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					              College Programs Eligible for Financial Aid as of Summer 2008
 1.      All Associate Degree Programs

 2.      The following Diploma Programs:
               D35100A            Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration
               D60160A            Automotive Systems Technology
               D45200             Computed Tomography Technology & Magnetic Resonance Imaging**
               D45240             Dental Assistant**
               D55220A            Early Childhood Associate
               D65220A            Electrical/Electronics
               D6024BA            Heavy Equipment & Transport Technology/Construction
               D50240A            Industrial Systems Technology
               D45400             Mechanical Drafting
               D45400             Medical Assisting
               D25360A            Office Systems Technology
               D45580             Pharmacy Technology**
               D35300             Plumbing**
               D25450A            Simulation & Game Development: Modeling & Design (D25450A)**
               D24250B            Simulation & Game Development: Modeling & Design (D24250B)
               D45740             Surgical Technology**
               D45750             Therapeutic Massage**
               D50420A            Welding Technology**

 3       The following Certificate Programs:
               C30100B            Advertising & Graphic Design: Web & Graphic Design
               C30100A            Advertising & Graphics Design: Graphics & Design
               C35100B            Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration
               C55120             Basic Law Enforcement**
               C45200A            Computed Tomography Technology**
               C25260M            Computer Information Technology: IT Foundations
               C25130D            Computer Programming C# Programming
               C35190B            Construction Management Technology
               C55200B            Culinary Technology
               C25150C            Database Management: MySQL Developer
               C55220C            Early Childhood Associate: Infant/Toddler Care
               C40200A            Electronics Engineering Technology: Basic Electronics
               C25240A            Hotel & Restaurant Management: Hotel Management
               C25240B            Hotel & Restaurant Management: Restaurant Management
               C4538A             Human Services Technology: Developmental Disabilities
               C25100B            Income Tax Preparer
               C50240B            Industrial Systems Technology
               C25270A            Information Systems Security
               C40260A            Landscape Architecture Technology
               C50300B            Machining Technology
               C45200B            Magnetic Resonance Imaging**
               C25310B            Medical Office Administration: Medial Billing & Coding
               C25310A            Medical Office Administration: Medical Office Specialist
               C25310C            Medical Office Administration: Medical Transcription Specialist
               C25340J            Network Technology: Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator
               C2536AA            Office Systems Technology: Legal
               C25360F            Office Systems Technology: Office Specialist
               C25360E            Office Systems Technology: Word Processing & Publications
               C25450A            Simulation & Game Development: Modeling & Animation
               C25450B            Simulation & Game Development: Production

**The programs in bold are not 100% transferable to an Associate Degree program and therefore subject to a
clock hour credit hour conversion rule as mandated by federal regulations. For example, you may be enrolled
for 12 hours in program but when the credit hr/clock hr conversion is applied your converted credit hours is 9.
Thus, your grant will be paid for three quarters enrollment rather than full time.

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