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									                                     Sales Contract I Health Guarantee

Breed: Australian Shepherd               ASCA#                                    Sex:
Whelped:                                 Color:                                   Sale Price:   $
Sire:                                                                             Deposit:      $
Dam:                                                                              Shipping:     $
                                                                                  Total:        $

This contract is for the benefit of the original purchaser only! It is not transferable and will become null and void if
the puppy is sold, leased or in any other way transferred to a third party or if the puppy is no longer under the
direct care, custody and control of the original buyer.

Payment arrangements:
   •   Buyer can place a $100.00 non-refundable deposit to hold a puppy until it is old enough to leave the
       kennel. A personal check may be used as a deposit only.
   •  Cash, Cashier's check or U.S. Postal money orders are the only forms of payment taken at this time.
   •  All costs of buying and shipping of puppy must be paid in full a minimum of one week prior to shipping or
      the buyer taking possession of the puppy unless payment is made in cash.

You must have your new puppy examined by a licensed veterinarian within 3 days (72 hours) of delivery to
validate the health guarantee. This health guarantee is nullified and void if buyer does not follow through with the
veterinarian exam within the 72 hours of receiving the puppy.

Seventy two hour Health Guarantee against death due to illness: This puppy is guaranteed to be in good
health at the time of delivery. Replacement of the puppy or refund of purchase price (shipping cost not
included) will be made if all of the following conditions are met:
     1. The dog is declared to have a life threatening condition by a licensed veterinarian within 72 hours. The
        72 hour period starts when the new owner receives the puppy. A written report from the licensed
        veterinarian must be submitted to Back Forty Aussies within 10 days or the Health Guarantee will be null
        and void.
    2. If puppy dies, you must have followed all advice by your veterinarian and have the corpse examined by a
        licensed veterinarian. If puppy is proven by a licensed veterinarian to have had a fatal defect, upon
        receipt of written confirmation from the veterinarian, puppy will be traded or replaced for a puppy of equal
        value or a cash refund, buyer's choice.

All of our puppies are from ASCA registered Australian Shepherd parents.
     •   Puppy is guaranteed to be current on its 7-1 vaccine.
     •  The buyer understands that the puppy will need boosters of the initial vaccinations, usually spaced three
        weeks apart until the 7-1 "puppy series is completed.
     •   Puppy is guaranteed to be free from any communicable disease or known hereditary conditions at time of
     •   Seller has taken proper precautions to prevent infectious disease, but is not responsible for any
         parasites, bacteria or viruses that are not in the control of breeder/seller or buyer.
     •   Puppy is guaranteed not to have hip dysphasia for one year.
     •   Seller is not responsible for any sickness / disease Etc ... due to a non-vaccinated puppy.
     •   Seller is not responsible for any reactions caused by vaccinations.
     •   Seller is not responsible for stress related illnesses.
     •   Seller is not responsible for ANY veterinarian expenses. All puppies are sold as pets only for the
         buyer to enjoy.
     •   There is no guarantee as to adult size, confirmation, color, breeding or trainability.
                                        Sales Contract I Health Guarantee

Shipping is available at buyer's expense.
    •   Seller will not be responsible for any part of shipping costs.

Delivery up to 100 miles is also available.

I, the buyer, have read and understand this sales contract and health guarantee.   I fully understand and agree to
abide by the terms of this sale.

Buyer:                                             _

Date:                                              _

Printed Name of Buyer:                             _

Address:                   ~----------------

Phone Number:                                          _

Seller: Back Forty Aussies
         Michelle McLain and Jon Reeder
         397750 W 3300 Rd
         Ramona, OK 74061

Sellers Signature:                             _

Date:                                          _

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