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Introduction ……………………………………………………………. 3
BHG V3.0 Method #1 …………………………………………………. 4
Let’s go with route 1 ………………………………………………….. 5
Craigslist Dating niche ……………………………………………… 6
Posting our ads ………………………………………………………... 9
Operation Blackhat Explosion ……………………………………. 12
BlackhatGuide Affiliate Program ………………..……………… 14
Cut to the chase …………………………………………………….. 16
7 easy steps to affiliate marketing success on the internet . 19
Create a blog ………………………………………………………… 20
Social Bookmarks ……………………………………………………. 21
Forums …………………………………………………………………. 23
Classified Ads ………………………………………………………... 27
Social Media/Networking sites ………………………………….. 28
Posting links ………………………………………………………….. 31
Method 3 – Paypal Cash Domination ………………………….. 33
Paypal Domination # 1 …………………………………………….. 33
Paypal Domination method # 2 …………………………………. 34
Paypal Domination method # 3 …………………………………. 34
BHG V3.0 Conclusion ………………………………………………. 36

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      I would just like to congratulate you on your purchase of BHG
v3.0. If you can refer to the forums, you will be able to find BHG V2.0,
and V1.0. One thing that I do recommend, is to take one method at a
time. There are many people finding themselves with what’s called
“information overload” and this will put a stop to almost anything that
you do.

      What I am going to teach you here at BHG V3.0 are methods in
which you can implement either as a beginner or seasoned internet
marketing veteran. Now before you do anything, I would recommend
that you read up on BHG V2.0 first in order to learn how to get accepted
onto a CPA network, and creating your authority website.

On that note, let’s move on to what we have to offer on BHG V3.0 …

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     What I’m going to teach you in this section, is an easy
way to make money on the internet. It’s easy, but also very
scalable. What we will be going through is CPA marketing
in general. Once you have an authority niche website and
approved on CPA networks, we will concentrate on a certain

      What we will be doing is Craigslist. Craigslist is helping
a lot of people quit their jobs and if done right, can make you
a lot of money. What we will go through are some methods
in which you can use Craigslist to acquire a large amount of
money on the internet using CPA networks.

      What I have provided with this guide is a customized
craigslist crawler ($150 value) provided for you absolutely
free. What this craigslist crawler does, is it will crawl
Craigslist and find targeted email addresses of people who
want to find something, or looking for something.

     Now you ask, how will this benefit me in making money
online? Now these targeted people looking for something,
are going to be your money making prospects. For example,
people on Craigslist are looking for jobs. They post up their
resumes in the resume section and hope to find some
employer hire them.

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      What blackhatters do, is that we exploit this Craigslist
niche. We will respond to these people looking for jobs and
in return convert them onto our CPA offer. How can we do

We can go in 2 different routes :

  1) Posting discreet ads and getting responses
  2) Harvesting targeted craigslist emails and responding
     with an offer

Let’s go with route 1 :

      What we will do is post ads on Craigslist stating that we
are looking for something, or giving something away for free.
We must use these in relation to our CPA offers. What we will
need to do find a CPA offer in which we will be able to fill
what people are looking for.

Here are some examples of some CPA offers in which you
can convert Craigslist users into cash :

  1)   Free ipods
  2)   Free laptops
  3)   Housing
  4)   Job search
  5)   Weight loss
  6)   Grants
  7)   Dating sites
  8)   And many many more (use your imagination!)

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What I’m going to do is go through one specific type of offer
in which anyone can get into, and make money from. What
I will go over with you guys, is the dating niche.

Craigslist Dating niche

      So if you scroll over to the casuals section on Craigslist,
you will find MANY posts regarding the sex and dating
niche. What we will do, is exploit these with dating CPA
offers such as friendfinder, or

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     As you can see on the images above, there is a great
niche in which we can fill here. What we will do is we will
post ads either as a female, or male in which we are seeking
the opposite or same sex. For example, we will post ads
saying how we’re a 23 year old female in town looking for
some companionship for the weekend.

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     You will be surprised by the amount of replies you will
get depending on your ad copy. What I have presented
below are some ads in which we can use as a template to
our craigslist postings. What we don’t want to do is get our
ads ghosted or flagged (please refer to the ghosting +
flagging section below). If you have read the ghosting +
flagging section below, you will know what those terms

Now here are some examples of ads that you can use for the
casuals section :

makE me RuN 2 yOu = ) - 20

I simply love life and learning new things. I enjoy spending time with those I love and trust. I
am very outgoing and love almost any physical activity!

In search of a great guy

I am wondering if I can find the right one here. I am lonely and broke right now but I at least
have my passion of art to help me out. Many people have told me that I have that cute girl
next door look. I love being active and playing sports with friends. I want a serious, faithful guy
to be by my side. Looks are secondary to me, I want a beautiful guy on the inside. Send me
something about yourself and we can go from there.

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I'm a leaf on the wind, watch how I soar

Well I'm 19 years old I live in Tupelo, OK. Well I like ot hangout with friends, watch movies,
listent to music, read, party some. I don't smoke and I like to drink on special occasions. Well if
you would like to know more about me hit me up.

Thing in life happen for a reason! - 19

Hi, my name is Jessica and I'm a Junior studying Elementary Education and Music. I love
doing anything revolving around music--singing, playing the guitar and especially the piano. I
love going out and doing fun things.. my friends and I are always looking for something fun to
do. I still feel really weird about using an online dating site, but I figure what the hell. Anyway,
I'm a really fun, open, sarcastic, girl who is up for anything. I'm not so picky-- I'd really just like
to meet someone to spend some time with and have a blast with. Feel free to give me an email!

Future Teacher seeks Intelligent Man - 20

Where do I start, I'm single, looking to meet new people. I'm kind of shy at first. I love to dance,
amusement parks, movies, anything fun, willing to try new things. I also like staying in with
that special someone and just cuddle, watching a movie on the couch. I'm looking for someone
who is funny, passionate, honest, romantic, and loves to have fun and could bring me out of
my shy shell....if that's you I would love to hear from you. I can't respond back to any emails
sent to me on here. If you included your email address in your letter, I will write you back there.
Thanks. Hope to hear from u.

Posting our ads

     Now that we have a general idea of how to post ads,
we will start to learn how to post an ad in this section. There
are many factors that play a great role in posting ads.
Craigslist postings can get very complicated until we start to
learn the ins and outs of how to get our ads to stick. Here are
some factors that come in play when posting ads:

    1)   IPs
    2)   Email accounts
    3)   Certain keywords
    4)   And most importantly, the keywords

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  Let’s go over these factors one at a time. First we will start
  off with the IPs. When posting on craigslist, we will want
  to have either PVA (phone verified) accounts, or exclusive
  ‘virgin’ IP addresses. The hardest part is finding the IP

     If you don’t have PVA accounts, then you will need to
  buy exclusive proxies so you can post on craigslist. When
  you post on exclusive proxies, you want to make sure that
  you do not go over 5 posts per ip, and do not go over 3
  posts per day per account. This will get your exclusive IP
  “softblocked” on Craigslist meaning that you will now need
  to get a PVA account in order to post with that IP. You
  can find exclusive proxies at PacketFlip

     On the other hand, if you purchase a PVA account, then
  all you will need are shared IPs, such as the ones from
  IPrental (, or even on Hidemyip

      Now let’s move on to the email accounts. I would prefer
gmail accounts because they are easy to make, but some
others get yahoo accounts. You can either make them
yourselves, or have someone make them for you. There are
many people creating these accounts on BlackhatWorld, and
so you would be able to purchase them there. You can either
purchase PVA accounts ($3-$5 each account), or you can
purchase non-pva accounts (usually $18 for 1000). The
difference with PVA and non-PVA is that you can post on a
softblocked ip with a PVA account whereas you need to buy
exclusive proxies for a non-PVA account.

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     When you post your Craigslist ads, you will want to
experiment the first few times before your ads get ghosted.
Some keywords make it so that your craigslist ads won’t even
appear on craigslist, because of some certain blocked
keywords. What I highly recommend is to search on
Craigslist the ads that have been up and manipulate them.
Don’t try to reinvent the wheel when everything is there and
making money already. Just find a sample ad, such as in
the casuals section, and use that as a template.

     Within the forums, I have provided you with the
Craigslist Guru guide that I wrote a while back with a
partner of mine and the Craigslist blackhat course. I would
highly recommend reading it if you want to go more in depth
with Craigslist advertising. It’s a lot of work, but well worth

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       This is called Blackhat Explosion, because it will only be
introduced in BHG v.3.0 and those who take action today, will feel the
consequences a month from now, or even a week! I’m excited to bring
this section to you guys, because it will help you make a lot of money.

       This portion of the guide, we will discuss mainly affiliate
marketing. Affiliate marketing is a form of internet marketing, in which
you as the affiliate will promote other merchant’s products. As an
affiliate, you do not have to create or own your own products. You are
simply promoting what’s out there and already making money, to your
own benefits.

      What we will discuss in this section, is how we as affiliates can
promote products the right way. I will discuss how to create a landing
page that converts, and how to get targeted traffic to your website so
you can start earning commissions. So without further ado, let’s get

              Copyright © All Rights Reserved
In this case, we will use BlackhatGuide as the affiliate program in
which we will be promoting. Here’s what we need, in order to promote

   1) A account (
   2) A Website (optional)
   3) Traffic

Simple as that …
The most important step is the last step (getting traffic). What we will
need to do is generate targeted traffic and leads to our affiliate
program that we’re promoting. There are various ways in which we
can get this traffic. I will be discussing these various methods in which
we can generate traffic to our affiliate program.

      The reason why we will be promoting BHG is not just to be bias or
anything, but quite frankly a lot of affiliates have been making money
with this program and refund rates are close to 0. You want to find a
GOOD affiliate program in which you can promote and keep your

      Many affiliate programs such as the forex niche, will usually end
up in a high refund rate. What we don’t want is to get refunded, and
not get paid. What myself and others like to say, “if it makes dollas it
makes cents”. Don’t try to reinvent the wheel … if it’s out there and
already making money, then use it to your advantage.

       Another reason why we are promoting BHG, is because of the
recurring income and BHG’s affiliate commission rate. These rates are
higher than what many affiliate programs will offer. BHG is currently
$90 per sale, or $14.1 recurring. What does this mean? This means
that for every lifetime membership sale you get for BHG (costs $299),
you will be getting a one time $90 commission through your affiliate
link. For every monthly subscription sale you get for BHG, you will get

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$14.1 for the first month, and for each month that the member stays on
their subscription!

Below is a table of potential BHG affiliate earnings on a recurring
subscription level :

BlackhatGuide Affiliate Program

Sales per
day          Month 1   Month 2   Month 3     Month 4    Month 5    Month 6
1 per day       $423      $846    $1,269      $1,692     $2,538     $3,807
2 per day       $846    $1,692    $2,538      $3,384     $5,076     $7,614
3 per day     $1,269    $2,538    $3,807      $5,076     $7,614    $11,421
4 per day     $1,692    $3,384    $5,076      $6,768    $10,152    $15,228
5 per day     $2,115    $4,230    $6,345      $8,460    $12,690    $19,035
6 per day     $2,538    $5,076    $7,614     $10,152    $15,228    $22,842
7 per day     $2,961    $5,922    $8,883     $11,844    $17,766    $26,649
8 per day     $3,384    $6,768   $10,152     $13,536    $20,304    $30,456
9 per day     $3,807    $7,614   $11,421     $15,228    $22,842    $34,263
10 per day    $4,230    $8,460   $12,690     $16,920    $25,380    $38,070
20 per day    $8,460   $16,920   $25,380     $33,840    $50,760    $76,140
                                             Month      Month      Month
             Month 7   Month 8   Month 9     10         11         12
1 per day     $5,499    $8,037   $11,844     $17,343    $25,380    $37,224
2 per day    $10,998   $16,074   $23,688     $34,686    $50,760    $74,448
3 per day    $16,497   $24,111    $35,532    $52,029    $76,140          2
                                                         $101,52    $148,89
4 per day    $21,996   $32,148    $47,376    $69,372          0          6
                                                         $126,90    $186,12
5 per day    $27,495   $40,185    $59,220    $86,715          0          0
                                              $104,05    $152,28    $223,34
6 per day    $32,994   $48,222    $71,064          8          0          4
                                              $121,40    $177,66    $260,56
7 per day    $38,493   $56,259    $82,908          1          0          8
                                              $138,74    $203,04    $297,79
8 per day    $43,992   $64,296    $94,752          4          0          2
9 per day    $49,491   $72,333     $106,59    $156,08    $228,42    $335,01

               Copyright © All Rights Reserved
                                           6         7          0          6
                                      $118,44   $173,43    $253,80    $372,24
10 per day     $54,990     $80,370         0         0          0          0
                $109,98     $160,74   $236,88   $346,86    $507,60    $744,48
20 per day           0           0         0         0          0          0

      As you can see here, if your only making 1 sale a day through
recurring billing, you are already making an easy $37,224 a year. If
you are making 2 sales, per day, you double that with $74,448 a year!
20 recurring membership sales a day and your already almost a

      This is the power of recurring income. You will continually get
paid as long as BHG stays alive, in which frankly, I we’re just getting
started on BHG! It’s a fairly new program, and usually affiliates who
get in on these launches before it gets big will earn a massive amount
of money for many times to come.

Below is a table of potential BHG affiliate earnings on a lifetime
membership level :

Sales   per
day           Month 1       Month 2       Month 3       Month 4       Month 5       Month 6
1 per   day    $2,670.00     $5,340.00     $8,010.00    $10,680.00    $13,350.00    $16,020.00
2 per   day    $5,340.00    $10,680.00    $16,020.00    $21,360.00    $26,700.00    $32,040.00
3 per   day    $8,010.00    $16,020.00    $24,030.00    $32,040.00    $40,050.00    $48,060.00
4 per   day   $10,680.00    $21,360.00    $32,040.00    $42,720.00    $53,400.00    $64,080.00
5 per   day   $13,350.00    $26,700.00    $40,050.00    $53,400.00    $66,750.00    $80,100.00
6 per   day   $16,020.00    $32,040.00    $48,060.00    $64,080.00    $80,100.00    $96,120.00
7 per day     $18,690.00     $37,380.00   $56,070.00    $74,760.00    $93,450.00             0
                                                                       $106,800.0    $128,160.0
8 per day     $21,360.00     $42,720.00   $64,080.00    $85,440.00             0             0
                                                                       $120,150.0    $144,180.0
9 per day     $24,030.00     $48,060.00   $72,090.00    $96,120.00             0             0
                                                         $106,800.0    $133,500.0    $160,200.0
10 per day    $26,700.00    $53,400.00    $80,100.00             0             0             0
                             $106,800.0    $160,200.0    $213,600.0    $267,000.0    $320,400.0
20 per day    $53,400.00             0             0             0             0             0
              Month 7       Month 8       Month 9       Month 10      Month 11      Month 12
1 per day     $18,690.00    $21,360.00    $24,030.00    $26,700.00    $29,370.00    $32,040.00
2 per day     $37,380.00    $42,720.00    $48,060.00    $53,400.00    $58,740.00    $64,080.00
3 per day     $56,070.00    $64,080.00    $72,090.00    $80,100.00    $88,110.00    $96,120.00

                Copyright © All Rights Reserved
                                                       $106,800.0   $117,480.0   $128,160.0
4 per day    $74,760.00    $85,440.00    $96,120.00            0            0            0
                            $106,800.0    $120,150.0   $133,500.0   $146,850.0   $160,200.0
5 per day    $93,450.00             0             0            0            0            0
              $112,140.0    $128,160.0    $144,180.0   $160,200.0   $176,220.0   $192,240.0
6 per day             0             0             0            0            0            0
              $130,830.0    $149,520.0    $168,210.0   $186,900.0   $205,590.0   $224,280.0
7 per day             0             0             0            0            0            0
              $149,520.0    $170,880.0    $192,240.0   $213,600.0   $234,960.0   $256,320.0
8 per day             0             0             0            0            0            0
              $168,210.0    $192,240.0    $216,270.0   $240,300.0   $264,330.0   $288,360.0
9 per day             0             0             0            0            0            0
              $186,900.0    $213,600.0    $240,300.0   $267,000.0   $293,700.0   $320,400.0
10 per day            0             0             0            0            0            0
              $373,800.0    $427,200.0    $480,600.0   $534,000.0   $587,400.0   $640,800.0
20 per day            0             0             0            0            0            0

      These are the earning potentials of BHG’s affiliate program. If you
generate 1 sale per day with BHG, you will earn $2,670 per month!
That’s a gross of $32,040 per year. Make 2 sales a day, and your
already making more than what the average entry level job is paying.

       Alright, now that you have seen those potential
earnings, let’s start generating some income for this new
affiliate program. One of best ways to start off with an
affiliate program is by concentrating all of your efforts in
promoting this one product on the internet. Sure many
people can say how they made $5,000 last month promoting
this particular program, or how someone made $500 within a
week promoting something … You can do it too! It only takes

               Copyright © All Rights Reserved
5 sales to make $500 in a week, and it can be difficult, but if
done right, it can almost be childs play.

     First and foremost, you will need a website. If you are
broke, cheap, tired, fat, and underappreciated, check out
these free online website portals :

      Next, you will need a template. Please refer to for a free template
that you can upload and use on these free website providers.

     If you want to go all out and get a domain name, I
would prefer,, or
Then purchase their hosting, or get hosting from either
hostgator or lunarpages. You will then have your own
professional website and domain name.

              Copyright © All Rights Reserved
      You will need to edit the links on the landing page
template to fit your own click2sell affiliate links so you can
start promoting BHG and earn commissions. I have also
provided a tutorial on the affiliates page regarding this

      If you are weary in these areas, please refer to for more more help
on creating these types of websites. Now …. On to the traffic
and making money with them.

So we have established these things before moving on to the next steps:

   1) We have a website promoting our affiliate program, in this case
   2) We have our click2sell affiliate link placed on our website
      landing page

   Now that we have these two things, let’s concentrate on promoting
our website(s). What I will show you, are steps that I take in order to
successfully promote any affiliate. Here are the things that I do in order

   1)   Create a blog/website
   2)   Social Bookmark
   3)   Forums
   4)   Classified ads
   5)   Social media/networking sites (i.e. myspace, twitter)
   6)   Posting my website links anywhere I can on the internet
   7)   Rinse and repeat until I accomplish world domination

                Copyright © All Rights Reserved
Using these 7 steps, I have successfully made money hands down. If
this doesn’t work, I will reach my hands through the computer screen
and slap you. If you haven’t made a sale with these 7 steps, you don’t
belong on the internet. Sorry to be blunt, but if these don’t work for you,
I would recommend getting an offline job.

Now in the next section, I will teach you how you can use these 7 steps.


                 Social Bookmarks


                     Classified Ads
               Copyright © All Rights Reserved
  Social Media/Networking sites

                    Posting links

               Rinse and repeat

          Now that we have a website, we need a blog to go
along with it. When we write our blog, we want to be
unbiased as possible. Meaning, we don’t want to make it
seem like a sales letter, but more of a review of this certain
product. People tend to trust blogs and usually see them as
an honest source, as long as you’re honest in your blogs.

Here are some free blog sources :

            Copyright © All Rights Reserved
There are many more out there, but I won’t go too much into
details. Now create your blog, and start writing some
reviews on your product that you will be promoting. I would
recommend doing 1-3 blog posts a day if possible. If you
want, you can also cookie stuff the blog with your affiliate
link(s) and just link your blog directly to the affiliate site
( instead of You can
refer to BHG v1.0 for this. I allow cookie stuffing, so stuff as
much as you want with the BHG affiliate program. =]

     Social bookmarking is very powerful, and vital to your
success on the internet. Social bookmarking is a way of
bookmarking your favorite sites, so that others can also see
what you like and visit them. Such sites such as Digg and
Reddit can give you a TON of web traffic.

      Let’s take Digg for example, you can get thousands and
thousands of visitors on a monthly basis just off of Digg
bookmarks. The more Diggs that you have, the higher you
will rank on the Digg search engines. Reddit is the same in
comparison to Digg, but Digg has more traffic.

      Let’s compare these two sites, just because these two
sites will help you get the most traffic in the least amount of
time. If you are looking for Digg traffic, you can either fake
your traffic by having other people ‘Digg’ your content, or

             Copyright © All Rights Reserved
Digg your own content by using multiple Digg accounts and
ip addresses.

Some steps to take before digging your own Diggs :
  1) Use multiple Digg accounts (different email addresses,
     different names, etc…)
  2) Use different IPs for each Digg account (Use the Proxy
     method found on BHG’s hide your ass boards)
  3) Clear your browser’s cookies (In firefox, go to Tools ->
     Clear private data)

By doing this, you will be able to Digg your own stories, and
thus ranking higher on the Digg searches. Now Reddit votes
are the same as Diggs, but you don’t have to use proxies! =]
This totally makes it easier for us Blackhatters.

      The more Diggs or Reddit votes that you have, the
higher you will rank on those websites thus getting you more
traffic. Let’s take an example … Zozor on BHG has created a
thread on DP (Digitalpoint forums) where he was selling a
Reddit auto voting bot. He then created a Reddit vote which
linked to the DP thread. He has been a legend on DP ever
since with the most amount of ip views on a DP board, and
the most amount of thread views. Within the hour, he had
received 35,000 hits, and over 3,000 unique views. This is the
power of Reddit.

     Another way in which you will be able to use social
bookmarks to your advantage the the automated way, is
through a program called “Bookmarking demon”.
Bookmarking demon will submit your sites through various
hundreds social networking sites and scuttle sites. This is the
best way to get free social bookmarking traffic, and
backlinks. Getting a healthy amount of backlinks to your

             Copyright © All Rights Reserved
website will also rank you higher on the search engines for
your keyword terms.

     One of the best targeted ways to make money IN
GENERAL on the internet are through forums. Forums are the
number one place where people will meet and discuss with
various hundreds or even thousands of people on the internet
on a specific subject.

     If you are looking to monetize your weight loss affiliate,
you would want to be a chatterbox on weight loss forums
and discussion boards. If you wanted to send traffic to your
“make money” affiliate link or website, then you would want
to chat on various high traffic forums such as BlackhatWorld,
DigitalPoint, WarriorForum, Wickedfire, and many countless

     Forums will get people to talk in an unbiased manner,
and will help you get a ton of conversions. One of the best
ways to monetize your website is by adding a link on your
‘signature’ on a forum. This way, every time you post a
thread or a reply to a thread, your signature will show your

             Copyright © All Rights Reserved
affiliate link, or website. You can also put up banners on
your signatures if the forum allows so.

Below is a list of forums in which you can post your affiliate
links and get great backlinks + get a ton of traffic from. This
is my personal list, so don’t take this lightly :


              Copyright © All Rights Reserved

                 Copyright © All Rights Reserved

So here’s something shared on BHG’s JR vip section that’s not
shared on the regular boards. This list of forums that I have
just posted has the potential of making $100-$500/daily if
done right. Now let me tell you the plain and simple secrets
of doing this … Outsource workers!

Now you have these forums. The next thing to do on your list
is to find an outsource worker that will post on these forums
for you! Find someone whose good at speaking English and
can post relevant content on these forum threads.

Goals for $100-$500 using these forums in a nutshell:

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  1) Find a niche to promote on these forums (preferably
     make money niche such as the BlackhatGuide Affiliate
  2) Find an outsource worker (DigitalPoint services section,
     Craigslist India/Philippines, Scriptlance, Elance,
     Freelancer, etc…)
  3) Tell them that you will pay $.05-$.10 per post on each
     forum. Depending on your negotiation skills, you will
     want to ask for $.05 …. Here’s a trick : Negotiate for
     something like $.03 per post, and when they ask for
     more, fight with them until you get $.05 and make it
     sound like your doing them a HUGE favor =]
  4) Tell the outsource worker that you need each forum to
     have your signature link on them, and that they will
     post at least 1000 posts per day ($50 per day for you,
     but HEY …. This is the best cheapest source of traffic …
     might even be better than PPC if it’s on the right niche)
  5) Rinse and Repeat with various products
  6) Voila!

    As mentioned on BHG method #1, classified ads can be
  used for many things, and can get you anything you could
  possibly ask for. One of the best ways to get free traffic to
  your website or affiliate link, are through free classified ad

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websites. Below is a list of some of the best free classified
ad websites on the internet :

   With classified ads, you will be able to find very
targeted website traffic from people looking for a
particular subject. If they are looking for dates, as
mentioned on Method #1 on this guide, post up ads on
multiple classified ad sites (the free ones of course) saying
how you are a girl, trying to find someone to hang out
with. You will be shocked with the amount of replies you
will be getting. Turn those leads into people who will visit
your affiliate link and put in their information so you can
get paid.

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      This is probably one of my favorites, because it’s so easy
and effortless. I use social networking sites mainly myspace
and twitter to help me make a lot of money on the internet.
One of them is of course, the myspace method as mentioned
on BHG Version 1.0. Now let’s go through some social media
sites like myspace and twitter and see how we can make
money with them.

      Twitter is a great way to make money if you can get a
lot of friends following you quickly and effortlessly. The
easiest targeted traffic source that can almost be automated
is probably through twitter. Twitter traffic has been used for
months and will keep growing for more months to come. Get
in on this twitter cash craze, and ramp up some earnings!

Basically, here’s how you can make money with twitter in a
nutshell :

  1) Create a twitter account
  2) “Tweet” about a specific niche, and use to
     make your affiliate link a tinyurl when you link it to
     your tweet
  3) Follow as many twitter users as possible (currently up to
     1000 twitter friends)
  4) You will find a rush of twitter users who will click on
     your tweet link and if they are bored enough, will make
     the purchase!

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It’s as simple as that …. But of course it goes more in depth
than that … (refer to BHG members forums)

     Now on to the Myspace portion of this section. Myspace
has been around for ages, and it’s traffic is just enormous
when looked at an internet marketer’s prospective. You can
make a ton of money off Myspace, if done correctly.

     One of the biggest niches on Myspace is the dating
niche. Ding Ding Ding! Lightbulb! … As mentioned on BHG
version 1.0, we used a girl profile to attract many visitors to
your profile in order to cookie stuff them. Now, we will add
an extra feature towards this method. We will use affiliate

Here’s what we will do :

  1) Create a myspace profile
  2) Gather as many friends as possible (the sky’s the limit
     with Myspace)
  3) Make an image with a text link to your site.
  See below for an example :

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  4) This is the image that I use when I send out comments
           to my Myspace friends.
  5) Sit back and watch your income grow

Now these are some of the ways in which you can use Social
networking sites to generate revenue for yourself. You don’t
think that it doesn’t work, but it does … Go out there and try
it, and you will be astounded by the results.

      Last but not least in this conglomerate of a guide for
traffic, is posting links on websites, forums, you name it. As
an internet marketer, you want the mosts exposure on the
internet. This is sort of a real estate game on the internet.
You want the most real estate (links, websites, web
popularity, etc…)

Here is a list on where you can post your links and get the
most results from them :

  1)   Yahoo answers
  2)   Google Groups
  3)   Forums
  4)   Twitter
  5)   Guestbooks
  6)   Blog comments
  7)   Social bookmarking sites
  8)   The list goes on and on ….

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   The two that I’m going to concentrate on are Yahoo
answers, and Google groups. Yahoo answers is great
because people are looking for something, in which you can
provide. Let’s take for example that someone on Yahoo
answers asks a question on how to get six pack abs. Then
you can reply with your six pack abs blog, cookie stuff it
using the Ultimate clickbank method, and make a killing
doing this! It seriously works …

    Google groups is a bit different. Google groups has
more spam, and more and more untargeted links. What you
want to do when posting on google groups, or yahoo
answers, is ultimately outsource the two projects. Hire
someone to post links for you on either yahoo answers or
google groups, and you will see some great results.

      This last section of traffic generation is really the
umbrella of the 7 major traffic sources mentioned. By doing
all of this, you will also ultimately find yourself getting
ranked higher on the search engines for your specific
keyword. It’s really simple when you look at it, and it will
help benefit you in the long run when you want to promote
other niches and websites.

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     Now if you’re a bit lazy for the other methods mentioned
above and don’t want to spend as much time yet, I would
recommend this simple, yet effective method to generate
cash into your paypals almost instantly.

      If you do not make your membership money back with
these methods, you are an idiot …. Sorry to be blunt, but this
is a business and not a charity. You have to be blunt when it
comes to these things, and it does require WORK … yes

Paypal Domination # 1

      There are many ways in which you can generate cash
for your paypal. If you are hurting for some quick cash, find

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a method, turn it into an ebook, and sell it on DP. This is
probably hands down the easiest way to make paypal cash.
I’m not going to lie, but it’s true!

     I’ve done it in the past, and depending on how good
your ebook is, the more money you will make with more
sales. The best part is, you have a BHG family in where you
can go to for help selling your ebook great reviews! Visit the
Gangbang Boards on BHG so we can help review your
products and help you make more sales. Usually a DP
product will make from $10-$100 in a week. If you’re lucky,
you might be able to pull a $500 week on DP. This is just
speaking realistically.

Paypal Domination method # 2

      Here’s a simple, yet lazy man’s way of doing this. There
is a site called in where you can earn money
from selling digital products such as ebooks, movies, music,
pictures/graphics, software, or anything under the digital
items category.

      What you would do, is find all the MRR, PLR products on
the internet and resell them here on This is an
easy, yet effective method on generating some quick cash to
your paypal.

Paypal Domination method # 3

      Now that you have some ideas on how to make some
quick paypal cash, here’s another way to build up your
paypal account with money. It requires no investment, but a
lot of work. And when I mean work, I mean services.

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     Let’s look at the Services section on Digitalpoint, or
BlackhatWorld. There are many people offering their
services such as bookmarking services, or backlink services
and the works. For now, I will go through one method, and
hopefully this will turn your wheels in motion for some QUICK
paypal cash.

     Now let’s take a look at a website like RiteSEO
( They offer a service in which you can
also do the same. Here is the website in which RiteSEO has
been taking advantage of and making money off the internet
with :

      RiteSeo basically takes what Sliqtools offers for free, and
will go ahead and submit them using the automated
SliqTools software, and charge you an arm and a leg. Now
what you can do with SliqTools, is offer a bookmarking
service, either on the webmaster forums, or even create your
own bookmarking service and eventually putting RiteSeo out
of business!

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     All in all, you will be able to make back your
membership money back 100x fold if you are dedicated and
plan on WORKING .. yes working on these methods above.
Don’t be lazy, and get off your ass and do something. Stop
reading, because I have given you many shortcuts in making
a quick $100 day through either paypal, affiliate networks,
and the works.

      Not to sound like a jerk or anything, but a lot of people
ask questions on how to get some money rolling. Here it is
guys … It’s all here, and any go-getter can start making
money with these methods provided within the next hour.
Don’t lounge around waiting for money to drop into your
accounts. Start now, and don’t ask me how you can make
$100 a day because I have plainly stated it here (although I
will answer your questions in a very discreetly annoyed
manner) lol…

             Copyright © All Rights Reserved
If you have any questions on how to make $100, please re-
read this guide…. Other than that, feel free to give me a PM
on the forums!

Yours Truly,
BlackhatGuide Administrator

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