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									                                                     Breast Enlargement - The New Trend in Breast Pump Design: Massage


                                    The New Trend in Breast Pump Design: Massage
                       Once as a mother of a breastfeeding infant, I found myself in a circumstance where I was in need of a serious breast pump. I
                       rented a hospital grade breast pump of a major brand. The first time I used it, I did not know whether I should be sick or faint. I
                       wish someone had warned me that I would see my nipples assume a pointy shape that I had never dreamed they were capable
                       of. I immediately wondered why they could not design a breast pump to work like a baby's mouth. From what I observed, the
                       baby compresses the areola and nipple with mouth and jaw action. Although I cannot see what is going on inside the baby's
                       mouth I am skeptical that a breast pump replicates that action. Breast pump design harkens back to machines that were
                       intended for milking cows. Most breast pumps tug or pull on the nipple in a suck and release rhythm. What you see is the nipple
                       going "point, relax, point, relax" like some enthusiastic member of an aerobic exercise class.

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                                                               #1 BellaBust Breast Enhancement System

                                                               BellaBust Enhancement Pills and Cream contain potent estrogenic botanicals. It
                                                               stimulates female hormone production to help you grow bigger, fuller breasts in just a
                                                               few weeks. All ingredients are safe, 100% natural without synthetic hormones or
                                                               steroids. It's a viable and safe alternative to costly breast augmentation surgery that
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                                                                                              My breasts got larger    87%
                           WINNER                                                             My breasts got firmer    93%
                                                                                                  Lifted my breasts    66%
                                                                                         Improved Skin Softness        75%
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                                                            #2 Breast Actives

                                                            Breast Actives Enhancement pill will give you larger rounder more perfect breasts. Breast
                                                            Actives offers women a fast-acting, effective treatment guaranteed to produce more
                                                            enhanced breasts - without the risks of surgery such as scars or physical reaction to the
                                                            artificial breast implants.

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                           Runner Up
                                                                                         My breasts got larger        70%
                                                                                         My breasts got firmer        74%
                                                                                               Lifted my breasts      47%
                                                                                       Improved Skin Softness         54%

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                                                           #3 Breast Success

                                                           Breast Success is an all natural breast enhancement supplement formulated to naturally
                                                           increase the size, shape and firmness of female breasts. It is specially manufactured with
                                                           over thirteen unique herbs to assist in the development and natural breast enhancement of

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                                                          a woman's breasts.

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                        Third Place                                                   My breasts got larger    81%
                                                                                      My breasts got firmer    82%
                                                                                           Lifted my breasts   29%
                                                                                    Improved Skin Softness     8%

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                                                          #4 Perfig Breast Enhancement Pills

                                                          Perfig is a safe all herbal formula that helps women overcome breast size and lactation
                                                          problems. Abuta, one of the herbs present in Perfig has a powerful phyto-hormonal action
                                                          that leads to the growth and development of the areoli and consequently the breast size. For
                                                          Breast enhancement and Lactation problem associated with the mammary glands.

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                                                          #5 Bust Fuel

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                                                                                      My breasts got larger    66%
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                                                                                           Lifted my breasts   21%
                                                                                    Improved Skin Softness     5%

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                                      Total Votes: 2959 from 1723 Users, Number of Products in Database: 8, Time: 7/30/2011 4:02:46 AM

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                      Now enter the newest innovation in breast pump design: the massaging breast pump. Some breast pumps claim or seem to
                    have more of the massage element than others. The Playtex Embrace Breast Pump, the manual Dr. Brown's Natural Comfort
                    Breast Pump and the Whittlestone Breast Expressers are all pumps that express milk without stretching the nipple in the tug-
                    and-pull style. The Avent Isis breast pumps, manual and electrics, have funnels with Let-down Massage Cushions, which have
                    massaging petals or bumps on it. These massaging petals move in and out with the suction rhythm of the pump. Medela and
                    Ameda are the longest established and most reputable makers of breast pumps. Their most recent innovations have been in
                    areas of design not related to massage: the 2-Phase Expression in the Medela Symphony, Medela Pump In Style Advanced,
                    Medela Harmony and Medela Swing breast pumps and the Hygienikit feature in the Ameda Purely Yours and Ameda Elite
                    breast pumps. These companies have each made one small contribution to the massage trend: the Medela SoftFit breast shield
                    and the Ameda Flexishield flange. These parts work with any of their breast pumps and massage by flexing in a more static
                    way, accompanied by the traditional tug-and pull suction.

                    Are these massaging breast pumps more comfortable, more effective at expressing breast milk, or at least, do they feel more like
                    a baby nursing than other pumps? I have read hundreds of breast pump reviews and I find the two major complaints against
                    breast pumps are issues of comfort and effectiveness at removing breast milk. Addressing just the comfort issue, there can be
                    many causes of discomfort and it is important that women investigate and eliminate those causes in their breast pumping

Breast Enlargement - The New Trend in Breast Pump Design: Massage                                                                                                     Page 2 / 4
                       where possible, to prevent injury and to expedite milk let-down. However, I am inclined to believe this unnatural tug-and-pull
                       motion can be the cause of emotional and physical distress to women until they get used to it or overcome it with persistence.


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                       Now who can object to massage as a concept? Of all these massaging breast pumps on the market only one has received enough
                       independent consumer reviews to satisfy me that consumers have reached a positive, though not unanimous, consensus about
                       it. The other breast pumps are just too new or have not been marketed extensively enough to know whether women will find
                       them more comfortable or more effective than traditional vacuum-only pumps. I applaud efforts to redesign and improve the
                       breast pump, but I can only now hope for a time that most breast pumps will deliver on their promise of feeling just like baby.

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                       See the full article on the massaging breast pump trend for more information and updates.



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