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					                                 Mountain Bike Tours
The popularity of mountain bikes has risen over the past decade. These days it is easy to find out
about various mountain bike holidays. If you are thinking about going on a mountain bike tour in
any part of the world, you will need to take into account a number of factors. What You Should
Take on a Mountain Bike Holiday

Many tours will provide you with a mountain bike and a helmet if you do not already have one.
All mountain bike tours require planning months in advance. You can take bicycle tours all over
the world. Maybe you would love to go touring in Italy? If you are one of those who love
adventure and outdoor sports then riding a bicycle or mountain biking can be the best option. It is
very interesting to note that biking is just like climbing on a mountain but with the help of a bike.
Today, biking in India is gaining its popularity and offers beautiful and varied topography that
in turn offers a wide scope for biking. Be it the mountain range of the Himalayas or the south
Indian mountainous treks, mountain biking in India is always filled with pleasure. - Always
enjoy your biking while carrying a topographical map with you if you are venturing along the
off-beaten path.

- Make sure you wear a long sleeve top along with long pants if you are biking on a wintry day.

Mountain bike is a sport that is rapidly taking off around the world. So great is its popularity that
travel companies are taking advantage of this and offering mountain biking tours. Because there
are so many companies offering mountain bike tours, you have to do a great deal of research in
advance to make sure you go with the best company. Because of the popularity of the internet,
it's easy to find the right mountain biking tour for you.

Unlike leisure biking tours which can extend over the course of several days, mountain biking
tours typically only last for two or three days, although some do last for five. There are also
mountain biking tours that cater specifically to women, and those that cater to families.

Mountain Bike Tours

When you're going on these tours, you may want to bring your own bike, or you can rent one
from the tour company. Be Prepared on Your Mountain Biking Tour

Below we give just a few examples of businesses that offer mountain biking tours.

Rim Tours has been offering mountain biking tours in the back country locations of the Western
United States since 1985. The names will be familiar to all mountain biking enthusiasts: Utah,
Moab, Canyonlands National Park, Bryce and Zion National Parks, the North Rim in Grand
Canyon National Park; the Kokopelli Trail, Fruita, Crested Butte and Durango, Colorado.

Did you know you could go mountain biking in Australia? A company called Mountain Bike
Tours offers day tours to Byron Bay's Hinterland (Northern NSW) - you'll see a protected
subtropical rainforest, deep gorges and famous cascading waterfalls and you'll learn about
historic pioneering postal routes and early logging tracks and trails.

Ever heard of the Carpathian mountains of Transylvania? Feel like biking by Dracula's castle?
Well, a company called Active Holidays offers such a tour.

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