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Friendly Letter Lesson Plan


									                             Friendly Letter Lesson Plan
Grade Level/Subject/Topic: Second Grade/English/Letter Writing
Standards Addressed: English SOL 2.11
Pre-Assessment: Write a friendly letter to the teacher.

 Defining the Learning Goals: What the student will:
       Know (Facts/Vocabulary):
           • Ideas are generated before writing.
           • Writing has to be organized.
           •    Writing has to be revised for clarity.
           • Vocabulary: friendly letter, date, greeting, body, closing, signature, address,
               return address

        Understand (Big Ideas):
    •   Written communication should be well planned and clear to the readers.
    •    Letter writing is one way to stay in touch and communicate with others.

       Do (Specific Skills student is able to do after the lesson):
           • Label the parts of a friendly letter
           • Compose a friendly letter including the five parts
           • Use graphic organizer to plan writing
           • Stay on topic
           • Write a variety of complete sentences
           • Delete or add words to clarify meaning during the revising process
           • Label an envelope to accompany friendly letter
Procedures/Activities (Include Marzano's Strategies and Bloom's Taxonomy):
 Day 1: Have students to write a friendly letter to teacher. Use for pre-assessment.
 Day 2: Read the book Dear Polar Bear to the class. Show students actual letters and
        envelopes from mail teacher has received.
        Pass out letters to students (on their level).
 Day 3: Students will choose pen pal names. Assign pen pals by reading and writing ability.
       Students will use the letter template to write about their favorite restaurant.
       Students will include statements and questions. Address envelope.
 Day 4: Teacher will use a model of a letter that has errors. Students will correct the
       letter in whole group. Read pen pal letters and write a response without a template.
 Day 5: Assess by having students label the parts of a friendly letter and envelope.
 Day 6: Pen pals will write letters to exchange on a topic of their choice.
 Day 7: Students will read their letters, make corrections, and turn in to the teacher.
       Write a response to pen pals.
 Day 8: Have a Pen Pal Revealing Party.

(If) Differentiated Instruction:
What? X content       process    product
 How? Xreadiness      interest   learning profile
 Why (What prompted you to differentiate in this way)?
Materials: Dear Polar Bear book, stationary, envelopes, graphic organizer, template of
friendly letter

Anchor Activities: Design your own stamp.

Post-Assessment: Students will write a letter to the teacher about the Pen Pal lesson. The
teacher will assess students’ letters.


Teacher Reflection:
(What went well? What would you do differently? Why?)

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