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					                                                Olga Pantelidou
                             Address: Moudanion 15, Kalamaria, Thessaloniki, Greece
                                Home: 2310 454-028, Mobile: 6974214991

Feb 10 - present     Freelancing                                                     Web Developer/Designer
Nov 08 – Feb 10      New Media Technology                                            Web Developer/Designer
                     Thessaloniki, Greece

                          Developing cross-browser dynamic web applications, forms and static web
                           pages using (X)HTML, CSS, JavaScript
                          Designing templates, creating and editing graphics and photographs with Adobe
                          Manipulating and maintaining web content using the company's CMS
                          Designing and manipulating databases (SQL, MySQL
                          Using version control for multi developer environment
                          Training clients in the use of the company's CMS

Sept 05 –Aug 08      The British Geological Survey (BGS)                             Web Developer
                     Nottingham, UK

                          Developing and maintaining both the BGS Internet and Intranet
                          Designing and developing cross-browser dynamic web applications, forms and
                           static web pages using ColdFusion, Java, (X)HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Flash
                          Designing and manipulating databases (SQL, Oracle, SQL Server, MS Access)
                          Creating and editing graphics with Adobe Photoshop
                          Using version control for multi developer environment
                          Use of development tools such as Dreamweaver MX 2004, HomeSite+,TopStyle,
                           Toad, SQL Enterprise Manager, Tortoise SVN, Embarcadero ERStudio
                          Managing the Intranet search functionality with two Googlemini servers
                          Responding to user error reports (bug fixing)
                          Organising IT Developer’s lectures
                          Training staff in web development

Work Overseas             Developed a web application in ColdFusion and Oracle for acquisition, storage
                           and retrieval of data for the Geological Survey in Dublin, Ireland
                          Designed and developed a web site for the Direction Nationale de la Géologie et
                           des Mines in Mali, Africa. Produced a maintenance manual and trained local web
May 04 - Jul 05      Farnborough School, Technology College                          ICT Technician
                     Nottingham, UK

                             Developing and maintaining the school’s Intranet
                             Setting up and maintaining workstations and laptops
                             Installing, configuring, maintaining and repairing all peripherals
                             Configuring installations to run efficiently on the network
                             Identifying and resolving both routine and unexpected problems
                             Training staff in the use of computers and peripherals
                             Supervising and advising pupils in ICT-related issues
2001-2002          MSc in Information Technology – Keele University, Staffordshire, UK
Taught modules:             Multimedia & Internet, System Development, Business Information Systems
                            Databases, Programming, Network & Distributed Systems, Professional Practice
Project: “The development process of a web site for Intelligent Orthopaedics Ltd.”

A six-month project was a major part of this program. I carried out requirements planning for and developing an
interactive web site for a medical company. Web pages were generated from a content database (MS Access).
I also produced a user manual. I found my logical approach an asset in completing this project successfully.
1995-2000                 Degree in Business Administration –
                           University of Macedonia, Economic & Social Sciences, Thessaloniki, Greece
Courses included:           Computers, Management Information Systems, Marketing
                            Business Administration, Consumer Behaviour, Organisational Behaviour

February 08        Developing Java Web Applications – Learning Tree International, London, UK
(4 day course)
January 07                Flash (Basic and Advanced) –New College Nottingham, Nottingham, UK

16th April 07             Oracle Database 10g: Introduction to SQL – Oracle University, UK

10th February 07          Data Modeling and Relational Database Design – Oracle University, UK

December 06               XML: A comprehensive Hands-on introduction – Learning Tree International,
(4 day course)            London, UK
July 06                   Java Programming – Interquad, London, UK
(4 day course)
April 05 – June 05        Adobe InDesign (OCN) – New College Nottingham, Nottingham, UK
Feb 04 – Jul 05           Web Design (OCN) – The People’s College, Nottingham, UK
(part-time)                 Data driven site construction with Dreamweaver MX
                            XHTML, JavaScript, Cascading Style Sheets, DHTML
Apr 04 - Nov 04           Adobe Photoshop (OCN) (Basic and Advanced) – New College Nottingham, UK
Nov 03 - Dec 03           Networks and Communications (OCN)–The People’s College, Nottingham, UK
(part-time)                 LAN and WAN Technologies
                            Circuit Switched, Packet Switched and Dial-Up Networks
                            OSI Seven Layer Model, Frame formats, Ethernet standards
OTHER IT SKILLS:            Operating Systems: Microsoft Windows
                            Microsoft Office, Paint Shop Pro, Adobe InDesign, Macromedia Director

EXHIBITIONS                 Photography show in support of the charitable organisation Photovoice

LANGUAGES:                    Greek (native speaker)
                              English (fluent reading, writing and verbal skills)
                              French (basic reading, writing and verbal skills)
                              Italian (beginner)
INTERESTS:                  Photography
                            Interest in foreign languages
                            Interest in cooking
Available upon request

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