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MARCH 25-27, 2011
          Let us find
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       in the haystack.                                                  To our March, 2011, Artisan Direct Ltd. New York Fine Art
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                                                                          Artisan Direct Ltd. is a sales, marketing and e-commerce
    Artisan Direct, Ltd. assists Galleries to generate additional      Company representing the interests of artists and galleries
business for its artists by extending the sales reach of the gallery   worldwide. It is the Company’s goal to both expose and
                                                                       connect artists with a series of art resources that may be in
     from its immediate sales area to the USA and beyond.              interested in purchasing an artist’s work. Employing cutting
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   Utilizing the internet and traditional marketing techniques,        sales efforts of a group of Artist Representatives that the
our job is to present your artists’ work and collateral marketing      Company has developed helps to put an artist in the best
                                                                       possible position to advance their art career.
      material to selling outlets that your gallery does not
                 currently have the ability to do.                       The Company has developed a number of promotional op-
                                                                       portunities for its artists including the ability to exhibit in national
    Utilizing sophisticated and cutting-edge data management           and prestigious art shows and fairs, participation in Show
                                                                       Catalogues similar to this one, the ability to advertise on a Co-op
  technology allows Artisan Direct to increase your business.
                                                                       basis in art magazines and the opportunity to purchase printed
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   We believe that the combination of internet technology and
    “boots on the ground” is a powerful way of introducing                The March, 2011, New York Show Catalogue showcases a num-
             your artists to additional outlets —                      ber of very talented Artisan Direct artists who the Company has a
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     and introducing you to that one breakthrough artist               contact the Company about any of the participating artists.
        who can promote and generate sales for you.
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                                                                            Art Show Productions takes the guesswork out of entering Fine Art Fairs,
     There’s nothing like ARTISANworks! Not only an art exhibit area,        making it easy for previously unrepresented artists to enter, be accepted
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   New York. Weddings, corporate events, seminars, proms, parties —
      any event worth making a lasting impression on your guest.
                                                                               Art Show Productions manages all aspects of each show, including:
                                                                               promotions, exhibition and sales of an artist’s work, handling all art
 ARTISANworks is a not-for-profit member of the community, giving back
by sponsoring events for seniors, children and community organizations.       show related functions, except for the transport of the art to and from
                                                                             the show. Additionally, Art Show Productions works with each artist in
                   ARTISANworks is an ART experience!                        choosing art, advising and coaching them every step of the way for them
  With almost 40,000 square feet of creativity, featuring work from local    to get the greatest benefit from their participation. It’s like having your
             artists hanging next to world famous artists —                 own personal Artist Representative to guide you through and manage the
                     all available for purchase or rent.                             process. All you have to do is provide the art for us to sell!

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                         M. Allison                                                                           Sal Asaro

                                                                                          The question I’m most asked is ‘When did you first begin to draw and
                                                                                       paint?’ My answer always takes me back to kindergarten in 1938 just
   I design and paint with the intent of asking the viewer to ‘wonder’.                as lovely Miss Olson came over to my desk to check out my artwork,
I ask them to feel what the portrayal is and what it is speaking to them.              and remarked that it was “very good”. Even then, already the cynic, I
I ask for their immersion into the art.                                                said to myself—sure, that’s what she tells all the kids. But she surprised
   I am a Houston native and have been painting and showing my work                    me by asking me to go over and help a fellow student Raymond. This
for over 25 years.                                                                     was something I couldn’t get around, I guess she really did see some-
   I received my formal training at the University of Houston and the                  thing there and I decided I had better listen to her.
McNay Art Institute in San Antonio. I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts de-
gree in Commercial Art and have used my background and experience                          At 77, Sal Asaro vigorously continues to paint. He has worked as a
in graphic design as an integral design factor in my work.                             fine and commercial artist since his graduation from Pratt Institute in
   I usually begin each piece (quite often on black canvas) with a simple              1955. After his retirement from commercial art in 1991 his time has
pencil sketch. Without a great amount of detail, I allow the actual                    been solely devoted to fine arts painting in oils.
painting to evolve in emotion and sensuality favoring deep exotic depth,                   Sal does much of his work in pleine air. The locations he is most
light and shadow. My styles and subjects are varied and my painting                    drawn to are rural New Jersey and Pennsylvania, New Orleans, Italy,
techniques range from figurative to impressionism to abstract, often                   Sicily and Maine.
combining them.                                                                            For pleine air painting—Deer Isle, Maine on the Penobscot Bay, has
   I derive as much pleasure from painting an abstract as I do a realistic             all that one could wish for—rocky shores, high cliffs, acres of evergreen
piece. A great majority of my work is loose, splashy and uncontrived                   woods, and grass up to the water’s edge. From wherever you stand there
allowing the viewer to develop his or her own unique interpretation of                 is a 360 degree vista of sea, islands or sunsets to capture. While on Deer
the painting.                                                                          Isle Sal is inspired to keep a 7-day work week regimen - using the sunrise
   My extensive travels throughout Latin America and France are reflect-               as his wake-up call. Deer Isle is truly one of nature’s greatest gifts.
ed in my images. My work is shown in several galleries in the western                      When not painting on location, Sal continues to produce his figurative
and southern United States as well as private collections.                             art and portraiture in his studio in Bucks County, Pennsylvania

                       My Girls, Oil on canvas, 24 x 36 inches                                    The Landowner, Acrylic/oil glaze on board, 30 x 36 inches

ARTISAN DIRECT, LTD.                    [4]                   [5]                     ARTISAN DIRECT, LTD.
                   April Bending                                                                   Karin Billings

                                                                                    Karin S. Billings is a painter working in acrylics and oils. She special-
                                                                                 izes in impressionist landscapes and floral motifs. She also likes painting
REPATRIATING TO CANADA: Award winning artist April Bending
                                                                                 expressionist-style figures and lately has been drawn to Gyotaku – fish
  continues to show internationally in Tokyo, Istanbul, New York City,
                                                                                 printing from real fish. Her current passion is abstract work.
  Beijing, Shanghai and Cayman Islands.
                                                                                    As a lifelong supporter of animal rights, she has pledged most of
                                                                                 the proceeds from the sale of her artwork to organizations such as the
Teaching: Bending taught at the University College of the Cayman
                                                                                 Humane Society, Animal Angels or–now as the owner of a stray cat–to
  Islands and founded art classes at the prisons.
                                                                                 neuter programs.
Publicity: She has been interviewed many times on Cayman national
                                                                                    Born in Hamburg, Germany, Karin – married to Jim Billings – lives
  television. One interview airing on Cayman Airways flights to New York
                                                                                 most of the year in Sarasota, Florida, but returns each summer to her
  is on You Tube
                                                                                 home in Hamburg.
Many articles appeared in U.S. arts magazines and Cayman’s national
  newspaper. In Gallery & Studio Ed McCormack wrote “The paintings
                                                                                     For me, art is an extension of my life experiences. As a child and
  of April Bending evoke a private realm of intriguing allusions. They
                                                                                 young woman, I was drawn to animals, specifically horses. Riding
  seem fraught with subtle meanings as layered as the sumptuous
                                                                                 became my passion, a passion that culminated in a silver medal in the
  impasto she employs to bring them into being.”
                                                                                 dressage competition in the 1972 Olympic Games in Munich. Once I
Awards: In 2008 Bending won the Banner Award for National Heroes
                                                                                 became an American citizen, my interests evolved and expanded; travel,
  Day in Grand Cayman. Eight pieces were chosen for the set of Or-
                                                                                 ballroom dancing and competitive golf all beckoned.
  lando Bloom’s movie “Haven”. Her Painting “Sunset on an Era” won
                                                                                     More recently, I have been drawn to painting. For ten years, I have
  the Book Cover Award for New Art International.
                                                                                 studied with excellent teachers and their various painting techniques. It
    My images can be easy to view or they can inspire inquisitive think-         is through art that I am trying to tie all these experiences together. My
ing, providing a gentle prod to consider the sustainability of our current       joy, my focus and my love of color all come alive in my paintings.
life styles and the prospects for humanity’s future. Broadly composed                I am happy that during my relatively short painting career my works
yet intricately detailed, each painting creates an atmosphere which can          have been acknowledged with many prizes at art shows. More recently,
seem either serene and peaceful or somber and foreboding.                        I have had my own studio – a wonderful environment to peacefully
    Painting from memory, not real life, allows me to filter out the non-        continue my work.
essentials, thereby abstracting reality and bending perceptions.                     I hope my paintings offer as much pleasure to others as I derive from
                                                                                 creating them.

                           Thinkin’ ‘bout Eternity                                              From the Child Within, Mixed media, 32 x 40 inches

ARTISAN DIRECT, LTD.                [6]                 [7]                     ARTISAN DIRECT, LTD.
                       Lauri Blank                                                                       Gilbert Boro

                                                                                          I am an abstract sculptor dealing in space, place and form. My work relies
                                                                                      on formal clarity and uses variations of complementary elements. I work in
                                                                                      stone, steel, wood, aluminum and plastics, and I use computer-aided design
                                                                                      where appropriate. I believe that the challenge and joys of creation are
                                                                                      equally related to visualization and execution. For me, working in sculpture
                                                                                      is a compulsion rather than a possibility.
   Lauri’s style of melding the techniques and styles of the old master’s                 My approach requires the ability to execute the entire process of
with today’s cultural ideology has been her lifelong love. Her powerful               sculpture. I believe a sculptor should recognize our figurative history and
images, along with her passion and devotion jump off the canvas and                   the importance of the human form. I begin a sculpture with the traditional
creates an emotional connection with her viewer. Her own imitable                     process of making sketches and working out the form with maquettes. The
style, which the artist refers to as “Romantic Figuratism,” brings a sense            ultimate scale is based on the idea that sculpture is more than an object in
of peace and reflection to the modern day world. “The passion in my                   space, becoming a place in itself.
heart influences and fuels my love of art and my profession” says Blank
of her accomplishments. “The talent of success is nothing more than                      Gilbert Boro is a sculptor, architect and international design consultant.
doing what you can do well, and doing well whatever you do without                    Born and raised in New York, he has been involved in the arts for more than
thought of success.”                                                                  forty years. He has received a Bachelors of Arts from Duke University and
   “My interpretation of the human figure, especially the female figure               two advanced degrees from Columbia University, fellowships and awards
evokes sensuality, yet a sense of innocence. My paintings embody                      from educational institutions, sculpture and architectural organizations. He
complex imagery, dynamic human forms, windswept hair and symbols                      has been a design studio instructor, lecturer, panelist, critic and juror at
of nature. It is important for me that my audience, in a very simple way,             the Boston Architectural College, the Rhode Island School of Design, the
gets pure enjoyment and pleasure from viewing and living with my art.”                Kennedy School of Government, Harvard’s Graduate School of Design, and
   Lauri’s work has been exhibited in galleries throughout the nation.                Duke University. At his studio and sculpture grounds in Old Lyme, Connecti-
She receives frequent media attention and has appeared in numerous                    cut, he has provided apprenticeship opportunities in cooperation with the
magazines, covers, as well as working with the Grammy Awards to de-                   Lyme Academy College of Fine Arts.
velop the artwork for the award show. Lauri has been commissioned for                    Gilbert Boro’s work has been exhibited in galleries, art centers, public art
many projects, some have been individual paintings, and other’s large,                venues and private collections in this country and Europe. Seven of his large
on site projects such as a domed cathedral ceiling in a 19th century                  sculptures are now on view at Sculpt Miami and Kavachnina Contemporary
church in Old Montreal. Her paintings are available as originals, com-                gallery in Miami and at Sculpture on the Green invitational exhibit in Ca-
missions and also embellished giclee’s on canvas.                                     shier’s, NC. In Connecticut, his work can be seen at Wachovia Bank (Madi-
                                                                                      son), Purdue Pharmaceuticals office park (Stamford), the Sculpture Mile
                                                         (Ivoryton), Studio 80 and Sculpture Grounds (Old Lyme), Goodwin College
                                                                                      (East Hartford) and the University of Connecticut at Avery Point (Groton).
                       At Last, Oil on linen, 38 x 36 inches                                               Tres Gatos, Polished Aluminum I/17”

ARTISAN DIRECT, LTD.                   [8]                   [9]                     ARTISAN DIRECT, LTD.
                       Simon Boyd                                                                      Patricia Brintle

   Simon’s approach to painting is to let his compositions evolve of their
own accord, through virtuosity and expressive freedom.
   His work is essentially about offering a sense of hope. In a world of
adversity, hope offers a feeling of refuge, the potential for belonging,
and a means of finding ones inner self.
   Simon’s painting suggests some childhood memory, a pictorial
dialogue of where one was most honest, most playful, and sincere. To                       Patricia Brintle was born in Haiti and immigrated to the United States
this end, poetic allegories such as the freedom of humming birds, the                   in 1964. A self-taught artist, she devoted herself completely to painting
purifying ritual of bathing, and the triumph of good over evil with knights             after a 22-year career with a New York utility company, and in 2005
jousting, all portray a re-enactment of some lost childhood memory: a                   decided to venture onto the fine arts public market. Now, when she is
fulfilling dream.                                                                       not painting, Brintle directs the contemporary choir at her Parish church.
   In this memory or dream, ones emotions become elevated to a place                       Although she has made the United States her residence, her colorful
where one can feel utter joy and, in the same instant, crushing dismay. It              style reflects her native land. Her approach to painting is varied and
is at this point our dreams become most vivid, most ephemeral: it is also               reflects her feelings at the moment. Brintle’s work is influenced both by
the moment when one is most vulnerable.                                                 personal and social experiences, and most of her portraits focus on the
   Simon Boyd (1978) was born and raised in London. He studied Fine                     expression of the eyes, telling in one look the story of the person on the
Art for four years at Middlesex University, focusing essentially on paint-              canvas.
ing and video. After graduating he continued to develop his passion for                    She favors bright, vivid and vibrant colors and uses much symbolism
painting while also working as a graphic designer and editor at ‘Pink                   in her work. Her medium is as varied as her subjects but she prefers
Pigeon’, a successful DVD and video post-production company he co-                      acrylic because of its diversity.
founded in Soho, London. He is currently based in Argentina.

                       Ascent, 2010, Oil on linen, 54 x 63 inches                                    Temperance, 2010, Acrylic on canvas, 24 x 24 inches

ARTISAN DIRECT, LTD.                     [ 10 ]               [ 11 ]                 ARTISAN DIRECT, LTD.
                       Ryan Brown                                                             Elinore Bucholtz

   My art is made because of my fascination with nature, light, color,               The restless energy that imbues many of Elinore Bucholtz’ paintings surely
line, shape, and the story that you can make of the still image. Still            comes from a peripatetic childhood and early adulthood. She was born in Tel-
photography captures the moment, I take that moment and finesse it                Aviv, Israel, came to New York as a baby, eventually moved to Arizona and then
into what you see. My images come from areas along the gulf coast,                to California where she finished her schooling before moving back to New York.
southern california, New York and worldwide.                                      Her art development, however, started after she finished her work as a NYC
   The art before you is started as a photograph and then processed               junior high school teacher. “I never dreamed of doing art before then.” If any
digitally. The final product is printed on a large-format inkjet printer          other quality was there at an early age, it was a love of color, the second very
onto one of two types of media. I use either a fine-art textured paper or         strong characteristic of her work.
a fibre-based paper.                                                                 Now that she has become an artist, there has been no stopping her. She
   I hold a bachelor’s degree in photography. I have a Degree as a                credits her swift development in painting, especially in the abstract style
Master Photographer and a Photographic Craftsmen as well as being a               of painting she has excelled in, to her training at the Art Students League
certified professional photographer and a certified stock photographer.           particularly with Frank O’Cain. Also, she has exhibited in numerous group and
I have earned over 100 awards including the prestigious Kodak Gallery             solo shows, has had work accepted into the permanent collections of three
and Fuji Masterpiece as well as the Canon Par Excellence Award.                   museums, and was seen this summer and fall in a gallery in southern California.
                                                                                  Her work has also been this fall in two galleries in Italy, another in Bulgaria, and
                                                                                  at Andrews, N.C. in their fine arts museum.
                                                                                     Comments from reviews of her work include the following: “The answer must
                                                                                  be in the artist’s attention to creating a lovely balance between shape, color,
                                                                                  and movement.” “...If paintings could jump off the canvas, these three would.
                                                                                  The movement is palpable, bringing another aspect of enjoyment to the viewer.”
                                                                                  Her art “exemplifies the dynamism of ‘action painting in her muscularly config-
                                                                                  ured compositions. For her vigorous strokes.....appear to have been wrestled
                                                                                  from within the canvas, rather than merely applied to it, demonstrating...that
                                                                                  ‘push and pull’ can still exert a powerful spell.”
                                                                                     Bucholtz has used all drawing and painting media excelling in acrylics
                                                                                  and watercolor.
                          Nightlife, 24 x 40 inches                                          Sun (from nature), Acrylic on board, 10 x 20 inches, framed

ARTISAN DIRECT, LTD.               [ 12 ]                  [ 13 ]                   ARTISAN DIRECT, LTD.
                   Ray Cabarga                                                                  Elizabeth Myers

    Born in Bayside, New York, Ray Cabarga has been a stage actor,
a jazz and salsa trumpeter/composer, and an established art director/
illustrator working in San Francisco and Los Angeles for over twenty years.
    As a fine artist his exhibits include Lankershim Art Center’s/NOHO
Gallery, LA; Art Basel, Miami; and soon to open Bothy Gallery, Scotland,                Castonguay’s work has ‘sought to break down barriers between
UK in spring of 2011. As a member of MAMA (Movement of Aleatoric                    diverse groups of people. It has evolved to speak about the fragile inter-
Modern Artists), he employs a variety of mediums and experimental                   relationships between humanity and our ‘Endangered’ world. The artist
techniques, many of his own invention, such as that used in his current             says, “I have known since I was a small child that I had to be an artist. I
body of work, “Inked Oozings.” These paintings involve a two-stage                  was not content to paint pretty pictures. I have always had a need to
process the first of which uses flowing water (rather than brushes) under           speak to humanity of those issues which affect our lives, our souls, our
carefully controlled conditions to move the paint which produces minute-            very existence.”
ly detailed, organic-looking formations that could not be achieved using                Elizabeth was born in Pittsburgh, PA. but spent her elementary years
traditional methods. After the paint has dried, approximately one out of            living just outside of and frequently visiting NYC. She started oil paint-
five goes on to the second stage to be completed with pen and ink.                  ing at the age of eight at the Ridgewood Art Barn with instructors from
    Other projects include a series of oil-painted geometric sculptures             the NY Students Art League. She pursued her education by earning
with internal optical illusions called “Hedrons”, a series of surreal               BA, BFA, and MFA degrees in painting and drawing. Castonguay has
landscapes in oil on canvas and hundreds of one-of-a-kind paintings,                lived in Philadelphia, Washington D.C., and now has a large studio in
sculptures, and installations commissioned for a private collection                 Pittsburgh, PA.
seen yearly as part of the Venice Art Walk, In Los Angeles.                             Elizabeth teaches figure drawing at the Carnegie Museum of
                                                                                    Art. She has also taught drawing at Carnegie Mellon University with the
                                                                                    Pre-College Program and at CMU’s School of Drama. The artist teaches
                                                                                    semi-privately in her studio.

        Fly Timing Day, 2010, Acrylic and ink on masonite, 16 x 20 inches             Endangered / Lady and Lemur, 2010, Oil, 60 x 36 inches, signed, bottom left

ARTISAN DIRECT, LTD.                 [ 14 ]               [ 15 ]                   ARTISAN DIRECT, LTD.
                        Ione Citrin                                                                Charles Collins

   Ione’s art has shown nationally since 1998 when, after years of
world travel, a successful television, radio, theatre and film career in the
performing arts, she decided to focus her richly diverse talents on the
visual arts. Ione’s artistic expression, creativity, and passion for commu-
nication have resulted in numerous awards for her painting, sculpture,
mixed media, and assemblage. Her work has also been featured in
several important publications. Ione maintains an extensive exhibition
schedule in juried, non-juried, and invitational arts venues.
   “Ione Citrin is one of the most dedicated artists of our day, painting,               Charles Collins is truly one of the most important artists to call New
sculpting and mixing media with delightful abandon. She turns out                    Mexico home. With a Charles Collins day named in this honor, in the
piece after piece, and the work has a purity of expression that is rare in           state of New Mexico. It is obvious that New Mexico is as proud of
an artist that is as eclectic herself.”                                              Collins as he is of the state. The many awards Collins has received for
                    —Marjorie Kaye, Director, Caladan Gallery, Beverly, MA           his work have made him the most awarded artist in the history of the
                                                                                     Taos Arts festival. Collins was honored with a show at The Museum of
   “Thank you for submitting your work to Montserrat College of Art
                                                                                     New Mexico Governors Gallery as well as the inaugural artist for the
Gallery. In reviewing your works it is apparent that your creative energy
                                                                                     Guthrie Center. He has been commissioned to be the cover Artist for
knows no boundary. Your courageous experimentation with a variety
                                                                                     Arlo Guthrie’s “Son Of The Wind” and Michael Martin Murphy’s “River
of techniques and styles is a testament to your devotion to the arts.
                                                                                     Of Time”, Collins has work in the Millicent Rogers Museum, Museum
I was most impressed with your mixed-media work, which provides
                                                                                     of New Mexico, Taos Art Museum, Harwood Museum and the Guthrie
the viewer with the opportunity to enter and explore the environments
                                                                                     Center. As well as many private collectors including Arlo Guthrie, Pierce
you’ve created.”
                                                                                     Brosnan, Neil Young and many more who share Collins’ unique vision.
                                     —Leonie Bradbury, Director/Curator-
                                                                                     Millicent Rogers Museum recently opened a show of Collins’ work and
                                       Montserrat College of Art Galleries.
                                                                                     titled him and the show “A Taos Master.”

                       Promenade, Watercolor, 22 x 30 inches                                              Oil Study On Canvas, 24 x 20 inches

ARTISAN DIRECT, LTD.                   [ 16 ]              [ 17 ]                 ARTISAN DIRECT, LTD.
            Waylon Christner                                                                   Waylon Christner

    “Pure and simple: I’m a color addict. I like to reinvent on canvas the             His intense interest in self-expression led him in several directions. In
way I experience the people, events and surroundings that make up my                Florida, he studied photography and was owner of Creative Eye Photogra-
life, and reinterpret them in ways that redefine ‘normal.’ For me, there is         phy, specializing in visually penetrating portraits and fine art photography.
no perfection, no imperfection, just expression. I want my paintings to             Waylon later studied in New York, becoming certified in professional
compel the audience to get involved, not only to look, but to touch and             decorative finishing using the leading mediums in the industry. It is a
feel and have an expansive experience of their own. I paint to feel the             technique he integrates into his paintings today.
adrenalin rush painting brings me. Yet in so doing, I find myself able to              Primarily a self-taught instinctive artist, Waylon has had art showings in
forge an organic, primal bond with others.”                                         Florida, Massachusetts, and North Carolina, and his works are displayed
    Waylon Christner was never a child who “colored within the lines.” Born         in commercial venues in North Carolina and owned by private collectors
in Florida into an environment that favored conformity and unquestioning            across the country.
religious thought, he rebelled in his late teens against the strictness of
his upbringing by wandering the country in search of his true calling. He
found that in painting, a way to satisfy the wanderlust part of his personal-
ity on canvas, and escape his inner demons.                                                           

                       Wounded Spirit, 48 x 60 inches                                                     Opposite of Heaven, 24 x 36 inches

ARTISAN DIRECT, LTD.                [ 18 ]                [ 19 ]                 ARTISAN DIRECT, LTD.
                            M. Cran                                                                      Jack Cymber

                                                                                           Jack Cymber was born in Caracas, Venezuela, immigrated to Israel and
                                                                                        currently resides and works in his studio in the larger Tel Aviv Area. He is
                                                                                        a multidisciplinary visual artist.
                                                                                           This catalog shows an art work which is part of an exhibition showing
                                                                                        at the Agora Gallery in Chelsea New York from March 25th - April 15th
                                                                                        2011. Agora Gallery has described “the Abstract images of Jack Cymber
                                                                                        to reach beyond the parameters of visual expresionism to access some-
                                                                                        thing of the sublime”.
   The creative instincts of Canadian painter, M. Cran, have found their                   Cymber’s art work is embedded within a philosophical and intellectual
fluid articulation working with acrylics and oils in an abstract medium.                approach to mystical concepts. The texture, strong strokes and his love
The artwork stems from internal reflections and each piece itself may be                affair with color create a live vibrant movement of energy and intensity.
viewed simply as an aesthetic proposition.                                              Cymber believes in the power of art to change the way we see the world.
   The port of entry into these works is their face rather than a name.                 Cymber’s art explores diverse topics via texts and symbols, along with
   From the artist’s perspective, the perceptual engagement between                     contemporary experience of new technology. Cymber wants to challenge
the viewer and the paintings unveils the intent of the work without need                and draw the viewer to search out hidden or new meanings; the spectator
for intervention of a title. In the mind of the artist, to furnish a title is to        projects his view, thus, completing the art work. Cymber says “I want my
have spoken too much.                                                                   art to serve as a tool for seeing reality differently, in a meditative state, to
   The paintings are fertile with visual dynamics but the overall impact                bring spiritual light in this world. I want the public to enjoy, to be enlight-
may be of a subtle nature, not given to words. It is the face-to-face role of           ened and to be comforted, knowing that everything is connected.”
the work as a whole to declare that most directly and intimately.                          Significant to mention that Cymber’s professional artistic course is
   Not dissimilar to the manner in which a stream of melody from an                     admirable, thanks to his artistic development Cymber has appeared
instrumental musical score succeeds, through its own non-verbal                         extensively internationally in the written press and online. Cymber has
language, to coherently engage the listener via a melodic vocabulary                    exhibited worldwide in solo and group exhibitions in New York, San
alone – the perceptual play of these pieces draws the viewer into the                   Francisco, Miami, Las Vegas, Nebraska, Paris, London, Cologne, Sofia,
expansive spirit of the artwork thereby instilliing it with meaning.                    Florence, Shanghai, Tel Aviv, and throughout Israel.

                       Untitled, 2005, Acrylics, 24 x 24 inches                                  Life’s mystery 01, 2010, Digital mixed media, 31.5 x 31.5 inches

ARTISAN DIRECT, LTD.                    [ 20 ]                 [ 21 ]                    ARTISAN DIRECT, LTD.
                  Erich J. Davis                                                                         Tania Dibbs

                                                                                         Random, organic, orderly, beautiful, and organized: Biology is the
                                                                                      master order that underlies the structure of our world and lives. Its pat-
                                                                                      terns are random, spontaneous and irregular but also systematic and re-
                                                                                      petitive. An array of cells dividing becomes the components of the living
                                                                                      person, which becomes the society and its circles, which makes up the
                                                                                      culture and its spheres. A nebula viewed through a telescope resembles
                                                                                      the cell dividing. The view under a microscope resembles a landscape;
   Art is the duty of expression informed by experiences, relationships               the landscape’s components look like organelles.
and the lens through which we see the world. Material, form and craft                    I find the underlying matrix of life on earth to be fascinating. In col-
are the vehicles by which we deliver these perspectives. It’s as if they              lege I studied biology, then I spent a lot of years painting the land and
find us, waiting to explore with them on a journey through ourselves and              sky. These paintings are a continuation of that exploration with the
our little world(s). I believe as artists, we need to be open to explorations         lens moved much further in or out. This work, regardless of its level of
through a wide variety of vehicles to better inform our work through                  abstraction, inspires an instinctive reaction because it is drawn from the
process as well as to challenge the limits of our capabilities as creators.           familiar vocabulary of nature. What element or scene is portrayed is irrel-
We are observers and conduits of a greater consciousness. Artists are                 evant; you know the patterns of waves, you recognize a soft horizontal
given the gifts of perspective, vision and talent to put forth our unique             as a horizon, you are familiar with the physics of the spread of water, you
version of life as we see it. My aim is to share as much of myself and                know the marks of time and erosion, wind and flow. I often juxtapose
my connection with our greater consciousness to positively impact the                 or combine elements like water and sky, or biomass and waves, which
world through what I tangibly leave behind and through the people I                   results in an interesting ambiguity. Whether I paint the whole or a part,
affect along my life’s path.                                                          something recognizable or something abstracted, the pieces feel famil-
                                                                                      iar to most people who are residents of the same planet, and lovingly •                      familiar to me.
   Vessel, 2010, Carved stone (dolomite & brucite), forged and fabricated steel,
                                                                                                  Subculture, 2010, Oil and CSO on canvas, 48 x 48 inches
            reclaimed douglas fir structural beam, 14”L x 15”W x 46”H

ARTISAN DIRECT, LTD.                  [ 22 ]                [ 23 ]                  ARTISAN DIRECT, LTD.
                 Harry Doolittle                                                                  Harry Doolittle

   Harry C. Doolittle was born September 17, 1923 in Chicago. He grew                 Another collage feature that’s distinctive about Doolittle’s work is his
up in Winnetka, a Chicago suburb, and graduated from Northwestern                  addition of gold (brass) and silver (aluminum) leaf. According to Doolittle,
University. Doolittle is a self-taught artist who began painting in 1969           gold stands for the yin (male) and silver for the yang (female) that is in
while a copywriter/creative director at one of America’s leading advertis-         each of us. Every single one of his current pieces contains both silver
ing agencies.                                                                      and gold.
   Doolittle’s first show, featuring twenty works, was in 1978 in Evansville,         Doolittle’s abstract assemblages have been bought by numerous
Indiana. It completely sold out. Similar successes followed with two shows         collectors all over the world. He has evolved his own distinctive style over
in 1980 in Harare, Zimbabwe and Johannesburg, South Africa, where                  four decades, resulting in formal configurations that are unlike anything
Doolittle was creative director for an American-based ad agency.                   else in recent and past art. Each artwork is a precisely composed jewel
   The colorful mixed-media images that Doolittle creates are rooted               that comes alive on the wall and can only truly be appreciated when
in the whimsical, the decorative, and the meditative. An article in Art            viewed in person.
Spectrum notes that the “symmetry of acrylics, glass, aluminum, and                   Doolittle and his wife Misook, of the renowned fashion firm, Exclusively
brass lead creates richly-textured scintillating compositions.” According          Misook, have been married for twenty-eight years and reside in Scars-
to Doolittle, these paintings can be hung vertically, horizontally, or even        dale, New York.
upside-down; the abstract shapes and colors maintain their brilliance in
any orientation.
   What is most unique about Doolittle’s oeuvre is his use of glass.
Each colored glass element functions like a mirror that both absorbs
and reflects light, thus adding a three-dimensional depth to the artwork.
Images that the artist never intended to be in the paintings appear; the
face of the viewer, the lights in the room, the surroundings in which the
painting hangs.

                Reflecting Mandalas, Mixed media, 43 x 32 inches                                               Spheres of Influence

ARTISAN DIRECT, LTD.                 [ 24 ]             [ 25 ]                 ARTISAN DIRECT, LTD.
                 Harry Doolittle                                                                        Victor Dorian

                                                                                            Born in Kiev, Ukraine, Victor began drawing and painting at an early
          Spontaneous Color Combustion, Mixed media, 43 x 32 inches                  age, creating his own painted world. Despite pressures and expectations,
                                                                                     Victor attended Art school, and his landscapes were featured in the book
                                                                                     “Kiev seen through the eyes of children.”
                                                                                         In 1972 he graduated from the Art Institute of Kiev with a masters degree
                                                                                     in graphics arts. He began to develop his abstract expressionistic style at
                                                                                     this time. In 1978 Victor and his family immigrated to the United States.
                                                                                            Victor and his family moved to Los Angeles, California where his
                                                                                     expressionistic style developed even further. Victor experimented in a new
                                                                                     medium -- airbrush on acrylic sheets. His over sized murals and stained
                                                                                     glass windows include: “Lovers,” “Morning Dance,” “Floating in Space,” “Hill
                                                                                     Dancers,” “Red Dancers,” “Masquerade” and “Two Dancers.” They are in
                                                                                     private collections in California, Nevada, Illinois and New York.
                                                                                            Victor has exhibited his fine art in various art shows in Illinois, California
                                                                                     and Nevada. He exhibited his recent works at the International Artexpo in
                                                                                     Las Vegas, Nevada in 2008 and at the International Artexpo in New York,
                                                                                     New York in 2009. He exhibited at the Petit Louvre Art Gallery in Woodland
                                                                                     Hills, CA in 2009. Currently his work is promoted by Artisan Direct and have
                                                                                     been published by Yajnavalka Publishing Group.
                                                                                           Victor is an artist of amazing breadth and depth. His artistic range
                                                                                     includes realistic portraits, erotica images, landscapes, still life and abstract
                                                                                     expressions. Through out the years his expressionistic style has evolved.
                                                                                     His new series of paintings entitled “Space Dancers,” reflects our quest for
                                                                                     the unknown and depicts the possibility of life and connection in different
                                                                                     dimensions of time and space. Believing that we are not alone as significant
                                                                                     life forms, Victor hopes to push the boundaries of knowledge of life in our ever
                                                                                     expanding universe. Victor’s paintings are highly original and thought provok-
                                                                                     ing. His unique style incorporates realism and abstract expressionism.”

Point Counterpoint, Acrylic, glass, brass, and aluminum leaf, 44 x 33 inches, 2008             Two Dancers and Flowers, Acrylic on canvas, 24 x 36 inches

ARTISAN DIRECT, LTD.                  [ 26 ]                  [ 27 ]                    ARTISAN DIRECT, LTD.
                  Susan E. Eck                                                                   Robin Eckardt

                                                                                      I was born on the beautiful island of Puerto Rico in 1980 where I
                                                                                  spent the first ten years of my life. It was this vibrant childhood spent in
                                                                                  the tropics which strongly influenced my outlook on the world, particu-
                                                                                  larly the depiction of colour and texture...both striking aspects I strived
                                                                                  to incorporate into my work. From a very young age I held a passion for
   Susan E. Eck was born and raised in Toronto, Canada. Within each               art and was strongly encouraged by my parents to pursue what was a
painting Susan endeavours to capture her sensitive interpretation of              natural flare for drawing and capturing a likeness. I relocated to the Unit-
nature and spirituality by capturing the spirit of light and balance.             ed Kingdom in 1991. In later years, through various studies I enjoyed
Certainly her colours are otherworldly and her portrayal of the natural           the freedom to develop and experiment with painting techniques and in
world takes the viewer beyond a simple mirrored reflection of                     2003 I completed a BA Hons degree in Fine Art at Bath Spa University.
nature. Her paintings are emotionally charged with intensity akin to                  I am very interested in the world and environment around me and
the work of Van Gogh; she plays with light and colour saturation boldly           although my work to an extent is impressionistic, I also attempt to
and creatively. Her paintings seek human emotion in nature, and                   simultaneously capture the figurative and very essence of reality in an
reflect it back to the viewer – an especially extraordinary and powerful          expressive manner.
enterprise. With passion and simplicity she captures nature’s beauty                  My paintings are highly charged with energy; rich and vibrant with co-
in landscapes and seascapes. Utilizing colour and texture to depict               lour; and sculpted with added texture whixh creates a sense of realism.
emotions. Susan’s stunning paintings evoke a vast, visionary world of             It is important to me to push the extremes to new boundaries and to
passion and magnificence.                                                         embark on new challenges in order to keep the work fresh and unique.
                                                                                      Over the years I have had the opportunity to exhibit in numerous high
                                                                                  profile exhibitions in the UK and internationally; my clients are also interna-
                                                                                  tional and include some well known personalities. I have enjoyed work-
                                                                                  ing with various charities such as ‘Vision’, ‘Rainbow Trust’ and the ‘IODR.’
                                                                                      I am best known for very large canvases featuring mainly New York
                                                                                  and London cityscapes. However, a vast range of topics have captured
                                                                                  my interest and can be viewed on my website
                                                                                      Any enquiries or additional information about my work, please feel
                                                                                  free to contact me via email

                        Violet River, Oil on canvas                                                 Misty morning Times Square, 54 x 36 inches

ARTISAN DIRECT, LTD.              [ 28 ]                [ 29 ]                     ARTISAN DIRECT, LTD.
            Hilary J. England                                                                          Paul Favello

   Hilary J. England adopts elements of past artistic movements that she
admires. She invites them to coexist in her paintings--they cohabitate
harmoniously in her work, mingling into a coherent and fluid artwork...                A working artist for most of his adult life, Paul Favello received his
    Hilary paints “mundane” yet essential excerpts of everyday living in            formal training at Paier College of Art, graduating in 1993. After work-
landscapes, because there is depth to even the most simple routines                 ing in traditional media for many years, the most recent outgrowth of his
or passages through life. These passages are the keys to her “secret                work is a dedication to digital and mixed media print application. Over
place,” her way through the looking glass.                                          the years, Paul has developed a unique process of combining hand
    She prefers to paint in a midway point through traditional and contem-          rendered elements – traditional oil, acrylic, and watercolor – together
porary. Hilary enjoys the classic feel of the craft of painting, yet chooses        with digital print making techniques to create an innovative approach to
to go about that craft in whichever way she decides a subject will take             contemporary image making. His work has been shown in Connecticut
shape. She employs traditional and innovative techniques, as well as a              and New York and can be found in corporate and private collections.
range of mixed medium, including oil, gouache, pastel and ink.                      He now works and resides along the Connecticut shore.
   Her work addresses the process of living, and our interpretation of
beauty, the fleeting nature of it, and our imminent walk to death. Hilary
prefers to address the “here and now,” and the majestic natural world.
    She states: “I have always admired the Impressionist move ment,
and so I utilize some of their ideals...I want my paintings to capture my
‘impression,’ my personal take on a scene or subject. I abhor ‘photo’
realism--if I want a photo, I’ll take it with my Canon, rather than create a
painting that looks like one... Impressionism incorporates the quality of
a sketch--the work is luminous, spontaneous, abbreviated, capturing a
fleeting moment in time.
    Hilary enjoys mixing both movement ideals, incorporating her own
“spark” and interpretation, about the particular subject she is working on.
                                                   –The Fine Art Review, 2005

               The Thinkers, Oil on hardwood panel, 18 x 24 inches                                              Language of Trees

ARTISAN DIRECT, LTD.                 [ 30 ]             [ 31 ]                ARTISAN DIRECT, LTD.
                 Luchia Feman                                                                               Jeff Ferst

                                                                                        In Jeff Ferst’s paintings, we encounter a world that just won’t stop
                                                                                     whirling and scintillating. More precisely, it is made of many worlds.
                                                                                     Each world is a kind of sphere of influence, a locus of energy, but never
   The most interesting development for me over the years has been                   existing independently of the entire matrix. It is that interplay that gives
my continued passion for what I call ‘comfortable bodies’. I’ve noticed              Ferst’s paintings their distinctive, playful musicality.
that some people and ‘things’ are intensely at home in their own skins.                 Essential to the paintings’ structure are the blocks of color that com-
When successfully incorporated into sculpture or painting, the essence               pose the curving circuitry. These blocks, themselves often inset with
of these unexpected shapes and forms feel good to look at regardless                 concentric squares, act like the tesserae of mosaics, simultaneously
of the circumstances.                                                                creating and deconstructing form. And they give the paintings a jewel-
   Currently I am working with wax, oil and photography to produce a                 like quality, as if reflecting light from its complex surface.
series of mixed media works entitled ‘Everybody Knows Your Name’.                       Ferst adopts as his own a visual language derived from early modern-
The work, which began as an offshoot of a street art commission, has                 ism, particularly from Cubism, and from its ecstatic variant, Orphism.
evolved into a personal challenge, an exploration into my own social                 But he paints gesturally with thick pigment, and with a personal passion
views and of course, a look at some very interesting bodies (see link                and energy. The structure of his “geometric landscapes” is distinctly
below for more info).                                                                organic, form generating form with an intuitive inner logic.
   After years of mucking around with cement, acrylics and oil, I have                  Within the complex fields that Ferst paints, images begin to appear.
recently exploded into encaustics and have taken to offering archival                They are in a sense camouflaged, or encoded with the larger structure.
canvas prints of selected works in addition to my originals in response              An arc becomes a snake, a head appears in the overlapping of curves,
to customer requests.                                                                faces peek from free-floating circles. Whole figures are apparent, and
   Luchia Feman is a Vancouver artist living and working in historic                 we become aware that Ferst’s paintings teem with people or at least
Gastown. She is passionate about creating and using public art as a                  the evocations of individuals. We start to see the spinning worlds of his
means to encourage thought and exploration, for complex social issues.               paintings as intersecting pyches, memories and spirits.
Outdoor venues are particular favorites, and she has proclaimed roof-                   Ferst was born in the Bronx in New York City and majored in print-
tops to be the great unexplored gallery spaces of our time.                          making (specializing in serigraphs) at New York University. He moved
                                                                                     to Canada in 1976 where he found an environment that satisfied his life
     •                         goals and art. He currently resides in Cambridge, Ontario.

            There’s a Crack in Everything, Mixed media, 36 x 36 inches                                 Night and Day, Oil on canvas, 72 x 96 inches

ARTISAN DIRECT, LTD.                  [ 32 ]                [ 33 ]                  ARTISAN DIRECT, LTD.
           Eleanor Gilpatrick                                                               Katerina Gorokhova

                                                                                         Katerina Gorokhova was born in Moscow in 1976, she graduated from the
                                                                                      Byam Shaw School of Art at the Central St. Martin’s College of Art and Design,
                                                                                      London, Great Britain, earning both Bachelor’s Degree and Postgraduate
                                                                                      Diploma of Fine Arts. She exhibited and curated exhibitions in London and
                                                                                      Moscow. At the moment she lives and works in Moscow, exhibiting and curating
   Eleanor Gilpatrick’s paintings are beautifully executed, sophisticated             exhibitions at the Russian Academy of Arts, other independent art spaces and
works of contemporary realism. An accomplished colorist, she has her                  galleries. Gorokhova’s work “No reason for reason” has been published in the
own take on content and subject matter; above all, her intense energy                 book “International Contemporary Masters” (2010), also her work “While In
shows through. She offers works for the home, the office, or for display              Spain” is published in “The Dictionary of Artists”(2011), curated by Despina Tun-
in other settings with a varied portfolio of landscapes of the United                 berg (WWAB, USA). Painting “Girl with the ball” along which the article will ap-
States, Norway, Bulgaria, Italy, Spain, and her home in New York City,                pear in the magazine ‘Russian gallery XXI century” (Moscow, Russia). Katerina
as well as nebulas, still lifes, portraits, and abstracts. People concerned           Gorokhova’s work can be found in collections of Russia and abroad.
about the human face of war will want to see her recent series, which                                    Katerina Gorokhova’s “Simple Moments”
contrasts images based on press photos of Iraq and Afghanistan with
                                                                                          “The very first impressions creations by Katerina Gorokhova make remind of
her own American scenes
                                                                                      Pop Art traditions. Katerina’s paintings feature photographic accuracy typical
    Prior to her art career, Eleanor Gilpatrick was professor at the School
                                                                                      of Pop Art and slightly mannered contours of photographs filled with minimum
of Health Sciences, Hunter College, City University of New York. She
                                                                                      colours. Such restrained colour arrangement prompts decorative conventional-
won prizes for painting and draftsmanship in high school and at the
                                                                                      ity, which makes images bright, memorable, and up-to-date. Three-dimensional
Educational Alliance in New York City, but chose to study the social
                                                                                      volume gives place to two-dimensional volume which unfailingly makes objects
sciences in college and graduate school. She eventually became an
                                                                                      plane. Such tricks combine to bring about intriguing play of stylistic meanings…
expert in health care policy and human resources, authored four books,
                                                                                          …Unlike Warhol, who may have influenced development of Katerina’s style,
directed a masters program in health services administration, and
                                                                                      her paintings lack distant perception, coolness, and boredom. As you know, the
pioneered courses in critical thinking and writing. She picked up the
                                                                                      properties of his works the American artist proclaimed his creative manifesto. On
thread of drawing and painting in 1998 in plein-air workshops in Italy
                                                                                      the contrary, Katerina is emotionally involved in things that go on. At the same
and returned to serious study at Hunter College.
                                                                                      time her images are pure and primal. They are out of any cultural context – and
    Gilpatrick has had solo shows in Manhattan and Connecticut, has
                                                                                      this is exactly what Andy strived for. They have a strong pure effect on each and
been in over 28 juried shows, and is in over 65 private collections.
                                                                                      every of various plots which are chosen outside any biased bounds: she may
Despite commercial pressures, Gilpatrick refuses to make reproductions
                                                                                      pay attention to any motif among the all encyclopedic chaos of human being”.
of her work, a policy greatly appreciated by her collectors.
                                                                                                                                     Svetlana Tarkhanova, Art Historian
          See her entire portfolio at
                  or write to her at                            •

            Hudson View II, Acrylic on stretched canvas, 46 x 32 inches                          Miss Rodeo, 2011, Acrylic on canvas, 100 x 120 centimeters

ARTISAN DIRECT, LTD.                  [ 34 ]                  [ 35 ]                   ARTISAN DIRECT, LTD.
              Sandra Gottlieb                                                                      Garry Grant

   Sandra Gottlieb has created a striking series of photographs of the
skies and waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Her poetic work conveys the
sense of impermanence in both nature and human existence.                          Strong. Articulate. Savvy. That’s what folks are saying about the art and
   Sandra Gottlieb was born in Brooklyn, NY, and from an early age was          the artist, Garry F. Grant. Originally from Detroit, Michigan, Garry began
devoted to the study of ballet. She performed professionally with both          painting at the age of five. Influence by the sketches and paintings of his
ballet and modern dance companies, and has noted that dance gave                father and older brother, Garry began his formal education in Art at the
her both a feeling for movement, and a lyrical awareness of change              Detroit Center for Creative Studies in Graphic Communication, studying
from moment to moment, both of which have contributed to her photo-             new technologies in art and design. The early 90’s brought about many
graphic vision.                                                                 changes in the world of technology and art, which would lead Garry to the
   In the 1970s and 1980s, Gottlieb’s artistic impulse brought her to           growing metropolis of Atlanta, Georgia. Here, he would receive the oppor-
acting, and she appeared in Off-Broadway plays in New York, and on              tunity to learn and produce art using the very technique that has defined
daytime television. She recognizes in her theater work the importance of        his work today, gold leaf gilding.
“yourself in the moment,” in touch with one’s inner being. Gottlieb sees           While attending art classes at Atlanta’s American College of Applied
this quality of being “present” as an important preparation for taking          Arts, Garry took the opportunity to work with one of Atlanta’s most premier
pictures of nature that may vary in an instant. In 1996, while study-           frame and design shops, Avery’s Art and Frames. With little instructions
ing photography at the International Center Of Photography, Gottlieb            and sheer determination, Garry designed and framed many fine works
began taking the first pictures of the Rockaway Beach Series, which             of art using the gold leaf gilding technique. For 14 years, Garry perfected
would later be expanded into Seascapes 1996 thru 2006. These first              technique for gold leaf artistry for the basic frame, and overtime transfer-
photographs were exhibited in 1998 as solo shows at World Fine Art              ring the technique to mediums such as canvas, wood, and glass for his
Gallery in New York City and Southern Exposure Gallery in Palm Beach,           personal collection. He continues to use this age old technique for projects
Florida. While she was creating Seascapes 1996 thru 2006, Gottlieb              in restoration and framing, as well as portraiture and abstract paintings.
also produced other series including Floral Impressions, close-up soft             Currently residing in New York City, Garry has received many awards
focus views of flowers, Nocturne, details of the breaking surf at twilight,     and special recognitions including an Award of Recognition for the World
and Sea Grass, whose curving lines suggest abstract painterly gestures.         Trade Center Memorial Competition, Award of Merit for the Jubilee Cultural
She has continued her conceptual view of flowers and the sea with               Arts Alliance Juried Art Exhibition, Finalist in the Georgia Pacific Dixie Art
City Tulips 2008, and her latest seascapes series, Winter and Summer            of the Plate--New York Museum of Arts & Design, and Finalist in the Atlanta
2009.                                                                           Centennial Olympic Park Fence Competition.
   Solo museum exhibitions include The Alden B. Dow Museum of                      Garry has also been featured in a number of exhibitions in the South-
Science and Art, The Fernbank Museum of Natural History, Ferst                  east and Midwest including the Carroll H. Simms National Exhibition in Dal-
Galleries at Georgia Tech, and the Danville Museum in Danville, Virginia.       las and the Junor Gallery’s “Journey” exhibition in Atlanta. Most recently,
Her work appears in numerous cooperate and private collections.                 Garry exhibited at New York’s Art Gotham “Square Foot Show” in June
                                                                                2009 and exhibited his famous “Gilded Dog” statue at the Art Dogs and
 •                    Cats of New York auction event in December 2010.
                              Horizontal #20                                      Generation X, 2007, Mixed media with metal leaf on canvas, 60 x 108 triptych

ARTISAN DIRECT, LTD.               [ 36 ]              [ 37 ]                   ARTISAN DIRECT, LTD.
                       John Grieco                                                              Barbara Groot

   John Grieco has been designing and building furniture out of
recycled lumber, iron, copper, and tile since 1997. A native and resident
of Rochester, New York, Grieco is known locally for his custom-made
tables, garden arbors, flower boxes, and benches. When he’s not creat-              My current work is inspired by the landscape and in particular the
ing his one-of-a-kind objects, he works as a fire fighter for the City of        landscape I live in . . . . . . amongst trees and a body of water beyond,
Rochester.                                                                       towards the west.

                                                                                   My work is an abstract expression of my surroundings . . . . . . .

                                                                                    The completion of a painting that evokes surprise and the essence of
                                                                                 a new connection with the landscape is my intent . . . . .

                                                                                    • barbaragroot@me .com

                        Half Moon Copper Top Table                                               Wetlands #15, Acrylic on canvas, 24 x 24 inches

ARTISAN DIRECT, LTD.              [ 38 ]               [ 39 ]                   ARTISAN DIRECT, LTD.
                 Fukuko Harris                                                               Milton Hebald

                                                                                Born in 1917 in the Lower East Side of NYC, Milton, at ten years old,
                                                                             was the youngest student ever to attend the Art Students League. He
                                                                             studied at the National Academy of Design and the Beaux-Arts Institute
                                                                             and in 1932 at just 15 years of age Hebald was honored to become a
                                                                             founding artist of the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York.
                                                                                His first one man show was held at the age of twenty. In 1955, he
                                                                             received the prestigious Prix de Rome Fellowship to the American
                                                                             Academy, and over the next few years was twice honored with the Prix
                                                                             de Rome at which point he decided to make Italy his home. Almost 50
                                                                             years later, in 2004, Milton returned to the U.S.
                                                                                Acclaimed as the spiritual heir of Auguste Rodin, Hebald works in
                                                                             scales from mere inches to his most famous work, the bronze Zodiac
                                                                             Signs, commissioned by the JFK International Airport in 1964, at that
                                                                             time the largest sculpture installation in the world and spanning more
                                                                             than 220 feet.
                                                                                At the age of 80, the mature master began to present sensuous acts
                                                                             of love making in his work. Deeply influenced by the ancient Etruscan
   Fukuko Harris was born and raised in Tokyo. After she received her
                                                                             art and culture of northern Italy, he developed a series of remarkably
Associate in Applied Science Degree from Parsons School of Design-
                                                                             tender and highly erotic sculptures.
New York, she continued to study at the Art Student League of New York,
                                                                                Hebald’s works are displayed in public installations worldwide, includ-
Parsons School of Design-France and The School of Visual Arts-NY.
                                                                             ing Central Park, The Hague, Lincoln Center, United Nations Plaza and
   She is a member of The Catharine Lorillard Wolfe Art Club. Fukuko
                                                                             the Los Angeles Olympic Park. His sculptures are in many private and
received 5th and 6th Showcase Winner 2010, an Honor-
                                                                             museum collections including the Whitney Museum of American Art,
able Mention Award from My Art Contest 2010, My Artwork Space 2008
                                                                             The Museum of Modern Art, The Guggenheim Museum, The Smithson-
Annual Competition, and an Award of Excellence from American Juried
                                                                             ian Institution and many others.
Art Salon 2007. Her paintings have been shown in various galleries and
                                                                                For more information please contact the Pushkin Gallery in Santa Fe,
museums across the US.
                                                                             the exclusive representatives of Milton Hebald.
   Fukuko was presented in Featured Artists Magazine-2011, Internation-
al Contemporary Masters-2010, and NY Arts Magazine-2007.

                          Balancing Forms, 30                                        Tenderness, 2002 Estruscan Erotica, Bronze, 16 x 11 x 14 inches

ARTISAN DIRECT, LTD.             [ 40 ]            [ 41 ]                   ARTISAN DIRECT, LTD.
            Cheryl L. Hrudka                                                                       Cheryl L. Hrudka

   I have always been interested in Abstracts. These forms allow the                        of images, things people walk by every day and do not see, are the start-
viewer to question, and decide for themselves, my artistic intention. In                    ing points of my creative process. I also find that there are a vast variety
other words, my images now pose more questions than they answer.                            of solutions (end games) for my images. I focus on the journey. There
My primary subject matter lies in the eyes of the beholder. Each viewer                     are no maps. While, at times, I have an idea of where I am going with an
brings his or her own psychological insight to the subsequent interpre-                     image, I truly do not know the end result until I get there.
tation. While trying to challenge, the viewer’s conclusions are never                          The computer has allowed me numerous opportunities that I have fully
threatened, but respected and allowed to prosper. On these mandalas,                        embraced. It is this, my love of trying to create something unique that
we each transpose our own version of events, our own stories. These                         has led me to my latest images. Using my previous representational pho-
images are at once geometric and biomorphic. In their mutability, they                      tographs as a base, I use my knowledge of computers to transform these
mimic our dreams. They mimic our lives.                                                     photos into totally new and original images. When I take a photograph
   My main goal is to allow the viewer to become intimate with my im-                       and start altering it on the computer, I find it is my instinct that really
ages, to make his / her interpretation of what they are seeing a personal                   takes over in the manipulation. I am always amazed at what comes out
journey of their own.                                                                       of some of these manipulations. Sometimes, the result takes only a few
    I have found that architectural details, encapsulated and transformed,                  days; however, the majority of my creations have taken weeks or months
work better than other genres. However, there are no rules. The simplest                    to find their final form.

                       Cultural Diversity, 24 x 24 framed print                                                    Mother’s Hands, 1999

ARTISAN DIRECT, LTD.                    [ 42 ]               [ 43 ]                 ARTISAN DIRECT, LTD.
                       Jo Jayson                                                              Gregory Johnson

                                                                                       From earliest recollections, my work has always been representational
                                                                                    in nature. It reflects a strong European tradition of a softly detailed sur-
                                                                                    face quality, while expressing the energy and vitality of contemporary life.
                                                                                       The first step, which is the most important for me, is to capture the
                                                                                    “presence” of the moment; this is done by creating a feeling of char-
                                                                                    acter, selecting the most expressive composition, and enhancing the
                                                                                    feeling of movement. Artist’s describe this ability to capture movement
                                                                                    as being gesturely rich. Even static objects can have an intrinsic feeling
    I am passionate about the human form, color, texture and the                    of movement.
insatiable mystery of life and its lessons. Using a combination of oil                 The focus of the artist is on figurative works, and includes an impres-
and collage, my intention is to create sensual, magical and inspiring               sive list of historic and military memorials, portrait busts, educational
journeys into the stories of human life. My own transformation and                  and garden sculptures. His new series of sculptures are in two metals,
spiritual journey as a woman and an artist is what I believe is reflected           offering a new contrast.
and expressed in my work. Tapping into the energies of Spirit... my hope               With my sculpting tools, “I look for ways to have a rich texture, while
is that my paintings ‘sparkle’ with inspiration - moving, touching and              having a faithful and sensitive relationship to the meticulous detail of
healing those who take the time to listen to their wisdom.                          the object being depicted. I believe in animated, softly detailed realisti-
    After using materials like paper, fabric, feathers, gemstones and silk          cally figurative works that maintain classical proportions. While I have
flowers in combination with my oil painting, my new and most recent                 a clear personal vision of where the artwork is headed, I do yield to the
paintings are less about the texture and more about the subject matter,             surprises often discovered in the process.”
so I have found that I am using less and less collage as I progress. I am              Local collectors have sought him out to frequently portray monumen-
eternally grateful for the opportunity and ability to finally express what is       tal works for public parks and plazas. “People are simply in awe” noted
in my Soul and to be able to offer these expressions in the hope that they          one collector, “It is as if the sculpture could talk to you”.
will resonate and connect with the viewers’ own personal experience.

                                                                                                    Bringing on the Heat, Bronze and stainless steel
           Who Am I? 2011, Oil and gold leaf on canvas, 24 x 24 inches                                  67h x 54w x 35d inches, on granite base.

ARTISAN DIRECT, LTD.                 [ 44 ]                [ 45 ]                   ARTISAN DIRECT, LTD.
                Anett Kennedy                                                                        Ken Knowles

   “The most important for me is to experiment and discover the undis-                 Ken Knowles is a native of Rockport, MA. He has been painting
covered in the process,” says the painter Anett K. Kennedy, who prefers             impressionist paintings outdoors for 24 years. His success profession-
to work in oil. “I enjoy exploring the unknown landscape and search                 ally has afforded his family a beautiful home and studio in the seaside
for an inexpressible place, between dream and reality, for escape and               art colony. Ken studied for several years with painters Stapleton
solace which hopefully, ultimately heals and leaves the viewer with a               Kearns, John Terelak and T.M. Nicholas. Knowles has earned an award
fresh way of seeing Home Base. I believe that a painting can be just as             winning reputation nationally and is a full member of several associa-
calming and exciting, interesting and dynamic, as nature.”                          tions, including the Rockport, Academic and North Shore Art Associa-
   “In the process of creating a painting I shift back and forth between            tions. Ken’s work is part of countless collections across the country
abstract and figurative work. The abstract is based on improvisation.               and abroad. His paintings can be found in galleries throughout New
At some point, with any luck, a compositional constellation begins to               England. Ken Knowles has closely studied the waterfront of Cape Ann,
emerge and a connection takes place between me and the painting.”                   including the beautiful schooners made there and their history for over
                                                                                    20 years. He has created hundreds of paintings of this nature en plein
                                                                                    air an in his studio.


                       Dreamer, Oil on canvas, 90 x 100 cm                                             Gloucester Waterfront, Oil, 30 x 40 inches

ARTISAN DIRECT, LTD.                 [ 46 ]                [ 47 ]                     ARTISAN DIRECT, LTD.
                       Abbie Kozik                                                          Margaret La Bounty

                                                                                         Margaret La Bounty was born in 1951 in Colorado, of the United
   Abbie Kozik’s art invites dialogue in a context of beauty and humor. Her           States. She has lived and experienced many places in the US from
art is a convergence of perspectives on events in the world in which we live.         Colorado, to Hawaii. Currently her studio is located on the edge of the
    I couldn’t have done it without you, No. 5, invites us to see the                 Missouri River in the mid west.
balance of the forces of nature at work in our lives. The piece merges                   Margaret La Bounty is the recipient of the “Lorenzo il Magnifico”
beauty and ugliness to represent the tension between the gifts of nature              medal in sculpture in the Biennale 2005, in Florence, Italy. She has
and human environmental disrespect. Thematically, earth, water and                    also been published in many notable publications such as the NY Arts
muck collide with oil, detergent, human disaster and the convenience of               Magazine, ArtSEEN Journal, and the “International Contemporary Mas-
everyday habit.                                                                       ters of 2008, 2009”. Margaret has also completed large commercial
    Abbie’s respect for the acrylics with which she paints is central to              sculpture installations at an international airport in Arizona, USA and in
the layering technique alive in her work. She explains, “I hate to waste              a major sculpture park in New York.
paint. When I’m done with a piece, I scrape off paint from the palette,                  Margaret La Bounty was exhibited in Cancun, Mexico December
and right then, another painting is developing. I smear these colors                  2008 and was one of 69 artists from five continents invited to show.
onto another canvas.”                                                                 Margaret was the only artist invited to represent the United States in
    As much as technique and the economizing of paint, Abbie enjoys                   the prestigious art exhibition. She also has completed a residency in
when viewers discover their favorite color in her work and feel happy in              New York’s Stone Quarry Hill Art Park, summer 2009, and completed a
the discovery. Her art invites interaction — from our happiness over a                permanent installation consisting of a series of 20 large Totems, a con-
favorite color to our appreciation for the humor of a title, the beauty of a          cept that Margaret has developed for over twelve years, titled “Center”,
theme, and the contradictions depicted.                                               for their outdoor sculpture Park. Margaret traveled to Paris, France in
                                                                                      the fall of 2009 where her art was prominently exhibited in the Salon of
   “I want collectors to always discover something new when they look                 the Independents at the Grand Palace. At the same time, her painting
at my paintings. I don’t want to dictate how my paintings should be                   “Ancient Rhythms” debuted in Monte Carlo at the Auditorium Rainier III.
viewed.” — Abbie Kozik                                                                Currently, Margaret is preparing for an exhibition, with WorldArtVision, in
                                                                                      Barcelona, Spain where her series “Fear” will debut.
           I couldn’t have done it without you, No. 5, Acrylic on Canvas,
                                                                                                          Silence, Acrylic, 122 x 183 centimeters
                          30 x 36 inches (76.2 x 91.4 cm)

ARTISAN DIRECT, LTD.                   [ 48 ]               [ 49 ]                    ARTISAN DIRECT, LTD.
                                                                             Richard Warrington
                                                                            Richard Warrington
                                                                               W. 3907 Washington Cheney, WA 99004
                                                                            W. 3907 Washington Rd. Rd. Cheney, WA 99004
                                                                                   509.448.8713 Cell: 509.979.0555
                                                                                509.448.8713 Cell: 509.979.0555

                                                                                 A diverse impressionistic sculptor, I design and two two
                                                                            A diverse impressionistic sculptor, I design and buildbuild and and
                                                                                  dimensional hollow form and and silhouette sculptures
                                                                            threethree dimensional hollow form silhouette sculptures usingusing
                                                                                 aluminum, stainless bronze and and corten. As an artist,
                                                                            aluminum, stainless steel, steel, bronze corten. As an artist, my my
                                                                                  is an expression of my spiritual, emotional and and esthetic
                                                                            workwork is an expression of my spiritual, emotional esthetic
                                                                                 response world around me. me. My designs are rhythmi-
                                                                            response to theto the world aroundMy designs are bold, bold, rhythmi-
                                                                                 cal and the color, buffed finishes and and extreme detail punc-
                                                                            cal and the use ofuse of color, buffed finishes extreme detail punc-
                                                                                  my work.
                                                                            tuatetuate my work.

                                                                                 A professional sculptor for 30 years I specialize in one one
                                                                            A professional sculptor for over over 30 years I specialize inof of
                                                                                 a and and site specific, commission for residential,
                                                                            a kind kindsite specific, commission workwork for residential,
                                                                                 corporate and public art. Existing is available.
                                                                            corporate and public art. Existing workwork is available.
                            4:30 72”x 72”x 36
                       4:30 EarlyEarly 36 x 22” x 22”

                         SheikSheik 72” x 40” x 8”
                               72” x 40” x 8”                                                         Family Gathering x 4’.
                                                                                                 Family Gathering 7 ’x 8’7 ’x 8’ x 4’.
                                                                                                 Port of Kennewick, Kennewick, Wash.
                                                                                            Port of Kennewick, Kennewick, Wash.
ARTISAN DIRECT, LTD.             [ 50 ]       [ 51 ]            ARTISAN DIRECT, LTD.
                          ShannLee                                                             Veronica Leiton

   I was a missionary kid, exposed as a child to museums and many types
of art lessons. As a result of moving around a lot in my youth, I became
introduced to a variety of cultures giving me a different perspective on life.       Veronica Leiton is a native of Santiago de Chile. She has lived in
   By learning many art skills over the years, I have used my art as a            Ciudad Juarez for fifteen year and for the last twenty-five years she has
processing tool, allowing me to shift through my thoughts about life. Too         dedicated her life to her art, which has resulted in a selection of different
many thoughts at the same time cause chaos, so my art seems chaotic               techniques: Mono printing with silkscreen, aquatint, colograph printing,
but the act of creating causes me to put my thoughts in order. There-             acrylic, water, oil, and mixed technique painting. She has held exhibits in
fore the art becomes orderly as well. I use my art as a way to look at all        New York, Chicago, Albuquerque, Miami, Atlanta, Naples, San Antonio,
angles in order to decide which perspective to look thru. Challenging the         Santa Fe, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and in almost every city in Mexico. Also in
normal conceptions in life thus allowing the feeling of vulnerability to show     Greece, Austria, France, Germany, Cuba and Chile.
through in the choices of found and made objects is one of my purposes               She is currently represented by the Wiford Gallery in Santa Fe, New
in creating my work. All who view my art are asked to look more closely           Mexico and by the River House Arts Gallery in Perrysburg, Ohio. In
at the ordinary objects that surround them. By creating images that give          Mexico City, she is represented by Alberto Misrachi Gallery, and by
them a different point of view and causing them to rethink the permanen-          the Gallery 910 in San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico. She
cy of things in this world, I long to take the viewers inside allowing them       received an award in 2009 and 2010 from the Department of Cultural
to participate in my thought process instead of just being onlookers. The         Affairs in the Foreign Affairs Ministry in Chile. She has been invited to
purpose of my art is to question the viewer’s preconceived ideas for this is      participate in the biennial exhibit in Greece.
what I use my art for, to challenge my own perspectives.                             In 2008, she was awarded the 2007 Chihuahua Plastic Arts Award. In
   Created with a variety of materials, both found and made, my art               2005 she was the first prize winner of the Third Painting Exhibit in Chi-
shows a rhythmic flow along with dance like strokes. I invite your eyes           huahua. Also, she was awarded a scholarship for 2005 to 2006 by the
to feel the emotions that give life to my art. My pieces are based on sur-        Cultural Endowment of Ciudad Juárez. Chih.; She received a scholar-
realistic ideas that exist only in my imagination, fragments that become          ship from the Development and Encouragement of Artistic Creation Pro-
whole as they are created.                                                        gram, Creadores con trayectoria “David Alfaro Siqueiros” CONACULTA.
   My conversations are fragmented thoughts. As I string them together            She was also awarded honorable mention in the 1998 Biennial Paso del
I begin to create my reality, my view of the world. Once I complete my            Norte. Juarez, Chih., Mexico, sponsored by the Academy of Engraving
thought, a restructuralization happens and the idea evolves from its colli-       and Self Help monoserigrafia Grahpis in 1997 in Los Angeles USA.
sion unscathed, a shining splinter of wonderment.                                                  

              •                                       Aquel umbral, 2009, Oil on Paper, 38 x 30 inches

ARTISAN DIRECT, LTD.                  [ 52 ]            [ 53 ]                  ARTISAN DIRECT, LTD.
                 Chrysoula Lile                                                                       Andrew Litten

                                                                                      Departure from detachment. Farewell to dulled-out love. Separation from
                                                                                      bad faith. Love bad faith. Malevolence can be beautiful. Passage out of
                                                                                      mediocrity. Ignore the ass licking art community and their hierarchy.
                                                                                      We are all unknown - Prevention from the inevitable.
                                                                                      Smear the expected.
   My paintings are an expression of my feelings, thoughts, hopes and
disappointments. I appreciate the beauty found in the colors of a flower,
the morning sky and all of nature. All are magnificent in that they bal-
ance the not so beautiful disaster and pain of life. Art is my strength and
getaway. My reason to persevere. Because I am an artist I know who I
am and why I am here.
   “Lile’s use of dark colors emphasizes the mystery that is worked into
each painting. The interplay of shadow and light enables her to highlight
particular details central to theme and context. One of her trademarks
is her use of hard-lined brushstrokes that often separate two fields of
contrasting color. This technique is not only unique, bur also is on the
edge of a form of mastery.” Josh Shanker, Artis Spectrum magazine.


                   Planet of Tears, Oil on canvas, 42 x 32 inches
                                                                                                                 Protagonist, 44 x 39 centimeters

ARTISAN DIRECT, LTD.                   [ 54 ]                   [ 55 ]                ARTISAN DIRECT, LTD.
                   David Morico                                                        Thomas Lund-Lack

   Most paintings have a build-up of layers using different mixed medi-
ums such as: resins, molding paste, wood, sand, paper and canvases.
The paintings consist of brush and palette knifes. Sometimes I use my
hands spreading the paint throughout the canvas. By doing this I put all
                                                                                    Painting has been part of my life for more than 20 years. Over that
my energy into the painting and at that moment I’m living in the painting.
                                                                                 time, I have experimented with various subjects and now concentrate on
   Most of the paintings, consist of positive energy where I create non-rep-
                                                                                 those that demand the portrayal of movement.
resentational images of “Glimpses”, that are based on landscapes or the
                                                                                    The challenge is to make a work come alive and to use colour as
second of what we see. Others represent the calmness of our surround-
                                                                                 well as tone to create the illusions I want. Subjects such as Formula
ings I feel this is something we tend to miss with our fast pace society.
                                                                                 1 and horse racing allow the use of a feast of rich colours and, with
   The viewer sees images or senses a certain familiar feeling that they
                                                                                 the horses especially, to complement the subject with an impasto
can relate to. Once that connection is made, I, the artist have made my
                                                                                 technique. My current series of horse racing paintings called Energy
accomplishment and they call me the “colorist”.
                                                                                 reflect both the subject matter and my style, as in Energy 3. I aim to
                                                                                 complete each work in a single session (if all goes well!) and I do not
                   For more information contact David Morico:
                                                                                 use models or photographs. Working entirely from imagination means
                                                                                 there are no constraints, with the two exceptions of proportion and
                   (203) 216-3630 •
                                                                                 perspective. No constraints frees me to explore the whole sense of the
                                                                                 subject in one image.
   Many of my paintings are in galleries in the United States and abroad.
                                                                                    The Formula 1 works, like Speed 2 - Williams FW14, originated in
Corporations have purchased my work and American Airlines showcas-
                                                                                 2009 and the technique is entirely different from my horses, more stud-
es some of my work in their Admiral Clubs. Interior designers and private
                                                                                 ied, and I do use models, but they are still illusory, creating the sense of
clients work with me to create finishing works of art for their homes.
                                                                                 speed through the use of motion blur.
   Paintings can be purchased as is or commissioned to any size to fit a
residential or corporate environment.
                                                                                                            Energy 3, Oil on canvas

ARTISAN DIRECT, LTD.                [ 56 ]            [ 57 ]                 ARTISAN DIRECT, LTD.
                 Helen Musser                                                                           Helen Musser

   Helen started painting several decades ago. She has perfected the
medium of oil, encaustic, and watercolor. She paints of everyday life,
relationships, and landscapes; waterscapes, and florals that capture her
heart and want to be expressed. Her Basics Series gives you insight to
her wisdom gained through 68 years of living. “Painting gives me the
power to express the innermost parts of my beliefs and spirituality. Then
there are the beauties of creation that also seek to be painted.” She is
a native of Oklahoma; born in 1941. As a young girl, she aspired to be
an artist. The desire to draw and paint was always with her. Her love of
visual arts grew and she began to study and paint with a multitude of
teachers.                                                                                  Helen focuses her talents on rendering portraits, landscape, water-
   Art is the very essence of our being. It is the visible evidence of our              scapes, figures, and still life. Wild, Wild West is a self portrait completed
intrinsic nature. The artist will execute his or her work in accordance                 in 2010. It tells part of the story of night life in the Old West. Visual art is
with values and beliefs held dear. Helen’s focus has been to project                    such an important evidence of history. It traces cultures, governments,
the spirit of man through painting; working with watercolor, oil, and                   philosophies, religion and oh, so many other factors of time gone bye.


                       Parlor Games, Oil on Linen, 24 x 20 inches                                              Wild, Wild West, Oil, 24 x 20 inches

ARTISAN DIRECT, LTD.                     [ 58 ]                 [ 59 ]                  ARTISAN DIRECT, LTD.
                         Anne Nye                                                                          Anne Nye

   Anne Nye creates both fused glass and mixed media art. Her mixed-
media paintings combine fused glass and painting, playing the rhythm
of paint against the melody of color - then taking it to a new depth of
expression by adding the texture of fused glass to each piece.
   Anne explores texture and color creating images of nature, music
and dance. She believes there is much in world to appreciate and cel-
ebrate and strives to communicate that optimism to her audience.

                       402-763-4659 •                                                  402-763-4659 •

                Summer Trees, Fused Glass Table Art, 16 x 31 inches                   Seasons Of Beauty, Mixed Media Painting: Acrylic on wood with fused glass
 In artist-designed welded steel stand. Limited production, signed & dated 2011.     embellishments. 36 x 40 inches. One-of-a-kind Original signed and dated 2010.

ARTISAN DIRECT, LTD.                 [ 60 ]               [ 61 ]                   ARTISAN DIRECT, LTD.
                         Anne Nye                                                   Sarah Parks Fine Artist

                                                                                       Sarah Crews Parks is an artist who skillfully blends Impressionism
                                                                                    with Classical Realism. Her talent is evident in her ability to capture the
                                                                                    form and her excellent use of light and shadow.
                                                                                       Sarah grew up in an artistic family and has had a passion to draw all
                                                                                    her life. She admired the works of Sargent, Sorolla, and others on visits
                                                                                    to the major museums of New York, Philadelphia, London, Paris, Rome
                                                                                    and Florence. Sarah earned two degrees (Magna cum Laude) in Art His-
                                                                                    tory and Studio Art from Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia.
                                                                                       In her study of portraiture, she is grateful to have been guided by
                                                                                    some of today’s finest portrait artists, such as Daniel Greene, Michael
                                                                                    Shane Neil, and Paul McCormack, and mentored by Bart Lindstrom,
                                                                                    John De La Vega and Ned Bittinger.
                                                                                       Her love of other art genres has motivated Sarah to continually
                                                                                    refine her technique through serious and intense study from some of
                                                                                    the foremost landscape, still life, and figurative painters today. She has
                                                                                    gathered instruction from classes, workshops, books and is a mem-
                                                                                    ber of the Oil Painters of America, Portrait Society of America and the
                                                                                    American Society of Portrait Artists. “The Shawl” was one of 30 out of
                                                                                    1,100 entries juried into the American Woman Artist Association Exhibit
                                                                                    in Pasadena, CA.
                       402-763-4659 •
       Open Door Policy, Mixed Media Painting: Acrylic on wood with fused
                                                                           • • 757-546-0282
                     glass embellishments, 18 x 26 inches.
                One-of-a-kind Original signed and dated 2008.                                                       Daydream

ARTISAN DIRECT, LTD.                 [ 62 ]              [ 63 ]                 ARTISAN DIRECT, LTD.
                 Patricia Peters                                                        Gisela Pferdekamper

    Patricia Peters is a self taught artist who has mastered the disciplines
of sculpture and painting through experimentation and innovation. She
worked as a fine art instructor in New Jersey for many years. She enjoyed
encouraging her students to explore, grow and develop their art. She
moved to South Florida in 2001 where she immediately became an impor-
tant member of the arts community in the Palm Beaches
    Patricia is the recipient of many awards and prizes and her work is in
several important collections. Currently she devotes her time exclusively in
three dimensional design using clay and bronze as her favorite mediums.
Throughout her work, there is a recurring concern for the power inherent
in all women. She believes that all women are beautiful and should be
celebrated! Consequently, her sculptures honor the female form for all of
its irregularities and perfections.
    In her latest bronze collection entitled Joyous Women, Patricia
expresses energy and movement flawlessly. Transformation and fluidity
engage the viewer from all angles. Another important theme in Ms. Peters
work is the quest for family and friendship. In Family Circle, curvilinear lines             “I love horses and nature, and I combine both elements
embrace and entwine the figures and give rise to the feeling of warmth,                                          in my paintings.”
intimacy and love of family.
    Patricia Peter’s clay and bronze sculptures are currently on view in               Since living in south Florida, Gisela’s paintings have grown to feature
several galleries across South Florida. She is the founding member of the           brighter colors. Wildlife, landscapes, sunsets, and, of course, horses,
Clay, Glass, Metal & Stone Gallery in historic downtown Lake Worth. She             realistic and surrealistic, were added as a new dimension to her range
actively works with organizations that showcase area artists.                       of expression. Gisela’s work has been exhibited and successfully sold
    She now introduces her work back to her northern roots in New York City.        locally, and has more than 200 customers worldwide.

                             Studio 561-499-0967
                                    The Trio                                                          Lily Marlene, Oil on canvas, 40 x 30 inches

ARTISAN DIRECT, LTD.                 [ 64 ]               [ 65 ]                      ARTISAN DIRECT, LTD.
                       Aleta Pippin                                                                    Aleta Pippin

   Just as music creates a physical response – so does color. My work
is about the use of color and light as well as the translation of music.
Sometimes there is a direct connection between the music I’m listening
to and the painting. It can be an integration of the highs and lows of the
music into various colors, it can be the speed of the marks, or just an
overall image. I listen to a variety of musical styles from Native American
flute music, to classical, to classic rock.
   I am relentless in using various media to create the finished piece. My
process of layering color, clear medium and glazes, creates a feeling of
depth. I enjoy vibrant color and believe it usually has a positive impact
on viewers. Red is the longest wavelength that our eyes can translate
and it seems to be a passionate color, very attractive to viewers. Blues
are more calming, lavender – meditative, green has a feeling of nature,
and so on.
   In addition to color and light, my work is influenced by nature and the
beauty of the Southwest and in particular Santa Fe.

                 Dig Deeper, Mixed media on panel, 24 x 24 inches                          Aiming For The Stars, Mixed media on birch panel, 48 x 16 inches

ARTISAN DIRECT, LTD.                  [ 66 ]              [ 67 ]                  ARTISAN DIRECT, LTD.
                       Aleta Pippin                                                                    Marina Reiter

                       Sun Path #2, Mixed media, 30 x 30 inches

                                                                                         Marina Reiter is a Russian-born professional painter currently residing
                                                                                      in Brooklyn, NY. She exhibits internationally, nationally and locally in
                                                                                      conventional and alternative venues. Among them is the personal show
                                                                                      at the MOYA (Museum of Young Art) in Vienna, Austria. She was se-
                                                                                      lected by the Museum of the Americas in Doral, Florida and the exhibi-
                                                                                      tion was curated by Jackie Mauersberger-Arce, Director of JMA-Gallery
                                                                                      and ACT Center of Contemporary Art, both in Vienna, Austria. She also
                                                                                      participated in Art-Event 2008 in Antwerpen, Belgium and the Wolfgang
                                                                                      Amadeus Mozart award in Vienna. She was invited by the Museum of
                                                                                      the Americas to show her art in many European and American venues.
                                                                                      She is a grant recipient from the Washington DC Commission on the
                                                                                      Arts & Humanities. Her work was shown at the Red Dot, Art Manezh and
                                                                                      Pool Art Fairs in December 2010 in Miami and Moscow, Russia.

                 Letting Go, Mixed media on panel, 30 x 30 inches                                       Love Song 1, Oil on canvas, 48 x 36 inches

ARTISAN DIRECT, LTD.                    [ 68 ]              [ 69 ]                     ARTISAN DIRECT, LTD.
              Bette Ridgeway                                                                  Cristina Rodriquez

   Ridgeway’s contemporary artwork is featured in many books, among
them: “International Contemporary Masters 2010,” “100 Artists of the
Southwest,” “Masters of Today” and “100 Famous Contemporary Artists.”
   Trained as a watercolorist, the artist’s love affair with water media began
as a young girl growing up in the Adirondack Mountains in upstate New
York. Her formal art studies at Russell Sage College, New York School of
Interior Design and the Art Students League gave her the basic tools in the              Cristina Rodriguez was born in Bogota, Colombia in 1964. Since
use of materials and technique. Her personal style, however, was a long time          1989, she has lived and worked in London. A passionate traveller, she
in development. She has traveled the globe; studying, painting, teaching              has journeyed extensively in South America, Europe and Africa, finding
and exhibiting her work; embracing the customs and colors of the diverse              enrichment and inspiration in the familiar and extraordinary practices
cultures of Africa, Australia, Europe, Asia, Mexico and South America.                and customs she encounters. Although her paintings sometimes con-
   Always and artist, she postponed her art career to raise her family and            tain elements of the abstract and surreal, they are always emphatically
hold a job. While working in Washington DC as Executive Director of Very              figurative. Characteristic of her work are the bold outlines of the figures
Special Arts, an educational affiliate of the JF Kennedy Center, (which pro-          or objects, the curve and curl of the forms and the simplified areas of
vides arts programs for disabled children and youth), she was fortunate to            solid colour which clarify the whole pictorial concept.
meet internationally acclaimed artist, Paul Jenkins. This was a life-changing            Simplicity and a joyous passion for colour: these are the composi-
experience. Jenkins became a friend and mentor, encouraging the artist to             tional keynotes of Cristina Rodriguez’s art–clearly revealing the lasting
work large and focus on color, space, time and emotions.                              impact of a childhood spent in Colombia with its rich heritage of folk art,
   Ridgeway took Jenkins’ advice and spent the next 25 years developing               primitive art, narrative art, story-telling, myth and fable.
her unusual technique in which she uses many layers of thin, transparent                 Among her many other influences, Cristina Rodriguez cites a love of
acrylics on linen and canvas to produce a fluidity and viscosity similar              Early Italian Renaissance art, in particular the quiet and reverential fres-
to traditional watercolor. The effect is both sensual and powerful. Her               cos of Fra Angelico, primitive art in all its forms and the great colourists
signature poured paintings have gained her widespread acceptance and                  of the twentieth century in particular Chagall, whose floating gravity-
interest from collectors, art lovers and students, world-wide.                        defying figures and animals find their counterpart in her own work.
   The artist is represented by several US galleries including the McDaniel Col-         Cristina Rodriguez has retained the child’s ability to believe the unbe-
lection, Melissa Morgan Fine Art, Chasen Gallery and Edmund Craig Gallery.            lievable and to see the magical in the mundane. She draws her subjects
   Ridgeway’s paintings are included in many public and private collec-               from the real and the imaginary, fusing fantasy and perception into one.
tions including the John Deere Corporate Collection, the Federal Reserve                 Her paintings with their animals, dwelling places, radiant landscapes,
Bank, Criteria Communications, the Mayo Clinic, Scottsdale AZ and North-              domestic rituals and everyday objects welcome us inside. At their centre
western College, Minneapolis MN. Actor, Tim Allen has two of Ridgeway’s               are love and tranquillity.
paintings in his personal art collection.                                                                                                        Gillian Adam, 2007

                Turning the Tide, Acrylic on canvas, 52 x 66 inches                               A Room to Think, 2006, Oil on linen, 76 x 76 centimeters

ARTISAN DIRECT, LTD.                  [ 70 ]                 [ 71 ]                   ARTISAN DIRECT, LTD.
                       Ines Rojas                                                                        Ann Russell

   Ines Rojas, by way of Colombia, where she was born, raised, and
trained as an interior designer, has put her unique touch on a wide array
of projects worldwide. With works in Tampa, Connecticut, Miami Beach,
and Colombia, over the course of her career, Ines has received a variety                 I am working with odd spaces caught just outside real existence,
of commissions for interior and furniture design. In continuing to harness            often glimpsed; intangible yet with significance, relevance and in them-
her artistic intuition, Ines is fulfilling her long-awaited dream of rescuing         selves, realities. Within the possibilities of these other worlds we can
automotive and other mechanical scraps and rejuvenating them with her                 investigate transcendence, sacredness, memory, time and space.
discerning eye for balance, order, and beauty.                                           My recent works are depictions of such fantasy worlds rendered by
   Ines earned her degree in interior design at El Centro Universitario Las           means of poetic bricolage. I am using materials and objects gleaned
Mercedes in Bogotá, Colombia and immediately embarked on a profes-                    from years of collecting to produce new work that extracts meaning
sional career as an environmental designer for financial and design                   from them, yet also construcls new meanings in the worlds I create.
offices worldwide. Afterwards, she decided to transplant her roots to                 Consequently, issues of contemporary life are interwoven with histori-
the United States; and, in 1979, she emigrated to Miami, and continued                cal codes and autobiography to create works that defy abbreviation to
her career in high-end, natural stone interiors. In 1993, four years after            a single idea. ln this aspect, I am greatly influenced by the Surrealists
establishing Unique Tables, her timeless table designs were recognized                and by contemporary works in film such as The Matrix, which explores
for creativity at the ASID Florida Show and, ten years later, Ines founded            human spirituality and transcendence by confusing time and physical
Unique Design, expanding her design and production company to the                     space. Parts of the works are under glass or Perspex or a clear resin
custom design of environments for her furniture lines and their users.                coating. This is important to emphasise the separation from our reality,
   In the summer of 2009, Ines decided to redefine herself professionally             creates a paradox with space, scale and time and compresses small
as an artist. She is pursuing her passion for recycling obsolete industrial           moments of memory which are our portals to this other dimension.
products such as antique refrigerator compressors and automobile                         The mini-worlds engage viewers by resonating with a childhood fasci-
components while continuing to incorporate her love for natural textures.             nation with make-believe. Hopefully, the audience will imagine them-
In November 2009, Ines received a second place award in sculpture at                  selves as part of these worlds and explore them with Alice-like wonder.
the 38th annual South Miami Art Festival.
Auto Industry Under Fire, Lamp made of recycled car parts and lava-print lampshade,
                               20 x 26 x 20 inches.                                        Anticipating Avalon, Mixed media, 40 (w) x 40 (d) x 110 (h) centimeters

ARTISAN DIRECT, LTD.                  [ 72 ]                 [ 73 ]                    ARTISAN DIRECT, LTD.
                   Uta Schotten

   When looking at her pictures, one can practically feel her energy to
create something that can bear up to her questions, doubts, and her
self-criticism. While painting, she always attempts to understand how
things are connected in order to find the ‘right’ expression for what
she discovers. This constant search has become the crucial focus of
her work. Her paintings are never just a pronouncement but always
ask the question:
                       “Could it be possible like this?'

   In direct confrontation with her object, she finds an answer solely by
the means of painting. In her work she relies on her perception and her
pictorial ability. With this attitude and complete dedication she strives to
make the perceived appear.

1972 born in Haarlem - 1991-1999 University of Fine Arts, Germany
since 1999 Freelance painter - Have worked as sculptor in Professor
Tony Craggs studio - Participation in numerous Solo and Group
Exhibitions with Peter Doig, Walter Dahn, Rosemarie Trockel,
Andreas Gursky, Luc Tuymans, Friedrich Kunath, Gerd & Uwe Tobias
Numerous works in private and public collections.


      Worship the Golden Calf, 2010, Oil on canvas, 100 x 130 centimeters

ARTISAN DIRECT, LTD.                [ 74 ]      [ 75 ]   ARTISAN DIRECT, LTD.
            Roseta Santiago                                                                 Roseta Santiago

    Renowned for her traditional figurative and still life work, Roseta San-
tiago’s newest paintings go far beyond surface depictions of people and
posed collections of things. They reveal figures, horses, and extraordi-
nary objects emerging out of the darkness of the past to illuminate the
present. Her representative and impressionistic works dig deeply into
her subject’s history, evoking the stories that reign in her imagination. In
the tradition of an anthropological explorer, she brushes her way to the
essence of each scene, uncovering its mystery, inviting viewers to think
beyond the specific captured moment.
    “My desire is to take people on a journey, to illustrate through my
figurative work how the dual magic of dreams and memory impress
themselves on our bodies throughout life,” says Santiago. “In these
times of information overload, I use my still lifes of ancient pots to focus
on the unequaled beauty of a single object, to contemplate its history
and the effort required to create it from the most elemental materials.”
    Santiago’s portraits combine dramatic lighting with striking detail
and a rich, classical color palette that celebrate the time-worn character
and nobility to be found in her subject’s faces. Clothing, ornamentation,
and an array of iconic signs subtly reveal their tribal pasts. In her “Leap
of Faith” series, Santiago chooses horses to serve as symbols of life’s
journey. They fly powerfully across the canvas and into the light, faintly
tattooed with allegorical emblems and embodying vitality.
    Born and raised in Washington, DC, Roseta Santiago started her ca-
reer as an exhibit and graphic designer. Following a stint with Bass Pro
creating life-size murals for their stores depicting fishing, hunting, and
wildlife, Santiago moved to Santa Fe to realize her dream of painting her
own compositions full time. Stimulated daily by color, patterns, and her
sense of enchantment with the world around her, she often spends 14
hours a day at the easel.
    With apparent ease and assurance, Roseta Santiago achieves her
visions. She meticulously identifies features that most clearly delineate
each individual or still life, dashing highlights with unerring strokes, and
flowing swathes of color to create movement, contrast, and softness.
There is a sense of dignity, refinement, and harmony in these works and
it is easy to understand Santiago’s growing international reputation and
the increasing demand among collectors for her paintings. Her new-
est work expands her repertoire and their timeless storytelling quality
speaks to viewers, eliciting conversation, speculation, and admiration.

                                                                                                   Ancient Song, Oil on canvas, 48 x 48 inches

ARTISAN DIRECT, LTD.               [ 76 ]              [ 77 ]                      ARTISAN DIRECT, LTD.
                 Carl Schuman                                                                    Gerald Shepherd

                                                                                          My work combines a passion for art with my profound interest in the
                                                                                       sciences, music and theatre. I am concerned with presenting a more
“Carl Schuman’s work speaks to a deep place within that has lifted us                  holistic portrayal of the world and I have invented a technique where
right up and out of ourselves. This is unique work from a unique artist.”              ideas are developed in a systematic way using structures (derived
                 Award winning actor Alan Arkin and his wife Suzanne                   from scientific or mathematical templates, my rather idiosyncratic
                                                                                       imagination or observation of the natural world) and evolving image
“His art is wholly original, yet embodies the highest ideals of the past,
                                                                                       sequences. The actual imagery involved ranges from simple sym-
evidencing his through grounding in the theory and history of art.”
                                                                                       bols and ideograms to complex figurative arrangements. My earliest
          Jed MacKay, Gemini Award winning writer, producer director,
                                                                                       pictures were in black and white and highly complex but I now use a
                                       TVO,CBC, BBC, Toronto, Canada
                                                                                       broader palette and a wide range of formats.
“His painstakingly applied and blended layers of brilliant color push the                 Much of my early work was pioneering and I was one of the first
limits of his medium. The luminous surfaces are achieved through the                   artists in the UK to approach scientists to explore the possibility of
process, directly related to classical painting techniques, of assiduous-              collaborative projects. I founded an international organization for
ly overlaid “glazes” of color from dark to light. The result is a lustrous             artists and scientists in the Eighties (Ionist Art Group) to facilitate the
jewel-like depth of hue that the viewer sees in Schuman’s finished                     exchange of information and initiative collective projects between the
works. The formula for beauty is consistent with the artists metaphysi-                various communities. I moved on in the Nineties to staging multidisci-
cal aesthetic, an apt metaphor for the process of enlightenment.”                      plinary art events to raise money for environmental, wildlife and animal
                              Paul Mclean, art critic, InReview Magazine               charities. I now concentrate on arranging group shows of modern art
“When you come to view the work, be prepared for your own authentic                    in London and my local area.
experience of discovery, contemplation and awe. Be prepared to step                       I have exhibited my work very widely and it is represented in many
out of the everyday commotion into the silence at the center of the                    business, public and private collections. The work is produced in
work, out of the ordinary use of time and space into an amphitheater                   a wide range of sizes to fit all budgets. I am also happy to work to
of personal reflection and spirit.”                                                    commission and I am confident I would be able to produce work to a
                Lisa V. Werenko, Artist, Author, Poet, and Cofounder of                specific requirement.
                                          the Earth-Day Birthday Project

                       When Spirit Moves, Drawing, 60 x 40 inches                                 Supper At Emmaus (after Caravaggio), Oil, 18 x 24 inches

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                  Larry Simons                                                                     Larry Simons
    1965 I began making leather sculptures on Cape Cod from left over
scraps found in the sandal shop where I worked. In 1967 I discovered
the Watts towers in Los Angeles and the junk assemblages in the mud
flats across the bay from San Francisco. My eyes opened to the art
materials that are everywhere and soon I was turning found objects into
whimsical constructions on empty lots and beaches.
    I love old ramshackle wooden buildings with their lean-tos and addi-
tions, especially barns with weathered gray siding and red trim. Rather
than re-coloring anything, I prefer to work with the palette I find - so I
always have an eye out for broken down farm buildings from which I can
scavenge fragments. When I went out west the first time, I fell in love
with the raw beauty of the mountains and the desert. I was particularly
drawn to unrestored ghost towns and the remnants of the mines they
grew up around where I could find rusted metal with its reddish tone not
seen in damper climates and deeply grained shards of wood which had
hardened with age in the dry air.
    I collect driftwood on beaches, especially painted pieces which have
been tumbled to perfection. A recycler by nature, virtually every com-
ponent I use in my art had a previous life – wooden patterns from steel
mills, bobbins, chair legs, tool handles, toys and croquet sets. Much of it
is brought to me by packrat-types who enjoy seeing what I do with their
treasures. All sorts of otherwise useless bits and pieces of things that
are fun to look at are spread throughout my studio so I can see as many
as possible at a glance. I constantly move them around making different
combinations on my worktables until I’m satisfied with an assemblage.
A visual version of perfect pitch seems to guide me as I tweak a piece                                       2008, 28 x 39 inches
to completion.
    As an importer of native handcrafts, antique Asian furniture, primitive
artifacts and natural-dyed Oriental rugs, my business has meshed nicely
with other aspects of my life having furnished me with the resources
to constantly rearrange my surroundings to suit my tastes. I wouldn’t
be able to stop fiddling with my environment if I wanted to. A meeting
of passion and profession have brought me a sense of harmony and
fulfillment that was years in the making – a testament to the notion that
it is never too late to nurture the creative spirit and drive that is inherent
in all of us.
    The idea that art arises out of need, lack and deprivation hit home for
me the first time I drove through Glenwood Canyon in Colorado. Who
needs sculpture when you can look at this, I remember thinking. But as
soon as it was out of sight a desire arose in me to fill the void.
     Larry Simons lives with his wife near Brattleboro, Vermont.

                            A Candle in the Night
                   181 Main Street, Brattleboro, VT 05301
                                                                                                             2010, 42.5 x 22 inches

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                       Sue Simon                                                                 Adam D. Smith

    My paintings deal exclusively with scientific ideas. For the past twenty
years I have used scientific concepts in my artwork. All of the science and
mathematics in my paintings are real and come from current research.
    The artistic and scientific revolutions of the last hundred years have
changed our lives and the world around us in basic and profound ways.
                                                                                       “As a realistic oil painter, one of my main goals in translating our
I feel it is important for my work to reflect this perspective. My painted vi-
                                                                                   environment onto canvas is to reach out to the viewer. I want the per-
sual images, combined with scientific notation and the concepts they de-
                                                                                   son looking at the painting—to look into it; to make them feel like they
scribe, reflect the different aspects of reality that art and science provide.
                                                                                   are there and they can walk through it. The intent is not just to create
    Art, life, science, and the greater universe are all parts of a complex
                                                                                   another pretty picture, but to immerse the viewer in the surroundings.
system. My work is really about how all the different parts are linked
                                                                                   It is also about more than just a view of a place. Each painting is a care-
and integrated. Combining the clarity and elegance of science and the
                                                                                   fully calculated decision of composition, light and shadow, and spatial
visual richness of art is the main theme of my work.
                                                                                   relationships, designed to tell a story and lead the viewer.”
    I was born and grew up in New York City. I attended Boston Univer-
sity as a painting major in undergraduate and graduate school. While                  Adam is a lifelong resident of Long Island, New York where the shores
in Boston I developed a company that did scientific illustration and               and surrounding landscape continue to be a constant source of inspira-
photography used by scientists for publication and presentation of their           tion. Many of his earliest drawings involved sunsets, water, boats and the
work. My company did illustration for departments ranging from genet-              beach, and have always possessed an exquisite attention to detail.
ics to physics at Harvard University, M.I.T., Boston University and many              Adam is a graduate of Syracuse University, College of Visual and
biotechnology companies.                                                           Performing Arts, in Syracuse, New York. He received a Bachelor of Fine
    I have shown in many different galleries, universities, and museums            Arts degree with a major in illustration. For the last sixteen years, his
in group and solo exhibits including Museum of Nature and Science in               award-winning work has appeared in many local, national and interna-
Denver, Colorado, University of Colorado’s Andrew J. Macky Gallery,                tional exhibits and shows, printed materials, and publications.
Boulder, Colorado, Preston Contemporary Art Center, Mesilla, New                      Although Adam works in a variety of mediums, the majority of his
Mexico, Arvada Center for the Arts and Humanities, Denver, Colorado,               work is created in oil, acrylic, or mixed media. He prefers oil on canvas
The Fort Collins Museum of Contemporary Art, Fort Collins, Colorado,               because oil paint lends itself to his favored technique of thinly layering
and in the recently published book “Colorado Abstract, Painting and                paint, building it up to create depth, shadow and physical presence. In
Sculpture”. I have received several commissions from the Art in Public             addition, this adds the rich shimmering feel that engages each viewer
Places Program of the State of Colorado. My most recent commission                 and beckons them to explore his paintings further.
of five paintings was completed in 2010 for Front Range Community
College, in Fort Collins, Colorado.
         •                                Saturday Morning - Port Jefferson Harbor, Oil on canvas, 18 x 24 inches

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    Jennifer Jesse Smith                                                              Jennifer Jesse Smith

            Jewelry For The Soulful
                                                                                      Jennifer Jesse Smith designs pieces of power, passion, and beauty
   Since the beginning of time, adornments have been treasured for the
                                                                                  for those with enough mojo to wear them. Hand carved and brought to
power they bestow upon the wearer. In keeping with this tradition and
                                                                                  life in gold, sterling silver and fine gem stones.
true to its name, “Jewelry For The Soulful” – Jennifer Jesse Smith’s new
collection is an uncompromising expression of spirit, art, culture, pas-
sion, and adventure. Fashioned to be felt; not just worn.

                        Heart Of Chivalry necklace.                                   Top: Signature Emerald Raven            Bottom: Fleur de Vine Earrings

ARTISAN DIRECT, LTD.              [ 84 ]               [ 85 ]                   ARTISAN DIRECT, LTD.
              Tony Stromberg                                                                        Ron Suchiu

   For two decades, Tony Stromberg made his mark as a very success-
ful advertising photographer, shooting everything from fashion to food              Ronald Suchiu masters and blends realistic art with surreal art. He
to cars to corporate CEO’s. However, a quiet but gnawing voice eventu-          weaves emotions into his paintings with color, reflections and light.
ally drew Tony out of his commercial roots and deep into the soul of the            Suchiu is no stranger with the press having done numerous maga-
West. What Tony had gained in reputation, he felt he was losing in his          zine and newspaper articles, along with TV and Radio shows yet he
quality of life.                                                                somehow always makes you feel like an old friend.
   Just before the turn of the millennium, he started his pilgrimage away           His artwork is collected in over 30 countries worldwide and housed in
from the frenetic world of advertising and into a world possessing a            such notable collections as The Vatican, H.R.M. Queen Elizabeth II, The
different respect for nature and the land, a world expansive enough to          White House, The U.S. Embassy, the Prime Ministers of Canada and
hold a deep-rooted meaning and purpose for both himself and his newly           Malta and President Nelson Mandela has his work. Such celebrities as
discovered partner, the horse. Introduced only ten years ago to horses,         George Lucas, Sting, Dan Aykroyd, Eric Burdon, Gordon Lightfoot, Jack
he has spent much of his time since then getting to learn the nuances           Lemmon, Dr. David Suzuki, Dr. Jane Goodall and the Ford Motor Com-
and habits of his most beloved equine companions in their natural               pany have all placed their trust in him to deliver world-class paintings.
environment.                                                                        Ronald Suchiu’s personal motto is “I must help make the world a bet-
   “The spirit of the horse”, quotes Tony, “is a magnificent teacher to         ter place through my art and depth of vision”.
humanity.” In both their physical, as well as their archetypal form, horses         Often there aren’t enough hours in the day to allow Suchiu his creativ-
help to bring us back to something wild and unrestrained, reminding             ity. As an artist his mind never slows down. New collectors to Suchiu’s
us of a sense of freedom that many of us have forgotten. They teach             artwork are often amazed with the quality and variety of subject matter.
us about honesty and authenticity, because they know no other way of            Suchiu’s world-class paintings cover just about every subject matter
being. They teach us about collaboration over dominance. And they               in his one-of-a-kind style. He has painted, sketched, sculpted, creating
teach us to respect and honor the unknown, rather than fear it and try to       aviation, automotive, maritime, wildlife. He has traveled to England to
destroy it.                                                                     have tea with the youngest Titanic survivor, witnessed Voodoo in action
   Tony’s work is an homage to the equine spirit, and a celebration of          in the famous brothel, House of The Rising Sun, shaken the hands of
their remarkable presence in our lives. Oftentimes referred to as “visual       Presidents, Queens and Prime Ministers and partied with 100’s of celeb-
poetry”, his images truly embrace and reveal the incredible beauty              rities. All this, because of the amazing works of art he brings to life with
and grace of the horse. He lives with his wife Claudia in northern New          his unequalled ability to add adventure to their legends.
Mexico with 4 horses and numerous cats.
                                                                                                        Resurrection of the Blues
                               Fierce Grace                                      Suchiu commemorates the blues as the basic root of almost all modern music.

ARTISAN DIRECT, LTD.               [ 86 ]            [ 87 ]                  ARTISAN DIRECT, LTD.
              Kasia Turajczyk                                                                  Rachel Uchizono

   I dream my own dream, sometimes beautiful, sometimes strange, some-
times painful, and sometimes cheerful. In my creations and in my life I do
my best to follow The Tao, Buddhism and my own inner selves.
   It is also a fact that I think that our existence in a philosophical/cos-            Rachel Uchizono lives in Laguna Beach, CA. She paints local canyon
mic sense is senseless. Compared to the history and the dimension of                 and ocean scenes. Painting on location or Plein Air, small studies are
the universe we humans are nothing. Because of that we shouldn’t take                brought back to the studio to use as inspiration for larger paintings. Pea-
ourselves so damn seriously. If we could do this our lives would be 100%             cocks are also a favorite subject and flowers from her garden.
more tolerable. Our lives are also often very difficult, too harsh to be taken          Rachel has an adventurous palette and paints with an impressionistic
seriously. This does not mean that we should not respect this world and the          distinctive style. “The technique of painting sounds simple yet getting the
creatures that live in this world. I try to express this personal philosophy in      values right and putting only the necessary information from a complex
my paintings.                                                                        scene can be a challenge.” Her paintings are soulful and express the joy
   I was born in Poland in the very intriguing, multicultural but in some            and beauty of nature.
respects ugly city of Lódz. However I left it at the age of 23, after becoming
Master of Arts at the University of Lódz. I have lived in several countries with       Regional Individual and Group Exhibitions
different political systems; diverse cultures, different languages, peoples,           2011 Annual Laguna Art Museum Auction
and landscapes and that fact has had a big influence on my development                 2003-2010 The Sawdust Festival Laguna Beach, CA
and growth as an artist and a human being.                                             2001-2010 Studio 7 Gallery Laguna Beach, CA
   I studied art for 7 years; at schools and at private ateliers. At the age of        2009 High Noon Show Phoenix, AZ
15 I sold my first painting; it was abstract, oil on canvas.                           2008 LPAPA Best of Plein Air Show
   Most of my paintings have been sold to private collectors and to order,             2006 Borrego Springs Invitational
approximately 119 works in total to 65 collectors, two art galleries and the           2005 Maynard Dixon Artist In Residence
Museum of Fine Art in Las Vegas, USA.                                                  2004, 2005 Crystal Cove Alliance Invitational
                                                                                       2004 Laguna Art Museum Auction received “Artist’s Choice Award” •                    2002 Art Affair Juried Summer Show Laguna Beach, CA
                                                                                       2002, 2003, 2004 LPAPA Artist Members Show
   In the inflamed eye of the beholder, from the Eye Series, Acrylic on canvas,
                              100 x 100 centimeters                                                      Misty Morning Mountain, 29 x 33 inches

ARTISAN DIRECT, LTD.                  [ 88 ]               [ 89 ]                   ARTISAN DIRECT, LTD.
             Ilona Van Hoeck                                                                    Jennifer Vranes

                                                                                       Jennifer Vranes is best known for her large and vibrant paintings of As-
                                                                                   pen Forests and European Landscapes. Her trademarked technique using
    A genius is-
                                                                                   a palette knife to ‘sculpt’ in thick textures has become a favorite among Art
    Who correctly understand the past as well as the future and presents
                                                                                   Galleries and Collectors world-wide.
this in a creative way with high impact, affecting all.
                                                                                       Vranes studied oil painting at Brigham Young University, graduating with
    In my creative way I strive to bring an impact on people, however not
                                                                                   a Bachelors of Fine Arts Degree. An avid traveler, Vranes finds inspiration
reaching everyone, as I am no genius, nonetheless my work can brings
                                                                                   from the beautiful places she has seen around the world. Through her land-
thoughts to mind, which in turn can affect some or a group of people
                                                                                   scapes, she transports the viewer to Tuscany where poppies grow wildly in
whom again understand what I express in my art.
                                                                                   breathtaking meadows; or to France where fragrant Lavender is farmed in
    To present what happened in the past and yet how we humans go
                                                                                   lush rows; or to the Rocky Mountains where groves of Aspens quake near
around it in the future is my endeavor.
                                                                                   rolling streams and rivers. Vranes finds the most beautiful gems of nature,
    Since if we do not know the past, how can you understand the future?
                                                                                   and captures them on canvas for all to experience and enjoy.
    With the style, and the underlying concept, it is possible to craft the
                                                                                       The demand for Vranes’ bold and colorful paintings is on the rise. Her
early on learned views onto the canvas. Fantasy and reality as well as
                                                                                   artwork has been published in numerous magazines, including: Art Busi-
mysticism, history and future can be intertwined, without violating the
                                                                                   ness News, American Art Collector, Moving Pictures, Southwest Art, Aspen
embodied scene. The viewer is capable to develop its own version of the
                                                                                   Daily, and Arizona Collector’s Guide. Recently, the art industry’s leading
embodiment, allowing a hike into a fantastic world.
                                                                                   magazine, Art Business News, spotlighted Vranes in the article “Time
    I was sub surfaced by two other family names as a result of marriage.
                                                                                   Honored Appeal,” as one of the world’s top selling landscape artists. Art
It does not mean that my artistic skills were jammed. Paintings were
                                                                                   Business News later published a special edition on Today’s Top Artists,
produced and some appeared in the USA, and I also restored paintings.
                                                                                   and included an editorial marking Vranes as America’s “Artist to Watch.”
Since twenty years I have been called the current family name. Perhaps
                                                                                   Besides being widely marketed in various magazines, Vranes recently won
I should have been born as a boy. No need to watch over children that
                                                                                   the highly acclaimed Bold Brush painting competition and was awarded the
I had born out and to change my name four times When living in the
                                                                                   top Finalist spot for her medium, “Outstanding Acrylic.”
Netherlands practicing body painting and only after receiving permanent
                                                                                       Vranes’ unique paintings are also gaining momentum on an international
residence in the USA I was allowed to present my art to the public.
                                                                                   level. Her artwork was secured by the U.S. State Department to be placed
                                                                                   in the “ART in Embassies” collection in Bamako, Mali.
                                                                                      • 541.291.9781 •
        Guardians Die Gefiederte Schlange, Oil on canvas, 29 x 30 inches                                  Skyward, 72 x 48 inches, diptych

ARTISAN DIRECT, LTD.                 [ 90 ]              [ 91 ]                 ARTISAN DIRECT, LTD.
                   David Whittle                                                                 Peggy Zehring

   David was born in December 1965 in Lancashire, a county in the UK, a
place where he lives & works to this day.
    He has spent the majority of his adult life perfecting his art by experi-
menting with a diversity of mediums from domestic & automotive paints                 For years, I have traveled many continents in search of universal, vi-
for murals, to watercolour, gouache & his preferred medium of oil.                 sual Turths from which to formulate a global unity of forms and symbols.
    His current small collection is of a wildlife theme. For some of his work         As a result of my search, I use the ratios of irrational numbers such
he has travelled the length & breadth of the Scottish Highlands, a place           as the Golden Mean Proportion as an underlying architecture to my
where he holds dear to his heart on a quest to obtain reference and                work. I use simple shapes and forms variously combined and layered
where inspiration, like the landscape, flows naturally.                            with thickly textured materials to explore geometric relationships and to
   David however, does not need to travel far & wide for ideas. All of his         create bas-relief, sculptural effects.
work is from an imaginary composition drawing inspiration from the sheer               I seek wabi sabi materials which have been softened and aged by
diversity of the natural world.                                                    the earth. The harnessing materials including wood, canvas, leather
    Although this collection is wildlife based, David is reluctant to be cat-      straps and buttons were found in my favorite Colorado junkyard as an
egorized as a wildlife artists. To contain his art to one subject is unfeasible    old, disintegrating army tent. The found objects, and wall paint texturiz-
when there is so much out there.                                                   ers are held together with vinyl spackle, paint and acrylic mediums (the
   His current project is a sharp contrast to his previous.                        binders for acrylic paints).


                                  Guardians                                                      Harnessing Bacchus, Mixed medium, 48 x 48 inches

ARTISAN DIRECT, LTD.                [ 92 ]              [ 93 ]                 ARTISAN DIRECT, LTD.
         Esther Wertheimer                                                                 Esther Wertheimer
                                            November 2009 Esther
                                         Wertheimer was in Italy. She was
                                         invited by the City of Florence to
                                         participate in the 2009 Florence
                                         Biennale with her sculptures;
                                         Invictus, Five Dancers, and Madre
                                         Gambe Incrociate were on display.
                                         At the end of the exhibition, the
                                         Biennale awarded her the “Gold
                                         Medal of Lorenzo il Magnifico” for
                                         her sculptures and a certificate to
                                         honor her career.
   President Pasquale Celona with                                                                                    Grace
         Esther Wertheimer

                                                                                      Jazz Ballet                                      Paolo & Francesca

                                            Primavera, a 13-foot (4 meters)           Esther has been a sculptor for over 40 years and has won awards in
                                         bronze sculpture installed in front       Italy, Canada, Japan, China and the United States. She has created over
                                         of the new Fukuoka City Hall in           35 monumental sculptures; some as tall as 30 feet and many scaled
                                         Fukuoka, Japan for their 100th            sculptures in regular bronze and colored patina.
                                         Anniversary.                                 Experts on four continents have described her sculptures as elegant,
                                            The city of Fukuoka’s mayor            fluid, graceful, tender, rhythmic, and kinetic. All true. Most importantly,
                                         chose Wertheimer’s work our from          her works are known to transmute into bronze, steel and stone the
                                         300 other sculptor’s. He insisted         vibrant spirit of human form. Dancing reaching, leaping, ever moving,
                                         when he saw Primavera he was              they all but breathe.
                                         enthralled and did not want to look          Esther Wertheimer has been in a total of seven exhibitions this year
                                         any further.                              and has no plans of slowing down with more planned in the second half
                                            Primavera means SPRING as in           of 2010. She is scheduled to be exhibiting in the Nina Torres Fine Art-Art
                                         new beginning, a rebirth of all that      Basel Miami show opening on December 1st to 20th which will feature
                                         is good and flourishes and symbol-        International Biennale artists, Red Dot Art Fair opening in Miami from
                                         izes new hopes and aspirations.           December 1st to 5th, and Art Expo NYC from March 25th-27th.
                                         An elegant stance of the female              For more information about Esther Wertheimer’s famous sculptures,
                                         form, both arms outstretched and          please email her at ewertheimer@ewertheimer or visit her website at
                                         she stands tall. The ribbon is used
          Primavera, 3 feet              as a gesture of freedom. Here
  Primavera (Model), 33 x 18 inches      head held high representing the
             (available)                 human responses of the senses,
                                         the mind, the ego and the spirit.

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                                                                                    The Art Marketer• Advertising
                                                                                                    • Promotions
                                                                                                     • Media Alerts
                                                                                                     • Pitch still
                                                                                         need to work onLetters
                                                                                                      • Press Kits
                                                                                    I   will get info from website
                                                                                                      • Blogging
                                                                                                       • Newsletter Design
                                                                                                       • Website Design &
                                                                                                        • Networking
                                                                                                        • Fine Art Fairs
                                                                                                         • Events Management
                                                                                                         • Conference
                                                                                                         • New Market
                                                                                                          • Artist
     Art Transport, Art Handling, Packing, Crating,                                                         Representation
               Warehousing, Installation                                                                  • Gallery
                Miami - Palm Beach - East Coast
                to NYC & Hamptons and Chicago
                                                                                                               For a consultation contact:
                                                                                                               THE ART MARKETER
                                                                                                               914.907.9842 mobile
    Solis United Fine Art Services, Palm Beach, FL
         Tel: 561-301-4448 Fax: 561-588-6606
ARTISAN DIRECT, LTD.            [ 98 ]       [ 99 ]                 ARTISAN DIRECT, LTD.
     Merging the eye of a painter
     with the hand of a designer.
                                                                                                    First Annual


                                                                                        Open to All Artists • Registration is Free
                                                                                          $10,000 Cash & Provided Services

                                                                                               $1500 Cash, Participation in Three
       A full-service creative studio offering                                             National Art Shows & Fairs, Participation in
   customized solutions for your graphic needs.                                             Three Show Catalogs, Membership in
                                                                                                Artisan Direct, Representation
                               Specializing in:
      Graphic Design for Printed Matter • Logos/Corporate Identity
        • Advertising • Illustration • Photo Retouching • Fine Art                                 Deadline March 15, 2011

ARTISAN DIRECT, LTD.             [ 100 ]       [ 101 ]             ARTISAN DIRECT, LTD.
     You can’t WAIT
       for your art
    to be discovered.

                Join our aggressive marketing program
                 and let us help you expose your art to
                over 150,000 art resources worldwide.

      82 Callingham Road, Pittsford, NY 14534
      585.586.3535 •
ARTISAN DIRECT, LTD.            [ 102 ]

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