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Reading Numbers from 11 through 100 in Symbols and in Words


									Reading Numbers from 11 through 100 in Symbols and in Words

  I. Learning Objectives

    Cognitive:               Read numbers from 11 through 100 symbols and in words

    Psychomotor:             Identify numbers of sets with 11 to 100 objects

    Affective:               Practice good study habits

  II. Learning Content

    Skill:                   Reading number from 11 through 100in symbols and in words

    Reference:               BEC PELC I A 2.2

    Materials:               popsicle sticks, twigs, stones, seashells, bottle caps or any available
                             materials in the community, pictures, cutouts of objects, printed words
                             (11-100), hundred chart, calendar

    Value:                   Doing one's homework conscientiously (good study habits)

  III. Learning Experinces

     A. Preparatory Activities

         1. Drill

             Flash number cards previously learned and have pupils identify them.
             (Use picture cards/flash cards.)


         2. Review

             Write the number of tens and ones.
   3. Motivation

     a. Tell a story to the class: One day, Len looked at their calendar. She wanted to know
         what day is her birthday. She looked at the month of December and counted 1-11. Her
         birthday is on December 11 and it's a Saturday.
     b. Ask the class, “When is Len's birthday?” How was she able to know her birthday? (She
        looked at the calendar. She read the number on the calendar.)

B. Developmental Activities

   1. Presentation

     a. Show the calendar and have the pupils read the numbers consecutively.
         Direct pupils attention to the last number in the calendar and have a pupil identify it
         Ask the class to tell the number that should follow 31. (32)
         Display the hundred chart and call on individual pupils to read the numbers
         consecutively up to 100.
     b. Display 10 pictures on the chart having sets with numbers 11-100 ramdomly chosen
         (Ex. Set of 35 leaves, set of 60 cards, set of 89 sticks etc.)
     c. Have pupils identify the set orally (35 leavs, 60 circles, 89 sticks etc.)
     d. Introduce the words for each number using printed words in a chart.
     Tell the pupils that we can read other numbers by starting from the tens and add words for
     ones. Ex. Thirty-one = 31.

  2. Fixing Skills/Practice

     Guessing Game:

     The teacher tells a riddle, then let a pupil write the answer in figures and in words.
     (Note: Explain the meaning of the number that comes before, after and between.)

     a. I am a two-digit number.
         I come before 21.
         What number am I? (20)
     b. I am a number.
         I am between 59 and 61.
         What number am I? (60)
     c. I am two-digit number.
         I come after 93.
         What number am I? (92)
     d. I am a two-digit number.
         I am the first in the tens column.
         What number am I? (10)
     e. I am a two-digit number.
         I am between 89 and 91.
         What umber am I? (90)

  3. Generalization

     - Ask the pupils what they can do with the numbers. Illicit the answer. Numbers can be
       written in symbols and in words.
     - When we write a two-word number name, write the tens first, put a hypen then write the
       Examples: twenty-one, forty-six

C. Application

  Box     the correct number for each set.
IV. Evaluation

   A. Write the words in figures.

      1. thirty-five =
      2. fourteen =
      3. ninety =
      4. one hundred =
      5. fifty-seven =
   B. Match column A with Column B. Write the letter only.

                        A                                       B
           _____1. seventeen                                  a. 59
           _____2. fifty-nine                                 b. 31
           _____3. thirty-one                                 c. 44
           _____4. eighty-five                                d. 24
           _____5. forty-four                                 e. 85

   *Valuing: Before you let the pupils copy the assigment, teke up the importance of studying and
   doing their homework to become good students.

V. Assignment

  Draw the sets and write the number word.

  1) 11                                              6) 35
  2) 85                                              7) 44
  3) 26                                              8) 92
  4) 50                                              9) 66
  5) 77                                              10) 89

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