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									The newsletter of the Drucker Institute                     www.druckerinstitute.com             July/Aug 2008

 “I don’t predict. I just look out the window and see what’s visible but not yet seen.”
                                   — Peter F. Drucker

                                                                            Drucker Society Spotlight
Letter from Claremont                                                       How Drucker Societies worldwide are
    It’s summer in Southern              3. Commitment: What do              advancing ethical leadership and
                                                                                 effective management.
California, and like most people            you really believe in?
in these parts, we’re heading
                                          A good mission statement             Peter Drucker used to instruct
out for vacation pretty soon. But
                                     articulates the organization’s        his consulting clients, “Don’t tell me
before departing, we had some
                                     reason for being. It is the           you had a wonderful meeting with
important business to take care
                                     “rallying point,”as Drucker said,     me. Tell me what you’re going to do
of: We realized that the Institute
                                     the thing that everyone               on Monday that’s different.”
needed a new mission
                                     connected with your                       With apologies to Peter, the
                                     organization—the board, the           2008 Drucker Society Global
    A little over a year ago, we
                                     staff, your donors, your              Symposium was a wonderful
took on the mission of
                                     customers—must know,                  meeting. At this second annual
advancing the ideas and ideals of
                                     understand and live.                  gathering, the Drucker Societies
Peter Drucker. That goal
                                          It’s also supposed to fit on a   focused on translating their interest
remains at the heart of our
                                     T-shirt.                              in ethical leadership and effective
work. But we’ve discovered that,
                                          Our original mission             management into positive results in
as a mission statement, it’s not
                                     statement was a good start, but       their communities.
quite right.
                                     it left some critical questions           Societies shared their best
    A good mission statement,
                                     unanswered: What’s the need           practices. They included book clubs
Drucker wrote, answers three
                                     we’re addressing? And what are        in Korea, where CEOs gather to
questions for the organization:
                                     we committed to achieving?            discuss Drucker’s ideas and how to
    1. Opportunities: Where is            No matter how full of            implement them in their
       there a genuine need in       insight Drucker’s teachings are,      companies, and the Los Angeles
       the community?                simply advancing them isn’t           Society’s fledgling partnership with
                                     enough. “The brilliant insight is     a local government agency seeking
    2. Competence: What do
                                                                                        Continued on the next page
       you do well?                        Continued on the next page

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The newsletter of the Drucker Institute                  www.druckerinstitute.com                       July/Aug 2008

Letter from Claremont, cont’d                                                                     The Evidence
not by itself achievement,” Drucker cautioned. The trick is to convert                           The need for ethical
insight into effectiveness, into action.                                                       leadership and effective
    Working with our board, we decided to go back to Drucker’s three                        management—that is, the
                                                                                             need for Peter Drucker’s
basic questions for the mission. Our opportunity? It’s society’s need for
                                                                                          principles and practices—has
ethical leadership and effective management. Our competence? It’s in                            never been greater.
the Drucker difference: a view of management as a liberal art that
combines individual growth with collective performance in the interest           A survey of high-ranking
of society. And our commitment? It’s in helping people and                    corporate executives found that
organizations in all sectors become more ethical and effective.
    Here, then, is the Drucker Institute’s new mission: To stimulate
ethical leadership and effective management across all sectors of society.
                                                                                  82%           admitted to
                                                                                 cheating on the golf course.
    And wouldn’t you know it? T-shirt weather is here again.
                                                                               Where will their moral
                                                                              compass point when the
                                                                                score really matters?
            Rick Wartzman and Zach First
            Director and Assistant Director                                  Source: 2002 survey cited by The Cheating Culture

FROM THE ARCHIVES                          Yet Drucker was also acutely
                                      aware of the need to protect his       Society Spotlight, cont’d
    Peter Drucker’s reputation for    time by turning down many of the       to apply Drucker’s
generosity with his time is           requests he received. He kept a        management principles in its
legendary, no matter the              stack of pre-printed response cards    day-to-day operations.
recipient’s net worth or number of    at the ready that let him politely          Symposium participants
degrees. A.G. Lafley, Chairman        but firmly decline all manner of       also heard from PainePR
and CEO of Procter & Gamble,          inquiries in seconds flat.             Managing Partner Eric Borsum
recalled hoping “for an hour of            “Your accomplishments and         about an online toolkit that will
[Peter’s] time” at his Claremont      your effectiveness,” Drucker wrote,    help Drucker Societies share
home to talk about P&G, then          “are set, or limited, by the way you   knowledge and practices, and
getting four. When a Wharton          manage your time, your scarcest        from Deloitte LLP National
MBA student phoned Drucker on         resource.”                             Service Line Leader David
behalf of the school newspaper, he         Those who’ve enjoyed the          Rosenblum on measuring the
got “a lengthy interview...full of    insights Drucker recorded while        impact of Drucker Society
insight.” Drucker famously gave       looking out his window owe a debt      programs. Teach for America
half of his consulting time, pro      of gratitude to his always having      Senior VP Elissa Clapp spoke
bono, to nonprofit organizations.     kept one eye on the clock.             about the relentlessness it takes
                                                                             to build a large-scale movement
                                                                             for positive social change.
                                                                                  The Monday after the event
                                                                             marked the start of a new year
                                                                             for the Drucker Societies, one
                                                                             fueled by memories of a
                                                                             wonderful meeting, but more
                                                                             importantly one waiting to be
                                                                             filled with results: new
                                                                             programs, new success stories,
                                                                             and lots of good, hard work.

an affiliate of                           the drucker and ito graduate school of management

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