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									      The Campbell Real Estate Timing Letter
            Separating likely probabilities from whims and pure hope

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             The U.S. Housing Market in 2011
                    Are these times of great opportunity… .
                             or times of high risk?


     Any man or woman who wants to know
      (1) what Robert Campbell’s key market
      timing indicators are signaling for housing
      prices in 2011;
      (2) what Robert’s 2011 macro-economic
      outlook for the U.S. economy is; and
      (3) the two investments you must own in
      Robert’s “No Fail” Investment Strategy.
     Anyone who would like to know two highly
      effective (but underutilized) strategies for
      making money in real estate – especially
      during the market conditions that exist today.
     Anyone who is tired of being an average real
      estate investor and wants to use strategic market timing to protect your money
      from loss and safely make it grow in the months and years ahead.

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             The Campbell Real Estate Timing Letter
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     The U.S. Housing Market in 2011: Are these Times of High Risk or Great Opportunity?
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