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                                                                                                                     Spring	2010
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                                                               The	Newsletter	for	Major	Donors	to	BC/EFA                                                   	
2009 PROVES A BANNER                                                                           [table	of]

YEAR FOR BC/EFA EVENTS                                                                         contents
                                                                                               Letter from the
                                                                                                 Executive Director
                                                                                                 and History of Giving. . . . . . . . . 2
                                                                                               2009 Grant-Making. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3
                                                                                               Gypsy of the Year. . . . . . . . . . . . .4, 5
                                                                                               The Actors Fund. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6
                                                                                               The AIDS Initiative. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .7
                                                                                               Broadway Flea Market and
                                                                                                Grand Auction. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8
                                                                                               Bernadette Peters Concert. . . . . .9
                                  (#1)                                                  (#2)   Food Service Grants. . . . . . . 10, 11
                                                                                               National Grants Map. . . . . . . .12, 13
                                                                                               2009 / 2010 Events. . . . . . . . . . . 14, 15
                                                                                               BC/EFA Haitian Relief,
                                                                                                PVA Flu Shot Initiative. . . . . . . .17
                                                                                               International Grants. . . . . . . . . . . 18
                                                                                               Retail Outreach, Care-Tix,
                                                                                                BC/EFA’s New Website. . . . . . . . 19
                                                                                               Dancers Responding to AIDS. . . . 20
                                                                                               Classical Action. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .21
                                                                                               The Angels Campaign. . . . . . 22, 23
                 (#3)                    (#4)                   (#5)                    (#6)
                                                                                               Save the Date. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .24
Despite the damper of an economic downturn, 2009 was a good year for Broadway Cares/
Equity Fights AIDS. Two extraordinary stars, Daniel Craig and Hugh Jackman, and the
company of Broadway’s A Steady Rain raised $1.5 million in six weeks of fundraising
leading up to December’s 21st Annual GypSy OF THE yEAr Competition (#1). Another
real and steady rain in September challenged BC/EFA to produce the first-ever indoor
edition of the BrOADwAy FlEA MArkET (#2). In November, Bernadette peters took
to the stage of the Minskoff Theatre for a dazzling special concert: BrOADwAy BArkS
BECAuSE BrOADwAy CArES (#3). The best of contemporary and concert dance joined
Dancers responding to AIDS (DrA) for the 15th Annual FIrE ISlAND DANCE FESTIvAl
(#4). But the hottest night of the summer occurred in June when over 200 slick and sweaty
dancers bared nearly all at BrOADwAy BArES 19.0 (#5). But bigger isn’t always better.
Classical Action offered intimate “house concerts” – and none better than the amazing
Dawn upshaw this past October (#6).
                                                                                               BC/EFA Begins 2010
Inside this issue of Behind the Scenes: Spring 2010 is an accounting of BC/EFA’s total         Grant-Making Efforts with
grant-making in 2009, including a breakout of the support provided to the social service
programs of The Actors Fund, as well as an in-depth story on The AIDS Initiative, where        $1.2 Million Awarded to
this unique collaboration first began. Don’t miss a two-page map of the continental            110 Food Service and
united States that pinpoints the cities and towns that are home to AIDS and family service     Meal Delivery Programs
organizations across the country served by BC/EFA’s National Grants program.

The events and fundraising initiatives represented in this newsletter coupled with the         An Increase
generous support of corporate sponsors and foundations, major donors and thousands of          of over $250,000
individual gifts, vIp ticket and merchandise buyers, auction winners and Care-Tix clientele
make up the fundraising heart and grant-making muscle of BC/EFA. The support of each           from Awards Made to
and every one is deeply valued, much appreciated and makes BC/EFA’s grant-making               100 Similar Organizations
possible.                                                                                      in 2009
So now, please turn the page….and see for yourself. Enjoy!
                                                                                               See story on page 10.
                                                  April 2010

            who’s who
                 [at	Broadway	Cares]
                                                  Dear Friends:

                                                  This issue of Behind the Scenes covers nearly a year of BC/EFA’s fundraising activity and
                                                  grant-making efforts. These past few months have been truly a roller coaster ride.
  Behind the Scenes is published by
 Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS
                                                  we saw fundraising dip 17% during the first eight months of 2009, requiring us to examine
                                                  spending and make administrative adjustments at every level, as we very carefully and for
  165 West 46th Street, Suite 1300
                                                  the first time made prudent but unavoidable cuts in grant-making to both The Actors Fund
        New York, NY 10036
                                                  and through our National Grants program. yet we can proudly say that with your support
     Telephone: 212-840-0770
                                                  and the hard work of the BC/EFA staff and volunteers, over $7.9 million was awarded to
      Facsimile: 212-840-0551
                                                  six programs of The Actors Fund and over 400 AIDS and family service organizations across
                                                  the country. These intrepid service providers have faced the most difficult challenges:
                       budget cuts from the government at every level and donor fatigue, while simultaneously
                                                  experiencing a steady increase in people in crisis needing assistance.
Tom Viola

Michael Graziano                                  On the other hand, fundraising efforts in the last two months of 2009 were unexpectedly
proDuCINg DIrECTor                                fruitful. This has allowed BC/EFA to begin to restore, with equal care and caution, grants
Larry Cook                                        made in 2010 to their previous 2008 levels. Thank you for making that possible. (See the
                                                  story on page 10 about grants made in 2010 to 118 Food Service and Meal Delivery
Danny Whitman
DIrECTor oF CommuNICATIoNS AND DEvElopmENT        programs in February).

                                                  Together we will ride out the continued economic storm through the next eight months of
BC/EFA OFFICERS                                   2010 and beyond. undoubtedly, we will be tested. But I am confident that with your sup-
Paul Libin, president                             port and friendship, BC/EFA’s commitment to those who look to us for help will not waver.
Ira Mont, First vice president
Thomas Schumacher,                                On page seven is the story of where it all began: BC/EFA’s support for The AIDS Initiative of
second vice president
                                                  The Actors Fund. I hope you will read it. we share in an extraordinary legacy upon which
Richard Frankel, third vice president
                                                  so much good work continues to be done today for people living with HIv/AIDS and those
Sherry Cohen, Fourth vice president
                                                  facing other serious health issues and crises.
Philip Birsh, treAsurer
Judith Rice, secretAry
                                                  whether you are a major donor and member of The Angels Campaign, part of our
                                                  corporate or foundation support, one of thousands who have bought tickets, memorabilia
BC/EFA BOARD OF TRuSTEES                          or merchandise or a member of the theatre community whose unique fundraising efforts are
Cornelius Baker          Jay laudato              unmatched in any other industry, you are the heart and soul of BC/EFA. you make our work
John Barnes              margo lion
Scott Barnes             Nancy mahon              possible.
Joseph Benincasa         michael mcElroy
Chris Boneau             Terrence mcNally
Bob Boyett               Jerry mitchell
                                                  Thank you for your commitment to helping others, even as we all face the challenges of
Barry Brown              Bernadette peters        uncertain and changing times. your generosity of spirit is BC/EFA’s greatest blessing. It is
Kate Burton              martin richards          an invaluable resource and one we steward with great appreciation and care.
robert Callely           Chita rivera
Kathleen Chalfant        Jordan roth
Alan Cumming             Nick Scandalios          Sincerely,
gavin Darraugh           peter Schneider
michael David            robert Score
B. merle Debuskey        marian Seldes
maria Di Dia             Jeffrey Seller           Tom viola
paul DiDonato            matthew Serino
Sam Ellis                Howard Sherman           Executive Director
Neal garelik             philip J. Smith
Charles Hamlen           Charlotte St. martin
  (ex-officio)           David Stone                    A HISTORY OF BC/EFA’S gRANT-mAkINg
roy Harris               Stuart Thompson
Craig Jacobs             Tim Tompkins
richard                  Tom viola (ex-officio)                                                               NAT’L GRANTS
  Jay-Alexander          robert E. Wankel                                                   ACTORS FuND           PROGRAM                 TOTAL
Cherry Jones             Beth Williams
Nathan lane              mark Zimmerman           1988 – may 1992 Equity Fights AIDS          $ 2,775,250                            $ 2,775,250
                                                  1988 – may 1992 Broadway Cares                                 $ 1,067,000         $ 1,067,000
Behind the Scenes
Tom Viola and Danny Whitman
                                                  BC/EFA Contributions
                                                  5/92 – 12/92                                 $ 634,000         $ 771,500           $ 1,405,500
                                                  1993                                         $ 1,654,000       $ 1,184,000         $ 2,838,000
Andy Smith, Eric Kornfeld,                        1994                                         $ 1,758,000       $ 676,000           $ 2,434,000
Tom Viola and Danny Whitman                       1995                                         $ 1,791,000       $ 707,500           $ 2,498,500
WrITErS                                           1996                                         $ 2,010,000       $ 1,400,500         $ 3,410,500
                                                  1997                                         $ 2,247,500       $ 1,342,200         $ 3,589,700
BC/EFA PHOTO CREDITS                              1998                                         $ 2,471,000       $ 1,711,500         $ 4,182,500
Peter James Zielinski
                                                  1999                                         $ 2,700,000       $ 3,039,500         $ 5,739,500
Ken Blauvelt, Gary Cooper
and Thomas Vrzala
                                                  2000                                         $ 2,955,000       $ 3,033,000         $ 5,988,000
                                                  2001                                         $ 2,829,500       $ 3,238,000         $ 6,067,500
DRA PHOTOS                                        2002                                         $ 2,732,000       $ 2,689,000         $ 5,421,000
Rosalie O’Connor                                  2003                                         $ 3,022,500       $ 3,115,000         $ 6,137,500
                                                  2004                                         $ 3,360,500       $ 4,437,000         $ 7,797,500
CLASSICAL ACTION PHOTOS                           2005                                         $ 3,516,500       $ 4,469,000         $ 7,985,500
Steve J. Sherman                                  2006                                         $ 3,517,500       $ 4,518,000         $ 8,035,500
                                                  2007                                         $ 3,671,500       $ 5,152,500         $ 8,824,000
                                                  2008                                         $ 4,302,000       $ 5,721,000        $ 10,023,000
                                                  2009                                         $ 3,400,000       $ 4,507,800         $ 7,907,800

                                                  Total Support 1988 – 2009                   $ 51,347,750      $ 52,780,000
                                                  BC/EFA GRANT-MAKING TOTAL 1988 – 2009                                            $ 104,127,750

 2                                                                                                                  Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS
                         Broadway Cares / Equity Fights AIDS
                                2009 Grant-making
                               “Where Does All That Money Go???”

                    BC/EFA Support for THE ACTORS FUND:

                     THE AIDS INITIATIVE                                                           $ 2,150,000
                     PHYLLIS NEWMAN WOMEN’S HEALTH INITIATIVE                                       $ 400,000
                     THE AL HIRSCHFELD FREE HEALTH CLINIC at The Aurora                             $ 400,000
                     ACTORS WORK PROGRAM - NYC                                                      $ 300,000
                     THE DANCERS’ RESOURCE                                                          $ 150,000
                     STAGE MANAGERS’ PROjECT                                                         $ 35,000
                     MISCELLANEOUS                                                                   $ 15,000
                     	   Annual Gala, Memorial Donations, Strategic planning Support, etc.
                     THE ACTORS FUND                                                             $ 3,400,000


                    BC/EFA - NATIONAL GRANTS:	
                     FOOD SERVICE and MEAL DELIVERY Programs                                       $ 1,000,000
                        100 Organizations in 32 States
                     LOCAL GRANTS                                                                  $ 2,588,300
                         362 Organizations in 44 States
                         Housing programs, Health Clinics, Case Management,
                         Emergency Financial Assistance, Harm reduction programs
                     NATIONAL and ADVOCACY ORGANIZATIONS                                            $ 458,500
                         35 Organizations in 12 States
                     amfAR (American Foundation for AIDS Research)                                   $ 31,000
                     ASTEP (Artists Striving to End Poverty)                                         $ 70,000
                     PHYSICIAN VOLUNTEERS FOR THE ARTS                                               $ 45,000
                     	   Broadway Flu Shot Initiative
                     NATIONAL GRANTS                                                             $ 4,192,800


                    BC/EFA - INTERNATIONAL GRANTS:
                     South Africa / THE LION KING                                                   $ 233,500
                     	   Grants to 34 AIDS Service Organizations
                     TheatreMAD - London                                                             $ 81,500
                     INTERNATIONAL GRANTS                                                         $ 315,000

                     SubTotal        The ACTORS FUND                                           $ 3,400,000
                     SubTotal        NATIONAL GRANTS                                           $ 4,192,800
                     SubTotal        INTeRNATIONAL GRANTS                                        $ 315,000

                     	 2009 BC/EFA
                    GRANT-MAKING TOTAL:                                                      $ 7,907,800

Behind the Scenes                                                                                            3

                                   (#1)                                        (#2)                                             (#3)

                         (#4)                            (#5)                             (#6)                                  (#7)

                         (#8)                            (#9)                             (#10)                                (#11)

An enthralled audience leapt to its feet when Bernadette        chorus of nearly 50 singers and dancers, plus a tap-dancing
peters and Superior Donuts’ Michael Mckean (#1) announced       cameo by SYTYCD season five’s ryan kasprzak (#5).
that a record-breaking $4,630,695 had been raised during
six weeks of collections by 60 Broadway, Off-Broadway and       The Best presentation award went to “The Merry Men of
National Touring companies.                                     Chicago,” who tipped their hats to West Side Story with a new
                                                                take on “A Boy like That/I Have A love” featuring astonishing
This astonishing total from 2009’s GypSy OF THE yEAr            live countertenor vocals from ryan lowe, who plays ‘Mary
Competition surpassed the previous record of $3,927,000,        Sunshine’ on Broadway (#6). Meanwhile, West Side Story,
raised in 2007, bringing the 21-year total to $40,360,000!      receiving the First runner-up prize, closed the performance
                                                                with an homage to Michael and Janet Jackson, including a
More history was made by the company of A Steady                rendition of “rhythm Nation” retitled “Gypsy Nation” (#7).
Rain – led by stars Daniel Craig and Hugh Jackman (#2) –
raising the most money of any show in the history of the        The companies of Avenue Q and In The Heights joined
event, collecting $1,549,952! This total breaks the previous    forces for “Shafrika, the white Girl,” (#8) created by Avenue
fundraising record of $632,998 set by Jackman and the           Q’s Anika larsen and April Nickell and from In The Heights
company of The Boy from Oz in 2003.                             Joshua Henry. Jersey Boys cast members russell Fischer
                                                                and Taylor Sternberg offered a hilarious spoken word
The GypSy OF THE yEAr Competition is not only the               rendition of classic Broadway showtunes a la william Shatner
culmination of six weeks of intensive fundraising, but a        (#9). The youthful cast of Bye Bye Birdie honored artists lost
showcase for “gypsies,” talented singers and dancers in         to AIDS with a tribute to Freddie Mercury and the Queen
the chorus of Broadway shows. Tony Award®-winner Julie          classic “Bohemian rhapsody” (#10).
white (The Understudy) and Broadway personality Seth
rudetsky (#3), of “Seth’s Big Fat Broadway” on Sirius/XM        Wicked cast member Carrie Manolakos sang an original song
Satellite radio, hosted the event.                              called “In your Own Grace” featuring stirring performances
                                                                by dancers kenway kua and Samantha Zack. A special
Headlining the palace                                           piece representing gypsies from national touring productions
                                                                was directed and choreographed by Shea Sullivan with
with a bill worthy of The palace Theatre’s vaudeville past,     associate choreographer pamela remler, and featured
December 7 and 8’s packed houses were treated to original       singer/composer katie Thompson singing “your Side” with
performances by the casts of more than a dozen shows.           a troupe of exquisite dancers (#11).

The show kicked off with an opening number created by           Classical Action and Dancers responding to AIDS,
Melissa Mahon, Sean Mcknight and Seth Farber parodying          fundraising programs of BC/EFA, presented classical pianist
the reality show So You Think You Can Dance. It featured        Natasha paremski interpreting prokofiev’s Sonata no. 7 (#12)
panelists Christopher Sieber (Shrek the Musical) as ‘Nigel      and keigwin + Company with the humorous dance piece
lythgoe,’ Mary Birdsong (Reno: 911) as ‘Mary Murphy,’           “Fly” (#13) .
Broadway casting director Bernie Telsey (#4) as himself, a

4                                                                                                 Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS
                         (#12)                           (#13)                           (#14)                           (#15)

                         (#16)                           (#17)                                                           (#18)

The cast of Naked Boys Singing proclaimed the solution to “Broadway-envy” is adding a nearly-naked Hugh Jackman to their
cast – which would be their ticket to Broadway (#14), while Superior Donuts also tipped its hat to A Steady Rain (#15) with
Aussie Jackman and Brit Craig in the windy City searching for the accents necessary to portray Chicago cops.

The topical Newsical the Musical took on the “Boy in the Balloon” (#16), and star Christine pedi returned with a pitch-perfect
performance of “And I Am Telling you I Am Not Going” as interpreted by Angela lansbury, Bernadette peters, Ethel Merman,
Julie Andrews and other divas. (#17)
                         (#20)                                                         (#21)
Gypsies from Mary Poppins danced to Sinatra’s “I’ve Got the world on a String” (#18). Billy Elliot (#19) paraded a long line
of young dance casualties in “Good Night and Thank you” (#20). Mamma Mia! went acoustic, performing a sublime Jason
Mraz song, “living High” (#21). Rock of Ages built a number around kanye west’s “Heartless,” featuring the heartbreaking
dancing of Angel reed and Tyrone Jackson (#22). Gavin Creel and the cast of Hair “tripped” down the Great white way with
a cannabis-influenced medley of favorite Broadway tunes (#23).

Shaking their moneymakers
Dozens of Broadway, Off-Broadway and touring productions made outstanding contributions to GypSy’s unprecedented

                                     Third runner-up                                    Wicked                    $147,611
                                     Second runner-up                                       Hair                  $153,648
                                     First runner-up                                 Billy Elliot                 $153,677
                                     Top Broadway Fundraiser          The Phantom of the Opera                    $161,060

                                  National Touring Shows
                                    Third runner-up                       Jersey Boys – Chicago                   $190,466
                                    Second runner-up                  Jersey Boys – Sherry Tour                   $225,225
                         (#19)      First runner-up              Wicked – The Emerald City Tour                   $237,000
                                    Top Tour Fundraiser                                    Rent                   $242,383

Avenue Q, which recently made an unprecedented move from Broadway’s Golden Theatre to New world Stages, brought
their enthusiastic main stem efforts with them taking the award for Top Off-Broadway Fundraiser with $27,917. A special
award was given to the top fundraising Broadway play, Superior Donuts, at $76,309.

A Steady Rain’s record-breaking total of $1,549,952 was driven by the unprecedented generosity and creativity of Jackman
and Craig, who auctioned off photos, autographed posters and actual T-shirts worn at each performance. The company
was suitably honored with The All-Time Top Fundraising Award.

             To read more about the 21st Annual GypSy OF THE yEAr Competition and view additional photos,


                         (#18)        (#21)                           (#22)                                              (#23)
 Behind the Scenes                                                                                                           5
Over 11,000 people Received Assistance – an 8% Increase from 2008
                    Equity Fights AIDS was founded in concert with the creation of The AIDS Initiative of The Actors
                    Fund in 1987. By 1988, Broadway Cares was in place, making grants to AIDS service organizations
                    across the country. with the merger of these two separate organizations and the creation of
                    Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS (BC/EFA) in 1992, the new mission combined support for The
                    AIDS Initiative of The Actors Fund and the National Grants program.

                    This remained BC/EFA’s grant-making focus until 1996 when it was determined by the BC/EFA
                    Board of Trustees to provide support for The Actors Fund’s newly created phyllis Newman women’s
                    Health Initiative. Today, BC/EFA supports six programs of The Actors Fund including: The AIDS
                    Initiative; The phyllis Newman women’s Health Initiative; The Al Hirschfeld Free Clinic; The Actors
                    work program, The Dancers’ resource, The Stage Managers’ project and 3 supportive housing
                    residences – The Aurora in Manhattan, The Schermerhorn residence in Brooklyn and The palm
                    view in los Angeles.

                    Through this unique partnership with The Actors Fund, BC/EFA touches the lives of thousands of
                    entertainment professionals living with HIv/AIDS, as well as thousands more coping with a variety
                    of other health issues, crises and challenges.

                    The AIDS Initiative: For a feature story go to page 7.

                    The phyllis Newman Women’s Health Initiative (pNWHI)
                    Established in 1996 to provide a safety net for women in the entertainment industry who are coping
                    with critical health concerns, pNwHI dedicates a range of resources solely to addressing the health
                    needs and concerns specific to women including breast, cervical and ovarian cancers, domestic
                    violence, chemical dependency, mental health issues, as well as providing services and financial
                    assistance to women without health insurance.
                          year                     # Clients               Emergency Financial Assistance
                          2008                        427                            $241,080
                          2009                        471                            $223,875

                    The Al Hirschfeld Free Health Clinic
                    The Al Hirschfeld Clinic was established in 2003 to address the immediate need of members of
                    the entertainment community who are uninsured or underinsured. The Clinic provides primary
                    and specialty care, health screenings and patient education. lab testing provided through the
                    Clinic is free to uninsured patients. primary care includes routine preventive medical care, ongoing
                    management of medical problems and urgent sick visits. preventative care includes flu vaccinations,
                    mammograms, prostate exams, breast examinations, tuberculosis and diabetes screening, blood
                    pressure and cholesterol testing, vision screening and more.
                          year                     # patients                      # of patient Visits
                          2008                       1,298                               2,226
                          2009                       1,447                               2,814

                    In 2009, the Clinic provided: 2,522 primary care examinations; 1,479 sick/urgent care visits; 582
                    preventive health/wellness examinations and follow-up; 324 gynecological examinations; 177
                    mammograms; 219 dermatological exams and 1,151 flu shots (seasonal and H1N1).

                    The Dancers’ Resource
                    launched in the summer of 2007 with a $150,000 grant from BC/EFA, The Dancers’ resource
                    was created in response to the unique situation dancers face due to the physically demanding
                    nature of their work, coupled with the significant financial challenges of earning a living in dance.
                    recognizing that the situations faced by injured dancers are all-encompassing in terms of both
                    life and career, the program was started to create a support system that addresses the needs of
                    dancers including emotional support for those dealing with injuries by providing individual and group
                    counseling, referrals for healthcare and health insurance, information and advocacy with workers’
                    Compensation and Disability Insurance and much more.
                    2008: 785 dancers and choreographers. Of those, 158 received $423,500 in financial assistance.
                    2009: 858 dancers and choreographers. Of those, 255 received $422,203 in financial

                    The Actors Work program (AWp)
                    A comprehensive employment and training program, The Actors work program assists entertainment
                    industry professionals in identifying and finding sideline work and new careers in such areas as
                    teaching, administrative support, healing professions and real estate. Often, working professionals
                    need to work outside of the industry to support the continuing pursuit of industry work. Many
                    of the skills that entertainment industry professionals have – communication, discipline, creativity,
                    flexibility, professionalism – are highly valued in the broader labor market. The Actors work program
                    helps to identify and apply these skills to other work settings. Through career counseling, skills
                    training and job development, Awp’s members find meaningful work that can be done either while
                    continuing in the entertainment industry or while developing a new professional direction.
                    2008: 2,489 clients: 1,267 career counseling sessions; 727 job searches.
                    2009: 3,524 clients: 1,360 career counseling session; 874 job searches.

                    with the economic downturn in 2009, the Awp saw a dramatic increase in new clients. In response,
                    BC/EFA awarded Awp a $100,000 grant above the $200,000 budgeted to hire an additional career
                    counselor to address the inevitable longer wait for services.
                    For more information about The Actors Fund, visit

6                                                                                          Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS
BC/EFA’s Support for The AIDS Initiative of The Actors Fund
For over 22 years, The AIDS Initiative of The Actors Fund has been helping members of the entertainment
industry living with HIV/AIDS cope with the extraordinary health care challenges as well as the financial
and emotional crises brought on by the disease on both a short and long-term basis.

The collaboration between BC/EFA and The Actors Fund’s AIDS Initiative is a model for how an industry
can respond effectively and with compassion to the AIDS crisis. The AIDS Initiative provides a full
spectrum of essential support services, including emergency financial assistance for basic necessities
such as rent and health insurance payments, case management referrals to other sources of community
and public assistance, benefits advocacy and counseling and support groups for people with HIV/
AIDS, their partners, families and caregivers.

Since its inception in 1988, with your extraordinary and continued support, The AIDS Initiative has received
over $36 million from Broadway Cares /Equity Fights AIDS (of a grant total of $52 million provided by BC/
EFA to The Actors Fund from 1988 to 2009). But how did this all begin? Where did it start?

AIDS, previously known as G.r.I.D. (Gay-related immune               which provided grants to organizations in the city and across the
deficiency), was first reported by the u.S. Centers for Disease      country offering services for people with AIDS and their families,
Control on June 5, 1981. The New York Times followed nearly          including The Actors Fund through its shared fundraising efforts
a month later with its first, short article about the disease        with Equity Fights AIDS. All this happened in about six months.
that appeared under the headline “rare Cancer Seen in 41             That quickly, we were running The Actors Fund’s first dedicated
Homosexuals.” By the end of that year, 121 deaths had been           social service program, The AIDS Initiative.”
documented and by 1987, AIDS had killed over 17,000 people
in the united States; over 9,000 in New york City alone. with        He goes on to say, “It was unusual because it was also a kind
scientists unable to identify the cause of the disease, let alone    of huge ‘coming out’ for the Broadway community. Something
any kind of viable treatment, those suffering faced incredible       people just didn’t discuss was suddenly at the forefront of
stigma. Ostracism, discrimination and even violence against          the movement. I’m still impressed with how quickly everyone
infected individuals as well as those perceived to be infected       disregarded any sense of prejudice and did whatever they could
was rampant. people with AIDS or displaying symptoms of              to raise money. I learned that there was a difference between
the disease often lost their jobs and their apartments. Often        ‘cure’ and ‘healing.’ we were able to create a safe, healing
abandoned by families, shunned by neighbors and with a               environment for people who were dealing with overwhelming
shamefully dismissive and then ruefully slow response from           challenges, even as in many cases they faced their own eminent
government and established social service providers, the sick        deaths.”
were left with little means of support. people were literally left
to die, in understaffed hospital wards or bedridden at home,         The caseload at The AIDS Initiative tripled every six months
unwanted and alone.                                                  in those first years with, at the same time, over a third of the
                                                                     program’s clients dying within a year. Elizabeth Avedon, a social
By 1987 AIDS was having an undeniable effect on the Broadway         worker with The AIDS Initiative for 16 years, explains, “until
community. with no respite in sight, Equity Fights AIDS was          the meds (protease inhibitors) came out in ’96, you’d meet a
created by the Actors’ Equity Council in November of that year       client and wonder how long they were going to live. The main
as one of the nation’s first industry-based AIDS funding efforts.    thing was to be as supportive as possible and make their dying
                                                                     as comfortable as possible. In the 1980s, every moment was
Colleen Dewhurst, then president of Actors’ Equity Association,      triage; so many decisions informed by trauma. Our work and
had already lost many friends and colleagues to the dreaded          the lives of our clients and so many who loved them were filled
disease and was quick to champion the new committee and              with unrelenting grief and extraordinary anger.”
its determination to do something, anything, to reach out with
funds and assistance to sick and dying members of the theatre        keith McNutt, who joined The Actors Fund in 1995 and is currently
community. Tom viola, who would later become executive               the Director of the western region, was The AIDS Initiative
director of BC/EFA, was Ms. Dewhurst’s assistant. “The               coordinator from 2001 to 2006. “It’s interesting,” keith noted.
committee’s first grassroots efforts, though very small compared     “If you look at the history of The Actors Fund, you see it was
to what we do today, would not have happened without her,” he        created in 1882 largely because show business was considered
remembers. “Colleen not only dared to speak out publicly when        scandalous and people working in it often couldn’t receive
very few would, but her personal enthusiasm and the respect          necessary services. Churches would not bury performers in
she had long held within the industry created an enduring            consecrated ground. 100 years later, we were going through the
support that toppled any question as to why the union was            same thing. Bodies were being flown to families who didn’t even
bothering with this issue. people who had been desperate to          know their son was gay, much less sick. Funeral homes often
do something rallied together quickly and with great spirit.” As     refused services. Families sadly often rejected their sons. An
fundraising efforts were planned, it was wisely determined early     extraordinary circle of lovers, friends, colleagues and activists
on that the money raised by Equity Fights AIDS would support         became family.”
the newly created AIDS Initiative of The Actors Fund.
                                                                     In 1996, the beginning of a breakthrough occurred with the
“It was an amazing time,” says Eric Stamm, The AIDS Initiative’s     discovery of protease inhibitors. AZT had been prescribed since
first coordinator from 1988 to 2001. “Equity Fights AIDS             1990 but was not effective in many cases and came with a host
provided The Actors Fund with much needed funding to meet            of dangerous, toxic side effects. However, by late 1997, when
the rapid expansion of the program. Simultaneously, Broadway         the combinations and dosages of the protease regimens were
producers created a separate organization, Broadway Cares,           better refined, people started to show vast improvement.

                                                                                                                Continued on page 16.

                         people currently infected with HIV/AIDS worldwide: 33.4 million

                                   AIDS deaths worldwide since 1981: 25 million
                                AIDS deaths in the United States since 1981: 538,298
                                  AIDS deaths in New york City since 1981: 97,358

               AIDS Initiative Clients since 1988: 2,510                  AIDS Initiative Clients in 2009: 447

Behind the Scenes                                                                                                                    7
The 23rd Annual BROADWAy FLEA mARkET and
GRAND AUCTION Raises $403,000!

The rain wasn’t going away, so less than 24 hours before the 23rd Annual BROADWAy FLEA mARkET and GRAND
AUCTION, BC/EFA made the bold decision to relocate the traditionally outdoor event from Shubert Alley to the
floor of 52nd Street’s Roseland Ballroom.

Thinking fast saved the day as 2009’s event raised $403,229 for BC/EFA. Since its debut in 1987, 23 editions of this
event have raised $8,161,752!

“We relocated an outdoor event that includes hundreds of boxes, scores of tables and chairs, banners, posters,
dozens of irreplaceable auction items, lights and sound, and attracts well over 10,000 fans to an indoor venue in
less than 24 hours,” said BC/EFA’s producing Director michael Graziano. “It was a daunting task, but one that I am
proud to say our staff and volunteers met vigorously and with great care.”

                                                        Ballroom Table Hopping
                                                        As always, the FlEA MArkET was scheduled to run from 10 AM to 7
                                                        pM, and in fact doors opened just 10 minutes late to a long queue of
                                                        damp, but excited shoppers.

                                                     Tables representing Broadway and Off-Broadway shows – including
                                                     Mary Poppins (#1), Rock of Ages (#2), South Pacific (#3), Jersey Boys
                                                     (#4), The Phantom of the Opera (#5), The Lion King (#6), Shrek the
                     (#1)                       (#2) Musical, Avenue Q, Next to Normal and Manhattan Theatre Club –
                                                     were on hand and joined by tables from unions and guilds including
                                                     Actors’ Equity (#7), the Stage Managers Association (#8), ATpAM,
                                                     united Scenic Artists and The Dramatists Guild.

                                                     Management offices joined in, including The Broadway league, The
                                                     Araca Group and Nederlander productions, as well as tables from
                                                     such long-time friends as playbill, The Actors Fund, Broadwayworld.
                                                     com, ABC Daytime, Grey Advertising and Seth rudetsky’s Broadway
                                                     Chatterbox, and such newcomers as Dancers Over 40 (#9), The
                     (#3)                       (#4) Broadway Green Alliance (#10), Broadway Impact, ASTEp, The Actors
                                                     Temple, the Episcopal Actors Guild and the 12th Night Club.

                                                        All told, 64 tables of playbills, posters and other collectibles raised
                                                        $192,429. The top 11 were: Broadway Beat ($12,640), TDF ($9,771),
                                                        Wicked ($9,663) (#11), united Scenic Artists ($9,132), The BC/EFA
                                                        Merchandise “Sale” Table ($8,338), Billy Elliott ($7,983) (#12), The
                                                        Phantom of the Opera ($7,263), The Araca Group ($5,427), Triton
                                                        Gallery ($5,351), Next to Normal ($5,173) and Hair ($5,112).

                                                        Stars meet their Fans
                     (#1)                       (#6)
                                                        Seventy-five stars from Broadway and ABC Daytime Television posed
                                                        for photos and signed autographs at this year’s Celebrity Table and
                                                        photo Booth, emceed by Scott Nevins and Michael lee Scott.

                                                        Stars braving the rain outdoors and the crowd indoors included from
                                                        Daytime Tv – Chrishell Strause, robin Strasser, robert Newman, kathy
                                                        Brier, van Hansis, Ilene kristen, Jeff Branson, Melissa Gallo and more.
                                                        From Broadway – Jonathan Groff, lea Michele, Daniel reichard, Norm
                                                        lewis, John Tartaglia, Edie Falco, James Carpinello, rebecca luker,
                                                        Danny Burstein, rosemary Harris, John Gallagher, Haydn Gwynne,
                     (#7)                       (#8)

                        (#9)                           (#10)                             (#11)                                 (#12)

8                                                                                                 Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS
              (#13)         (#14)             (#15)            (#16)

                           (#11)                              (#12)

   (#17)               (#18)        (#19)             (#20)    (#21)

                                                                            BERNADETTE pETERS DAZZLES
Christiane Noll, Mo rocca, rondi reed, Quentin Earl Darrington,
Carole Shelley, John Stamos, Bobby Steggert, Michael Cerveris,               AND mAkES A DIFFERENCE!
kerry Butler, Susan Blackwell, kathleen Chalfant, Bryan Batt,            Once-in-a-lifetime concert raises $615,000
Anthony rapp, Marin Mazzie and Jason Danieley (#13), Brian                   for BC/EFA and Broadway Barks
Stokes Mitchell (#14), Christopher Sieber and Tovah Feldshuh
(#15), Constantine Maroulis (#16), Beth leavel (#17), will
Swenson and Gavin Creel (#18), Marian Seldes (#19), John               She looked far too young to be one of Broadway’s most legendary
Glover and Jessica Hecht (#20), kevin Chamberlin (#21) and             performers, but in a very special concert at the Minskoff Theatre
many more.                                                             on Monday, November 9, 2009, the incomparable Bernadette
                                                                       peters showed why she has become one of Broadway’s most
                                                                       sought after and beloved stars.
Silent and Grand Auctions Deliver
                                                                       Entitled A BENEFIT FOr BrOADwAy BArkS BECAuSE
Hosted by Michael Goddard and Felicia Finley (#22), the 103-item       BrOADwAy CArES, the two-act concert, directed by
silent auction brought in $36,590. The top item, a Les Misérables      richard Jay-Alexander with musical direction by Marvin laird
“I Dreamed a Dream” musical phrase, sold for $2,450.                   and original orchestrations by Jonathan Tunick, raised an
                                                                       astounding $615,000 in support of two organizations long-
Auctioneer lorna kelly (#23) was joined by Mad Men star Bryan          supported by Miss peters, Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS
Batt (#24) for the Grand Auction. The top-selling lot was a set of     and Broadway Barks, which she founded over a decade ago
vIp tickets to A Steady Rain, with a backstage meet-and-greet          with friend Mary Tyler Moore. Barks, best known for its annual
with Hugh Jackman and Daniel Craig, which went for $7,500.             star-studded adopt-a-thon featuring over 25 animal rescue
A “Celebrate the Tony Awards” ticket package sold for $5,500,          groups and produced each July by BC/EFA in Shubert Alley,
while a vIp “Saturday Night Live Experience” brought in $5,250.        raises money for New york area animal shelters and supports
                                                                       rescue and shelter pet adoptions while advocating for spaying
                                                                       and neutering.

                                                                     The music of Stephen Sondheim dominated much of the
                                                                     evening’s first half, with peters performing “Another Hundred
                                                                     people” and “No One is Alone,” and three of the composer’s
                 (#22)                 (#23)                   (#24) works new to her concert songbook, “Buddy’s Eyes,” “losing
                                                                     My Mind” and “Goodbye for Now” from the film Reds.
Next to Normal stars Adam Chandler-Bertat and Jennifer Damiano
(#25) joined in auctioning vIp seats and a rare backstage meet- The songs of rodgers & Hammerstein received their due as she
and-greet with the cast for $2,600, which was sold again to “the sang both “There’s Nothing like a Dame,” “Some Enchanted
underbidder,” raising a total of $5,200! As always, walk-on roles Evening” and “Mr. Snow.”
in top shows were popular, including ones from Wicked /$6,000,
the national tour of Rent/$5,200, Chicago/$4,800 and Hair, which Bernadette brought the first half to a stirring conclusion when,
sold for $4,600 with the help of the show’s star, Gavin Creel.       after introducing audience members Sondheim, Arthur laurents
                                                                     and Margaret Styne (widow of composer Jule Styne), the
                                                                     creative geniuses behind 1959’s Gypsy, she launched into a
                                                                     rousing rendition of “Some people,” closing the first act.

                                                                    peters opened the second act by bringing to the stage some of
                                                                    her handsome four-legged friends from BArC Shelter and The
                                                                    Humane Society (#1), all of whom had been on-hand to greet
                (#25)                    (#26)                (#27) the audience prior to curtain and indeed all have since been
                                                                    adopted and found new, “forever homes.”
From a photograph and a signed pair of jeans worn by Daniel
radcliffe in Equus (#26) to the theatre seats from which president Second act highlights included Frank loesser’s “Somebody,
Obama and the First lady watched the revival of Joe Turner’s Somewhere” from The Most Happy Fella as well as more
Come and Gone at the Belasco Theatre (#27), 64 auction lots Sondheim pieces – “Johanna” and “Being Alive,” followed by a
raised an impressive $175,000.                                      wonderful interpretation of “Children and Art.”
“The 23rd Annual BrOADwAy FlEA MArkET and GrAND                        After more than two hours of spectacular bravura, peters
AuCTION was a testiment to the enthusiasm and great heart of           offered an encore of Gypsy’s “rose’s Turn,” met with a standing
the theatre community and its loyal fans,” said producer Michael       ovation followed by a second encore of her own, “kramer’s
Graziano. “But please, next year, ‘let the Sunshine In!’”              Song,” a lullaby inspired by one of her beloved rescue dogs
                                                                       (#2). Following the performance, Bernadette met friends and
The 24th Annual BrOADwAy FlEA MArkET returns to Shubert                fans at a star-studded reception at Times Square’s Blue Fin,
Alley and west 44th Street on September 26, 2010.                      topping off an extraordinary evening.


                           (#11)                              (#12)                                          (#1)                   (#2)
 Behind the Scenes                                                                                                                   9

The successful fundraising efforts in the last months of 2009 will have a powerful impact on the support BC/EFA
can offer to scores of AIDS and family service organizations in 2010 through its National Grants program.

In February, $1,235,000 was awarded to 118 Food Service and meal Delivery programs across the country, restoring
over $200,000 in cuts made in the 2009 grant round.

There is no more important component of BC/EFA’s National Grants program than ensuring that a person who is
sick has a decent meal. Certainly for people living with HIV/AIDS, good nutritious food is an essential component
if lifesaving medical regimens are to have a lasting impact.

For over 20 years, BC/EFA has served as a grant-making          The response to this request to expand services coupled
conduit for the Broadway community and its audiences and        with the opportunity for increased funding has been strong
is committed to respond quickly to the most basic needs of      and BC/EFA’s support for these essential food pantries’
people with HIv/AIDS. BC/EFA’s National Grants program          services, congregate and delivered meal programs across
currently encompasses five categories: Food Services;           the country has grown in kind.
Direct Services; Emergency Financial Services; One-Time
Expense request; and Harm reduction.                            January 2006         $ 777,500          100 organizations
                                                                January 2007         $1,150,000         115 organizations
BC/EFA expanded the Food Service category to Food               January 2008         $1,270,000         126 organizations
Services and Meal Delivery programs in January 2006
and to make it a separate grant round, prioritizing these       The current economic crisis has affected us all. BC/EFA’s
services and affording the opportunity for a larger award       fundraising revenues during the 2009 fiscal year were
than was previously available in the overall national grant     down 20% from 2008’s record level. This meant that for
round awarded every spring.                                     the first time, BC/EFA had to reduce grants made through
                                                                the National Grants program, beginning with the 2009 food
we have heard from both the entertainment community             service organizations.
and our donors that while they remain deeply concerned
about HIv/AIDS, they are also concerned about the ability       January 2009         $1,000,000         100 organizations
of people homebound with other life threatening diseases
such as cancer, multiple sclerosis and chronic hepatitis to     Thanks to a reinvigorated fundraising campaign in the last
receive regularly delivered meals.                              months of 2009, BC/EFA was able to reinstate these cuts
                                                                substantially in the recent 2010 Food Service and Meal
with this in mind, BC/EFA created a special enhanced            Delivery grant round.
funding opportunity to those meal delivery programs already
committed to expanding their services to include people         January 2010         $1,235,000         118 organizations
with HIv/AIDS and those homebound by other debilitating
illnesses and encouraged those who weren’t to do so.            A recent Feeding America study which found that the
                                                                number of Americans receiving some form of emergency
we believe that this expansion of services is a smart,          food help had skyrocketed since 2005, growing by 46%.
strategic plan that not only offers assistance to more people   In 2009, one of every eight Americans – 37 million in total
in need, but in doing so increases funding opportunities in     – received some form of emergency food help, with one
a very difficult fundraising climate, thereby ensuring that     in five children receiving food from pantries, soup kitchens
delivered meals will continue to be provided to people with     and other agencies.
AIDS for the foreseeable future.

 10                                                                                               Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS
Of BC/EFA’s $1,235,000 grant round total, $752,500               HIv/AIDS and others, as they would be able to prepare more
was distributed in larger grants to 39 agencies that have        food and feed more people while maintaining standards
expanded their delivered meal programs to include people         of excellence. Many organizations noted their institutional
and their families homebound with debilitating diseases.         “culture” supports a natural inclination to reach out to others,
                                                                 and that they acted out of a sense of ethical duty to expand
An additional $480,000 was distributed to 71 other               their services to others. Further, respondents discussed that
organizations, including food pantries, group meal providers     expanding their mission to feed more people would increase
and delivered meal programs, all of which are struggling to      their donor and volunteer bases as well.
meet the increased demand for their services.
                                                                 Grantees also expressed that receiving a grant from BC/
we are proud to report that since 2006 BC/EFA has, with          EFA often helps “open doors” to other funding sources.
your generosity and support, awarded over $5.4 million to        Grantees have used BC/EFA’s name recognition to help build
126 food pantries and meal delivery programs in 36 states,       their funding support from other individuals and foundations.
washington D.C. and puerto rico.                                 Many of them express that being able to list BC/EFA as a
                                                                 supporter has helped secure meetings with new funding
Overwhelmingly, respondents confirm that funding from BC/        partners. All report that since an ever-growing number of
EFA allows them to feed their clients medically appropriate      funders are reducing their disease-specific funding, mission
meals and to ensure that each client has access to nutritious    expansion has introduced them to funding sources with
food.                                                            which they would not have previously been able to partner.

At God’s love we Deliver in New york City, BC/EFA’s              In short, the reported benefits of expanded missions
$35,000 grant provided nearly 30,000 life-sustaining meals       overwhelmingly include increases in financial and volunteer
and nutrition counseling to their clients living with a range    support and organizational sustainability, but also greater
of critical and chronic diseases, while project Angel Heart      recognition within the community.
in Denver, Colorado, with an expanded mission since 2001,
used its grant to help prepare and deliver more than 404,000     These organizations are genuinely excited to provide their
meals to its 1,624 clients in 2009.                              services to even more vulnerable people in their areas, and
                                                                 with the support of dedicated partners like Broadway Cares/
lifelong AIDS Alliance in Seattle reported that improving the    Equity Fights AIDS, they will continue providing the food and
nutritional health of more members of their community would      nutrition support their clients rely on as they face a range of
enhance and strengthen their overall organizational mission.     challenges in an increasingly difficult economic environment.
Several groups report that a portion of their decision to
expand came from the practical realization that economies               For a complete list of 2009 BC/EFA grants, visit
of scale would benefit all of their clients, those living with and click on “BC/EFA Grants.”

Grants to AIDS and family service organizations across the country have been an important part of BC/EFA’s grant-
making mission from its inception in 1988. what began as a grant round of less than $200,000 to 35 organizations in 12
states has grown in 2009 to $4.1 million to over 400 AIDS and family service organizations in 47 states, washington D.C.
and puerto rico.

On the next page is a map of the continental united States that will give you a “snapshot” of where the funds that you
so generously raise and donate are put to work. Cities and towns that are home to an organization are represented by
a “red dot.” Some metropolitan areas, of course, are home to many social service providers supported by BC/EFA –
hence a larger red dot. New york City has over 50, followed closely by los Angeles, San Francisco, Miami, Chicago and
washington, D.C.

But don’t let the size of the red dots fool you. Some represent a number of grants to mid-sized cities such as Cleveland,
phoenix, San Antonio, pittsburgh, Tacoma, Memphis, providence, Houston, Seattle, philadelphia, Boston, Santa Fe and
more. Others do indeed represent support to a single organization in that particular town, such as $5,000 grants made
to AIDS Athens in Athens, GA, vermont Cares in Burlington, vT and the lewis and Clark AIDS project in Helena, MT.

Though only delineated by small red points on the map, each has made an important and substantial difference in the
quality of life for many living outside large metropolitan areas. For hundreds of men, women and children – whether
making their homes in rural or suburban America or in our largest cities and scores of towns in between – the daunting
challenges of living with AIDS on limited resources and unaffordable or no health care continues.

Thanks to you, they are, even in these increasingly difficult times, offered assistance that can mean the difference between
community and isolation, hope and despair. The map is an acknowledgement of their struggle and a reflection of how
your great generosity to BC/EFA is put to work.

Note: Apologies to our friends from organizations in Alaska (1), Hawaii (2) and puerto rico (3). please forgive us for not
including you on this map. you are with us in heart and mind – just above and beyond the 48 states depicted.
	          	            	   	   	        	       	        	       	        And	now….turn	the	page                          g

    Behind the Scenes                                                                                                        11
                                                                                              LANSING	AREA	AIDS	NETWORK
2009	GRANT:	$5,000
                                                                                              LANSING,	MI
rosehedge has seen the average age of its residents increase dramatically                     2009	GRANT:	$5,000
over the past few years, says Sharon lucas, Interim Executive Director of this
assisted living facility for HIv-positive men and women. “It’s now age 50 and                 with unemployment as high as 20 percent, the recession has delivered economic body
we’re definitely seeing the effects of aging (diabetes, heart disease, arthritis) in          blows to cities like lansing, in the heart of the auto industry’s “rust Belt.” “we’ve seen
our residents, as well as the long-term effects of HIv/AIDS and medications.”                 an almost 20 percent increase in the number of people accessing our food pantry on
                                                                                              a weekly basis, as well as an increase in mental health and substance abuse issues,”
Funding day-to-day care for this aging population is a major challenge. “we                   says lAAN’s Jake Distel. “More people have been laid off and their economic needs
use the Broadway Cares grant as general operating funds, because those are                    have grown. Many are requesting housing related assistance and our agency is actively
the most difficult to find,” lucas says. “while funding some sexy new project                 working with a number of individuals who have recently become homeless.”
is undoubtedly exciting for foundations, we still need to keep the lights on and
food on the table for our residents.”

2009	GRANT:	$5,000

when HyA staff members discuss the challenges of HIv-prevention for young
people living in the streets and parks around Haight-Ashbury, they know what
they’re talking. They were once homeless themselves!

“About three percent of our youth have told us they’re HIv-positive, but we
believe the percentage is somewhat higher,” says Founder/Executive Director
Mary Howe. “The good news is that if we catch them early in their behavior,
prevention education is highly effective.” And because homeless youth face so
many interrelated risk factors, a wide continuum of care is essential to preventing
the spread of HIv among this population. HyA offers weekly health groups,
along with access to counseling, case management and medical referrals, and
needle-exchange for those using Iv drugs.

2009	GRANT:	$20,000

For the past five years, BC/EFA has offered larger grants to food providers that
have expanded their coverage to include lower-income people battling life-
threatening illnesses other than HIv/AIDS. with a full-time staff of 15 and 1,400
volunteers, Open Arms is a great example of this type of provider. “Seven days a
week we prepare all of our meals in our onsite kitchen,” says Executive Director
kevin winge. “Over the next year, we’ll use this latest BC/EFA grant to cook
and deliver 350,000 nutritious (and as often as possible, organic) meals to more
than 1,000 people living with HIv/AIDS as well as other chronic and progressive
illnesses, including breast cancer and MS.”

2009	GRANT:	$5,000

For 25 years this innovative organization has been finding, buying, upgrading
and actively managing affordable and supportive housing for low-income                 AIDS	FOUNDATION	HOUSTON
people living with HIv/AIDS and their families. “right now we have 32 units of         HOUSTON,	TX
supportive permanent housing and will close on 34 more soon,” says Executive           2009	GRANT:	$15,000
Director Jon Derryberry, who heads up a hard-working staff of 12, which will
soon grow to 16. “This funding and these new housing units couldn’t come               Success stories abound at Houston’s
at a better time, because right now we have a list of over 800 qualified people        Burress Street Apartments, a residential
waiting for supportive housing,” says Jon, who adds, “we’ve also recently              program which has served over 100
added emergency rental and utility assistance to avoid eviction for our HIv/AIDS       homeless single women since 2007.
clients – the first time this has been offered in San Diego County.”                   ‘lauren’ is one of them. “She was homeless
                                                                                                                                              ST	LOUIS	EFFORT	FOR	AIDS
                                                                                       when she came to us, having held menial
                                                                                       jobs for much of her life,” says kelly
                                                                                                                                              ST.	LOUIS,	MO	
                                                                                       McCann, AFH CEO. “luckily, she entered                 2009	GRANT:	$7,500
NAVAJO	AIDS	NETWORK                                                                    the program and has taken advantage of the
                                                                                       things offered to her. In fact, at age 56, she         while other AIDS Service Organizations
CHINLE,	AZ                                                                                                                                    are being forced to downsize, EFA has
                                                                                       just started taking accounting courses at a
2009	GRANT:	$7,500                                                                     local community college so she can secure              been fortunate, holding steady in a down
                                                                                       better employment!”                                    economy, thanks to a diversified approach
NAN serves a population of 180,000 spread across 27,000 square miles of                                                                       to fundraising and a very generous
beautiful, but isolated terrain with limited infrastructure—over 70 percent of the                                                            community. Effort For AIDS has used BC/
                                                                                       “Most of the residents arrive with little
roads on the reservation remain unpaved! Infection rates on the largest Native                                                                EFA grants to upgrade the organization’s
                                                                                       more than the clothes on their backs,” says
American reservation in the u.S. are above the national average. poverty, the                                                                 client reception areas, expand its meeting
                                                                                       McCann. “The generous funding from BC/
stigma attached to AIDS and homosexuality among the Navajo community,                                                                         space, and purchase computer equipment
                                                                                       EFA has helped us to purchase essential
and judgment compromised by substance abuse are major challenges facing                                                                       that many of its low-income clients use to
                                                                                       household items that allow the women to
NAN, explains Executive Director Melvin Harrison. BC/EFA grants have been                                                                     search for jobs, says Executive Director
                                                                                       turn an apartment into a home.”
used to pay for basic client needs, including firewood, clean drinking water and                                                              Cheryl Oliver.
transportation to medical facilities.

      10                                                                                                                                      Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS
    HOWARD	BROWN	HEALTH	CENTER                                                                        ALL	ABOUT	PREVENTION
    CHICAGO,	IL                                                                                       BRUNSWICK,	ME
    2009	GRANT:	$10,000                                                                               2009	GRANT:	$5,000

    In 2009, BC/EFA made over $100,000 in grants to Chicago-based organizations                       The only agency in Maine to specialize solely in HIv prevention provides an
    providing nutritious meals, educational outreach and essential medical services.                  array of educational, support and effective referral services across several
    “As the city’s largest community-based private HIv-care practice, Howard                          counties. These include anonymous HIv/AIDS counseling, testing and referral,
    Brown provides ongoing and preventative medical care to 1-of-every-10 people                      comprehensive HIv/STD/HCv prevention education, risk assessment and
    living with HIv/AIDS in Chicago,” says president/CEO Michael C. Cook. The                         harm reduction, including outreach in Brunswick-area bars.
    Midwest’s largest provider of lGBT-focused health and support services, it
    serves 6,000 medical patients, of whom one-third are HIv-positive, 40% lack                       what’s next for 2010? “Outreach in nursing homes,” says AAp’s David-
    insurance coverage and 40% are people of color. “The grants we’ve received                        Anthony Curtis. “people don’t think about the elderly and AIDS, but the virus
    from Broadway Cares help us fund the cost of expensive laboratory testing for                     is spreading in that community. They need to be educated about condom use,
    hundreds of low-income, uninsured HIv patients, as well as provide emergency                      which wasn’t necessarily a concern when they first became sexually active.”
    financial assistance to poor and often disabled HIv/AIDS patients facing eviction
    and other life-threatening situations.”

                                                                                                            CARING	CUISINE
                                                                                                            NEW	HAVEN,	CT
                                                                                                            2009	GRANT:	$5,000

                                                                                                            The meals delivery branch of AIDS project New Haven does more than
                                                                                                            provide people living with HIv/AIDS meals seven days a week. They keep
                                                                                                            families together. “About 99% of our clients live below the poverty line,”
                                                                                                            says Director Alan Grecco. “Over 80% of these families would not be able
                                                                                                            to keep living together without our support. So that means without the
                                                                                                            regular meals provided, the people we help would either not be able to
                                                                                                            accept a family member with HIv/AIDS into their home, or would have to
                                                                                                            put children in foster care or send them to live with relatives.”

                                                                                                      THE	CENTER	FOR	HIV	LAW	AND	POLICY	(CHLP)
                                                                                                      NEW	YORK,	NY
                                                                                                      2009	GRANTS:	$15,000

                                                                                                      Defending the sexual health rights of disenfranchised queer youth is among the
                                                                                                      primary goals of this legal advocacy organization. “The HIv infection and risk
                                                                                                      rates for teens in detention and foster care facilities is quite high, yet typically
                                                                                                      there are no laws or policies in place to protect their rights to sexual health
                                                                                                      care and education,” says Catherine Hanssens, CHlp’s Executive Director.
                                                                                                      “BC/EFA’s grant has helped us complete a set of core Teen SENSE materials,
                                                                                                      including a unique set of standards for sexual health and HIv care in these
                                                                                                      facilities. As a result, this past year the Juvenile Justice Commission in New
                                                                                                      Jersey began a series of trainings for all of its staff on the needs and rights of
                                                                                                      lGBTQ kids in their custody.”

                                                                              WEST	HOUSE	PERSONAL	CARE	HOME
                                                                              WILLIAMSPORT,	PA
                                                                              2009	GRANT:	$10,000

                                                                              Sadly, well over two decades into the epidemic, HIv/AIDS-based discrimination continues. west House
                                                                              was created after people living with HIv/AIDS in this region of Northern pennsylvania were repeatedly
                                                                              denied placement in assisted living facilities. “The initial food grant that we received from Broadway
                                                                              Cares was the very first grant our organization received and BC/EFA has never wavered in their support,”
BYWATER	CHURCH	OF	CHRIST                                                      says kirsten Felix, Executive Director of AIDS resource, the organization that founded the volunteer-
                                                                              run facility. “This grant money literally keeps our doors open. without your extraordinary support, we
                                                                              couldn’t provide food, shelter and life-saving support to those most in-need in our community.”
2010	GRANT:	$20,000

Acting quickly, Broadway Cares reached
out to the Gulf community in the aftermath
of Hurricanes katrina and rita, providing              WOMEN’S	CENTER	OF	JACKSONVILLE                               BORDERBELT	AIDS	RESOURCE	TEAM	(BART)
emergency grants to organizations we already           JACKSONVILLE,	FL                                             LUMBERTON,	NC
supported and tracking down AIDS and food              2009	GRANT:	$2,500                                           2009	GRANT:	$5,000
service providers who had never applied for
grant funding. Some had never even heard               Created in 1995 to help women overcome social,               when asked whether BArT has seen an increase in requests for
of us. Five years later, recovery – and BC/            economic and personal barriers, services and                 funding during the recession, Executive Director Brenda lynn
EFA’s support – continues. located in one              programming available at the center include breast           Hunt doesn’t skip a beat. “Oh my God, we sure have! we’ve
of New Orleans’ poorest neighborhoods,                 cancer support groups, rape crisis intervention and          seen an increase in both clients who need more assistance and in
Bywater offers a food pantry/grocery program,          advocacy, mental health counseling, adult literacy           the number of clients overall,” says Hunt, who adds, “Broadway
nutritious onsite meals and home-delivered             tutoring, as well as a lending library, quarterly art        Cares grants are always on time and when we need them.”
meals to over 10,000 people a year, including          exhibits and empowering groups for teens. BC/EFA
4,000 pwAs and 7,000 with cancer, multiple             grants have helped the center’s vOICES HIv/AIDS              Each year, this hard-working agency serving five large counties in
sclerosis, chronic hepatitis and other life-           program, a weekly therapy group for women living             Southeastern North Carolina uses BC/EFA grant dollars to help
threatening diseases, and does it all with a tiny      with or directly-impacted by HIv/AIDS, add art therapy       about two dozen people and families living with HIv/AIDS buy
staff of four employees and just 60 volunteers!        classes and outings to live music and affordable             food, pay rent, cover utility bills and fill in the gaps when short-
                                                       theater performances in the area.                            term insurance premiums come due.

     Behind the Scenes                                                                                                                                                           11
2009 was a remarkable year for Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS – with unforgettable events, delightful and outrageous
performances and shattered fundraising records making it a year to remember. The last four months of the year saw the
first-ever indoor edition of the BrOADwAy FlEA MArkET and GrAND AuCTION in September, a once-in-a-lifetime
November, followed by a record-breaking 21st Annual GypSy OF THE yEAr Competition crowning the year in the first
week of December.

The highlight of spring was certainly the star-studded 23rd Annual EASTEr BONNET Competition which marked an astounding $3,402,147
raised by 58 Broadway, Off Broadway and National Tour Companies, bringing the event’s lifetime total to $39 million!

EASTEr BONNET featured, among many memorable moments, a surprise performance by liza Minnelli (#1) belting out her signature
anthem by John kander and Fred Ebb, “New york, New york,” Ziegfeld Girl Doris Eaton Travis (#2), at 105, teaching young cast members
from Billy Elliot “Ballin’ the Jack,” a routine she first performed in the 1920s and Jane Fonda leading the cast of 33 Variations in an
outrageously funny, 80s style “Jane Fonda workout.”

Fonda (#3) and her very enthusiastic cast and crew set records, making EASTEr BONNET history by winning the day’s three top honors –
fundraising, bonnet presentation and bonnet design. 33 Variations’ total, $183,546, was the most ever raised by a non-musical play in the
history of the competition! In addition to Broadway and Off-Broadway, touring companies also flexed their fundraising muscles with Rent
taking the honor of Top National Tour Fundraiser with $352,000 raised.

                  (#1)                   (#2)                 (#3)

In June, BC/EFA heated up what was to be a scorching summer with two performances of one of our most highly anticipated annual
events, BrOADwAy BArES 19.0: ClICk IT!, selling out quicker than ever before and raising an astonishing $808,819. Created and
executive produced by Tony Award®-winner Jerry Mitchell, ClICk IT! was conceived and directed by peter Gregus and featured 243 of
Broadway’s sexiest dancers performing the work of 18 choreographers.

The show followed Daniel reichard on a journey through cyberspace and internet-themed sequences including “Surfing the web,” the
beach-themed opening number led by Daniel’s “web-savvy fairy godmother,” Heidi Blickenstaff, a fantasy football sequence entitled
“A real Tight End” and “The world wide web,” featuring las vegas-based aerialists and perennial BArES favorite, “The living Art of

Special appearances were made by Sutton Foster, Allison Janney and kevin Chamberlin adding bawdy laughter to the evening with
scenes penned by [title of show]’s Hunter Bell. Before logging off, they were joined by Norm lewis, Mo rocca, whitney Thompson and
Michael urie.

                                                July 11 was a special day for a lot of adorable, but for the moment down on their luck,
                                                dogs and cats, as 26 New york area shelter/rescue organizations and all of Broadway
                                                came together in Shubert Alley to help them find “forever homes” at BrOADwAy BArkS
                                                11. Hosted by founders Mary Tyler Moore and Bernadette peters, BArkS featured more
                                                than 40 Broadway stars, including among others David Hyde pierce (#4) and Angela
                                                lansbury (#5) who took to the outdoor stage to present a delightful selection of canine and
                                                feline friends. Since it inception, hundreds of loveable animals introduced at BrOADwAy
                                                BArkS have found hearth and home with thousands of dollars raised for the shelters that
                (#4)                    (#5)    first rescued them.

                                                One week later, we moved from outdoors on Broadway to the Great South Bay on
                                                the long Island Sound for the 15th Annual FIrE ISlAND DANCE FESTIvAl in the Fire
                                                Island pines. More than 50 dancers from 11 celebrated dance companies joined BC/
                                                EFA’s longtime affiliate fundraising program Dancers responding to AIDS (DrA) in three
                                                sold-out performances, hosted by the irrepressible Bruce vilanch. For more information
                                                on Dancers responding to AIDS and its many fundraising efforts in the concert dance
                                                community, turn to page 20. BC/EFA is blessed with a second affiliate fundraising
                                                organization, Classical Action. To read about its celebrated efforts in the world of opera,
                                                classical music and jazz, turn to page 21.

14                                                                                                          Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS
The summer was a hot one. And although many headed indoors to get relief from the heat, on Sunday, September 27, 2009, many sought
cover from the rain. less than 24 hours before the 23rd Annual BrOADwAy FlEA MArkET & GrAND AuCTION, BC/EFA switched gears
and moved this traditionally outdoor event from Shubert Alley and w. 44th Street to inside roseland Ballroom, where BrOADwAy BArES
had just taken place three months prior. To read more, turn to the story about the 23rd Annual BrOADwAy FlEA MArkET & GrAND
AuCTION on page 8.

As autumn drew to a close, BC/EFA managed to maintain one final night filled with heat at the Minskoff Theatre where we presented
BErNADETTE pETErS: A SpECIAl CONCErT FOr BrOADwAy BArkS BECAuSE BrOADwAy CArES, raising an extraordinary
$615,000 for BC/EFA and Broadway Barks. To read more about this enchanting night, turn to page 9.

The grand finale of 2009 was of course the 21st Annual GypSy OF THE yEAr Competition where it was announced that nearly all
fundraising records had been shattered including the six-week total raised, $4,630,695. See the article and photos on page 4 for more

                               A FIRST LOOk AT THE EVENTS OF 2010
Though in 2009 the economy continued to provide challenges to all of us, the support of the theatre community – on Broadway and off, in
national touring shows and local theatres across the nation – coupled with the generous support of BC/EFA’s loyal donors and corporate
sponsors helped our events grow, in most cases, larger than in previous years.

2010 got off to an auspicious start with BrOADwAy BEArS XIII, the annual auction of an incredible collection of hand-made, costumed
bears and an exciting new event and collaboration for BC/EFA – BrOADwAy BACkwArDS 5.

Despite a challenging economy, the 2010 edition of BrOADwAy BEArS presented
at BB king’s Blues Club on February 14 proved what a strong, loyal fan base this
unique event has. 42 teddy bears, transformed into beautifully costumed one-
of-a-kind collectibles raised $101,000 from on-line and telephone bids and, of
course, over 150 eager live bidders all responding to the persuasive charms of BC/
EFA’s favorite auctioneer, lorna kelly, bringing the event’s 13-year cumulative total
to a grand $1,740,072!

A team of extraordinarily talented designers meticulously designed, outfitted,
costumed, draped, frocked, dressed, shod, hated, painted, tattooed, stuffed,                                  (#6)                        (#7)
wigged, bejeweled and feathered this year’s collection of bears, which were
generously donated by North American Bear Company with one doll donated by
Tonner Doll Company, Inc., offering a one-of-a-kind tribute to the original Broadway
costume design and, in many cases, the original performer.

The evening’s charming host, John Bolton, was joined by many Broadway
favorites including Ann Harada (#6), Christopher Seiber (#7), the “Billys” from
Billy Elliot – Michael Dameski, Alex ko and liam redhead, loretta Ables Sayre
and Felicia Finley to help entice and entertain this loyal audience of bidders. Top
bids for bears included $8,000 for Shrek the Musical’s “lord Farquard” and “Mrs.
                                                                                                    (#8)                (#9)              (#10)
wilkinson” (#8) from Billy Elliot, $6,000 for “Drew” from Rock of Ages, $4,000 for
“liza Minnelli” (#9) as she appeared in Liza’s at the Palace and $3,750 for the
ebullient “Doralee rhodes” (#10) from 9 to 5.

                                                          And to keep us all on our toes, one week later on February 22, BC/EFA added a
                                                          brand new fundraiser to its events calendar. Though many have seen previous
                                                          editions of BrOADwAy BACkwArDS, this was the first time BC/EFA produced
                                                          this star-studded, gender-bending event, benefiting both BC/EFA and The lesbian,
                                                          Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Community Center, this year at lincoln Center
                                                          Theater’s vivian Beaumont and raising $186,780, more than in any previous year.

                                                          BrOADwAy BACkwArDS 5 featured an impressive line-up of performers singing
                                                          songs they most certainly have not sung before. with Director/Choreographer
                       (#11)                      (#12)   robert Bartley and Musical Director wayne Barker at the helm and hosted by the
                                                          luminous Florence Henderson (#11), BrOADwAy BACkwArDS 5’s exciting roster
                                                          of more than 100 performers was lead by lea Salonga, raul Esparza, len Cariou,
                                                          lee roy reams, Julia Murney, Aaron lazar, Tony Goldwyn, Tonya pinkins, Douglas
                                                          Sills, Michele lee and Mario Cantone reinterpreting some of Broadway’s most
                                                          beloved and well-known songs in a different, surprising and “somewhat gayer”

                                                          Highlights included Broadway’s original Sweeney Todd, len Cariou dueting with
                                                          lee roy reams (#12) on a humorous and surprisingly sensitive rendition of “I
                        (#13)                     (#14)   remember it well” from Gigi, lea Salonga (#13) belting out a hearfelt “Out There”
                                                          from Disney’s The Hunchback of Notre Dame and Douglas Sills’ (#14) giddy and
                                                          charming interpretation of “I Could Have Danced All Night” from My Fair Lady
                                                          alongside a “Mister pearce” and chorus of butlers singing “It’s all been grand, dear.
                                                          I understand, dear. But now it’s time to sleep.”

                                                          This twist of gender identification produced a delightful evening with both
                                                          endearing, hilarious and very moving results, perhaps none more so than when
                                                          The Center’s youth pride Chorus joined Broadway’s Tituss Burgess in a heartfelt,
                                                          inspiring performance of Stephen Sondheim’s “Children will listen” (#15).
                                                      with BrOADwAy BEArS XIII and BrOADwAy BACkwArDS 5 kicking off 2010
                                                      so successfully, there is a lot of anticipation building around the exciting upcoming
events like The 6th Annual ABC DAyTIME & SOApnet SAluTE BrOADwAy CArES and The 24th Annual EASTEr BONNET Competition
which are right around the corner. Though we take pride ourselves in how enjoyable, entertaining and star-studded these events are, we
always remind ourselves how important they are in enabling BC/EFA to help those in need get vital care and support from the life-changing
organizations that BC/EFA funds year-in and year-out.

                     To read more and view additional photos from these and other BC/EFA events, visit

 Behind the Scenes                                                                                                                         15
                                                                          THROUGH	THE	YEARS	
                                                                       Voices from The AIDS Initiative
                                                                       “You have made this atheist believe once again in angels.”
                                                                                                            1989 / AIDS Initiative client
The AIDS Initiative (continued from page 7.)                           1991
These medications had a significant impact on AIDS Initiative          “My lover and I were both in the business. We kept his illness
clients as services at The AIDS Initiative shifted from helping        a secret because we were scared. AIDS takes everything from
people with a fatal disease to assisting those living with a chronic   a person – their job, their security, even their home. But BC/
illness. Advances in treatment allowed staff to guide clients          EFA helped take that fear away and The AIDS Initiative gave us
toward independence, helping them build skills and learn more          important information about our rights, benefits and options that
about the supportive network that can help them remain highly          made dealing with the illness and ultimately the emotional pain of
functioning individuals.                                               losing him possible to bear.”
                                                                                                              1991 / AIDS Initiative client
But with medical advances have come new challenges. kent               1994
Curtis, supervisor of The AIDS Initiative since January of 2007,       “I am deeply grateful for the emergency assistance. I have spent
says the most difficult thing about AIDS today is that the disease,    most of my adult life in the theatre and have found so many in
its symptoms and treatments are different in each person. “It’s        the profession to be compassionate, caring and eager to assist
hard to paint a prototype picture because it’s so individual.          in times of trouble. Your support has helped me to restore my
we have clients who have had serious side-affects to the               dignity.”
medications, including bone loss, kidney and liver disease and                                               1994 / AIDS Initiative client
severe lypodystrophy. At the same time, you have as many who
have been HIv positive for 20 years and are symptom-free.”
                                                                       “I first heard about Broadway Cares while watching the Tony
yet despite the success of the medications, the case load at           Awards several years ago. I never dreamed that one day I would
The AIDS Initiative has not gone down significantly, remaining         find out about The AIDS Initiative. Thank you both for helping my
at around 450 of the nearly 3,000 clients served by The Actors         son.”
Fund each year, still the largest case load of any dedicated social                           1997 / Mother of an AIDS Initiative client
service program. There are now two separate populations: the           1999
newly diagnosed and long-term survivors. “The good news,”
keith McNutt says, “is that people are surviving and living more       “You came to my rescue, helping me to deal with the social,
normal lives. The bad news is, because it’s not so visibly scary       financial and emotional issues which arose from my diagnosis. It
anymore, prevention efforts are faced with a daunting challenge.”      is because of you that I am here today.”
                                                                                                            1999 / AIDS Initiative client
Today AIDS has in many ways gone back underground as it                2003
becomes one of a host of social issues such as lack of affordable
                                                                       “There have been a number of times when things just seemed so
health care, poverty, addiction, racism and once again stigma.
                                                                       hopeless. Your kind, sympathetic and diligent assistance have
The “face of AIDS” has changed from what was once a majority
                                                                       guided me through some of the darkest days of my life. I am
of white gay men to a significant increase in communities of
                                                                       eternally grateful.”
color and other underserved minorities today. This is not to say
                                                                                                          2003 / AIDS Initiative client
that AIDS is no longer an issue among gay men.
Sadly, recent statistics show a rise in new infections both in a       “This summer, the denial of being HIV positive was overwhelming.
younger generation that did not witness the first 20 years of          From the moment I shared my HIV diagnosis that first time
the epidemic and cannot imagine its severity and in an older           with someone at The Actors Fund, I was graciously guided in
generation of gay men who, exhausted or burnt out from the             finding health coverage, a healthcare provider and emotional
years of trauma, unexpectedly face emotional challenges                support. Two years later The Actors Fund was the gentle hand
unimagined in those early years that have adversely affected           that supported me through a breakdown and the early days of
their psychological well-being and sexual behavior.                    successfully dealing with my addiction with drugs and alcohol,
                                                                       specifically crystal meth. You saved my life. The Actors Fund
BC/EFA’s commitment to supporting and funding those essential          and BC/EFA have been there for me time and again. I cannot
services remains steadfast.                                            ever adequately express my thanks.”
                                                                                                             2005 / AIDS Initiative client
“Even as we expand BC/EFA’s reach to ensure that the safety            2007
net of social services offered by The Actors Fund are available to
all in the entertainment industry, our legacy of compassion and        “One thing I know for sure. I wouldn’t have survived the past
commitment is informed by our continued support for The AIDS           three years without the support of BC/EFA. Thank you for making
Initiative,” says BC/EFA’s Executive Director Tom viola. “For          me feel like a man when at times I felt less than human. Thank
many of us, myself included, memory of those first years propels       you for making me feel like an artist when my brain seemed fried.
us forward. It leaves us wanting to do as much as we can for as        Thank you for taking care of me – one of your own.”
many as possible in memory of those who died under intensely                                                  2007 / AIDS Initiative client
heartbreaking circumstances and in honor of many more whose            2010
efforts addressed those challenges with courage, imagination
                                                                       “At the ripe old age of 70 and after receiving years of support
and heart.”
                                                                       from The AIDS Initiative and BC/EFA, I have determined with
                                                                       some trepidation and exhilaration that it is time for me to fly
The history of The AIDS Initiative is one of great achievement in
                                                                       without a net and stand on my own.
the face of tragedy. Over the past 22 years, it has affected and
changed more lives than could ever have been imagined at its           For the last three years, since my health has stabilized, I have
inception.                                                             attempted unsuccessfully to reboot my career. With your recent
                                                                       help, I have embarked on a new un-trodden path, which promises
The speed, concern, generosity of spirit and tireless efforts that     great challenges and rewards in my third act.
built The AIDS Initiative and prompted the creation of Broadway
Cares/Equity Fights AIDS remain a source of pride to the theatre       For the past seven weeks, I have been an assistant to ……. And
community.                                                             the experience has totally reinvigorated my life. I am working
                                                                       with a group of young artists dedicated to presenting provocative
Even as BC/EFA re-doubles its efforts to secure that the social        and relevant work for the gay community.
services offered by The Actors Fund are available to all – we
remember the fire of our humble beginnings and still believe in a      Thank you for your incredible empathy and support. I doubt I
phrase first coined then:                                              would have survived without it.”
                                                                                                          2010 / AIDS Initiative client
“what we do together makes a difference.”

16                                                                                                          Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS
BC/EFA	DONATES	                                                               PVA	GIVES	RECORD	
$100,000	TO	HAITIAN	                                                        NUMBER	OF	FLU	SHOTS
RELIEF	EFFORTS                                                          “A pERSON CAN DEVELOp THE FLU”
                                                                        If Miss Adelaide, the perpetually engaged Hot Box Girl from Guys
                                                                        and Dolls, had known Dr. Barry kohn, there would have been no
                                                                        excuse for a 14 year cold… or engagement.

                                                                        Thanks to Dr. kohn’s extraordinary commitment and the hard
                                                                        work of physician volunteers for the Arts, this particularly cold
                                                                        and snowy winter saw a few less understudies needing to – with
                                                                        hardly a moment’s notice – don their tap shoes and run out on

                                                                        And this year, it wasn’t just the seasonal flu shot. There was a
                                                                        limited supply of H1N1 vaccines available, initially for those at
                                                                        higher risk and eventually for everyone.

In response to the recent devastating earthquake in Haiti,
Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS contributed $100,000 to
uNICEF in the name of the Broadway community to assist in
the Haitian relief efforts. These, coordinated with those of The
red Cross, Doctors without Borders, the u.S. government and
many other organizations, are reaching out to the hundreds of
thousands of Haitians affected by this devastating earthquake.

uNICEF’s relief efforts have reached so many of the most
vulnerable distributing food, kitchen kits and thousands of bags
of water to enable the displaced population to prepare food

Thanks to the remarkable fundraising efforts of the theatre
community prior to the recent GypSy OF THE yEAr Competition
and the overwhelming generosity of our supporters, BC/EFA was           Dr. kohn made the rounds from theatres to production offices
able to respond to the people of Haiti within 72 hours of the           vaccinating thousands including Angela lansbury (pictured
disaster. In the meantime, with your help, cargo planes landed          above), David Mamet, lily Tomlin and the companies of nearly
with tarpaulins and tents to address the immediate needs of those       every Broadway show from In the Heights to The Phantom of the
left homeless, as life-saving and critical relief supplies, blankets,   Opera ensuring a healthier winter on the Great white way.
water and sanitation facilities, portable health clinics and vital
medical supplies were put into place. BC/EFA’s contribution to          Dr. kohn explains, “we immunized a lot of people and, in doing
these immediate, essential efforts helped to put ongoing, long-         so, we created a health safety net for the Broadway community.
term humanitarian aid in place.                                         If you immunize the majority of the cast and crew, when someone
                                                                        shows up with the flu, the people around them are mostly immune
A key component of BC/EFA’s mission is, “to facilitate the              so it doesn’t spread the way in the past it did like wildfire.”
fundraising capabilities specifically of the theatre community for
other charitable organizations, in order to address and support         As the largest funder of physician volunteers for the Arts, BC/EFA
an urgent crisis or need in the name of the theatre community,          is committed to helping take care of the Broadway community –
as directed by the board of trustees.” Immediately following the        both on and off stage – who so generously help us take care of
earthquake in Haiti, it became clear that BC/EFA could make             hundreds of thousands of individuals seeking assistance from the
a considerable difference with the relief effort and we acted           400+ HIv and family service organizations or the seven programs
quickly. “The Broadway community was very enthusiastic about            of The Actors Fund which BC/EFA supports.
this decision,” explained Executive Director Tom viola. Joining
BC/EFA, the Shubert Organization, Disney and The Broadway               The cost of receiving flu shots presents a significant challenge to
league each contributed an additional $100,000 to the relief            so many, having increased by 700% since Dr. kohn first began
effort. “Seeing so many facets of the Broadway community                physician volunteers for the Arts in 1996. “In the past 14 years,
come together so quickly was invigorating,” continues viola,            the cost of flu vaccines has gone from $1.75 a shot to nearly
“and goes to show how we all can make a significant difference          $12 each.” During the last seven years, BC/EFA has awarded
when we are united to help those in need.”                              $187,000 to physician volunteers for the Arts which has provided
                                                                        nearly 20,000 flu shots.
what you have made possible through your fundraising efforts
and support is as if 10,000 phone calls making a $10 contribution
                                                                            year              Shots          BC/EFA Grants to pVA
had been made by us all at once. what we do together makes
a difference.                                                               2004              1,100                  $17,000
                                                                            2005              2,500                  $20,000
                                                                            2006              2,800                  $30,000
                                                                            2007              3,200                  $35,000
                                                                            2008              4,000                  $40,000
                                                                            2009              5,000                  $45,000

                                                                        “During 2009, we gave 5,000 seasonal flu shorts, up 25%
                                                                        from the previous year, and 500 additional H1N1 vaccines. In
                                                                        past years,” says Dr. kohn, “February and March have been
                                                                        particularly heavy with flu infections, but thanks to our efforts
                                                                        and the support of Broadway Cares, we have seen a particularly
                                                                        mild flu season this year.”

Behind the Scenes                                                                                                                       17
In the spring of 1996, The Royal Shakespeare Company’s production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream played a limited
engagement on Broadway at the Lunt-Fontanne Theatre. During their acclaimed stay, the British cast became very involved in
the 1996 EASTER BONNET appeals, raising over $25,000 and offering a hilarious bonnet presentation on stage. many at BC/
EFA had become so fond of the company that we wanted to express our thanks to them by sharing some of what they had
raised for us with an AIDS organization in London similar to BC/EFA, TheatreCares (re-named TheatremAD in 2008). A $5,000
grant was wired to London in the cast’s name and BC/EFA’s International Grants program was born.

Since that time, other Broadway shows originating as overseas productions or lead by a foreign-born star have generously
joined in BC/EFA’s fundraising. BC/EFA, in turn, has continued making grants to AIDS service organizations in their homelands.

The international grant-making program has expanded over the past nine years to include Canada (Mamma Mia!), Ireland (The
Beauty Queen Of Leenane among others), Tsunami Relief (Bombay Dreams) and Australia (La Boheme and especially The Boy
From Oz).

But it was with the opening of Disney’s smash hit The Lion King on Broadway in 1997 that BC/EFA support to AIDS service
organizations in South Africa, in appreciation of the efforts of the South African members of the Broadway and touring
companies, has become quite substantial and something of which BC/EFA, Disney Theatricals productions and indeed the
entire LION kING family is very proud.

The Lion King and South African Grants
From June of 1998 through January of 2009, BC/EFA has awarded $2,766,000 to 48 AIDS service
providers, large and small, across South Africa, each identified and recommended by the South
African members of The Lion King companies.

At the end of 2009 the Broadway and national tour of The Lion King raised $192,708 prior to The
GypSy OF THE yEAr Competition. $140,000 or that was shared with 18 service providers in the
South African cities of Johannesburg, Greytown, Cape Town, Springs, Mambatho, Durban and
Brakpan to fund housing for abandoned, homeless or abused HIv+ women and children, health
care centers, food parcels and soup kitchens, as well as the Treatment Action Campaign, the world-
renowned organization which boldly advocates for increased access to treatment, care and support
services for South Africans living with HIv and created controversial but successful campaigns to
reduce new HIv infections.

you have heard and read the news reports. AIDS is devastating South Africa. 11% of all South
Africans over two years old are living with HIv. BC/EFA can never begin to fully address the overall
need. But by sharing the proceeds of the generous fundraising efforts of The Lion King and South
African actors we have had the good fortune to meet, we can play a small part in addressing this
overwhelming crisis.

“We are so glad to have received assistance early this year. We teach the parents about HIV/AIDS
and prevention and feed their families, so that they may experience greater hope for the future.”
                                                          Umalazi Day Care Centre / Durban, SA

“Your help couldn’t have come at a better time for our Soup Kitchen and Nutrition Center. Our
entire community is fighting for the support and care of so many with AIDS – who at times are even
rejected by their own families. Thank you for adding to the limited resources at hand.”
                                                                kwa-Thema Center / Springs, SA

“Words do not express our gratitude. It is very difficult here. Three weeks ago we buried 3 people
from the same family in one day. But what we are able to provide for the children who have lost their
parents to AIDS is a special testimony of your good works. May God richly bless and keep you and
all those who make your work possible.”
                                                                      Buca-Adra / mamabatho, SA

“We help many children from very poor families who have been abandoned or whose parents have
died. We give food parcels to many adults who are too sick to work. It is hard to find words to
express thanks adequately.”
                                                           Thusanang Services / Brakpan, SA

                                     In the six weeks of fundraising leading up to the recent GypSy OF THE yEAr Competition,
                                     Hugh Jackman, Daniel Craig and the company of A Steady Rain raised an astonishing $1,549,952
                                     dollars for BC/EFA in 48 performances, auctioning their signed T-shirts (which sold from $3,000
                                     to an amazing high of $15,000), taking photographs backstage (at $1,500 a shot), selling signed
                                     posters and playbills and from the bucket collections made at the end of each performance. This
                                     was a truly remarkable achievement for which BC/EFA will be forever grateful.

                                     with that in mind, BC/EFA was thrilled to surprise Hugh and Daniel at the last “fundraising
                                     performance” with special checks representing donations made by BC/EFA from the A Steady
                                     Rain grand total in their names to AIDS fundraising organizations “across the pond” and “down
                                     under:” $75,000 to TheatreMAD, the AIDS fundraising and grant-making organization of london’s
                                     theatre community in honor of Daniel Craig, and $75,000 to Oz Showbiz Cares, Australia’s AIDS
                                     fundraising and grant-making organization in Sydney in honor of Hugh Jackman.

18                                                                                                      Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS
RETAIL OUTREACH:                                                         BC/EFA ONLINE
2009-2010 Catalog of Giving                                              a Website makeover
The 2009 holiday season (October-December 2009) was another
strong one for BC/EFA’s retail Outreach Department, with this
year’s total reaching $343,000—a substantial amount considering
the current economy.

For the past 17 years, BC/EFA’s retail Outreach program has
created an annual Catalog of Giving, which appeals to Broadway
enthusiasts and collectors across the country and around the
world. Timed to hit mailboxes around the winter holiday season,
it not only offers an ideal way to do your holiday shopping, but is
also user-friendly all year long. Included are such theatre-related
items as autographed books, compact discs, DvDs, posters,
T-shirts, opening night gifts and an ornament collection inspired
by some of the greatest stars of musical theatre.

One of our biggest successes is The Broadway Cares Collection, a
series of unique items—including an umbrella, holiday ornament,
baseball cap, T-shirt and more—adorned with over 20 Broadway
musical logos. Now in its ninth year, this collection is designed by
and made exclusively for BC/EFA. The current Broadway Cares
Collection Snow Globe was designed by two-time Tony Award®-
winning scenic designer Scott pask, and raised over $48,000, the
most of any item in our store.

Our line of collectable ornaments which we introduced in 2008,
the Broadway Legends series, was also a huge success. Musical
theater lovers and collectors all over the world quickly scooped up      At BC/EFA, we are constantly looking for better ways to meet the
their own hand-made glass ornament of the beloved five-time Tony         needs of our most loyal supporters. After ten years online, last
award®-winner, Angela lansbury as Mame. Just as successful               fall BC/EFA gave its website – found at – a
this year was Chita rivera as the original Anita in West Side Story,     much-needed makeover. Not only is this new site more visually
the second legend of the series. These two fabulous ornaments            appealing, but it is more user friendly and allows BC/EFA to share
brought in over $15,000 for BC/EFA.                                      more information about the work we are doing and the grants being
                                                                         made to organizations around the country. In addition, the new
The 11th annual holiday CD Broadway’s Greatest Gifts: Carols for a       website enables better coverage of our events – with elaborate
Cure sold over 1,900 copies this year, making it the top selling item    photo coverage, stories and streaming video following each event.
in our store. produced by lynn pinto of rock-It-Science records,
this year’s collection featured the companies of many Broadway           There are so many reasons to go online and visit our new website:
and Off-Broadway plays and musicals, plus national tours, raising        learn about BC/EFA featured grantee All About prevention in
their voices in holiday spirit.                                          Brunswick, ME; purchase tickets to BrOADwAy BArES XX:
                                                                         STrIp-OpOly or other upcoming events; view video footage from
while delighting audiences nightly in Equus in 2008, Daniel radcliffe    recent events such as BrOADwAy BArES: SOlO STrIpS; visit
became the subject of Ny-based photographer Tim Hailand’s first          the Broadway Cares Online Store; or keep current on BC/EFA
in the One Day in the Life Of book series. The book is composed          news like the recent $100,000 donation made to the Haitian relief
of 50 images plus footnotes written by radcliffe himself, giving         efforts in the name of the Broadway community.
a personal perspective of the images and their relevance. Both
radcliffe and Hailand autographed 100 limited edition slip-cased         visit and check out our new look. See for
copies that were created for and sold exclusively by Broadway            yourself what we have been up to.
Cares at $250 each, with all proceeds benefiting BC/EFA as well.
A $35 version of the book sold out and is being reprinted as of this
                                                                         CARE-TIx: BEST SEATS HELp BC/EFA
Other celebrities who have agreed to sign a number of their books
or CDs for inclusion in this year’s catalog include Christopher                              During the holiday season, nearly 500 theatre-
plummer, patti lupone, kristin Chenoweth, Stephen Schwartz,                                  goers enjoyed Broadway plays and musicals
Sutton Foster, Cheyenne Jackson, Michael Feinstein, Malcolm                                  while simultaneously supporting Broadway
Gets, Steven pasquale, Barbara Cook, Norm lewis, Orfeh,                                      Cares. For 20 years, the Care-Tix program
Stephanie J. Block and Felicia Finley.                                                       has connected BC/EFA supporters with great
                                                                                             theatre seats at Broadway favorites like Jersey
                                                                                             Boys, Wicked and The Lion King.
Top 5 Sellers (Quantity Sold)
                                                                                             How does the program work? we request house
1. Carols for a Cure volume 11                             1,906                             seats (some of the best seats in the theatre!) for
2. Embroidered red ribbons                                 1,617                             you. If the request is approved, you pay us the
3. Broadway Cares Collection 2009 Snow Globe                 875                             cost of the ticket plus an equivalent donation.
4. Broadway Cares Collection T-shirts                        694                             you get a great seat and a tax deduction – and
5. Broadway Cares Collection Ornament                        526                             with your generous donation, Broadway Cares
                                                                                             is able to help hundreds of thousands in need
Top 5 Sellers (monies Raised)                                                                each year.

1. Broadway Cares Collection 2009 Snow Globe             $48,592                            A supporter since 1994, Cathy Chernoff has
2. Carols for a Cure 2009                                $32,612                            called on Care-Tix over 250 times. “Broadway
3. Daniel radcliffe Autographed Book                     $25,000                            Cares is a great organization and I love helping
4. Embroidered red ribbons                               $16,170                            the theater community,” says Cathy, who
5. Angela lansbury/Chita rivera Ornaments                $15,112                            praises the customer service she’s received
                                                                                            through the years. “I always come to Care-tix
                                                                                            first. It’s the people that make it special. They’re
The latest Catalog of Giving is available both in print and on-line at   very well informed and can even recommend great shows that are, where it features new offerings and monthly           coming down the pike months in advance,” she says.
specials. Order on-line or by phone at (212) 840-0770 ext. 250,
where you can also request a catalog.                                    want to help out Broadway Cares AND get great seats to a show?
                                                                         Call Care-Tix today! Call 212.840.0770 x229.

 Behind the Scenes                                                                                                                          19
                                It was a busy and very successful year for Dancers Responding to AIDS
                                (DRA). In addition to spectacular performances at DANCE FROm THE
                                HEART | mEN and the publication of a new book, DRA produced two new
                                dance competitions and received an award for creative excellence.

On January 11 and 12, the worlds of ballet, modern, contemporary, tap, jazz, and Broadway came together on the stage of Cedar lake for
DANCE FrOM THE HEArT | MEN. Over the course of two days and four spectacular performances, audiences enjoyed the beauty and
talent of some of the finest male dancers, companies and choreographers working today.

The four programs included Marcelo Gomes (principal, American Ballet Theatre), Jamar roberts (principal, Alvin Ailey American Dance
Theater), Merce Cunningham Dance Company, Parsons Dance, Stephen Petronio Company, Danny Tidwell, Ballet Hispanico, Feliciano
Dance Company, The DASH Ensemble, Janis Brenner & Dancers, Adam Barruch, Gregg russell and the choreography of ray Mercer of The
Lion King, luis Salgado of In the Heights, Darrell Grand Moultrie of Billy Elliot, Shea Sullivan and Josh Bergasse of Hairspray.

Now in its fifth year, DANCE FrOM THE HEArT has captivated audiences and critics alike and has been featured in The New York Times,
Movmnt Magazine and Next Magazine and has been listed as an editor’s pick in Time Out NY, The New Yorker and New York Magazine.

FIRE ISLAND DANCE FESTIVAL 15 raises $246,000!
DrA’s signature event, FIrE ISlAND DANCE FESTIvAl (FIDF), celebrated its 15th year in Fire Island pines. Since its inception in 1995, the
pines community has embraced and cultivated the festival, playing a vital role in the $1,950,000 it has raised for DrA. FIDF 15 was held
the weekend of July 17 at the home of Jon Biondo, Tim Horman and ryan Coutu, outdoors against a backdrop of the sun setting over the
Great South Bay. The three sold-out performances, hosted by two-time Emmy Award winning writer and comic Bruce vilanch, featured 12
dances by a mix of world-renowned, established, and emerging dance companies and choreographers.

FIDF 15 featured the innovative work of: keigwin + Company, Complexions Contemporary Ballet, Cedar lake Contemporary Ballet,
Armitage Gone! Dance, Danny Tidwell, Jodi Melnick, Feliciano Dance Company, ZviDance and a Piece d’Occasion by Christopher Huggins.
Continuing the tradition started in 2006, DrA offered Choreographic Sponsorships to foster the creation of new dance works, an effort that
yielded five premier pieces created especially for this year’s festival. In another first, classical ballet made its festival debut as Mary Carmen
Catoya and rolando Sarabia dazzled the audience with Swan Lake’s “Black Swan.”

Dance Student Outreach project
DrA had two new dance student fundraising initiatives in 2009, THE DrA rISING STAr COMpETITION and
DANCIN’ DOwNTOwN AT THE JOyCE. THE DrA rISING STAr COMpETITION raised $15,000 and was held
at walt whitman High school in long Island. Over 170 dancers competed in front of an exclusive panel of
judges. Top honors went to kamilah Shah, of westchester Dance Academy, who also received an exclusive
performance spot at FIrE ISlAND DANCE FESTIvAl 15.

DANCIN’ DOwNTOwN AT THE JOyCE raised $26,955 for DrA. “The 2009 Award for Best presentation” went to
East Coast Movement’s “The Game of life,” choreographed by Emily Shock, while “The 2009 Choreographer’s
Choice Award” went to Denise wall’s Dance Energy’s piece, “It’s Going to be a long walk,” choreographed
by Travis wall. Along with these two special awards, stand out dancers received scholarships to The pulse,
Tremaine Dance Convention, New york City Dance Alliance and Jennifer Muller l The works summer intensive.

DrA has had a longstanding relationship with The Joyce Theater, one of the premier venues for dance in the
united States and one that has helped bring in over $100,000 to DrA through audience appeals. DANCIN’
DOwNTOwN was their first collaborative production.

Bring the FESTIVAL Home                                                      DRA Receives Creative Excellence Award
with the generous support and artistic                                       long-time supporter Jennifer Muller, Artistic Director of Jennifer Muller /
collaboration of David Benaym, Editor-                                       The works honored DrA with “The Creative Excellence Award” during their
in-Chief and publisher of Movmnt                                             35th Anniversary Season Opening Night Gala.
Magazine, DrA produced FESTIVAL, an
88-page, full-color book highlighting the                                    Dance Companies Go the Extra mile
work of acclaimed dance photographer
rosalie O’Connor.                                                            Dance Companies continue to make appeals all year round for DrA and go
                                                                             the extra mile with special fundraising efforts. Alvin Ailey American Dance
Officially launched in September,                                            Theater continued the tradition of their annual DrA benefit on Christmas
FESTIVAL captures FIrE ISlAND                                                Eve, and this year, paul Taylor Dance Company’s opening night of a season
DANCE       FESTIvAl’s      spectacular                                      celebrating paul Taylor’s 80th birthday benefited DrA.
backdrop, long Island’s Great South
Bay, and records breathtaking dance
moments from the last five years of the event. The book is the result of a   DRA is on youtube and Facebook
successful collaboration between O’Connor, Benaym, dance writer Joseph
Carman and graphic designer Chris Giarmo. FESTIVAL may be purchased          Since November 2008, DrA has had a presence on youTube, which
online through BC/EFA’s website at                        currently features highlights from events throughout the year as well as
                                                                             students, teachers and producers talking about the difference they are
                                                                             making in their communities, all at
Thanks to DRA’s Sponsors
                                                                             Become a Fan on and stay up-to-date
DrA is grateful for the continued support of Joe lanteri of New york City
                                                                             on discounts to upcoming events, photos and video highlights and
Dance Alliance who has supported DrA for more than 10 years and Noah
lands of Kids Artistic Review. Both of these competitions are setting an
outstanding example for the dance studios around the country who work               For more information about Dancers responding to AIDS
hard to fundraise for DrA.                                                                             visit

 20                                                                                                                   Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS
                                             ClassiCal aCtion:
                                             Performing arts against aiDs

 Charles Hamlen Comes Full Circle
 On October 31, 1992, Charles Hamlen left his office at IMG Artists, the agency representing classical
 musicians which he co-founded in 1984. The AIDS epidemic had taken the lives of dozens of his friends,
 acquaintances, colleagues and, eventually, his partner. In his heart, Charlie knew the time had come to
 redirect his professional energies to AIDS activism.

 In 1993, Charlie Hamlen broke ground on another new endeavor, Classical Action: performing Arts Against
 AIDS, a not-for-profit organization which enabled him to use his expertise, access and reputation as a former
 artists manager to make a difference in the fight against AIDS. In October 1997, Classical Action became a
 fundraising program of Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS.

 This past June, Charlie received a call from the Chairman of IMG Artists saying he had chosen to step down
 and asked Charlie to consider returning to the company he had co-founded 25 years before, this time as
 worldwide chairman. According to Charlie, this was, “a difficult decision and yet one that ultimately felt right.” with Charlie’s
 departure, Director Chris kenney will remain with Classical Action, working with other members of the BC/EFA staff to ensure the
 ongoing success of Classical Action’s fundraising efforts.

 Charlie, you will be missed by everyone at Broadway Cares! we count on your continued advice, support and outreach to these
 extraordinary performing artists and the donors who love them.

                                        “Carnegie Hall South” Heads West
                                        After 34 concerts, 70 artists, $1.5 million raised and distributed and hundreds of composers’
                                        works heard, house concert hosts Judy and Steven Gluckstern are packing their bags and
                                        moving to the city by the bay, San Francisco. Judy and Steven first opened their home at 52
                                        Thompson Street in New york City (“Carnegie Hall South,” as it recently has been referred to
                                        by Classical Action’s Director, Chris kenney) on December 16, 1999. This past December
                                        16, ten years later to the day, they hosted the final Classical Action event to take place in this

                                        we owe Judy and Steven our profound thanks and gratitude for their visionary leadership and
                                        extraordinary decade-long support of our work. we look forward to continuing our relationship
                                        with them at “Carnegie Hall west” in the not-so-distant future. while the curtain has fallen on
                                        52 Thompson Street, we are grateful to have found a new “Classical Action Concert Hall” at 89
                                        reade Street, the home of long-time supporters, Simon yates and kevin roon. Indeed, what
                                        we do together makes a difference!

                                        Bowled Over at Bowlmor Lanes
                                        On June 8, 2009, up Our AllEy 11: Classical Action’s Annual Benefit Bowling Bonanza
                                        raised $80,000. Thank you to title sponsor lucky Star Foundation, Greenwich village’s The
                                        Monster bar for donating Svedka vodka, the participating teams and donors. Classical Action
                                        is most grateful to the two bowling teams from Columbia Artists Management, Inc. and to
                                        CAMI, which graciously matches the bowlers’ fundraising efforts year-in and year-out. Since
                                        its inception in 1999, up Our Alley has raised $930,000 for Classical Action. Here’s to breaking
                                        the $1 Million mark on June 7 at Bowlmor lanes!

                                        2009-10 michael palm Series
                                          The opening concert of the 2009-10 Michael palm Series on October 6, featuring cellist Alisa
weilerstein and pianist Inon Barnatan, was definitely a day to remember. Classical Action’s Director, Chris kenney, received a phone
call at 11:00 AM from house concert host Judy Gluckstern, informing him that the elevator in their SoHo building was out of order and
awaiting the arrival of a technician to correct the problem.

Tali Mahanor, a piano tuner who was on hand to prepare the Glucksterns’ piano for the evening’s recital, had an idea. A few days earlier
she had tuned a piano for a wedding reception for Simon yates and kevin roon in their Tribeca loft. If the elevator couldn’t be fixed,
why not ask them if they could host the concert. After it was determined that the technician could not repair the elevator, Mr. kenney
placed a call to Mr. roon and he responded, “There’s broken glass on the floor left over from our wedding. If Showstoppers caterers
can help me tidy up things, let’s do it.”

with one-and-a-half hours to showtime, Showstoppers packed up and headed from SoHo to Tribeca, more than 100 patrons were
re-routed to Simon and kevin’s home, and at 6:30 pM the guests were greeted with wine and hors d’oeuvres for their enjoyment. Ms.
weilerstein and Mr. Barnatan’s recital of works by Beethoven and rachmaninoff never sounded so good!

On October 26, the second concert in the Michael palm Series returned to the Glucksterns’ loft, with an up-and-running elevator, to
hear the astonishing soprano Dawn upshaw perform the works of Ives, Golijov, Debussy, Mussorgsky and Schubert. To the delight
of the audience, she also performed leonard Bernstein’s “Somewhere.” It indeed was a very special “time for us” to experience Ms.
upshaw’s heartfelt interpretation of the Bernstein classic.

On December 16, world-acclaimed pianist Emanuel Ax brought Classical Action’s 2009-10 Michael palm Series to a rousing close.
Mr. Ax’s utterly dazzling performance of Chopin’s Andante Spianato and Grand Polonaise Op. 22 brought the overflow crowd to their
feet. Thank you, Manny, for your wonderful artistry and for taking part in such a memorable evening!

                       For information on upcoming Classical Action events, please visit

Behind the Scenes                                                                                                                      21
                                                                 2009 / 2010
The following were members of The Angels Campaign between October 1, 2008 and January 20, 2010. Names in bold
indicate BC/EFA Archangels, donors who have increased their gift by 25% or more over the past year. Members of the
Angels Campaign include individuals, family foundations and corporations. Contributions are unrestricted and non-event
or merchandise related. On behalf of our volunteers, staff, Board of Trustees, and the many men, women and children
with HIv/AIDS who count on BC/EFA for assistance, we salute these donors.

There are many ways to become a member of The Angels Campaign. you can join as an individual, a couple, a family,
or even as part of a group of friends, coworkers, fan club or sports league. you can even charge your membership on
a monthly or quarterly basis. In addition, if your employer matches charitable contributions, a gift of $500 or more can
qualify you for membership at the $1,000 level.

For more information about the exciting benefits of BC/EFA’s Angels Campaign, please contact Andy Smith, Associate
Director of Development, at 212 840-0770, ext. 275.

LEADERSHIP                               Marianne Ganzer                         David l. Higgins and                   David Glenn Armstrong and
(gifts of $50,000 and above)              in memory of John Ganzer                 Denise Andriello-Higgins              Jeffrey Miller
                                         Christopher Harrison/AntiGravity Inc.   william S. Hoover, MD                   in memory of Todd Coroliuc
The Fred Ebb Foundation                  Jerome S. Glazer, Inc.                  James C. Hormel & Michael p. Nguyen    lucie Arnaz and larry luckinbill
The Charles Evans Foundation             Harriett kittner                        Carl Jacobs                             in memory of Kieth Dodge
                                         William Ludel and Tracy Cohen           Cherry Jones                           patricia N. Atassi
                                         Stephanie and Carter McClelland         Detlef kamps                           H. Thomas Axt & Alan Hassell
PRODUCER                                 John l. McHugh Foundation               Amy kaufmann and ruth ro               paris Barclay and Christopher Mason
(gifts from $25,000 to $49,999)          The Edith Meiser Foundation             kathy keneally and Tom marshall        John Barnes and Charles Champagne
                                          in memory of Irving Cheskin            richard lader                          Scott Barnes and Brian kellow
laura M. Boedeker                        Gilbert parker                          Angela lansbury                         in honor of TOM VIOLA, celebrating
Cable positive, Inc.                      in memory of Richard Bauman            Jay laudato and Tom watson              38 years of never a dull moment
Anita Jaffe                              The path Fund, Inc.                     victoria le vine                       Beech Street Foundation
The richmond/Ermet AIDS Foundation       Charles and Celeste patrick             Stephanie lee/Group Sales Box Office   Michael Berglund
 - San Francisco                         ruthe and Tony ponturo                  Michael A. leppen                      Michael Berner
The Shubert Foundation                   Barbara reisman                         larry luing                            George L. Bielitz and John Derco
The Ted Snowdon Foundation               Mickey rolfe                            rachel E. lyle                         robert Billig
H. van Ameringen Foundation              paul l. and Marion J. ross              Scott R. mallalieu                     Chuck Blasius
                                         Debra and Michael Segal                 Steven Markov and Jeffrey Meleski       in memory of Willie Boston
HOUSE	SEAT                               Charlotte St. Martin                    Marin Mazzie and Jason Danieley        James A. Boese
(gifts from $10,000 to $24,999)          Susan Stroman                             in memory of Gary Bonasorte          Dave Boone
                                         David Terveen                           Stacy Meadows                          John Bowab
Charlie & Moll Anderson Foundation       roger Francis vorce                     Ira Mont and Jill Cordle Mont          Carl and karen Bowen
Applause video productions               Andrew and p. J. walter                   in memory of Patrick Quinn           richard Brecht
The Barrington Foundation, Inc.          Barbara Whitman & David Carlyon         phyllis Newman                         Briggs, Inc.
william w. Donnell                       Gina Wulff                                in honor of Adolph Green             J. Arthur Brost
myrna and Freddie Gershon                 in honor of all who fight              Bradley A. patterson and               philip Burford
 remember Peter Allen, Allan             Anonymous                                 kamille k. patterson                 James & Debbie Burrows
 Carr, Tom Eyen, Ron Field, Tyler        Anonymous                               ralph l. pellecchio and                Ms. Michelle l. Butler
 Gatchell, Tom Hatcher, Paul              in memory of Martin Delaney              James C. wernz, M.D.                 Tita Cahn
 Jabara, Jerry Kravat, Floria Lasky,                                             mimi prentice                          robert Callely
 Robbie Lantz, Flora Roberts and                                                 phillip raia and Stefan Sztybel        Carleton Carpenter
 Paul Woerner                            BOX	SEAT                                Judy rasmuson and ronald wallace       Frank Carucci
The Ira and leonore Gershwin             (gifts from $2,500 to $4,999)           richard E. rauh                         in memory of Robert Diario
Designated philanthropic Fund                                                    vanessa redgrave                       Nelson Case
John W. Holloway                         Actors Federal Credit union             rose Brand wipers, Inc.                rev. Thomas M. Catania
Jujamcyn Theatres                        John r. Alchin                          Fred and kathleen rotondaro            Deborah & Steven Cavalier
paul Libin and Florence Rowe Libin       The Alec Baldwin Foundation             Marc Selden                            Marianne Challis and Frank root
kevin r. lyle                            Todd A. Bentjen                         Amy Sherman-palladino                  Terry M. Chandler
platt Family Foundation                  Melvin Bernhardt and Jeff woodman       lea Stendahl                           paula and David Chase
 in memory of Gary Platt                 Corbis                                  robin Strasser                         Cathy Chernoff
Martin richards                          william Craver                            in honor of Ed Richmond and Robert   Edward A. Chernoff
Drs. Carlos and Jayne rivera             Scott Dainton                             Kilgore                              J. kerry Clayton & Mary-paige royer
The Barbara and William Rosenthal        Deborah Dakin                           Anthony Sweeney                         in honor of the 50th birthday of
Family Foundation                        Mitties M. DeChamplain                  Michel wallerstein                      Allen Walker
George Schaeffer                          in loving memory of Mitties Rathbun    ric wanetik & David Hagans             Scott Clearwater
Thomas Schumacher and                     McDonald                                 in memory of Fred Vogel              Clothes Off Our Back, Inc.
 matthew White                           keith Degi                              michael Wescoe                         Charles I. Clough Jr.
Theatrical Stage Employees                in honor of Dan Whitman                william M. whitehead                   Casey Cook
 Local One/IATSE                         Jamie deroy                             whittier & Associates                  Joel Steven Cook
                                          in memory of Natasha Richardson          in honor of David H. Whittier        kenneth & Sherry Corday
ORCHESTRA	SEAT                           Disney worldwide Services, Inc.         Timothy wu                             Scott Corr and lisa Smith-Corr
(gifts from $5,000 to $9,999)            Sam Ellis                               The Ziegfeld Club                       in memory of David Thomas Mills
                                          in memory of Valerie Silver Ellis      Anonymous (2)                          Barbara r. Cowden
Actors’ Equity Foundation                Jules Fisher                                                                   Mark E. Cummings
Sam Altman                               Maggie Flanigan & richard Dow           FRONT	MEZZANINE	                       The Nathan Cummings Foundation
 in memory of Murray Schapiro            Dr. Gerald J. & Dorothy r. Friedman     (gifts from $1,000 to $2,499)          Felipe de Bustamante
Association of Theatrical press Agents    Foundation                                                                    Merle Debuskey & pearl Somner
 and Managers                            Jay Garner                              robert and Noah Aberlin                Ava DeGhetto
Bertsch Family Charitable Foundation     Dale and Ellyn Glasser                  rich Ahrens                            louis J. Denkovic
CESD Talent Agency                        in memory of Steven Glasser            Stanley and Judith Anderson            Denver Foundation
Samantha & Drew Cohen                    louise Guthman                          Mr. & Mrs. Gage Andretta               Erick Devine
The Fosdick Fund                         leslie Haarup                           James l. Ansin                         Judy and Tim Dove
Aaron Frankel                             in memory of Ralph Haarup              Stuart S. Applebaum                    Alan Dunkelberger
 in loving memory of                     Jill and marty Handelsman                in memory of Mr. Vincent Zito          in memory of Jeffrey Wilkins
 Abetha Aayer Frankel                    Jerry Herman                                                                   roy and Shirley Durst Charitable Fund

22                                                                                                                         Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS
Fred Eckler                            The Neeb Family Foundation
Stephanie Eisenberg and                Judith A. Nelson
 David Eisenberg                         in memory of Wayne McCarthy
Steven Elkin
Norman and Susan Ember
                                       The New york Shakespeare Festival
                                       Maury Newburger
                                                                                 Your Angels Campaign
                                                                                 Support is Even more
peter Entin and Barbara Janowitz       richard Newdick
laura G. Fahsbender                    Stanley Newman and
David Faliszek                         Dr. Brian rosenthal
Fig llC
Daniel Finkelstein
                                       Maddi, Charlie and Bridget Niebanck –
                                         Friends of John lloyd young             Essential During Tough
Mary Fisher                            Albert Nocciolino
murray Fishman                         John F. Okuloski
Fraydun Foundation, Inc.               Tim and Cyndi Overstreet
David A. Friedman                      Tom pardoe
 in memory of my mother Shirley        philip paroian
 Friedman                              patti Spaeth rN, Inc.                     BC/EFA’s Angels Campaign for Major Donors is an exclusive
Bruce Geismar                          ralph l. pellecchio and                   group that includes Broadway and Hollywood celebrities,
John p. Geurts                           James C. wernz, M.D.
Geva Theatre Center                    ruso D. perkins                           writers, directors, producers, technicians and stagehands, as
roger Gindi and Gregory victor         Meyer persow                              well as theatre fans and concerned philanthropists nationwide
David M. Goldenberg                    philips Electronics/David l. wolf         who value the work we do. Angels are donors who make
robert D. Gonzales                     Mr. and Mrs. A.J. pocock
 in memory of Cameron L. Mason and     poppleton Finn Family
                                                                                 unrestricted gifts of $1,000 or more during a 12-month period.
 Charles H. Falls                        in honor of Peter Neufeld               So, for example, if you’ve given $500 in the past year, another
Goodspeed Opera House                  Frances F. pulley                         $500 donation will make you an Angel at the $1,000 level.
Michael Greif                          larry raben
 in honor of the “Rent” Company          in memory of James Raitt
Emily Grishman & Susan Sampliner       James rado                                right now, the support of committed donors like you is more
Barry and Maggie Grove                 Michael recanati and Ira Statfeld         important than ever before. The struggling economy has had
Tim Hailand                            lynn redgrave                             a negative impact on areas of Broadway Cares’ fundraising,
Dena Hammerstein                       Gregory reed
Sarah and Joel Handelman               Ira M. resnick Foundation
                                                                                 because, quite simply, most individual and corporate donors
Timothy w. Harper                        in honor of Robin Sherman               have less money to give. Meanwhile, the service organizations
Michael Harrell                        Bob rhodehamel                            we help sustain need BC/EFA’s support more than ever.
Michael & laura Hartstein              Mr. & Mrs. Michael D. richman
Jeffrey Hayenga and Michael Belanger   Cynthia C. rogers
Joseph r. Heller                       Jose rojas and Nina Cavalli               If you’re not an Angel, take a minute to consider joining this
Buck Henry Charitable Fund             David romero and David Greiss             exclusive, invaluable group of BC/EFA donors. Angels receive
Joy Henshel                            Charles rosen                             complimentary seats at events throughout the year, special
richard M. Hester                      Amy rosenthal
Robert C. Hickman                      Jack rouse
                                                                                 holiday gifts at certain levels of giving, and recognition in this
David l. Higgins and                     in memory of Steve (Essner)             newsletter, our annual report and other publications.
 Denise Andriello-Higgins                Stilgenbauer
James Hoelz                            George rubin                              Angel donations support vital programs of The Actors Fund and
Andrew and Craig Horowitz              robert J. ruggiero
Helen Stenborg Hughes                  leslie rydell & Scott Friend              more than 400 organizations nationwide providing food, shelter
Carol A. Ingram                        rocky Schmidt                             and other vital services to people living with HIv/AIDS and their
 in memory of Rodger McFarlane         Michael Schober                           families. we realize that giving $1,000+ can present challenges
Eric Insko                             pamela l. Schoemer
Thai Jason                             robert Score
                                                                                 for most donors, especially in times like these. But there are
 in honor of Tom Viola                 Henry r. Shields                          ways to make this manageable. you can:
Jeffrey Richards Associates              in loving memory of Eileen R. Shields
Jewish Federation of Southern New      rob Sinacore                              •	   Make	a	pledge.	you can pledge $1,000 and authorize BC/
 Jersey                                  in memory of Dr. Malcolm Berg (our
Doug Johnson and                         love lives on)                               EFA to charge $250 a quarter or $83 a month on several
 Valerie Gordon-Johnson                Bryan J. Singer                                major credit cards;
Michael kahn                           Andy Smith
The karma Foundation                   laura and Jane H. Smith                   •	   Join	 with	 a	 Group of friends, family members or
The Marilyn and Jeffrey katzenberg     Joanne l. Smith
Foundation                             The Students of the Stella Adler Studio
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David T. kelleher                        of Acting in memory of Casey Kizziah         or bar/bat mitzvah;
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 in memory of Muriel & Bob Kennedy       kenneth larson                          •	   Compete	in	an	athletic	event	or	academic	competi-
Julie kertzman & Abigail kertzman      Albert Stephenson                              tion and solicit pledges for BC/EFA as your charity.
Terence E. kilburn                     katrina Stevens
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rae krelitz                            ronna Sussman
Louis kunsch
Michael kuzma
                             , Inc.
                                       peter M. Taub
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william lauch
peter lefcourt
                                       Theater Extras
                                       Theatrical wardrobe union local 764
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Ann M. lehman                          I.A.T.S.E.
marcia Lewis                           John Henry Thomas III                     If your company offers a 100% match for charitable contributions,
The Arthur loeb Foundation             David and Deborah Trainer                 you can make a gift of $500 or more to BC/EFA and when your
michael Lombard                        litsa Tsitsera                            employer follows up with its matching gift, you’ll qualify for
Tom lombardi                           Twelfth Night Club, Inc.
David C. ludwigson and laMont Craig    unity Church of New york                  Angels membership at the $1,000/Front Mezzanine level. Match
 in honor of Rodger McFarlane          Marc A. and Mindy G. utay                 a donation of $1,250 or more and you’ll move up to the next giving
Steve lukens                           william and Helen van Syckle              level, $2,500/Box Seat, and so on. To find out how philanthropic
Steven F. lutz                         richard voller
                                                                                 your employer is, visit our website at and
Rachel E. Lyle                         Suzyn Waldman
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Mr. and Mrs. will Mackenzie            richard F. walsh/Alfred w. Di Tolla/      Not online? No problem, give us a call and we’ll send you a
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ryan Mclaughlin                        Margo wintersteen                         postage and mail. you’ll ascend to Angels status – and begin
John McNab                             Terrence J. Witter                        enjoying all the exclusive benefits – within days, probably in time
David r. McShane                       Michael S. wolfe
Alan Menken                            patrick M. wolfe                          to join us for The 24th Annual EASTEr BONNET COMpETITION
Dina Merrill                           Charity wu                                in April.
Mr. and Mrs. E. van r. Milbury         Betty yarmon
keith Miller                           Brian r. yorkey
marianne mcGrath mills                 rosemary young
Michael S. Mills                       David Ziff and Alan Bell
Brian Stokes Mitchell                  Elliot Zulver and Sally Gold                   If you’d like to learn more about The Angels Campaign
Javier Morgado                         Anonymous                                      or get a copy of BC/EFA’s matching gift brochure,
Sally Campbell morse                   Anonymous (2)
The Michael & Marianne Murphy          Anonymous                                      contact Andy Smith at 212	 840-0770,	 ext.	 275 or
Benevolent Fund                          in memory of Ruth Hoefgen          
ruth Neale
r. wayne Nederlander

 Behind the Scenes                                                                                                                               23
                                                                                                           SAVE THE DATE
                                                                                                               For more information:
                                                                                                                                               (212) 840-0770

                                                                                                             The 24th Annual
                                                                                                            EASTER BONNET                                 BROADWAy BARES xx
                                                                                                             COmpETITION                                       “Stripology”
                                                                                                        Monday, April 26 / 4:30pm                             Sunday, June 20
                                                                                                        Tuesday, April 27 / 2:00pm                         9:30pm and Midnight
                                                                                                           The Minskoff Theatre                             roseland Ballroom
                                                                                                         200 west 45 Street, NyC                          239 west 52 Street, NyC

                                                                                                                                                                                     The 24th Annual
                                        BROADWAy BARkS 12                                                                              FIRE ISLAND DANCE FESTIVAL 16           BROADWAy FLEA mARkET
                                           Saturday, July 10                                                                                     July 16 –18, 2010               and GRAND AUCTION
                                           3:30pm – 6:30pm                                                                                     Fire Island pines, Ny              Sunday, September 28
                                          Shubert Alley, NyC                                                                                Tickets and Sponsorships                10:00am – 7:00pm
                                    (between w. 44 and w. 45th Sts.)                                                                     available online at          Shubert Alley, NyC
                                                                                                                                                                             (between w. 44 and w. 45th Sts.)
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