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					Brain POP - Water Cycle

Name _________________________ Word Bank Nile Amazon evaporation reservoirs ground water condensation irrigation precipitation collection dams 2-3 4-6 8-10 2/3 4000

Use the words in the word bank to fill in the spaces below. Some words will be used more than once and some will not be used at all. The _____________ River is the longest river in the world at 4000 miles. The change from liquid water to water vapor is called ________________. People should drink ______________ cups of water per day. The combining of water vapor droplets is called _________________. When water falls from the sky it’s called ____________________. Water that falls into the earth and sinks in is called _________________. We built ______________, ______________, and _______________ to insure we would have enough drinking water.

The correct order for the water cycle is: _________________, __________________, __________________, and _____________________. The process by which water returns to the ocean is called_____________________. The earth’s surface is _________ water. Name two ways you could conserve water.

Label the water cycle diagram.




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