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                                   Concentration: General
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       Mihaylo College has put together a list of courses to choose from. If you are unsure of which courses would be useful for
        your professional, personal, or educational goals please schedule an appointment with your Graduate Concentration
        Exploration Advisors for a personal consultation.
       During your first semester in the program a copy of the Concentration Elective Approval form must be submitted, by the
        deadlines found in your GSH, via email to or you may drop a copy off in SGMH4210.
              o When you make any changes to your electives simply choose alternatives from the list below. You are not required
                   to resubmit a new form as long as the elective courses are included in this list.
       Concentration courses are offered less frequently then required courses. Picking your concentration elective courses within
        the first semester provides you with the opportunity to enroll in the courses as they are offered.
       It is your responsibility to check the prerequisites when selecting your concentration elective courses. You are responsible for
        completing any prerequisite coursework prior to enrolling in a course.

                              Choose / Mark a Maximum of “FOUR” Electives
The concentration consists of 12 units or four electives with no more than two courses from the same thematic
discipline. Courses must be chosen from the provided list. Two courses must be at the 500 level and no more than two
courses may be at the 400 level. No course numbered below 400 may be used.
Check 2-4 Electives (course descriptions are found in the University Catalog)
  ACCT 502     Seminar in Accounting Theory                            ACCT 572 Seminar in Tax of Corps and Shareholders
  ACCT 503     Seminar in Contemporary Acct Problems                   ACCT 573 Seminar in Tax of Property Transactions
  ACCT 505     Seminar in Auditing                                     ACCT 574 Seminar in Tax of International Bus Operations
  ACCT 506     Seminar in Professional Acct Communication              ACCT 575 Sem. in Estate, Gift, Inheritance Taxes and Estate
  ACCT 507     Seminar in Accounting Information Sys                   ACCT 576 Seminar in State and Local Taxation
  ACCT 508     Seminar in Tax Planning                                 ACCT 577 Sem. in Tax of Employee Compensation
  ACCT 518     Seminar in International Accounting                     ACCT 578 Seminar in Taxation of Partnerships
  ACCT 521     Seminar in Management Control Systems                   ACCT 580 Sem. in Tax of S Corp, LLCs & LLPS
  ECON 502     Advanced Microeconomic Analysis                         ECON 528 Financial Economics (same as Fin 528)
  ECON 503     Advanced Macroeconomic Analysis                         ECON 531 International Economics
  ECON 504     Econometric Analysis                                    ECON 590 Topics in Economic Analysis and Policy
  ECON 505     Economic Models and Forecasting                         ECON 595 Current Research in Economics
  ECON 506     Economics of Aging                                      ECON 521 Macroeconomic Perspective for Mgrs (if used as
                                                                    an elective may not be taken as a required course)
   ECON 516 Economics and Benefit-Cost Analysis
   FIN 523 Seminar in Corporate Financial Management                   FIN 543    Entrepreneurial Finance
   FIN 528 Financial Economics                                         FIN 551    Seminar in Real Estate Investment
   FIN 533 Seminar in Financial Administration                         FIN 560    Corporate Risk Mgmt and Insurance Seminar
   FIN 540 Seminar in Mergers and Acquisitions                         FIN 570    Seminar in International Financial Mgmt
   FIN 541 Seminar in Investment Management                            FIN 562    Enterprise Risk Management
-- Students may not receive credit for both Finance 442 and 541
   ISDS 516 Introduction to Logistics Analysis Techniques              ISDS 557    Issues in Bus Info Sys & Global Telecom
   ISDS 521 Revenue Management Modeling                                ISDS 558    Adv. Software Dev with Web Applications
   ISDS 526 Forecasting, Dec. Analysis and Exper Design                ISDS 560    Advanced Deterministic Models
   ISDS 550 Business Data Communications                               ISDS 561    Advanced Probabilistic Models
   ISDS 551 Information Resources Management                           ISDS 563    Geographic Info. Sys. for Business
   ISDS 552 Sys. Analysis, Design and Develop.                         ISDS 565    Wireless Information Systems
   ISDS 553 Electronic Comm: Analysis and Eval.                        ISDS 568    Info. Systems for Knowledge Mgmt
   ISDS 554 E-Commerce: Technological Perspective                      ISDS 576    Business Modeling and Simulation
   ISDS 555 Bus. Databases: Design & Processing                        ISDS 578    Seminar in Logistics Models
   ISDS 556 Data Warehousing and Found. of Bus. Intelligence
  Mgmt510 Professional Ethics for Managers                         Mgmt540 New Venture Leadership and Mgmt
  Mgmt520 International Legal Environment of Bus.                  Mgmt542 Labor and Employment Relations Seminar
  Mgmt525 Seminar in Team Leadership Skills                        Mgmt543 Seminar in Human Resource Management
  Mgmt535 Production / Operations Management                       Mgmt547 Comparative Management
  Mgmt539 Supply Chain Management                                  Mgmt582 Organizational Development and Change
  Mgmt515 Mgmt of Info in the Corp. Environment (if used as an elective may not be taken as a required course)
  MKTG 535      Marketing New Ventures                             MKTG 596T Contemporary Topics in Marketing
                                                                (may be repeated three times, in different topics, for credit)
  MKTG 545 Social and Nonprofit Marketing                          MKTG 599 Independent Graduate Research
  MKTG 565 Strategic Market Intelligence                           MKTG 599 Independent Graduate Research
                                                                (European Tour)

Check a maximum of 0 - 2 Electives (course descriptions are found in the University Catalog)
  ACCT 401     Advanced Accounting                                    ACCT 420     Advanced Cost Accounting
  ACCT 402     Auditing                                               ACCT 422     Internal Audit and Control
  ACCT 403     Acct for Govt. & Nonprofit Entities                    ACCT 460     Sem. in Financial Statement Analysis
  ACCT 405     Fraud Detection                                        ACCT 470     Tax Research, Practice and Proced.
  ACCT 408     Problems in Taxation
  ECON 410     Industrial Organization                               ECON 421 Monetary and Fiscal Policy
  ECON 411     International Trade                                   ECON 431 International Macroeconomics and Growth
  ECON 412     Labor Economics                                       ECON 433 The Less Developed Countries and the World
   ECON 413 Law and Economics                                        ECON 441 Introduction to Mathematical Economics
   ECON 415 Economics of Health                                      ECON 440 Introduction to Econometrics
   ECON 416 Benefit Cost and Micro Policy Analysis                   ECON 450 History of Economic Thought
   ECON 417 Public Finance                                           ECON 461 Ecological Economics
   ECON 420 Money and Banking                                        ECON 462 Natural Resource Economics
   FIN 410 Theory and Practice of Personal Fin. Planning             FIN 444 Options and Futures
   FIN 411 Retirement and Estate Planning                            FIN 454 Real Estate Market Analysis
   FIN 425 Commercial Bank and Fin. Institution Mgmt                 FIN 461 Bus. Property and Liability Risk Mgmt
   FIN 432 Financial Forecasting and Budgeting                       FIN 462 Life and Health Insurance
   FIN 435 Capital Markets and Fixed Income Analysis                 FIN 463 Professional Ethics, Corporate Compliance and Reg.
   FIN 442 Advanced Investment Analysis –                            FIN 464 Insurance Marketing and Distribution
Students may not receive credit for both Finance 442 and 541
   ISDS 408 Database Management Systems                               ISDS 442   Bus. Modeling Using Spreadsheets
   ISDS 409 Bus. Telecomm. for Info Sys Design                        ISDS 454   Senior Project: Information Systems Dev.
   ISDS 411 Business Application Design                               ISDS 461   Statistical Theory for Mgmt Science
   ISDS 415 Principles of Business Intelligence                       ISDS 465   Linear Pgmng in Mgmt Science
   ISDS 418 Privacy and Security                                      ISDS 467   Statistical Quality Control
   ISDS 422 Surveys and Sampling Design and Apps                      ISDS 472   Design of Experiments
   ISDS 431 Enterprise Sys Implementation,Config & Use                ISDS 473   Applied Business Forecasting
   ISDS 433 Enterprise Systems Administration                         ISDS 474   Data Mining for Managers
   ISDS 435 Integrated Enterprise Information Sys.                    ISDS 475   Multivariate Analysis
   ISDS 437 Enterprise Networks for Info. Systems                     ISDS 490   Que and Stoch Models in Mgmt Science
   ISDS 440 Integrative Dec. Tools for Bus. Operations
   Mgmt422 Operations Planning and Control                            Mgmt442 Managerial Leadership
   Mgmt423 Purchasing and Supply Management                           Mgmt443 Team Leadership Skills
   Mgmt425 Quality Management and Improvement                         Mgmt444 Project Management
   Mgmt426 Global Operations                                          Mgmt445 Employment Law
   Mgmt427 Management of Technology and Innovation                    Mgmt446 Entertainment Business Law
   Mgmt430 Integrated Supply Chain Management                         Mgmt447 Internet Legal Issues
   Mgmt432 Staffing                                                   Mgmt455 Cross Cultural Management
   Mgmt434 Compensation                                               Mgmt465A New Venture Creation and Funding
   Mgmt435 Management of Service Organizations                        Mgmt465B New Venture Launch
   Mgmt436 Training and Development                                   Mgmt470 Media Entertainment Business
   Mgmt440 Emerging Issues in Management                              Mgmt471 Live Entertainment Business
   MKTG 401 Professional Selling                                      MKTG 445 International Marketing
   MKTG 405 Integrating Marketing Communications                      MKTG 455 Strategic Internet Marketing
   MKTG 415 Managing the Sales Force                                  MKTG 465 Managing Services Marketing
   MKTG425         Retail & Mktg Channel Strategies                   MKTG 475 Export Marketing Strategies
   MKTG 430 Sports Marketing

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