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                                                                    Phil Hirst
                                                                    Tel: 2243500

                      Minutes of Outer South Area Panel meeting
                 held on Thursday 22nd January 2009 at Rothwell OSC.

Members present:                              AVHL Staff

Cllr Jack Dunn (JD)                           Phil Hirst (PH)
Jean Lancaster, (JL) Bridge St TARA           John Metcalf (JM)
Freddie Jones, (FJ) Winthorpe TA              Phil Diamond, NHM Rothwell (PD)
Sharna Ramsden (SR)Thorpe TARA                Kevin Vaughan, NHM Morley (KV)
                                              Mike Holdsworth, Lettings Team (MH)
Guests present:                               Mark Wheelwright (MW)

John Cummins, Groundwork
Janet White, Care & Repair
Emily Simpson, Care & Repair
Mr Devaney, Rothwell U 10s Football

79.0    Apologies:

        Apologies were received from Tina Fielden and Cllr Bob Gettings.

80.0    Minutes of last meeting

        The minutes were accepted as a correct record.

81.0    Matters Arising

        8.2 The Panel had expected Cllr Gruen to attend a Panel meeting,                JH
        however he was not present. JH to invite to the next meeting.

82.0    Budget

82.1    Mark Wheelwright discussed in length the project update to January 2009,
        and the progress of work carried out. He mentioned that a lot of work has
        been done throughout different areas. A total of £151,000 has been
        spent, and the OSAP have £50,000 left to allocate up to April 09.
        Consultation is still on-going for further projects. Community Allotment
        Project works in partnership with Bruntcliffe High School funded a sum of
        £2,500.00. Springfield Street Gardens £8,252.00 was funded by Area
        Panel, and Cottingley Community Centre £5,000 by Area Panel.

82..2   Cottingley –Wildlife Garden. The Area Panel Contribution was £5,000,
        and the match funding was £15,600.00.
82.3     Capital Projects have been popular, and an award was won which
         involved young people. The area of First Avenue was high profile, and the
         forthcoming second phase is funded.

82.4     In Springfield Street at Rothwell, residents were changing their minds
         regarding the design, and different options were considered which would
         lead to a change of work. However, work was in progress whilst
         discussions were continuing.

83.0     Housing Manager’s Report

83.1     Morley – Kevin Vaughan

83.1.1   Morley Fencing Programme
         KV informed the panel that the Morley Fencing Programme was £15,000
         and a satisfaction questionnaire is pending. Doorstep Green & bow top
         fencing was good value, and bird mouth fencing was installed 73mm @
         32.00 a total of £2,340.88.

83.1.2   Morley Parking project
         The Morley Project regarding anti-social parking has been resolved
         outside the school and fencing has been installed.

83.1..3 Drighlington & Gildersome
        The local press have now been involved with the issue of benches in
        these areas. Community benches have now been installed and the
        tenants are happy. Councillor Gettings and the TMO for these areas are
        to go out and inspect.

83.2     Rothwell – Phil Diamond

83.2.1   Midland House
         Funding from the OSAP has meant that the communal room will have
         access to the improved garden area.

83.2.2   Home Lea Communal Gardens
         Most residents have been contacted regarding creative spaces design,
         and we now have the project. The proposal around 25 bungalows to
         create low maintenance open spaces for the elderly residents together
         with a memorial garden.

         The Area Panel agreed to fund £5,000, and we already have £20,000.

83.2.3   U10s Football Team
         Mr Devaney discussed at length a girls’ football team in South Leeds. The
         club has a welfare officer, health & safety, coaching, and a ‘code of
         conduct’, along with welfare & moral education. There are 22 coaches,
         male & female. The football team was established in 1977 and is on Fleet
         Lane which consists of changing rooms, flood lights, and training facilities.
         The club is looking for sponsors. The club has raised funds of £805
       through different activities, and parents have also integrated with the
       The panel agreed to fund £500 towards training kits & sweat shirts.              JH

84.0   Care & Repair - Janet White

84.1   Janet White outlined the current gardening service which included 130
       tenants in the AVHL area, 60 of whom had benefited from the service
       which included clearance of overgrown gardens, grass cutting and regular
       garden maintenance. The service users who attended with Janet and
       Emily said they had been delighted with the service.

84.2   Care & Repair would also like to purchase some specialist equipment for
       the elderly to use so that they could continue to maintain their gardens
       themselves if they wished.

84.3   At Christmas time Care and Repair had launched a ‘gift token’ scheme
       called ‘No more bathsalts’, which is a reference to those unused presents
       generally bought for elderly relatives. They have produced leaflets which
       the gardening team carry around with them in order to advertise the
       scheme. Tokens can be bought on-line or from the Care & Repair office.

       JW requested further funding for 2009/10 to enable them to continue with
       the gardening scheme.

       The Panel agreed a sum of £15,000.

85.0   Groundwork – John Cummins

       A masterplan was produced of the John O Gaunts area, and an entrance
       sign is to be installed. A consultation took place for tenders for corner
       entrances and these tenders were expected back on Friday, 23 rd January.

       The Greengates Project is ongoing with Aire Valley, a lot is happening and

       Care & Repair are working closely with ‘Cottingley in Bloom’, and they
       have decided to look at sites in the Beeston Area in March 09. The bloom
       group in the Beeston Area has gone from strength-to-strength, and a
       video was shown to the panel. Work has been carried out on Cross Flats
       Park in the form of art work, it has been there for 3 years, and still has not
       been damaged. Benches and plants have been put in place in Tempest
       Road. Cottingley may be the type of area that would benefit from further
       environmental improvements.

       The panel were invited to have a look at forthcoming projects, to see if we
       could get any ideas for Aire Valley Homes. The proposed dates for
       options to be arranged in Spring. Aire Valley Homes have 3 or 4 bids for
86.0   Voids Performance – Mike Holdsworth

       Unfortunately there was insufficient time for MH to complete his              MH
       presentation and he was asked to attend to the next meeting.

87.0   Funding Requests

87.1   Cottingley Primary School

       Following on from the success of ‘Paradise Island’ the school have asked
       for funding to create a ‘Growing Together’ theme on unused land close to
       the school. They would like to work with the theatre group again as well as
       alongside the Tenants group TRAC.

       The Panel agreed funding of £5000.

87.2   Rothwell TARA

       Requested funding to purchase a lap top with internet access to be used
       on the ‘Youth Bus’.

       The Panel agreed funding of £500.

87.3   Strictly Come Business

       Each Panel has been approached by PfP in order to help fund this

       The Panel agreed funding of £1500.

88.0   Any Other Business                                                            .

       KV had received a proposal to excavate and tarmac the garage site at          KV
       Elmfield Court. The quote received to date is for £18,800. KV will seek 2
       further quotes as the Panel felt that this sum was excessive.
       Parking in this area is extremely bad nd the issue will be discussed in
       more detail at the next meeting.

89.0   Date of Next Meeting

       The next meeting will be held on Thursday 12th March 2009 at
       Rothwell OSC

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