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					                                                                                              careers for life.    TM

           Located on the Connecticut shore,
           Yale-New Haven Hospital is a 944-bed
           tertiary care facility recognized as one of
           “America’s Best Hospitals” by U.S. News &
           World Report. Boasting a longstanding
           affiliation with Yale University Schools of Nursing
           and Medicine, an international reputation for
           leading-edge research and advanced care, and
           extensive, state-of-the-art facilities, Yale-New
           Haven Hospital is proud to offer nursing                     New Haven, Connecticut
           professionals a wide range of choices — from                 Toll free: (866) 811-7797
           opportunities for the moment to careers for life.  

Yale-New Haven Hospital
Cardiac Intensive Care Unit
Patient Population                                          We value ongoing staff education and professional
The Cardiac Intensive Care Unit (CICU) at Yale-New          growth, and promote a learning environment
Haven Hospital is a 14-bed adult ICU providing              through daily patient care rounds, unit in-services,
expert care to critically ill patients whose lives are in   precepted competency-based orientations, and a
immediate jeopardy or whose clinical conditions             unit-based educator. We also work to promote an
necessitate specialized technology. Our unit serves         environment conducive to healing through a
as an entry point for adult cardiac patients with life-     combination of technology and complementary
threatening critical illness, particularly acute            therapies, such as Reiki, therapeutic massage,
myocardial infarction/cardiac ischemia, heart failure,      aromatherapy and music therapy.
cardiomyopathies, cardiac arrhythmias, post-PTCA
with and without stenting, pre-cardiac                      Unit-Based Committees
transplantation, and left ventricular assist system         • Primary Nursing Professional Practice
implant. We also support patients through diagnostic        • Striving for Excellence Committee
procedures such as cardiac catheterization and              • Complementary Therapy Committee
electrophysiology studies, and those who require            • Preceptor Committee
invasive devices such as pacemakers, intra-aortic           • Performance Improvement Initiatives
balloon pumps and established left ventricular              • Patient Satisfaction Committee
devices. As necessary, we also provide care for non-        • Bereavement Committee
cardiac conditions such as sepsis, GI bleed and             • Palliative Care Committee
pulmonary decompensation.
                                                            Staff Development
Unit Practice                                               • Precepted Competency-Based Orientations
We actively practice primary nursing, with a strong         • Unit-Based Educator
emphasis on an interdisciplinary approach to patient        • Unit In-Services
                                                            • Nursing Education Curriculum
care. We also balance our fast-paced setting with a
                                                            • Annual Hospital and Unit-Specific Competencies
strong focus on patient and family education. In
addition, as one of the leading institutions in the
                                                            For more information on CICU nursing careers,
fight against heart disease, we consistently
                                                            please contact Noreen Gorero, RN, Patient Service
participate in research projects.
                                                            Manager at (203) 688-2176.

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