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									                                            REAL ESTATE

                                          2008 REAL ESTATE
                                          Advertising Rates,
                                          Mechanical Requirements and
                                          General Information

                                                  Effective November 5, 2007
For more information, call 320-202-5413
Real Estate Rates
Run of Press Display Advertising • Effective November 5, 2007.

Non-Contract Rates
Your investment in a classified advertising program with the St.                AGATE       1X                3X consecutive    10X consecutive   30X consecutive
Cloud Times can reap huge dividends for your business. With                     LINES       Daily    Sunday   Daily Sunday      Daily Sunday      Daily Sunday
flexible contract options available, you can choose the type of                 5-56        $2.20    $2.95    $1.61 $2.16       $1.50 $2.00       $1.44 $1.93
program that best suits your business needs. Your account                       57-300      2.09     2.80     1.53     2.05     1.42    1.90      1.37    1.83
representative can help you plan your marketing calendar to                     301-900     1.98     2.65     1.45     1.95     1.35    1.80      1.29    1.73
maximize the effectiveness of your advertising investment.
                                                                                901-1499    1.87     2.51     1.37     1.84     1.27    1.70      1.22    1.64
All rates are based on “agate lines.” To determine the number of
agate lines in an ad, multiple its height in inches by the number
of columns by 14. (There are 14 agate lines in an inch.)
Example: 2 columns by 5 inches by 14 lines equals 140 agate
lines. Minimum five agate lines is equal to 3 lines of set copy.
Daily Frequency Rates
With a daily frequency contract, you get a lower rate by running               AGATE       1X                 3X consecutive   10X consecutive    30X consecutive
an ad every day in the St. Cloud Times. Your “rate holder” ad                  LINES       Daily    Sunday    Daily Sunday     Daily Sunday       Daily Sunday
runs every day and you use this pricing grid for all your                      5-56        $1.06    $1.42     $0.78 $1.04      $0.72 $0.97        $0.69 $0.93
advertising needs, with the exception of employment advertising,               57-300      1.01     1.35      0.74     0.99    0.68    0.92       0.66    0.88
where the daily frequency employment grid applies.                             301-900     0.95     1.28      0.70     0.94    0.65    0.87       0.62    0.84
                                                                               901-1400    0.90     1.21      0.66     0.89    0.61    0.82       0.59    0.79
                                                                               1401 & up   0.85     1.14      0.62     0.83    0.58    0.77       0.55    0.74

Annual Bulk Contract Rates
With an annual bulk contract, you’re provided the most                         AGATE       1X                 3X consecutive   10X consecutive    30X consecutive
flexibility in a contract commitment that lowers your rate. Run                LINES       Daily    Sunday    Daily Sunday     Daily Sunday       Daily Sunday
when you want, any size, any day or consecutive days, by                       1,500       $1.44    $1.93     $1.15 $1.54      $1.09 $1.47        $1.07 $1.43
committing to an annual contract.                                              3,500       1.15     1.54      0.92     1.23    0.88    1.17       0.85    1.14
                                                                               7,000       1.08     1.45      0.86     1.16    0.82    1.10       0.80    1.07
                                                                               10,000      1.01     1.35      0.81     1.08    0.77    1.03       0.75    1.00
                                                                               20,000      0.94     1.25      0.75     1.00    0.71    0.95       0.69    0.93
                                                                               45,000      0.86     1.16      0.69     0.93    0.66    0.88       0.64    0.86

Color Rates
Color sells 43% better than black and white advertisements. Put color to
work in your ads and make your marketing that much more visible...and
at surprisingly low prices. The power of color is available and
affordable...every day! Your investment is based on the standard black
and white or contract rate, plus these additional charges:
Color by the Line
           DAILY SUNDAY
One color $0.14 $0.27
Full color $0.38 $0.60
                                                                           Where will you find the most online traffic to market your real estate listings for your clients?
                                                                           Leverage the power of, the most visited web site in central Minnesota. With
             ONE COLOR FULL COLOR                                          over 4 million page views each month, the Times’ website is the premier web site in central
              Daily Sunday Daily Sunday                                    Minnesota for local news, classified, and real estate information. Get your listings on
OPEN          $402 519 589 723                                    and take advantage of the incredible marketing power of print and online
13X            369 471 551 681                                             marketing solutions available through the St. Cloud Times.
26X            336 435 525 659
52X            282 337 410 494                                             Both online and in print, we actively promote and to pull
104X           261 305 396 465                                             people to your listings. Take advantage of our enormous promotional strength. Contact your
156X           214 256 382 444                                             account representative to discuss a custom online package. If you do not have an account
208X           194 232 355 414                                             executive, call 202-5413 for assistance.
Double trucks: 1 1/2 times the above rates.
Tab pages: 1/2 the above rates.
Real Estate Marketing with
Home Times Realtor Rates                       Home Times Magazine Deadlines 2007
Home Times magazine, the premiere               February            Homes Times   Deadline:   1/8    Publish: 2/23
bi-monthly real estate magazine provides
an exciting marketing opportunity for           March               Homes Times   Deadline:   2/12   Publish: 2/27
your real estate business. With an              April               Homes Times   Deadline:   3/11   Publish: 3/26
extended shelf life, the magazine is
                                                May                 Homes Times   Deadline:   4/15   Publish: 4/30
targeted specifically to your potential
customers...individuals now in the              June                Homes Times   Deadline:   5/13   Publish: 5/28
market to buy or sell their home. Invest        July                Homes Times   Deadline:   6/10   Publish: 6/25
wisely in your marketing efforts. Include
Home Times in your 2008 plans.                  August              Homes Times   Deadline:   7/15   Publish: 7/30
                                                September           Homes Times   Deadline:   8/12   Publish: 8/27
MAGAZINE                                Rate    October             Homes Times   Deadline:   9/9    Publish: 9/24
Glossy Full Page                        $485    November            Homes Times   Deadline:   10/7   Publish: 10/22
3rd Glossy Page                         $390    December            Homes Times   Deadline:   11/4   Publish: 11/19
Offset Full Page                        $325    January             Homes Times   Deadline:   12/2   Publish: 12/17
2nd Offset Page                         $280
Offset Half Page                        $205
Offset Quarter Page                     $113
                                               Mechanical Requirements
                                               1 column
                                               1 inch

Features Ads
                                               2 columns
                                               2 .03 inches         Broadsheet
Available to qualified real estate agents.     3 columns
                                               3.06 inches                             10 columns
With your “features ad”, you can
enhance the marketing visibility of a          4 columns
single property substantially. This            4 .10 inches
templated ad format allows you to
                                               5 columns
showcase a single property in full             5.13 inches
color. (Color based on availability.)
                                               6 columns
Feature Ad: Templated, full-color              6.16 inches
ad, one home per ad, includes                  7 columns
Realtor logo and photo:                        7.19 inches
$60 per ad
Pick up the ad for a 2nd publication:          8 columns
                                               8.22 inches
$44 per ad
                                               9 columns
Enhanced Feature Ad: Templated,                9.25 inches
full-color ad, one home per ad,                                                         301 lines
                                               10 columns
includes Realtor logo and photo and            10.28 inches
more design flexibility per your
specs.                                         Double Truck
$93 per ad                                     23.125 inches
                                               gutter width 11/16
Pick up the ad for a 2nd publication:          of one inch
$60 per ad
                                               Column depth
                                               301 lines
Terms & Conditions                                                                                                  Display Advertising Deadlines
RIGHT TO EDIT OR REJECT: In the interest of maintaining our standards of accuracy and good                          PUBLICATION DAY                                                            DEADLINE
taste, we reserve the right to in our sole discretion, edit, reject, refuse or cancel advertising at any time. If
we edit your ad, we will do so only with your consent.                                                              Monday                                                              Thursday, 5:00 PM
RATE AVAILABILITY: All rates and discount programs in this rate schedule are available to any local                 Tuesday                                                                 Friday, 5:00 PM
store, service establishment or group operating under single ownership in the St. Cloud area and reflect
the lowest rates available based on contract commitments.                                                           Wednesday                                                            Monday, 5:00 PM
CLARIFICATION OF ADVERTISING: In order for our readers to be able to distinguish your advertis-                       Central MN Marketplace                                               Friday, 10:00 am
ing, all ads set to resemble reading material will be clearly labeled “advertisement” and carry a rule at both
the top and bottom of the ad. In addition, typefaces other than news type will be used in ads resembling            Thursday                                                              Tuesday, 5:00 PM
reading material.                                                                                                     UpNext                                                                Friday, 4:00 PM
contract cannot be invalidated, and the Company will not be liable for (a) the incorrect publication                Friday Real Estate                                                 Wednesday, 5:00 PM
(including, without limitation, typographical errors), incorrect insertions or omissions in advertising pub-        Saturday                                                                Thursday, noon
lished by the Company or (b) any resulting losses.
INDEMNIFICATION: Advertiser agrees to indemnify, defend and hold harmless the Company from all                      Saturday Real Estate                                               Wednesday, 5:00 PM
claims (whether valid or invalid), suits, judgments, proceedings, losses, damages, costs and expenses, of           Sunday                                                              Thursday, 5:00 PM
any nature whatsoever (including reasonable attorneys’ fees) for which the Company or any of its affiliates
may become liable by reason of Company’s publication of Advertiser’s advertising.                                     OnTV                                                                  Friday, 5:00 PM
BILLING PROCEDURES: Subject to the satisfactory credit check on Advertiser and/or its advertising                     Citizen Times                                  Monday prior to publication, 5:00 PM
agency (“Agency”), the Advertiser shall make payment within twenty-five (25) days of the billing date
indicated on Company’s statement, and, in the event that it fails to pay within such time, Company                    D’lish                                                           Wednesday, 4:00 PM
may reject advertising copy, scheduled or unscheduled, and/or immediately cancel Advertiser’s contract              HOLIDAY DEADLINES:
and Advertiser agrees to indemnify Company for all expenses incurred in connection with the collection
of amounts payable, including court costs and attorney’s fees. If Advertiser’s contract is canceled due to          Special schedules are published prior to effective deadlines. Watch the Times for
Advertiser’s failure to timely pay, Company may rebill the Advertiser for the outstanding balance due at            details.
the open or earned contract rate, whichever is applicable. Stated rates for all contract advertising services       CANCELLATION DEADLINES:
are conditional on subsequent payment by cash or check. Rates for services paid for by other means are               Advertising canceled after deadlines may be subject to cancellation fees.
subject to an additional 3%.
FINANCE CHARGES: Should you require more time to pay your bill, finance charges will not be
applied until 55 days after the billing date.
CREDIT CARD POLICY: We do not accept credit card payments on billed accounts. We do accept                          Classified Line Advertising Deadlines
credit cards for prepayment of ads, the credit card must be charged prior to the ad publishing.
POSITION REQUESTS: We will try to fulfill position requests whenever a preference is indicated.                     5:00 pm one business day before publication
However, position is often dictated by press requirements. Position requests are most often fulfilled based         10:00 am Friday for Saturday’s edition
on premium position charges, ad sizes, annual expenditures and use of color. Please let us know when
you have a preference. We will do our best to comply to your request. However, the Company shall have               5:00 pm Friday for Sunday’s edition
full latitude with respect to positioning all advertisements.                                                       5:00 pm Friday for Monday’s edition
NEWSPAPER’S RATE CARD: Should we have a rate change, we will notify you as soon as the infor-
mation is available. When possible, we will send you a letter, at the same address as the billing statement,
30 days in advance of the change. In any case, we will make every effort to give you the best rate and dis-
count packages available. In the event of a rate change, you may terminate your contract, without pen-              Phone Numbers
alty, by simply writing us a letter prior to the time the new rates become effective, informing us of your
intention to terminate the contract on the effective date of the rate change. Ask your account represen-
                                                                                                                    Classified Advertising                            320-202-5413 or 800-759-7653
tative if you have any questions concerning your contract status or rates.                                          Classified FAX                                                    320-255-8773
TAXES: If any federal, state or local taxes are imposed on the printing of advertising material or on the
sale of advertising space, such taxes shall be assumed and paid by Advertiser.                                      Prepress Department                                               320-255-8728
LATE ADS: Our deadlines are structured as closely as possible to the publication date. Should you need              Prepress FAX                                                      320-255-8729
to cancel an ad after the deadlines, we may have to replace the space with a “house ad” or public service
ad and a charge of 25% of the ordered space may be necessary. We will do our best to accommodate                    Credit Department                                                 320-255-8780
your needs on any ad scheduled after published deadlines, however, this may not always be possible or the           Accounting and Billing Questions                                  320-255-8780
range of services we normally provide may have to be limited in order to accommodate your request.
CANCELLATIONS: The closing time for cancellations is 2 business days prior to the scheduled pub-
lication date for black and white and color material. Cancellations will not be accepted after the appli-
cable closing time. Advertiser will be responsible for the production or creative services provided by              Personnel
Company regardless of the cancellation of Advertiser’s advertising.
SHORT RATING: If you cannot fulfill the space contracted for within the time specified in the adver-                 Bill Albrecht, President & Publisher                                  320-255-8709
tising contract, we will invoice you for the difference between the rate billed and the rate earned on the
actual inches run. If you use more ROP space than the contracted level, we will issue a credit toward                Kent Johnson, Advertising Director                                    320-255-8799
future advertising at the rate difference between the contracted rate and the next highest level for all             Julie Schlagheck, Classified Advertising Manager                      320-255-8731
inches in excess of the next highest level. Because of our low contract and preprint rates, we cannot
include preprint equivalents toward the credit.                                                                      Deb Schmitz, Private Party Team Lead                                  320-202-5440
ASSIGNMENT: Advertising contracts may not be assigned or transferred by Advertiser or its Agency.                    Bernie Orbeck, Manager Shopping News Marketplace                      320-255-8790
FORCE MAJEURE: Each party’s obligations under the advertising agreement are conditional on strikes,
fires, acts of God or the public enemy, war, or any cause not subject to the control of such party.                  Celeste Simon, Manager Wrightway Shopper Marketplace                  800-450-0030
AGENCY LIABILITY: If Advertiser utilizes an Agency, Advertiser and Agency shall be jointly and sev-                  James Urick, Advertising Development Manager                          320-259-3695
erally liable for complying with all the terms of this rate schedule and the Advertiser’s contract, including
payment for all advertising.                                                                                         Marilyn Birkland, Retail Advertising Manager                          320-255-8794
NON SEQUENTIAL LIABILITY: The Advertiser’s contract renders void any statements concerning                           Dennis A. Host, Director/Marketing, Circulation Sales                 320-255-8727
liability which appear on correspondence from Advertiser or its Agency, and is irrevocable without the
written consent of the Company’s Credit Department. It is further agreed that the Company does not                   Geary Yaeger, Operations Director                                     320-255-8724
accept advertising orders or space reservations claiming sequential liability.                                       St. Cloud Times Main Switchboard Number                               320-255-8700
CREDIT CHECK: The effectiveness of the advertising contract is subject to a satisfactory credit check
on Advertiser and/or Agency.
INCORRECT RATES IN ORDER FORMS: When orders are forwarded by Advertiser or its Agency
which contain incorrect rates or conditions, the advertising called for will be inserted and charged at the
correct rate in force governing such advertising as provided for in the Company’s rate schedule, and in
accordance with the conditions contained in the Advertiser’s contract.
BROKERED ADVERTISING: The Company deals directly and individually with its local advertisers
and does not accept local brokered advertising.
ELECTRONIC SUBMISSION OF ADS: Ads submitted electronically are considered camera ready and                          3000 North Seventh Street
therefore we are not responsible for copy changes, alterations or corrections.                                      PO Box 768
                                                                                                                    St. Cloud, MN 56302

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