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					                                         Ph.D in Real Estate
                               Plan of Study as of August 12, 2008***
The Ph.D is a research degree and therefore the emphasis in this program is to develop research tools.
The following calculus courses are required of Ph.D students:
         Math 2200       Analytic Geometry and Calculus (3 hours)
         Math 2210       Integral Calculus (3 hours)
A.    The major required courses in real estate are as follows: A grade of B or better is required in each of the four
      Real Estate major courses (REAL 7800, REAL 7810, REAL 7830, REAL 7880) for permission to take the
      written Ph.D field exam.
             1. REAL 7800          Real Estate Analysis (1½ hours)
             2. REAL 7810          Real Estate Investment (1½ hours)
             3. REAL 7830          Real Estate Finance (1½ hours)
             4. REAL 7880          Real Estate Development (1½ hours)
             5. ECON 8010          Microeconomic Theory I (3 hours)
             6. Elective*
B.    The minor field is usually the following finance courses, exceptions are allowed with permission of the graduate
      coordinator and major professor. Three out of the four courses are required.** For the three required courses a
      grade point average of 3.0 must be achieved for permission to take the written Ph.D exam.
            1. FINA 9110             Valuation and Capital Market Theory (3 hours)
            2. FINA 9120             Empirical Research in Corporate Finance (3 hours)
            3. FINA 9130             Financial Research Methodology (3 hours)
            4. Elective*
C.    Research Methodology: The first three courses are required for permission to take the written Ph.D field exam.
      Also, a grade point average of 3.0 is required for ECON 8000, 8070 and 8080 for permission to take the written
      Ph.D exam. Econometric Theory I & II and ECON 8130 are required for the completion of the Ph.D.
      Exceptions are allowed with permission of the graduate coordinator and major professor.**
            1. ECON 8000            Math Analysis for Economics (3 hours)
            2. ECON 8070            Statistics for Econometrics (3 hours)
            3. ECON 8080            Introduction to Econometrics (3 hours)
            4. ECON 8110            Econometrics I (3 hours)
            5. ECON 8120            Econometrics II (3 hours)
            6. ECON 8130            Time Series Econometrics (3 hours)
D.    Research Apprenticeship
            1. REAL 9910        Seminar in Real Estate Analysis & Finance (1-6 hours)
            2. REAL 9920        Seminar in Real Estate Markets and Investments (1-6 hours)
            3. REAL 8990        Directed Studies in Real Estate (1-9 hours)
            4. REAL 9000        Doctoral Research (1-9 hours)
            5. REAL 9300        Doctoral Dissertation (1-9 hours)
            Both REAL 9910 and 9920 are required every semester offered; hours variable.
*   The following courses may be used as an elective for the Real Estate Major courses: ECON 8020, ECON 8030, ECON
    8000, FINA 8310, FINA 8360, FINA 9200 and FINA 9210. Students may substitute other courses with the permission of
    the graduate coordinator and major professor. All 8990 courses are used for Research Apprenticeship only. It is not allowed
    to use any 8990 in any area or subject as an elective in the major field or minor field or as research methodology.
** If the graduate coordinator and major professor is the same person or if the student has no major professor then permission
    must be obtained from the graduate coordinator and one other faculty member in Real Estate on the graduate faculty.
*** The required course outline dated August 7, 1998, September 1, 1998, and August 12, 2005 are not valid.

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