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									                                          Bike Tours
Bike Touring offers the a unique way for independent adventure travelers to find new places,
meet new people, and face new personal challenges anywhere in the world. Of course, bike
touring isn't all downhill; it also presents the intrepid traveler with several unique challenges to
overcome. Bike Tours is definitely not for everyone, here's a quick look at some of the benefits
and challenges of seeing the world on two wheels under your own power.

PROS: Why bike touring is the best way to see the world

Bikes make you relatable and approachable: Just about everyone everywhere in the world has
had or currently has a bike. On a Bike Tours you can expect to be greeted with joy and wonder
by complete strangers every single day of your trip. If you like meeting people, bicycle touring is
the very best way to see and meet the world around you.

Traveling by bicycle is very inexpensive: there is a joke among touring cyclist that we make
poor candidates for would be thieves because everyone "knows" that no one with any money at
all would willingly ride a bike that far. Thanks to low cost hike/bike campsites, and touring
cyclist networks, even housing costs are cheaper than for people who travel by automobile. On a
bicycle tour, you can go where cars can't: Bicycle travel is becoming more and more
accessible every year. Many cities and countries in Europe are particularly well suited to bicycle
travel, and even in car centric US, many long distance bike trails, and bike friendly routes have
been developed. Yep, bike touring is a hell of a great way to see the world. Before you start
packing your panniers though, there are a few disadvantages to traveling by bike, be sure to think
it over and decide if bike touring is right for you, here are a few of the drawbacks.

Bike Tours

Bike tours tend to be laid back affairs, more about enjoying the journey rather than the
destination. If you are already in good cycling shape, exhaustion will be less of a factor on all but
the windiest or hilliest of days, but since the point of a bike tours is to ride a bike, overall you
will have less time to spend on 'normal' tourist activities.

Not everywhere is set up for bicycle travel: While the roads in the US are becoming more bike
friendly, and trails and bike routes abound, this is still the land of the car. Bike touring is more
challenging than motorized travel: On a bike, everything has a potential impact on your day,
sudden storms, hills, road closures and wind can all change your plans in an instant, and delays
that may change car travel plans by an hour or two may cost you a day in extra riding. If you are
the type of person that is looking for a great way of combining exercise with history and scenery
then you may be interested in going on one of the many Edinburgh bike tours throughout
Scotland's capital.

Some of the more familiar things you will see on your bike tours will no doubt be the famous
Edinburgh castle and the now dormant volcano of Arthur's Seat. One concern that many wish to
clear up before they book their tour is whether or not there is a booking limit on how many
people can go on an Edinburgh bike tour at one time. Edinburgh bike tours are ideal if you are
the sort of person who is looking at improving their health as well as taking in some historic
culture and scenery at the same time.

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