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									MAGNETspray   MAGNETsprayBP
Advanced Spray Technology for Growing Markets
          Remediation and Restoration
          • Mold and Mildew removal and prevention

          Disinfecting and Sanitizing
          • Restrooms, athletic facilities, health clubs
          • MRSA outbreak prevention
          • Bio-hazard Meth lab & Crime scene Clean-up

          • Improved infection control for patients and staff
         It’s all about coverage
Better coverage saves time and money
Electrostatics provides better coverage
               Coverage Comparison
Pump Sprayer      Trigger Sprayer   MAGNETspray
                  Coverage Comparison
Three sheets of white construction paper follow.

Each sheet is sprayed with black ink using one of three sprayer
types, a pump or common sprayer, a trigger sprayer and

Each sheet was weighed before and after spraying to determine the
amount of ink applied.

Look carefully, any visible white paper represents an area where the
sprayer failed to apply the chemical (ink) to the surface.
 Pump Sprayer
1.68 grams of ink
 Trigger Sprayer
1.18 grams of ink
.58 grams of ink
Pump Sprayer    Trigger Sprayer

  1.68 grams        1.18 grams     .58 grams
  of chemical       of chemical   of chemical
   deposited         deposited     deposited
 Pump Sprayer                  Trigger Sprayer              MAGNETspray
only 70% of surface covered   only 65% of surface covered   100% of surface is covered

      White areas indicate an untreated surface.
         Reduces chemical usage by 70%
Chemical savings alone make MAGNETspray a smart investment.
For most applications, the cost of sprayer is earned back in less than
six months.
             Reduces labor up to 70%
Fewer number of passes.
More square feet of surface per hour.
Less hauling and re-filling of chemicals.
Less clean-up because chemicals go where you want them.
    How does MAGNETspray
achieve this remarkable coverage?
          Air-assisted spray
         Size of spray droplet
      Electrically charged droplet

Air is necessary in electrostatic spraying to break the liquid into tiny
 droplets, and push the charged spray toward complex surfaces.
                                           Droplet size

   Conventional Sprayers: uncharged                       MagnetSpray: particles with the same
   particles are attracted to each other                  electrostatic charge repel each other,
   other, forming even larger droplets.                   keeping them equally spaced.

 The force of electrostatic attraction is stronger when the droplet
 size is small and the charge to the droplet is high. The optimum
size droplet for electrostatics (30 micron) is created when the high
           speed air, impacts the liquid inside the nozzle.
             Electrically charged droplet

As the spray is atomized, the liquid stream passes by an electrode
inside the nozzle. Electrons are induced into the liquid stream and
droplets leave the nozzle with a high negative charge.
Electrically charged droplet
               Electrically charged droplets

Electrostatics have been used for years in various industries to
apply paint evenly and completely, this anti-gravity feature is
commonly referred to as the “wrap-around effect”.
            Black Ball Demo

   Visual evidence of MAGNETspray’s
ability to produce the “wrap around” effect.
                     Black Ball Demo

The above test fixture contains all the components of the spray gun.
                          Power Supply
                      Air and liquid delivery
                      Black Ball Demo

A black plastic sphere is placed a set distance from the spray
                       Black Ball Demo

With the electrostatics turned OFF, the sphere is sprayed for four
     Black Ball Demo

Notice the coverage on the target
                    Black Ball Demo

Using a new sphere, this time we turn the electrostatics
ON, and spray for two seconds or half the time of the first
spray (representing 50% reduction of material).
                   Black Ball Demo

Notice the coverage on the target. The charged droplets
wrapped around, reaching the back side of the sphere.
         Black Ball Demo
  Original Sphere

Electrostatics OFF

 Electrostatics ON
          Benefits of the “wrap around” effect

MOLD REMEDIATION – inside wall cavities, attics, ceilings, under
cabinets, HVAC ductwork etc.

DISINFECTING & SANITIZING – restroom stalls, lockers, walls,
ceilings, difficult to reach plumbing fixtures, cabinets etc.

MEDICAL - bedframes, carts, receptacles, walls, ceilings, exposed
pipes, conduits and other surfaces where wet wiping by hand is
impossible or ineffective.
• 70 psi compressor
• 3 gal tank
• 50’ tandem liquid/air hose
• Electrostatic spray gun
  w/battery charger
• Steel dolly

List price: $4,998
• Electrostatic spray gun
  w/battery charger
• 3 gal backpack
  solution tank
• 100’ air hose
             MOLDSTAT™ Product LINE

• Peroxy Kling
• Mold Resistant Coating and Encapsulator
               MOLDSTAT™ Peroxy Kling

• A concentrated multi-surface cleaner and degreaser for
  decontamination, mold remediation, and regular maintenance.
• Oxidizes bacteria, mold, stains and
  eliminates odors.
• Specially formulated to cling to all
• Hydrogen peroxide formulation with
  color safe bleaching.
               MOLDSTAT™ Peroxy Kling

• Packaging & List Pricing
   – 6 ea. 32oz bottles with 3 trigger sprayers
   – $106.00
                    MOLDSTAT™ Plus

• A concentrated EPA registered fungicide, mildewstat,
  disinfectant, and sanitizer that eliminates a wide range of
  bacteria, mold, and mildew.
• Can be applied to porous and non-porous surfaces and is cost
• Is recommended for use after water
  damage, flooding, sewer backup, and
  mold infestation.
                     MOLDSTAT™ Plus

• Packaging & List Pricing
   – 8/32oz.                 $199.00
   – 4/1gallon               $217.00
   – 5 gallon pail           $257.00
      Mold Resistant Coating and Encapsulator

• An encapsulator with an EPA registered fungicide that is
  UV resistant and ready to use.
• Prevents water and mold from
  penetrating new and old materials.
• Contains a vanishing tracer dye to
  indicate coverage.
       Mold Resistant Coating and Encapsulator

• Packaging & List Pricing
   –   12/15oz Aerosol Cans Clear   $150.00
   –   4/1 Gallon Clear             $256.00
   –   4/1 Gallon Violet            $266.00
   –   5 Gallon Pail Clear          $335.00
   –   5 Gallon Pail Violet         $332.00

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