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					  Holiday Webinar

Presented By:
Janine Popick, CEO
Today’s Agenda

 • Holiday Retail Spending
 • What’s Working in Retail - Online and Off
 • Spa/Salon Offers
 • Driving Restaurant Traffic During the Holidays
 • Winery Offers
 • Best Practices

                      LETS GET STARTED!

                                                Holiday Webinar Says…!

 • Email Marketing to a house list ranked
   number one with retailers as an
   effective way to get Holiday business.
 • 2005 Merchants used Free Shipping 2x as
   much as Free Gift with Purchase
 • 9 out 10 consumers said that shipping offers were most
   important to them.

                                               Holiday Webinar Says…! (continued)
• Merchants reported that the
  revenue curve was later
   •   4 out of the 11 largest revenue days
       occurred Dec. 12-16
   •   November 28th 9% of sales during the
       holiday season
   •   December 12th = 20%
   •   December 13th = 7%

• Consumers are happy about online
  shopping - “satisfied” experiences
  jumped 11%
• Closer to the holidays merchants can
  increase “expedited” shipping costs
• Employee Discounts worked as did
  creative e-cards

       You haven’t missed it yet!                  Source:

                                              Holiday Webinar
Forrester Says…!

 • Almost one-fifth of the nearly
   4,000 consumers surveyed
   say that the Internet will be the
   place where they shop the most during the holidays.
 • 27 percent say they prefer not to buy online altogether
   because of the prospect of dealing with returns.
 • US online retail sales this holiday season will reach $27
   billion, a 23 percent increase over last year

            Holiday spending seems better than ever.

                                                  Holiday Webinar
One more…

 • In 2005, holiday gift card sales rose 6.6% to $18.5 billion.
   This year's numbers aren't out yet, but more than two-
   thirds of consumers surveyed planned to purchase a gift
                      National Retail Federation

               You need to capitalize on this now.

                                                     Holiday Webinar
What’s Working in Retail?

                       Holiday Webinar
What’s Working in Retail?

 • Free Shipping - #1 incentive
    •   Subject line: Shipping on Us, Comp
        Shipping, No S&H
 • Free Gift Wrap & Gift Cards
    •   Hassle-free
 • Bundled Gifts/Pre-made Gift
    •   Subject line: Buy one, get two widgets
    •   Subject line: Gift baskets under $45
 • Gifts Sorted by Price Range
    •   Subject line: Gifts under $20
        Shipping on us
 • Daily Specials
    •   Subject line: Holiday Daily: Wines under $20

                            Make everything hassle-free!

                                                           Holiday Webinar
What’s Working in Retail? (continued)

 • Customer Favorites
    •   Subject line: Customer faves under $30

 • Corporate Gifting Opportunities
    •   Subject line: Upload your list and
        your gifts are sent
    •   Hassle-free, ability to upload a .csv
        file or send one via e+mail

 • Gift Certificates
    •   Subject line: $25 e-gift sent immediately
    •   Last minute gifting

 • Discounts for early-bird shopping
    •   Subject line: Buy before Nov.30 get 20% off

             What works well in online retail, also works offline!

                                                           Holiday Webinar
What’s Working in Retail? (continued)

 • Emphasis on “Returns” being easy
 • Guarantee last minute order/delivery
    •   Subject line: Order by 12/22, Holiday delivery guaranteed
 • Charitable Donations for each purchase
    •   Subject line: Buy a bracelet, 10% goes to a cancer cure
 • Free Stocking Stuffer
    •   Subject line: Stocking Stuffer Alert - Get a $5 gift card with purchase
 • Events/Parties - Offline only
    •   Subject line: Invitation: Wine in-store Saturday the 22nd
 • Later/earlier store hours - Offline only
    •   Last minute shoppers: Open until 9pm

                        Now let’s see some examples…

                                                                    Holiday Webinar
Retail Offers

        Make offline holiday shopping fun, not a chore.

                                                  Holiday Webinar
Retail Offers

 Give yourself a reason to reach out to people then give them an incentive!

                                                           Holiday Webinar
Retail Offers

                Good use of “Buy one, get one”.

                                                  Holiday Webinar
Retail Offers

Making the holidays easier = great, winning a clean house = superb!

                                                    Holiday Webinar
Retail Offers

          More on offline holiday retail celebrations.

                                                    Holiday Webinar
Retail Offers

            Urgency works, plus a coupon code.

                                                 Holiday Webinar
Salon/Spa Offers

                   Holiday Webinar
Salon/Spa Offers

 • Holiday Party Season Packages
   •   Subject line: Get Party-Ready Now - $35 for Mani/Pedi

 • Holiday Packages
   •   Subject line: Holiday Rejuvenate - Spiced Scented Massage

 • Gift Certificates for services
   •   Subject line: Last minute shoppers: $35 Mani/Pedi day

 • Pre-Made Product Gift Baskets
   •   Subject line: $20-$50 Gift baskets in stock

        Subject Line: Pick up your gift on the way home tonight

                                                         Holiday Webinar
Salon/Spa Offers

        The new year, the new you, with a discount!

                                                Holiday Webinar
Salon/Spa Offers

 Gift certificates, weekly specials, holiday promos all wrapped up in one newsletter.

                                                                   Holiday Webinar
Salon/Spa Offers

    Catchy headline, great offer, great gift sets and gift cards…good stuff!

                                                                Holiday Webinar
Restaurant Offers

                    Holiday Webinar
Restaurant Offers

 • Company Parties
   •   Subject line: Have {COMPANY_NAME}’s holiday party with us
 • Family Events
   • Subject line: Appetizers for you and 9 friends on us
   • Limited to the first 20 responses

 • Gift Certificates to dine at the restaurant
   •   Subject line: Last minute: Give a $50 gift card this season
 • Stop in while you’re shopping
   • Subject line: Take a shopping break, come in for a drink
   • Bring this coupon in for a free appetizer with purchase

 • Show a receipt from a neighboring store and get an appetizer
   •   Subject line: Shop at Sally’s and get a drink at Harry’s

  Offering goods and services around the holiday retail season is smart!

                                                                     Holiday Webinar
Restaurant Offers

    Make sure there are many ways to get in touch with you.

                                                  Holiday Webinar
Restaurant Offers

 Early bird…gift certificates and holiday bookings in one newsletter.

                                                      Holiday Webinar
Restaurant Offers

            Gift baskets and gift certificates!

                                                  Holiday Webinar
Restaurant Offers

              Wine class gift certificates!

                                              Holiday Webinar
Winery Offers

                Holiday Webinar
Winery Offers

 • Events at the winery
   •   Subject line: Book now - 10 dates left for holiday parties
 • Wine Club Membership
   •   Subject line: Wine clubs: The gift that gives all year long
 • Special gift pack offers
   •   Subject line: Trio of wine under $50 with gift pack and card
 • Wine club members holiday discounts
   • Subject line: 40% holiday discount for wine club members
   • Subject line: Discounts and Free S&H for wine members

 • Gift with purchase
   •   Subject line: 2005 Cab with our gift of Riedel wine glasses

         Free shipping and discounts work during the holiday season!

                                                                     Holiday Webinar
Winery Offers

                Get your party on now!

                                         Holiday Webinar
Winery Offers

    Tasting party pack, sell holiday items, give a great deal!

                                                     Holiday Webinar
Winery Offers

          Bundle the products for a big savings!

                                                   Holiday Webinar
Winery Offers

   Wine club memberships, free shipping and a dog calendar!

                                                 Holiday Webinar
Best Practices - Creating Your Email

                               Holiday Webinar
Best Practices : Get Into The Inbox

 • From Label
    •   Your company name or your email address
    •   Stick to who you are and avoid changing this

 • Subject Line
    •   Keep it Short - many readers default to 40 characters and cut it off there

    •   Don’t repeat from label in subject line - space is too valuable
    •   Don’t overuse the word “free” or symbols “fr^e” - spam technique

    •   Don’t use excessive punctuation - !!!!!
    •   Don’t use CAPITALIZATION - email screaming!

    •   Personalization works

   Your from label and subject line are the first items your recipients see, make them count!

                                                                                     Holiday Webinar
Best Practices : Content
• Avoid large logos at the top - valuable space
• Above the fold - keep the important Info here
• Avoid using one large image
• Text Only - Corporations
• Font Type - Stick with web-friendly
  across many browsers
   •   Arial, Verdana, Trebuchet for san serif
       Times New Roman, Georgia for serif.
• Font Size                                            This is what a recipient sees when an
   • Avoid too small for readability                   email is only made up of images and
                                                             images are not displayed.
   • Avoid too large for deliverability.
                                                          The unsubscribe… Ouch!
• Font Color
   • Avoid white on dark background for readability
   • Avoid magenta, yellow, green or grey for deliverability

       Best practices help your email get into the inbox, then read!

                                                                           Holiday Webinar
Best Practices : Content (continued)
 • Avoid long copy blocks - this can deter your
 • Use bullets
     •   Keep them short and spaced out
 • Include many ways a recipient can click to get
   to your site.
 • Relax - “talk” to your user, email can be more
 • Go ahead and sell, just avoid
   spammer techniques
 • Personalization - Good data?
 • Postal Address - It’s the law
     •   Include phone number
 • Reminders - Remind recipients where they
   have signed up for your email
 • Include a forward to a friend mechanism

Make sure your email is easy to read, then get them clicking through!

                                                     Holiday Webinar
Best Practices Examples

                          What could be improved?
                          • They repeat the company
                            name in the subject line
                          • The entire email is made up of

                                             Holiday Webinar
Best Practices Examples
                          What could be improved?
                          • The use two large images
                          • Subject line recognition:
                            New luxury cashmere is
                            here for the holidays

                                           Holiday Webinar
Best Practices Examples

                          • Great From Label
                            and Subject Line
                          • Great use of
                            imagery PLUS
                            text, if the image
                            isn’t shown you’ll
                            still see the text.

                               Holiday Webinar
Best Practices Examples
                          • They tell people they are hosting their
                          • Most important info is above the fold
                          • Very clean with healthy mix of text
                            and graphics
                          •   Offers are clearly spelled out
                          • Giving it a human touch with Zoe the

                                             Holiday Webinar

    This concludes the presentation.

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