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Real Estate Bios by juj67515


Real Estate Bios document sample

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									Internet Research Resources

          Presented by David Lamb
       Prospect Research Consultant
           Blackbaud Analytics
What you can usually find
  Indications of wealth
     Stockholdings of public company insiders
    Salaries of top public company employees
    Real estate values
    Salary surveys
  Affiliations
    Professional directories

What you can sometimes find
 Inheritances           Assets other than stock
 Affiliations            or real estate
    Nonprofit              Boats

    Corporate              Airplanes

    Family                 Art

 Donations              Proceeds of a private
 Biographical
                          company sale
    Age
    Business history
    Who’s who

What you can never find
  Bank account balances
  Non-insider stockholdings
  Private investments
  Whatever the prospect wants to keep

If you know where the prospect works
   Check for a Hoovers profile of the company for:
       Company data
       Proxy statement if any to find equity and salary
       Links to the company web site
   Go to the company web site if found for:
       Company data
       Press releases
       Executive bios
       SEC filings if any
   Go to Marketwatch to update latest trades since
    proxy, if applicable
If you don’t know where the prospect
    Check ($$)10K Wizard or (free) to see if the
     person is an insider
    Check the FEC site for address, employer and title information
     – if available – as well as political contributions
    If prospect is a doctor or lawyer, search the appropriate
     directories to find professional information
         AMA Physician Select
         AIM (Administrators in Medicine) DocFinder
         Martindale-Hubbell
         FindLaw
    ($$) KnowX has information on:
         Owners and officers
         Real estate
    If KnowX turns up companies affiliated with your prospect, go
     to the state corporations office to determine if the companies
     are still active
For all prospects
   Real estate: Zillow, Tax Assessor Database
   Look for foundation affiliations at Guidestar and
   Professional directories: Zoom, Ziggs & Zaba
   Check Infospace for correct phone numbers
   ($$) Check Waltman Donor Database and/or NOZA
    for gifts made by your prospect
   Check OneStepBirthdays for a birthday
   ($$) Biography Search
   ($$) Find news at Factiva
   Google
 David Lamb’s Prospect research page:
 Internet Prospector:
 Blackbaud Analytics:

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