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					                       BURTON-CUM-WALDEN PARISH COUNCIL

The Annual Parish Meeting was held in West Burton Village Hall on Tuesday, 4 May 2011 at 7.30 pm.

Members of the Council present were: Councillors Jane Ritchie, Chairman, Councillor Bill
Woodbridge, Vice-Chairman, Councillors Gail Dent, Rowland Dent and Mark Stanley, and Mrs Sue
Ryding, Clerk.

11 members of the public were present and were welcomed by the Chairman.

1. Minutes of the last meeting and matters arising
The Minutes of the last Annual Parish Meeting held on 4 May 2010, having been circulated prior to the
meeting, were taken as read. Mr Keith Ryding proposed and Mr David Hartle seconded that the
Minutes were a true record and this was confirmed by all present.

The Chairman pointed out that the funding for HM The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, mentioned in the
Minutes, would not now be forthcoming.

2. Annual Report, the Parish Council Accounts and points arising
Roads/trailer gritter
The Chairman confirmed that the trailer-gritter that had been ordered by the County Council had
arrived in February and would be available to be deployed next winter to areas that were not
accessible by the normal gritter. She also paid tribute to Councillor Mark Stanley for his work on
keeping the drains cleared. She reported to the meeting that UPM Tilhill was still intending to do
further work on drainage in the Forelands Forestry to try to prevent the flooding of past years.

Residents of the Village reported areas that had been cut very low last year resulting in ‘scalping’ of
the grass which then turned to mud. The Councillors noted the suggestion that the grass-cutting
should cease by the middle of October if the grass had stopped growing by then, and that the mower
should not be set too low. The Council also noted that the area outside Greystones was now devoid
of grass, but would be monitoring the situation closely to ensure that it was repaired properly when
work on the house was completed.

Cavey Garth
The Chairman reported that there was still a vacancy in Cavey Garth and asked if anyone knew of a
person who would be interested in renting the property whose name could be passed on to Sanctuary

A skip for any large items of refuse would be placed on the Village Green on Saturday, 21 May 2011.

The Chairman asked for any reports of incidents or concerns about health matters to be passed to her
as the LINk and the Upper Dales Health Watch representative. She also confirmed that the name
‘Health Watch’ was now to be used nationally.

3. Hydro-power scheme
Councillor Bill Woodbridge, the Chairman of the Hydro-power Working Group, explained the
background to the investigation into the possibility of a hydro-power scheme in the Waterfall Area
following a preliminary study done by the Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority. Having obtained a
grant from YDNPA, the firm H2ope had been commissioned to undertake a project viability study, but
this had proved that, in the present circumstances, a scheme was financially not feasible. In
particular, the difficulties of overcoming the problems of the sensitive nature of the area, and the need
to preserve the fish, had added considerably to the costs. However, the Council would keep the report
from H2ope for the future when circumstances might change. The Chairman and Councillor
Woodbridge thanked the members of the group for their efforts and the Yorkshire Dales National Park
Authority for granting the funds necessary to carry out the study.

4. Website
The Clerk explained that the website was now completed and was being managed by the Council. It
included more information than before, hopefully in a clearer format that was easily accessible. A
number of businesses in the Parish had contributed a small fee of £5 for a link from the website to
their own and one or two more requests were still being received. This money helped towards the
cost of the website. The Chairman explained that she had been informed of a move to create an area-
wide website, through Richmondshire District Council, which would be managed by Mr Steve Sheldon
on Carperby and would give access to Parish websites across the area.

5. HM The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee
The Chairman reported that the Diamond Jubilee celebrations would take place on the 4th and 5th June
next year. As a consequence, there would be no Bank Holiday at the end of May, when the May Fair
traditionally takes place. She outlined plans for a questionnaire which would be sent out with the
September 2011 Newsletter to ask people for suggestions as to how the event could be marked. She
also paid tribute to the organisers of the party on the Village Green on the Royal Wedding Day on 29
April which had proved to be an excellent event. Donations had been received to cover the costs of
the party, and the small surplus resulting had been earmarked for the Diamond Jubilee celebrations
next year.

6. Any other business
The Village had been entered in the Best Kept Village Competition again this year. The judging would
take place in the first two weeks of July.

Post code stickers for holiday homes would be available soon. These would enable the fire service to
reach properties quickly in the event of an emergency.

Mr Michael Wheeler raised the matter of the congestion caused by car-parking which gave rise to
much discussion. The Chairman explained that wherever possible this matter was raised with the
Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority and the Highways Department of North Yorkshire County
Council, but the situation continues to prove intractable.

Mrs Christine Pratt asked if the Council could look at the area of the Waterfall on the far side of the
Blue Bridge with a view to clearing it of saplings and other vegetation. This would enhance the area
and provide a place for picnics. The Council agreed to include it in the work for the Parish Caretaker
in consultation with the National Park Ranger.

There being no further business the meeting closed at 8.30 pm.




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