractions,	and	a	great	deal	of	press	all	over	the	world	   investors	-	our	net	annual	return	to	investors	continues	to	
and	you	have	a	truly	unique	investment	opportunity.                 average	10%.		You	too	can	experience	the	peace	of	mind	of	
Your	money	will	be	invested	in	a	wide	variety	of	projects	          our	stable	mortgage	portfolio.		As	the	banks	have	retreated	
designed	to	maximize	your	return	while	providing	solid	             from	lending	markets,	the	applications	for	superior	high-return	
security.		The	mortgage	portfolio	focuses	on	first	and	             mortgages	exceeds	our	ability	to	fund	them.		With	the	ongoing	
second	mortgages,	and	includes	some	commercial	and	                 uncertainty	and	volatility	in	the	stock	markets	and	the	low	
development	mortgages	on	selected	new	projects.		Every	             rates	at	your	local	bank,	now	is	the	time	to	invest	in	Gateway.
investment	is	based	on	a	thorough	investigation	of	the	             Please	contact	us	to	learn	more	about	Gateway	Mortgage	
property.		New	mortgage	loans	will	not	exceed	80%	of	the	           Investment	Corp.	and	to	obtain	our	Offering	details.		For	
current	value	of	the	property	(65%	on	commercial	property	          more	information	and	to	see	our	latest	performance	visit	our	
and	developments).		Compare	this	to	the	bank’s	willingness	         website	at
to	routinely	loan	95%	of	the	value	of	the	property.
                                                                    We	look	forward	to	welcoming	you	to	the	growing	family	of	
Gateway	is	managed	by	founders	Lyle	Mortimer	and	Stan	              satisfied	investors.
Galbraith,	who	are	active	on	a	day	to	day	basis.		Our	
mortgage	manager	and	broker,	Lyle	Mortimer,	has	over	
30	years	experience	in	underwriting	and	managing	only	              MANAGEMENT TEAM
the	best	mortgages.		On	the	legal	side,	Stan	Galbraith	                                 Lyle Mortimer –	Lyle	is	a	licensed	
has	been	practicing	real	estate	law	in	Alberta	for	over	25	                             mortgage	broker	with	over	30	years	
years.		And	each	of	the	founders	have	been	successfully	                                experience.		He	has	extensive	experience	
procuring,	placing,	securing	and	collecting	private	                                    managing	large	corporate	portfolios.		
mortgages	for	over	15	years.		                                                          Lyle	is	a	former	president	of	the	
From	the	start	of	2006	to	the	end	of	December	2008,	                                    Mortgage	Investment	Association	of	BC	
investors	have	seen	their	investment	grow	by	34%	by	simply	                             and	Education	Director	for	the	Alberta	
reinvesting	their	income	and	watching	it	grow	–	‘armchair	                              Mortgage	Broker’s	Association.	For	the	
investing’.		Anyone	can	invest	in	Gateway	-	with	a	minimum	                             past	17	years	he	has	operated	his	own	
$5,000	you	can	get	started	making	above	average	returns,	                               mortgage	business
and	realizing	prosperity	with	security	today!                                           Stan Galbraith	–	Stan	has	been	a	lawyer	
You	can	invest	in	Gateway	personally,	through	your	RRSP,	                               in	Alberta	since	1983	and	has	operated	
or	through	your	corporation.	Gateway	is	fully	RRSP	eligible.	
                                                            	                           his	own	practice	since	1988.		In	addition	
Since	you	cannot	invest	in	direct	ownership	of	land	                                    to	being	a	trained	mediator	Stan’s	firm,	
through	your	RRSP,	this	is	one	of	the	few	ways	you	can	                                 Galbraith	Law	specializes	and	works	
use	your	RRSP	to	participate	in	the	real	estate	market	in	                              exclusively	in	estate,	business	and	real	
Alberta.	You	can	invest	by	lump	sum	payments	or	through	                                estate	law.
regular	contributions.	

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