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Annual Vestry Report
                 Table of Contents
Agenda ……………………………………………………….                             1
Hymn – Praise the Lord with the sound of trumpet ……………    3
Hymn – Faith of our fathers! ………………………….………               5
Pastoral Letter from Bishop Colin Johnson …………………..       7
Minutes of Previous Vestry ………………………………….                11
Rector ………….……………..……………………..….……                        15
Wardens ……………………………………………………..                           19
Assistant Curate …….…………….…………………………..                   21
Organist & Director of Music ………………………….…….              23
PromiseLand ………………………………………….                            25
Church Community Ministry ………………………………...                26
Communications Ministry ……………………………………                   28
Learning Ministry ……………………………………………                      29
   The Nest Nursery ………………..…………………………                   30
Outreach ……………………………….…………………...…                        31
Worship & Music Ministry ………………………………….
   Music Committee ………………………………………..                     33
Anglican Church Women          …………………………….…..           33
Chancel Guild ……………..…………………………………                       34
Memorials Committee ……. …………………………….…..                  35
Lay Members of Synod ………………………………………                     35
Stewardship Committee ……….…………………………….                   36
Trust Committee ………………………………………………                       36
Appendix A ……………………………………………………                          39
Parish Statistics ……………………..……………………….                   41
                                                       Christ Church Deer Park
Agenda   1.    Opening Prayer
         2.    Hymn – Praise the Lord with the sound of trumpet (Jenny Rieger)
         3.    The Appointment of the Vestry Clerk
         4.    Acceptance of the Minutes of the February 19, 2006 Vestry Meeting
         5.    The Churchwardens‘ Report:
                  Financial Report for 2007
                           Budget for 2008
                           Audited Financial Statements
                           Motion to accept the Financial Report
                           Appointment of Auditor
                  Property Report
         6.    Acceptance of the 2007 Annual Report
         7.    The Report of the Nominating Committee
                       People‘s Warden
                       Ministry chairs and members of Parish Council
                           Worship & Music
                           Church Community
                           Lay members of Synod
                           Deputy Warden
         8.    Rector‘s Appointments:
                       Rector‘s Warden
                       Chancel Guild President
                       9:15 am Lay Assistants Co-ordinator
                       11 am Lay Assistants Co-ordinator
                       Sidespeople at 11 am
                       Memorials Committee Chair
         9.    Corporation Appointments:
                       Finance Committee
                           Stewardship Chair
                           Trust Committee Chair
                       Archive Committee chairs
                       Parish Council Secretary
         10.   Stewardship Report
         11.   Other Business
         12.   Adjournment and Closing Prayers
         13.   Hymn – Faith of our fathers! (David Thornton)
Christ Church Deer Park
                                                                                      Christ Church Deer Park
  Hymn - Praise the Lord
with the sound of trumpet           Praise the Lord with the sound of trumpet,
         (chosen by Jenny Rieger)   praise the Lord with the harp and lute,
                                    praise the Lord with the gentle sounding flute.
                                    Praise the Lord in the field and forest,
                                    praise the Lord in the city square,
                                    praise the Lord anytime and anywhere.
                                    Praise the Lord in the wind and sunshine,
                                    praise the Lord in the dark of night,
                                    praise the Lord in the rain or snow or in the morning light.
                                    Praise the Lord in the deepest valley,
                                    praise the Lord on the highest hill,
                                    praise the Lord; never let your voice be still.

                                    Praise the Lord with the crashing cymbal,
                                    praise the Lord with the pipe and string,
                                    praise the Lord with the joyful songs you sing.
                                    Praise the Lord on a weekday morning,
                                    praise the Lord on a Sunday noon,
                                    praise the Lord by the light of sun or moon.
                                    Praise the Lord in the time of sorrow,
                                    praise the Lord in the time of joy,
                                    praise the Lord every moment; nothing let your praise destroy.
                                    Praise the Lord in the peace and quiet,
                                    praise the Lord in your work or play,
                                    praise the Lord every where in every way.
Christ Church Deer Park
                                                                           Christ Church Deer Park

            Hymn -           Faith of our fathers! Living still
Faith of our fathers!        In spite of dungeon, fire, and sword;
(chosen by David Thornton)   how our hearts beat high with joy
                                 Whene‘er we hear that glorious word!
                             Faith of our fathers! holy faith!
                             We will be true to thee till death!

                             Our fathers, chained in prisons dark,
                             Were still in heart and conscience free;
                             How sweet would be their children‘s fate,
                                 If they, like them, could die for thee!
                             Faith of our fathers! holy faith!
                             We will be true to thee till death!

                             Faith of our fathers! we will love
                             Both friend and foe in all our strife;
                             And preach thee too, as love knows how,
                             By kindly words and virtuous life.
                             Faith of our fathers! holy faith!
                             We will be true to thee till death! Amen.
Christ Church Deer Park
                                                                        Christ Church Deer Park
 Pastoral Letter from
Bishop Colin Johnson    The Bishop of Toronto’s Pastoral Letter to Parishes
                        (To be read or circulated on the Sunday of the
                        congregation‘s vestry meeting 2008.)

                        Feast of the Conversion of St. Paul,
                        January 25, 2008.

                        To my brothers and sisters in Christ,

                        I greet you in the Name of God, Source of all creation; in the Name of
                        Jesus Christ, the Word made flesh, who redeems us; and in the Name
                        of the Holy Spirit, giver of life, who sanctifies us and leads us into all
                        As you gather for your annual vestry meeting, I and the College of
                        Bishops of Toronto offer our prayers to God in thanksgiving for your
                        faithfulness and commitment to the worship, work and witness of the
                        Christian faith as members of the Anglican Church of Canada. We
                        pray for you as you set your parish‘s plans for the next year as partners
                        with your sisters and brothers throughout the Diocese.
                        I am confident that you share my sentiments in expressing how
                        profoundly grateful we are for the ministry that Michael Bedford-Jones
                        exercised as a deacon, priest and bishop of our diocese for 40 years
                        and now as he retires. Bishop Bedford-Jones has served this diocese
                        and the wider church with distinction, and we thank him for his
                        faithfulness and dedication to our Lord and to the life of Christ‘s
                        body, the Church.
                        I am delighted to welcome Linda Nicholls as the new area bishop of
                        Trent-Durham as she is ordained on February 2, 2008, in our
                        Cathedral Church of St. James. I ask your prayers for her as she begins
                        this new ministry in the life of our diocese.
                        The year before us may be described as one of both uncertainty and
                        promise. It has always been so. In our Anglican Communion there is
                        the continuing uncertainty about the unity of the communion. In our
                        civil society there are many uncertainties about the economy, loss of
                        jobs, violence, continued poverty and the impact that these can have
                        on all our lives. In your parish and in your own lives, I am sure there
                        are moments of deep uncertainty.
                        The promise is that governments are publicly committed to work at
                        minimizing the negative impact a recession would have on hundreds
                        of thousands of people. Anglicans are actively meeting with local
                        politicians and government officials to hold them to this promise and
                        to present a strong case for building civil society where all benefit and
                        none is left behind. We can see some hopeful signs that our work is
                                                                                      Christ Church Deer Park
                                                                               Pastoral Letter from
The bishops of the Anglican Communion meet in Lambeth Conference in            Bishop Colin Johnson
July as they have been doing every ten years for almost 150 years. The         (cont’d)
promise is that this meeting may see a strengthening of the resolve to keep
the communion together while continuing difficult conversations not only
about same-sex blessings, but more crucially, about the diverse ways we
can faithfully interpret holy scripture and exercise authority within our
We live between uncertainty and promise with faith in the One whose
promises can be trusted and in whom we can find hope. Will we allow
faith, hope and love to trump uncertainty?
We continue our discussions about how the diocese can work at building
communities of hope and compassion, and how together we build healthy,
sustainable parishes.
Again this year there will be a Church Planting Conference in late
February for people to learn how to establish new congregations and
revitalize those facing radically changed demographics. We seek
opportunities for new, creative and life-giving ministries to be developed
in our diocese.
Other events over the year will offer help to parishes welcoming
newcomers, training volunteers, assessing ministry strengths, supporting
leadership, deepening our ability to speak about and live our faith.
FaithWorks continues to grow thanks to you. Hope and compassion go
hand-in-hand. We surpassed our ambitious goal last year for the first time
since the inception of the campaign to raise over $1.5 million to assist the
vulnerable, whether the poor in need of assistance, the abused needing
supportive shelter, youth needing counselling and the encouragement of
community, or providing international aid through a FaithWorks partner,
the Primate‘s World Relief and Development Fund.
Our work this year also involves the painful consultations about closing
some churches which have had long and glorious history of ministry but
where circumstances have now changed, the parish is no longer
sustainable, and a different focus of energy, vision, and new direction will
be necessary for the future of an Anglican presence in a particular
community. In the midst of such death, can we dare to see the new life
God is offering us in resurrection?
This spring we will conduct a feasibility study for a major capital campaign
to expand our capacity to respond to the ministry needs of our parishes,
the diocese and the wider mission of the Church in Canada. If the results
are positive, and I hope that they will be, we could launch a campaign in
partnership with parishes in the late fall or early next year.
                                                                           Christ Church Deer Park
 Pastoral Letter from
Bishop Colin Johnson     The College of Bishops thanks churchwardens, synod members, and all lay
              (cont’d)   leaders in your parish for the tremendous work that you have done over
                         the past year. As a result of such faithfulness, your parish can exercise
                         effective and meaningful ministry in the community where you are
                         witnesses to Christ‘s compassionate presence. I assure those who assume
                         new leadership responsibility today of my prayerful support. We are so
                         grateful for your commitment!
                         Finally let me express a word of appreciation and deeply heartfelt thanks
                         to the clergy in our diocese for the work that you exercise as pastors.
                         Yours is a tremendous responsibility and privilege in serving those
                         entrusted to your care, in proclaiming through word and sacrament the
                         riches of Christ‘s grace, and in sharing with your bishops in the councils
                         and leadership of the wider church. Thank you for all that you do for the
                         people and community in which you serve and for exercising your
                         diaconal or priestly ministry with dignity and honour.
                         Along with your Area Bishop and the College of Bishops, I wish all of you
                         a holy Lenten season and every blessing in the year ahead.
                         Yours faithfully,

                         The Right Reverend Colin R. Johnson,
                         Bishop of Toronto
Christ Church Deer Park
                                                                         Christ Church Deer Park
 Christ Church Deer Park
   Minutes of the Annual    Canon Judy Rois opened the meeting with a prayer and read the names
                            of Christ Church Deer Park members who died in the year 2006. (See
          Vestry Meeting
                            Annual Report page 45)
Sunday, February 18, 2007
                            2. Appointment of Vestry Clerk – Barbara Marwood.

                            3. Hymn: ―Sing a New Song Unto the Lord‖ (chosen by Jenny
                               Rieger) was sung.

                            4. Minutes of the Annual Vestry Meeting of 2006 were presented.
                                  a. Motion to accept: Bob Reeves
                                      Seconded by Isabel MacRae
                                  b. Approved

                            5. Brian Dench, the ―Webmaster‖ for CCDP was welcomed.

                            6. Financial report 2006 (David Burt)
                                  There is a $15,000 deficit from the 2006 budget – a cumulative
                                  deficit of $140, 000.
                                  Corporation is proposing a conservative budget for 2007
                                  predicting a 3% increase in revenue as opposed to last year‘s

                            7. Treasurer‘s report and the Budget for 2007 (Shelagh Larkin)
                                  The report was discussed at two open forums held on the 4th
                                  and 11th of February 2007.
                                  a. Motion to accept: Shelagh Larkin
                                      Seconded by David Burt
                                  b. Approved

                            8. Property (Jenny Rieger)
                                 The doors on the North parking lot side of the building had
                                  masonry work done.
                                 The sound system has been paid off due to generous donations
                                  from the congregation.
                                 The condition of the roof has been assessed. The slate is good
                                  for another 10-12 years, and the flat part requires immediate
                                  repairs of about $20,000. Payment for this will come from the
                                  Capital Fund.

                                   Question: Ross Morrow: Is this $20,000 each year?
                                   Jenny: Yes.

                            9. The report from the roof inspector is available in the church
                                   a. Motion to accept: Hilary Nicholls
                                       Seconded by Pat Anderson
                                   b. Approved
                                                                                 Christ Church Deer Park
                                                                          Christ Church Deer Park
10. Nominating Committee (Maggie Symons)                                  Minutes of the Annual
          Thank you to the members of the committee: David Burt,          Vestry Meeting
          Pam Taylor, and Judy Rois.
          Thank you to all who fill the positions – both past, present    Sunday, February 18, 2007
          and future.                                                     (cont’d)
          New Deputy Warden: Michael Butler.
          Lay Members of Synod: Stephen Clark; John Symons; Pam
          Taylor; (Alternates: David Thornton and Pat Butler).
          The Buzz committee is also referred to as Strategic
          A special thank you to David Burt for acting in the
          position of Warden after George Glover moved to B.C.,
          leaving the position vacant from July 2006 to February
      a. Motion to accept: Maggie Symons
          Seconded by Shelagh Larkin
      b. Approved.

11. Rector‘s Appointments
            Treasurer: Shelagh Larkin
            Stewardship Chair: Mary Kay Brown
            Trust Committee Chair: David Moore
            Archives Co-chairs: Pat Murdoch and Jenny Rieger
            Parish Council Secretary: Patrick Bloomfield
       Thank you to retiring secretary, Barbara Marwood

12. Stewardship Committee
         Innes van Nostrand presented the report on behalf of Mary
         Kay Brown.
       a. Motion to accept: Innes van Nostrand
           Seconded by Maggie Symons
       b. Approved.

13. Strategic Planning (―Buzz‖)
           Innes van Nostrand spoke on behalf of John van Nostrand.
           This has been a year and a half process identifying, with
           imagination, where we want CCDP to go within the next 3-
           5 years.
           A foundation for a specific plan of action will be distilled
           from the 80-100 tactical ideas that have been presented.
           This report will be presented to Parish Council in March
                                                                          Christ Church Deer Park
 Christ Church Deer Park
   Minutes of the Annual     14. Website presentation by Brian Dench:
          Vestry Meeting          Brian described a web-site as the public face of the
                                   congregation giving a sense of what we are doing. It is an
Sunday, February 18, 2007
                                   evolutionary process with ongoing change.
                                  The most queries to date concerned worship services.
                                  The web-site not only provides resource for the community
                                   but also for the congregation. All events are regularly updated
                                   and available on a daily basis.
                                   Q. Bob Reeves: Who will be responsible for the work involved
                                   in keeping it up-to-date?
                                           Once the information is available, updates will require
                                           approximately 2+ hours per week on the part of the
                                           Rector, office staff and web-master.
                                    Q. Margo Bowen: Are there links to the Cathedral, diocese and
                                    so on?
                                           Yes, a number of links are currently posted.
                                    Q. Margo Bowen: Can we print off the website? How easy?
                                    Do we need special software?
                                          Printing can be done the same way anything is printed
                                          off the web.
                                    David Moore: We should show the web address on the sign in
                                    front of the church. The web-site is currently on the Heath
                                    Street sign.
                                    Maxine Henry: Recommend that the web-site address be
                                    added to the new brochures.
                                    Judy Rois: Music samples and some sermons are now available

                             15. Housing Resolution
                                   The Archbishop of York, together with Bishop Johnson, has
                                   requested that every 2007 Vestry pass a non-partisan resolution
                                   urging the Provincial government to make affordable and
                                   supportive housing a high priority in the 2007 Provincial
                                   Government (see page 9 of the ―2006 Annual Report‖).
                                   a. Motion to accept: Judith Kidd
                                       Seconded by Deirdre Malone
                                   b. Approved

                             16. Other Business:
                                 Betty Howson asked if the 11:00 a.m. Sunday service time could
                                 be changed to 10:30 a.m. Judy stated that this request will be
                                 forwarded to clergy and Corporation.
                                                                                  Christ Church Deer Park

 17. Rector‘s Report:                                                      Christ Church Deer Park
        Thank you to everyone for their contributions over the past        Minutes of the Annual
        year particularly:                                                 Vestry Meeting
      Jenny Rieger, David Thornton and David Burt, our Wardens,           Sunday, February 18, 2007
        have done an exceptional job with their expertise, intelligence,   (cont’d)
        sensitivity and respect.
      Shelagh Larkin for invaluable attention to the finances.
      The office staff, Jean King, Denise Gomes (the new Financial
        Secretary), and Denis Delisle and his custodial staff.
      Bruce Kirkpatrick-Hill and Dermot Muir and the choirs.
      Barbara Marwood, the Parish Council secretary for the past
        several years.
      Joanne McWilliam, Peter Slater, Dianne Mesh, Jason Prisley,
        Samantha Caravan, Greg Carpenter.
      ACW – for the work they do all year long to support the parish
        and outreach ministry and for today‘s luncheon.
      Thank you to all for everything we all do!
      Jenny presented David Burt with a gift for his assistance when
        the Rector‘s Warden position was vacated due to George
        Glover‘s move to B.C. David was a Warden for three years and
        then came back to do it again!! David responded that it has
        been an exciting time with new people and new opportunities.
      Judy expressed her personal thank you to David.

 18. Hymn: ―How great Thou Art‖ chosen by David Thornton.

 19. Vestry closed with a prayer.

     Condolences were expressed to the family and friends of John
     Greey whose wife died the previous week.

Barbara Marwood
Vestry Clerk
                                                                        Christ Church Deer Park
                  February 2008
Rector’s Report
                  Dear Friends:

                  A poet by the name of Ralph Vaull wrote these words, ―Reach high, for stars
                  lie hidden in your soul.” As I reflect on the past year, I am grateful to all of
                  you at Christ Church Deer Park for the many ways that you have
                  contributed to the mission and ministry of our parish community.
                  There‟s Life Here perhaps best characterizes 2007 for us, the result of many
                  discussions which gave us a new focus to our ministry. I am deeply
                  grateful to all of you for your participation in these discussions, and for the
                  energy given to carving a new future. Thanks to John van Nostrand,
                  Carolyn Kearns, the members of the Strategic Planning and
                  Communications Committees, Henry Zaluski, and all those whose creative
                  ideas brought our ideas and dreams together with a new mission statement
                  and new goals under the acronym, GROWS: growth, reaching out, worship and
                  It has been my privilege to have worked with Churchwardens, Jennifer
                  Rieger, David Thornton and Michael Butler whose leadership and
                  dedication to the management of CCDP have been exemplary. They have
                  worked closely with the members of the Finance, Trusts and Stewardship
                  Committees in order to maintain careful management of the financial
                  affairs of our parish. We are all indebted to Shelagh Larkin, Treasurer, and
                  MaryKay Brown, Stewardship Chair, both of whom have now retired
                  from their positions after years of faithful dedication, skill, and
                  The Chairs of the many Ministries also deserve our thanks for the ways in
                  which they have endeavoured to give new life to their work. The steady
                  devotion of the Anglican Church Women continued to be an inspiration
                  to us with their work all year long in preparation for the Christmas Fair
                  and Rummage Sale, their provision of a weekly place for women to gather
                  in fellowship and study, and their support of our parish and diocese.
                  Thanks to Elizabeth Joy, President who has now retired from her position
                  where she has given energetic service. I would also like to acknowledge the
                  work of the Chancel and Flower Guilds, all of whom are faithful servants
                  behind the scenes, polishing brass and silver, cleaning, organizing
                  arranging exquisite flower arrangements, and carrying out all the work
                  required to beautify our church for our many worship services.
                  Many people contribute to the liturgical life of our parish: servers, lay
                  readers, chalice bearers, sub-deacons, intercessors, readers, sidespeople,
                  and whole host of schedulers and organizers. Thank you to you all for
                  your weekly participation and dedication. Many thanks to Isabel Macrae
                  who retired last year as the organizer of the Sunday 8 am lay readers.
                                                                                         Christ Church Deer Park
                                                                                  Rector’s Report
Thank you to the ministry of the Rev. Dr. Joanne McWilliam and the Rev.           (cont’d)
Dr. Peter Slater, Honorary Assistants, and to our new part-time Priest
Associate, the Rev. Matthew Cadwell for their many contributions to the
liturgical and educational life of our parish community. We are also
grateful for the ministry of the Rev. Dianne Mesh, Associate Priest, and to
the Rev. Jason Prisley, Assistant Curate, both of whom moved on to new
parish communities. We welcomed the Rev. Greg Carpenter as our new
Assistant Curate last year, and for his ministry as a deacon and more
recently as a newly ordained priest among us. It was our delight to
welcome former Reverend Mother of the Sisters of St. John the Divine,
Sister Constance Joanna Gefvert as a newly ordained deacon as she
undertook a part-time curacy with us last fall.
Thanks once again to Samantha Caravan, part-time Director of Children‘s
Education for her creative ministry in PromiseLand with the younger
members of our parish, and to the families and parents who have so
energetically supported this successful ministry.
We celebrated 10 years of the ministry of Bruce Kirkpatrick Hill, Organist
and Director of Music last fall, and we are grateful for his leadership. I also
thank Dermot Muir, Assistant Organist, the adult and junior choristers, all
of whom provide us with excellence in music throughout the year. Thanks
also to Brian Barlow and the Jazz Vespers Organizing Committee as we
launched into our 10th anniversary season of Jazz last fall, a service that
reaches out to a large community of jazz lovers throughout the city.
All of us are grateful for the steady, committed work of our Head
Custodian, Denis Delisle for his dedication to the maintenance of our
building, and to the many part-time Custodians (Juan Carlos Lopez,
Eugenio Valesco, Cesar Mangrobang, Ray Tafaj, Carlos Castrence, Ricardo
Simbulan and Joel Medalla) who serve us so well throughout the week as
many groups use our facilities.
Thanks also to Denise Gomes, Financial Secretary for her skill and
competence in our parish office, and to the Counters who appear every
Monday morning to count and report the Sunday offerings. We express
our indebtedness to retiring Counters, Victor Barnett, John Greey and MJ
Rosenthall for their many years of service.
Our Administrator, Jean King once again competently managed the staff,
volunteers and building with patience and good humour. The management
of the many groups that use and rent our building and facilities is complex
and ongoing, and we are deeply grateful for Jean‘s abilities of oversight
and organization. Along with Corporation and the Property Committee,
Jean undertook the task of the Atrium renovation due to significant water
damage to the walls, flooring and lighting. Thanks to all of you for your
patience as this renovation took some time to initiate and undertake. To
Jean and all those who were involved in this renovation, thank you for
your tireless work in this undertaking.
                                                                      Christ Church Deer Park
Rector’s Report    And thanks to so many of you who made financial contributions toward
        (cont’d)   this project. Your generosity is deeply appreciated.
                   Thanks also to a whole host of volunteers who support the work and
                   ministry of CCDP in so many ways: front-desk volunteers who greet
                   people at the door, answer phones, and assist in the office. There are also
                   many people from CCDP who give of their time to our local food bank,
                   and outreach in our community and city. Thanks to Elizabeth Muir and
                   her faithful group of prayer partners, and to all who, in so many ways
                   contribute to the mission and ministry of our parish life.
                   Thanks to Brian Dench, our web-master who has created and maintained
                   our newly designed web-site this year, a new avenue for ongoing
                   communication for CCDP.
                   During 2007, some of you were able to give a significant donation to the
                   parish over and above regular givings. I want to acknowledge these gifts
                   with our appreciation for your generosity. Thank you to everyone who
                   supports our mission and ministry on a regular basis, and special thanks
                   for additional gifts to undergird our work and ministry.
                   As we look to the future and our life together, I am aware that we face
                   many exciting opportunities and challenges. Our Anglican Communion is
                   in the midst of the same-sex debate, the implications of which remain an
                   uncertainty for us. Church attendance in all main-line denominations is
                   declining, and financial issues for all churches are ongoing. How we meet
                   these challenges will require careful attention and concern in the days
                   “Gratitude is the sign of noble souls.” As we continue to be grateful for 137
                   years of faithful ministry of Christ Church Deer Park, I trust that we will
                   step over the threshold of our 138th year with a bold willingness to face the
                   challenges less with a nostalgia for the past, and more with the ability to
                   find enough within us to withstand whatever lies ahead, trusting in a God
                   who has always been and always will be faithful. Nothing takes the place
                   of persistence and determination. By perseverance, even the snail reached
                   the ark!
                   Thank you all for a good year at Christ Church Deer Park. I trust that we
                   will step into 2008 trusting in the One who provides strength and courage
                   to accomplish more than we can ask or imagine!

                   Yours faithfully,

                   The Rev. Canon Dr. Judy Rois
Christ Church Deer Park
                                                                     Christ Church Deer Park
Wardens’ Report
                  On January 20, 2007, approximately fifty parishioners met for a second
                  time for a strategic planning day. At the end of these sessions a list of
                  actions was developed and a revised mission statement was created—
                  CCDP is a community that puts faith in Christ into action through
                  compassion, Anglican worship, music, learning outreach and community
                  engagement. Corporation also looked at the outcomes of the meetings
                  and developed a strategic plan from them. This plan has several parts:
                  Growth, Reaching Out, Worship and Sustainability. Our new goal was to
                  focus all our work in these areas.
                  Looking at the list of priorities that were chosen from the planning
                  session, we are happy to report that many of these actions have gone
                  forward. The first priority was the development of a new outreach
                  programme that would meet the needs of those at home and in the world.
                  This winter we have begun a community kitchen pilot project, a
                  community breakfast programme in partnership with Calvin Presbyterian
                  Church and have explored in depth a partnership with a community in
                  Malawi. A programme with a First Nation‘s group in Toronto is still in
                  the planning stages.
                  ―There‘s Life Here‖ is our response to the need for a unified look and
                  message, which was another priority. The banners over the Yonge St.
                  doors have given the front of the church a new look and the consistency
                  in design for the website, all informational material and advertising lets
                  people know that we are a welcoming and engaged parish. A hardworking
                  team of gardeners beautified the exterior one day this summer as well. On
                  the interior, the work on the Atrium area was undertaken. Our thanks to
                  those of you who so generously contributed to this project and a large
                  thank you to Jean King for co-coordinating this significant undertaking. A
                  property committee was formed and we continue to plan for short and
                  long term maintenance. We are very grateful to our custodial staff for all
                  the hard work they do to make the building look welcoming and accessible
                  to all.
                  On the financial side, we have clarified the use of the several funds we
                  manage and have created a new 1870 Fund. Michael Butler, our financial
                  warden, presented a homily outlining our need for continued stewardship.
                  The financial results for the year were disappointing with the church
                  recording a deficit of $38,190 versus a deficit of $15,381 the previous year.
                  On the Revenue side after tracking well through nine months Sunday
                  Offerings fell off sharply in the Fourth Quarter and were nearly $30,000
                  below Budget and $14,000 below 2006 figures. On the Expense side costs
                  for Clergy were higher due to changes in personnel and the timing of these
                  changes were not as we had made provision for in the Budget. Also the
                  Music Program came in above plan. Under our new policy the 2007
                  Deficit must be included in this year‘s Budget as an expense item. It is
                  quite a challenge! The Budget to be presented at Vestry calls for an
                  Operating Surplus but has an overall Deficit of $13,585 when the 2007
                  Deficit is included. We will achieve an overall Surplus if Sunday Offerings
                  return to the 2006 level and we manage to contain spending within
                                                                                     Christ Church Deer Park
Budget. The wardens will meet with the incoming Treasurer immediately         Wardens’ Report
following Vestry to develop a cost control plan to better track our           (cont’d)
spending on a monthly basis.
Our programming continued to grow. PromiseLand is an active energetic
programme that engages our children under the marvelous direction of
Samantha Caravan. The Junior Choir and the Community Choir continue
to grow, serving the 915 service and the richness of the music at 11:00
inspires us. Our gratitude goes to everyone who gives us this gift,
especially Bruce Kirkpatrick Hill, Dermot Muir and the choristers. Faith
and Film continues to bring both parishioners and community members
together. We had an impressive list of guest lecturers on a regular basis
presenting on a wide range of topics. Our community ministry team
arranged an impressive number of events including Salsa Cabana, a
summer community picnic, dinners for new members etc. Jazz Vespers
continues as a very popular Sunday evening service.
On the staff side it has also been a busy year. The Rev. Jason Prisley and
The Rev. Dianne Mesh both moved to new parishes and The Rev. Greg
Carpenter joined us, and was ordained to the priesthood on January 13,
2008. The Rev. Matthew Cadwell also joined us as part time Priest
Associate. Sister Constance Joanna undertook a part time curacy with us
prior to her ordination to the priesthood.
We look forward to another busy and exciting year as we continue to
growth in faith, commitment and community. We would like to thank all
those who have contributed so generously to the Church, all the staff and
volunteers who make CCDP such a wonderful place, The Rev. Dr. Joanne
McWilliam and The Rev. Dr. Peter Slater for their continuing support, the
ACW, the Chairs of our committees and most certainly, those persons
retiring from various posts for their valuable service. We appreciate their
hard work. In particular, we would like to thank Canon Rois for all her
hard work and dedication.

There‘s Life Here

Jennifer Rieger        David Thornton          Michael Butler
Rector‟s Warden        People‟s Warden         Deputy Warden
                                                                       Christ Church Deer Park
Assistant Curate
                   The year 2007 has been one of transformations; positive transformations
                   that will serve as the foundation for my ministry in the future. I would like
                   to thank the Rev. Canon Dr. Judy Rois, the Churchwardens, the pastoral
                   and office staff, and everyone who have shown me an overwhelming
                   measure of encouragement as I continue to live and learn our faith
                   together and to serve at Christ Church Deer Park each day.
                   As a theological intern at the opening of the year, and in a team
                   environment like Christ Church, it has been rewarding to have the ability
                   and flexibility to spend the time to learn from the depth of experience we
                   have on staff. I am grateful to Samantha Caravan for the privilege to share
                   in the creative energy she brings to PromiseLand. It has been an honour to
                   partake in the visiting of our parishioners who are sick or unable to attend
                   any longer; to hear their stories and to bring them back into the
                   community through home communion. The former Assistant Curate, the
                   Rev. Jason Prisley guided me through the various services and helped me
                   to best execute the roles given me. Our rector has been a thoughtful and
                   patient supervisor; giving me the opportunity to preach, and to bring any
                   and all ideas I have to the table for consideration.
                   On May 6th I was ordained deacon at St Paul‘s, Bloor Street with 10 other
                   ordinands. My thanks once again to the Rector, the Rev. Jason Prisley,
                   Samantha Caravan, the Senior Choir and Bruce Kirkpatrick Hill who
                   formed the backbone of the mighty musical forces that day and made it a
                   day I will never forget. I began my ministry as Assistant Curate in June.
                   Some of my duties now include preparing families for baptism (5
                   candidates in 2007), coordination of the intercessors, and attending to the
                   list of parishioners needing pastoral visits. I have also begun participating
                   on a number of committees, and have enjoyed the vibrant input from the
                   Leaning Ministry and the vast amount of work done this past year by the
                   Communications Ministry.
                   The launch of There‘s Life Here in September has given a specific focus
                   on much of my work here, and a renewed focus especially in the area of
                   outreach. The group meeting to coordinate efforts with a link to the
                   Diocese of Northern Malawi is in full swing. The Giving Tree was back in
                   Advent with a community focus; donating CDs and DVDs to the Ronald
                   McDonald House, Toronto. Also on the inner city/community front, I
                   began growing my hair (Growing to Give) to raise awareness and funds for
                   this component of our outreach program and to donate the hair to Locks of
                   Love, an organization that makes wigs for financially disadvantaged
                   children who have suffered hair loss due to illness.
                   As I write this report in the early part of 2008, the opening hymn at my
                   ordination service in May reminds me of my vision and focus as I serve at
                   Christ Church Deer Park.
                                                                                                Christ Church Deer Park
                                                                                         Assistant Curate
„Be thou my vision, O Lord of my heart; naught be all else to me, save that thou art –   (cont’d)
thou my best thought, by day or by night, waking or sleeping, thy presence my light.‟
Ancient Irish Hymn

The Rev. Greg Carpenter
Assistant Curate
                                                                           Christ Church Deer Park
Organist and Director
            of Music    This is my tenth annual report, and I am pleased to reflect on the
                        continuing evolution of the music programme in the last year. Let me once
                        again express my appreciation for the continued hours of dedication and
                        hard work of the volunteer singers, choir parents, our eight first-rate
                        professional leads, and the help of Dermot Muir, Assistant Organist.
                        In 2007, the Senior Choir
                                provided music for about 45 Sunday mornings and mid-week
                                   Holy Days;
                                sang at several funerals and weddings
                                formed the core choir at the ordination of Greg Carpenter and
                                   ten other candidates to the Diaconate, at St Paul‘s Church,
                                   Bloor St (May 6)
                                had, for the first time, a women-only Sunday (May 13) and a
                                   men-only Sunday (October 28)
                                performed our annual short devotional concert on Palm Sunday
                                sang our annual Remembrance Day concert, this year joining
                                   with the choir of St Mary Magdalene (Stephanie Martin,
                                   director), soloists, and orchestra for a performance of Mozart‘s
                                   Requiem, to which over 300 people bought tickets
                                and once again presented the Advent and Christmas carol
                        The makeup of the Senior Choir continues to evolve. Since my last report,
                        we have two new leads. We regularly tackle new repertoire and continue to
                        consolidate the progress we made in our first ten seasons together.
                        Now almost three years old, the 9:15 Adult Choir has been a great success,
                        and we look forward to continued growth of this group. They continue to
                        work steadily to master their own repertoire of anthems, and it is
                        wonderful to have them lead the singing at these services. This is a great
                        entry-level choir for those who might like to try group singing.
                        The big story continues to be the growth of the Junior Choir, which, with
                        twelve youngsters, is the largest it has been since I was hired in 1997, and
                        almost double the size it was two short years ago. They now sing basically
                        every other Sunday morning, in alternation with the adult 9:15 choir; this
                        goal has taken years to attain. This is a wonderful intergenerational
                        learning opportunity for these children, since they always sing with the
                        assistance of four of our leads; they also receive group instruction in music
                        theory and individual vocal training at their Wednesday after-school
                                                                                      Christ Church Deer Park
                                                                               Organist and Director
This Fall marked the twelfth season of the Noonday Chamber Music               of Music
Series, which will resume, as usual, after Easter. And for the eleventh year
in a row, on the Sunday nights of Lent there will be short organ recitals
followed by the service of Compline. I am grateful to John Symons and to
the rest of the members of the Music Committee, which helps administer
these concerts (an excellent way to open our doors to those who can‘t join
us for Sunday morning worship), as well as the choir‘s special projects.
This was the Senior Choir membership at mid-January, 2008:

DECANI (north)                      CANTORIS (south)

Sopranos:                           Sopranos:
Merry Anne Hutton (L)               Stacey Clark (L)
Anne Godfrey                        Barbara LaRocque
Kathy Hughey                        Donna Boyle
Tamara Meisenheimer                 Sharlah Morrison

Altos:                              Altos:
Mary Gillmeister (L)                Andrea Warren (L) (new)
Dermot Muir                         Sharon Kirby (new)
Rosana Zammit                       Sarah John

Tenors:                             Tenors:
Stephen Ellison (L)                 Christopher MacDonald (L) (new)
Jaymar Figueroa                     Shawn Brignolio
                                    Joseph Hsieh (new)

Basses:                             Basses:
Earl Brubacher (L)                  Jim King (L)
John Sproule                        Matthew Allard
Bruce Russell

JUNIOR CHOIR:                       9:15 CHOIR:

Isaac Wade (Prefect)                Nora Dobell
Siân Lathrop (Prefect)              Pat Butler
Duke Oxtoby                         Jen Brown
Joshua Wade                         Judith Kidd
Charles Waddell                     Barbara Marwood (new)
James Taynen                        Donna Boyle
Tessa Oxtoby                        Marcia Kavenagh
Bronwen Lathrop (new)               Michael Butler
Trish Rooney (new)                  David Burt
Dana Somerville (new)
Nathan Wade (new)                   Leads as noted above
Anabelle Zaluski (new)

Respectfully submitted,
Bruce Kirkpatrick Hill
                                                                      Christ Church Deer Park
              Taped to the wall beside my desk is the following quotation;
              “Children are the messages we send to a future we will never see.” Neil Postman
              It reminds me of my purpose as Director of Children‘s Education here at
              Christ Church Deer Park. It reminds me that whatever curriculum I plan,
              whatever liturgies and events I develop with and for the children and
              families of this parish the lessons must be foundational and portable. My
              primary goals are to make sure that every child in my care knows that God
              loves them, and that they too are agents of love in the world.
              In the 21st century our children are surrounded by an increasingly
              multicultural, pluralistic and secular society. Fewer children attend church
              now than in any other time in Canada‘s history. Therefore, the children we
              send forth from here must be equipped, with both biblical knowledge and
              real experience of God in their lives and the life of the church. Most
              importantly I want them to like coming to church, to have fun, and to
              build relationships with each other outside of Sunday morning.
              Last year we created opportunities for our children and families to come
              together. We hosted barbecues and ice cream on the lawn in the summer.
              In August we held our first drama camp complete with a Friday evening
              showcase. Then our excellent cast presented their interpretation of the
              biblical story of Esther at a Sunday liturgy at both 9:15 and 11 am. Last
              September 9th we hosted a party complete with a pie eating contest to
              unveil our new journeying song ―There‘s Life Here‖!
              In October we spent a few weeks on death and grief, and then hosted an
              All Souls pot luck dinner and Liturgy of Light where we remembered
              those whom we have lost. We began Advent with the official naming and
              blessing of the Chapel of St. Nicholas by Bishop Tottenham. Then on Dec
              2nd, despite our first major snow storm, we had breakfast with Bishop
              Nicholas himself, expertly portrayed by George Lewis. The season of
              Advent found the children of PromiseLand hard at work baking muffins
              and selling them. With your generous assistance, the children raised
              enough funds for the purchase of a stable for a village in Africa. We
              finished up the year with a wonderful Christmas pageant and an Epiphany
              breakfast, visited by none other than the Magi.
              This coming year will bring more challenges as we develop curriculum and
              events in response to the needs of our children and families. Creativity and
              flexibility are key to our exciting program. Your valued input is always
              I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you for your prayers,
              encouragement and financial support of PromiseLand. It is my continued
              privilege to serve here at Christ Church Deer Park.

              Samantha Caravan
              Director, Children‟s Education
                                                                                  Christ Church Deer Park
                                                                             Church Community
The Church Community organized the following events supported by the         Ministry
parish in 2007.
   -   Pancake Supper
           o What a fabulous beginning to Lent! Over 100 people
               attended, with a great team of volunteers. Thanks to Sheila
               Stanley and Manuel Rodenkirchen for organizing this
   -   Easter Vigil
           o There was a Wine and Cheese Party after the Easter Vigil
               service. Thanks to the people who brought the appetizers.
           o Unfortunately planting of the outside Easter Garden for
               Easter Sunday did not happen as it was too cold and the
               ground was frozen.
   -   Salsa Cubana event
           o This event was attended by more than 70 people, with live
               music performed by Stevie Jade. This combination of
               Island Foods, served as a buffet, was sumptuous and
               plentiful. The congregation embraced the event - with
               excellent bartending, decorating, and spirited clean-up.
   -   Grill ‘N Gather
           o Introduction of a Fun, Family mid-week BBQ was held on
               the lawn in May. Our in-house Artists offered a beautiful
               showcase of their talent, by showing their artwork in the
               Sanctuary. The ice cream truck attracted neighbours, some
               of whom then toured the Church. Everyone enjoyed this
               fabulous event.
   -   Rummage Sale
           o Rummage Sale October 13, 2007
               All went very well. I was very pleased that the Volunteers
               had a good time shopping on the 12th of October. There
               were several first time Volunteers,
               and most of all, I was pleased that it brought the
               Congregation together. I think we all had a good time.
               Our expenses were slightly higher as last year, due to the
               need of additional custodians. The rummage sale netted
               As most of you know, April 19th, 2008 will be my last Sale.
               I look forward to working with you again, and I am very
               pleased to say that Rita Becker is the new coordinator of
               the Rummage Sale. She will do a great job. Her first Sale
               will be October 4th, 2008 and I expect that you will help
               her as much as you have helped me.
               Thank you. Marie-Josee Rosenthall
                                                                          Christ Church Deer Park
Church Community         -   Confirmation Dinner
         Ministry               o The Youth who have been confirmed in the past few years
           (cont’d)                 came together to enjoy dinner with Canon Judy Rois and
                                    The Rev. Jason Prisley in the Arthur Smith Room. This
                                    opportunity to share their thoughts and interests was
                                    valuable to all. We will hopefully continue this event
                         -   Baptismal Family Dinner
                                o Families who had babies baptized over the past year,
                                    gathered with Canon Judy Rois and The Rev. Dianne Mesh
                                    in the Arthur Smith Room for dinner. It was a delightful
                                    evening for the new parents to enjoy a night out on their
                         -   An Enchanted Evening
                                o A celebration of the ladies of the parish was held in the
                                    Fall of ‘07. The attendance to this event was rather
                                    disappointing. The menu was fabulous and the gentlemen
                                    of the parish acted as servers. Since we incurred a loss we
                                    probably will not hold this event in this fashion again.
                         -   Coffee / Refreshment
                                o The hospitality at coffee hour after the services has
                                    expanded with the clergy‘s input. Most notably, Samantha
                                    Caravan, who organized the St. Nicholas breakfast during
                                    Advent. The coffee hours are now more welcoming and
                                    aesthetically pleasing...
                                o Coming SOON ...
                                        New in Elliott Hall ... March 2nd, ‟08
                                o With more volunteers available, and some excellent changes to come,
                                    our Cafe will officially open March 2nd.

                                 o ―Lemonade on the Lawn‖ made Summertime Sundays a
                                   lovely place to visit after Church. There was more work
                                   setting up, but it was well worth it. This can only be done
                                   with the help and support of the Sunday custodial staff.

                      Jayne Miles Simpson and Maxine Henry
                                                                                      Christ Church Deer Park

The past year has been a busy one for this Ministry.                             Communications Ministry
In response to new directions arising out of the Strategic Planning
Sessions, our focus was on co-ordinating all printed materials under the
banner, ―There‘s Life Here‖. Our new ―look‖ was launched early in
September, with banners on the east entrance of the church, a redesigned
Herald and most of the new brochures and materials in place.
Other Ministries are co-operating with Communications in maintaining
the ―family‖ feeling of all information bearing the name of CCDP. This
should reinforce a recognition of our church, and all that goes on here, in
a wider market, leading to growth.
There is still work to be done. We are investigating advertising possibilities
and are particularly looking for someone to take on a public relations role
on the committee.
This Ministry also took on an added responsibility; that of Sidespeople
(previously under the Music and Worship Ministry). In spotting and
assisting any newcomers, they are our ―front line‖ in communicating our
welcome. A reception was recently held to thank those who have served
so faithfully in this capacity and to call on their experience. Many good
ideas came forth to be considered for the future.
I wish to thank the clergy and the lay members of the committee, whose
help was invaluable in our endeavours: Henry Zaluski, for creative design;
Brian Buckingham, for his always wise counsel; Elizabeth Walker for ideas
and energy and Maggie Symons, for stepping in to take over responsibility
for Sidespeople. Elizabeth has since moved to Cobourg (our loss is St.
Peter‘s gain) and she is missed.

There is life here!

Joyce Hamilton
                                                                       Christ Church Deer Park

Learning Ministry   The Learning Ministry offers a variety of programs and evening lectures
                    for the children, youth and adults of Christ Church Deer Park. The
                    objective of the Committee is to provide parishioners of all ages with the
                    opportunity to meet, question, discuss and learn more about our faith and
                    other religions. The most significant change was the development of
                    program and specific evening sponsors to offset the hospitality costs and
                    honorariums for the various events. The Committee seeks to operate on a
                    self sustaining basis.
                    The programs offered through the Ministry include the Adult programs
                    and PromiseLand formerly the Church Sunday school.

                    Adult Programs
                    Evening Lecture Series
                    During the season of Lent, Professor Colleen Shanz gave two lectures on
                    the person of Jesus in history, and Professor Sarah McKinnon of the
                    Ontario College of Art and Design presented an illustrated lecture on
                    artistic representations of The Last Supper through history.
                    In April The Reverend Dr. David Neelands, Dean, Trinity College,
                    University of Toronto spoke on the topic ―Muddling through, the
                    Anglican way of making decisions and changing them‖. This put the issue
                    of same sex blessings in an historical perspective dating back to the
                    formation of our church at the time of King Henry VIII.
                    In October the Reverend Sister Constance Joanna gave two lectures on
                    the tradition of Christian Meditation and Dr. Felicia Carmelly spoke
                    during Holocaust Week.
                    The 2007 Evening Lecture Series concluded during Advent with a
                    presentation by Dr. Michael O‘Connor, St Michael‘s College, University of
                    Toronto on Handel‘s Oratorio: The Messiah- Its history, composition and
                    The Committee would like to thank the following Sponsors: Pat Butler for
                    the Sister Constance Joanna lectures on Christian Meditation and the
                    Morley Bedford Funeral Home for Dr. O‘Connor‘s address on Handel‘s

                    Challenging Christianity
                    Dr. Peter Slater continued the ―Challenging Christianity‖ series. The group
                    meets at the Church on the second Friday of the month at noon. The
                    purpose of the group is to examine and discuss issues faced by the church
                    today using biblical text as a stating point. During the fall/winter sessions
                    the group has followed some of the great historical characters in the Bible
                    including Abraham, Joseph and Moses. This is an open speak-your-mind
                    group and anyone interested is invited to join in on a one time or ongoing
                                                                                        Christ Church Deer Park
Faith & Film
Following the inaugural season the Committee decided to have a second
year and asked for recommendations from parishioners. More than 20
films were nominated and, as in the First Season, six were selected for
inclusion. The films were chosen with several objectives: to entertain, to
stimulate thought and to exchange ideas on what it means to be a
Christian, a person of faith in a non-liturgical setting. The second season
began in September with ―Cool Hand Luke‖, a 1967 film starring Paul
Other films have included ―Europa, Europa‖, ―Children of Men‖ and
―Raining Stones‖. The Faith & Film Series will conclude with ‗Breaker
Morant‖ (February 25), and ―Unforgiven‖ (April 9)
All films are shown in the Arthur Smith Room beginning at 7 pm. Water,
soft drinks, popcorn, etc. are available on a complementary basis.
We would like to acknowledge and thank the following Sponsors of the
Faith & Film Series: MaryKay Brown; Michael Butler; Samantha Caravan;
Greg Carpenter; Ben Dibben; Elizabeth Dunbar; Michael Gendron;
Wendy Greyling; Susan Gross; Jennifer Harris; Ross Morrow; JoAnn
Moysey; and Judy Rois.
Christian Meditation
The Christian Meditation group begun last year continues to meet every
Monday for half an hour (6:30 pm) in the St Nicholas Chapel (formerly the
Children‟s Chapel). The aim of the group is to expand one‘s faith through
quiet meditation. Richard Worzel and Pat Butler lead this group.
Program Sponsorships
During the year the Committee realized that it did not have enough funds
in its budget to sustain all of the planned programs. To remedy this
shortfall the Committee came up with the concept of ―Sponsors‖ for parts
of it programs. The cost to Sponsor was $30 for the Faith & Film Series
and $300 for the Evening Lecture Series. The cost of presenting the Evening
Lecture Series is higher due to the nature of the refreshments and
honorariums for the guest speakers.
Committee Members
Jennifer Harris                 Samantha Caravan
Susan Gross                     Michael Butler (Chair)
Rev. Canon Dr. Judy Rois        Rev. Greg Carpenter

Michael Butler

The Nest has been open every Sunday all year. Tuta Shurda has done an
excellent job of supervising the young children in the Parish ably assisted
by six teenage parishioners. There are usually 3-4 children up to 3 years of
age there on a regular basis while their parents attend the Church services.
Tuta received a gift and card from the parents for her dedication to the
Maggie Symons
                    Christ Church Deer Park

Learning Ministry

The Nest Nursery
                                                            Christ Church Deer Park
           Following the Parish Strategic Planning Sessions and subsequent Outreach
           ―Brainstorming‖ meeting open to the congregation, it emerged that not
           only was outreach the number one priority, but there was also a clear
           direction that a more involving ―hands-on‖, activity oriented program was
           the desired course of action.
           Beyond that four key areas were identified to pursue which a small group
           comprising J.R. Thornton, John van Nostrand, Brian Buckingham and the
           clergy undertook throughout the summer and beyond.
           Today thanks to a lot of preparation and investigation we are well on our
           way to establishing or in the process of finalizing the next steps in the
           development of each program. The enthusiastic response from the
           congregation in signing up as volunteers continues, and we are also most
           appreciative to a number of individuals who have stepped up to take
           responsibility and ―champion‖ each activity. Following is brief status on
           each program along with names of leaders for each shown in parenthesis.
           International Team: Malawi Project
           Following sessions with St. Peter‘s Cobourg, who have successfully
           implemented programs in Malawi for the past 14 years, we held our first
           introductory session with volunteers mid-January and the next planning
           session is scheduled in February. (James Goodwin; Innes van Nostrand;
           Samantha Caravan).
           Local Community Team
           Two programs have just been launched under direction of J.R. Thornton.
           The first is a Community Kitchen Pilot Program initially for clients of
           LOFT which is designed to help them prepare and cook simple meals.
           There has been a tremendous response and the value we bring goes far
           beyond teaching cooking skills. At this time we are hoping to attract
           individuals to champion the project on a regular basis (Thursday
           afternoons in the Community Hall).
           The second program is a Community Breakfast program in the
           Community Hall to supplement the Calvin Presbyterian Church program.
           For the past seven years, two Saturdays each month, Calvin Presbyterian
           offered clients of Churches on-the-Hill Food Bank breakfast as well as
           being open to other needy guests. Commencing February 2nd CCDP will
           supplement that program alternating with Calvin two Saturdays each
           month (Vickie Grant; Ross Morrow).
           Inner City Team: Yonge St. Mission
           We have had a number of conversations with the Yonge St. Mission to
           partner in youth activities on their premises downtown. There are a
           number of existing programs that need support including preparing and
           sharing an evening meal plus, involvement in their activities as well as
           mentoring during and post dinner. Our goal is to make a final assessment
           on resources required to meet specific program needs, and make that
           determination in March towards an early pilot project (Dermot Muir).
                                                                                      Christ Church Deer Park

First Nations Team                                                             Outreach
A number of exploratory session and investigative probes have not              (cont’d)
realized to date our goal to be meaningfully involved with a First Nations
Aboriginal Community. This program has now been taken up by a small
committed group who are in the process of developing a viable strategy
with the first internal discussion meeting held in late January to determine
the next steps to be taken. (John van Nostrand)
In addition to the foregoing a small Planning & Coordination Team is
being gradually assembled to incorporate other ongoing programs that
CCDP supports. For example Advocacy & Social Ministry continues as a
major priority in which we will be involved (Michael Watson). Other
activities will embrace programs such as COTH Foodbank, STOP, Habitat
For Humanity, PWRDF, Meals on Wheels and more. During this period
CCDP has in the past year supported these and other programs variously
with both volunteers and financial contributions.
Outreach has undergone a transformation in the past 12 months reflecting
the initiatives proposed by the congregation at large. Not least of which is
empowering the leaders who are championing individual programs, along
with their volunteers, the responsibility to manage and control the
respective programs they represent. In part it is still a work in progress,
but it is an exciting evolution, one where together we can make a

Brian Buckingham
                                                                            Christ Church Deer Park

      Worship & Music    The committee members have fulfilled all the duties required of them
              Ministry   during the year. They start with attendance at Compline in Lent -
                         distribution of orders of service, lighting and extinguishing the altar
      Music Committee
                         candles, receiving the collection; performing all the "front of house " jobs
                         for the Spring and Fall Noon Hour Chamber Concerts on Thursdays in
                         April/May and October/November; and providing similar services for the
                         Remembrance Day Concert. The committee is always in need of new
                         members and is grateful for any offers of support from parishioners. The
                         committee will continue to pursue its main purpose - supporting the
                         Director of Music and the (mainly) non-liturgical musical events in 2008.

                         John Symons

Anglican Church Women
                         The Anglican Church Women includes all the women of the parish
                         whatever their endeavours for the church throughout the year. Tuesdays
                         will find people busy sorting and pricing rummage, knitting, quilting and
                         sewing or just socializing. Coffee is served in the morning and then at
                         noon there is a ―brown-bag‖ lunch with tea, coffee and cookies provided.
                         After lunch some stay to play bridge and some arrive to play bridge. This
                         is a group that continues to meet even during the summer months.
                         At the lunch meetings we do have speakers from time to time and during
                         Lent the clergy speak on various topics. Last year it was on ―Misbehavin
                         Monarchs‖ from the Bible and was very well received. A speaker from
                         Ronald McDonald House inspired us to provide and serve a dinner for the
                         residents last June which was very rewarding. In the Fall the Rev. Greg
                         Carpenter presented a slide show about his very interesting trip to South
                         Africa. Sister Constance Joanna spoke to us about the Convent of the
                         Sisters of St. John the Divine.
                         Perhaps one of the most active groups provides receptions for funerals
                         and special church occasions.
                         Our annual events include the Spring Luncheon, the Bridge Fundraising
                         Luncheon, and the Christmas Fair.
                         Representatives from Christ Church Deer Park took part in the Spring and
                         Fall Deanery meetings and at the annual Diocesan ACW meeting. We also
                         represented our church at the celebration of the World Day of Prayer held
                         by the Churches on the Hill in March. Then at the international gathering
                         of the World Day of Prayer held at Seneca College in King City in June
                         each parish was asked to entertain two delegates from overseas on the
                         Sunday. Christ Church received a busload of forty visitors who came to
                         our service and then stayed for lunch. It was a bit of a scramble, but very
                         successful thanks to Samantha Caravan.
                                                                                       Christ Church Deer Park

We were all saddened by the deaths of Mary Stevenson, Shirley Dibben            ACW
and Ruby George who were such an inspiring and faithful workers on our          (cont’d)
behalf for so many years; and Noreen Armstrong who was our president
for two separate terms and personified the Anglican Church Women and
Christ Church Deer Park at its very best.

Elizabeth Joy

                                                                                Chancel Guild
The Chancel Guild continued its behind the scenes weekly care and
maintenance of the various items required for the worship services at
CCDP. Every week the chalices and silver items are polished; the brass
collection plates, candlesticks, crosses and door plates are cleaned and
polished; many purificators, plus the corporals, towels, linens used on the
credence tables, main and chapel altars are carefully washed and ironed; all
the candles are trimmed or replaced as needed.
Once a week for a month at a time a team of three people (gentlemen also
work on the Chancel Guild) carry out the tasks to assure that the services
at CCDP are carried out in decency and order.
The magnificent decorations of the Church at Easter and Christmas are
due to the co-operative efforts of most of the Chancel Guild members.
Using funds donated through the pew envelopes, they also help us from
depleting the funds needed to keep the pulpit and altar hangings in good
condition and repair.
The Chancel Chair continues her ―not very successful‖ efforts to recruit
new members. Former members have left due to illness or death. Two
hours, once a week for a month in the Sacristy, less than an hour to
launder the linens on a Friday morning or weekday evening plus the fun
we have decorating the church for Christmas and Easter, is all that it takes.
We meet twice a year for a Eucharist service, meeting and luncheon and
would love to see some new faces in the Chancel.

Maggie Symons
                                                                         Christ Church Deer Park

Memorials Committee    The purpose of the Memorials Committee is to assist the Rector and the
                       Corporation when people wish to donate funds or items as memorial gifts
                       to the Church.
                       In 2007 two Camden silver chalices were given to Christ Church. One is
                       the gift of Jean and Horace Wheatley in memory of Ann and Roy
                       Crandell. Anne, Shelagh, Ted and Peter Larkin gave the other chalice in
                       memory of their parents, Margaret and Monty Larkin.
                       A Flowering Almond Tree was planted on the west lawn of the Church in
                       memory of Shirley Dibben by a group of her friends.

                       Joan Huycke

Lay Members of Synod   In 2007 the Lay Members of Synod for Christ Church were kept
                       somewhat busier than in some previous years. On May 3, 4 and 5, the
                       152nd Regular Session of the Synod of the Diocese of Toronto met at
                       Durham College, Oshawa. We reported on it at some length to Parish
                       Council on May 30th. (q.v.). The main matters addressed were: the Budget
                       framework for 2008-2009; Canon 4 - Diocesan Allotment; Transforming
                       Diocesan Structures and Processes; revisions to various canons and the
                       creation of a new one - Canon 29.
                       A Pre-Synod meeting was held on October 23rd for the York Scarborough
                       Area. Much of the business of the May session of Synod was discussed,
                       explained and questions were answered. On November 17th. the 152nd
                       Regular Diocesan Session was reconvened at St. Paul's Church, Bloor
                       Street. After the celebration of the Eucharist, business was disposed of by
                       11:00 am. (For a full report, see minutes and attachments for Parish
                       Council, November 20, 2007) Synod then proceeded to the election of a
                       Suffragan Bishop to replace Michael Bedford-Jones, who was retiring.
                       From a slate of eight nominees - four men and four women - the
                       Reverend Canon Dr. Linda Nicholls was elected.

                       John Symons
                       for Lay Members of Synod.
                                                                                 Christ Church Deer Park

The mandate of the Stewardship Committee in 2007 was to focus               Stewardship Committee
exclusively on raising donor awareness of the financial needs of Christ
Church Deer Park. To this end, in early December we sent about 400
parish families a Narrative Budget which outlined the sources of our
revenues and how, specifically these monies were invested in our
ministries. The assumption is that some parishioners might increase their
financial support if they had a clear idea of how and where their money
was being spent.
Unlike the 2006 Narrative Budget, the 2007 edition included a stamped
envelope and form requesting parishioners to indicate their annual
contribution to CCDP for 2008.
A quarter (25%) of the recipients returned the form. Of those, 27%
committed themselves to an increased donation averaging $34.00 monthly.
There were 7% who decreased their donation and the remaining two
thirds were unchanged from their 2006 contribution. This means that our
net increase on the basis of this particular sample of parishioners is
$16,320 in total. Further, eight parishioners made a catch-up payment of
approximately $5,000 for 2007.

MaryKay Brown

The Trust Committee is responsible for the management of the                Trust Committee
investments in four trust funds of Christ Church Deer Park:
                                              Year-end Value
       The Endowment Fund                     $995,608.00
       The 1870 Fund                          $310,930.00
       The Building Fund                      $253,193.00
       Canon Woodcock Fund                    $ 48,670.00
For a description of these Funds see Appendix A.
Due to bequests from parishioners the 1870 Fund was established late in
2007 with a deposit of $310,930 and the Building Fund was increased by
Your Trust Committee has established Investment Objectives and
Guidelines for each fund based on the purposes of these funds. These
have been approved by Corporation. All securities and cash are deposited
at CIBC Wood Gundy and all income is credited to each account. Bruce
Moore (no relation to the Chair of the Trust Committee) is an Investment
Advisor with CIBC Wood Gundy and has actively participated with the
Committee in the management of the accounts.
                                                                        Christ Church Deer Park

Trust Committee     Throughout 2007 the guidelines and the Endowment Fund were 75%
                    Bonds and 25% Equities. This portfolio mix resulted in an income return
                    of 4.6% ($46,845) which was paid to the Church to help finance
                    operations. The capital of the Fund declined by 1.8% ($18,176). During
                    the year it was decided to reduce our exposure to Canadian equities and
                    invest in a Global Mutual Fund. This decision was taken to diversify the
                    Fund and reduce its exposure to the TSE Index which is heavily weighted
                    in resources and financial shares. This resulted in a loss of capital but your
                    Committee believes that in the long term this will reduce risk and enhance
                    The Investment Guidelines for the Building Fund and the Woodcock
                    Fund limit investments to high quality debit securities. The 1870 Fund
                    will have similar investment guidelines to that of the Endowment Fund.
                    I would like to thank my fellow Committee members, John Greey, John
                    Anderson, and Michael Eastmure for their time and wise counsel.

                    David T.C. Moore
Christ Church Deer Park
                                                                                           Christ Church Deer Park

                                                                                                    APPENDIX A

                                   The Trust Funds of Christ Church Deer Park

Description of the Funds

Endowment Fund:

The Endowment Fund was established in 1963 to receive gifts of money which were to be placed in approved
investment to be selected and monitored by the Trust Committee. The investment income from the Fund may be
used for such purposes as the Corporation see fit. Such purposes would generally include and operating expenses of
the Church.
The capital of the Endowment Fund may not be withdrawn. Any investment income not used by the Corporation
in any year shall be added to the capital of the Fund and thereafter may not be withdrawn.

Building Fund:

Formerly known as the Capital Fund. Both capital and income from this Fund may be used by the Corporation to
maintain and upgrade the physical premises and assets of Christ Church Deer Park. Such expenditures will require
prior approval of Vestry and will exceed $10,000. At the discretion of the Corporation up to $25,000 of capital may
be taken from the Building Fund in any calendar year.

1870 Fund:

Established by approval of Vestry on October 14, 2007. Investment income may be used for the operations of the
Church. Any use of the Capital of the Fund above $35,000 in any calendar year will require prior approval of Vestry.

Woodcock Theological Fund:

This Fund was created with a bequest from Canon Woodcock. No further contributions to this Fund will be
accepted. As Canon Woodcock did not specify how the Funds should be used, Vestry determined that income from
the Funds should be applied to theological educated including the continuing education of the ministry staff of
Christ Church Deer Park. Capital of the Fund may not be withdrawn.
Christ Church Deer Park
                                                              Christ Church Deer Park
Parish Statistics   ATTENDANCE 2007

                                        2007     2006     2005      2004         2003

                    Sunday 8 am        1526      1,735    1,485     1,413        1,563
                             Change    -12%      17%       5%       -10%

                    Sunday 9:15 am      3379     3,198    3,040     2,822        3,828
                             Change      6%       5%       8%       -26%

                    Sunday 10 am        2088     2,075    1,582     2,141        1,169
                            Change       1%      31%      -26%      83%

                    Sunday 11 am        4169     4,363    4,134     4,185        5,007
                            Change      -4%       6%       -1%      -16%

                    Jazz Vespers        2386     2549     1885      1433
                             Change     -6%      35%      32%

                    Wednesday 7 am      908      786       638       533
                           Change       16%      23%       20%

                    Easter Day          465       539      510       532          506
                             Change    -14%       6%       -4%       5%          -35%

                    Christmas Eve       601      789       681       647          642
                            Change     -24%      16%       5%        1%          -13%

                    Christmas Day       163       119      191       122          142
                            Change      37%      -38%      57%      -14%         -19%

                        Totals         14,777   16,153    14,146   13,828    12,857
                                        -9%      14%       2%       8%

                    The baptisms, weddings, funerals and confirmations in 2007
                    were as follows:

                                        2007     2006     2005      2004         2003
                    Baptisms             6        11       12        15           19
                    Weddings             2        4         5        6             4
                    Funerals             27       15       26        18            8
                    Confirmations        1        9         3        8             0
Christ Church Deer Park

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