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					Using the ExpressPass card at Queenston –
                                                  Is ExpressPass Commercial exclusively for
When the driver presents the ExpressPass          trucking companies?
commercial card to the reader located next
to the booth in the toll lane, the account will   No, ExpressPass commercial was designed
be automatically debited for the crossing.        to accommodate all commercial vehicle
The toll charge is calculated based on the        types. If tour operators wish to enroll in
number of axles assigned to that individual       ExpressPass Commercial they should
card. If there is a discrepancy between the       contact our office to get further
number of axles on the vehicle and the axles      information.
registered to the card, an automatic                                                               Commercial
adjustment will be made to the account.
You will be able to view all crossing
adjustments by using your account online.            For up-to-date toll rates please visit:

Frequently asked questions:                 

What Lane can I use?
Lewiston- Queenston Bridge:
    All lanes including a Dedicated Preferred
    ExpressPass Commercial Lane
Rainbow Bridge:
    All lanes                                          Please contact our office at:
What if I want to change the vehicle type
on some of my cards?
                                                      Niagara Falls Bridge Commission
    If a vehicle type needs to be changed
    (example: truck to auto) you must                 (716) 285-6322 ext. 4143 (U.S.)
    contact our office at the numbers                (905) 354-5641 ext. 4143 (Canada)
    listed in this brochure.

What if a card is lost and I want to
deactivate it?
   Go to your online account, highlight                                                                  Rainbow Bridge
   the card to be closed and change the                                                            Lewiston-Queenston Bridge
   status from open to closed.

                                                                                               NIAGARA FALLS BRIDGE COMMISSION
                                                                                                   Payment can also be made by check but a
ExpressPass Commercial is the fastest                  Designate more than one person for          two week time period will be required for
way through Tolls at the Rainbow and                   email notification when your                processing.
Queenston-Lewiston Bridges for                         account needs replenishing.
commercial vehicles. Whether you have                                                              Accurate Charges
one vehicle or many, ExpressPass is for
you.                                          Starting an ExpressPass Commercial                   ExpressPass Commercial Accounts are
                                              account:                                             charged only for the number of axles
Benefits of having an ExpressPass                                                                  which pass over the treadles positioned at
Commercial account                            1 . Contact NFBC at:                                 the Lewiston-Queenston Bridge toll
  Toll payments prepaid using electronic                                                           booth. Any differences between the axles
                                                       (716) 285-6322 (U.S.) ext 4143
  cards make crossing quick and easy and                                                           assigned to your card and the axles which
  removes the need for cash.                           (905) 354-5641 (Canada) ext 4143            pass over the treadles will be
                                                                                                   automatically adjusted. At Rainbow
  This system has been designed to utilize             Or visit
                                                                                                   Bridge, the axle assignment for buses and
  the latest technology, and offer our        to
                                                                                                   tour vans will be verified by video.
  customers ease in account                            provide initial registration
  administration.                                      information.                                Messages you will encounter at the Toll
                                              2 . Once you have provided initial                   Booth
  At Lewiston-Queenston Bridge, a toll
  lane is exclusively dedicated to            registration info, the electronic toll cards and
  ExpressPass Commercial customers.           your customer identification number will be        Patron      Indicates    Traffic   Gate       Action
                                              mailed to you. You will also receive               Fare        Account      Light                Required
  Never worry about a negative account        instructions on how to log into your account       Message     Balance
  balance with online automatic credit card   online, use your new electronic cards and
  replenishment.                              make payments.                                     ETC PAID    Greater      Green     Gate Up No Action
                                                                                                             than low                       Required
The web based account management              Account Replenishment                                          balance
system allows you to manage your                                                                             threshold
commercial account online to:                 Account replenishment can be made online
        Access crossing data for individual   using a Visa or Mastercard. Single and             Low         Less than    Yellow    Gate Up Account
                                                                                                 Balance     low                            needs
        cards or for entire account           automatic credit card payments are
                                                                                                             balance                        replenishing
        Update contact information            available on the account management
        View card inventory for active and    website. You will be able to set a low
        closed cards                          balance threshold and an automatic email           Insufficient Less than   Red       Gate       Account
        Make payments or set-up               notification will be sent any time this            Funds        Zero                  stays      must be
        automatic payments by credit card     threshold is met. All payments will be                                                down/      replenished/
        Query and print your crossing         processed using the company currency type                                             crossing   driver pay
                                              selected at the time of enrollment.                                                   denied     cash toll
        information on a monthly or
        individual card basis

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