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    Porter Nash Direct Debit
    The perfect payment method for today’s
    busy professionals and business owners
    seeking timely, dependable ways to keep
    their financial obligations current.
    There are several good reasons to use
    Direct Debit as a method of payment:-
                                                  • It cuts down on your paperwork,                 3M™ Littmann® Stethoscopes
    • It is quick and convenient                    administration, stamps, misplaced bills
                                                    and payment deadlines
    • It saves you time
    • It’s secure and accurate - so you know
                                                  • Your customer rights remain fully protected          10% OFF
                                                                                                       PLUS RECEIVE
      that the right amount will be credited to   • You don’t have to worry about remembering
      your Porter Nash account                      to pay or finding your last statement               A FREE
                                                                                                         Littman USB
                                                                                                         memory card                                                       2
                                                                                                         with Introduction
                                                                                                          to Heartsounds

    Porter Nash in partnership with Welch Allyn                                       VISIT
                                                                                      US AT
    Exhibiting at Commissioning 2011                                               STAND
    15th - 16th June 2011, Olympia, London

    Porter Nash Supporting Diabetes UK                                              SEE

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    Diabetes Week 13/06/2011 - 19/06/2011                                          FOR MORE
    Save 10% on all Diagnostic equipment from
                                                                                                  STE42301JE Littmann® Electronic 3200, Black, 69cm         1   £349.00 £288.00
    our 2011 Catalogue during Diabetes Week                                                       STE151JE Littmann® Master Cardiology, Plum tubing, 69cm   2   £149.50 £138.00
                                                                                                  STE100JE Littmann® Classic II SE, Orange tubing, 71cm     3    £57.50   £51.75

                                                                                                   Please see our 2011 Catalogue for more details
                                                                                                   of the highlighted Littmann stethoscopes

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