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• The International Commission on
  Mathematical Instruction

• Established in 1908

• 72 member countries across the world
               ICMI Activities
• Endorsement of regional conferences on
  Mathematical Education
• ICMI Bulletin
   – published twice a year and accessible on the

• ICMI Studies
   – analytical and action-oriented investigation of
     topics with significance to the theory and practice
     of contemporary mathematics education

• http://elib.zib.de/IMU/ICMI/
• International Congress on Mathematical Education
• Aims:
  – To reflect the worldwide trend and issues in mathematics
    education at all levels. To provide an interaction with
  – Exchange of information on problems of mathematics
    education and development of the practises of
    mathematics education around the world
  – Learn and benefit from recent advances in mathematics
• Organisation:
  – Held quadrennial under the auspices of ICMI
  – Arranged by a Local Organising Committee
  – Programme by an International Programme Committee
              History of ICME
•   ICME-1, 1969, Lyon (France)
•   ICME-2, 1972, Exeter (United Kingdom)
•   ICME-3, 1976, Karlsruhe (Germany)
•   ICME-4, 1980, Berkeley (USA)
•   ICME-5, 1984, Adelaide (Australia)
•   ICME-6, 1988, Budapest (Hungary)
•   ICME-7, 1992, Québec (Canada)
•   ICME-8, 1996, Sevilla (Spain)
•   ICME-9, 2000, Tokyo/Makuhari (Japan)
•   ICME-10, 2004, Copenhagen (Denmark)
  Organisation ICME-10
• Local Organising Committee
• International Programme Committee
• Nordic Contact Committee
   International Programme
• Chair IPC: Mogens Niss       •   Marcelo de C. Borba (Brazil)
  (Denmark)                    •   Nikolai P. Dolbilin (Russia)
• Jill Adler (South Africa)    •   Joan Ferrini-Mundy (USA)
• Abraham Arcavi (Israel)      •   Hiroshi Fujita (Japan)
• Michèle Artigue (France)     •   Gunnar Gjone (Norway)
• Mariolina Bartolini Bussi    •   Bernhard R. Hodgson
  (Italy)                          (Canada)
• Bill Barton (New Zealand)    •   Kyungmee Park (Korea)
• Hyman Bass (USA)             •   Teresa Rojano (Mexico)
• Christer Bergsten (Sweden)   •   Wilfried Schmid (USA)
• Ole Björkqvist (Sweden)      •   Lim-Teo Suat Khoh
• Chair Local Organising           (Singapore)
  Committee: Morten Blomhøj    •   Zheng Yuxin (China)
        Nordic Contact Committee
Anna Kristjansdóttir
                            Gerd Brandell,
                            Chair NCC
Norway                      Barbro Grevholm
Ingvill Holden
Otto B. Bekken

                             Erkki Pehkonen
Morten Blomhøj,
                             Juha Oikkonen
Chair LOC
Carl Winsløw
   Nordic Contact Committee
• To strengthen and co-ordinate the efforts in
  the Nordic countries
• To seek funding
• To encourage participation and contribution
  from the Nordic countries
• To support the Local Organising Committee
    Local Organising Committee
•   Chair: Morten Blomhøj    •   Leif Kragh
•   Secretary: Elin Emborg   •   Vagn Lundsgaard Hansen
•   Leif Andersen            •   Claus Michelsen
•   Kjeld Bagger Laursen     •   Arne Mogensen
•   Gerd Brandell
                             •   Mogens Niss
•   Torben Christoffersen
                             •   Carsten Valentin Jørgensen
•   Lisser Rye Ejersbo
•   Bent Lindhardt           •   Anne Winther Pedersen
•   Barbro Grevholm          •   Michael Wahl Andersen
•   Ebbe Hansen              •   Tine Wedege
•   H.C. Hansen              •   Carl Winsløv
          Visions for ICME -10
• A well organised congress celebrating the ICME tradition.
• A congress with a strong scientific programme
  representing the state of art in mathematics education
  research and in mathematics teaching practices.
• A large representation of mathematics teachers from all
  educational levels.
• A congress which makes a difference for
  the practice of mathematics teaching.
          Visions for ICME -10
• A truly international congress with world wide
  representation also from less privileged countries
• A gender balanced congress.
• A strong Nordic and Danish representation.
• A congress that gives space and time
  for informal discussions among the
     Technical University of Denmark
• Easy access
 23km from Airport, 15km
 from Copenhagen city center
• 3500-4300 participants.

• Participation from around 100 countries

• Math educators, math teachers and
  others working within the educational

• Researchers in mathematics education.

A large number of accommodation in all
categories from dormitories and home
stays to three and four star hotels will
be available for the participants
                                  • Shuttle busses
• Public Transportation
  (Incl. in the reg. fee)

• Free city bikes are available
  in central Copenhagen
         Copenhagen in July
                Inviting climate

Danish Design

                    Long nights
      Experience Copenhagen
•   Jazz Festival
•   Historical Tours
•   Tivoli Gardens
•   Carlsberg
• Copenhagen, Denmark

• July 4-11, 2004

• www.icme-10.dk

• icme@congress-consult.com
                              Congress Secretariat:
                              Congress Consultants
                              Martensens Allé 8
                              Tel: +45 70 20 03 05
We are looking forward to welcoming you to

ICME-10 in Wonderful Copenhagen

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