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									Baby Massage:

Many cultures have used massage as part of baby care for hundreds of years, and research
shows it can have many benefits. Massage enables you to learn about and respond to your
baby's body language. It is also a wonderful way to make your baby feel safe and secure
by showing that she/he is loved
and cared for.
There is no set way to massage
your baby - provided you know
how to do it safely, you and
your baby will discover what's
best for you both. It is
important to remember,
however, that massage is
something you do with, rather
than to your baby. It is
recommended that you learn
from someone with a
qualification in baby massage,
or from a midwife or health
visitor, to ensure you are doing
it safely.

There are many benefits for your baby and yourself when practicing infant massage.
Here there are:

Benefits for your baby
• Helps your baby relax
• Stimulates circulation, digestion and neurological development
• Promotes restful sleep
• Improves your baby’s immune system efficiency
• Stimulates your baby’s nervous system
• Helps relieve pain of colic, gas, illness and teething
• Promotes healthy weight gain
• Enhances sensory awareness
• Stimulates growth-promoting hormones
• Provides the baby with much-needed touch and connection
• Increases bonding and attachment between baby and parent
• Provides premature and special needs babies with immense physiological benefits

Benefits for parents
• Builds your confidence in baby handling
• Provides you with an opportunity to become more competent in reading your baby’s
• Gives you a special, focused time with your baby
• Deepens the bond between you and your baby
• Provides you with a tool for calming and settling your baby
• Gives parents of premature babies or babies with special needs a way to bond with and
help their baby
• Provides an effective way to settle a fussy or colicky baby
• Gives the parent a loving way to introduce a sibling to a new baby
• Allows you to enjoy the feel of your baby’s miraculous little body
Some things to consider before you start the massage with your baby

Make sure your hands are clean and warm
Cut your nails to prevent injuries to your baby
Make sure to get rid of calluses and rough skin
Dress comfortably in an outfit that allows soiling with oil; you might want to Pickup your
baby during the massage or breast feed it afterwards.
Make sure you are quite comfortable while you give the massage
Be sure to have 1 full hour to relax with your baby, without any disturbances and
Prepare the area of the massage so you don't have to get up and leave your baby

A soft surface, like a blanket or large towel
Extra towel to cover the baby if it is cold
Extra diaper just in case
Easy-to dress clothing for the baby after the massage
A small bowl with plant oil
A burner with some etheric oils (rose, lavender, myrtle, mandarin, neroli are all
Soft music is an option

Some Tips:
Ask your baby's permission to give him/her a massage
Speak to him/her during the massage
Singing a lullaby is great, since it gives the massage a calming rhythm
Meditate before the massage
Pay attention to your breathing during the massage, it should be slow and deep
Turn off the phone so it won't ring during the massage
Allow yourself some rest after the massage
Let your partner do the massage if you are tired
Massage your own hands, shoulders and neck before you begin the baby massage
Some don'ts:
Do not force your baby to have a massage
Do not restrain his/her movements
Do not detach your hands from the baby's body as long as you give a massage
Do not massage strictly as you have learned, feel free to change the routine according to
the mood of your baby
Do not force your baby to have a massage
Do not put too much perfume on you
Do not put etheric oils into the massage oil
Do not pour oil onto the baby's skin

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