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									THE COFFEE CONNECTION                                                       FAX ORDER TO: 403-276-9963
                                                                            EMAIL: orders@thecoffeeconnection.ca

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                    Alterra - Coffee's & Bright Tea
   Qty                           Indulgent Creations                                Qty                       Bright Teas
            Latte Swirl / Cappuccino                                                                          Black Teas
            Mars Swirl                                                                    Earl Grey
            Dove Hot Chocolate                                                            English Breakfast
                                                                                    Qty                      Wellbeing Teas
   Qty                            Alterra Coffees                                         Green Tea with Jasmine
                              Light & Smooth Coffees                                      Japanese Green Tea
            Morning Roast                     Light & Smooth                              Exotic Chai
            Alterra House                     Light & Smooth                              White Tea and Orange
            Costa Rica                        Light & Smooth                        Qty               Herbal Infusions teas
                             Medium & Bright Coffees                                      Raspberry Spark
            Ethiopia                          Medium & Bright                             Lemon Calm
            Kenya                             Medium & Bright                             Peppermint Cool
                           Medium & Balanced Coffees
            Artisan Roast                     Medium & Balanced                     Qty                      Cream & Sugar
            Foundry Blend                     Medium & Balanced                           2% Milkettes - Neilson               100/box
            Kona Blend                        Medium & Balanced                           10% Creamers - Neilson               100/box
            Colombia                          Medium & Balanced                           10% Creamers - Dairyland             160/bag
                               Dark & Intense Coffees                                     18% Creamers - Dairyland             160/bag
            French Roast                      Dark & Intense                              Sugar Shakers                         570 g
            Espresso Roast                    Dark & Intense                              Sugar Cubes                           500 g
            Barista's Blend                   Dark & Intense                              Sugar Sachets                         1,000
            Sumatra                           Dark & Intense                              Raw Plantation Sachets                1,000
   Qty                  Flavored                    Strength                              Splenda                                100
            French Vanilla                    Medium                                      Sugar In the Raw Shaker               500g
            Hazelnut                          Medium                                      Honey Bottle                          500g
                                                                                          Stir Stix 5 1/2" Wooden               1,000
   Qty            Decaffeinated                      Strength                             Flavia Paper Cup 10oz               50/sleeve
            House Blend                       Light & Smooth                              Flavia 10oz Lids                    100/sleeve
            French Roast                      Dark & Intense
         Your coffee selection(s) may be substituted with an equivalent roast or
       profile. Alternate selections will be made to complete your order unless                                                ZONE#_____
           otherwise stated. If you prefer NO substitutions CIRCLE below,
                                NO SUBSTITUTIONS

                                                      NEXT DAY DELIVERY CUT OFF 2:00 PM
                                                 $15 DELIVERY CHARGE ON ORDERS UNDER $75

Please see Allied Products Sheet for more coffee & kitchen supplies.
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