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Real Estate Articles of Incorporation


Real Estate Articles of Incorporation document sample

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									                                                                                               Correspondent Information

Thank you for your interest in CGB AGRIfinancial Services Loan Programs. In order
  to understand your operation and evaluate your credit request, we will need the
           following information, based on the type of credit requested.

              Initial Information Requirements for each Applicant, Co-Maker and Guarantor:

                      For an Real Estate Loan, please complete #1 - #16
    #1          A completed and signed application for credit

    #2          Current balance sheet, no more than 90 days old, and prior 3 years of balance sheets, for
                each entity on the application

    #3          Current year federal tax return, or year-to-date profit & loss statement, and prior 3 years
                of federal tax returns, for each entity on the application

    #4          Projected production and yield estimates for current crop year
    #5          5 year historical production history

    #6          Completed Creditor Sheet and/or copies of debt instruments (note, mortgage,
                amortization schedule, etc.)

    #7          Brief narrative/description of farming operation

    #8          Copy of most recent appraisal(s), if available

    #9          Copies of signed purchase agreement(s), if applicable

   #10          Copies of bid(s), if construction is involved

   #11          Copies of production contracts, if applicable

   #12          Typical cash flow scenario provided by integrator (poultry, swine, etc.)

   #13          12 - 15 month cash flow projection & marketing plan for coming year with detail on each
                unit or entity (not applicable for real estate loans)

   #14          List of locations where grain sold (not applicable for real estate loans)
                     These items can be submitted after approval, but prior to closing

   #15          For entity applicants, Articles of Incorporation & Bylaws, Partnership Agreements, or
                other organizational documents

   #16          Insurance coverage information; attach a copy of the declarations pages and coverages
                for each
                       Crop insurance - necessary for operating loans
                       Farmowners insurance - necessary on all loans

Based on this information, we will evaluate your credit request, determine an approximate interest rate, and
identify any additional information requirements needed to make a final loan commitment. Financial
statements, cash flow, and other data collection forms are available for your convenience should you need
them. Please feel free to contact us with any questions at our toll-free number: 877-548-2622.

            Thank you once again for your interest in CGB AGRIfinancial Services

                                                       Printed 7/29/2011

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