New table for pneumatic fabric stretching system

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New table for pneumatic fabric
stretching system
Changes in hygenic regulations in the food industry:

In addition to the existing wooden-topped table, we   The table includes all the required accessories, such
are pleased to introduce a new table having a PE-     as legs, drawer and four supports for metal frames.
HWST top (polyethylene 1000 high density).            A drawing is also included showing how to assemble
                                                      the table and its components.
Due to new sanitary regulations being introduced in
flour mills and other food industries, wood will be   Please ask your local sales contact person for prices.
phased out in the near future.
Nowadays, sieve frames are made out of metal (steel
or aluminum), and we have therefore been asked to
design a table top to meet the new standards.

                                                                 Table with PE-HWST top:
                                                                 size: 1260 x 1260 mm, Baan-no: 3100-6223-000-00
                                                                 size: 1530 x 1530 mm, Baan-no: 3100-6224-000-00

                                                                  Table complete with our PN-2 clamps
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Description: Stretching exercises, including active and passive stretching stretch. Refers to the so-called active stretch rely mainly on the strength of muscle contraction, rather than other actions remain in force so that a particular position, therefore, active stretching also known as the vigil - active stretching. Active stretch of the merits of increasing the action of contraction of muscle flexibility and strength. For example, standing on one leg, the other leg on the move, maintaining this position does not move is a standard active stretch.