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					Description        Embarkation documents, Lord Melville
Source             AJCP Reel 4402, ADM 108/27
Event date         19 July 1816
Repository         Battye Library, Perth
Transcribed        Brian Wills-Johnson, May 2009

[NOTE: Some of the handwriting in this filmed document is difficult to read, and
transcription errors might have been made. Missing pages do not contain material
relevant to the Lord Melville.]


                                           J.O. 19th July 1816

       J. Beckett Esq.
                     I have received the Board’s command to
              transmit herewith for the Information
              of Lord Sidmouth a List of 102 Female
              Convicts and their children 24 in
              number as such as of the women wives of
              Convicts and their children specified in the
              margin embarked on board the Lord
              Melville Convict Ship lying at Deptford, and
              I am directed to request that the (indec)
              May be hastened as much as pofsible.
                                     I have &c
              12 Women,
              wives of Convicts
              and 11 children

       A list of Convicts names on
       board the Lord Melville
       about to proceed to New South Wales

                  1      Sarah Hall
                  2      Phoebe Hines
                  3      Mary Ann Turvey
                  4      Esther Ashby
                  5      Maria Cooper
                  6      Ann Chapman
                  7      Elizabeth Walsh
                  8      Hannah Whitely
                  9      Hannah McKenzie

Convicts names continued
   1      Mary Holmes
   2      Margaret May
   3      Frances Johnson
   4      Caroline Lusby
   5      Ann Moulds
   6      Jane Graham Wood
   7      Sarah Dunn
   8      Phillis Gordon
   9      Esther Sadler
   10     Mary Mayne
   11     Mary Ann Gilbrith
   12     Elizabeth Savage
   13     Esther Turner
   14     Hannah Dodds
   15     Mary Henshaw
   16     Ann Evans
   17     Mary Duncan
   18     Mary Cornwell
   19     Sarah Ellis
   20     Ann Stiles
   21     Mary Ann Allen
   22     Martha Towns
   23     Mary Ann Waterman
   24     Elizabeth Cunningham
   25     Sarah Primer
   26     Frances Brown
   27     Ann Williams
   28     Susan Brown
   29     Isabella Thompson
   30     Mary Cruthers (Crowther?)
   31     Mary Mullet (Mallett?)
   32     Ann Holmes (Hulmes?)
   33     Margaret Pallet (Pollitt?)


J. Beckett Esqr.

Alice Rufsel
Sarah Halliwell
Sophia Robins
Ann Clark
Jane Bevan
Sarah Barnett
Jane Dunn
Ann Davis
Mary Airyman
Elizabeth Dunn
Elizabeth Barnes
Elizabeth Matthews
Ann Chattles (Chattels?)
Sarah Arnold
Martha Greenwood
Agnes Worthington
Jane Davis
Christiana Young
Mary O’Hara
Susan Tilley
Mary Scott
Elizabeth Grant
Mary Scott
Hellen Reid
Ann Spruce
Elizabeth Young
Caroline Leonard
Mary Bevatt
Barbara Nichols (Nicholls?)
Martha Rofs
Elizabeth Parsons
Mary Carter

J. Beckett Esqr.
Jane Duggin (Duggins?)
Elizabeth Skinner
Hannah Jones
Eleanor Logan
Mary Clare
Ann Green
Ann Butler
Sarah Reynolds
Elizabeth Banister (Bannister?)
Elizabeth Harvey
Mary Jones
Ann Taylor
Elizabeth Hazledon (Hayselden?)
Mary Stoneham
Ann Smith
Jane England
Elizabeth Chandler
Elizabeth Mackey (Mackay?)
Elizabeth Fordyce (Fordice?)
Susanna Newman
Mary Davis
Elizabeth Sorell
Margaret Hill
Bridget Conway
Sarah Hardy
Harriet Collins
Jane Crofs
Margaret McCarthy
               J Wetherell

J. Beckett Esqr.

      Convicts Children
      James Hines
      Wm Ashby
      Benjamin Ashby
      Joseph McKenzie
      Arthur Graham Wood
      Joseph Allen
      Matilda Primer
      James Brown
      Mary Brown
      Thomas Ashby
      Sarah Bevatt
      Mary Bevatt
      Joseph Bevatt
      Isabella Bevatt
      Henry Logan
      James Butler
      John Jones
      Edward Taylor
      Mary England
       Harriet Crofs
       James Crofs
              J Wetherell

J. Beckett Esqr.
       Free Women
       Mary Ann Gilbert
       Ann Maria Blackstone
       Ann James
       Mary Jones
       Frances Lake
       Elizabeth Crisp
       Hannah Smith
       Johanna Desmond
       Mary Basham
       Ann Wickstead
       Ann Settree
       Mary Davis
               (signed) J Wetherell

       Free Women’s Children
       John Gilbert
       Charlotte Gilbert
       Maria Gilbert
       Elizabeth Crisp
       Amos Crisp
       Wm Basham
       John Basham
       Martha Basham
       Sarah Basham
       James Selbire/ Selbiec?
       Joseph Selbrie/Selbiec?
              (signed) J Wetherell

       J.O. 19 July 1816
       H. Goulburn Esqr.
                     The embarkation on board
              The Lord Melville 399 tons at Deptford
              of 102 Female Convicts, and their Children
              24 in number and also the women
               wives of Convicts and their children
       specified in the margin, having
       been completed, I am directed by
       the Board to request you to recommend
       the Earl Bathurst to cause any
       Dispatches which may be intended to be
       Sent out by this opportunity to be
       Hastened as much as pofsible.
                       (signature illegible)
       12 Women Wives of Convicts
       and 11 children

J.O. 25th July 1816
J. Beckett Esqr.
                I have the Boards Commands
       to transmit herewith, an Extract of a
       Letter of this Date, from Captain Young,
       Agent for Transports at Deptford,
       together with a copy of its report(?)
       from the Surgeon of the Lord Melville
       Convict Ship, representing the Diseased
       Situation on the Convicts named in the
       Margin, embarked in the Vefsel,
       and I am directed to request of you to
       recommend to Lord Sidmouth that
       these women may be exchanged.
       Elizh. Savage           I have &c
       Hannah Dunn             (signature illegible)

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