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									                                                       BROADWAY 101:                                    Audition
         BROADWAY KIDS                                  MUSICAL THEATRE
                                                           INTENSIVE                                   Master Class
                  August 8-12                                                                                Aug 3rd
                                                             AUGUST 1-5
                                                 A week long intensive for the dedicated     A master class with NYC actors including
    An introduction to Musical Theatre
                                                 Musical Theatre student. Each day           Off-Broadway and Broadway performers.
Students will explore the 3 aspects of Musical
                                                 participants will learn musical numbers     Each participant will have the opportunity
Theater (dancing, acting, and singing) through
                                                 from the Broadway repertoire, as well as    to sing for the panel and get feedback while
daily games, activities, and scene work. They
                                                 train in voice, dancing, and acting thru    also learning by watching others. There will
will learn songs and dances from the
                                                 daily coachings and activities.             also be a discussion and Q&A session about
traditional Broadway repertoire. This workshop
                                                 Students will be taught by accomplished     auditioning and careers in Musical Theatre at
concludes with a short presentation of our
                                                 NYC actors.                                 the end of the evening.
                                                   Both sessions will end with a               Please limit vocal selections to 2 min. An
                                                 presentation of scenes from Broadway        accompanist will be provided.
     Session 1   =     Grades 1-3
                                                                                             Wednesday Aug 3rd 6-9pm
    (9:30am- 12)
                                                       Session 1: Grades 7-9
                                                       (9am- 12)                             Location: TBD
     Session II    =   Grades 4-6
                                                       Session II = Grades 10 and up         Ages : Grades 7 and up
    Location: Bethlehem HS Choir Suite                 (1-4pm)
                                                                                             Cost: $50
                                                       Location : Bethlehem HS Choir Suite   Students wishing to observe (non performing):
    Cost: $90
                                                       Cost : $150
                                                                                             Previous Panelists Included :
                                                                                                     Geoff Packard
Please join us for a presentation of our work     Workshop Directors : Lindsay Packard-
                                                                                                        (Phantom of the Opera, Rocko of
On Friday Aug 12th at the end of your session!   Dashew
                                                                       Jason Dashew
                                                                                                      Chelsea Krombach
Workshop Director : Lindsay Packard- Dashew
                                                                                                        (Wicked, Promises Promises)
                                                                                                     Justin Packard
                                                                                                        (Irish Rep., Sacramento Music
                                                                                                     Sara DeLaney
                                                                                                       (Alabama Shakespeare, York
               REG I S T R A T I O N
       By phone: (917) 447-6499
       By e-mail:
      By Mail: Broadway Bound
             c/o Lindsay Dashew
                17 Edison Ave.
                Albany, NY 12208
     Please mail this registration form with payment
  (checks to: Lindsay Dashew) ** Registration is non-
 Student Name:__________________________________

 Parent Name:___________________________________

 Addres s: ________________________________________



 Age and Grade:_________________________________

 Workshop s to be attended:
**Grade level determined as of Sept. 2010

 ____ Broadw ay Kids          Se s s i o n 1___ Se s s i o n 2___

 ____ Broadw ay 101           Se s s i on 1___ Se s s i on 2___

 ____ Ma ster Clas s
                                                                    Musical Theatre Workshops
 please check all workshops to be attended

 All participants should bring the following:                          Summer 2011
    • Water bottle
    • Folder for music and other papers
    • Pencil
    • Appropriate shoes to dance in (no sandals)*
    • Comfortable clothing

 Sponsored by the Bethlehem Music

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