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									Wholesale Customer Contacts –V64.0
History Log (Link italicized text to: Replace Existing Download With Attached Wholesale
Customer Contacts History Log)

Various Qwest Wholesale Organizations support your service delivery efforts. Refer to individual
Qwest Wholesale Products and Services (Link italicized text to: for specific details or contact your Qwest
Account Team / Sales Executive or Service Manager (Link italicized text to: for additional information. You
may also contact Qwest via Customer Service, the CONTACT US section at:

Doing Business with Qwest

Qwest provides step by step instructions and a checklist to guide you as you establish your
relationship with Qwest. To work through this process with a Qwest representative, contact the
Manager – Interconnection Agreements (Link italicized text to: by email, by
telephone at 303-965-3029, or by FAX at 303-896-7077 to begin negotiations.

If you are a new Competitive Local Exchange Carrier (CLEC) and are ready to do business with
Qwest, view the Getting Started as a Facility-Based CLEC (Link italicized text to: or the Getting Started as a Reseller. (Link
italicized text to: If you are an existing
CLEC wishing to amend your Interconnection Agreement (Link italicized text to: or your New Customer Questionnaire,
(Link italicized text to: see
those product catalogs for additional information.

Account Team / Sales Executives and Service Managers
Your Qwest Account Team will be your first point of contact to begin conducting business with
Qwest. Click here (Link italicized text to: to view the Account Team / Sales
Executives and Service Managers Roles and Responsibilities. For all Qwest commercial local
exchange services products(e.g. Qwest Local Service Platform ™(QLSP™), sales and service
support will be handled by your Service Manager. If you do not know your assigned Qwest Sales
Executive or Service Manager, use the Customer Contact Information Tool (Link italicized text to: to locate the Qwest Sales Executive or Service Manager
assigned to your company. If you do not find your Qwest Sales Executive or Service Manager,
contact our Sales Operations at 206-346-9855 for assistance.

Wholesale Customer Contacts are available throughout Qwest’s 14-state local service territory.
(Link italicized text to:

Tariffs, Regulations and Policies

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Information is available in the state specific Tariffs/Catalogs/Price Lists. (Link italicized text to:

General pre-ordering activities are described in the Pre-Ordering Overview. (Link italicized text to:

Detailed information on how to use Qwests IMA Pre-Ordering functions can be found in the IMA
GUI (Link italicized text to: and Extensible
Markup Language (XML). (Link italicized text to:
To request a Qwest Customer Service Record (CSR), contact the Interconnect Service Center

     To Request a CSR             Contact             FAX                   Hours of Operation
     CSR Hotline for Local        800-497-7539        520-439-0910          Monday-Friday 6:00
     Service Requests                                                       AM – 6:00 PM
     (LSRs)                                                                 Mountain Time

If you are not an IMA user, you may contact the ISC to perform Loop Qualifications at 1-888-796-
General ordering activities are described in the Ordering Overview. (Link italicized text to:

IMA Facility Based Directory Listings (FBDL)

For assistance with:          Who to Contact           Contact Number          Hours of Operations
                                                                               for IMA/FBDL/LSTR
                                                                               systems only
IMA/FBDL/LSTR                 Wholesale Systems        888-796-9102            Monday - Friday 6:00
                              Help Desk                                        AM – Midnight
                                                                               Saturday 6:00 AM –
                                                                               9:00 PM
                                                                               Sunday 11:00 AM -
                                                                               7:00 PM Mountain

Listings                      Listings Operations      Central and             Monday – Friday 6:00
Confirmation/Completion       Center (LOC)             Western                 AM – 5:00 PM
Reports or listing orders                              888-253-8593            Mountain Time

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Directory Listing Inquiry System (DLIS)
For Assistance with        Who to          Contact          FAX          Hours of Operation for
                           Contact         Number                        the DLIS systems only
                                                                         Monday - Saturday 5:00
DLIS                       Wholesale       888-796-9102     N/A          AM – Midnight
                           Systems Help
                                                                         Sunday 11:00 AM - 7:00
                                                                         PM Mountain Time

Listing Resource Services Managers
For assistance with:       Who to Contact           Contact Number       Hours of Operations
Facility Based Directory                            Central and          Available 24/7
Listings (FBDL)                                     Western
                                                    FAX: 303-624-4316
                                                    or 303-624-4317
                                                    FAX: 763-506-9796
                                                    or 763-506-9797.

Directory Listing          Marcie DeMaio            Voice: 763-712-      N/A
questions contact one of                            5042
the Listing Resource                                FAX: 763-506-9797
Service Listing Account                             Email:
Managers                                            Marcie.DeMaio@q
                           Barb Dick                Voice: 763-506-      N/A
                                                    FAX: 763-506-9797
                           Pam Gooderham            Voice: 503-242-      N/A
                                                    FAX: 503-242-7671
                           Lisa Meindl              Voice: 763-506-      N/A
                                                    FAX: 763-506-9797
                           Kathy Miyake             Voice: 303-624-      N/A
                                                    FAX: 303-624-4318

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                           Patricia Salazar        Voice: 303-624-       N/A
                                                   FAX: 303-624-4318

Directory Assistance Lists (DAL)/Delivery Lists/Publisher Lists/QSearch
For Assistance with       Who to Contact                      Contact      FAX          Hours of
                                                              Number                    Operation
Directory Assistance      Account Manager:                    303-624-     303-624-     N/A
List (DAL)                Ardith Hoard Woods                  0442         4318
Directory Delivery List   Account Manager:                    402-422-     402-422-     N/A
(DDL)                     Kathy Herman                        4593         4591

Directory Publisher       Email:
Lists (DPL)     

DAL Product Manager       Diane Tang Mills                    602-351-                  N/A
                          Email:                              5035
QSearch                   Account Manager:                    402-422-     402-422-     Monday – Friday
New Customers             Kathy Herman                        4593         4591         5:30 AM -3:30
                          Email:                                                        PM Mountain
Billing Issues                                       Time

Passwords-Resets                                                                        After Hours 888-

QSearch Help                       N/A          N/A          N/A
QSearch Product           Sandy Foster                        303-308-     N/A          N/A
Manager                   Email:                              5508

Qwest Official Publisher - Dex®
For Assistance with       Who to Contact                    Contact       FAX         Hours of
                                                            Number                    Operation
Requesting Published      Dex®                              800-422-8793 520-439-     Monday - Friday
Directories                                                              0910         7:00 AM – 6:00
                                                                                      PM Mountain
                                                                                      Standard Time

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Directory Delivery (Dex® The Directory Source                800-422-8793 N/A             Monday - Friday
White Pages and Dex®                                                                      7:00 AM – 6:00
Yellow Pages)                                                                             PM Mountain
Dex Contact               Chris Peterson Email:       402 384-3633 402 384-               N/A
                          Dex Customer Service               800 422-1234 N/A             N/A

Other Dex Publisher       Dex Customer Service               303-784-2489 303-784-        N/A
Services                                                                  1774

Complex Listing Center
For Assistance with       Who to Contact                       Contact         FAX          Hours of
                                                               Number                       Operation
Complex Listings          Complex Listing Center               800 525-        800-339-     6:00 AM – 5:00
                                                               8534            7950         PM Mountain

Customer Service Centers

    Local Service Requests (LSRs)

Requesting Customer Service Records (CSRs)
Pre-Ordering information can be found in the Pre-Ordering Overview. (Link italicized text to: Customer Service Record request
numbers are:

    To Request a CSR            Contact             FAX                  Hours of Operation
    CSR Hotline for Local       800-497-7539        520-439-0910         Monday-Friday 6:00 AM –
    Service Requests (LSRs)                                              6:00 PM Mountain Time

Service Request Order Processing
General ordering activities can be found in the Ordering Overview (Link italicized text to: with provisioning and installation activities
identified in the Provisioning and Installation Overview. (Link italicized text to:
To discuss order processing or status, including Firm Order Confirmation (FOC) and Service
Order Confirmation (SOC) Notice, or to send associated information to the Center for processing,
contact our Customer Service Center. Based on the location of your end-user and the type of
service you requested, Local or Access Services, our Service Center numbers are:

    Location                  Contact           FAX (only for     Hours of Operation

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    Customer Service             866-434-2555     888-796-9089         Monday-Friday 8:00 AM -
    Inquiry and Education              OR                              6:00 PM Central, Mountain
    (CSIE) Center                csie@qwest.c                          and Pacific Time Zones
If calling to discuss multiple items, up to five tickets per call can be opened.
*For all emails sent, a call center database ticket will be opened. Status assigned to that ticket is
based on the guidelines found in the Ordering Overview. If your contact requires assistance
within two hours, Qwest recommends you call and not send an email. Qwest will respond to your
email via a phone call and provide you with the call center database ticket number. Include your
“can be reached” telephone number in your email.
Only orders due to complete on a Saturday that require a same day cancellation, due date
change or concurrence should call 612-327-0511. All other requests should be made the next
business day.

    Access Service Requests (ASRs)

    Product/Service         Contact          FAX                Hours of
    LOAs and all service    800-244-1271     800-335-5680       Monday-Friday
    requestsexcept                                              6:00 AM - 6:00 PM
    Frame Relay                                                 Mountain Time
    Frame Relay             800-285-8383     800-636-8721       Monday-Friday
                                                                6:00 AM - 6:00 PM
                                                                Mountain Time

Emergency & Annoyance Call Handling

You will be assisted by Qwest when dealing with telephone harassment, wiretapping and other
law enforcement requests. Qwest will provide tracing and *57 (Call Trace) support. The
procedures for Call Trace must be followed prior to calling the Annoyance Call Bureau (ACB). To
become familiar or review these procedures see Call Trace. (Link italicized text to:

To request tracing assistance your personnel will contact the Qwest Annoyance Call Bureau

For Assistance                     Contact                             Hours of Operation
Qwest Annoyance Call Bureau        800 582-0655                        8:00 AM – 5:00 PM Mountain
(ACB)                              FAX 206 345-8394                    Time

Qwest Customer Service Centers are closed on the following holidays:
        New Years Day
        Memorial Day
        Independence Day
        Labor Day

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       Thanksgiving Day
       Christmas Day

Provisioning and Installation
General provisioning and installation activities are described in the Provisioning and Installation
Overview. (Link italicized text to:

Firm Order Confirmation (FOC) intervals are available in the SIG. (Link italicized text to:

Loss and Completion Reports

        For assistance with:      Contact           Hours of Operation
        No File Received,         Wholesale         Monday-Friday 6:00 AM - 8:00
        Data Content,             Systems Help      PM Mountain Time
        Missing Orders or         Desk at 888-      Saturday 7:00 AM - 3:00 PM
        Incorrect Data,           796-9102          Mountain Time
        Change Transport
        Medium, Re-send
        Loss and Completion       Qwest Service
        Reports not received      Manager

Maintenance and Repair
General maintenance and repair activities are described in the Maintenance and Repair
Overview. (Link italicized text to:

Organized geographically, Qwest’s Repair Centers are grouped into Wholesale Product or
Service Designed and Non-Designed Maintenance and Repair teams:

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 Repair Centers         Product/Services           State                 Contact        Hours of Operation
 Qwest Wholesale        Design UNE and             All                   800-223-7881   Available 24/7
 Repair Center          Complex Products
                        and Services:
                           LIS Trunking
                           Resale
                           Qwest Platform
                            Local Service

                           Unbundled Loop
                           Network Element
                           Unbundled
                           Line Sharing

                        EEL/LMC                    AZ, CO,               800-223-7881   Available 24/7
                                                   ID,MT, NM,
                                                   OR, UT, WA,
                        EEL/LMC                    IA, MN, ND,           866-706-0619   Available 24/7
                                                   NE, SD
 Repair Call Handling   Non-Design POTS:           All                   888-405-0083   Available 24/7
 Center (RCHC)             Resale - Simple
                            Residential (1FR)
                           Resale - Simple
                            Business (1FB)
                           QPP/QLSP
                            Distribution Sub-
 CSIE                   If your service            All                   866-434-2555   Monday-Friday 8:00
                        request was                                                     AM - 6:00 PM
                        completed within the                                            Central, Mountain
                        past 24 hours                                                   and Pacific Time

Enhanced Services Center (ESC)
The ESC handles calls if your end-user is experiencing difficulty related to Business or
Residential Voice Messaging Services or Advanced Intelligent Network (AIN) call features
security code (password) resets.

   Service               Contacts            Hours of Operation

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    Voice Messaging       800 776-2781         Available 24/7

    AIN security code     800 770-2513         Available 24/7

Qwest CLEC Coordination Center (QCCC)
The Qwest CLEC Coordination Center (QCCC) handles all unbundled loop product installations
(Basic and Coordinated) throughout Qwest’s 14-state local service territory. (Link italicized text to: The QCCC Coordinators are responsible for
insuring the successful completion of the coordinated installation.

    QCCC                   Contact             Hours of Operation
    For installation       866-549-3846        Monday - Friday 6:00 AM to 7:00 PM
                                               Mountain Time

    For Warranty           866-549-3846        Available 24/7

Some of the functions the QCCC can assist with on Unbundled Loop (UBL) installation are:
   Questions or concerns related to Unbundled Loop installation
   To inquire about testing information provided on Unbundled Loops where “Basic Installation
    with Performance Testing”, Basic Installation with Cooperative Testing”, or Coordinated
    Installation with Cooperative Testing” was selected as the installation option on the LSR
   To accept the UBL circuit
   Warranty service where technicians will work to resolve any maintenance issues for 30 days
    after installation

You may initiate an escalation of your service request at any time during the ordering or repair
process by calling the appropriate center. Refer to our Expedites & Escalations Overview (Link
italicized text to: to review our escalation

Qwest’s Billing staff assists with your Qwest billing questions. Refer to the following for specific
billing and billing related information:

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   Billing Information - Billing and Receivable Tracking (BART) (Link italicized text to:
   Billing Information - Customer Records and Information Systems (CRIS) (Link italicized text
   Billing Information - Integrated Access Billing Systems (IABS) (Link italicized text to:
   Billing Information – Local Exchange Carrier Invoice System (LEXCIS) (Link italicized text to:
   Billing Information - Taxes and Tax Exemption (Link italicized text to:

     Qwest Billing Centers       Contact            Hours of Operation
     All including GET and       800-335-5672       Monday-Friday 7:00 AM – 5:00 PM
     LEXCIS Billing                                 Mountain Time

Some Qwest products generate usage records or call detail processed within the CRIS billing
system. For information regarding these records, refer to Billing Information - Daily Usage File
(DUF) (Link italicized text to:

Wholesale Systems Help Desk
Wholesale Systems Help Desk is your single point of contact for system related questions
regarding connectivity issues, outputs and system outages. If unable to assist you, the Help
Desk professional will refer your information to the proper Subject Matter Expert (SME). The
SME will either contact you directly or pass the resolution information to the Help Desk
professional who will then provide you the information and confirm resolution.

Wholesale Systems           Contact           Hours of Operation
Help Desk
   Single point of         888-796-9102      Monday-Friday 6:00 AM - 8:00 PM
    contact for systems                       Mountain Time
    related questions                         Saturday 7:00 AM - 3:00 PM Mountain Time
   Retransmission or
    technical problems
    with DUF
   Loss and
   Electronic System
    Interface Outage –
    IMA unavailable for
    extended period of

Local Qwest 101: “Doing Business with Qwest”

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    This introductory Web-based training is designed to teach the Local CLEC and Local Reseller
     how to do business with Qwest. It will provide a general overview of products and services,
     Qwest billing and support systems, processes for submitting service requests, reports, and
     web resource access information. Click here to learn more about this course and to register.
     (Link italicized text to:
View additional Qwest courses by clicking on Course Catalog (Link italicized text to: )

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
This section is currently being compiled based on your feedback.

Last Update: July 2, 2007
IABS is a Trademark of Qwest Communications International, Inc.
Dex® is a Registered Trademark of R. H. Donnelley Company
Qwest Local Services Platform™ (QLSP™) and Qwest Platform Plus are Trademarks of Qwest
Communications International Inc.

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