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									                               Bob’s Buck Camp
 December 2003
 Volume 3, Issue 3

Camp Board:             Dateline: Crivitz, WI
• Senior Members
President               Deer Camp 2003: The Streak Continues
  -Bob Mathies
Vice President           By VP Nelson                   much       mischief,    but    with the well and a late
  -Curt Nelson                                          libations were shared as       night dispute over a card
Secretary of State       As has been the time           chores were completed.         violation resulted in a
  -Keith Rollin          honored tradition and          The FDA Chairman and           much-unappreciated call
FDA Chairman             legacy passed on from our      Sturgeon General arrived       to the President’s home.
  -Carl Nelson           forefathers, Deer Camp         mid-afternoon          and
Foreign Minister         2003 was another year of       spearheaded a supply           The      President     and
  -Paul Lancelle         excellence. As is always       run. The SEC-State and         Attorney General arrived
Attorney General         the case, great friends,       SEC-Weights/Measures           early      Friday    before
  -Matt Mathies          great food and drink, and      arrived in time to make the    trekking back home to pay
                         great fun were had by all!     annual run to the Nimrod       respects to the FM's late
• Junior Members
                         This year the camp was         for Thursday evening           father-in-law.        They
                         opened early Thursday          dinner with the boys up        returned shortly after the
  -Mike Mathies
Sturgeon General
                         morning by the VP and          the road.                      SEC-D'Fence,          SEC-
  -Tony Nelson           our Comptroller.                                              Transportation, and future
Comptroller                                             After an extremely good        Chief Inspector arrived,
  -Adam Rollin           As      always,    camp        meal at the Nimrod, cards      shortly before suppertime.
Sec. De’fence            preparations kept the          and libations were shared      (Cont.     ►      See Deer
  -Casey Nelson          early arrivals from too        at the camp. Problems          Camp 2003 – Page 2)

                        Bored Updates: What Might Have Been…
Sec. Of Trans.
  -Greg Thompson
  -Ric Thompson         By SEC-State                    There he was!           The     The noise I had heard was
Chief Inspector                                         biggest (size and antlers)      me snoring. The biggest,
  -Jake Nelson          Sitting in my blind on          buck I had ever seen. As        best buck I had ever seen
                        opening day is like no          I stared in amazement, my       was just a dream. So in
• Recognized            other. The excitement of        heart began to race wildly.     reality, this season was
  Foreign               the hunt has reached its        Slowly I raised up my rifle     like any other; no deer,
  Diplomats             pinnacle for every hunter.      to get a look at him            and lots of dozing off. We
Ambassadors:            This year was different, or     through my scope.          I    did log a lot of hours in the
  -Jim Sipiorski        so I thought.                   focused on him only to          woods on opening day,
  (‘da U.P.)                                            find that he had spotted        but nobody got lost, and
  -Frank Leiterman      About 45 minutes into the       me, or so I thought. For        we did not have to wage
  (Crooked Lake)        hunt I heard a crackling        what seemed like an             war in the "President-in-
  -Shawn Krueger
                        noise to my right. Slowly I     eternity, we stared at each     Training's" blind.
                        turned to see what it was       other. With only a straight
LGBT President
                        but was disappointed to         on shot I patiently waited      Sunday was a wash,
  -Tom Anderson
                        see nothing but trees.          for him to turn in any          literally, with it raining all
                        Two minutes later I heard       direction.      Finally he      day. Thank goodness the
                        the same noise. Again I         turned and gave me a            Packers        played      an
                        turned slowly to look but       perfect shot. As I began        entertaining game and
 Sports Report 3
                        saw nothing. A short time       to gently pull the trigger I    won.       (Cont. ►       See
 Heard?            5    later I heard it again, but     heard that same crackling       Bored Updates – Page 3)
                        this time I waited to turn. I   noise again. I blinked for
 Security          7
                        heard it again and again        only a second... and then
 CookStove        10    and slowly turned to look.      woke up.
                            Bob’s Buck Camp                                                             Page 2

                           A Word from Bob…
                           Congrats to all on the         future years     at   Buck’s    words to ponder:
                           successful hunt again this     camp.
                           year. As always it is a                                        Stopping to contemplate
                           real pleasure hunting with     Up coming events include        what you have done is just
                           such dedicated sportsmen       woodcutting in spring and       a rest period before you
                           as yourselves.                 to finish the bunkhouse.        try to do it better.

                           Our new junior members         The all important thing to      To all the members of the
                           seemed to handle the           remember is on January          B.B.C. it is your dedicated
                           pressure as first year         1, 2004 there will only be      duty to take a moment for
                           members of the camp.           324 days left till deer         a toast to the good year
                           The     knowledge   they       hunting season.                 we had and to better
                           gained,     and     their                                      years to come.
                           eagerness to gain more         In closing, it is only proper
                           should help them in their      to leave you with some
                           Deer Camp 2003/from Page 1
                           While I did not venture         eye opening noise to greet   The      new      chapel/
                           forth on Friday for the         our hunters well before      woodshed also has been
                           annual trek to the Nimrod       sunrise.     While not as    a great addition to the
                           for lunch and on the            articulate, organized, or as camp.      Its ability to
“Deer Camp 2003 was        Sipiorski lodge for an          "pointed" as last year's     provide     both    ample
uniquely special with      afternoon     of    gaming,     version,      it   certainly storage and for dry wood
the latest additional of   reports back show that          accomplished its function.   and act as a meeting
                           traditional exploits were                                    place for services is a
next         generation
                           on target. A new lake was       Saturday night provided a credit to the ingenuity of
hunters. “                 discovered             and      special treat with the our President.
                           volumetrics           were      naming and appointment
                           discussed.     I was kept       of our newest junior Halftime of the game on
                           abreast of all adventures       member         to     Chief Sunday saw the first of
                           via cell technology and         Inspector. Also a special our hunters depart Deer
                           was        envious,     but     guest     of    our   SEC- Camp 2003.             More
                           thoroughly approved of all      Weights/Measure arrived followed Monday, and
                           endeavors.                      Saturday night and was Tuesday the last few
                                                           unanimously            (and hunters left our President
                           Deer Camp 2003 was              soundly) appointed as the to perform final camp
                           uniquely special with the       new Ambassador from shutdown on Wednesday.
                           latest additional of next       FCB.
                           generation hunters. The                                      Despite the lack of
                           Attorney General and            The new bunkhouse was whitetail sightings this
                           young Master Nelson             a big hit in both adding year, numerous if not
                           made the trip to Deer           additional space as well record hours were spent
                           Camp for the first of many      as providing additional in vain attempts at a
                           ventures north.                 gaming square footage for harvest.       However, fun
                                                           late    night    endeavors. and camaraderie were at
                           Deer Camp 2003's annual         Special thanks for the all time highs.
                           wakeup call on Opening          quality       workmanship
                           Day morning provided            provided on Friday while
                           stimulating, if not bizarre,    insulating the new facility.
Page 3                                                   Bob’s Buck Camp

By        Al             B.    The 2 junior members           the end. Oh well, they still
Havenanotherbeer          -    challenged   the   senior      got a bowl bid.
Sports Reporter                members to a game, and
                               were soundly beaten.           The Packers on the other
This year some of the                                         hand,     took    care    of
members             actually   There were some truly          business     against    the
participated in a sport        amazing shots on both          49ers, in a great game.
other than hunting.            sides. That the VP was                                        “…the absence of
                               able to knock the cue ball     Unfortunately the absence      the FM kept the
When the FDA Chair, and        off the table on a straight    of the FM kept the
                                                                                             'discussions' to a
the    Sturgeon    General     in 6-inch shot is hard to      'discussions'     to    a
arrived    at   camp   on      believe.                       minimum.                       minimum.”
Thursday, the VP and the
Comptroller were in the        In regards to spectator        The boys from up the road
mood for a road trip. We       sports, namely football, the   showed up on Saturday
headed off to a local          results were mixed. The        with proof that there are
establishment,      where      Badgers fell just short in     deer to hunt in the area.
there happened to be a         their game against Iowa.       It's good that they did
pool table. (There is a        The loss of the starting       since the hunters in our
legend regarding the VP        quarterback and tailback       camp are starting to have
and pool, but that's           didn't help, but they still    some doubts.
another story.)                had a chance to win it in

 Bored Updates / from Page 1
Monday brought on a            great time. 2003 brought       our fine young junior
cold, snowy, and windy         us two first time BBC          members discovered a
day. The four remaining        hunters, some great one        lake      in  downtown
hunters ventured off to        liners (featured in this       Athelstane.        The
hunt north of Athelstane.      newsletter), and another       Bunkhouse was a great
                               Ambassador.                    success.     Thanks to
The President spotted a                                       everyone that made it
buck but had no shot, but      The President kept us          possible.
that kind of kept our          going with some great
interest going. Congrats       Buck Camp stories of           In closing, I must say, we
to the cabin up the road       yesteryear.    The card        may not get many (or any)
for their annual Saturday      games were bountiful for       deer, but the times we
visit to show their harvest    some, but not so much for      have "North or 64" are
of whitetail wonders.          others.                        priceless. Can't wait for
                                                              BBC 2004. Hopefully Fish
As for the rest of Deer        The highlight of the           Camp 2004 will tide us
Camp 2003, we had a            weekend was that one of        over...

                                 Card of Thanks!!!
         The members of Bob’s Buck Camp would like to note a very special
         thanks to the Mayor of Denmark for her very much-appreciated donation
         of a side-by-side refrigerator for Bob’s Buck Camp cabin. The spacious
         unit was put to good use during Deer Camp 2003 and will continue to
         serve us in the future. Three Cheers for the Mayor!!!
                        Bob’s Buck Camp                                                         Page 4

                       Camp Financial Update
                       By Comptroller Rollin        Bob's Buck Camp (It can       during late night Texas
                                                    be mentioned that they        Hold'em tournaments in
                       The Bob's Buck Camp          are brothers however).        the new bunkhouse.
                       Finances this year took a    During an early Saturday
                       hit due to an overrun in     night card playing session    The games offered a
“…it seemed as         the costs of building the    between multiple junior       chance for the junior
though I could not     new bunkhouse. Shake of      members it seemed as          members to not only win
lose…”                 the Day funds were also      though I could not lose,      some cash but also to
                       down due to a lack of use.   mostly because someone,       engage     in  intelligent
                                                    again     unnamed       for   conversation and discuss
                       However, this reporter's     security          reasons,    world events.
                       personal finances sky-       continued to pick and
                       rocketed due to the          continued to lose. This is    My thanks to all who
                       supreme card playing of      not however how this          played and I can't wait to
                       two junior members who       reporter came away with       continue the games next
                       shall remain unnamed due     the    majority   of   his    year.
                       to tightened security at     winnings. That occurred

                       The Science of Bob’s Buck Camp
                       Education at BBC – By the that all the curly straw makers are out of
                       Sturgeon General                               commission due to over consumption of
                                                                      whiskey. But who can blame them,
                       Many people might argue that Deer drinking a whole bottle of whiskey to get
                       Hunting is just a reason for men to get one lousy curly straw would be a tough
                       away and consume large quantities of and demanding job.
                       alcohol. While that may be true, there
                       are also other reasons for the annual trek The curly straw was not the only
                       to the north woods of Wisconsin: discovery made this year at BBC.
                       Education!!                                    Thanks to the keen eye of an
                                                                      unmentioned junior member, a new lake
                       It seems that every year I leave BBC a was discovered just outside of
                       little bit wiser (and a little bit richer if I downtown Athelstane. We figure that it
                       played cards with the right people), and must have formed from the large
                       this year was no different.          On the amounts of snow that the area received
                       suggestion of a certain bored member, a last winter (either that or all the sheet
                       straw was placed in an empty whiskey metal). The DNR has been contacted
                       bottle. We were trying to get the straw to so that maps can be updated. Last word
                       shoot out of the bottle when we lit the I had from the DNR is that they are
                       fumes, but instead we discovered how considering recalling all Wisconsin maps
                       curly straws were invented. Once the so this new natural wonder can be
“The only logical      alcohol fumes burn off (which looks added for all people to enjoy.
conclusion I can       pretty cool), you are left with a perfectly
come up with is        curled straw. While no on actually tested So while some people may say that
                       the straw to see if it worked, we are alcohol just kills brain cells and makes
that all curly straw   going on the assumption that it did you act stupid, I think it is quite the
makers are out of      because otherwise this story is opposite. Drinking allows you to freely
commission...”         completely useless. After seeing how think and experiment with ideas that any
                       much fun it is to make a curly straw, I sober person would never consider.
                       couldn't help but wonder why you don't You just never know what you might
                       see many curly straws around. The only learn, so bottoms up!!
                       logical conclusion I can come up with is
Page 5                                                   Bob’s Buck Camp

CWD Causes Map Corrections
Athelstane, WI,                I was having a weird          most beautiful fish in the
                               reaction to it. As I sat in   whole northern world.
After night and day of fine    the truck and let this
food and spirits, it appears   feeling continue, I began     After    questioning     my
as though I was struck by      to wonder if this is what     colleagues     about     the
the CWD bug the day            CWD feels like.               beauty that was in front of
before the opening of the                                    us, my assumption of a
2004 deer season. That         I began to review what I      case of CWD had been
being the biggest scare of     had ingested during the       confirmed. It turns out that
my life, here is how it        morning and the night         CWD in combination with
came about.                    previous, and continued to    me     not    having     my
                               contemplate the many          contacts in, led me to
After spending the late        possibilities.                believe that a blue roofed
morning enjoying food and                                    building was a beautiful
spirits with fellow bored      At this time a light shone    lake. I guess that this is     Lake Athelstane?
members at the local           upon me and I saw             another case of where
eating establishment, we       something that no one         CWD confirms the saying,
ventured down the road to      had ever seen before. The     "beauty is in the eyes of
do a bit of gambling. After    infamous Lake Athelstane.     the beholder". And gosh, it
leaving the Nimrod, I          It was a color blue that      sure was beautiful.
began to feel a bit dizzy      was unlike anything that
and realized that it might     you would see anywhere        Respectfully submitted
have been from the mass        but in heaven. The word       Sec. of Weights and
amounts of fresh air that      was that it was home to       Measures
my body had taken in and       some of the biggest and

                               Heard in Camp…
                   When are you going to make those wings?
           Damn!! I wanted to play at Ric’s table, I need the money.
                            (This one applies every year)
                                What lake is that???
       It was a full can, but I didn't think there was that much in it...
                              My sleeping bag stinks!
                                    Man Down!!!
        I collect beer cans until they're empty... then I get a new one...
                          If I had brown pants, I would.
                         I bets she's (BEEP) as (BEEP)...
           We have 22 kids out... 10 on one team, 11 on the other...
                              Hey! Is your power on?
                      Now we have butter all over the TV...
                               It’s already buttered...
       How are you supposed to spoon something that can't be spooned?
           Don't butter your TV if you want toast in the morning...
                    So that's where curly straws came from...
                     I'll have one on a rental program only...
                           Bob’s Buck Camp                                                             Page 6

                         News from the Boys Up The Road
                         As always, months prior to     afternoon until the card       made a clean kill. Walking
                         each deer season plans         game      breaks-up     in     over to inspect the deer is
                         are    made      for   the     Amberg one almost has          a nervous time with a
                         upcoming gun season,           the feeling that time is       feeling of gratitude and
                         which includes several         passing too fast and the       appreciation with a prayer
                         days in Athelstane in late     season will be over soon.      that one is so fortunate
                         October      or      early                                    you have to quote the late
                         November.       As     fall    Saturday      is     always    Bob Debroux "puts the
                         approaches it seems that       exciting as the season         icing on the cake for this
                         time      crawls      until    opens and one never            season".
“…The          brown
                         November is turned on the      knows what to expect. We
movement also had        calendar and then the          were both in the deer          After field dressing the
antlers which more       season is over. Although       blinds at 6:15am. There is     animal I went over to
than stood out in the    previous deer seasons all      nothing like the forest        inform Tom that I had shot
early light of the       blend into one each            waking up in the morning,      my buck. We discussed
                         season is different and        it is an anxious time as to    the possibility of bringing
                         creates new memories.          when the first deer may        the deer back to camp,
                                                        appear. For Jim things         but since it was still very
                         As everyone arrives in         happened very quickly. At      early in the morning the
                         camp, meeting at the           6:30 with everything so        decision was made to
                         Nimrod       on    Thursday    quiet, the sound of a wire     hang the deer in a nearby
                         evening is a tradition we      being hit by a deer            tree and Tom would
                         hope will be something we      crossing under the fence       continue to hunt. With a
                         enjoy for many years.          is very distinct. At 6:40      weather     forecast    that
                         Greeting and shaking           down the hill below the        predicted not so ideal
                         hands or what ever             blind there is something       hunting conditions for the
                         gesture is appropriate with    brown moving west. It          next couple of days it was
                         members of the Mathis          seems for me an east           important to keep hunting.
                         Camp could probably be         wind is good for deer          I went back to the cabin to
                         what happened over many        movement        and     that   wash the blood off my
                         centuries     in    northern   probably is documented in      hands and arms the plan
                         Wisconsin as aboriginal        my journals. The brown         was for me to return with
                         tribes gathered for their      movement        also    had    the truck at 11:00am to
                         great hunts. The Thursday      antlers, which more than       pick up Tom and the deer.
                         evening card game at the       stood out in the early light   When I returned it was
                         Mathis camp is something       of the morning. The first      evident that Tom's hunt
                         that       makes       great   shot was a miss the            was successful by killing a
                         entertainment and the          surprising part was that       large doe at 10:00am.
                         evening ends too quickly.      the deer kept moving           After lunch a trip was
                         Just        having       the   slowly and did not seemed      made to Amberg to
                         opportunity to take part on    startled by the sound. The     register both deer and
                         Thursday            evening    next      few      moments     then down to the Mathis
                         activities is almost like a    seemed like slow motion        camp. I suppose we
“Remaining in the        privilege that you have to     waiting for the deer to        looked liked a couple of
blind for the next       be there to understand.        walk to the next clear spot    barn cats bringing in a
                                                        among the brush. To my         mouse and dropping at a
twenty         minutes
                         Certainly missed Curt for      surprise as always the         persons feet to please our
seemed       like    a   the festivities on Friday      second shot dropped the        owners, but it was time to
lifetime...”             hopefully he will not be       deer           immediately.    celebrate.
                         bed-ridden with a similar      Remaining in the blind for
                         illness next year. As you      the next twenty minutes        (Cont. ► See Boys up
                         partake in the lunch at the    seemed like a lifetime with    the Road – Page 7)
                         Nimrod        on    Friday     the hope that you have
Page 7                                                      Bob’s Buck Camp

Security and the Bunkhouse
By the      Secretary    of    First of all, I feel the walls   to add a refrigerator to the
De'fence                       of the bunkhouse need            bunkhouse.        It doesn't
                               steel    and/or       concrete   need to be big or fancy; it
The coming of another          reinforcements.        Seeing    should just be able to
hunting season saw a           as I have hit or been in a       keep beer cold. During
dramatic improvement to        car that has hit a deer          those     late-night    card
that little slice of heaven    twice in the last three          games it gets very cold
known as Bobs Buck             weeks, I have decided            outside, and you never
Camp. The addition of a        that I am a natural deer         know when you might
new bunkhouse not only         attractant      (except,    of   catch pneumonia or a cold
added enough space to          course, when I have a gun        from being outside in the
allow for induction of new     in my hand). Now if a            cold for too long. With a
members, but it also adds      deer decides life just isn't     refrigerator we wouldn't
a bit of class and             fun anymore and wants to         have     to     leave    the
sophistication to the place.   end it all by running head       bunkhouse, which would
Although the bunkhouse         first into the bunkhouse         also give us more time to
worked great for this year,    (much more likely to             take Greg's money.
as Secretary of De'fence I     happen if I am in the
feel there are a few things    vicinity) he's probably          There are a few more
that must be done to           gonna do some major              things that could be done
ensure safety for all users    damage. With concrete            to improve safety in the
of the bunkhouse (Note:        and steel reinforced walls       bunkhouse, but they are
funding         for      any   the deer would simply            less vital than the ones
improvements can be            bounce off, causing the          mentioned            above.
acquired        from     the   walls to shake less than         Although the bunkhouse
Secretary of Trans, as he      most of the saur kraut and       works great as it is, a few
seems to like to give his      beer farts.                      improvements          could
money away, especially                                          ensure safety and fun at
while in the bunkhouse).       Another thing that would         Bobs Buck Camp for
                               improve safety would be          many years to come.

Boys Up The Road / From Page 6
This    hunting     season,    described by Tom.                We assume she has vital
throughout the year, was                                        information about the
maybe        the       most    We certainly enjoyed the         owner that keeps her the
successful ever, with Tom      rest of the week in the          job. We also made a road
tagging a gobbler in           area,    which     included      trip north and would
spring, a doe in T-Zone        many trips to the local          recommend it to view
and both of us filling tags    establishments to discuss        some of the waterfalls in
in the gun season.             worldly matters with the         Marinette County. Twelve       “…when you only
                               local natives. Shaky Dave        Foot and Horseshoe Falls       hunt    for   ten
Being in the Northwood's       and the Farting Bartender        are worth the trip.
is really what it is all       at the Nimrod always
                                                                                               minutes the math
about.                         provide      entertainment.      Looking forward to next        comes to $13.50 a
                               Things were not the same         year as both camps             minute…”
For Jim the cost of the        without    Doris    serving      (tribes) meet in Athelstane
non-resident license is        drinks at the Jug. There         for the "2004 Great Hunt"
$135.00, and when you          were issues at Rumors
only hunt for ten minutes      when the manager was             With Some Respect -
the math comes to $13.50       fired one day and back to        The Ambassador from
a minute to hunt as            work the following day.          the UP
 Page 8                                                    Bob’s Buck Camp
2003 CWD Follow-up: Eggs in the Northwoods
By SEC-Transportation          (IMAGINE       THAT)     I      night before. From on top
                               studied this member very        of his tree stand he
In a follow-up to last years   closely to see if there         deposited all of what was
CWD Study in which I           were things that he could       left in him to the ground.
studied some of the            do and not do.                  After that he took a few
causes and effects that                                        naps. It would have been
CWD had on you, we had         First,    in    the     other   one long nap but one
further discussion of the      member’s eyes they love         over-charged little rascal
matter this season. We         it that he was playing          came walking through and
came up with some pretty       cards with them. They           woke him up.
interesting discoveries.       thought that he was doing
                               a great job and so did he.         Well, this concludes this
The first thing that we        But realistically, he wasn't    season CWD observation.
discussed was how some         playing well at all. He was     I am going to leave you
things would affect you        losing a lot and had no         with a couple of hints of
after you have been            value of money. Luckily         what to stay away from
infected with the CWD          there was a limit and he        once you think or know
virus. The first thing that    didn't bring his life saving    you are infected:
came to mind was pickled       .
eggs. Last season we              Next, the opening hunt.      1. Stay calm. Don't panic.
found out that the pickled     He didn't get up bright         2. Stay away from the
eggs didn't sit very well      eyed and bushy tailed as        card tables. When you put        It would have been
with the infected member.      he usually did, but he did      your money on them it            one long nap but
It was OK at first, which      get out there before the        disappears.
lead to having more then       sun came up, and he was         3. Drink some water              one     over-charged
one pickled eggs, but after    smart enough to put his         before you go to bed. You        little rascal came
time it finally caught up to   safety belt on in the tree      will have cotton mouth in        walking through and
him, and lets just say that    stand.                          the morning.                     woke him up…
they came out the same                                         4. Wear extra warm socks
way they went in. That         Some      heard   strange       to bed because you may
wrapped up discussion of       noises and thought that         have cold feet in the
last seasons study.            maybe he was trying a           morning.
                               new deer call, but once         5.    Stay   away     from
This season we got             again, his food didn't          PICKLED EGGS.
another infected member.       settle with him from the

The Rookie’s Perspective
By The Chief Inspector.                        partner, attorney general, as the
                                               bartender. I had to inspect if everyone
Well it was Friday night playing cards, as     liked their drinks, which I know they all
the president needed someone else a            did. Even if they didn't like their "more
board, the camp board. As everyone else        than 5 count" whiskey, I know they
was elected, I was the last one left. I was    always came for more. I even made 8
elected to "chief inspector". Now this job     dollars worth of tips; everyone was very
must be hard work. All you do is sit and       good with the tips, and I know they loved
watch someone do their work, or inspect        the drinks. As my weekend came to a
something. Wow that's simple. As my            close, I made 10 or more dollars off the
first job was to be on, inspection to the      Packer game. Man what a weekend! I
cans! Sounds easy, more than EASY.             made couple dollars in cards, couple
You don't even do a thing! My job is           dollars off of bartending, and sure
perfect for me. You’re really not doing        enough to close it off, $10 more on the
much except when the President tells           Packer game. My grand total was like
                                                                                              Inspector Clouseau?
you to "inspect" something, its easy as 1-     $30. Man thirty dollars? Chief Inspector?
2-3. Since I got the other job with my         Bartending? What’s next!?!?
                           Bob’s Buck Camp                                                            Page 9

                          Bartending: 101
                          By the Attorney General       "Matt, this cocktail is        no comments made.
                                                        weak"! President calls me
                          This year was my first        over and says take             I also experienced plenty
                          year of experiencing Bob’s    Ricky’s drink and bring it     of other things, but that is
                          Buck Camp. And if the         here. When I got the drink     a whole other story. And
                          President tells you to do     The President tells me to      that is my comment on my
                          something you better do it.   put in an 8 count. So I do     first year at the best camp
                                                        as the President says and      north of 64, Bob's Buck
                          So on Saturday night the      give it to Ricky. He looks     Camp. Oh yeah I got word
                          President tells me and        at it and says "jesus          that the Hamburgler was
                          Jake to make cocktails for    crumps". I look at him and     not heard north of 64, but
                          everybody. So I make the      laugh, saying never make       in central Brown county,
                          cocktails and the first       fun of my drinks. I ask if     he was heard in a thick
                          person to comment on my       anybody needs theirs           woods. Not a swamp
“The President tells me
                          drink was of course Ricky.    fixed up too. There were       woods.
to put in an 8 count…”
                          Report from the Homefront
                          By The Foreign Minister                       Have a weird dream involving Sec.
                                                                        Weights & Measures.
                          Given that I was unable to make the           10:00 a.m. - Depressed again. Go over
                          annual trek to Bob's Buck Camp this           to the V.P.'s and "check" on his garage.
                          year, I thought it may prove insightful and   No beer there. Head to the tavern. Get
                          refreshing to the rest of the membership      in a sheepshead game and maurer like
                          if I provided a "diary" of sorts of events    hell. Now I'm feeling better! Tequila all
                          that took place Down South here on the        around! Count to five when pouring!
                          homefront in their absence.                   Tuesday, November 25
 I think to myself,       It goes as follows:                           5:00 p.m.- Confer with the V.P. at a
 "Why do all those        Friday, November 21                          basketball game. He looks relatively
 idiots go to Crivitz     10:00 p.m. - I should be at camp now,         good but shockingly, reports of no kill
 every year?"             partaking in the pre-hunt activities but,     success at Bob's Buck Camp. I stop and
                          it's just not meant to be this year. As a     buy some venison sausage.
                          show of solidarity, I power slam a can of     Wednesday, November 26
                          sauerkraut and wolf down two quick cans       7:00 p.m. -Drive past D.J.'s and spot the
                          of beer. Still make it to bed before the      Prez's truck. He's back!!! Life is good.
                          Prez's midnight deadline.                     Friday, November 28
                          Saturday, November 22                        3:00 p.m.- Today is corn-harvesting day
                          7:00 a.m. - Opening Day!! It sure is          at Woodchuck Ranch. The combine
                          lonely around here. Take a drive around       driver reports the rousting of at least a
                          town. See the Mayor of Denmark and            dozen deer out of the field directly
                          Mrs. V.P. - boy, do they ever look happy!     behind my house. I think to myself, "Why
                          I sure miss the Prez. After awhile, I go      do all those idiots go to Crivitz every
                          down to the barn and sit in his boat for a    year?" I hear all kinds of shooting
                          while, but it doesn't make me feel any        coming from the direction of Zumbo's
                          better. Time for a beer.                      estate, and wonder what the tarnation is
                          11:00 p.m. - Driving home from Circle         going on over there.
                          Tap after putting on my "Chippendale"         Sunday, November 30
                          performance for the Deer Widows, I think      The 2003 Deer Hunt comes to a close.
                          to myself, "I wonder who Carl is arguing      Time to start planning for Bob's Buck
                          with right now?"                              Camp 2004!
                          Sunday, November 23                          (Editors Note: The FM couldn’t make
                          6:00 a.m. - Wake up and it's raining          BBC 2003 due to the passing of his
                          outside. Think to myself, "Sure am glad       father-in-law.    BBC’s thoughts and
                          I'm not a deer hunter." Go back to sleep.     prayers go out to the FM’s family.)
                                Bob’s Buck Camp                                                          Page 10

                             From the Cookstove…
                             by The Chairman of the         really, he was just sick).    for them in the pot. After
                             Food      and    Drug          The food again was great.     much discussion about
                             Administration                 I, myself, feasted on more    making potatoes, we got
                                                            gizzards. The bartenders      lazy, and decided to skip
                             This year's camp was           were much improved,           the idea. We made due
                             another      'gas'tronomical   also. We then had our         with biscuits, and some
                             success (with chili, and       regular card game with        excellent bread, provided
                             kraut on the menu, gas is      Jack, and Ass, which is       by the Mayor of Denmark.
                             inevitable).       No food     always a good time. The
“Aptly named, Egg's Bob,     poisoning (unless you          view of the lake was also     Sunday some of the
were a hit with the          count alcohol as a food),      very impressive.              hunters headed for home,
campers…”                    the cabin didn't get burned                                  but we sent them off with
                             down, and there was no         We got home earlier than      a hearty breakfast (that
                             kraut juggling, as has         normal (even though the       was interrupted by a
                             happened in the past.          Sec of Weights and            bored meeting).       That
                                                            Measures was wandering        evening      was    mostly
                             Thursday night was the         the streets of Athelstane).   leftovers, but we did have
                             traditional     meal    at     The fact that we had 2        the VP's turkey stew,
                             Nimrod's. Excellent food,      less instigators helped a     which was great.
   Bob’s Buck                but a crappy bartender.        lot. That evening's meal
 Camp Newsletter             One of the highlights was      was Kraut, chili, and         Other items of note:
                             the gizzards on the salad      whatever anyone else was      * We had 2 pickled items,
                             bar. Not something you         willing to cook.              venison heart (courtesy of
 429 Highridge Ave           see every day at a                                           Zumbo) and eggs. Both
 Denmark, WI 54208           restaurant, and boy were       Saturday's opening day        were well received. The
                             they good. Of course, the      breakfast brought a new       Sec. Trans is especially
       PHONE:                boys up the road met us        meal to Bobs Buck Camp.       fond of the eggs.
    (920) 863-2686           there, and the night was       Aptly named, Egg's Bob,       * No matter how bad you
                             topped off by cards,           were a hit with the           burn cheese sauce, you
        FAX:                 cursing, insults, etc.         campers.       Accompanied    can get it all clean.
                                                            by sausages, the campers      * The idea to charge for
     (Yea! Right!)
                             Friday we returned to          were filled to the top. It    the beef jerky was a good
                             Nimrod's      for   lunch.     will definitely be on next    one, and should contribute
        E-MAIL:              Unfortunately two of our       year's menu. Of course        to the camp treasury.
  bob@curtamous.com          senior members were not        the evening meal was,
                             able to join us. The Prez      again, the highlight of our   Once again, from a food
                             headed back to Denmark         dining for the weekend.       standpoint I would have to
  In our next newsletter:    to pay his respects to the     Ma's       Swiss     Steak    consider this year's camp
                             FM's father-in-law, while      Extravaganza           was    a huge success.        All
    Hunting with Bob         the VP wasn't feeling up       wonderful as always. The      suggestions for next year
   Gutting a Deer P.3        to it. As hard as it is to     only complaint was the        will be considered, any
     Pickling: 101           believe, the illness was       lack of potatoes. The VP      complaints ignored, as
     2004 Outlook            NOT self-inflicted (No,        said there was no room        always.
   Lake Identification
   …and much, much,
         more!               About Bob’s Buck Camp Newsletter…
                             Bob’s     Buck      Camp       Our      senior   board       Our thanks go out to Bob
                             Newsletter is brought to       members try to emulate        for      his       resolve,
We’re Finally on the         you by Bob.        Without     Bob and make him proud        resourcefulness, money,
       Web!                  Bob’s goodwill, cash, luck,    of our endeavors.             grace, leadership, and
                             perseverance, resources,                                     assets, but most of all for
                             guidance, and ingenuity,       Our     junior   members      his boyish good looks.
        See us at:           Bob’s Buck Camp and            merely crave a morsel of
                             Bob’s     Buck      Camp       Bob’s attention whenever      The Editor…
                             Newsletter would cease to      possible and are ecstatic
                             exist.                         at a simple word of praise.

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