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					17 November 1999 S.S. Notes Platoon List 10 similarities or 10 differences between the movie Platoon and Saving Private Ryan.

COMPARISONS 1. 2. 3. Combat, injuries, death. Fright amongst the soldiers during combat. Silence among the soldiers after a soldiers death.

DIFFERENCES 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Moral among the soldiers very bitter. Almost as if they are bitter toward each other to keep up the fighting couarge. Disrespect toward one another (soldiers) The main character's thoughts and emotions were heard whereas in Saving Private Ryan, the situation, facial and body expressions were left for you to decipher. Took place in the jungle, instead of in the more open areas as in Saving Private Ryan. Bugs and insects troublesome for soldiers. As if being at war wasn't hard enough to deal with. Didn't see the medics pouring sulfer on the wounds of soldiers.

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