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					                                                         TECHNICAL FEATURE
                                                    THE DURABILITY OF HYDURA CONCRETE

     The Journal of Hynds Group of Companies, Volume 17, Issue 1, March 2006

Four lanes from Mercer
to Longswamp

                                              Here comes the Boss

Conservation dream
becomes reality
                                               Ideas set in concrete

Te Apiti Wind Farm

                                                    Fresher flows into
                                                    Manukau Harbour

Hynds Environmental
commits to Mainland

  Inside: New products from Hynds Environmental
                                                   The Journal of Hynds Group of Companies, Volume 17, Issue 1, March 2006

6 Cowley Place                Ph: 09 415 9259      Watermain                                                                  08
Amberley                                                    Judea connects to wastewater network             05
200 Carters Road              Ph: 03 314 8455
88-98 Patiki Road             Ph: 09 820 0122
25 McNulty Road               Ph: 03 445 4760               Storage Tanks keep effluent off N. Shore beaches 02
58 Hickory Place, Hornby      Ph: 03 344 3500               Corrosion meets its match in T-Lock Lining       04
Hamilton                                                    Tanks reduce spill risk                          06
256 Maeroa Road               Ph: 07 847 3193
                                                            Pumping Power to Prevent Whitianga Flooding      07
1318 Omahu Road               Ph: 06 879 8989               The Te Apiti Wind Farm                           08
Kapiti                                                      Whitianga Waterways sets standards               10
7 Birmingham Street, Paraparaumu
                             Ph: 04 297 0689                Avondale upgrade successful                      10
32 Ormiston Road, East Tamaki                               High hopes for Mercer-Longswamp four-laning      12
                             Ph: 09 273 3053
Nelson                                                      Small tanks provide retention relief             12
                                                                                                                             The Te Apiti Wind Farm
17 Elms Street, Wakatu Industrial Estate, Stoke
                             Ph: 03 543 8330
                                                            Customised culverts transform main street site   14
New Plymouth                                                Communication ensures success                    15
5 Struthers Place            Ph: 06 759 8157                                                                                  12
Palmerston North
                                                            Overnight runway success                         16
847 Tremaine Avenue           Ph: 06 357 2638               Here Comes the Boss                              17
39-41 Depot Street            Ph: 07 346 0454               Precasting team sets bar higher                  33
Southland                                                   Thorough drainage ensures all-weather play       35
207 Great North Road, Winton Ph: 03 236 6044
106 Tauhara Street            Ph: 07 378 9915                                                                                Four lanes for Mercer - Longswamp
84-86 Newton Street, Mt Maunganui                           Conservation dream becomes reality               18
Te Kuiti
                           Ph: 07 575 5791
Waitete Road               Ph: 07 878 8326
119-125 Old Hutt Road, Kaiwharawhara
                                                   Technical feature
                            Ph: 04 472 4171                 Durability of Hydura Concrete                    20
Head Office
7-11 Arwen Place, East Tamaki, Auckland
Ph: 09 274 0316 Fax: 09 274 8393
Technical Advisory Services                        Environmental
33-55 Kerwyn Avenue, East Tamaki, Auckland                                                                                   Conservation dream becomes reality
Ph: 09 274 2388 Fax: 09 274 8393
                                                            Hynds Environmental commits to Mainland          23
Email:                             New products for Hynds Environmental             24
Hynds Sales                                           Protecting our beaches                           26               20
0800 WE PIPE
                                                            Treatment train proves best solution             27
                                                            Large commercial wastewater system
                                                            installed at Mangawhai Heads                     28
                                                            Protection for stormwater ponds                  28
North Island
Ph: 09 571 0090 Fax: 09 571 0091                            Innovation in rapid flood protection              29
E-mail:                                                                                                 The durability of Hydura Concrete
Suite 2, 37 Wilkinson Road, Ellerslie
                                                            On the spill response trail                      30
P O Box 17 388, Greenlane, Auckland                         Questions & Answers: Absorbents                  31
South Island                                                Fresher flows into Manukau Harbour                32               41
Ph: 03 344 1370 Fax: 03 344 1375
Email:                                 Golf course system ‘out of sight’                34
652 Halswell Junction Road, Hornby, Christchurch
PO Box 16 552, Hornby, Christchurch

                                                            John Hynds honoured                              36
Hygrade Products Ltd
                                                            Crisis avoided at Dovedale                       37
North Island
Ph: 09 579 4690 Fax: 09 579 6504
                                                            Humour a crowd pleaser at Fieldays               38
E-mail:                                Troughs find new home                             38
667 Great South Road, Penrose, Auckland
P O Box 17 388, Greenlane, Auckland                         Continuous improvement approach underscores      40
                                                            Ideas set in concrete                            41
South Island
Ph: 03 341 5860 Fax: 03 341 5861
43 Vickerys Road, Sockburn, Christchurch
                                                                                                                             Ideas set in concrete
                                                            chairman’s view

What a privilege it is to chair a group of companies that now employs 500 people in 26 locations
throughout New Zealand. Our people are enthusiastic and committed to providing the best
product with the best service and a smile, and our directors are committed to continue the drive
towards operational excellence.

Hynds celebrated significant milestones the last 18 months. The group was restructured and
now all business units report to Hynds Limited, a holding company. Farmers Concrete and
Southland Spun Pipes joined the group and we welcome Bruce McCulloch and his team of
dedicated and highly skilled employees based at Winton, just north of Invercargill. I know they
will play a significant role in continuing the success and support of the Hynds brand.

Hygrade Products has expanded to the South Island and the newly formed southern team,
ably led by Garth Sutcliffe, is enjoying the opportunity to introduce our great service to new
customers. Also making a mark in the South Island is Hynds Environmental with Mike Strickett
and his team offering environmental products and services to a wider market.

Adrian Hynds is now the fulltime Managing Director of the Hynds Group. He led the successful
implementation of our new computer system and is now focused supporting the three Business
Unit Managers: Peter Goldsmith of Hynds Pipes, Peter Carroll of Hynds Environmental and Rhys
Langston, of Hygrade Products.

I am very proud of our young, vital and enthusiastic Management team. Executive Director
Malcolm Meacham and I find it both a privilege and a pleasure to offer the team coaching and
mentoring support.

  The 2005/6 year looks like being a great one for the construction industry with many large
    commercial projects on the go and a commitment from government to develop our
      depleted infrastructure.

           The trading situation is dynamic and all our customers are busy. The outlook is for
           the current trend of strong demand in the construction industry to remain for the
          foreseeable future so we are working to streamline operations and increase capacity
         to ensure our customers continue to be well served.

       Thank you for your continued support. I hope you enjoy this edition of New Zealand
       Pipeworks, which so many of our key staff have helped to create.

     Best regards

                                John Hynds
                                Chairman of Directors
d r a i n a g e

          Final pipeline construction with T-Lock liner.

       Jacking pipe in entry pit.

 Storage tanks keep effluent off
 North Shore beaches
                                                           The trouble with being in the pipe business      times a year to no more than two. As the
                                                           is that most of the best work is hidden          city grows from about 190,000 to about
                                                           from view.                                       300,000 by 2050, upgrading projects like
                                                           This is how those associated with the            Browns Bay are crucial.
                                                           North Shore City Council’s $12 million-plus      The new enlarged sewers and pumping
                                                           Browns Bay storage tank project – Works          station not only will provide for everyday
                                                           Infrastructure Harker Underground Joint          flows from expected future growth, but
                                                           Venture, Consulting Engineers Sinclair           will have the capacity to provide temporary
                                                           Knight Merz-Opus and Hynds – feel about          storage during wet weather, when
                                                           their contribution to the job.                   stormwater enters the sewer system.
                                                           Part of the North Shore City Council’s $210      The Beachfront Lane and Anzac Road
                                                           million 20-year Project CARE programme to        sewers have a combined storage capacity
                                                           improve its wastewater network and prevent       of about 4000 cubic metres; the equivalent
                                                           sewage spillage onto some of the city’s          of two Olympic swimming pools. One line,
                                                           most popular East Coast Bays beaches, the        600 metres long, runs beneath Anzac Road
                                                           Browns Bay storage tank quietly scored a         and the other two 200-metre lengths are
                                                           few firsts for New Zealand.                       beneath the beach-front reserve.
                                                           The project involved installing three lines of   The Anzac Road line, which required three
                                                           2.1-metre diameter concrete jacking pipes        interjack stations, is believed to be the
                                                           about four to five metres underground             longest ever completed in New Zealand. On
                                                           beneath Browns Bay’s busy shopping and           the best day, 35 metres of pipe was jacked
                                                           beach areas, to provide the necessary            in one 12-hour shift – a world-class effort
                                                           storage capacity. The underground sewage         for this size of pipe in such conditions.
                                                           pumping station at the southern end of
                                                                                                            The 21-month project, which is to be
                                                           Browns Bay Beach was also upgraded.
                                                                                                            completed in February 2006, used
                                                           One of the goals of Project CARE is to cut the   sophisticated engineering techniques
                                                           number of times any of the city’s beaches        and underground tunnelling equipment
                                                           are closed due to sewage overflows during         to minimise disruption to residents,
                                                           wet weather down from an average of 12           businesses and beach users. Sinclair Knight

                                                                                                             d r a i n a g e

Merz, in association with Opus Consultants,      Bays Club to install the the lines. The pipes
was the council’s consulting engineer for        were jacked in immediately behind the
the project.                                     cutter, and more than 4000 cubic metres
                                                 of material was removed from the tunnels
Hynds designed a new pipe specifically for
                                                 and associated shafts during the jacking
this contract, and manufactured more than
                                                 operation, which was completed by the end
400 2.1m-diameter concrete jacking pipes
                                                 of August 2005.
over a period of 10 months. The pipes, 2.5
metres long and weighing almost 10 tonnes        The tunnelling techniques used on the
each, were cast with a 360 degrees PVC           Browns Bay project challenged the
liner, to meet the council’s requirement for     assumption that this method is unsuitable
a 100-year design life.                          for installing pipes at a depth less than
                                                 seven metres below ground level. The North
Hynds manufactured the pipes at its East
                                                 Shore Council’s design required pipes to
Tamaki plant and stored them at Papakura
                                                 be installed with just three to four metres’
to be delivered daily, as required to the
                                                 cover, ruling out tunnelling if convention
Browns Bay site. To prevent the pipes’
                                                 had been observed. Harker Underground’s
cross-sections distorting under their own
                                                 Mike Harker says the joint venture partners
huge weight, they were stored on end and
                                                 demonstrated that not only was it possible,
lifted by crane onto special vehicles to be
                                                 but it was the best possible option at
transported north.
                                                 Browns Bay.
Hynds Pipe Systems representative Rob
                                                 One of the challenges with the slurry
Good was Hynds liaison officer for the
                                                 excavation method of tunnel boring is to
project, keeping lines of communication
                                                 prevent the pressurised slurry ‘daylighting’
open between the company and contractors,
                                                 to the road or pavement above, or causing
Harker Underground and Works, on site.
Communication between the site, Hynds
and the pipe transport company, Southern         Harker Underground’s sister company,
Water Cartage, was vitally important as          New Zealand firm Tunnelteq, designed and
the correct number of pipes needed to be         manufactured the tunnelling equipment
delivered without fail and in good time for      specially to suit the challenging local
the project to progress smoothly.                conditions of the Browns Bay project.

“There was only a small amount of storage        “I think tunnelling and microtunnelling
on site at Browns Bay – with room for only       will become more the norm,” says Mike,
about 10 of the pipes at a time – so it was a    “Tunnelling has three key advantages
logistical challenge to supply the eight pipes   over traditional trenching. It minimises
needed for jacking each day,” says Rob.          the environmental impact, minimises
                                                 disruption to the public, and maximises
“The pipes were manufactured ahead of
                                                 worker safety, and the more work we do,
time and stored at Papakura ready to be
                                                 the more confident councils are to specify       Above
shipped into Browns Bay as required. Most
                                                 this method.”                                      (top to bottom):
days, four trucks loaded with two pipes                                                             Tunnelling machine being installed.
each made the journey to the construction                                                           Pipes being jacked into place.
                                                 Adding to the prestige of the Browns Bay
                                                                                                    FLTR: Americo dos Santos, (HPS Technical Services Manager),
site – arriving about 7am to avoid traffic        project is the fact that all pipes were lined      Jo Voice (Project Engineer, Works Infrastructure), Rob Good,
                                                                                                    (HPS Sales Representative).
and parking congestion near the site.”           with a corrosion-resistant PVC T-Lock liner,
                                                 another first in New Zealand but well known       Client           Thien Yet Lieu, North Shore City Council
As main contractor for the pipe installation
                                                 internationally (See story page 4).              Consultant       Sinclair Knight Merz
section of the Browns Bay project, the Harker                                                     Engineers        Opus Consultants
Underground Construction team used an                                                                              Ross Cailliau, SKM

unmanned tunnelling machine controlled                                                            Hynds contact    Rob Good, Sales Representative
                                                                                                                   Americo dos Santos, Technical Services Manager
remotely from a cabin placed next to the
                                                                                                  Products         2.1m diameter Concrete Jacking Pipe

        d r a i n a g e
Corrosion meets its match
in T-Lock Linings
Ameron T-Lock liner was used in all the                         The pipes manufactured for the Browns                   T-Lock Lining technical
pipes manufactured for the Browns Bay                           Bay Project used a full 360 degree lube                 information
Project, another first in New Zealand.                           which was easily placed in the mould.
                                                                                                                        General properties
                                                                Once the pipes had been installed in the
Hynds Pipe Systems selected the T-Lock
                                                                line, and the jacking completed, the joints             Composition: High-molecular-weight
to meet the Council’s requirement for 100                                                                               PVC resins combined with chemical-
                                                                between the pipes were sealed using PVC
year design life, based on ease of use and                                                                              resistant pigments and plasticisers to
                                                                welding strips fused by hot air welding.*
long track record in sewer lines.                                                                                       create an inert mixture that is extruded
                                                                QA requirements meant that Ameron trained               under high temperature and pressure.
T-Lock is a T ribbed polyvinyl chloride
                                                                all the welders prior to commencement of
(PVC) sheet lining material designed                                                                                    Impermeability: All T-Lock Lining sheets
                                                                the word and these skills are now available             are tested with high-voltage electronic
specifically to protect new concrete sewer
                                                                in New Zealand.                                         holiday protector before shipment from
pipe, structures and monolithe tunnels
from corrosion due to hydrogen sulphide                         Additional QA checks required the entire                factory.
gas and other forms of attach.                                  lining to be inspected and holiday tested               Physical properties
                                                                once all the welding had been completed,                • Thermoplastic, flexible
T-Lock was first introduced in 1947. In
                                                                and any repairs carried out and retested.
1997, sewer pipe which had been installed                                                                               • Effective barrier to gas penetration
in 1951 in Orange County, California, was                       T-lock has other use which include                      • Abrasion resistant
removed for inspection, and the liner                           industrial applications (e.g. tanks or                  • Tear resistant
showed very little deterioration.                               structures in corrosive environments),
                                                                                                                        Chemical properties
                                                                water treatment plants, waste disposal
T-Lock is produced in a standard 1.65mm                                                                                 Displays resistance to:
                                                                and treatment plants.
thickness to provide a dense, impervious,
                                                                                                                        • Dilute solutions at ambient
continuous lining to protect the concrete                       Ameron have a complementary product
                                                                                                                          temperatures of most mineral and
substrate. The projecting T-ribs are                            Arrow-Lock sheet lining system which is                   organic acids
designed to permanently lock the liner into                     produced with arrow ribs, instead of T-ribs.
                                                                                                                        • Alkaline chemicals
the concrete.                                                   The Arrow-lock is ideal for rehabilitating
                                                                                                                        • Salt
                                                                corded concrete manholes and structures.
The T-lock lining is ideal for use in                                                                                   • Solvents
conjunction with wet cast concrete pipe.
                                                                                                                        • Petroleum
The liner is available in sheets properly
                                                                                                                        • Vegetable and animal oil
sized to fit the pipe diameter and may be
used to line any portion of the pipe up to a                    *Imperfections or damaged areas in the lines were       • Fungi and bacteria
                                                                easily repaired by welding a PVC strip or patch where
full 360 degrees.                                               necessary.

(Left to Right):
       Cross section of T-Lock liner cast into concrete wall.
       T-Lock liner in pipeline.

                                                                             w a t e r m a i n

                                                                                  A large-diameter watermain fitting is lowered into
                                                                                  a trench near Bethlehem.

                                                                               Installation of Polyethylene Pipe.

                                                                          Bottom left
                                                                               A branch fitting ready for backfill.

Judea connects to wastewater network
     Tauranga District Council is looking on Bethlehem’s        We used Hynds 525Ø concrete thrusting pipe as
     population growth as an opportunity to upgrade the         housing for 500mm PE pipe. For the rest of the
     settlement’s wastewater infrastructure. The first           project, we laid 375Ø and 450Ø PVC piping.”
     phase of this project was the installation of a new
                                                                “It wasn’t all plain sailing by any means. In Birch
     sewage pump station and emergency storage at
                                                                Avenue, the industrial area of Judea, we had to
     Judea, and the second was to build an extension            cross a number of ‘unknown’ services and again
     to connect the new pump station with Bethlehem’s           had to proceed cautiously. Although we went over
     wastewater system.                                         the time stipulated in the contract, we incurred no
     What normally would be a straightforward                   penalties because the variations were legitimate.”
     engineering project was complicated by the fact            A further difficulty was encountered at Cyprus
     that the sewerage extension intersected existing           Street where 600 metres of pipe had to be laid.
     utility services and the busy State Highway 2.             The trench went below the water table and filled
     Transit prohibits any open cutting across its              at high tide. Contract Manager Brett Ireland, of
     highways, so directional drilling was employed to          West City Construction, says the water had to be
     enable a concrete duct for the sewerage pipe to be         filtered through scoria to remove grit prior to being
     laid under the highway.                                    pumped out.
     Standard PVC piping is not preferred for this              “To overcome the tidal factor, we programmed the
     application, as polyethylene (PE) will give a more         job around just-in-time supply, working closely with
     secure system in ducts under the road. One of the          Hynds to ensure we had the piping as and when we
     benefits is that PE can be butt-welded and installed        needed it.”
     as a single unit. It also has a design life of 50 years,
     or more.                                                    Client                Phil Burke & Graeme Jelley,
                                                                                       Council Engineers; Tauranga District Council
     Senior Environmental Engineer Johann Mouton, of             Engineer              Johann Mouton, Senior Environmental Engineer;
     Opus International Consultants, reports how the                                   Opus International Consultants

     pipe had to be thrust under the state highway at the        Hynds contact         Daryl Wheatley, Branch Manager, Tauranga

     Waihi Road roundabout.                                      Contractor            Brett Ireland, Contract Manager;
                                                                                       West City Construction
     “We had to cross a 250mmØ water main and, as                Products              Hythrust Jacking Pipe, Ductile Iron,
                                                                                       Values & Fittings, Polyethylene Pipe
     often happens, we encountered a dive-down which
     necessitated lowering the duct to pass underneath.

        d r a i n a g e
Tanks reduce spill risk
Hauraki District Council recently installed              The project went well, especially
two sewage pump stations and retention                   considering the sub-contractor Dave Todd,
tanks, using Hynds products and expertise.               had to contend with unexpected running
The first was at Waihi, a township                        water from an underground stream.
experiencing ongoing population growth,
                                                         The Ngatea units, enabling storage capacity
and the second, more recent, project was
                                                         of nine hours, were bedded on imported
for a new subdivision in Ngatea.
                                                         fill to overcome the ‘puggy’ marine mud,
Completed in July last year, the Waihi                   common to the area.
installation at Wenlock Street included a
                                                         Hauraki District Council Utilities Overseer
pump station and retention tank comprising
                                                         Neil McKain, says: “Using the Hynds-
of three Hydura concrete pipes to provide
                                                         designed, precast pump station units and
24 hours of sewage storage capacity in the
                                                         retention tanks makes for easy installation
event of a pump or power failure.
                                                         and cost effectiveness in difficult terrain”.
Hauraki District Council Senior Engineer
                                                         Hynds Sales Representative Roger               Above
William Bryant says: “Waihi is an                                                                            The installation of a retention tank.
                                                         Pinkerton says: “Each installation site
environmentally sensitive area which is
                                                         poses different challenges. Our aim is to      Below
subject to power outs – some of which can                                                                    Installed units are from the Hynds standard pump
                                                         find the best solutions for each individual
be quite lengthy. Our aim is to avoid spills,                                                                station range.
                                                         site and situation, and ensure the job is
so we look at each site on a case-by-case
                                                         completed to the highest standards.”
basis and design accordingly.”

For the Waihi pump station, Hynds supplied
the council with a 2050mmØ, flanged
base and riser, precast valve chamber, and
a one piece wet well and valve chamber
lid complete with inset alloy covers. The
retention tank comprised 2100mmØ
Hydura skid ring pipes, two with precast
end plugs set in and one with a 1050mmØ
manhole off-take set in.

These units are part of the Hynds standard
pump station range, which is available in
sizes from 1.8m to 3m. Hynds also supplied
polyethylene (PE) rising main pipework and

 Client/Engineer   William Bryant, Senior Engineer;
                   Hauraki District Council

 Hynds contact     Roger Pinkerton, Sales

 Contractor        Dave Todd; Hauraki District Council

 Products          Retention Tanks, Large Diameter
                   Precast Pipes, Hydura Concrete,
                   Polyethylene Pipe & Fittings
                                                                                                                          d r a i n a g e

Pumping Power to Prevent Whitianga Flooding
Whitianga is the fastest growing town in the               The co-operation between Hynds, Hopper
Thames Coromandel District Council area but like           Construction, Opus and Thames Coromandel
many low-lying coastal settlements, flooding can            District Council was crucial to the success of the
be a problem.                                              new design as they all had specific criteria to
                                                           meet: Hynds for manufacturing/supplying product,
The Racecourse Road area of Whitianga was one
                                                           Hopper for assembly, Opus for design approval and,
area where drains often overflowed during heavy
                                                           of course, the TCDC, which was paying the bills.
rainfall spilling through nearby houses. The road
is close to the sea through land that once formed          Opus Project Manager Peter Ireland reports the
part of the dune system but now is urbanised.              pump station is in the ground, a Pohutukawa tree
Something had to be done to protect residents’             immediately alongside the pump station has been
safety and amenity.                                        preserved.

But urban development posed additional problems,           This will collect water from street sumps and the
constraining the design of a stormwater pump               pump station will pump it via twin 600mmØ rising
station and pipe network, undertaken by Opus               mains to a grass swale on Buffalo Beachfront.
International Consultants Limited. The space for the       From there it will gravitate north towards the
pump station was limited to the road berm, making          Taputapuatea Stream.
it necessary to create extra storage capacity in
                                                           In amongst all the purpose-built headwalls,
the pipe network itself, using Hynds concrete pipe
                                                           stainless steel grilles and alloy floodgates, there’s
of 1050mmØ. The pump station, which was to be
                                                           an important fact in which Whitianga’s flood
positioned at the low point, had been designed as
                                                           victims of the past can take comfort: the two Flygt
a large single chamber with two pumps. It called
                                                           submersible propeller pumps are jointly capable
for a pre-cast solution but construction would have
                                                           of moving four million litres of water an hour,
required substantial sheet piling so the site could
                                                           equivalent to 4000 tonnes. How’s that for hydraulic
be de-watered.
                                                           flow power!
The contractor - Hopper Construction - approached
Hynds, and engineers from the two companies
worked together to modify the design. The new
design was made up of two vertical chambers with
an opening between the two at the bottom to allow
water to pass through to the pumps. Each vertical
chamber consisted of four box type sections with the
                                                           Right from top
bottom unit having a floor precast into it. Another
                                                               Wingwall with floodgate;
critical detail was tying the units together. The result       Pump chamber under construction;
                                                               Polyethylene pipe ready for installation post welded;
was that each unit was light and easily handled,
                                                               Polyethylene pipe being installed;
making for swift assembly in just two days and the             Pump station outlet structure.
need for sheet piling was considerably reduced.

The pumps were critical to the entire concept, and
two state-of-the-art pumps imported from Sweden
were chosen. In the process of re-configuring the
pump station, the engineers had created two equal           Client             Thames Coromandel District Council

chambers, front and rear. To comply with the pump           Engineers          Peter Ireland, Keith Coldwell; Opus

manufacturer’s specifications, which stipulated the          Hynds contact      Kevin Carlyle,
                                                                               Contract Sales Manager; Central Region
pumps receive a flow of water with no turbulence,
                                                            Contractor         Simon Kirkpatrick, Site Manager;
they then constructed a divider wall in the rear                               Hopper Construction
chamber, which had the desired effect. The pumps            Products           Watermain Fittings, Manhole Systems,
are suspended from concrete lids designed to carry                             Polyethylene Pipe, Ring Joint Pipe,
                                                                               Concrete Lined Mild Steel Pipe, Concrete
the weight and the vibration. The usual access for                             Pipes, Concrete Precast Product,
                                                                               Galvanised & Stainless Steel Hardware
observation and maintenance is provided.

d r a i n a g e
                     The Te Apiti Wind Farm

                              The Te Apiti Wind Farm is headed to
                              become a household name!

                              Commissioned by Meridian Energy Limited,
                              this $100-million-plus project was split
                              into two major contracts:

                              •   the supply and erection of 55 wind
                                  turbines undertaken by Danish
                                  company NEG Micon, and

                              •   the civil component - the construction
                                  of the roads and foundations – which
                                  was won by Palmerston North
                                  company Higgins Projects. It was the
                                  largest single construction contract
                                  the company had ever undertaken.

                              Meridian selected a site at the southern
                              end of the Ruahine Ranges for the wind
                              farm - on Saddle Road, just north of the
                              Manawatu Gorge. This site was chosen
                              because of the consistently high wind
                              speeds that rarely exceed the range
                              necessary for wind turbines to generate

                              Te Apiti’s capacity, measured as the
                              percentage of total time during the year
                              when electricity can be generated, is
                              approximately 45% - far exceeding the
                              international average capacity of 23%.

                              The objective was to erect 55 towers, each
                              70 metres high and fitted with a 1.65MW
                              turbine with three 36-metre blades. Each
                              of the 55 turbines sit on a foundation of
                              375m3 of concrete – that’s 75 truckloads
                              per turbine. The 55 towers will generate
                              electricity equivalent to meet the needs of
                              45,000 New Zealand homes.

                              A substation on Saddle Road collects
                              output from the 55 turbines at 22kV and
                              converts this to 110kV for shipment to
                              Transpower’s Woodville substation. From
                              there it is supplied to the national grid.

                              To gain access to the site of some
                              1,150ha of farmland, Higgins began with
                              the construction of 21km of roads. For
                              the roads and the actual location of the
                              turbines, approximately 1,200,000m3 of
                              earth had to be excavated.

                                                                                                                 d r a i n a g e

Higgins’s Project Manager, Paul McKnight,
says he was pleased with progress until in
February 2004 ‘Mother Nature decided to
make things difficult’.

“Floods caused major slips and washed
away the Pohangina River Bridge effectively
closing Saddle Road, our main access
route from Palmerston North. Our only
access immediately was via the Pahiatua
track, adding an additional hour’s travel
time to reach the site.”

Paul’s answer was to construct a temporary
crossing to re-establish access across the
river about half a kilometre from where
the bridge had been washed out. Dubbed
‘McKnight’s Bridge’, it was used until a
Bailey Bridge could be built.

Despite this six-week delay, the construction
work was completed in accordance with
the original program.

Hynds Pipe Systems supplied Higgins
                                                Opposite page
and other subcontractors with culvert           From top
pipe drainage materials, manholes and               Floods washed away the Pohangina River Bridge in February
                                                    last year;
electrical ducting. Hynds’s Contract Pricing        Electrical PVC ducting;
Manager for the project Owen Johnston               This temporary crossing of the Pohangina River Bridge,
                                                    dubbed ‘McKnight’s Bridge’, was part of 21km of roads
says: “There’s a bonus in this clean-power          constructed to form road access to the wind farm site;
                                                    One turbine foundation required 75 truckloads of concrete.
solution - not only is it sustainable and
environmentally friendly, but the Te Apiti      This page
                                                From top
Wind Farm is also an elegant landmark that          A 70-metre tower dwarfs people and machinery.
has great interest as a tourist attraction. I
                                                Below right
believe that the three councils closely             When the blade tip is at 12 o’clock, the structure stands
involved - Tararua, Palmerston North and            106 metres.
Horizons Regional - are on to that!”

                                                 Client/Engineer   Meridian Energy

                                                 Hynds contact     Owen Johnston, Contract Pricing
                                                                   Manager, Palmerston North

                                                 Contractor        Paul McKnight, Project Manager;
                                                                   Higgens Projects

                                                 Products          Reinforced Concrete Rubber Ring Joint Pipe,
                                                                   Electrical Ducting, Manhole Systems

                      d r a i n a g e

                                           Whitianga Waterways sets standards
Opposite page                                       Whitianga, on the Coromandel Peninsula, has been        to supply all the underground services pipework
     A bird’s eye view of the Whitianga             a magnet for holidaymakers for years. The resort        such as pipes for drinking water, stormwater
     Waterways project during construction.         township attracts boaties, fishing enthusiasts, eco-     control and sewerage for the Whitianga Waterways
Middle                                              tourists and families seeking rest and relaxation       development.
     Aerial view of completed Whitianga             amongst its beautiful, unspoilt surroundings.
     Waterways stage.                                                                                       Another essential part of the project was to upgrade
Bottom                                              The region is now attracting more and more              the town’s infrastructure network to cope with the
     Installation of polyethylene pipe.             lifestylers and retired people who are keen to invest   extra demand. This entailed improving water mains
                                                    in their own special piece of real estate on this       and sewers and relocating some major services.
                                                    unique part of the coast.
                                                                                                            Stage 1 of Whitianga Waterways commenced in
                                                    Whitianga Waterways began as a joint venture            October 2001 and consisted of 46 lots all with canal
                                                    with local landowners and was expected to take          access on their boundaries.
                                                    about 20 years to fully complete. It is a master
                                                                                                            To date, 1.4 million cubic metres of earth have been
                                                    planned development under the control of Hopper
                                                                                                            removed to form the canals, with about 5000 lineal
                                                    Developments and is setting new standards in
                                                                                                            metres of rock-covered concrete walling erected
                                                    resort and residential development.
                                                                                                            along the canal banks to prevent erosion.
                                                    Approximately 1500 sections are to be created,
                                                                                                            Hopper’s Site Manager Dave Hooker says the
                                                    including options such as canal frontage, airfield
                                                                                                            company is now developing Stage 4, which will
                                                    frontage and standard sections. Luxury homes with
                                                                                                            take the development’s number of sites to 236.
                                                    direct access to the water and private moorings
                                                    have become increasingly popular in recent years.       Other portions of the site being developed include
                                                    The concept has proved hugely successful on             the Airpark development, which contains 58 sites
This page                                                                                                   and backs onto the Whitianga Airfield.
Below left
                                                    Queensland’s Gold Coast, as is the case in New
      Polyethylene pipe is ready to roll out.       Zealand and is evident with another Hopper project
                                                                                                            This part of the project also included two special
                                                    on the Coromandel, Pauanui Waterways.
Below right                                                                                                 stormwater diversion chambers including twin
     Thrusting was the most common ducting
     installation method used during the Avondale   Hopper Construction, a subsidiary of Hopper             1200mm culverts, which Hynds designed and
     upgrade.                                       Developments, appointed Hynds Pipe Systems              precast.

                                                                                                            Avondale upgrade
                                                                                                            Vector’s latest overhead installation programme
                                                                                                            (OHIP) created a significant change to the Avondale
                                                                                                            landscape when it was completed in March this
                                                                                                            year. The $6 million upgrade involved removing
                                                                                                            power poles along Rosebank Road and neighbouring
                                                                                                            streets and putting power lines underground.

                                                                                                            Vector, Telecom and Auckland City Council, in
                                                                                                            partnership, contracted Fulton Hogan as the
                                                                                                            main contractor for the Avondale project with
                                                                                                            Hynds supplying PVC and polyethylene ducting.
                                                                                                            More than 1100 residents and businesses were
                                                                                                            connected during the six-month project, and over
                                                                                                            27km of ducting was installed.
                                                                                                                                d r a i n a g e

Apart from concrete pipes, Hynds has supplied
various types of plastic pipe along with special wet-
wells, valve chambers, lids, and associated nylon-
coated ductile iron pipework, as well as galvanised
stainless steel hardware such as lids and ladders.

Hynds Technical Engineers paid special attention to the
concrete stormwater pipes for this project. Because
these pipes are in constant contact with seawater,
they have been constructed from extra-durable Hydura
concrete, and include additional internal cover over the
reinforcing to ensure longer life.

Hopper Construction’s Manager Guy Jones, says
that there was no hesitation in awarding Hynds
the job saying: “They’ve always been able to
refine and adapt product to our exact needs, so we
knew we could rely on them for this important and
prestigious contract”.

 Contractor      Dave Hooker, Site Manager; Hopper Construction

 Hynds Contact   Kevin Carlyle; Contract Sales
                 Manager, Central Region

 Products        Polyethylene Pipe, PVC Pipe, Dutile
                 Iron Valves & Fittings, Concrete Pipe,
                 Precast Concrete, Galvanised & Stainless
                 Hardware, Hydura Concrete Product

Thrusting was the most common ducting installation                other improvements so that disruption to the local
method, as it could be used where the existing                    community is minimised.
corridor was too narrow for trenching or where
                                                                  Fulton Hogan and the same construction partners
it formed a route for gas and water mains. The
                                                                  are now involved on a second similar OHIP project
trenching and thrusting had to pass next to or
                                                                  in the Glenn Innes area.
under more than 600 trees that had to be protected
from damage.

Fulton Hogan Project Manager Trevor Cook says:
“When you see the streets after the job is complete,
the improvement is quite dramatic. Removing
overhead lines and poles makes a street feel less
congested and cluttered.”                                          Client          Donald Boltom, Project Manager; Vector

                                                                   Contractor 1    Trevor Cook, Project Manager; Fulton Hogan
Vector undertakes several OHIPs each year and
                                                                   Contractor 2    Jonno Webber, Owner; J&R Contracting
regularly partners with city councils to assess
                                                                   Hynds contact   Kevan Wilson, Business Development Manager
what areas would benefit most. The work is often
                                                                   Products        Polyethylene Pipe, PVC Pipe
done as part of an overall paving upgrade or

         d r a i n a g e

High hopes for Mercer-Longswamp four-laning
Transit New Zealand aims to improve                           Transit New Zealand’s Erik van der Wel         are daunting. In total, more than two
traffic safety with the realignment of                         says: “The work is running to schedule         million cubic metres of cut material will be
one of the most dangerous stretches of                        for completion in 2006. Quite apart            shifted throughout the project.
State Highway 1 south of Auckland, the                        from the economic benefits, even more
                                                              significant is the hope for a reduction in      Joe Edwards explains: “Underground
10-kilometre Mercer-Longswamp sector.
                                                              accident fatalities. This project could save   springs make the hills unstable, so the
It is just one stage of a huge project to                     up to four lives, annually.” The project       first step was to sink large manholes with
provide a safer and more efficient road                        contract was awarded to a joint venture        collection pipes that serve to lower the
and rail network between Auckland and                         between McConnell Dowell and Ross Reid         water table. We then identify and fill soft
the Waikato. Motor vehicle numbers are                        Construction Limited. Project Manager Joe      sections along the route that the road will
increasing by a steady 3% a year, but                         Edwards says: “It is highly complex, but       take, pre-loading them with cut material.
                                                              talk with us and it’s easy!”
the alarming road toll was behind the                                                                        After waiting for the ground to settle,
commissioning of this massive project.                        Some of the earthmoving statistics alone       sometimes by as much as two metres,

Above right
     Part of the extensively excavated site.

Below left
     Jacking pipe ready for installation.

Below right
     Hynds Sales Representative, Rob Good and Ross Ferreby from Ross Reid.

                                                                                                                     d r a i n a g e

we remove the pre-load and start building    of specialists. Ross Reid co-ordinates                       Client              Eric van der Wel, Project Engineer; Transit NZ
the road.”                                   anchoring tendons to drill and tie back                      Engineer            John Kerr, Engineers Representative;
                                                                                                                              Boxam Burnett & Oliver
                                             retaining walls in sensitive hill areas.
“It would be straightforward if we were                                                                   Hynds contact       Rob Good, Sales Representative
                                             Hauraki Piling brings another kind
building the new road parallel to the                                                                     Contractor          Joe Edwards; Project Manager
old one, but the new one constantly          of expertise, and then there are the                                             McConnell Dowell & Ross Reid Joint Venture

crosses over it. This requires continuous    precasters for the bridge construction. Last                 Sub Contractor      Gerard Twoomey, Owner; Twoomey Construction

                                             but not least is the instrumentation that                    Products            Manhole Systems, Rubber Ring Joint Pipe
diversions, section by section, and with
around 17 000 vehicle movements per day      will monitor the sensitive soil conditions.
– that’s general public vehicles – we’re     Much of this equipment is housed in
obliged to stay on our toes!”                concrete chambers precast by Hynds.

To add to the complexity, the construction   “There are some rather technical drainage
conditions necessitate a whole range         applications,” says Joe.

                                Small tanks provide retention relief
                                             In Mount Maunganui, roof water runs                         impossible. Drainage contractor, Neville
                                             off into soak holes, but when these fill                     Loveridge, came up with a cost effective
                                             they overflow into the stormwater system.                    solution to this problem by installing small
                                             When high tide coincides with heavy                         water tanks that would fit into the limited
                                             rains, the system cannot cope. Until the                    area available for use. “At high-tide the
                                             stormwater lines can be upgraded, all                       water level was higher than the basement,
                                             new buildings over a certain size are                       so the tanks hold the water until the
                                             required to have additional storage built                   tide goes out. We’ve made sure they
                                             into their foundations. Except it’s not                     have the capacity to cope with periods of
                                             always that easy.                                           heavy rain.”

                                             At Stratos Apartments, a new development                    Hynds Pipe Systems supplied the ten
                                             in Grace Avenue, the basement sits below                    plastic tanks & fittings required.
                                             sea level, making the soakage method

                                              Client          Alan Rydings, Commercial
                                                              Manager; Marlan Developments                      Cost effective in a tight space... plastic
                                                                                                                holding tanks at Stratos Apartments,
                                              Contractor      Neville Loveridge; Loveridge Contractors          Mount Maunganui.
                                              Hynds contact   Daryl Wheatley, Branch Manager, Tauranga

                                              Products        Water Tanks

d r a i n a g e

                  Customised culverts transform
                  main street site
                  The vision was for a three-level retail/office building   into the tops of the units that the construction crew
                  to grace a previously unusable section fronting          were able to lock down in situ.
                  Whitianga’s main street.
                                                                           Hynds technical team also assisted in the loading
                  A dangerous and unsightly tidal drain ran along the      and final design specifications for the culverts,
                  southern boundary of the section, occupying a third      which were to form part of the foundations for the
                  of the site. The proposed building’s foundations         proposed three-storey building.
                  needed to straddle this drain.
                                                                           Each box culvert under the building was three
                  One of the challenges for the contractor, Hopper         metres wide, 2.3m high and weighed 9.5 tonnes.
                  Construction, was to de-water the entire site and        A total of 18 units were installed. Stage two
                  support the adjacent buildings while the job was in      called for another series of box culverts in a run
                  progress. Piping the drain with boxed culverts was       of nine metres that would support a commercial
                  identified as the best solution in that area.             service lane at the rear of the proposed building.
                                                                           These units were 2.9m wide and 2.1m high, but
                  The consultants for this project, Brian Boult &          had a thicker, 250mm wall to provide a standard
                  Associates, proposed a preliminary design                (HN-HO-72) transit bridge loading.
                  containing sizes and other specifications. From here
                  Hopper Construction liaised with Hynds, who in turn      Hopper Construction wanted to use a 35-tonne
                  recommended using Hydura concrete, a product             digger to install the box culverts because, at the
                  designed to withstand the corrosive environment in       time, there was no readily available crane based in
                  which these units were to be installed.                  Whitianga. To keep the culverts within the capacity
                                                                           of Hopper’s digger, the length of each unit was
                  Another requirement was to ensure good bonding           reduced from 1.5m to 1.2m, thus reducing their
                  between the tops of the culverts and the floor as it      weight by 2.4 tonnes.
                  was poured. Hynds developed a shear key detail
                                                                           Commenting on the successful completion of the
                                                                           project, Hopper Construction’s Project Manager
                                                                           Rob Harris, says: “We really needed the flexibility
                                                                           afforded by taking the precast approach. Hynds
                                                                           ensured that potential snags were avoided.”

                                                                            Engineer         Brian Boult, B F Boult & Associates

                                                                            Hynds contact    Roger Pinkerton, Sales Representative

                                                                            Contractor       Rob Harris and Guy Jones, Project Managers;
                                                                                             Hopper Construction

                                                                            Products         Hydura Concrete, Box Culverts

                                                                                A 35-tonne digger placing the customised box culverts.

                                                                                                                     d r a i n a g e

Communication ensures success
Works Infrastructure began work on the second           “Further improvement processes were necessary                  Above
                                                                                                                       (clockwise from top left):
stage of Waimakariri District Council’s Eastern         to raise effluent quality. For this project, two                     Upgraded UV light system;
Sewerage Upgrade in March 2003. The project             sand filters were added, making a complement                         Manhole in embankment;
                                                                                                                            The UV light disinfection system;
involved an upgrade of the sewerage treatment           of three, and the UV light disinfection system was                  Effluent field in action;
plant in the growing town of Kaiapoi.                   upgraded.”                                                          Birds eye view of treatment plant;
                                                                                                                            Effluent field.
Beca Limited was commissioned to design the new         “The resulting high-quality effluent can now be
system which would replace the original plant, built    safely discharged to the river until a proposed
in 1960 to the east of the town off Ferry Road.         ocean outfall is available in 2006.”

Waimakariri District Council’s Project Manager          “The ocean outfall, one to 2km offshore, is part of
Peter Marks explains what was necessary to              the council’s vision for a long-term solution which
achieve a higher-quality wastewater: “The flow           includes the broad objective of treating all sewage
to the oxidation ponds was uneven, the result of        with upgraded plants at Rangiora, Woodend,
short and long 375mm pipes causing a differential       Kaiapoi and Waikuku Beach and connecting the
in the head loss. To correct this, we substituted       plants by a network of pipelines across the district
a 600mmØ Hynds pipe for the longer section and          to discharge high-quality effluent from the outfall.”
eliminated the effect of the head loss differential.”
                                                        “We envisage a permanent improvement in the
“We improved the flow through the 32-hectare             quality of our rivers and water systems, which will
wetland area. This involved constructing banks of       flourish with fish and all forms of aquatic life.”
earth baffles to reduce flow short-circuiting. The
                                                        Client          Waimakiriri District Council
wetland allows the effluent to infiltrate into the
                                                        Engineer        CH2M Beca Limited
ground for 60% of the time. For the rest of the time,
                                                        Contractor      Dave Neru, Works Infrastructure
high groundwater levels reduce the infiltration, so
                                                        Hynds contact   Maurie Joyce, Sales Representative
the effluent needs to be discharged via Jockey
                                                        Products        Rubber Ring Jointed Pipes, Manhole Systems
Baker Creek to the Waimakariri River.”

         d r a i n a g e

Overnight runway success
When Tauranga Airport needed someone to      the ground water. The pumps were              Above
                                                                                                Tauranga City Airport runway... as good as new!
complete an unusual stormwater project,      positioned at least 60 metres away from
Connell Contracting readily accepted, even   the runway, for safety reasons.               Below left
                                                                                                A ring joint pipe is eased into trench.
though it meant some of its team would
                                             After that, it was a matter of digging up
have to give up their day jobs! Work on
                                             the tarseal in sections each night,
this job could only be done at night.
                                             installing the piping and removing that
The airport had to remain operational        section of wellpoint. Come morning, the
during the day, so construction work could   runway was re-sealed, ready for the early
commence only at 8.30pm. The runway’s        morning flights.
tarmac seal had to be intact by 5.30am
                                             The airport is a controlled area and timing
each day, ready for traffic.
                                             was crucial. There was no room for error,
Although the project itself was not          and Dave Connell’s team made none. In
technically demanding and required the       fact, they were rewarded for their efforts
installation of about 2km of stormwater      with a Caltex Construction Award.
piping, the first task was to install about
160 metres of wellpoint system to remove

                                                                                            Client             Ray Dumble, Airport Manager; Tauranga Airport

                                                                                            Engineer           Andrew Carmichael, Senior Engineer;
                                                                                                               Connell Wagner

                                                                                            Contractor         Dave Connell, Owner; Connell Contracting

                                                                                            Hynds contact      Daryl Wheatley, Branch Manager, Tauranga

                                                                                            Products           Rubber Ring Joint Pipes
                                                                                                         d r a i n a g e
Watch out! Here comes
the Boss
Hynds is introducing the Boss range of
strong, lightweight plastic pipes to New
Zealand this summer, taking the country
into a new era of pipe technology.

The latest additions to Hynds Pipe Systems’
extensive product catalogue, Boss pipes
are manufactured in New Zealand to suit
our rugged conditions. The rigid, twin-wall,
corrugated pipes are a product of the
latest international technology and raw
                                               Alan Paterson. “Polypropylene, used for         Top
material improvements – with a big dash                                                              Bosspipe being installed.
of Kiwi ingenuity.                             the StormBoss and SewerBoss pipes, is
                                               very strong and robust, has high abrasion-
                                                                                               Bottom right
The Boss range comprises:                      resistance, is resistant to chemicals, and           Rubber ring being put onto pipe.
                                                                                                    Cutting to length.
• StormBoss – polypropylene pipe for           can operate at quite high temperatures
  stormwater applications                      – up to 80 degrees Celsius – which none
                                               of the other plastics can.”
• SewerBoss – polypropylene pipe for
  sewer system installations                   The Boss range is suitable for a wide range     interior are coloured black for ultimate UV
                                               of applications, from rural farms to urban      protection so FarmBoss won’t go brittle in
• FarmBoss – polyethylene drainage and
                                               subdivisions. It is manufactured in four        the sun. Lengths can be transported on
  culvert pipe.
                                               internal diameter sizes: 225mm; 300mm;          utility vehicles using roof racks, making
The Boss range of pipes is produced by         375mm; and 450mm. Diameters of up to            them a popular option for farmers.
Waters and Farr - the trading name for         600mm are planned for the future.
                                                                                               Bosspipe stiffness ratings will suit all types
Interpipe Holdings Ltd - a joint venture
                                               The StormBoss product is an extruded,           of applications with product being stock in
formed in February 2005. The joint venture
                                               high-technology, lightweight, twin-wall         SN6, SN8 and SN16.
ensures New Zealand customers have
                                               polypropylene pipe suitable for stormwater
access to the best plastic pipe product
                                               applications. It features a smooth internal
technology available in the world. Hynds
                                               bore (colour-coded grey) and a corrugated
chairman John Hynds, saw the huge
                                               exterior wall capable of withstanding high
number of applications for this type of pipe
                                               loads. Polypropylene is a tough material
throughout New Zealand and set about
                                               with excellent and proven resistance to
forming the joint venture.
                                               impact, chemical attack and abrasion.
“It’s a significant move for Hynds,” says
                                               SewerBoss is an extruded, high-technology
John Hynds. “Concrete has been the
                                               twin-wall polypropylene suitable for
traditional material used to make pipes,
                                               wastewater applications. Like StormBoss,
but now we’re seeing an overseas trend
                                               it too has a smooth internal bore (colour-
to move to polypropylene pipes, which are
                                               coded terracotta) and a corrugated
considerably lighter than concrete pipe.
                                               exterior wall for maximum performance
“The installer can lay a six-metre length of   characteristics. Its interior is colour-coded
Boss pipe using smaller diggers reducing       terracotta.
the need for high capital cost equipment
                                               FarmBoss is a drainage and culvert
Waters and Farr, a polyethylene pipe-
                                               pipe manufactured from high-density
maker since 1954, manufactures the
                                               polyethylene, an extremely tough material
Bosspipe range at its Wanganui factory.
                                               with excellent and proven resistance to
“The big thing about the Bosspipe is that      impact and abrasion. FarmBoss pipes have
they are lightweight but very strong,”         a smooth, internal bore and a corrugated
says Waters and Farr general manager           exterior wall. Both the exterior and

                  r        u
                               18  r       a      l

                                                                     Conservation dream
                                                                        becomes reality

                                                      After searching extensively for a property which
                                                      would enable them to pursue their interests in
                                                      wildlife and conservation, Murray and Lois Tapp
                                                      finally found a suitable site on Taraunui Road, Parua
                                                      Bay, 23km from Whangarei. Using their family            The Tapps were particularly pleased with the
                                                      trust, Tamal Trust, they purchased 44.5ha of ex-        risers and their potential for varied use in wetland
                                                      dairying land and are now in the process of             projects. “The waterfowl habitat and landscape
                                                      turning it into a stunning example of reinstated        values of a wetland could be greatly enhanced by
                                                      freshwater wetlands.                                    the imaginative placement of different size risers
                                                                                                              and suitable plant material. They could be planted
                                                      Three wetlands totalling approximately 6ha have
                                                                                                              in such a way that eventually the riser would not
                                                      been developed on the site which is close to the
                                                                                                              be visible.”
                                                      Whangarei District Council Pataua River Site of
                                                      Ecological Significance. Two upper wetlands run          Other applications suggested by the Tapps include
                                                      parallel to each other and are separated by a           using the risers as ‘islands’ in smaller or urban
                                                      peninsula, which is mainly grassland with a small       landscaped wetlands where the construction of
                                                      area of native bush. Both have a dam fill about 3m       an earth island would limit the area of open
                                                      high. The water is directed from these into the third   water. Risers also allow for the containment and
                                                      wetland which flows into the Taraunui Stream. All        management of plant material and enable plants to
                                                      three are interspersed with islands and associated      be introduced into wetlands that would otherwise
                                                      plantings, and landscaped to blend together as          be too deep for planting.
                                                      much as possible.
                                                                                                              In addition to the risers, a 150mm base pipe and
                                                      Large diameter risers supplied by Hynds Pipe            gate valve with a 300mm overflow pipe in a drop
Above right
      The Kaihikatea wetland prior to reaching
                                                      Systems were put to innovative use as ‘wind lap’        box was used to allow water level control for
     full water level.                                buffers. The off-cuts were placed so that the top of    maintenance of the Tamal Wetlands. This system
This page                                             each riser is 100-150mm above water level, then         was used in the two upper wetland areas. In the
Below                                                 backfilled with earth. This prevents the ‘wind lap’      lower wetland, a 150mm base pipe and gate
      The marginal farmland before construction
      of the Kauri wetland, left, and after the       (small waves) from eroding into the earth fill that      valve enable the water levels to be lowered as
      wetland was formed, right.                      forms the island.                                       necessary.

                                                                             before                                                                                  after
                                                                                                                   r   u       r        a       l

Because Murray and Lois live on the property,
they were particularly concerned about pollutants
from household waste water filtering through to
the wetlands. Installing a Hynds LifeStyle aerated
wastewater management system provided an
environmentally-sensitive solution. The system
treats wastewater to a level that provides a clean,
odourless liquid suitable for sustainable irrigation of
the surrounding environment.

“Challenges are an every day occurrence when
developing a private wetland and conservation
project such as ours. ”

The value of the right technical advice, good             “We take every available opportunity to make                 Left
                                                                                                                               Murray Tapp adjusts the water flow
design, planning and the right products delivered         landowners, surveyors, real estate agents and                        through the base pipe gate valve.
on time became apparent during construction.              councils aware of the value of natural wetlands
For instance, a tropical storm dumped 113mm of            when considering subdivision and land use. We                        Drop box overflow prior to the wetland
rain in 12 hours over the wetland catchment area          believe that conservation and sensible development                   reaching operating level.

- with the systems already in place the Tapps were        can complement one another.”
able to manage the rising water levels and the site
                                                           Client          Murray & Lois Tapp, Tamal Trust
remained safe.
                                                           Contractor      John Lethwick Limited
                                                                           Earthmoving Contractor
Murray and Lois hope in time to make the Tamal
                                                           Hynds contact   Neville Tapp, Operations Manager
Wetlands project available for educational purposes.
                                                           Products        Manhole Systems, LifeStyle Wastewater
It has already created considerable interest.                              Treatment System, Fittings
           techical feature
                                                                                                Durability of

About the Author

Americo Dos Santos
BSc Eng (Civil), CEng (UK), MICE, MIStructE,
Technical Services Manager

                                                    Introduction                                    Common Aggressive
Americo Dos Santos joined Hynds Pipe Systems                                                        Conditions
Limited in 2000 and has been Technical              Specifiers and Asset Managers are
Services Manager since 2001.                        becoming more aware of the need to              Common aggressive conditions which
                                                    specify more durable concrete for use in        affect the durability of concrete are:
                                                    aggressive conditions such as sewers,
‘Dos’, as he is widely known, has more than                                                         Marine Environment
                                                    marine environments and other areas
26 years’ experience in the design and
manufacture of precast and prestressed              where concrete may be subjected to              Durability of an element or structure is
concrete components and structures as well          chloride induced corrosion or acid attack.      affected by corrosion of embedded steel
as reinforced concrete pipe.                                                                        reinforcement as a result of chloride ion
                                                    Often the term 100 year “design life” is
                                                                                                    penetration through the concrete. This
His advanced knowledge of concrete technology       referred to in relation to durability of the
                                                                                                    process is known as chloride induced
associated with the manufacture of precast          concrete product or structure.
concrete products, including the development
                                                    “Design life” can be interpreted as the
and promotion of durable concrete in various                                                        Acid Attack in Sewers
exposure conditions, is highly valued not only      point in time where:
within the Hynds organisation but at industry                                                       Hydrogen sulphide gas (H2S) is often
                                                    •   The threshold for initiation of corrosion
level too.                                                                                          generated in sewers particularly those
                                                        occurs; or
                                                                                                    having a low gradient, low volume and a
Dos is the Hynds representative on Standards
                                                    •   “First maintenance” is required; or         high BOD value. In poorly ventilated sewers,
New Zealand/Standards Australia Committee
                                                    •   End of functional service life has          bacterial action in the moist environment,
WS-006, which is updating and amalgamating
NZS3101 and AS4058, and updating AS3725,                occurred.                                   oxidises the hydrogen sulphide gas (H2S)
and is the company’s technical representative                                                       to form sulphuric acid (H2SO4).
with the Concrete Pipe Association of                                                               Other Acid Attack
Australasia, which develops and promotes
the design and manufacture of high-quality                                                          Dairying, fruit processing, certain vegetable
reinforced concrete pipe.                                                                           processing, wine manufacturing, fish and
                                                                                                    meat processing, wool scouring and other
                                                                                                    industries all produce various forms of
                                                                                                    acids and /or sugars in solution which will
                                                                                                    attack concrete.
        Hydura manhole lids.                                                                        Sulphate Attack

Right                                                                                               Certain soils, geothermal sites and some
        Hydura pipe... extended life in corrosive                                                   sewage will also lead to concrete durability

Hydura Concrete
                                                                                                                             techical feature

  Hydura Concrete                                         Chloride Induced Corrosion

  Hydura concrete was developed by                        In this instance the term ”design life” is                NZS 3101 the Concrete Structures Standard
  Hynds in 1997 specially for our sewer                   subject to some interpretation because                    prescribes minimum requirements that
  and precast concrete product range.                     the process of chloride induced corrosion                 deem to meet durability requirements of 50
  Hydura uses a ternary or triple blend                   is two fold:                                              years under a wide range of environmental
  of cementitious materials, comprising                                                                             conditions. These are based on Exposure
                                                          •    Ingress of chloride ions from the
  Duracem® (containing 75% ground                                                                                   Classifications (table 5.1, NZS3101) and
  granulated blastfurnace slag (ggbs)), GP                     surface of the concrete until a certain
                                                                                                                    Minimum Required Cover (table 5.5,
  cement and Microsilica 600.                                  threshold (below which no corrosion
                                                               occurs) is achieved. A commonly
  General Purpose Portland cement (Type                        accepted value is 0.4% by weight of                  Holcim have developed the BRANZ
  GP), blended with ground granulated                          cement. The transport mechanisms                     approved “Chloride Ingress Model” which
  blastfurnace slag (ggbs), a “natural”
                                                               for this phase are penetration of                    models the passage of chloride ions into
  cement, provides superior protection and
                                                               water (containing the chlorides) and                 the cover regions of reinforced concrete
  durability to concrete subject to chloride
                                                               diffusion.                                           exposed to salt laden environments and
  induced corrosion of reinforcement or
                                                                                                                    predicts period of exposure to reach the
  moderate (pH≥4.5) acid attack. Use of slag              •    Initiation of corrosion.
                                                                                                                    threshold at which corrosion of the steel
  cement is historically known to provide
                                                          As a result “design life” is usually                      may commence.
  superior protection to deterioration due to
                                                          interpreted as the point in time:
  acid attack e.g. Brussels, Belgium 1890’s,                                                                        Typical exposure periods for varying depths
  sewerage and underground railway tunnels                •    To reach the threshold for initiation of             of cover for precast Hydura concrete are
  made extensive use of concrete containing                    corrosion to occur; or                               detailed in Tables 1 and 2 (below) for Class
  high volumes of ggbs.                                                                                             B2 and Class C exposures respectively.
                                                          •    When “first maintenance” is required.
  The durability of Hydura concrete arises                                                                          For a typical 50MPa concrete the CIM
                                                          There is no internationally recognised
  from the low levels of calcium hydroxide                                                                          Model predicts cover requirements for
                                                          process of assuring a given prescribed
  Ca(OH)2 in the slag concrete. Most of                                                                             Hydura concrete of 20mm and 35mm
  the remaining calcium hydroxide Ca(OH)2                 “solution” which will meet a particular
                                                                                                                    for B2 and C exposure respectively, for
  reacts with the Microsilica 600 to produce              service life. Chloride induced corrosion                  exposure periods in excess of 100 years to
  additional calcium silicate hydrate. The                is not a “precise science”. The principles                the initiation of corrosion.
  resultant refined pore structure of the                  however, are well understood and there
                                                                                                                    By contrast, NZS3101 requires 35mm
  concrete is more dense, less porous and                 are many researchers around the world
                                                                                                                    and 70mm cover for B2 and C exposure
  hence less vulnerable to leaching and                   publishing technical papers and developing
                                                                                                                    respectively, for structures and members
  attack by acids and sulphates etc.                      computer models of chloride ingress
                                                                                                                    with a specified intended life of 50 years
                                                          through concrete.                                         (based on Ordinary Portland Cement).
  Hydura concrete was developed by Hynds
  Pipe Systems Limited engineers in 1997.
  Precast concrete elements (pipes, box
  culverts and the like) have been in use in
  New Zealand since then.
  Table 1                                                                                   Table 2
                                 Chloride Ingress Model                                                                    Chloride Ingress Model
               Minimum Cover Requirements For Precast Concrete Components                                Minimum Cover Requirements For Precast Concrete Components
                               (Exposure Classification B2)                                                               (Exposure Classification C)
        Hydura Concrete          Cover to Reinforcement        Period of Exposure to              Hydura Concrete          Cover to Reinforcement        Period of Exposure to
          Grade (MPa)                                      threshold of corrosion (years)           Grade (MPa)                                      threshold of corrosion (years)
               35                          30                           >100                             40                          40                           >50
                                           35                           >200                                                         45                           >100
               40                          25                           >100                                                         50                           >150

                                           30                           >200                             45                          35                           >50
                                                                                                                                     40                           >100
               45                          20                           >50
                                                                                                                                     45                           >200
                                           25                           >200
                                                                                                         50                          35                           >100
               50                          20                           >100                                                         40                           >200
                                           25                           >200                             55                          35                           >200

                 technical feature
                                                                         Durability of Hydura Concrete

Acid and Sulphate Attack

Acid attack on concrete is usually confined     specimens compared to standard concrete
to the cement paste. Acids typically           mixes (using GP cement only) and mixes
dissolve the calcium hydroxide and other       with 5 and 8% silica fume.
products of hydration, leading to a loss
                                               The report “Sulphide Corrosion of Concrete
of bond between the coarse aggregate                                                               Sulphide Corrosion of Concrete Sewer Pipes: Test
                                               Sewer Pipes – Test Series Two – Final               Series Two, Final Report, July 2001, Auckland
particles. Spalling or removal of the
                                               Report” dated July 2001 provides full               UniServices Limited.
aggregate from the concrete then exposes
                                               details of the test results.
the reinforcement to corrosion leading to                                                          Engineered Concrete Solutions, Holcim Concrete.
additional expansive stresses.                 Concrete pipe manufactured using Hydura             Product Data – Duracem, April 1996, Holcim (New
                                               concrete will have a design life in excess          Zealand) Limited.
Sulphates react expansively with the
                                               of 100 years, provided that certain service
hydration products tri-calcium aluminate                                                           Chloride Ingress Model CIM.XLS Version 2.2, November
                                               conditions are met. These are normal                2002, Holcim (New Zealand) Limited.
and calcium hydroxide leading to stresses
                                               domestic sewage without aggressive
in the concrete and exposure of the                                                                NZS3101:1995 Concrete Structures Standard Part 1
                                               industrial or commercial contaminants,              – The Design of Concrete Structures.
reinforcement to corrosion.
                                               pH≥4.5, correct installation without
Lower levels of calcium hydroxide Ca(OH)2      overloading and adequate ventilation to
in slag cement are further reduced by          prevent build-up of H2S gas.                       Hydura Box Culvert, durable and easy to specify.
the reaction of the remaining calcium
hydroxide Ca(OH)2 with the Microsilica
600, producing additional calcium silicate
hydrate. The resultant refined pore structure
of the concrete is more dense, less porous
and hence less vulnerable to leaching and
attack by acids and sulphates, etc.
The use of Hydura concrete produces
significant durability enhancement benefits
in sewer pipes. The combination of high
cover/bar ratio and Hydura concrete,
results in a more durable concrete pipe
even with low concrete cover to the wire
reinforcing steel.
The CPAA (Concrete Pipe Association of
Australasia) commissioned a study in 1999
by Auckland UniServices (Department of
Civil and Resource Engineering) into the
durability of various concrete types used in
sewer pipes.
The project investigated the behaviour
of hydrogen sulphide induced corrosion
through simulation using an acid immersion
test. The test procedure immersed various
specimens in a 1% sulphuric acid solution
for 500 days and measured the weight loss
at various stages.
The results of the study confirmed
improved durability of the Hydura concrete


                                                                                                   Mike Strickett, Hynds Environmental
Hynds Environmental                                                                                South Island Manager.

Commits to Mainland                                                                           Above left
                                                                                                   Hynds Environmental LifeStyle Wastewater
                                                                                                   Treatment System being installed.

Hynds Environmental recently opened a          perspective working in the UK, Belize,         “The water discharged to the land from
branch in Hornby, Christchurch, in response    Papua New Guinea and Malaysia,” says           our Lifestyle Wastewater System has
to the growing demand for the company’s        Mike. “I am impressed by the close             been designed to meet New Zealand
environmental protection expertise and         relationships Hynds Environmental has          standards for wastewater disposal, which
products in the South Island.                  formed with global companies because           is beneficial to our habitat. And, similarly,
                                               this worldwide support structure enables       our pristine South Island streams and
General Manager Peter Carroll says
                                               us as a company to keep up to date with        rivers need protection from the stormwater
the new branch has both a sales and
                                               the advances being made in our field.           that can rage down from our roadways and
operational focus and aims to work closely
                                                                                              car parks.
with councils, contractors and consultants     “One chief benefit is the constant stream
to provide engineered solutions to local       of new products in which our South Island      “I believe Hynds Environmental has a
environmental issues.                          customers are expressing keen interest.        key role to play in helping to protect and
                                               Having a strong affinity with the mainland, I   sustain our environment into the future.”
“Ability and continual innovation are the      am delighted to come on board and play my
                                                                                              Born and bred in the Waikato, Mike loves
key factors,” says Peter. “Our skilled         part in tackling its environmental issues.”
                                                                                              the geological difference of the South
engineering team has a strong reputation
                                               The new branch achieved its first major         Island where he used to climb and today
for delivering solutions that are proven and
                                               success when it was awarded the contract       loves to tramp.
                                               to build a large commercial wastewater
                                                                                              “The Hynds presence, already established
“Our large and diverse range of existing       plant at the new Youth Justice Centre in
                                                                                              by other divisions of the company
products offers solutions for most             South Canterbury.
                                                                                              elsewhere in the mainland, can rely on
environmental applications. Alternatively,
                                               The system will utilise the latest membrane    strong support from the environmental
new products can be designed or imported
                                               bio-reactor (MBR) technology. Daily            team in Auckland. That should give our
as a site determines.”
                                               flows are expected to be 13,000 litres          customers the confidence it gives me.”
Adding to these skills is the new South        a day. Fletcher Construction is the main
Island Manager, Mike Strickett, whose          contractor and the centre is scheduled to
experience in the construction and civil       open mid-2005.
engineering industry includes years with
                                               ”Treatment of wastewater is vital to the
Beca Carter, Beca Gure, John Laing and,        protection of the aquifer, the great source
more recently, W. Stevenson & Sons.            of the Canterbury ‘champagne’ – drinking        Hynds Env.       Mike Strickett
“One gains a valuable international            water that needs no chlorine,” says Mike.

                                 24                                                                                  New products for

                                                    Net-Tech Gross Pollutant Interceptor

                                                    The Net-Tech Gross Pollutant Interceptor is the           At this point it is choked off and held by a short
                                                    latest in Hynds stormwater protection products.           tether until removed by truck or boat-mounted
                                                    This simple but effective device captures 90% of          crane, whether or not the net has been released.
                                                    stormwater-borne gross pollutants in river, canal,
                                                    creek, and beach situations.                              Standard systems are available for multiple outlets
                                                                                                              with a variety of shapes, including box culverts and
                                                    This Gross Pollutant Interceptor can be fitted to          open channels. Each system can be designed to
                                                    the headwall or outfall pipe with little or no site       accommodate various flow rates and volumes.
                                                    development or civil engineering. Once the net
                                                    component is full of pollutants, it detaches clear of
Net-Tech GPI prevents pollutants entering beaches   the outlet and travels downstream about a metre.
                                  and waterways.

                                                    JEMFlo Water Saving Devices

                                                    Hynds Environmental has just introduced JEMFlo to         significantly decreases hot water consumption,
                                                    New Zealand – a unique and highly effective water         less energy is required to heat the hot water. The
                                                    flow control system for installation in all types and      result is significant savings in water consumption
                                                    brands of fixture taps used in any hot and cold            – typically 25% to 35% but exceeding 50% in
                                                    water supply system. JEMFlo consists of a series          some cases.
                                                    of fixed orifice, intra-faucet flow controllers that
                                                    can be installed into any tap seat.                       Made from one solid piece, JEMFlo has no moving
                                                                                                              parts and therefore requires no maintenance. The
                                                    The JEMFlo system eliminates temperature and              system is guaranteed for 10 years and all materials
                                                    water flow fluctuation by achieving a balanced,             and surface treatments are safe for use in potable
                                                    controlled and constant flow of water, no matter           water supplies.
                                                    how many taps are turned on or off. As JEMFlo
   JEMFlo saves water, energy
                 and money.

                                                    Bandalong Floating Litter Traps and Boom Systems

                                                    The Bandalong Litter Trap is a floating device             Installed across waterways, the Bandalong Boom
                                                    installed at strategic locations along rivers, streams,   System acts as a final barrier to collect or deflect
                                                    channels and open bodies of water. Outspread              debris. The floating boom sections are coupled
                                                    collection booms direct floating litter, vegetation        together and spanned across a weir, waterway or
                                                    and other debris through a one-way mesh gate              dam to capture litter and prevent it from floating
                                                    into the trap where it is contained ready for             further downstream.
                                                    removal. Re-entrainment is prevented by a system
                                                    of counterweights and paddles that close the entry        Installation of either Bandalong system can be
                                                    gate when the water flow ceases or there is a              completed within a day with most components
                                                    change in flow direction due to tide or wind.              pre-assembled offsite. Substantial earthworks,
    The Bandalong litter trap for open waterways.
                                                                                                              construction and reinstatement works are not
                                                                                                              required therefore disruption to services is

Hynds Environmental                                                                                                         25

   Catchpit Filters

   Hynds Environmental is now a distributor for Enviropod
   Catchpit Filters throughout New Zealand.

   The Enviropod filter efficiently removes gross pollutants and
   suspended solids from stormwater. Easily installed into new
   or existing catchpits, Enviropod requires no construction,
   allowing it to be affordably retrofitted or applied to any
   urban environment.

   The ConstructionPod is a removable, adjustable catchpit
   insert, designed to be placed downstream of minor works or
   as secondary treatment during major works in conjunction
   with traditional treatment such as a silt fence or pond.
   Geotextile or nylon micron-rated filterbags effectively
   remove fine sediments, flakey paint and other construction               The Enviropod is easily installed in new or existing catchpits.

   related debris.

   Enviro-Valve First Flush Diversion

   The Resource Management Act 1991 stipulates that
   stormwater must be separated from any contaminated
   runoff to prevent it from being discharged into the sewer
   network. Enviro-Valve is ideal for all first flush diversion
   requirements including car/truck wash areas, industrial
   wash down facilities and supermarket refuse areas.

   Hynds Environmental has also just introduced an advanced
   Enviro-Valve system specifically designed for areas of heavy
   traffic flow. It incorporates a grit trap that captures larger
   particles such as stones and sand, effectively ensuring
   that no contamination of the stormwater and sewer
   networks occurs.
                                                                          The Hynds Enviro-Valve replaces the need for
                                                                          roofing over wash down areas.

                                       Hynds Downspout Filter

                                       The Hynds Downspout Filter assembly is typically                The unit is made of corrosion-resistant stainless
                                       installed on commercial or industrial downspout                 steel (Type 304) and can be customized on request.
                                       pipes to capture non-soluble pollutants such as                 The filter has a tamper and waterproof hinged
                                       sediment, gravel and hydrocarbons normally found                access door with a slide-in pollution collection
                                       on building roofs.                                              basket for low-cost, easy maintenance.

                                                                                     Further information on      Contact: Craig Pearson at Hynds Environmental
                                                                                     any of these products       Ph: 09 571 0090


Protecting Our
In 1963 on the site of an old timber mill at the head
of the Piha Valley, the Boys Brigade established a
youth camp which they have owned and operated
ever since. Known as Steadfast Park, it has hosted
more than 200,000 young people from a variety of
community and Boys Brigade groups.

The original wastewater system had remained
since the early sixties and consisted of a series of
basic septic tanks. The tanks discharged directly
to soakage trenches which over time had become
saturated and a threat to the local environment.
High groundwater levels around the site meant
there was a danger of effluent being discharged
directly into the nearby Piha and Glen Esk Streams
which flow to Piha Beach.

A new, high performance environmentally-friendly
wastewater treatment system was designed and
installed to treat the expected peak flows of 15,000
litres per day from the site.

The new system allows sewage at Steadfast Park
to be treated using a four-stage aerobic system
that includes advanced biological filters and a
unique surge protection system. The result is a
clear, odourless effluent that is used to irrigate the
surrounding garden, bush and trees. The discharge
from the site is being pumped out along three
kilometres of drip lines and irrigates the local
native bush.

Because site access was difficult, all components
during installation had to be either manufactured
on-site or designed for easy transportation to site.

In addition, engineers had to design the system
to cope with high flood planes. Utilising carefully
raised landscaping and specially elevated housing
units for the advanced electronic componentry, the
wastewater system is now well protected against
the extreme local weather conditions.
                                                              Lion Rock at Auckland’s Piha Beach is a
The modular system design enables treatment                   regional landmark.
capacity to be easily increased if the effluent flow      Above centre
                                                                                                        Client       Boys Brigade
into the system increases at a later date.                   The commercial system at Piha has been
                                                             designed for very high floodwaters.         Engineer     John White

                                                                                                        Hynds Env.   John Bradford & Niki Johnstone
                                                        Above                                           contact
                                                             Hynds SAF Commercial Wastewater
                                                             systems are modular to allow for easy      Brochure     EV36 Hynds SAF
                                                                                                        reference    Commercial Wastewater System


Treatment train proves best solution

Treatment train proves best solution            pipe invert,” says Hynds Environmental        money. Civil Construction, which has had
Stormwater runoff has become a major            Engineering Manager Niki Johnstone.           significant experience with these units,
source of pollutants entering New Zealand’s                                                   was contracted to install the system.
                                                Typical sand filters require a large amount
waterways and coastal areas causing                                                           Installation was completed in less than
                                                of space to incorporate a sedimentation
damage to the environment. As part of its                                                     eight hours.
                                                zone plus the sand filter area. To keep the
commitment to stormwater management,
                                                site area required to a minimum, Hynds        “Hynds Environmental and Civil
Waitakere City Council, through its
                                                Environmental engineers designed a unique     Construction worked closely on this project
business unit EcoWater Solutions, has
                                                treatment train utilising Downstream          to come up with the best solution for the
initiated a number of projects designed
                                                Defender to remove sediments, followed        site. The final solution was innovative
to remove pollutants. These include oils,
                                                by the sand filter where the treated           and made the on-site installation easy
heavy metals and gross pollutants from the
                                                stormwater receives final polishing.           and cost effective,” says John Sellick of
stormwater runoff entering local streams.
                                                                                              Civil Construction. “Hynds Environmental’s
EcoWater Solutions manages Waitakere’s          Even with this redesign, the project was
                                                                                              flexibility, professionalism and extensive
assets and services that relate to the ‘three   still significant with the sand filter alone
                                                                                              product knowledge were a key factor in the
waters’ – water supply, wastewater and          being 10m long, 3.5m wide and 4.5m
                                                                                              successful completion of this contract.”
stormwater.                                     deep.

One of these projects was the installation      The sand filters, designed to Auckland
of treatment systems for a large catchment      Regional Council requirements as specified          The massive Hynds Environmental treatment
                                                                                                   system being installed at Henderson.
area on Henderson’s Sel Peacock Drive and       in its Technical Paper 10 (TP10), are
in September 2003, Hynds Environmental          intended to remove more than 75 per cent
Systems Ltd was approached by                   of the suspended solids to which a majority
consultants Coulibaly & Associates to           of the heavy metal and hydrocarbon             Client          Waitakere City Council

design a suitable treatment solution to         pollutants are attached. They are made         Engineer        Coulibaly & Associates

treat the 1.1ha (11,000m2) site.                from precast units and are designed for        Contractor      Civil Construction

                                                simple and fast on-site installation.          Hynds Env.      Niki Johnstone
“The Sel Peacock Sand Filter was a                                                             contact

challenging design because of the               Much of the work on the unit was completed     Brochure        EV05 Sand Filter System and
                                                                                               reference       EV06 Downstream Defender
site’s access restrictions and depth to         off-site, saving Waitakere Council time and


Large Commercial Wastewater System
installed at Mangawhai Heads
One of the largest commercial wastewater
systems designed in-house by Hynds
Environmental engineers is forming
a temporary sewage treatment and
disposal for 85 new residential sections
at Mangawhai Heads, north-east of

The system will provide tertiary treatment of
60,000 litres a day, reducing faecal coliform
levels to less than 200 per 100ml.

Consulting Engineer Hamish Peters, of
Cook and Costello, says they stipulated the
tertiary rating, which uses ultraviolet light
in the treatment process, in order to render
the wastewater another degree safer for
the irrigation of trees on land adjacent to
                                                the primary tank and the two aeration tanks    Above
the residences.                                                                                     The design of the hynds SAF commercial
                                                are 5.2m wide; the first chamber is three            wastewater system at Mangawhai Heads allows
Hynds Engineering Manager, Niki                 metres wide and the second, 2.5m wide.              the entire system to be relocated in future.
Johnstone, says the design also
incorporated for the first time a new            Contracting company Ross Tanks is
clarifier, which removes the fine sediment.       optimistic the tanks can be uplifted and re-
“This allows the irrigation to proceed at a     used in another subdivision once their job      Client              Metcalf Developments
trickle rather than as the usual drip, the      is done for the 350 residents at the corner     Engineer            Cook Costello
soil having good drainage properties.”          of Molesworth and Estuary Drives.               Contractor          Hynds Environmental

                                                                                                Hynds Env.          Niki Johnstone
The large scale of the project necessitated     The temporary wastewater system will be         contact
onsite construction. There are four tanks and   removed when the town’s main sewerage           Brochure            EV36 Hynds SAF Commercial
                                                                                                reference           Wastewater System
two chambers: the first is six metres wide,      system is brought on stream in 2006.

Protection for Stormwater Ponds?
Hynds CleansAll® is the Solution
When the stormwater upgrade project at          The finish had to be visually unobtrusive.
Fletcher Wood Panel’s Kumeu site required
                                                To treat the stormwater runoff, Hynds
an environmental treatment system,
                                                Environmental engineers specified a 600
consulting engineers Pattle Delamore
                                                Series Hynds CleansAll® Gross Pollutant
Partners Ltd (PDP) approached Hynds
                                                Trap (GPT). PDP consultant Gerald Strayton
Environmental for assistance.
                                                said: “The configuration of the Hynds
The upgrade already included a stormwater       CleansAll® allows for a basket to catch
treatment pond, but it was necessary to
                                                the chip. The tight gradients imposed on
remove a significant amount of large-log
                                                the design meant that head loss across the
debris, including bark and wood chip,
                                                device was also an issue. The CleansAll®
before the stormwater entered the pond.                                                        Above
                                                met all the design constraints.”
This had to be completed with little head
                                                                                                       Hynds CleansAll® effectively removes gross pollutants
loss, while allowing for easy maintenance.      The Hynds CleansAll® will capture 100                  and sediments from stormwater.


An Innovation in Rapid Flood Protection
In a rapid flood situation, time is your          tested by independent institutions and
enemy as much as the rising water.               is recommended in the Emergency
Building a sandbag dyke even when all the        Preparedness Report of Canada.
materials and labour are on hand would
                                                 “We think it will also prove to be a winner in
take too long; the damage is likely to be
                                                 New Zealand, especially where residential
done before you can get started.
                                                 areas need protection, or additional height
In many cases, the answer would be               needs to be added to existing levees, and
the NOAQ patented flood-fighting system.           essential roads kept open to traffic.”
The concept is beautifully simple and                                                                  Quick and simple deployment makes NOAQ Tube
                                                 The NOAQ Tube Wall is light, weighing
comprises inflatable plastic tubes that are                                                             Wall a highly effective flood protection system.
                                                 only 0.4 per cent of the weight of a
interconnected to create a temporary ‘tube
                                                 corresponding sandbag dyke. The low              The NOAQ Tube Wall is not only extremely
wall’ barrier.
                                                 weight makes for fast installation. Two          quick to deploy, it is also stable – even
Instead of using the weight of sand in           people can erect 60 metres in one hour,          when damming water to the brim. Its
bags to withstand the water pressure, the        and dismantle it at the same rate.               flexibility means it can be configured any
NOAQ Tube Wall uses the weight of the                                                             which way needed. It is easy to ship
                                                 “When you arrive at the site,” says Peter,
floodwaters. Each tube has a skirt fused to                                                        and does not require a heavy, ground-
                                                 “just roll the tubes out, inflate them
the side facing the water. As the floodwater                                                       damaging vehicle. And it works just as
                                                 with the handheld blower and do up the
rises, it presses the skirt against the ground                                                    well on concrete and asphalt as it does on
                                                 zips. Simple! You don’t have to check
and the friction anchors the inflated tube                                                         lawns and meadows.
                                                 beforehand whether the ground is even
with no need for heavy weights.
                                                 enough, and the toughened PVC tubing is,         You also don’t have the cost of removing
Hynds Environmental General Manager              of course, re-usable.”                           the sand afterwards, and what’s more, the
Peter Carroll says the product is literally                                                       air and the water that make this ingenious
a winner.                                        Some NOAQ Tube Wall specifications:               device work, are free and on hand. Noah
“The Tube Wall was designed by Sigurd                                                             couldn’t have come up with a better idea
                                                  Wall Height:           50, 70, 100 cm
Nelin of Sweden, where it won the                                                                 if he’d tried!
                                                  Wall Width:            2.4 m approx.
SKAPA prize. This is awarded annually             Wall Length:           No limitations
for the best Swedish invention. Developed                                                          Hynds Env.       Craig Pearson
                                                  Tube Length:           7 – 20 m                  contact
with support from the Swedish Rescue              Tube Weight:           35 – 100 kg               Brochure         EV31 NOAQ Tube Wall
Services Agency, it has been thoroughly                                                            reference

per cent of all gross pollutants 3mm             “The Fletcher Wood Panel’s CleansAll®            Site Drainage. “Within a day and a half, the
and above, up to the design flow rate.            unit is an example of this and we are proud      system was fitted and ready to operate.
The Hynds CleansAll® also captures free          to have been able to offer a unit that forms     Fletcher Wood Panels are very pleased
oils and greases and a large proportion          such a vital part of the treatment chain at      with the performance of their CleansAll®
of sediments. The stainless steel basket         this site.”                                      unit and the system has been trouble-free
allows for quick and easy maintenance                                                             from installation to date.”
                                                 On Site Drainage was contracted to
and its unique design prevents re-               undertake this upgrade and worked closely
entrainment of captured pollutants. These        with Hynds Environmental to design the
characteristics made it ideal for the Kumeu      unit in precast components to ensure easy,
application.                                     kitset installation. The units were designed
“Hynds Environmental prides itself on            to allow for interconnection through cast in      Client           Fletcher Wood Panels

providing engineered, environmental              Drossbach ducts and threaded rods to give         Engineer         Pattle Delamore Partners Limited

                                                 the completed unit structural integrity.          Contractor       OnSite Drainage
solutions, custom designed to suit site-
                                                                                                   Hynds Env.       Niki Johnstone
specific requirements,” says Hynds               “I am impressed with the ease with which          contact
Environmental Engineering Manager Niki           the Hynds CleansAll® Gross Pollutant Trap         Brochure         EV08 CleansAll Gross Pollutant Trap
Johnstone.                                       is installed,” reports Paul Bray-Taylor, of On


    On the spill response trail
    With Excell Corporation and Manukau Water

                                                      New Zealand companies are working smarter to            principle of ‘reasonable care’ or ‘due diligence’,
                                                      prevent wastewater spills or minimise their effects.    which means an organisation must have taken
                                                      With breaches of the Hazardous Substances and           reasonable action to prevent or minimise the risk
                                                      New Organisms HSNO Act carrying individual fines         of the spill.
                                                      of up to $500,000 with a further $50,000 a day
                                                                                                              Hynds Environmental offers a complete range of
                                                      that the offence continues, there is added incentive
                                                                                                              spill-management systems that assist organisations
                                                      to be proactive.
                                                                                                              to protect the environment and achieve best
                                                      Manukau Water, working closely with Excell              management practices, whether in the workshop,
                                                      Corporation, has focused on the problem of              transport, service station, marine or chemical
                                                      surcharging sewer lines as part of its strategy to      environments.
                                                      manage its wastewater networks efficiently and
                                                                                                              Specialised kits can also be custom-made
                                                      achieve HSNO compliance.
                                                                                                              to suit specific requirements and are
                                                      “The solution was an Environmental Response             available upon request. As well
                                                      Trailer,” says Project Manager, Brent Pitkethley.       as being among the most
Above right
     Brent Pitkethley of Excell Corporation;          The trailer carries everything necessary to respond     effective on the market,
     Craig Pearson from Hynds
     Environmental; Tim Gibson also of
                                                      promptly to sewage overflows and other spill             many of these Hynds
     Excell Corporation and; Simon Porter             emergencies. A joint project between Excell             products are biodegradable
     from Manukau Water.
                                                      Corporation and Manukau Water, the trailer is           and manufactured from
Above                                                 sponsored by Hynds Environmental and is stocked         recycled or renewable
     Hynds Environmental spill products in
     action.                                          with its full range of effective and environmentally    resources.
                                                      friendly spill-response products. This includes
      Products included in the Environmental          pumps, sandbags, Hynds containment booms,
      Response Trailer.                               pollution signs to make the public aware of a sewer
                                                      overflow – there is even a Hynds Spill Response Kit
                                                      for small oil or diesel spills.

                                                      “Hynds Environmental appreciates the opportunity
                                                      to associate with this proactive initiative,” says
                                                      Sales Manager, Craig Pearson. “The Hynds
                                                      Environmental Spill Management products will
                                                      ensure that Excell Corporation is suitably equipped
                                                      to protect our environment.”

                                                      It should be noted that successful defence against
                                                      prosecution under the legislation relies on the legal

 Client            Excell Corporation Limited & Manakau Water

 Hynds Env.        Craig Pearson

 Brochure          EV22 Hynds Spill Response Kits

All absorbents are not made equal
How do you know if the absorbent material in your spill response system is the right one?
Ask yourself the following questions:

Does my sorbent absorb lots of oil? In other
words, does it give me value for money?

Check on the listed absorbent capacity of
your sorbent. This will often be given in
                                               Will my sorbent release the oil it has
                                               absorbed later on?

                                               Once your absorbent has been used,
                                               most assume that the oil stays locked in
                                                                                             Is my sorbent made from recycled or
                                                                                             treated waste materials?

                                                                                             We now recognise the need to use
                                                                                             recycled materials wherever possible and
weight of sorbent per weight of oil, but       the material. This is not always the case,    practical, and to avoid using materials
can be given on a volume basis as well.        as some absorbents can release the oil        that are made from virgin or non-
A sorbent may be very cheap, but if it has     later on. This may not be an immediate        renewable resources. There are a large
poor absorbent capacity, you will need to      problem to the worker using the               number of absorbents on the market in
use so much of the sorbent to do the job       absorbent, but it can be a problem when       New Zealand, but only a relatively select
that it becomes quite expensive. Also, be      the used absorbents are later released        few are actually manufactured from
careful with ‘fluffy’ sorbents as they have     into the environment, either into a landfill   recycled or treated waste materials.
very high absorbent capacity on a weight       or straight into the natural environment
                                                                                             Enretech Premium Floor Sweep is
basis, but very low on a volume basis. A       (ie: at the site of a road spill).
                                                                                             manufactured from recycled natural
good sorbent should be able to absorb at
                                               The easiest way to check if your absorbent    cellulose products.
least its own weight in oils or fuels.
                                               leaches is to rub the used material in
                                                                                             It was not long ago that spill response
Enretech Premium Floor Sweep,                  your hands. If your hands become oily,
                                                                                             systems were seen as a necessary
marketed by Hynds Environmental, is            the sorbent is releasing the oil. Ask your
                                                                                             expense, but nobody really cared or
simply the best absorbent on the market        supplier for leachate tests conducted on
                                                                                             checked. These days are gone. The
 and can absorb up to ten times more           the used absorbent, to be sure.
                                                                                             benefits to your business of a sound
 liquid than comparable products.
                                               Enretech Premium Floor Sweep has low          spill response system, tied into overall
                                               environmental toxicity and passes all         OHS&E programs, are well documented.
  After cleaning up the spill, how do I        leachate tests.                               Managing your environmental risks is no

 legally dispose of the used material?                                                       different to managing your financial risks.
Used oils and fuels may contain                Is my sorbent safe for my personnel to        It’s simply good business.
    ingredients that are hazardous to          use?
             the environment therefore
                    disposal to landfill
                    must comply with
                   local legislation.
                                               Some absorbent materials in use today
                                               contain low levels of compounds that
                                               could increase the risk of illness to
                                               the worker using the product. These
                                                                                             Reference: Murphy, P.(2004, February) The HSNO
                                                                                             Act-are you ready? DEMM Magazine, p.14

                      Enretech Premium         compounds include crystalline silica (in
                      Floor Sweep is           some inorganic sorbents) and pesticide
                      biodegradable and        residues (in some organic absorbents).
                      offers   alternative
                                               Manufactured from the cotton plant,
                     disposal      options
                                               Enretech Premium Floor Sweep is safe to
                     such as incineration
                                               store and quick, safe and easy to use.
                    and degradation via

Fresher flows into Manukau Harbour
A project to clean up the stormwater                two at Great South Road. These units are
flowing into Auckland’s Manukau Harbour              characterised by their round collection pits
is yielding impressive results.                     with stainless steel baskets, which capture
                                                    the pollutants and are easily lifted out for
Part of the Auckland Regional Council and
                                                    emptying during maintenance. The units
Manukau City Council’s commitment to
                                                    also have a sediment sump that captures
reduce the amount of pollutants released
                                                    finer particles. An overflow diversion weir
into the local marine environment, the
                                                    is installed to eliminate flooding during
project’s objective was to improve the
                                                    heavy storm events.
quality of stormwater discharged into the
harbour through Ann’s Creek.                        After the project was completed an ISO
                                                    accredited laboratory carried out a particle
The Ann’s Creek Stormwater Upgrade project
                                                    size distribution test on dry sediments,
required removal of at least 90% of the litter,
                                                    measuring the volumes of both gross
50% of the sediment and 50% of the free oil
                                                    pollutants and sediment.
and grease from stormwater flows.
                                                    The results show that in the 12-month
In 2002 Hynds Environmental provided
                                                    period, the three Hynds CleansAll® Gross
systems capable of meeting these tough                                                             of debris from entering the pipes and
                                                    Pollutant Traps installed had captured
requirements along with a 12-month                                                                 reaching the treatment baskets.
                                                    more than 10m3 of gross pollutants and
programme of maintenance and systems
                                                    approximately 750kg (1280 litres) of dry       Hydrocarbon slicks were apparent in the
                                                    sediment.                                      treatment chambers of all units and were
Three Hynds CleansAll® units were                                                                  removed by vacuum truck prior to the
                                                    Removing sediment as well as larger
installed: one at Sylvia Park Road and                                                             catchment baskets being lifted.
                                                    pollutants is important because most of
                                                    the heavy metal contaminants are bound to      Hynds Environmental General Manager
                                                    sediment particles. Sediment removal greatly   Peter Carroll is pleased with the
                                                    reduces the level of contaminants entering     performance of the CleansAll® units.
                                                    the environment as well as improving the       “The big advantage of these units is that
                                                    colour and clarity of the water.               they remove pollutants of all sizes from
                                                    At Sylvia Park Road, the Hynds CleansAll®      stormwater systems, allowing only clean
                                                    units captured mainly sediments from           water to pass through,” he says. “It’s
                                                    road and industrial runoff, as well as a       satisfying knowing that the local marine
                                                    considerable amount of small plastic chips     environment will be improved as a result.”
                                                    that are used by a factory in the catchment

                                                    Runoff from the Mutukaroa Regional Park
                                                    captured in the Great South Road units
                                                                                                    Client       Auckland City Council
                                                    revealed that significant quantities of
                                                                                                    Engineer     Beca Carter Hollings & Ferner
                                                    the pollutants were organic in nature.
                                                                                                    Contractor   Jesmond Construction
                                                    Collection results from this site were
                                                                                                    Hynds Env.   Niki Johnstone
                                                    improved by the simple installation of a        contact
                                                    grille over the inlet pipe. This acted as a     Brochure     EV08 CleansAll Gross Pollutant Trap
                                                    partial filter and stopped a large amount
     Maintenance of the Hynds CleansAll® is safe,
     quick and simple.

Above right
     Cut-away illustration of CleansAll® Gross
     Pollutant Trap.

                                                                                                                                  d r a i n a g e

     Special precast concrete twin-outlet   Precasting team sets bar higher
     structure before delivery, and
     above right, doing its job on site.
                                            Innovative Precast                                                 Precast chamber saves time

                                            Hynds’s Palmerston North precasting factory, in                    Hutt City Council recently made improvements to
                                            tandem with our sales and technical teams, is                      the Hutt Park Roundabout in Seaview, Lower Hutt.
                                            gaining a great reputation for its innovative precast              The project involved enlarging the roundabout
                                            solutions tailored to customer needs.                              to improve traffic flows, incorporating a new
                                                                                                               stormwater system with a large pump chamber to
                                            With a 12-strong workforce, the factory
                                                                                                               guard against flooding.
                                            manufactures a wide range of quality precast
                                            concrete products from street sumps, retention                     The 55-tonne chamber was designed by GHD
                                            tanks and box culverts to one-off, large civil pump                Consultants to be poured on site. Hynds saw an
                                            chambers.                                                          opportunity to provide a precast option, saving
                                                                                                               the contractor a great deal of time and effort. The
                                            Knowledgeable staff, friendly service and an
                                                                                                               extremely high groundwater level on the site also
                                            excellent product range offers the contractor
                                                                                                               made the precast drop-in unit the preferred solution.
                                            reduced on-site time and simpler, more practical
                                            installation.                                                       Client          Peter Mann, Hutt City Council

                                            Realignment              smoothes               Wellington          Engineer        Ann Lavers, Consulting Engineer; GHD Limited

                                            traffic flows.                                                        Contractor      Jonathan Bibblewhite, Project Manager;
                                                                                                                                Higgens Contractors Wellington

                                            The multi-million-dollar Transit New Zealand                        Hynds contact   Neil Rodger, Sales Representative

                                            Weigh Station to James Street project involved the                  Products        Box Culverts & Underpasses

                                            realignment and four-laning of State Highway 1 in
                                                                                                               Underpass to improve tourist safety
                                            Plimmerton to improve traffic flows in and out of
                                            Wellington.                                                        The Transit NZ – Lindale Underpass project will
                                                                                                               provide a new entrance into the Lindale tourist
                                            The contract included two large gabion headwall
                                                                                                               complex facility at Paraparaumu by way of an
                                            structures each accommodating twin 1650Ø
                                                                                                               underpass, greatly improving safety.
                                            pipes at a skew. Action Plumbing and Drainage
                                            approached Hynds Pipes to develop an alternative.                  Hynds is providing Stringfellow Contractors with a
                                                                                                               range of various diameter pipes to take over the
                                            The solution, approved by the project’s consulting
                                                                                                               existing stormwater services. In addition, 11 Hynds
                                            engineers, was a double 1650Ø L-shaped wingwall,
                                                                                                               box culverts with a three-metre span and height of 1.5
                                            with an exposed aggregate finish. Manufactured
                                                                                                               metres were installed so that a stream could be piped
                                            at the Hynds Palmerston North factory, these
                                                                                                               under the new road entrance to the Lindale complex.
                                            wingwalls weighed approximately 11 tonnes each.
                                                                                                               The box culverts each weigh 8.4 tonnes and were
                                             Client           Catherine Worsley, Project Manager; Transit NZ   made at the Hynds Palmerston North factory.
                                             Contractor       Chris Wright, Contract Manager;
                                                              Higgins Contrators, Wellington
                                                                                                                Client          Transit NZ
                                             Sub Contractor   Dave Mutagh, Director;
                                                              Action Plumbing & Drainage Limited                Engineer        Bob Barraclough, MWH Paraparaumu
                                             Hynds contact    Neil Rodger, Sales Representative                 Contractor      Paul Ashcroft, Project Manager; Juno Civil
                                             Products         Rubber Ring Jointed Pipe, Wingwalls,              Hynds contact   Neil Rodger, Sales Representative
                                                              Box Culverts & Underpasses,
                                                              Precast Concrete Pipe                             Products        Box Culverts & Underpasses


           Golf course system
           ‘out of sight’
                                              Build an invisible commercial wastewater      surrounding hills through a pressure-
                                              treatment plant? Hynds Environmental          compensated drip line.
                                              faced that challenge during the
                                                                                            The top of the system had to be at least
                                              development of a world-class golf course
                                                                                            one metre below finished ground level, so
                                              at Cape Kidnappers, Hawkes Bay.
                                                                                            Hynds Environmental engineers designed a
                                              When Capet Holdings Limited (CHL)             series of special concrete risers and lids to
                                              approached Hynds Environmental for a          achieve the desired ‘invisible’ effect while
                                              suitable wastewater treatment system, it      retaining ease of access for maintenance.
                                              stipulated that not only must it be capable   The modular design of the system allows
                                              of treating the expected 7000 litres a day    for easy and cost-effective expansion.
                                              effluent to a very high standard and able to
                                                                                            The project was Hynds Environmental’s
                                              withstand heavy traffic loading, but it also
                                                                                            first for CHL, whose Project Manager, Peter
                                              had to be completely hidden.
                                                                                            Healey, said: “The system successfully
Client       Capet Holdings Limited
                                              The answer was a wastewater system            met the stringent requirements of the
Engineer     Capet Holdings Limited
                                              comprising a series of precast concrete       local authorities and of our client. Equally
Contractor   Hynds Environmental
                                              chambers       incorporating    primary       important was Hynds Environmental’s
Hynds Env.   Niki Johnstone & John Bradford
contact                                       separation, surge protection, submerged       ability to provide ongoing maintenance
Brochure     EV36 Hynds SAF Commercial        aerated filtration and final clarification.      and support”.
Reference    Wastewater System                The effluent is then discharged to the

                                                                                                              d r a i n a g e

                                                                                                                    The previously hilly terrain was sculpted to form a
                                                                                                                    stunning golf course at Cape Kidnappers.

                                                                                                              Opposite page
                                                                                                                   The precast components of a Hynds Commercial
                                                                                                                   Wastewater Treatment System are installed in
                                                                                                                   less than a day.

                                                                                                                   Treated effluent is discharged to the hills
                                                                                                                   surrounding the golf course.

                                                                                                              This page
                                                                                                                    Extensive waterworks and drainage were necessary
                                                                                                                    for the reticulation of water to tees and greens.

Thorough drainage
ensures all-weather play

How long did it take to play the first round
of golf on the new 18-hole course at Cape
Kidnappers? About a year. That’s how
long it took to convert what was a working
sheep and cattle station into the world
class venue we see today.

Situated on prime coastal land and boasting
stunning views, the new golf course was
no easy transformation. Contractors Fulton
Hogan brought in heavy machinery to
flatten the terrain, and create a huge
man-made lake for use as water storage.
Extensive waterworks and drainage were
necessary for the reticulation of water to
tees and greens and to ensure the course
remains playable throughout the year.
A new roading system and eleven new
bridges were also put in to provide easy
access to all areas of the golf course.

Hynds Pipe Systems supplied piping and
related fittings for the project, including
three and a half to 4km of Nova coil for the
18 holes. The extensive drainage system
                                               Client          Julian Robinson
runs along the fairways and around the
                                               Engineer        Michael Newby, Consulting Engineer;
greens, minimising the interruption to                         Holmes Consulting Group
play caused by wet weather. Hynds sales        Contractor      Craig Brookes, Project Manager; Fulton Hogan
representative Chris Jensen has seen the       Hynds contact   Chris Jensen, Sales Representative
new course in action and describes it as:      Products        Rubber Ring Jointed Pipes, Manhole System,
“Just sensational.”                                            Cesspits

     e   w   s

John Hynds honoured in Manukau Business Hall

                 Hynds chairman John Hynds was inducted        “It has been a huge learning curve and
                 into the Manukau Business Hall of Fame        continues to be so. We have developed a
                 at this year’s Westpac Manukau Business       team of people who are vitally important
                 Excellence Awards 2005 – one of just 14       to the success of our company.”
                 people to belong to this prestigious roll
                 of honour.                                    John emphasises that his success
                                                               in building Hynds could not have been
                 The Manukau Business Hall of Fame was         possible without the incredible support
                 established in 2000 to recognise a lifetime   and love of his wife, Leonie, and two sons,
                 achievement of outstanding Manukau
                                                               Adrian and Aaron. He remembers his boys
                 business people and to reward the
                                                               holding the tape for him on Sundays while
                 perseverance, entrepreneurship, risk taking
                                                               he measured up jobs, and says Adrian
                 and success of Manukau’s business icons.
                                                               at age 12 was a great help at weekends
                 Hall of Fame candidates must have made a      loading up trucks with the digger.
                 ‘profound difference’ over the years to the
                                                               “You couldn’t do that today with all the
                 Manukau business community with loyalty
                                                               stringent health and safety regulations,
                 and commitment to the region.
                                                               but I have a sense of pride when I recall
                 John Hynds established his multi-award-       how we all pitched in as a family in those
                 winning company Hynds Pipe Systems            early days.”
                 in 1973 with just one employee at East
                 Tamaki. Under his leadership, the team has    Under John’s leadership, Hynds Pipe
                 grown to 500 throughout the country. and      Systems has won a number of business
                 more than a million kilometres of Hynds       awards, including the Westpac Manukau
                 pipe materials are being used underground     Business of the Year (1999). Also in 1999,
                 to form New Zealand’s drainage, water         John was awarded the Ernst & Young
                 supply and ducting networks.                  Entrepreneur of the Year Award.

                                                                                                               n            e         w         s

                                                                                            Crisis avoided
                                                                                            at Dovedale

                                                                                            The community of Dovedale in Tasman
                                                                                            District narrowly avoided a water crisis
                                                                                            shortly before Christmas, after a routine
                                                                                            check revealed that a water tank
                                                                                            supplying rural customers was on the
                                                                                            brink of failure.

of Fame                                                                                     Works Infrastructure Nelson, contractor for
                                                                                            the Tasman District Council, immediately
                                                                                            took action to prevent a failure occurring
   Some of Hynds Pipe Systems’ successful                                                   during the holiday period. The timeframe
   projects include:                                                                        for the job was extremely short with the
                                                                                            added pressure of the Christmas rush.
   • Otahuhu Power Station. Hynds Pipes
     Systems was able to supply an
     engineered solution and home grown                                                     Hynds Pipe Systems supplied eight
     material.                                                                              30,000-litre plastic tanks to replace the
   • Stormwater pipes at Western Springs.
                                                                                            failing tank and, as there was no road
     These won the company a special
                                                                                            access to the hilltop where the reservoir
     commendation from Auckland City
                                                                                            stood, a helicopter lifted the new tanks
                                                                                            into position. The other transport option
                                                                                            – Santa’s sleigh – was fully employed at
   • External formwork for the Sky Tower.                                                   the time!

   • Last year, John was made an honorary
     life member of Ingenium, for his            Above
                                                      A helicopter lifted the new water
     outstanding contribution to both it and          tanks into position.
     public asset engineering. He is a current
     member of the New Zealand Business                                                   Client          Tasman District Council

     Round Table and a life member of the                                                 Engineer        Phil Bevin; MWH

     Auckland branch of the New Zealand                                                   Contractor      Keith Pedley, Project Manager;
                                                                                                          Works Infrastructure
     Contractors Federation.
                                                                                          Hynds contact   Rob Thomson, Branch Manager, Nelson

                                                                                          Products        Water Tanks

       n         e
                   38    w        s

Humour a crowd pleaser
at Fieldays
Visitors were in no doubt they had arrived      frame and design parameters at least a
at the Hynds Pipe Systems display at this       month before the event. Each was tasked
year’s New Zealand National Agricultural        with creating a separate display that could
Fieldays at Mystery Creek near Hamilton.        be incorporated into the site.
                                                                                              that hold out a warm welcome to all
A large ramp guided visitors towards the        Though Hynds Pipe Systems display did not
                                                                                              visitors, even those who just need to
fantastic display in keeping with the event’s   win an award this year, last year was the
                                                                                              take the weight off their feet while their
feature: People on Farms – Managing Your        third successive year it had been awarded
                                                                                              partners discuss their problems with the
Workplace and a couple of tongue-in-            Certificate of Merit. Last year’s Fieldays
                                                theme was Energy Efficient Farming             Hynds staff.
cheek ‘human resources management’
scenarios gave them a chuckle. A forlorn        – Sustainable Benefits, and Hynds’s            Products are displayed in novel ways,
mannequin in the stocks demonstrated            entry was judged Best Medium Outdoor          using moving parts to attract the crowds
‘how not to treat staff’ and ‘the right way     exhibit. It was a credit to the company’s     close enough to be rewarded with product
to treat staff’ was depicted by a cheerful      personnel who conceived, designed, built      specials and special prizes.
picnic scene, again with mannequins but         and manned the exhibit.
                                                                                              “Credit must go to the Hynds personnel
this time enjoying a gin and tonic or a         “Health and safety considerations and         manning the stand,” says Ian. “It’s one
glass of wine!                                  the Fieldays’ specifications are a big part    thing to be knowledgeable, but to stay
                                                of the deliberations,” says Ian, “but it’s    happy and helpful for the duration requires
The    award-winning       Fieldays    team
                                                always fun seeing what we can come up
comprising       Ian   Burborough,    Bryan                                                   a positive disposition and real stamina,
Running, Clint Kiernan and Tom Rostron                                                        especially if the weather is inclement
put their heads together and set time-          Ian has a reputation for designing stands     and the foot traffic heavy. Fortunately, the

Troughs find new home
                                                Children love the playground at Totara        railway sleepers, old container crates
                                                Park at Manurewa. Not only is it a            and troughs donated by Hynds Pipe
                                                great place to play and mix with              Systems for the playground.
                                                other children, its earthy textures and
                                                                                              “The council’s aim is to develop
                                                materials give it a very homely feel.
                                                                                              neighbourhood parks that reflect
                                                Originally designed and built for the         the community around them. This
                                                Ellerslie Flower Show, the playground         playground shows how parks can be
                                                was relocated to its present site to form
                                                                                              an extension of people’s backyards,”
                                                part of Manukau City Council’s network
                                                                                              said Digby Whyte, the council’s Parks
                                                of children’s neighbourhood parks. It
                                                contains a wide range of activities
                                                including tree huts, sand, rock and           The playground’s design team at
                                                wood ‘play pods’, nets and climbing           Isthmus Group sought large concrete
                                                walls within an environmentally friendly      pipes for to use as creative ‘play pods’,
                                                and educational site.                         that were an integral part of the park’s
                                                Consistent with its commitment to             design. Six concrete troughs were
                                                recycling, Manukau City Council used          donated, three large and three smaller,
                                                recycled and re-used materials such as        which were perfect for the job.

                                                                                                                            n          e          w            s

 Hynds culture is full of cheery souls.”                     products and our staff,” says Tom.                  Opposite page
                                                                                                                      Left to right: Gary Mangino; Roger
 Hynds regards the Fieldays as an                            When all’s said and done, the New Zealand                Pinkerton; Jon Aitken; Susan Brunton;
 opportunity to ‘show and tell’. Last year                   National Agricultural Fieldays is the most               Daryl Wheatley; Chris Jensen; Blair Foote;
                                                                                                                      Tom Rostron; Dave Crake.
 there were 842 exhibitors and almost                        important agricultural exhibition on the
 115,000 visitors. National and international                farming calendar. It’s the once-a-year              This page
                                                                                                                 Above, left to right
 sales generated by the four-day event held                  opportunity to meet face to face with a                   The 2004 Fieldays display; Hynds display
                                                             huge number of equipment and service                      for Fieldays 2005, after much construction;
 in June came to $219.7 million, $131.5                                                                                Introducing the ‘drain man’.
 million of which related to orders and sales
 at the Fieldays. Only nine years ago that
 figure was $25 million.

 It will take a while for orders to flow through
 from this year’s event, but there was
 plenty of interest from farmers and small-
 block holders, says Tom Rostron. “It gives
 our customers and potential customers
 the chance to have direct access to our

                                                      The smaller troughs were placed inside
                                                      the larger ones and the gap was capped
                                                      with macrocarpa timber to create pods.
                                                      Children can play on the inside of the
                                                      pods or sit up on the top.
                                                      Isthmus Group landscape architect,
                                                      Helen Kerr says: “It was insightful of
                                                      Manukau City Council to provide the
                                                      opportunity to inject more creativity
                                                      into playground design with the use
                                                      of recycled and unusual materials. The
                                                      troughs were perfect for the job and a
                                                      unusual element that isn’t usually used
Opposite page                                         in playground design.”
Left & above                                                                                      Client          Shona Fisher, Landscape
      Children enjoy the playground after its                                                                     Architect Manukau Parks
      relocation to Totara Park.                                                                  Designers       Isthmus Group

This page                                                                                         Construction    Tina Dyer, Project Manager; Recreation Services
Right                                                                                                             Joe Moores; Commercial Play Systems
      Playground assembled for the Ellerslie Flower                                               Products        Cattle Troughs

        n           e
                      40        w            s
                                                                                                          conducting S-Mark compliance testing,
                                                                                                          and analysing and communicating quality
                                                                                                          data, provide a good example of this
                                                                                                          philosophy in action.

                                                                                                          All members of this team have progressed
                                                                                                          from the shop floor. To be effective,
                                                                                                          team members require good levels of
                                                                                                          communication, technical knowledge and
                                                                                                          a thorough understanding of the concrete-
                                                                                                          pipe-making process. It is this that enables
                                                                                                          them to work side by side with other teams
                                                                                                          throughout the company.

                                                                                                          Says Hynds Pipe Systems’s Environmental/
                                                                                                          Quality Manager Niko Tovia: “Our success
Continuous improvement approach
                                                                                                          is built on the careful planning done when
underscores S-Mark quality                                                                                this initiative was conceived almost three
                                                                                                          years ago. With the right people in the
It is increasingly important that companies                 •   Providing high-level training to staff    right place with the right training, we
tendering for local, regional and                               to empower decision-making on the         ensure that the necessary compliance-
central government contracts meet the                           shop floor; so decisions can be made       related activities are co-ordinated in the
specifications set out under NZS3107:1978,                       by those with the key knowledge and       factories and on site.”
the New Zealand standard for precast                            skills, in the right place at the right   The Continuous Improvement philosophy
concrete drainage and pressure pipes.                           time.                                     has impressed the company’s auditors.
                                                                                                          Bureau Veritas has been auditing
NZS3107:1978 requires a minimum of                          •   Workplace ownership to encourage
                                                                                                          Hynds Pipe Systems Limited against
20 areas of compliance, of which at least                       staff to take pride and accept
                                                                                                          the specifications laid out under
10 are sampled randomly and selected                            responsibility for their areas of
                                                                                                          NZS3107:1978 since February 2002 when
for audit. The auditing process includes                        operations.
                                                                                                          the company was granted a Bureau Veritas
a review of quality planning, compliance
                                                            •   Encouraging     teamwork  through         Certification Mark Licence. To maintain
testing, staff training and manufacturing
                                                                the formation of an open, mutually        its licence, Hynds must continually
procedures and processes.                                                                                 monitor its products to ensure that the
                                                                respectful workplace.
This means that gaining and maintaining                                                                   requirements of NZS3107:1978 are met,
                                                            •   Regular formalised meetings and
NZS3107:1978 not only requires that we                                                                    including the keeping of management
                                                                discussions to encourage open and         records for process control parameters,
demonstrate an in-depth understanding
                                                                honest communication between              work instructions, inspection and testing,
of process and process capability, but
                                                                teams, furthering creativity and          as well as purchasing specifications and
also that we possess the capability for
                                                                accountability.                           training records.
identifying areas for improvement – and
act on those.                                                                                             “Twice-yearly visits by Bureau Veritas
                                                            Since the introduction of the Continuous      have shown that Hynds is maintaining its
Hynds’s processes are drawn from the
                                                            Improvement approach, staff throughout        systems and addressing mechanisms to
knowledge and experience of our staff. At
                                                            Hynds have shown increased levels of          improve them,” says Bureau Veritas auditor
our East Tamaki site, we have successfully
                                                            awareness, and have been more willing         Peter Hewitt. “Particularly impressive is
adopted a Continuous Improvement
                                                            to make effective and timely decisions        the training that Hynds employees receive.
approach that is the basis of our quality
                                                                                                          Records are kept for each operator showing
control. It enables us to maintain our all-                 that identify and deal with the core areas
                                                                                                          that they are assessed by oral and written
important S-Mark accreditation.                             responsible for quality issues.
                                                                                                          test to reinforce understanding of the
This Continuous Improvement philosophy                      The lab team, which is responsible for        operations that they are responsible for.
includes:                                                   calibrating test equipment and gauges,        Confidence can therefore be assured.”

      Hynds East Tamaki staff members, Samata Oa,                                                          Auditor         Peter Hewitt, Auditor; Bureau Veritas
      Paul Ah Chong, Suliasi Aho, Semi Liu, Terita
      Vaipulu and Hanalofa Ma’amaloa... the right                                                          Hynds Contact   Niko Tovia, Hynds Pipe Systems’s
      people, in the right place with the right training.                                                                  Environmental Quality Manager

                                                                                                                        n   e       w         s
Ideas set in
Landscape designer Damian Wendelborn uses
modern industrial drainage pipes in extraordinary

Clients looking for a contemporary outdoor living
with minimal maintenance delight in his use
of concrete boxes, culverts, pipes – and even
cattle stops – to create clean lines and peaceful
settings with the minimum of fuss.

The owner of Urbanite Landscape Design, Damian
transforms such commonplace construction,
farm and environmental engineering products
into sleek and quirky design features.

His company’s ‘town meets country’ display was
a real hit at the Auckland Home Show.

Among its highlights were:

•   Concrete box ‘water spouts’ set into a rock
    wall above a restful pool;

•   Kentia palms in a stylish box culvert planter,

•   A protective grid, made from a concrete
    cattle stop and set in a section of high-traffic
    lawn next to a deck.
                                                      Above and bottom of page
Occasionally Damian adds a touch of humour                 Display garden created by Urbanite Landscape Design,
to his designs, as with a set of planter columns           complete with box culvert water spouts and cattle stops
                                                           in the lawn.
for a small, townhouse garden. They are
constructed from cesspit risers, mortared
                                                       Client            Auckland Home Show
together, filled with soil and planted with the
                                                       Designers         Damian Wendelborn, Urbanite Landscape Design
bromeliad species Alcanterea imperialis and
                                                       Products          Cattle Stop, Cesspit Risers
Vriesea Heiroglyphica.

                                                                           Photography supplied by Trends Publishing International. Photographer: Kallan MacLeod
                                                                                                                                    Photos above and bottom right


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