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FEBRUARY 2011 Vol. 5 No. 2                                                                                    Brought to you by:   Career Alternatives

          Journalist Nancy Regan Interviews Author Corey Poirier About
            The New Island Business News Book Featuring Islanders
  (PEI) February, 2011 -       Business News featur-         originally came to be?
Journalist Nancy Regan         ing an article on Nancy,
recently spoke with Au-        but in the meantime, the         COREY       POIRIER
thor Corey Poirier about       following is the result of    (CP): Well, growing up
his new book, Conver-          her interview with Corey      in Prince Edward Island,
sations with Islanders,        as they chatted about         I recall walking past lo-
to discuss its release.        the new Conversations         cal businesses, wonder-
                               with Islanders book.          ing about their unique
   Ironically, this in-                                      heritage, success story.
terview came to life as           NANCY         REGAN        I just really wondered
a result of Corey ap-          (NR): Corey, I’m interest-    about their challenges,
proaching Nancy about          ed in what motivated you      successes, what moti-
interviewing her for the       to write this book, but be-   vated the owners and
Island Business News           cause it’s obviously been     employees of the busi-
publication, and once          a natural outgrowth of        nesses, basically, who
the two journalists began      your Island Business          they really were. I saw
speaking, well, things         News publication, can         the newspaper as a way        their history, their story   ural extension of what      about heritage really
took on a life of their        you take me back a chap-      to share their success        and their modern day         we’ve been trying to do     resonates with me, and I
own. Be sure to check out      ter and tell me how and       stories with readers,         heritage. And you’re so      with the publication.       think storytelling is such
the next issue of Island       why the publication itself    and in a way, preserve        right; the book is a nat-      NR: What you say                     cont’d on p. 5

Island Gift Baskets                                                                        SoccerStop
                                                                                              by Megan Peddle
   ISLAND BUSINESS                                                                            When soccer play-
NEWS (IBN): Can you                                                                        ers step into Charlotte-
provide us with some de-                                                                   town’s SoccerStop, they
tails of how the decision to                                                               can be confident that
purchase Island Gift Bas-                                                                  they’re going to get the
kets came together origi-                                                                  right equipment for their
nally and also why you                                                                     specific needs. Owner
decided to open a store                                                                    Jonathan Vos, who took
in the Waterfront Mall?                                                                    over the store from his
                                                                                           father in 2008, is commit-
   ISLAND GIFT BAS-                                                                        ted to offering his cus-
KETS (IGB): We were                                                                        tomers a personal touch
looking for some type                                                                      when they shop in his
of business to get into,       Baskets was started. We       us. About the middle of       stores. “Very honestly,      make sure you get it, or-   know the equipment, but
and just not sure which.       didn’t think much more        November we discussed         we are not going to sell     dering specific items and   they’re dedicated to the
We had talked about a          about it until we saw it      finding a mall location       you something you don’t      even occasionally mak-      game as well. “We know
gift basket business as        advertised for sale. We       for the Christmas Sea-        need. We are here to do      ing personal deliveries.    the goods but we also
there was not this type        finalized the purchase at     son. We found a little spot   what we can for our cli-                                 know what is happening
of business on the Island.     the end of October and        in the Waterfront Mall in     ents,” he says. And if         For Vos and his em-       in the game at all levels
About the time we were         then started to get every-    Summerside and opened         SoccerStop doesn’t have      ployees, SoccerStop is      - internationally, do-
discussing it, Island Gift     thing changed over to                    cont’d on p. 4     what you need, Vos will      a labour of love – they                cont’d on p.8
Page 2                                                                              Island Business News                                                                 January 2011

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•The Business of Entertainment -                                                                  terday (Einstein, Frank-       very publication, and our                Corey Poirier
   Larry Harvey (part 2 of 2)                                        These questions could        lin, Henry Ford, Edison,       new book Conversations           Founder / Publisher,
•The Business of Entertainment -                                   be among the most im-          Dale Carnegie, Napoleon        With Islanders, shares          Island Business News
   Lorne Elliott (part 2)                                          portant to your career,        Hill) all had one thing in     that very message – that (website
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Taking Care of Business
                                                                                                                                 covers – it did for me (Corey’s
From The Heart by Nancy M. Doucette
                                                                     In almost every career/        This past month, I           when I discovered Dale                            Blog)
Publishers on Writers: Nimbus Publishing
                                                                   professional (sales, man-      have been making my            Carnegie’s How to Win

      Opinion Disclaimer                                           the business of entertainment                                                              Getting a second chance
                                                                                                                                                              at a music career?
    Contributed articles are the views of the contrib-             Larry Harvey: Dreams Can Come True, At Any Age
 utors and not necessarily those of the publisher.
                                                                                                                                                                LH: It’s like winning
    Career Alternatives reserves the right to reject                    (part 2 of 2)                                                                         the lotto. And getting
 or edit articles.
    Articles may not be reproduced without the writ-                                                                                                          to have this experi-
 ten approval of the publisher. The publisher of this                Continuing on from                                                                       ence with Shane, my
 Newspaper in its complete state is Corey Poirier                  right where we left off                                                                    son, that was great.
 (Career Alternatives).                                            last time around in our
    Any unauthorized reproduction in whole or in                   interview with Larry                                                                          IBN: Okay Shane,
 part of this publication without such consent is                  and Shane harvey...                                                                        your goal was to get your
 prohibited by law.                                                                                                                                           father on the Grand Ole
                                                                      IBN: Hank Williams                                                                      Opry stage, one of the
                                                                   and Johnny Cash were,                                                                      experiences he didn’t
                 CREDITS                                           like your father, in their
                                                                   20’s and 30’s during their
                                                                                                                                                              get to have back then. I
                                                                                                                                                              watched the documenta-
         Published by                Contact Information           heyday in Nashville,                                                                       ry in anticipation as you
  Career Alternatives                Career Alternatives /         your father is in his eight-                                                               made call after call to the
                                    Island Business News           ies. This is a very unique                                                                 Opry offices. Perhaps
      Publisher & Founder                                          story, and proof that                                                                      you can share with our
        Corey Poirier                    Toll Free Phone:          someone in their senior                                                                    readers when the break-
                                                                   years can still live a full                                                                through finally hap-
          Contributors                    (866) 522-7769
                                                                   life. That life doesn’t end                                                                pened in terms of getting
        Nancy Regan                            FAX:                at 50, 60, or even 80 or 90.                                                               your father on that stage?
      Nancy M. Doucette                   (902) 461-4172
         Philip Reid                                                 SH: Yes, and the             it does address the fact       his music in that era,          SH: Well, interesting-
       Doug Shepherd                Island Business News           documentary we made            that he was 80 when we         so he was the perfect        ly, I wasn’t making head-
                                          On the Net               about the journey my           filmed it. But he lived        person to be involved        way calling the main
                               father took 3 years ago,       in that era and wrote          in this journey, wheth-      office and the break-
  Design and Typesetting                                                                                   er in his twenties or        through came when I
      MJS Marketing                                                                                                              eighties. My next goal       called a friend of mine,
      and Promotions,                              Email                                                                         is to convince him           songwriter Jim Vallance.
        Kensington                                                                           to write some new
                                                                                                                                 songs, because I be-            IBN: Sorry to inter-
                                                                                                                                 lieve he can still write     ject, but perhaps you
                                                                                                                                 from that perspective        can tell our readers
              ...and I Quote....                                                                                                 and therefore give us        who Jim Vallance is,
                                                                                                                                 new songs with the           because he is a world
   “Only      when            we       are    no     lon-                                                                        same feel of that era.       renown      songwriter.
 ger   afraid    do           we      begin   to   live.”
                                     — Dorothy Thompson                                                                             IBN: Larry, how ex-         SH: Sure, yes, Jim has
                                                                                                                                 citing was this process.     written and/or recorded
   “I am of the opinion that my life belongs                                                                                                                             cont’d on p. 3
 to the community, and as long as I live it is
 my privilege to do for it whatever I can.”
                      — George Bernard Shaw

      “Nothing   in         life    is        to     be  feared.
 It      is    only            to        be         understood.”
                                                   — Marie Curie

   “It      is   so  comic to  hear   oneself
 called     old, even at ninety I suppose!”
                               — Alice James
January 2011                                                                  Island Business News                                                                     Page 3

                 the business of entertainment (part 2 of 2)
                  Musical Comedian Lorne Elliott
  “Still Making A Living From The Products Of His Imagination”
   You might recall in        a quick Q&A manner, we          to do so. But it’s not just   and sell the place out,
the last issue of Island      decided to switch to an         about money. Actually, I      you can charge $10.00
Business News, we fea-        interview format for the        don’t know if you know        and have a bad show and
tured part 1 of an ar-        remainder of our feature        this but there are really     it has a better chance of
ticle with Lorne Elliott.     with Lorne….as follows:         just two types of money       going well overall – per-
                                                              in the world. Enough,         ception is reality as they
   Note: You can read the       ISLAND    BUSINESS            and not enough. Laughs!       say, and if there are a
full article on Lorne El-     NEWS: What does success                                       lot of people going to
liott (both parts 1 & 2) in   mean to Lorne Elliott?            IBN: (Laughs!) What         the show, people gener-
the New Conversations                                         have you learned about        ally have a better time,
With Islanders Book.             LORNE ELLIOTT: A             being a success in the        sometimes no matter
                              lot of people think it’s        entertainment   world?        the content of the show.
  What follows is part 2.     about money but if it’s
                              just about the money, it           LE: I’ve learned a lot        IBN: Favorite quote
  At this point in our        won’t work. To me suc-          of things over the years      about   the    business
conversation with Lorne,      cess is yes, not having to      but something that I’ve       of      entertainment?
we decided to take a          worry about money, of           noticed that is very in-
quick Q&A approach so         course, but it’s also about     teresting is that you           LE: I believe it’s a Bob
that we could help him        the craft, about creating,      can have the best show        Marley quote that say’s
share his thoughts on ev-     about entertaining an           in the world, and just        “you don’t play an instru-
erything from what suc-       audience, and it’s about        charge $2.00 but if only      ment, you play a room.”
cess means to to Lorne,       underselling and over           a few people show-up,         I believe that applies to
whether he prefers writ-      performing. It’s about          those that do will com-       business and art equally.                                    photo John Sylvestor
ing or performing, and        all of that, and it’s about     plain about paying the                                     customer service - that     duo and now mostly
much more. Where we           being able to be creative       $2.00, but if you have a        IBN: Yes, and that         is a great quote. You       perform as a one-man
asked these questions in      and having the freedom          line-up around the block      quote also applies to        used to perform as a                cont’d on p. 12

Larry Harvey:
Dreams Can Come               Opry steps and busked           be happy with his perfor-                                     SH: One of my main       much     Larry,   and
True, At Any Age              to people walking by if         mance at the Opry in the        SH: And he has the         goals is to continue to     Shane, for your time.
cont’d from p. 2              that had to happen for          end. I also knew though       energy of a 20 year old.     perform with Dad. Ev-
                              Dad to realize his dream.       that he understood why                                     ery time I get to perform    LH:     Thank       You
music for the likes of        I didn’t see failure as         I was trying my best to          IBN: How can we           with my dad is a gift.
Bryan Adams, Aeros-           an option, but the out-         make this work - I also       learn    more  about                                      SH:     Thank       you.
mith, Kiss, Heart, Bret       come was everything I           knew he would want            this   amazing story?          IBN:     Thanks     so
Michaels of Poison fame,      could have hoped for.           the Opry show and per-
Ozzy Osborne, April                                           formance to succeed,             SH: Well, the docu-
Wine, Alice Cooper, Neil         IBN: It’s cool too           and so we worked hard         mentary, Paper Prom-
Diamond, and many,            Shane, because as a mu-         to get to things to the       ises is airing 3-4 times
many more. He’s the           sician you got to live          right level in time. It’s     a week starting again
real deal. So I sent my fa-   the same dream, filming         not like we could restart     in April, 2011 on The
ther’s music to Jim and       your own documentary,           the show a few times          Super Channel, and of
he was blown away, he         playing on the Opry             and still have it come        course, people can visit
said it was like listening    stage with your father?         off looking professional.     the website and learn
to new music by Hank                                                                        more at http://www.
Williams, and that’s             SH: Yes, that’s the             IBN:   Any    super – a
quite a compliment. As        cool part, it was a double      cool moments during           box set (including DVD
soon as he heard the          whammy for me. I got to         the journey that you’d        and CD) of the documen-
songs he said how can         help my father live his         like to share with us?        tary is now for sale on
I help. Jim then made a       dream, and share his                                          the website and our goal
call to heavyweight man-      music with the masses,             SH: It was all cool,       is to put the documen-
ager Bruce Allen, who         and I got to live a dream       Dad got to wear a jacket      tary out to the world.
then took the reigns and      of my own while doing it.       designed by the guy who          IBN: Any other goals?
called Nashville. With            IBN: So what’s next         gave Johnny Cash his
one call to the Opry of-      for    Larry      Harvey?       Man in Black moniker,           LH:    Every   day
fices, Jim was emailing                                       and we even had Johnny        is a blessing. I just
me to let me know that          LH:    We’re  going           Cash’s bass player on         want to enjoy more
Bruce Allen had secured       to record some of my            stage with us at The Opry.    time with my family.
a spot for Dad on the         songs now I think.
Opry stage and that I just                                      LH: The whole ex-
had to let them know            SH: Yes, we’re         go-    perience was  great.
when I wanted the spot.       ing to re-record         the
The cool thing is that it     original 8 and          our        IBN: Larry, despite
happened just before my       goal is to put a CD     out.    leaving the music in-
Father’s 80th Birthday                                        dustry at such a young
and so I was able to tell        IBN: Was it diffi-           age, and just before
him on his Birthday, as       cult pulling this off so        what some may call the
you saw on the Documen-       many years later from           prime of your career,
tary, that he would be        a performance perspec-          you’ve actually ended
performing at the Opry.       tive and without as             up doing something no
                              much time to practice?          other artist has done,
  IBN: What would                                             and in some ways got
you have done if you             LH: Yes, but I love mu-      to have a unique career
didn’t secure an Opry         sic, so I was happy to do it.   like no other artist. Has
spot, would that have                                         your life changed any?
changed    the   docu-           SH: I knew it would
mentary     completely?       be difficult for him, and          LH: Not really. I still
                              I was hard on him a             enjoy my time with my
  SH: Sure, if we had         couple of times because         wife, and my children.
to though, I would have       I felt he wasn’t where he       I’m just happy to be alive.
had Dad stand on the          needed to be for him to         I’m 83 now, you know!
Page 4                                                                       Island Business News                                                               January 2011

Good Guys Auto Glass: World Corporate Headquarters, PEI, Canada
   Watching the commer-        roughly 6 years ago; in       years, Brooke notes that
cial on the Good Guys          an effort to escape the       working with a business
Auto Glass Website, and        franchise world for good.     partner, Blair, who fo-
watching the business                                        cuses on the opposite side
from afar, one would              Notes Brooke, “I was       of the business, is key to
conclude that Good Guys        just completely tired of      their success. As an exam-
Auto Glass is a national       reading through 130 page      ple, while Blair might fo-
franchiser, or part of a na-   franchise      agreements,    cus on the financial oper-
tional franchise system.       and I wanted to be a part     ations, Brooke will focus
                               of a business that I felt     on marketing, and so on.
  The truth is, Good           was more local in nature,
Guys Auto Glass, is            and a business where I          This approach to run-
anything but a large           felt more of the money        ning a business partner-
national   franchiser.         was staying on PEI. I         ship allows both busi-        their success. He also        So, as a tip, you might       As to how he got into
                               felt it would also give       ness partners to work on      noted during our con-       say that Brooke would        business     personally,
  In fact, Good Guys           us more flexibility. For      their own, albeit toward      versation that, “stick-     say that you have to         and why he feels he has
Auto Glass was born            instance, we could stay       a common goal, with-          ing around long enough      work hard and stick          survived, and thrived
to be just the opposite.       in our current location,      out overlapping one an-       to get lucky is, in my      around long enough           in business throughout
                               which our customers           other on a regular basis.     opinion,       something    as a business, or busi-      the years, despite many
  A couple of weeks ago,       seem to enjoy, and oper-                                    that is often overlooked    ness owner, to enjoy the     changes, Brooke notes
we sat down with Co-           ate from it as long as we        It just happens to work    by business owners.         luck that carries many       that his father was in
Owner and Co-founder           wanted. This approach,        out that their strength       There is no doubt that      businesses to success.       business for himself,
Brooke Brehaut, to dis-        as opposed to building a      areas are the opposite fo-    you have to be in the                                    and everyone said that
cuss the evolution of          brand new building to op-     cus areas. It also doesn’t    right place, and taking        As   far  as   what       he was the best of guys
Good Guys Auto Glass.          erate from, would be, and     hurt that both Brooke         the right actions, at the   makes     Good    Guys       around, and his mother
                               is, a big positive, should    and Blair are semi-re-        right time, to make the     unique,         Brooke       worked in retail, and he
   Turns out that al-          the industry go through       tired and are able to each    most of the luck when it    cites   the  following:      feels that having that
though some business           a downturn. It could be       work a certain amount         appears, but luck does                                   background, two parents
owners love being a part       the reason we survive         of days, often the oppo-      play a big part in the         •We don’t answer the      who were both involved
of a franchise system,         should that ever occur,       site days, and use their      success of many busi-       phone like everyone else     in communication on a
Brooke Brehaut & Blair         and having that type of       off-days for relaxing ac-     nesses, and I won’t say     (we actually have a lot of   daily basis, and watch-
MacDonald were really          flexibility, to make a de-    tivities like Golfing and     it hasn’t for us in the     phone with the way we        ing his parents serve
just tired of being part       cision like that, it just     taking the grandkids to       past. The longer you are    answer the phone, and in     with excellence, growing
of the franchise system,       didn’t exist in the fran-     hockey, in Brooke’s case.     around, and established,    fact, we strive to be dif-   up this way helped him
working with another           chise we were in before.”                                   as a business, the better   ferent than others in the    in becoming perhaps
organization in the same                                       But, in Brooke’s ex-        chance you have of be-      way we answer – you nev-     more personable, and
industry, at the time            As for the main suc-        perience, their unique        ing lucky when needed,      er really know how we’ll     starting off with those
when they launched             cess factors of Good Guys     partnership     structure     and that will get you       answer until you call)       kinds of life skills, he
Good Guys Auto Glass           Auto Glass over the last 6    isn’t the only reason for     going, if nothing else.”                                 believes, more than tips
                                                                                                                         •Whenever the com-         the odds in one’s favor.
Island Gift Baskets                                                                                                    petitors add a policy
                               us about the back-            the store and/or making       do originally vs. now?      or change something            Perhaps that’s also the
cont’d from p. 1                                             the decision to open a
                               ground of Island Gift                                       Formal or informal?         as a way of doing busi-      trait that allowed Brooke
on Nov 15th, 2010. The         Baskets as a company?         store in Waterfront Place?                                ness, we kind of go in       to become comfortable
spot we were in turned                                          IGB: Trying to de-           IGB: We originally        the opposite direction       with playing roles in
out to be a little out of        IGB: The company it-        cide if there would be        did some business plan-                                  the Good Guy’s com-
the way and we weren’t         self is fairly new. When      enough traffic in the         ning informally.      We       As    far   as    what    mercials and as a com-
being seen. Around the         we bought it, it had          mall to make it work.         tend to sit down together   makes      Good      Guys    pany mascot in their ads!
beginning of December,         only been in operation        We hope as more busi-         and discuss often where     unique,            Brooke
we talked to Tina (Mun-        for about 10 months. It       nesses move in that the       we are at, where we         cites    the    following:     You can learn more
dy) at the Mall about the      was based on keeping it       traffic will also increase.   want to go, and how to         •We are unique on PEI     about    Good     Guys
possibility of another         unique from other Gift                                      get there. Having gone      because our major com-       Auto Glass at www.
spot. We were shown            Basket Companies by us-          IBN:    What makes         through our first major     petitors are all franchis-   goodguysautoglass.
the former Tan Jay store       ing as many PEI Made          Island    Gift   Baskets      holiday – Christmas –       es or corporate stores       com or you can visit
and fell in love with it.      products as possible. We      unique?   Why do your         how can we improve it       of the same European         them at their “Corpo-
At this point we decided       are going to maintain this    regular   clients choose      for this year and what      based      multinational.    rate     Headquarters”
that we would stay year        uniqueness by continu-        Island    Gift Baskets?       can we do to make it           •100% of our prof-        on University Avenue
round and expand our           ing to use these products!                                  better for next Christ-     its and franchise fees       in Charlottetown (413
business. Upon talk-                                            IGB: I think two           mas & other holidays.       stay right here on PEI.      University to be exact)
ing to people we knew,            IBN: Do you know           things make us unique –
there was a need for a         where the name came           Firstly, we use as many         IBN: Long Term goals?
place for artists to have      from originally, and          Island made products
their work year round          why was it important for      as we can, Secondly,             IGB: At this point our   exploring some of the        tional       Comments?
and this appealed to us.       you to keep the name?         our incorporating ar-         long term goals are to      Marketing ideas to de-          IGB: We look forward
We contacted a few arti-                                     tisans into the picture.      increase awareness of       cide which is best for       to welcoming customers
sans that we knew, and            IGB: Not exactly sure                                    our business as well as     us. We are fairly new        into our Boutique! It is al-
Island Gift Baskets grew       where the name came             IBN:     How       do       visitors to our shop. We    at this, so we are still     ways fun to watch people
to Island Gift Baskets &       from but I guess the Is-      you    approach    Cus-       are striving to become      trying    to determine       explore the many nooks
Gift Boutique! We now          land referring to our Is-     tomer          Service?       known as a place to buy     what works best for us.      & crannies in our shop
have 11 local artist and       land. We kept the name                                      handcrafted, Island made                                 to discover the many
2 Alberta artists as well      because it was already           IGB: Without good          arts & crafts and unique      IBN: What does suc-        talents of the Island.
as Island Music CD’s.          starting to get established   customer service a busi-      gifts for every occasion.   cess mean to you?            We have a wide variety
   IBN: Can you tell           and we liked the name.        ness might as well close      Perhaps        eventually                                of handcrafted items
                                                             its doors. A smile & a        opening a second Island        IGB: We have been         such as woodwork, pot-
                                  IBN: Do you be-            greeting go a long way,       Gift Baskets & Gift Bou-    successful in setting up a   tery, paintings, stained
                               lieve in mentorship?          and providing good, on        tique in Charlottetown!     beautiful shop where art-    glass,      photographs,
  ...and I Quote....           Did you have mentors?         time service with qual-                                   ists can be proud to have    jewelry, hand knitted
   “You cannot make                                          ity products goes a long        IBN: Marketing you’ve     their work and custom-       items, greeting cards,
 yourself feel some-             IGB: I think men-           way as well. Should           done thus far (and/or       ers feel welcome, com-       Island music & more,
 thing you do not feel,        torship programs are          we not provide this we        in the past) and what       ing into the shop! Our       all by various artisans!
 but you can make              great, but no we do           will do what we have          has been most effective?    next success will come
 yourself do right in          not    have   mentors.        to do to fix the problem                                  when the shop is self suf-      IBN:    Thank  you
 spite of your feelings.”                                    or make amends for it.          IGB: We have done         ficient and we are able to   for taking the time
       — Pearl S. Buck                                                                     some online Market-         see some income from it!     to   speak   with  us.
                                 IBN: What was the             IBN: How much busi-         ing as well as radio &
                               hardest part of launching     ness planning did you         newspaper. We are still       IBN:     Any      Addi-      IGB:      Thank      you.
January 2011                                                                 Island Business News                                                                         Page 5

                   the business of entertainment
                                      Still Chasing That Rabbit
  Born in Halifax Nova          have heard of, and or-       producing an album for        out, the ones who achieve
Scotia (well, actually          dering that record from      his friend, and mentor,       their goals, and are hap-
Bedford, Nova Scotia),          the US because it just       Buck 65, near the top.        py with who they are,
Skratch Bastid began-           wasn’t available locally.”                                 and where they are. I’ve
his career as DJ (Disc                                          “That was an amazing       found the spot that works
Jockey) because he was            As proof that Mother       experience, and such a        for me, and even in my
into Hip Hop music,             really does know best,       great opportunity. I was      own life, it means that I
and becoming a DJ was           his first break actually     floored as well to find out   don’t really shut off from
a natural evolution.            came when his Mother         that I was nominated as       what I do, I don’t clock
                                saw a sign for the DJ        producer of the year for      out, and that, I’m sure,
  Little did he know at         Olympics in Halifax.         that album, at the Junos      has been a big part of any
that time that he would                                      no less, and alongside        success that I have had.”
one day be earning a liv-          Skratch      entered      people like Bob Rock
ing in the DJ business.         the competition, his         and Joni Mitchell. It was       And even though he
                                first, and placed 3rd.       just such a surreal expe-     travels the world today,
  In fact, he didn’t                                         rience.” adds Skratch.        performing in front of
even know at that time            His  Mother    was                                       fans from one coast to
that earning a living           quick   to    encour-          Touring   with   re-        another, and perform-
as a DJ was possible,           age him to continue.         nowned       comedian         ing sometimes as many
or an option for him.                                        Russell Peters prob-          as 8 gigs in 9 days, he
                                   Another great break       ably wasn’t such a            now calls Toronto home.
  He knew one thing             came shortly thereaf-        bad experience either.
though; he knew he was          ter when he was asked                                        As     someone     who      provides it for him to-        what keeps him going.
obsessed with music.            to open for Super-              It’s obvious when          loves Halifax, and the        day, even if he doesn’t
                                friends in Charlotte-        talking to Skratch that       East Coast, when asked        always get home long             He notes that the day
  Mind you, another             town, at Baba’s Lounge.      he is passionate about        about the moving away,        enough to soak it all in.      he catches the rabbit
thing he didn’t know                                         his career, and that          to Montreal initially 7                                      might just be the day
when he first got into Hip         Although he has trav-     his success is a reflec-      years ago, he notes that         When asked what is          he is ready to retire.
Hop and became a DJ was         eled extensively since,      tion of that passion.         a girl he was with at the     still in store for Skratch
how difficult it would be       performing in various                                      time said to him, don’t       Bastid, he is quick to           Given his current
for him to get the type         locations, more than            When asked how he          you want to challenge         note that, much like his       ambition   level, and
of music that he was            200 dates per year, in       describes success on a        yourself in other areas.      brother, a heavy road          his passion for what
into on the East Coast.         places like Japan, Bra-      personal level, he notes                                    bike enthusiast / rider,       he does, I have a fun-
                                zil, Ireland, Bermuda,       “if a person can find a job      He thought about that      he continuously pictures       ny feeling that rabbit
   Notes Skratch, “Get-         Germany and more, he         they love, they’ll never      basic comment for a           an imaginary rabbit in         might never be caught.
ting New Vinyl (aka.            still cites PEI as one       work a day in their life.     while and realized that       front of him that he is try-
records) at that time           of his favorite places       The people I know who         it was time for him to        ing to catch, in terms of        You can learn more
could involve picking           to visit, and perform.       are most successful, in       move to a different mu-       his career and ambition        about Skratch Bastid, and
up a mail order cata-                                        my experience at least,       sic market. Montreal          level, and trying to catch     his upcoming shows, at
logue of music, choosing          In terms of milestones,    they are the ones who         provided that challenge       that rabbit, a rabbit that
a record you may never          Skratch is quick to put      don’t clock in and clock      for him, and Toronto          can never be caught, is

Regan Interviews                the Island by now...!?       (Island Business News)        its kind; a book that rep-    new stores have been add-      sations with Islanders
Author Corey Poirier               CP: I don’t know about    are in the archives of the    resents PEI’s heritage        ed regularly since - You       book at,
cont’d from p. 1                everyone, but I certainly    library at the University     or the heritage of some       can learn more by visit-       learn more about bring-
                                have more friends and        of Prince Edward Island       Islanders, and some Is-       ing and you       ing Corey in to speak or
a big part of our heritage      connections in PEI than      (UPEI) and I hope the         land Businesses at this       can order from        present to your staff at
here on the East coast.         ever before. I also have     book will make it there       point in time and at this     or
That’s an important ele-        a better understanding       too as I feel it is a great   point in PEI’s history.                                      and you can learn more
ment in this book, isn’t it?    of the unique businesses     way to preserve the sto-                                      You can learn more           about Nancy Regan at
                                and personalities that       ries of today for future        NR: It seems to me that     about the new Conver-
   CP: Absolutely, and          make PEI such a great        generations. As corny as      this book might have
it’s funny you should           place for people to live,    it may sound, I think it’s    found its way under a lot
mention that. Something         work, love and learn.        cool that someone doing       of Christmas trees this
I never really think            Learning more about          family history (or just       year, because it’s the gift
about is how much story-        my own roots, and the        wanting to learn more         that keeps on giving... :-)
telling is an underlying        roots of those around        about their roots or heri-
theme of everything I’m         me, it’s just one of the     tage) in a hundred years         CP: I hope so, because
involved with. Whether          many benefits of work-       time may be able to grab      the book really was
it’s speaking to an audi-       ing with, and interview-     a copy of this book and       created to be shared. I
ence in a corporate set-        ing, so many others.         learn about those in-         know one thing for cer-
ting, bringing a stage                                       volved, and even the peo-     tain; it was under more
play to a festival, or per-        NR: So you really feel    ple associated with those     than one tree this year.
forming music or com-           like this experience en-     involved in this book.
edy in a club, it’s all root-   riches your       I’m hoping they can              Conversations with Is-
ed in storytelling, and         do you think this book       place this book along-        landers was made avail-
perhaps as much as any          is going to enrich other     side other books in their     able in stores across
of those endeavors, this        peoples’ lives? How is it    library knowing this is       Prince Edward Island in
book and the newspaper          valuable to its readers?     one of the few books of       late December, 2010 and
are heavily steeped in
storytelling, and helping          CP: My hope is that
people share their own          readers will feel it not
stories; giving their sto-      only represents the inter-
ries a voice, so to speak.      views we have conducted
                                throughout the years but
   NR: One of the things        also that it represents
I loved most about do-          the reader’s heritage as
ing Live at 5 was that          well. If you are from PEI,
I felt like I had friends       even if you’re from the
all over the Maritimes.         Maritimes, this book rep-
It occurs to me that            resents your heritage, as
you must have met               a reader, in some way.
just about everyone on          Copies of the newspaper
Excerpts From The New Conversations With Islanders Book
                                                              years, so I really do have       Mutual                         ton of Prince Edward                Philip    Reid:     Pro-
                                                              first hand experience with          It may be hard to believe   Preserves          Company       gram Manager at Ju-
                                                              moving across the coun-          for most Islanders, but PEI        Any interesting stories      nior Achievement of PEI
                                                              try for the sake of a career     Mutual Insurance Compa-        to share?                           “…Corey, your book is
                                                              advancement, and I did           ny, based in Summerside            Bruce     MacNaughton        amazing. What you have
                                                              enjoy some benefits of that      and operating through-         “Sure. I wanted to sell my       done here to promote Is-
                                                              move (i.e. a career with a       out PEI, is older than any     preserves to a store in To-      land Business is quite
                                                              Fortune 500 Company,             living Islander today.         ronto but the store showed       remarkable. People love
                                                              the ability to attend some          Well, unless that Island-   no interest because the          to read and hear stories
                                                              Edmonton Oiler games,            er was born before 1885.       Preserves were not from          that they can easily relate
                                                              some world class concerts,          In fact, this year marks    Paris. Two or three days         to. Your book and Expo
                                                              some new great friends,          the 125th year in Business     later, after the store owner     Events are great tools
                                                              etc.) but I also took back       for this Island Owned and      tasted the Preserves, he         for anyone in business.”
                                                              some war stories (i.e. I         Operated Mutual and this       called to place an order
                                                              was burned with hydro-           may have some Islanders        and went on to say that it
                                                              chloric acid while work-         wondering how it all began.    was the best Preserves he
                                                              ing on the oil rigs, had                                        had ever tasted. The les-
                                                              some failed relationships,          From      Profile    on     son I learned was that if
                                                              and carried with me each         Olympic      Gold     Med-     you have a good product,
                                                              and every day I spent            alist   Heather      Moyse     people will beat a path to
                                                              “Out West” an aching for            Having been born and        your door. Another story
                                                              maritime weather, beach-         raised in Summerside,          and lesson I learned came
                                                              es and maritime people).         Prince Edward Island,          from my first business.
                                                                 I do not regret my time       Heather is a true Islander     I lost $30,000 and had no
                                                              in Alberta (not by a long        through and through, and       idea what to do next. I
                                                              shot), and still miss it in      takes any opportunity to       thought it was the end of
                                                              many ways, but I know            go home for some Mari-         the world. I asked my fa-
                                                              now by comparison that           time air. Heather helps        ther to take care of it but             Philip Reid
                                                              the move was not nec-            out with Island events         he told me to face my prob-
                                                              essary for my career.            and fundraisers as much        lems. I thought about those         Doug Shepherd: Ex-
                                                                 I was publishing a news-      as she can, to give back to    words for a few days and         ecutive    Director,  An-
                                                              paper in PEI just before I       the community that con-        set up meetings with each        drew’s Hockey Growth
                                                              moved to Alberta called          tributed so much to mak-       person I owed money to. I           Conversations     With
                                                              Alternative        Careers,      ing her the person and         explained my problem and         Islanders is available
                                                              and here I am 14 years           athlete that she is today.     asked for some time to fix       through Island Business
                                                              later (in 2010) publish-                                        the situation. The first per-    News at bookings@corey-
   More Info at                                  ing a newspaper in PEI.             From Profile of Musi-       son applauded my honesty, toll free at
                                                                                                                                                               1-866-522-7769 or online
                                                                 The point? Move not           cal Comedian Lorne Elliot      and made the debt inter-
                                                                                                                                                               at either www.turretbell.
   Excerpt from Cap’n          the community I grew up        necessary.”                         If you follow the arts      est free. A few years have
                                                                                                                                                               com or or
Bart (Bourne) talking          in, whether it was people                                       and music scene in PEI,        passed and the total debt is     in stores (while quanti-
about Cap’n Bart’s Great       putting together a fund-         From       Profile      on     you’ve no doubt heard          gone. The lesson I learned       ties remain) as follows:
Island Adventure Park          raiser where amateur per-      The       Style       Salons     the name Lorne Elliott.        is to face your problems be-
   “…..With my back-           formers were involved, or        Edward Arsenault start-           Just     in   case   you    cause they won’t go away.”
ground in aviation I hit       just having people over to     ed out in 1974 as a young        haven’t, or in case you
upon the idea to celebrate     play music at our house.       and eager entrepreneur           don’t know the back-story         From The Introduc-
space exploration and          My parents were very giv-      with a vision. “This was         that brings him to perform     tion by Author and Is-
the Space Shuttle. Now a       ing people and it wasn’t       back in the days of beauty       in PEI on a somewhat           land     Business      News
lot of folks consider the      uncommon to come down-         parlors for women and bar-       regular basis, here we go.     Publisher, Corey Poirier
“Shuttle” out of place in      stairs and see them re-        ber shops for men. I want-          Lorne Elliott has per-         “….Don’t      even     get
Cavendish, but, again in       hearsing a skit or a show      ed to be the first to open a     formed everywhere from         me started on the food.
my defense, when I built       that they were planning        men’s hairstyling shop in        Prince Edward Island              Take something as
the shuttle, “Anne” was        to bring to a local com-       PEI,” says Arsenault. The        to New York City, from         small as mussels, a PEI
dramatically declining in      munity hall to help raise      same year the Waterfront         Los Angeles to Austra-         export that we might
importance and the “Fly-       money for someone who          Mall opened, Arsenault           lia, and of course many,       take for granted at times,
ing Saucer” at “Rainbow”       had a house fire or some-      opened his shop, The             many points between.           and yet, you go to Red
and the ghastly green “En-     thing of that nature. I was    STYLE Men’s Hairstyling.            Having appeared at          Lobsters      in    Western
chanted Castle” were much      enlisted early on to partic-                                    the prestigious Just for       Canada, and the US, and
in vogue. At that time         ipate when I got a guitar,        From Profile on Mac’s         Laughs Festival, A&E’s         they have them right
Cavendish was a thriving       so I guess that’s probably     News                             An Evening at the Im-          there on the menu, listed            Doug Shepherd
“Family” market and the        where the performance             Tina Mundy: “The best         prov, on CBC’s Madly           as PEI mussels no less.
shuttle was an appropri-       side (and also the creative    thing about running a            Off in All Directions, and        Just don’t ask the staff at   Charlottetown
ate fit in the product mix.”   side) of things came from.”    business in Summerside is        stages and national tele-      the Port Heron, Michigan         Indigo / Chapters
                                                              that it’s like one big family.   vision programs across         location where PEI is or         Bookmark
   From Profile of                 From The Introduc-         Everyone knows everyone          the world, you might be        you may get the response         Beanz
   Murphy’s Pharmacies         tion by Author and Is-         and the people are great to      surprised to discover that     I got – “oh, it’s right over     Murphy’s Pharmacies
   When asked what made                                                                                                       there in Quebec, Canada.”        (Parkdale location)
                               land      Business     News    support you in everything        Lorne started his career
                                                                                                                                 Yes, that’s exactly where
                                                                                                                                                               Murphy’s Pharmacies
him decide to enter the        Publisher, Corey Poirier       you do. After a story ran        by performing in Coffee                                         (West Royalty location)
Health Industry on Prince          “….I knew why I was        in the local newspaper           Houses in Newfoundland         PEI is I thought to my-
                                                                                                                                                               Home Hardware Ch’town
Edward Island Ray notes,       launching the Newspaper        about me purchasing the          while still in University,     self – in Quebec, Canada.
“I graduated from Dalhou-      - to help share PEI Success    store, I had people I had        because, as Lorne Says, “I                                      Summerside
sie College of Pharmacy        Stories with Islanders as a    never met before drop-           didn’t have anything else         If you’d like to read         HMS Office Supplies
in 1973 and knew that I        way of increasing Island       ping in to congratulate me       to do. I was watching all      these profiles in full detail,   Sites and Bytes Com-
wanted to help put the fo-     Pride - to be able to in-      and wish me good luck.           of these people get degrees    make sure to pick-up or or-      puter Services
cus on health education in     terview many successful        I don’t think you would          and starting families, and     der your copy of Conversa-       Clark’s Toyota
growing communities. My        leaders in my continuous       find that anywhere else on       so I logically pursued a       tions With Islanders today.      The Style (Lifestyles Lo-
roots are here on PEI so it    search for common success      earth. The Economic De-          life of music and comedy.”                                      cation on MacEwen Rd)
just made the most sense.”     traits - to help preserve      partment in Summerside              At the time, much like         And      here’s    what       Mac’s News Waterfront Mall
                               the heritage of PEI, and,      is outstanding as well.          other members of his fam-      others have to say:              Shirley’s Hair Salon
   From Profile of Award       to help contribute to the      They are always there            ily, Lorne was actually           “Conversations     with
Winning Singer / Song-         overall Island Economy.        with suggestions and             pursuing a career in Sci-      Islanders is packed with         Stratford
writer Lennie Gallant              Oh, and finally, to        ideas when called upon.”         ence, but after leaving Uni-   stories of success and will      Murphy’s Pharmacies
   Lennie Gallant: “I knew     demonstrate to future                                           versity and bringing an        be sure to inspire anyone        (Southport Location)
I wanted to be a song-         generations that a living         From     Profile    on        end to his potential career    reading it. This book is
writer when I got my first     can be made right here         Haunted          Mansion         in the field of Science, he    a must for any aspiring          Kensington
guitar at around 12 or 13                                                                      realized that by choosing      young professional on            Murphy’s Pharmacies
                               on PEI - that a move to           “…I was just as sur-
years of age. For some                                                                                                        Prince Edward Island!”           (Kensignton Location)
                               Alberta (or another loca-      prised (and excited) to          a life in the entertainment
reason I started trying to     tion) was not necessary        learn that the new ad-           world, he was still follow-
write songs on it even be-     for career fulfillment.        ditions (most notably            ing in the family tradition.                    ...and I Quote....
fore I knew 3 chords. My           Ironically, I had moved    the Tilt-A-Whirl) were
Mother and Father were         to Alberta in 1997 myself      actually former Rain-              From Profile (from the          “We have committed the Golden Rule
always involved in cre-        in search of fame and for-     bow     Valley    pieces.”       vault – 1996 interview)         to memory; let us now commit it to life.”
ative ways of supporting       tune and stayed there for 6       From Profile on PEI           on Bruce MacNaugh-                                   — Edwin Markham
January 2011   Island Business News   Page 7
Page 8                                                                       Island Business News                                                                   January 2011

Gair Maxwell: A Man and His Work With Brands
     (part 2 or 2)            shared by uncommonly           brand as a strategy. It is    ing what your story is so
                              remarkable people and          my belief that when you       that you can share it with
   You might recall in        “seamless brands”. Au-         build a brand in a proper     everyone. This means of
the last issue of Island      thor of “NUTS, BOLTS           way, that’s what makes        course your brand has
Business News, we fea-        AND A FEW LOOSE                the phone ring. It makes      to be authentic. But if
tured part 1 of an inter-     SCREWS” and a co-              people knock on your          it’s authentic, and you
view with Professional        founder of The Seamless        door, instead of you hav-     can share it properly,
Speaker / Branding            Brand™ , a growing list        ing to knock on theirs.       your phone will ring.
Expert Gair Maxwell.          of organizations look             IBN: Why do you               IBN:       You      talk
What follows is part 2        to Gair and his team to        think     that   so    few    about     the    Seamless
(starting with a re-post      help build brands that         people get it right?          Brand often, what is
of Gair’s bio for those       stick or as he puts it, “to       GM: I think it starts      the seamless brand?
who didn’t see part 1) of     make and keep a prom-          with the fact that no            GM: Well, having a
our interview with Gair.      ise that matters”. Gair        two companies seem to         seamless brand means
                              has shared the speaking        describe branding the         just that, that your en-
   Gair Maxwell has           stage with the likes of        same way. In fact, in my      tire brand is seamless
been      called   uncon-     Richard Branson, Kevin         experience,     branding      (from the front end to the
ventional      at   times.    O’Leary and Branding           is the most misunder-         back end, and everything
   His international de-      King, Gene Simmons,            stood word in market-         in-between) in the eyes of
but as a published author     and he has spoken in           ing today. If you survey      your customer. The pro-
resulted from a 4 a.m. vis-   almost every Province          100 different people and      cess for seamless brand-
                                                                                                                                  Gair Maxwell with Gene Simmons
it to a local coffee shop,    in Canada, throughout          ask them what brand-          ing was inspired by and       and the process seam-          ing a seamless brand?
simply by being willing       the US, and Overseas.          ing is you’ll get 99 –        is based on the Hollywood     less. In much the same            GM: You need to get
to accept a challenge to                                     100 different answers.        brands that are seam-         way, helping organiza-         clarity on the brand first,
just sit down, watch, lis-      The following is part 2 of      IBN: How would you         less. As we know, great       tions become seamless in       and then you build every-
ten and learn. Described      our interview with Gair.       describe branding then?       characters are seamless       their approach to brand-       thing else around it. That
as an amazing energizer         IBN: I think it’s safe to       GM: I believe Karen        in Hollywood movies.          ing is what we do at The       means building your ser-
and idea generator, he is     say that your niche, the       Post, The Branding Diva,      Great comedy has a pro-       Seamless Brand at www.         vice, your marketing,
a sought-after profession-    thing you’re best known        got it right when she said    cess that is seamless, just             your customer interac-
al speaker, delivering        for is branding, let’s talk    that branding is your         like great brands have a         IBN: So where is the        tions, your image, your
over 100 presentations        branding for a minute?         story embedded in the         process that is seamless.     starting   point   then,       logo; everything needs
a year that typically fo-       GM: Sure, let’s start        mind of the market. The       The great ones know how       how does an organiza-          to be built around the
cus on common patterns        by saying that I’m big on      important thing is know-      to make their brands,         tion go about build-                      cont’d on p. 9

The Hockey Professor                                         him come into the gym,
                                                             he thought “here is a
                                                             fat kid with no talent”.
                                                                                           on a combine. The com-
                                                                                           bine cut off his left arm.
                                                                                           My father almost died. I
                                                                                                                            Gordie’s mom sacri-
                                                                                                                         ficed her precious mon-
                                                                                                                         ey to buy one of these
   by Allan Andrews           else however they will            But     as    Durham       had to drop out of school     bags to help the lady. In
                              have a more difficult time     worked with him, he           and go to work with           that bag of odd and ends
   One of life’s great-       winning the scoring title      saw Fraser had one qual-      my daddy every day.           was a pair of skates.
est secrets is “the more      than those who spend           ity more than anyone he          He said “I stood at           Gordie learned to
you give, the more            more time making their         had ever worked with;         my daddy’s left side and      skate on these skates
you receive” and the          team mates look good.          that was determination.       every time my daddy           and became one of
more we give, the hap-            Dr. Mike Murdock              He watched Joe come        needed a left arm, since      the greatest legends
pier we seem to be.           said “Your success and         in early and stay late. He    he didn’t have one,           in     hockey      history.
   In another career with     happiness in a large part      watched him do his road       I’d use my left arm.”            Dr John Maxwell said
the Provincial Dept. Of       depends on your willing-       work. And he asked Joe           “As a boy I’d stand by     “All talented people have
Education, I had the          ness to help someone           many times “where did         my daddy every day and I      a choice to make. Do their          Allan Andrews
privilege of working with     solve their problems.”         you get that left arm? I      did everything he needed      own thing and get all the
an International youth        A sign in the New Eng-         never saw anyone with         to do with his left arm.”     credit, or do the team         season, and as we re-
Group. One of the favou-      land Patriots dressing         such a strong left arm!”         Joe     Fraser     said    thing and share it. My         member the special gift
rite songs they sang at       room reads “Individu-          Joe would just shake his      “When        life    deals    observation is that not        of the Christ Child given
youth conferences was         als play the game, but         head and not answer.          you lemons, squeeze           only do talented people        to us so many years ago,
entitled “Love is Some-       teams win champion-            But after he knocked out      them into lemonade.”          do more when working           let us reach out to others;
thing When You Give It        ships.”    Championship        Mohammed Ali and be-             Joe Fraser in giving       with others, but they are      on the ice, in our homes,
Away, You End up Hav-         teams are usually made         came the Heavy Weight         to his Dad developed          also more fulfilled than       and in the community.
ing More”. You could          up of players who put          Champion of the World,        a strong left arm that        those who go it alone.”           “And the rich man said
paraphrase that song and      their team mates first. A      Yank Durham said “Joe,        helped make him the               It has been said “A        “Speak to us of giving”
apply it to hockey by say-    real team player always        I’ve never seen a punch       Heavy Weight Boxing           leader gives up his right      and the wise man an-
ing “the more pucks you       tries to make his team         like that in my life.         Champion of the World.        to be selfish.” It has also    swered: “You give but lit-
pass to your team mates,      mate look good. When           Where did that come              Legendary       hockey     been said the happiest         tle when you give of your
the more points you’ll        you give of yourself, you      from?” Joe Fraser said        great Gordie Howe said        people in the world are        possessions. It’s when
end up getting for your-      benefit in so many ways.       “You know, I’ve never         he got his big break when     those who invest their         you give of yourself that
self.” On checking the           “Smoking” Joe Fraser        mentioned this to you         he was four years old.        time in the lives of others.   you truly give”. And it’s
NHL scoring race on Dec.      was a great heavy weight       before but I grew up in       During the Great Depres-         Maybe people are            when you give of yourself
17th, we found that the       boxer. He was the first        South Carolina.” My fa-       sion, a lady in his com-      happier       at     Christ-   that you truly receive.
ten top leading scorers       boxer to knock Moham-          ther was a cotton farmer.     munity went from door to      mas, not because they
with one exception had        med Ali down and he            One day my father was         door selling bags of odds     are receiving, but be-           Keep passing the puck
more assists than goals.      did it with a left hook.       out working in the fields.    and ends to get enough        cause they are giving.                 Allan Andrews
Players may end up with       When      his    manager       He was working with           money to buy milk for            As we approach each
more goals than anyone        Yank Durham first saw          cotton. He was working        her hungry children.          wonderful        Christmas
                              played in the warmer           that SoccerStop has used      the soccer players direct-, to generate sales     end products not avail-
cont’d from p. 1              months can certainly           several creative strate-      ly.” To advertise the new     and increase the range of      able in the big box stores.
mestically and locally,”      have its challenges. Ac-       gies to reach new play-       Halifax store, he is using    products available to lo-         SoccerStop has cer-
Vos says, and it’s this       cording to Vos, “the off       ers. For instance, the        a similar approach. “In       cal players. And he sees       tainly grown and evolved
passion that led to his       season is very difficult,      store does a “Team of the     Halifax we are trying         his business growing so        since Vos’s father pur-
decision to expand his        as soccer really slows         Week” campaign through        different options: radio,     it encompasses all of At-      chased the store in 2001
business. When a Hali-        down.” In the early years,     the local radio station,      TV, newspaper.        The     lantic Canada, allowing        as a way to keep busy in
fax soccer store left its     winters were tough. How-       where the winners go to       best thing we have done       players to order online        retirement, but his vision
downtown premises in          ever, Vos says that soc-       the radio station and en-     is visit the soccer fields    with minimal shipping          for customer service re-
December 2010, Vos took       cer is increasingly being      joy a pizza party. But Vos    and pass out coupons.         charges. Vos says it’s a       mains the same. Wheth-
advantage of this lucra-      played year-round, with        thinks the most effective     The soccer community          common misconception           er you’re just starting
tive opportunity to open      more indoor facilities be-     way of reaching players       is great at spreading         that specialty stores are      out in the game or are a
a second store in a much      ing built, and this means      is to approach the soccer     the word,” says Vos.          more expensive than big        top collegiate player, Vos
larger market, which is       he now has a demand for        clubs. He says, “the best        So what does the fu-       box stores – in reality,       says “Success to me is
something he had want-        his products all year long.    thing we do is offer cou-     ture hold for Soccer-         SoccerStop offers many         making sure customers
ed to do for several years.     Having a strong mar-         pons on registration day      Stop? Vos’s goal is to        of the same products           are more than satisfied
   Owning stores dedi-        keting strategy doesn’t        to all the clubs across the   use the company’s new         at the same, or better         every time they visit us.”
cated to a sport typically    hurt, either. Vos says         Island, allowing us to hit    website,      prices, as well as high-
January 2011                                                               Island Business News                                                                           Page 9

                                                                                          The ‘BIG’ Small Business Market
Gair Maxwell                 closer to a musician or a     ture the book like a jig-
cont’d from p. 8             band than I am to an Au-      saw puzzle, and brought
brand you have created.      thor in terms of the way      it together that way.            Small business is now       quickly that we devel-
   IBN: Can you give         I work and create, and so        IBN:      Where      it’s   big business. Knowing         oped a new product for
us an example of how         I ultimately realized that    not     the     traditional    this, insurance compa-        our business clients to
you have done this in        the only way I would be       book, do you feel some         nies in touch with their      meet this need,” said
your     own     business?   able to write a book that     people won’t get it?           customers have gone           Mike    Bradley     from
   GM: Sure, a great ex-     is authentic with my             GM: Sure, and that          ahead full throttle with      The Co-operators. “The
ample is my new book,        brand was to take an ap-      simply means I’m head-         plans to cater to this mar-   challenge was to de-
Nuts, Bolts, and A Few       proach that a band or mu-     ed in the right direction.     ket, especially when it       liver pooled purchas-
Loose Screws. This book      sician would take. And        For a good brand to work,      comes to group benefits.      ing power at reduced
came out of sheer frus-      so I brought my book to-      it draws certain people to                                   premium rates, while
tration. I wanted to, and    gether like a concept al-     the brand but at the same        More than 70% of ap-        providing personalized
I tried to, write a book     bum rather than a chap-       time it will ultimately        proximately one million       service and distribution
for years. The challenge     ter book. I essentially sat   repel certain people as        small businesses in the       across Canada. The tar-
is that a traditional book   down and got clarity on       well. It’s the law of mag-     nation have under five        get market is businesses
follows a front to back      what type of book would       netic polarity. A clearly      employees—a percent-          with a minimum of two
pattern. That’s not in       work well with my brand       identified brand will ul-      age many insurers have        employees,     including            Mike Bradley
line with my brand. I’m      and then I started to pic-    timately draw more of          chosen to ignore. Ironi-      home-based businesses.”          •    Benefit plans are
                                                           the right type of people       cally, most group benefit                                   structured to provide
                                                           to you while repelling         insurers target groups of        Business owners are        tax-free benefits to em-
                                                           others, and that’s okay.       over five employees or        starting to think of group    ployees. Health and den-
                                                           That’s much better than        much larger groups. Con-      benefits as a human re-       tal claims payment are
                                                           being a brand that every-      sequently, small busi-        source tool, and are us-      received tax-free and re-
                                                           one can take or leave, or      ness owners may think         ing them to attract quali-    duce personal expenses.
                                                           worse, not even notice in      a benefits package is ei-     ty employees. According
                                                           the first place. The road      ther not available or too     to group benefit experts,        •    Don’t    compete
                                                           to a seamless brand is         expensive, but this is not    a good plan can enhance       for quality staff on
                                                           the road less traveled,        always the case anymore.      the overall caliber of a      wages alone. There are
                                                           and a road that most                                         business. Here are just       many excellent quali-
                                                           are reluctant to travel.        “The small business          some of the benefits:         fied people available for
                                                              IBN: Would Property         market is growing so                                        hire in the workforce.
                                                           Guys be an example of                                                                      An employee benefits
                                                           that? I notice you work                                                                    package is a proven hu-
                                                           with Property Guys             brand building process.       I believe it gives them a     man resource tool that
                                                           and I feel that their          So much so that they          great introduction to the     allows a company to at-
                                                           brand is clearly de-           have launched a Uni-          Property Guys brand.          tract the staff it wants.
                                                           fined? Do you have any-        versity called Property       It’s a week long program,
                                                           thing to do with that?         Guys University (PGU),        and we transport the at-        •     Reduce     turn-
                                                              GM: I believe that          and there is no other         tendees from the hotel        over. Employees will rec-
                                                           Property Guys really           program like it in Atlan-     in a limo. It’s a full week   ognize and respect that
                                                           have a handle this, the        tic Canada. I work with       of hands on, experien-        the company has made
                                                                                          them on the University        tial learning. The entire     a commitment to invest
                                                                                          program and the entire        program is designed to        in their quality of life.
                                                                                          goal is to make sure the      help franchisees, those
                                                                                          entire TEAM understand        attending the program,           Knowing what type of
                                                                                          the Property Guys Brand       understand that they          program is right can be a
                                                                                          and story. It’s also a very   are the brand, and what       difficult decision for busi-
                                                                                          exciting experience for       that brand really is.         ness owners. Not all plans
                                                                                          the people who attend and               cont’d on p. 10     will fit the needs of their
                                                                                                                                                      employees, or budget.

                                                                                                                                                         “The bottom line is
                                                                                                                                                      each program should in-
                                                                                                                                                      clude financial protection
                                                                                                                                                      from unseen expenses
                                                                                                                                                      resulting from sickness,
                                                                                                                                                      injury, medical care and
                                                                                                                                                      death. The benefit sched-
                                                                                                                                                      ules should be fair and
                                                                                                                                                      equitable, meeting the
                                                                                                                                                      moral obligation on your
                                                                                                                                                      company to protect em-
                                                                                                                                                      ployees and dependants,”
                                                                                                                                                      said     Mike     Bradley

                                                                                                                                                       ...and I Quote....
                                                                                                                                                         “Great         tal-
                                                                                                                                                       ent   finds   happi-
                                                                                                                                                       ness in execution.”
                                                                                                                                                         — Johann Wolfgang
                                                                                                                                                                 von Goethe

                                                                                                                                                          “Avoid loud and
                                                                                                                                                       aggressive      per-
                                                                                                                                                       sons, they are vexa-
                                                                                                                                                       tions to the spirit.”
                                                                                                                                                            — Max Ehrmann

                                                                                                                                                          “The greatest dis-
                                                                                                                                                       covery of any genera-
                                                                                                                                                       tion is that a human
                                                                                                                                                       can alter his life by
                                                                                                                                                       altering his attitude.”
                                                                                                                                                             — William James
Page 10                                                                     Island Business News                                                             January 2011

           Junior Achievement                              moting local artists by        tracking their finances,
                                                           selling quality greeting       paying taxes, concluding
                                                           cards that feature Island      operations by publishing
“Let Their Success be Your Inspiration”                    art and delicious recipes.     a Shareholder’s Report,
                                                                All of the recipes        and distributing profits.
   Junior Achievement of PEI                               were hand picked by
 Presents The Cooked Company                               The Cooked Company
                                                           members. They chose to
                                                                                             In order to raise
                                                                                          money to cover the
   Since October of last     design and sell a product.    use recipes that, when         costs associated with
year, 10 students from                                     prepared together, cre-        production, the stu-
Bluefield High School           The Company Program        ate a delicious three          dents sold 46 shares for
have spent countless         is designed to help stu-      course meal; an appe-          $10 each. Those shares
hours running their own      dents develop essential       tizer, entrée and dessert.     are currently worth
business. These students     entrepreneurial      skills      The company is or-          $15.50 to shareholders.
are participating in the     such as problem solv-         ganized like any other            The Cooked Company
Junior      Achievement      ing, team work, dealing       real world company with        has sold their greeting
Company         Program.     with competition, and         management positions           cards at the Cymbria
     These hard-working      accepting responsibility.     including President, Fi-       Lions Club in South
and goal-oriented Blue-          They call themselves      nance, Human Resources,        Rustico during the Deck
field students, under the    The Cooked Company            Production, IT Services,       the Small Halls Market
guidance of three volun-     and they focus on enrich-     and Marketing and Sales.       event this past Christ-
teer advisers, are learn-    ing the lives of their cus-      These students will         mas season. They have        town Chamber of Com-        www.thecookedcom-
ing about entrepreneur-      tomers by selling their       take their company from        also sold their products     merce Business Mixer,
ship through the real life   product at reasonable         startup to closing by com-     at the Confederation         Jack Frost Festival, and       For more information
experience of creating       and competitive prices.       pleting such tasks as de-      Court Mall, North River      at Bluefield High School.   about Junior Achieve-
and managing their own          They have also com-        veloping a business plan,      Flea Market, Cornwall           For more information     ment, call 892-6066 or
company in which they        mitted themselves to pro-     marketing their product,       Save Easy, Charlotte-        about the company, visit    visit

Gair Maxwell                 ing businesses with their     most fascinating people        time speaking and the re-    Been sharing speaking       I debuted it at the At-
cont’d from p. 9                                                                                                       stages with the likes of
                             brand rather than sim-        on the planet and so I         mainder consulting, but                                  lantic Dream Festival
   IBN: Gair, you obvi-      ply speaking to groups        am grateful to get to          I am very selective of the   Richard Branson, Kevin      in late October. Really
ously spend a lot of time    in an inspirational man-      work with the people I         clients I consult with. I    O’Leary and Gene Sim-       excited about this one
consulting with organiza-    ner? In other words, why      do, and therefore I feel       have a small roster of       mons and other than the     because the feedback
tions around how to build    spend so much time with       I owe it to those people       consulting based clients.    new book, I have also de-   was so overwhelming
their brand and share        your sleeves rolled up?       to help them move from            IBN: What’s new these     veloped a new keynote       with the way so many
that message. You could        GM: Many reasons.           point a to point z if I can.   days?                        that I’m really excited     people keep telling me
probably take an easier      I want to contribute,            IBN: How do you                GM: I have been in        about. It’s called Dream    it has had a profound
road if you wanted to, a     to give, and perhaps          spend the majority of          the Caribbean in Novem-      Day 7 and it’s about the    impact on their lives.
less hands-on approach       most significant, I love      your time these days?          ber and again later this     7 Elements that are key,       IBN:   Speaking   of
if you will. Why do you      working with Entre-              GM: I would say I           month speaking at differ-    the must-haves to make      dreams, and the long
spend so much time help-     preneurs. They are the        spend the majority of my       ent national conferences.    any dream come true.                cont’d on p. 12
January 2011                                                                Island Business News                                                                        Page 11

Nimbus Publishing: Bringing Atlantic Canada To Life In Print For More Than 30 Years
   Today, Nimbus Pub-           a book on your hands         and Paul Hollingsworth’s     concentration in the
lishing is one of the largest   that will become a huge      new book on Sidney Cros-     ABT industry Magazine.
publishers east of Toronto.     commercial        success?   by called The Story of a     We do whatever it takes
   Producing upwards of            NP: You never really      Champion, those books        to help a book succeed.
thirty new titles per year,     know for sure until you      should do really well.          IBN: Do book sales
covering various genres         have the book on the            IBN: You mentioned        increase heavily dur-
impacting Atlantic Can-         shelves but there are        common themes among          ing the busy Christ-
ada, and releasing those        usually common ingre-        successful titles earlier,   mas Shopping Season?
titles heavily in Atlantic      dients among the books       sounds like a common            NP:    Yes,      usually
Canada, Nimbus Publish-         that enjoy success. For      theme is books by authors    after the 11th of No-
ing also does distribution      instance, if the theme       who are well known in        vember we tradition-
for numerous Atlantic           is topical or the author     our region, or books that    ally see an increase.
Canadian         publishers.    has their own market.        are about themes that           IBN: Do you still re-
   Whether       you’re     a      IBN: Can you give         are universal or themes      ceive a lot of unsolicited
writer, reader, or an At-       us an example of some        that impact most of the      manuscripts and book
lantic Canadian; Nimbus         books that have enjoyed      people in our region?        ideas each year? If so, how
Publishing probably has         a great deal of success         NP: Absolutely. Those     do you choose a project?
a bigger impact on your         in    Atlantic    Canada?    are really good starting        NP: We receive about
life than you may realize.         NP: Steve Murphy,         points when deciding on      700-800 unsolicited manu-
   As such, we decided to       from Live @ 5, his two       books to bring to mar-       scripts per year. Some of
speak with their general        books have been a big        ket. Most of the books       our existing authors also
manager to learn more           success. The Hurricane       that reflect our region      suggest ideas. We try to
about Nimbus Publish-           Juan story book sold         do quite well. We’re also    select professional writ-
ing and the book industry       80,000 copies, of which a    seeing more children’s       ers that are easy to work
here in Atlantic Canada.        portion of the proceeds      and pictures books these     with, from both a re-writ-
   The      following      is   went to the Red Cross so     days, so that has become     ing and editing perspec-
our     interview        with   it was good to see that      a growing market for us.     tive, whether they are        depending on how many            IBN: How do you see the
Nimbus          Publishing:     book do so well. Yes, that   Still, I’m sometimes sur-    new or established. Still,    copies you’ve printed and     industry evolving in the
   ISLAND BUSINESS              book was a major success.    prised by the books that     if you have a big name at-    how much money you            future? With digital book
NEWS (IBN): How and             It probably didn’t hurt      do well, and even some       tached to a project, a big    have invested in the proj-    readers reaching the mar-
when did it all begin           that it was released lead-   of the ones that don’t.      name that brings consum-      ect. We do what we can        ket in a big way in 2010,
for Nimbus Publishing?          ing up to Christmas, and     It’s important to remem-     ers to the project, that is   to minimize the risk of a     do you see the influence
   NIMBUS PUBLISH-              immediately after Juan       ber that there are no        also appealing as well.       project by not betting the    of the internet and digi-
ING (NP): We started            had hit the Maritimes,       guarantees in our world.     At the end of the day, we     farm on a certain book.       tal books impacting the
publishing in 1978 as           mind you. The projects          IBN: What do you do       really are in the enter-         IBN:     Has    technol-   industry in a major way?
The     Marshall        News    we have released featur-     as a publisher to help       tainment business more        ogy helped in maintain-          NP: Not sure what
Group,           publishing     ing editorial cartoons by    with a book’s success?       than the art business.        ing or reducing costs?        we’ll see in 5 years time
magazines, and pocket           the Chronicle Herald’s          NP: Marketing is the         IBN: How do you mea-          NP: Sure, with print on    but we plan to evolve ac-
novels, and eventually          Bruce MacKinnon have         big one. We do print ad-     sure a book’s success?        demand and digital print-     cordingly. I would say
decided to become a             also enjoyed success.        vertising, we coordinate        NP: Depends on the         ing now, we can print a       that when you really look
full fledged publisher.            IBN:     What    about    book signings, TV and        project. With some books      single copy if we want. We    at the books you’re cur-
   IBN: Jumping right           Big    titles   in   2010?   radio interviews, social     if you really want to         typically run 1,000 – 3,000   rently printing, a large
into the business side of          NP: The new book fea-     media related market-        publish the book for a        copies when working on        percentage are probably
the book business, how do       turing Bruce MacKin-         ing, Christmas Flyers,       certain reason, perhaps       a project now, or 5,000 if    suitable for e-reading,
you know when you have          non’s editorial cartoons,    and we have a heavy          a cultural reason, break-     it’s a project we’re almost   in our case we estimate
                                                                                          even might be considered      certain will do well, like    that about 50% of our
                                                                                          a success. With others,       the IWK Read To Me Pro-       titles would be suitable
                                                                                          anywhere from 1,000 –         gram which sold 12,000        for digital consumption,
                                                                                          5,000 copies sold can be      copies. Again though, it      and perhaps as many
                                                                                          considered a success,         depends on the project.       75% will be down the
                                                                                                                                                      road. Hard to say how the
                                                                                                                                                      industry will look in the
                                                                                                                                                      future. Even book pub-
                                                                                                                                                      lishing itself might mi-
                                                                                                                                                      grate to certain regions,
                                                                                                                                                      depending on govern-
                                                                                                                                                      ment support. Right now,
                                                                                                                                                      for instance, Ontario is
                                                                                                                                                      putting heavy programs
                                                                                                                                                      in place to support cul-
                                                                                                                                                      ture. Again though, the
                                                                                                                                                      only thing I can tell you
                                                                                                                                                      for sure is that we will
                                                                                                                                                      continue to look at ways
                                                                                                                                                      that we can approach the
                                                                                                                                                      digital format effectively.
                                                                                                                                                         IBN: Thank you for
                                                                                                                                                      taking the time to speak
                                                                                                                                                      with us?NP: Thank you
                                                                                                                                                      for    the   opportunity.

                                                                                                                                                         You can learn more
                                                                                                                                                      about Nimbus Publishing,
                                                                                                                                                      and their upcoming titles
Page 12                                                                     Island Business News                                                                     January 2011

                                                                                            From The Heart
Gair Maxwell
                              ner at their workplaces. I    we need to bring things
cont’d from p. 10             hope for instance that it     back to personalization.
term, what would you          will help people recog-       If I achieve that on some
like your legacy to be?       nize the value of the hu-     level and that is my lega-
   GM: I want the work        man spirit in the work-
                              place. I feel we are losing
                                                            cy, I’d be cool with that.
                                                               IBN: Thank you Gair.
                                                                                                  by Nancy M. Doucette
that I do and the book
that I’ve written, I’d like   some of that and I person-       GM:     Thank      you.
for it to inspire people to   ally remember how de-            You can learn more
                                                                                                    It’s supposed to be the month of lovers – the month when couples
be more creative in the       humanizing it can be to       about Gair Maxwell, his
                                                                                                         spend time together opening up to each other, really share
workforce so that hope-       be working in the wrong       new book Nuts, Bolts and
                                                                                                      For some couples that Is exactly what happens, they have time
fully they’ll serve, com-     workplace, and my hope        A Few Loose Screws, and
                                                                                                   together and really show who they are ~ just how much they care
municate and interact in      is that I can reach peo-      the Seamless Brand at
                                                                                                I am thinking bigger though for this month, I am thinking wouldn’t it be
a more personalized man-      ple with a message that
                                                                                            just grand if everyone around the world could be just a little nicer to each other
                                                                                              If we could treat ones we come into contact with just like our dearest friend,
Lorne Elliott                 quote by Noel Coward          eign product and doing                                just like a cherished sister or brother.
cont’d from p. 3              that says something           less and less in the way
                              like “success is your         of Canadian productions,         I think of sometimes how I’ll go into a store and the clerk goes out of their way
show – why the change?        ability to survive your       and Canadian Musicals,         to help me all the time being so friendly, she or he may not even know just how much
   LE: It’s just easier to    failures”. I believe that     while people in Canada                                       they’ve brightened our day
set-up, and logistically,     sums it up better, but        are writing and trying to             So when this happens often the first thing I will do is to go home and
it’s easier to travel as a    the answer in short from      produce without the nec-           phone the store telling their Supervisor how great that clerk was & I make
one-man show and turn         my perspective is, you        essary funding. In my                                         sure to to it right that day
a profit. Mind you, it did    love what you are doing,      opinion, if we’re serious                  The Supervisor is always so glad to hear what I have to say
take 10 years to sustain      keep at it. Oh, and like      about our economy, we            So often they hear how someone isn’t doing a very good job, they need to hear
itself and it was a leap of   I said earlier, never get     need to start investing                             from us when the worker goes that extra mile
faith to go it with a one-    angry at your customer.       more in Canadian made         I don’t know about anyone else but when that clerk goes out of their way to provide
man show. I remember                                        productions. If you only            me with a service - the way it should be I always walk away with a smile.
performing 7 nights a            IBN: This is a ques-       support your competi-
week at $25.00 per night.     tion we love to ask most      tion that is the path to          This doesn’t mean that I don’t go to a store or place of business and have what
It was the 70’s and I         writer / performers we        becoming a third world,                   I can only say is terrible customer service because I often do
didn’t have a family so it    interview, do you prefer      which is something we               One thing is for certain though, I don’t walk away with a smile on my face
was possible, but I wasn’t    writing or performing?        do not want. I just feel we                                 in fact just the opposite is true
exactly rolling in money.                                   should keep more of the       If I thought for a moment I could change this on my own – I definitely would give it
                                 LE: I like both equally,   money inside Canada.                          a try, but I know one thing and this I am 100% sure of
  IBN: What kept you go-      I like the mix of both and                                  Together we can make the world a better place, have great experiences when we go
ing during those times?       I like having both outlets      You can learn more           Shopping ~ It all starts with telling the Supervisor when things are right and even when
                              in my life. They mold,        about Lorne Elliott at                                  they are wrong – & doing it with Love.
  LE: I was learn-            and work well together.
ing, and I was doing                                                                       This month can be more about than just couples sharing love – it can be about the world
what I loved. You can’t          IBN: You’ve obviously         Note: You can read the      we live in and ways that love can be celebrated more than just in the month of February
put a price on that.          learned a lot about the       full article on Lorne El-     So lets try and love our neighbour, the same way we want that neighbour to show love
                              business side of the arts     liott (both parts 1 & 2) in    to us ~ What a wonderful world it could be, best part of all is we can have this for free…
  IBN: Did you have any       world over the years,         the New Conversations
mentors along the way,        and have also enjoyed a       With Islanders Book.
and do you feel men-          large amount of success -                                                   Special February Birthdays ~ From My Heart
torship is important?         do you make money from        The New Conversations         Aldona Richard                 February 1st                   My Cousin
                              every show these days                                       Rita (Doucette) Walsh          February 7th                   My Cousin
                                                             With Islanders Book
   LE: I believe it is im-    or does the entertain-                                      Eddie (Eldon) Arsenault        February 8th                   My Dear Friend
portant, but I didn’t         ment business still bring                                   Francis Doucette               February 9th                   My Uncle and Godfather
have any formal men-          some challenges and sur-
                                                                                          Milton Costain                 February 12th                  My Cousin
tors. One person that         prises in terms of rev-
really gave me great in-      enue and profitability?                                     Denise Cherico                 February 14th                  My American Friend
sight into the business                                                                   Susie Clow                     February 19th                  My Friend
side of things over the          LE: Funny you should                                     Aubrey (Joe Myers)             February 19th                  My Uncle
years, and some support,      ask that. I did a play in                                   Dominick Boyd                  February 20th                  My Cousin
and I don’t even know         Charlottetown this sum-                                     My Birthday                    February 20th
if he knows that I con-       mer that I just wrote                                       Ron Hately                     February 22nd                  My Friend
sider him a mentor, but       this year, and it didn’t                                    Doris Palmer                   February 26th                  My Friend
Jimmy Flynn was some-         lose money but it didn’t
one I learned a lot from.     make a lot of money ei-                                                                     ...and I Quote....
                              ther. So yes, just like                                                    Obstacles are those frightful things you see when
   IBN: We interviewed        in any business, there                                               you take your eyes off your goal.                ~Henry Ford
Jimmy earlier this year,      are never guarantees.
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like your legacy to be?          LE: Yes, I wanted to
                              mention something that
   LE: In the world of        is a major concern to me
entertainment, to me, a       these days. I was per-
legacy means making a         forming on PEI this sum-
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others) along the way.        country, is giving more
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about failure – is fail-      productions created in
ure a major thing and         other parts of the world
should someone give up        but why are we giving so
after enough failures.        much money to interests
                              outside of our own, and
  LE: I’ve had a number       why are we, as taxpayers
of projects flop. I like a    paying for so much for-