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A newsletter from the Wisconsin Educational Approval Board                   Issue 26, Summer 2004

                                                    understanding of what this means, one needs
                                                    to go back in time about a quarter of a
                                                        During the last 20 to 30 years, the types of
                                                    postsecondary schools and programs
                           From the                 regulated by the EAB have undergone
                        Executive Secretary         significant changes. In the early 1970s, most
                                                    if not all schools and programs approved by
                                                    the EAB were largely vocational or technical
                                                    in objective, like business schools, travel
     I am not sure what I was thinking a year       agent training, and truck driving schools.
ago when I noted in my newsletter column            This “scope of approval” was reflected in the
that odd-numbered summers are particularly          decision to administratively attach the EAB to
busy for the EAB. Based on how busy it has          the Wisconsin Technical College System
been this summer, I should have said every          (then known as the Vocational and Technical
summer is busy for the EAB.                         Adult Education system).
     In addition to July marking the official                While the EAB still approves many
start of the school renewal process, a good         schools that have a vocational or technical
portion of this summer will be spent preparing      objective, the scope of approval has
a 2005-07 biennial budget for submission in         expanded to include degree-granting
mid-September. Some of the major budget             institutions, certification programs, distance-
initiatives will include requests such as           learning programs, and new licensure
creating a student records retention policy for     programs for home inspectors, massage
the state and identifying the EAB as a more         therapists and teachers.
visible higher education agency.                       Due to the rapidly changing demands of
     Because the budget only includes those
initiatives that have direct fiscal implications,   Executive Secretary, continued on page 4
it is only half of the equation. The other half
includes those policy initiatives that are more              Here’s What’s Inside
appropriately introduced as separate
legislation. Although much work needs to be                  School News . . . . . .2
done before the budget will be ready for                     In the Spotlight . . . . 3
submission, the EAB is already thinking about                FYI . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4
developing its legislative agenda.                           More School News . 5
     At its June 2004 meeting, members of the                The National Front . 6
board began to consider issues that will frame               The State Line . . . . . 6
the legislative agenda by reviewing the EAB’s                Board News. . . . . . . 7
“scope of approval.” To gain a better                        From the Staff . . . . 8
                                                 been an exciting time for the school. They
                                                 finished a market research survey in the first
                School                           quarter of 2004 and completed a move in the
                                                 second quarter. Although the move was
                 News . . .                      exhausting, just down the hall, Dawn says
                                                 that it was well worth the trouble to get
                                                 more space to meet their needs.
University of Phoenix to                            Action! started its market research with
                                                 the help of an outside firm in late 2003.
Expand Brookfield Campus                         Results of the research gave staff
   The University of Phoenix plans to double     reassurance that they are training students in
the size of its campus in Brookfield,            the right skills for today’s job market. Key
Wisconsin as demand continues to grow for        highlights from the research are:
its degree programs. The expansion will             - Employers want employees to have
increase the size of the campus from 30,000      proficient computer skills - basic is not
square-feet to about 60,000 square-feet by       enough;
September.                                          - Job candidates lack interview skills; and
   The Brookfield campus opened in 2001,            - Candidates have extremely poor soft
and enrollment has grown significantly since     skills (customer service, attitude,
then. The campus is in a former movie            attendance, etc.).
theater building and will grow from 17              Ms. Sonnenberg states that staff
classrooms to 34 after the addition is           immediately went to work with these
completed.                                       challenges. They created a series of
   Students attending the University of          Customer Service Training Workshops and
Phoenix can receive a master’s degree in         enhanced their Job Search Program to cover
business administration or management and        all the phases of the job hunt. In addition,
a bachelor’s degree in business                  Action’s! business instructors now take the
management, business administration or           daily opportunity to be mentors to their
business information technology.                 students to help them form good habits and
   The University of Phoenix offers training     understand the value of soft skills in today’s
at more than 110 campus and learning             job market.
centers across the country, as well as via the      Action! has been operating as an adult
Internet. The university was granted initial     career school in the Fox River Valley since
school approval from EAB in September            1986. The school served 170 students in the
2000 and enrolled more than 2400                 past year. The EAB granted initial school
Wisconsin residents in its 17 EAB-approved       approval to Action! in December 1995.
programs in 2003.                                   (Editor’s note: The exclamation point
   For more information about the                after the word Action in the school’s name is
University of Phoenix in Brookfield call         not a typographical error. Dawn told me
(262) 785-0608 or visit their website at         that the mark is the school’s way to let
www.universityofphoenix.com.                     students know that staff is poised for action
                                                 and ready to help them learn.
                                                    To find out more about Action!
Action! Reports 2004 Off to                      Employment and Training and its Computer/
                                                 Clerical Training Program, call (920) 730-
a Great Start                                    9366.
  Dawn Sonnenberg, Director of Action!
Employment and Training, Menasha,
Wisconsin reports that the year 2004 has

                                                 Bartending Academy, Madison
               In the                               The Bartending Academy, Madison,
                                                 Wisconsin, received initial school approval
               Spotlight                         on July 1, 2004. The school will begin
                                                 offering its 32-hour Bartending Program in
                                                 August. This program meets the
New Schools                                      requirements for individuals to receive a
John Robert Powers, Brookfield                   bartending license in Wisconsin.
                                                    The school’s owner, Joseph Chase,
   John Robert Powers, Bloomington,              recently moved to Madison from Boise,
Minnesota received initial school approval       Idaho where he operated a bartending
on June 14, 2004 for its Brookfield,             school. Prior to owning his own bartending
Wisconsin location. The school will offer a      school, Mr. Chase has used his background
60-hour Competitive Program and a 300-           in bar and restaurant management to work in
hour Elite Program.                              bartending schools since 1997.
   The school is committed to providing             Call the school at (608) 277-8477 for
professional training for persons aspiring to    further information.
explore or enter a career in film, television,
print or runway modeling.                        Windemere Institute of Healing
   To find out more about John Robert            Arts
Powers-Brookfield, call (262) 784-1800 or
visit their corporate website at                    Windemere Institute of Healing Arts,
johnrobertpowers.net.                            Decorah, Iowa, received initial school
                                                 approval on July 13, 2004. The mission of
                                                 Windemere Institute is to provide an
Hondros Academy, Waukesha,
                                                 inspiring learning environment, expert
Madison                                          faculty and a curriculum of study that is
   Hondros College, Westerville, Ohio,           dedicated to the well-being of the body,
received initial school approval on July 1,      mind, emotion and spirit.
2004 for its Waukesha and Madison,                  Windemere’s curriculum includes two
Wisconsin locations. The school will offer 4     tracks of study: “Practitioner of Healing
programs: Life/Accident/Health Insurance         Arts” and “Inner Focus.” This
(32 hours), Property and Casualty Insurance      comprehensive 691-hour program integrates
(32 hours), Home Inspection (136 hours),         both Western and Eastern approaches to
and Mortgage Lending (60 hours).                 healing.
   Founded in 1981 by John G. Hondros,              Graduates of Windemere are eligible to sit
Hondros College serves the adult learner         for the national Certification Exam for
who desires career specific knowledge, in        Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork, as well
the financial services and real estate           as licensure in most states.
industries. The college offers occupational         Call (563) 382-8495 or visit the school’s
certification and professional licensing and     website at www.windemere.org to find out
development through traditional and              more about this school and its program.
nontraditional delivery.
   Further information about the school and
its programs may be obtained by calling
(614) 508-7200 or visiting the website at

Executive Secretary, continued from page 1

employers and employees, life-long learning
has become the norm – not the exception.
Today, as the marketplace for education and
training evolves, the EAB is faced with
regulating new and constantly changing           ORACLE OFFER REJECTED: For the
types of schools and programs. This can be
                                                 fourth time in less than a year, the board of
explained in large part because in order to
                                                 directors of PeopleSoft Inc. rejected the
compete with traditional postsecondary
                                                 Oracle Corporation’s takeover bid.
institutions, the proprietary school sector
                                                 PeopleSoft, a business-software, is used by
tends to be highly responsive to the demands
                                                 more than 700 colleges and universities to
of its customers – working adults and their
                                                 manage student records.
                                                   This time Oracle valued the company at
   While the content, structure, and delivery
                                                 about $7.7 billion-a considerable drop from
of programs offered by proprietary schools
has been changing at an accelerating rate,       its previous offer of $9.4 billion, which
the statutory and, although to a lesser          PeopleSoft directors turned down in
degree, administrative rule provisions           February. U.S. regulators have opposed
governing the EAB’s scope of approval have       Oracle’s hostile takeover campaign, stating
not changed to meet this reality.                that a conglomeration of the two companies
   Who would have predicted 25 years ago         would hurt competition in the business-
the following: for-profit universities like      software market.
University of Phoenix or DeVry University;
distance-learning via the Internet like          LOOKING FOR A JOB?: A great place
Capella University and Franklin University;      to start is with the U.S. Department of
computer schools for Microsoft and Novell        Labor’s Occupational Outlook Handbook
certifications; newly licensed occupations       2003-2004 at http://stats.bls.gov/oco/
like home inspectors and massage therapists;     home.htm. There you will find information
degree-completion programs offered to fit        on the job duties, working conditions,
the needs of working adults; and the use of      training and educational requirements,
industry-recognized certifications to denote     earnings and job growth outlook on
special expertise in the marketplace.            hundreds of careers.
     The EAB’s current statutory definition of
a school includes “private trade, correspond-    HIGHER EDUCATION
ence, business and technical schools.” A         OPPORTUNITY: Family income
more up-to-date set of school descriptors to     continued to drive educational attainment
more adequately cover the scope of EAB’s         results in 2002-just as it has every year since
approval would be “technical, career,            1970. The parental education and family
distance-learning, and degree-granting           income of a child largely determines
schools.”                                        whether the child will be a college graduate
     As the EAB takes steps to realign its
                                                 by age 24. For more information go to the
statutory framework with the realities of the
                                                 May 2004 edition of Postsecondary
21st century, we welcome your thoughts and
                                                 Education OPPORTUNITY at http://
participation in the discussion.
Best regards,

                                                          Bodywork, Inc. (MSMB) is proud to be
                      More School News                    celebrating 30 years of teaching the art of
                                                             The founders of the school, Jim and Marie
                                                          Traver, certainly were not aware of what the
                                                          future held when they posted flyers on
          Bryant & Stratton Plans                         telephone poles around the Twin Cities 30
          New Wisconsin Campus                            years ago announcing the offering of a
                                                          massage training program. The first
             Bryant & Stratton, a system of private       program, consisting of 8 weeks of
          career colleges celebrating its 150th           instruction held in their Minneapolis home,
          anniversary this year, will open its second     has grown today to a 39 semester credit (647
          Wisconsin campus this fall. To be operated      hour) diploma program housed in a 1200
          jointly with the downtown Milwaukee             square foot building in Minneapolis.
          campus, the new campus will be located in          At MSMB, students may attend two or
          the western Milwaukee suburb of                 four days a week, both morning and evening
          Wauwatosa. The college system also has          programs. Start dates are offered every 7
          campuses in New York, Virginia and Ohio.        weeks. Students who qualify, receive
             Milwaukee West will house Bryant &           federal financial aid and the school offers an
          Stratton’s Paralegal, Medical Assisting, and    installment payment plan.
          Bachelor of Business programs, and also            The school’s student clinic allows the
          plans to offer a registered nursing program     public to enjoy massages in a supervised
          starting in January 2005, pending state         setting where students benefit from
          approval. The Professional Skills Center,       practicing bodywork methods, and honing
          which provides non-credit, customizable         business and communication skills.
          training will also move to the west campus.        MSMB received approval from EAB to
          The downtown campus will continue to            offer training to Wisconsin residents in
          house the Accounting, Information               March of 1999. Since that time, ten
          Technology, Administrative Assisting and        Wisconsin residents have graduated from
          Associate of Business programs, along with      the school.
          the Medical Assisting program. Bryant &            The school invites you to find out more
          Stratton will also begin to offer a degree in   about its program by visiting their website
          Medical Administrative Assisting this fall.     at www.mplsschoolofmassage.org or by
             Bryant & Stratton College currently has      calling them at (612) 788-8907.
          an enrollment of 600 students, with a
          projection of a combined enrollment of the
          two campuses this fall of 800 students. The
          Professional Skills Center will be training
                                                          Congratulations to . . .
          over 200 students at the new location.
                                                             Rasmussen College - Minnesota
             To find out more information about
                                                          campuses for satisfying the definition of an
          Bryant and Stratton’s Milwaukee campuses,
                                                          eligible institution under the Higher
          call (414) 276-5200 or visit their corporate
                                                          Education Act for federal student aid.
          website at www.bryantstratton.edu.
                                                             Inacom Information Systems, Madison,
          Minneapolis School of                           which achieved the Cisco Systems Partner
          Massage & Bodywork                              gold certification status for delivering a high
                                                          level of support, gaining expertise in three
          Celebrates 30 Years                             specializations and achieving measurable
                                                          customer satisfaction.
            The Minneapolis School of Massage and
       On the National Front                                      The State Line . . .
Changes to the SAT
                                                 UW/WTCS Transfer Plan
   March 12, 2005 marks the date of the first
administration of the new SAT. The test             In December 2003, the University of
will be taken by students graduating in the      Wisconsin System (UWS) and the
class of 2006 and beyond.                        Wisconsin Technical College System
   There are 3 sections on the new SAT.          (WTCS) proposed a set of new transfer
Each section is scored 200-800. The new          initiatives that will improve opportunities
“perfect” score will be 2400 instead of 1600.    for WTCS students transferring into UW
   The new test is 45 minutes longer than the    institutions. The plan, which includes six
current test (3 hours and 45 minutes instead     initiatives, will provide students with
of 3 hours).                                     opportunities to transfer more of their credits
   The “Verbal” section will be renamed          and have them apply towards their
“Critical Reading” because of the increased      baccalaureate degree objectives.
focus on reading comprehension. There will          In May of this year, a new policy was
be a new “Writing” section and the level of      established that enables UW institutions to
the “Math” section will increase.                transfer WTCS occupational/technical
   The cost of the new test has increased        courses on a course-by-course basis. Work
from $28.50 to $38.50-$40.50.                    continues on a policy change for transfer of
                                                 general education core courses, degree
                                                 completion agreement format changes,
Final Rules for Collecting                       credit transfer contracts, liberal arts and
$100 Fee from Foreign                            associate degree alignment by WTCS and
                                                 review by UW faculties and expansion of
Students Published                               baccalaureate degree holders in Wisconsin.
                                                    More comprehensive information about
   The U.S. Department of Homeland
                                                 this plan may be obtained on the website
Security released final regulations on July 1
for covering a $100 fee it will levy on most
foreign students and scholars tracked by the
Student and Exchange Visitor Information         Distance Teaching and
System (SEVIS). The fee goes into effect         Learning Conference in
on September 1, 2004.
   The fee will be collected by mail or by       Madison
credit card via the Internet and students will
have to pay it before they apply for their          The 20th Annual Conference on Distance
visas to enter the United States.                Teaching and Learning will be held in
   The fees will help pay for Sevis’s            Madison, Wisconsin August 2-4, 2004 at the
administrative and enforcement costs.            Monona Terrace Convention Center. The
                                                 conference has added a new leadership
                                                 symposium to the agenda this year.
                                                    For registration information visit the
                                                 conference’s website at www.uwex.edu/

                                                 (YA) program in Wisconsin. The YA
                                                 program gives thousands of 11th and 12th
                                                 grade students the opportunity to work in
                Board News                       one of 22 highly skilled occupations as part
                                                 of their high school experience. The Board
   At the board meeting on June 10 in            also administers the Tech Prep program,
Madison, members discussed the EAB’s             which is part of the federal Carl Perkins Act.
scope of school and program approval.            The program focuses on developing
Members agreed that the current regulatory       seamless transitions for students from K-12
structure and statutory language needs to be     schools into the workplace or into higher
updated to match current education and           education.
training realities.                                 Mr. Craney has spent most of his
   In other action, the board authorized staff   professional career involved with issues
to initiate a deliberate and focused course of   concerning education and training in the
action using the school approval process to      public sector, especially at the post-
include industry-recognized certificate          secondary level. He taught and developed
programs where those programs have a             science curriculum for the health
demonstrated economic impact. The board          occupations, industry and manufacturing,
also approved budget proposal                    agriculture and police science programs at
recommendations presented by staff.              NWTC. He served as the President of the
Proposals include a records retention policy     Wisconsin Education Association Council
for postsecondary institutions that close,       (WEAC) from 1995-2001. WEAC is a
moving the EAB’s appropriation structure to      union/professional advocacy organization
those that pertain to higher education           representing 95,000 teachers and educational
agencies, and the hiring of the board’s own      support personnel in Wisconsin. In 1994,
part-time legal counsel.                         President Clinton appointed him to the
   The board meets next on September 9.          National Skills Standards Board and he has
                                                 also served on the National School-to-Work
Board Member Profile                             Advisory Council of the U.S. Departments
                                                 of Education and Labor. He has served as a
   Terry Craney was elected Chair of the         reviewer for the National Science
Educational Approval Board in March of           Foundation, on the founding Board of the
this year. Born in Eau Claire, Mr.Craney         Green Bay Children’s Museum and has been
earned a Baccalaureate degree in Education,      active in many local, state and national
majoring in Physics with a Minor in Math.        political campaigns. Mr. Craney was
He later earned a Masters of Science             selected by his peers at NWTC as Educator
Teaching Degree in Physics from UW-              of the Year in 1983 and 1988.
Superior. He began his career in education          The governor’s appointment to the EAB
as a physics and mathematics instructor at       “allows me to address issues in the fast
Northeast Wisconsin Technical College            growing, ever expanding arena of private
(NWTC) in Green Bay at the age of 23. He         post-secondary education,” states Mr.
recalls that in many of his first classes the    Craney. And along the way of life, he has
students were older than he was.                 learned a couple of valuable lessons – the
Interestingly, a major contributing factor to    first, one never knows what work or
his hire at NWTC was his work as an auto         educational experience will be useful in your
mechanic in high school and in college.          career, and secondly, as one gains more
   Currently the Executive Director of the       experiences, more options become available.
Governor’s Work-Based Learning Board                Mr. Craney is married to Diane and they
(GWBLB), Mr. Craney’s Board administers          have two children, Michael 13 and Taylor
the highly successful Youth Apprenticeship       10.

from the staff . . .                                                 serves on the audit commitee and Joan
                                                                     Fitzgerald is a regional vice president and
School Renewals                                                      serves on the computer school committee.
  School renewal applications for calendar
year 2005 were sent to schools on July 22,
2004. Schools that have not received their                                     Approved Schools Conference
renewal application should call Blanca
James at (608) 266-1996. Remember that
your application and fee must reach EAB by                             If you haven’t already done so, be sure to
September 1, 2004.                                                   mark your calendar now for the EAB
                                                                     Approved Schools Conference on Thursday,
Staff Attends NASASPS Conference                                     November 18, 2004 in Madison, Wisconsin.
                                                                       Staff encourages schools to send one or
  David Dies, Joan Fitzgerald and Linda
                                                                     more representatives to this important event.
Heidtman attended the annual conference of
                                                                       Registration materials and a tentative
the National Association of State
                                                                     agenda will be sent to approved schools in
Administrators and Supervisors of Private
                                                                     early October.
Schools (NASASPS) in Orlando in late
April. Wisconsin is well represented in this
professional organization and staff play an                          EAB Staff Sends Congratulations to
important role in its leadership.                                    Jack Takahashi who was recently promoted
  David Dies is the parliamentarian and                              to President of Milwaukee Career College.

Educational Approval Board
30 W. Mifflin Street
P.O. Box 8696

                         The EAB Quarterly
                           Summer 2004

    The EAB Quarterly is published in January, April,
     July and October by the Wisconsin Educational Approval
    Board to highlight accomplishments of our approved
    schools, inform readers of issues in higher education and
    provide a source of information linking our readers.

                             EAB Staff
               David Dies, Executive Secretary
               Joan Fitzgerald, Education Consultant
               Linda Heidtman, Education Consultant
               Patrick Sweeney, Education Consultant
               Blanca James, Program Assistant
               Kyra Flores, Program Assistant

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