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Achieving Greatness Through Great Recruitment

              E-Strategy Practice

                Alan Whitford
               +44 7971 864620

                Keith Robinson
                +44 7796 523355

       Why Us?
Alan Whitford:
   Over 20 years experience providing strategic and practical insights to the automation and
   web-enablement of Human Resource and Recruitment Process activities throughout Europe.
   Clients include Times 500 companies and software and services vendors in the Human
   Resources and e-commerce arenas.
   Founding board member of HR-XML Consortium European Chapter
   Founder of Classified Solutions Holdings B.V. - developer of Web 2.0 solutions for recruitment
   Published in a number of on-line and off-line media covering technical and strategic HR and
   Recruitment issues
   Author: Personnel Today - Guide to Online Recruitment

Keith Robinson
   25 years in the recruiting, publishing and on-line space in UK, Europe, AsiaPac and US
   Experience of working with the HR community as an information provider and advisor
   Launched Personnel Today
   10 years board director at two of Europe‟s largest recruitment advertising agencies
   Last 5 years took from a number 5 position to a profitable market leader
   Founding partner and current chairman of The Network - the world‟s largest on-line
   recruitment alliance
   Founder of Classified Solutions Holdings B.V. - developer of Web 2.0 solutions for recruitment

E-Strategy Practice
       High Performance Organisation

 A high performance organisation is an organisation that
   achieves results that are better than those of its peer
    group over a longer period of time, by being able to
    adapt well to changes and react on these quickly, by
         managing for the long term, by setting up an
      integrated and aligned management structure, by
     continuously improving its core capabilities, and by
        truly treating the employees as its main asset.

E-Strategy Practice
       The Right People

   “If we don’t get the people thing right, we lose; it’s the most
     important thing in all our business”
                            Jack Welch, General Electric

   “The ability to find and hire the right people can make or break
    your business. It is as plain as that. No matter where you
    are in the life cycle of your business, bringing in great talent
    should always be a top priority. It is also the hardest
    objective to meet.”
                            Michael Dell, Dell Computer

E-Strategy Practice
        Recruitment Greatness

             Great Organisations   Great Candidates

                          Deliver Great

                        Great Employees

E-Strategy Practice
       Business Survival Needs Great Recruitment

    Europe‟s working population forecast to decline by 35
    million in the next 10 years
         More than the amount of people who died in the Black Death in
         the 13th century
    Corporate Europe is going to face unparalleled challenges
         Attracting top talent to its organisation
         And finding people to fill positions at any level
    Recruitment today in Europe is Continental

E-Strategy Practice
       Recruitment Is a Top Priority

 Source: The Gap Between IT and Strategic HR in the UK, Taleo
 Research, 2006. (Based on 100 respondents w/HR mgmt responsibilities
 in UK orgs w/min. of 1,000 employees.)
E-Strategy Practice
       Competition for Talent is Increasing

E-Strategy Practice
       Candidates are Dissatisfied!

E-Strategy Practice
         Damage From a Negative Recruitment Experience

As a result of a bad experience in the recruitment process,
people are less likely to:

      Accept a job at                                         76%
       that company

     Recommend the                                              82%
      company to a
       Buy that                                        64%

                        0%   20%          40%    60%    80%         100%

                             Source: Totaljobs
  E-Strategy Practice
         Recruiting Is A Strategic Imperative

   Enterprise Collaboration
   Integration with business goals, timelines, measures
   Assess existing employees
   Understand skills needed, market, demographics
   Knowledge of communications vehicles
   Compelling sales story
   Measure effectiveness of recruitment spend

E-Strategy Practice
        Leading the Way to High Performance

                           Direction, leadership

       Constant feedback                           Corporate/board buy in

    Build/execute                                       Funding

                                                   Alignment - HR, Marketing,
Communicating/relationship                         Corporate Affairs
building/educating line mgmt   Agreed KPIs

E-Strategy Practice
       HR Value Pyramid


                              Consulting from
                            reactive to proactive


                      Basic Administration (entry level)

E-Strategy Practice
       What Is Enterprise Collaboration?

    The sharing of critical business intelligence within
    and across the enterprise to improve a process
    and/or achieve an end goal.

    The purpose of HR is to act as a business unit whose
    primary responsibility is to partner with and
    proactively support senior management's business
    objectives as they relate to human capital.

E-Strategy Practice
       Barriers to Collaboration

    Separated At Birth - Hiring Managers and Recruiters
         See jobs differently
         Work on different schedules
         Different evaluation and decision criteria

    HR is not at the table
“…of the top FTSE 250 companies, only 20 have the people function on
  the board.”

              Source: Denise Kingsmill, Chair, DTI Accounting for People Taskforce, May 2003

E-Strategy Practice
    Enterprise Resourcing “MAP”
                                                          Strategic & Operating
           Economic & Market Influences                                                        Business Drivers
                                                              Business Plan

                                                       WORKFORCE PLAN
                             “the right people in the right place at the right time doing the right job”
       Labour Supply Forecasting (Internal / External)                            Labour Demand Analysis (Internal / External)

                “MOVE IN”                                “MOVE AROUND”                                     “MOVE OUT”
                                               INTERNAL MOBILITY & DEVELOPMENT
“Media & P.R.                                                                                               Repatriate
Strategy”                                                        Succession                                    Redeploy
                       - Intern / Coop
                                                 Career           Planning          Localization                Retrain
                       - New Grad.
- Advertising                                     Net                                                           Reskill
                       - Experienced
- Media Exposure                                                  Internship
                       - Contract
- Website                                                          Program           Other
                       - Newspaper Ads         A/P Career
- Tradeshows                                                                      Development
                       - Web Ads                Transfer                                                       Move Out
- University                                                     Leadership        Initiatives
                       - Referral                Policy
  Interaction                                                      Edge
                       - Career Fairs

                                                 RESOURCING INFRASTRUCTURE
        Systems            Tools             Metrics            Tracking & Reporting               Processes              Policies
         Recruitment Is Marketing

    “There will always, one can assume, be need for
    some selling.
    But the aim of marketing is to make selling
    The aim of marketing is to know and understand the
    customer so well that the product or service fits him
    and sells itself.
    Ideally, marketing should result in a customer who is
    ready to buy.
    All that should be needed is to make the product or
    service available.”

                      Source: Peter Drucker

E-Strategy Practice
              Candidate Marketing
     Recruiting is simply a sales function
          Find prospects (candidates)
          Via marketing and advertising (recruiting websites, ads, job
          Qualify prospect (screening and assessing)
          Sell (recruit) the product (a job)
          Close the deal (accepts the job)
     Personalised service - the more you know the
     customer (candidate), the more specialised
     marketing can be
     Targeted candidate marketing provides more
     qualified leads and results in more sales (successful

E-Strategy Practice
      Recruitment as a Lead Generation Process

E-Strategy Practice
         Hiring Experience, Not Hiring Process

                      Recruiting is personal, unique
                       and all about relationships

   Build relationships with website visitors on their terms
   Allow them to quickly profile what they want to do
   Immediate response to candidate - qualified or not
   Manage expectations and follow through!
   Prepare for visit (interview)
   Make the candidate feel welcome
   Follow up immediately after interview

E-Strategy Practice
            What Defines Today’s Jobseeker?

    A jobseeker is a consumer
    A consumer is a potential employee
    They are both more brand aware than ever before
    They are both more internet competent than ever
    They are both more critical of a web based negative
    experience than ever before
    They share this experience with more people than
    ever before

E-Strategy Practice
        We’re in a Consumer Centric World

Employment consumer
    “An individual that experiences employment
    activity with an organisation – from recruitment to
    retention to exit”

E-Strategy Practice
          What Do Today’s Jobseekers Expect?

  To be informed of the options                 Feedback            Dedicated attention

  Not to be passed around           Basic courtesies           To be kept informed

Explanations in my terms                 Anticipation of my needs            Honesty

 Friendliness             Follow-through          Knowledgeable help         Empathy

    Respect             To be taken seriously       Competent, efficient service

  Professional service                   To be listened to (and heard)

  E-Strategy Practice
           Consumer Behaviour

    Strange but true data points from purchases
    behaviors of online browsers in the US this year
         People who browse Miami travel content buy plasma TV‟s at
         a higher than normal rate
         People who browse school-aged parenting content purchase
         motorcycles at a disproportionate level
         People who browse certain types of movie reviews make
         leisure travel purchases disproportionate to their numbers
    Nothing predicts behaviour like behaviour

                      Source Reaching Low Handraisers by Dave Morgan

E-Strategy Practice
             Employment Branding

 Branding is “the new black”
    Branding is a more pronounced effort by the employer to
    declare themselves exactly who they are or are trying to be
 Branding can not overcome the reality
    What do we do well? Badly?
    Impressions left on candidate
    What was the first disappointment for an employee?
    Do employees reflect the employer self image and branding
 Branding is an investment in the long term

E-Strategy Practice
       Experience = Brand

    The experience is the Brand- it is no longer about just
    image alone.
         It is, today, the appreciation of the experience
         No matter how “nice” the logo is - if the user can‟t find what
         they need, the brand is damaged
    You can‟t control the experience…
         The user is now in control and will surprise you at every turn
         They will ignore your headlines, not go to the home page
    BUT the experience they get is still based on the
    experience they have chosen

E-Strategy Practice
                      What Next?

    How are the candidates going to select
            their next job channel?


         How are we going to reach them?

E-Strategy Practice
       The Reality of Job Search Today

Rupert Murdoch; 6 March, 2006:

      “I don‟t know anybody under 30 who has ever
           looked at a classified advertisement in a
       newspaper. With broadband they do more and
          more transactions and job seeking online.”

E-Strategy Practice
       International “Power Networking
       Organisations” and Referral Networks
         100,000+ registered and active users,
         200,000 unique visitors per month
         13.0 million users
         2.735 million connections in „my‟ network
         35 Million relationships
         900,000 companies
    Viadeo, Zubka, Xing, Ziggs……

E-Strategy Practice
       Personal Relationship Websites
        175 million users
        12 million EU users
        „Owns‟ the 18-30 age bracket
        Has a free job posting model
        48,951 videos uploaded today
         15 million users per month
         12 million classified ads per month
         50 million postings in 100+ forums
         750,000 job postings per month
         Job postings free in most cities

    Facebook, Club Penguin,…….

E-Strategy Practice
E-Strategy Practice
E-Strategy Practice
       Career Site As a Consumer Portal

    We‟ve seen that a consumer site delivers exactly what the
    consumer wants - goods, services and ability to buy
         Job Boards do the same for the job seeker
    The corporate Career site could do the same…..
         Graduates want information and we deliver brochureware
    Experienced jobseekers want to find job, title, salary and apply
         And sometimes we still deliver brochureware
         Or put up registration barriers - too much information too early in
         the process
    An email address and job title can be enough information to
    begin building the media centric relationship to build the media

E-Strategy Practice
E-Strategy Practice
E-Strategy Practice
E-Strategy Practice
E-Strategy Practice
E-Strategy Practice
E-Strategy Practice
E-Strategy Practice
E-Strategy Practice
        Recruitment Greatness

                      Great Organisations   Great Candidates

                                   Deliver Great

                                 Great Employees

E-Strategy Practice
“Great recruiters aren’t born,
    they are trained and

  Source: Frank Roders, Compagnon
       THANK YOU!!

                      Any Questions?

E-Strategy Practice

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